With The 11th Pick, in the 2017 NFL Draft, The New England Patriots Select ...

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Okay, I'm finally starting to feel like I have a handle n this Draft. Even if it is just a little. 


1st Round Post Draft

Picks 1-7.

Picks 8-14.

Picks 15-22.

Picks 23-27.


2nd Round

Picks 33-48.

Picks 49-64.

3rd Round

Picks 65-80.

Picks 81-96.



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My Picks: 

Key Needs:

Team Moves:



Defense: 3-4

*Myles Garrett

Edgerusher A&M

6-5, 270, 


2016 Picks:

1 (15)  Corey Coleman, WR, Baylor

2 Emmanuel Ogbah, DE Oklahoma St

3 (65) Carl Nassib, DE, Penn State

3 (76) Shon Coleman, OT, Auburn

3 (93) Cody Kessler, QB, USC

4 (99) Joe Schobert, OLB, Wisconsin

4 (114) Ricardo Louis, WR, Auburn

4 (129)  Derrick Kindred, S, TCU

4 Seth Devalve, WR/TE, Princeton

5 (154) Jordan Payton, WR, UCLA

5 (168) Spencer Drango, OT, Baylor

5 Rashard Higgins, WR, Colorado St

5 Trey Caldwell CB Louisiana-Mon

7 (250) Scooby Wright, ILB, Arizona

Key F.A. Signed:

QB Brock Osweiler

WR Kenny Britt

OC Joe Bitonio 

OG Kevin Zeitler

OG TJ Lang

OLB Jamie Collins

Key F.A.:

RB Isaiah Crowell (R)
RB Glenn Winston (R)
WR Josh Gordon (R)
OG Jonathan Cooper
OG Austin Pasztor
OC Gabe Ikard (R)
DE Stephen Paea
OLB Corey lemonier
P Britton Colquitt
LS Charley Hughlett (R)
CB Marcus Burley (R)
FS Jordan Poyer
CB Jamar Taylor

Key F.A. Lost:

QB Brock Osweiler

QB Josh McCown


WR Terrelle Pryor

WR Andrew Hawkins

The Team: I had this pick. 

Garrett was the one and only pick here. Physically he has it all, and just has to prove he has it mentally. "if I want to be the best, it has to start there,'' Garrett said. "When they put me at end, my D-line coach, Gonzo, told me to start studying those guys. So I did. From: LT to Deacon Jones to Bruce Smith to Reggie White to DeMarcus Ware to J.J. Watt. Then to all the big-time players across the line to the linebackers. From the very beginning, I wanted to be the best, whether it was sports or poetry." Studying HOFs is a good place to start.

He brings a new definition to freak. "When you draft a guy as the No. 1 pick in the National Football League, you want him to be a very dominant player, you want him to be a cornerstone player, you want him to be a generational player,'' Jackson said. "That's got to be the focus as we continue to move forward." He tested athletically in ways we had never seen before, for a guy his size. 

Now he does have some concerns. "If that's what he wants to do and if he puts his mind to it, he'll do it,'' his DL coach at A&M Terry Price said. "He came here as a freshman and broke the freshman sack record set by Jadeveon Clowney by two or three sacks. So he can achieve any record that's out there and trust me, I've been around him long enough to know you better not bet against him, because whatever he puts his mind to he's going to do." He did not have his best games against the best competition. 

He seemed to take it a little easy sometimes. "That's the second-worst injury behind a knee,'' Price said . "It affects everything you do. He could've easily said 'coach, I can't go in, I ain't going, I ain't playing, I ain't dressing,' but he never did that. Even though he knew he couldn't play his best, the one thing he always said was, I can't let my team down." He had 4.5 Sacks in one game against a small school (University of Texas at San Antonio), and only 4 sacks combined in the other 10 games. 

He seemed to take two games off this season. "That's the second-worst injury behind a knee,'' said Price. "It affects everything you do. He could've easily said 'coach, I can't go in, I ain't going, I ain't playing, I ain't dressing,' but he never did that. Even though he knew he couldn't play his best, the one thing he always said was, I can't let my team down." He had the dread high ankle sprain.

You have to play injured in the NFL. "I've been around him three years and I all I know is, he's the best player in college football this year, and there's a reason why he's projected to be the No. 1 pick," Price said. "When you're a great player, you're always going to have detractors. But he doesn't worry about what people say about him. Trust me, when Sundays roll around, NFL people will get a chance to see how good he is." So he is not bust proof. 

What he does have is the highest upside of any player in this Draft. "We're solving that riddle,'' Jackson said. "It's very clear in my mind and a lot of our minds about where he was and what that was last year [sprained ankle]. Again, those things will all come to the surface at the right time. He's a tremendous player. We all know that. We're getting to know him, he's getting to know us and we'll continue to go along with the process." If the ankle was his problem this year, and not resting for the NFL, he has Von Miller potential. 

Great bend and power turning the corner. "They have to take him at No. 1," Mayock said. "You can continue to try to move down the board all you want and pick up more picks, and I get that and I respect that. But at some point, you've got to start taking some difference makers, and I think he's a difference maker." Great long arms that he can use as well as anyone when he wants too. 

He is great against the run. Sets the edge with some power in his long arms, and snags the RB coming his way with easy. "If you compare him to Von Miller," Mayock said. "Who came out of the same college. This kid's got: the same explosion off the ball, the same bend, the ability to pressure a quarterback, and he's 20 pounds heavier. I think his upside is he should be a Pro Bowl defensive end. The only way that doesn't happen is one of two reasons. One, he gets hurt. Or No. 2, he doesn't want it bad enough. But his physical talent is awesome." Great speed to power, and can punch the OLT off with his inside arm. 

Ready or not here I come. "I think itís a little too early to say that," Jackson said about Garrett. "Obviously heís a tremendous player. Thereís a lot of good players in this draft. I think itís just so early for us to determine exactly where we are. All those things will be discussed and thrown around as we continue to move forward." No, it's not too early.

He is the best player in the Draft, at need position. "Iím almost positive that theyíll do the no-brainer thing at No. 1 and take Myles Garrett," Michael Silver said, who is buddies with Hue Jackson. "Itís early in the combine but the more I talk to talent evaluators that I respect, the more that I realize this is even more of a slam dunk in those peopleís minds than Jadeveon Clowney a few years back. Theyíre thinking this is a generational pass rusher that has so much talent off the edge. Not only is he the clear-cut choice at No. 1 but there is no obvious No. 2 sitting there. Itís a draft where people think 2 and 25 could be about the same range of players." Garrett is that good.

The Brown did a remarkable job in the Draft last year. They swindled their way to too many Draft picks (if there is such a thing). I really liked the USC QB in last years Draft. He might not be the best rookie QB from last years Draft, but he is top five. 

Which gives them the opportunity to take a chance here and take the best player in the Draft. "I think you've got to be careful reaching for a quarterback at No. 1 because if they fail, they don't help your team at all," Joe Thomas said. "Whereas if you pick a defensive lineman, and maybe they don't live up to the hype, you can still find a place to get them on the field and to have an impact." Garrett is definitely going to have an impact.

The Player: 4/25 Miles Garrett: The Best Rusher In The Draft.

The Reason: Why'd they take him? "Because I'll be a difference-maker from day one,'' Garrett  said. "And I'm not gonna be in any trouble. I'm just gonna make plays and bring a good atmosphere to your organization. And I'm gonna start winning and winning now. And because if you don't draft me No. 1, I will punish your team for the next 10 to 12 years. I'll knock your QB out of the game every time we play you, and I'll have to kick the hell out of No. 1, whoever it is." The Brown actually need an edgerusher as well.

Not only is Garrett the best player in the Draft, he also fits one of their biggest needs. "You can compare me to those wide receivers and the great stars of the league, but I want to show that I'm in a league of my own,'' Garrett said. "I don't want anybody to be like me. By the end of my career, I don't want to hear talk of another Myles Garrett. I want to be the greatest. The greatest that ever played, regardless of position or era. They say that's Jerry Rice. If his total greatness is considered the best of all time, I want to exceed that." He has the physical traits to do that, but now he has to prove it on the field.

He has to go to work on Day One and start hitting the quarterback. "I've gotta win Defensive Player of the Year," Garrett said. "Whether it's my first year or anywhere down the line, but that's what I'm going for in my first year. I want to be the sack leader. I want to lead in TFLs. I want to be dominant from day one. I want the single-season sack record." I think he could do it.






Defense: 3-4

*Mitch Trubisky


6-2 1/8", 222, (O) 4.67! 

6.87 3-Cone! 4.25 SS!

32" Arms, 9 1/2" Hands,

9'9" Broad, 27.5" Vert, 

QB, WR(FA), DB, OLB, 5-T, WR, DB, OLT, MLB, QB, TE, WR, CB, OL, DL, DB, 

2016 Picks:

1 (9)  Leonard Floyd, OLB, Georgia

2 (56) Cody Whitehair, G, Kansas St

3 (72) Jonathan Bullard, DE, Florida

4  Nick Kwiatkoski, ILB, W Virginia

4 (124) Deon Bush, S, Miami

4 (127)  Deiondreí Hall, CB, N. Iowa

5 (150) Jordan Howard, RB, Indiana

6 (185) DeAndre Houston-Carson, S, William & Mary

7 (230) Daniel Braverman, WR, Western Michigan

Key F.A. Signed:

QB Mike Glennon

WR Markus Wheaton

WR Kendall Wright

OG Eric Kush 

CB Marcus Cooper

CB Prince Amukamara

Key F.A.: 
QB Matt Barkley (R) 
QB Connor Shaw
WR Josh Bellamy (R) 
WR Deonte Thompson
WR Marques Wilson
TE Logan Paulsen
DE Cornelius Washington
LT Mike Adams
LT Nick Becton
DE Cornelius Washington
OLB Sam Acho
ILB Christian Jones (R) 
ILB Lamin Barrow (R)
CB Brandon Boykin
FS Demontre Hurst (R) 
SS Chris Prosinski

Key F.A. Lost:

QB Jay Cutler 

QB Brian Hoyer

WR Alshon Jeffery

The Team: I had this pick.

Before I knew: The Bears get suckered out of the 67th pick and the 111th pick, and a 3rd in next years Draft, to move up one spot. That is a troubling decision for the Bears administration. It wreaks of desperation. I don't think that was a good deal. Two 3rds and a 4th could be three impact players on a team that is ab-so-lutely desperate for talent. 

After I knew: So they take Trubisky. YEAH BABY! I got this pick right. "As the head coach, you don't just walk in there and say, 'OK, we're making a change after that.' Marquise was the starter. He was going to get the opportunity. Obviously, his leash was a lot shorter at that point. And he knew that and he came back and played extremely well throughout the rest of the season. Again, we won 11 straight games. We knew we had something special. We knew. And it was about bringing Mitch along the right way and not just throwing him out there. I feel pretty comfortable with the way we handled him. He is the second pick in the draft." Two for two, and what are you gonna do! I told you yesterday that word in Chicago was that they loved Trubisky.

The trade is not as troubling when you know it is for a QB. "Mitch has some things about him that a lot of guys I have been around don't have. It's not so much about how he can throw the football but more importantly the chip he has on his shoulder about being great and the way he studies the game. Just all the intangibles he had, I knew he was going to be a special player." If a GM sees a QB who he likes enough to stake his job on? That is all you can ask.

Word coming out of Chicago is that they are taking Trubisky. Which makes sense, because Glennon is not a winning NFL QB. Neither is Trubisky, but now they can Garoppolo him for a year or two, and let him learn the system before he has to face an NFL defense that doesn't give a crap if he is ready. Perfect example of a pick that is too perfect to happen. 

Duh Bears were in worse shape than the 49ers at QB. At least the 49ers get first choice of QB. I keep putting ten different guys here. But it keeps coming back to QB for them. "That was a place where I wanted to go," Glennon said, "I'm just excited that it all worked out the way that I had hoped and envisioned." They have pinned their name to Glennon.

I was not a big fan of him in college. "As the quarterback of the team, you should know people's names and have those relationships," Glennon said. "That gives you a sense of ownership. I'm in charge [of the offense], and I'm excited for that opportunity that I really haven't had before. It's something that I've worked for and really looked forward to. Finally, I have that opportunity." But he has been able to hang on and develop for three to five years.
So he has a chance to take that mental toughness and become a viable NFL QB. "Mike Glennon is our starting quarterback and weíre fired up about that," Pace said. "I think that tells you something about a guy when that's kind of his mindset before he even walks in the building." He has shown some mental toughness in his training to play QB in the NFL. 

He showed the physical traits in college, so it is all about the mental for him. "I don't know how high the ceiling is," Pace said. "I'm just glad we have him in the mix as our starting quarterback to compete and get better." I didn't think he showed the mental acumen or toughness in college, but he is a different person now that he has been groomed in the NFL for four seasons.
Now he has to prove himself a winner. "I wanted a team that could win, and I feel we can do that here," Glennon said. "I feel confident in myself and I think Iíll have success here in Chicago." If he wanted to go to a team that could win, he could have made a better decision. 

The Player: 4/15 Mitch Trubisky Bio.

The Reason: Okay, now I have no problem with the trade. But, word coming out of Chicago is that Fox wasn't informed of the decision to take a QB. "Well I think you know the quarterback position was obviously a need position as well that became pretty obvious when we went out in free agency and got Mike Glennon," Fox said. "I think youíre always trying to add depth in every position. Unlike what some people think quarterback is key too. If you look back a year ago, we went through 3 quarterbacks due to injuries, so building depth I think is really important. I think that Mitch is a quality player, I think if you did research and we get to do that." The first one to go when you draft a rookie QB is the HC. 

Fox knows this as well as anyone. "My experience has been anytime you draft a player in the first round, or anytime you draft a player, you do have that relationship," Fox said. "So there is a, I donít know what kind of moment but youíre not really excited. Whether it was outside linebackers a year ago, or wide receivers the year before. You allow them that, thatís something you do and you talk that through. So, they get over it, they start competing and itís Mikeís team heís the started he feels really good about that at this point." The fact they didn't tell him means it is a set up.

He is on a tight rope now. "I think he upgrades as a quarterback," Fox said. "I think heís got accuracy, heís got mobility, heís a real fierce competitor. I turn into a scout once football season is over; our whole staff does. We spend half of the day on football and half the day on scouting. That means going on the road like a scout. I mean, we scoured the whole country looking at guys. With Mitchell, I think I loved his demeanor. I loved what he brings as far as a leader and a competitor and obviously the physical tools." He couldn't earn a starter role at UNC until year three.

He is going to need two or three years before he is ready. "I got asked that hundreds of times," Fedora said about the lack of starts. "I would say in the first two years, Mitch probably wasn't ready. In the third year, Mitch could have been the starter. We had really good chemistry on our team and Marquise took us to a conference championship game. It was one of those things." He is a one year wonder.

That is a scary thing for an NFL HC. "To explain that, in this league you need depth," Fox said about Trubisky. "If you looked at our pre-season a year ago at our 1ís in the very first game, or in the second game when they play a half, the backups go in. those backups can all of a sudden be starters in one play. Like I mentioned earlier, that happened to us, a lot. That can control how your season goes. I think there is not a team out there that is not trying to build that. There are two or three teams that did the same thing we did, and have guys. Itís not like itís some new things thatís been done by just us. Weíre trying to build depth and build a better football team." He has no intention of starting him next season.

Which is good. He needs two or three years to learn. "Itís conviction," Fox said, evading the question. "I flashback, you look at different quarterbacks that were taken and how they did. You know, thereís a lot of guys, even going back to even Denver, I mean Cam Newton. We didnít know, we picked second. You donít know what happens. So you have to evaluate a lot of different positions, create that cloud and then nobody knows whatís going to happen until the people pick in front of you, whether youíre at two or you move to two or youíre at seven. You have to go through a lot of research, not just an evaluation, alright, but how the draft is going to go and this draft was no different than the other 15 drafts Iíve been a part of as a head coach." He is clearly pissed.

He wanted an impact defender. "Even though I havenít experienced that myself on a team, I know good friends of mine that have had high-pick quarterbacks that theyíve developed them," Fox said, going back to Trubisky as depth. "I go back to Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. Watching how that goes. Thereís a lot of different ways to handle it. Jeff Fisher, a good friend, how he handled Goff. Is it going to be easy? No, none of this stuff is easy but weíll find a way." Fisher got fired after Goff's rookie year.

Fisher knows what is coming. "Well I think you know anytime you earn the currency of the third pick in the draft, obviously itís real exciting," Fox said. "The further you pick to the top the better players you get I was very pleased with how the draft went, very pleased with the guys we got, I donít know that we met all our needs, I think thatís impossible and when youíre rebuilding like we are but very pleased with all the players we got." He is sacrificial lamb, like Fisher last year.

Little birds keep chirping that they are happily taking Trubisky at Three. NFL reboots start with the QB. They cannot become a winner until they find a QB.

Second Choice: Mike Glennon QB






Defense: 3-4

**Solomon Thomas-

5-Tech/DE/DT Stanford

6-2 5/8, 273, 6.95 3-C!

10'6" Broad! 4.28 SS!

33" Arms, 30 Reps!

(O) 4.69, S-1.66, 35" Vert,


2016 Picks:

1 (7) DeForest Buckner, DT, Oregon

1 (28) Joshua Garnett, G, Stanford

3 (68) Will Redmond, CB, Miss St

4 (133) Rashard Robinson, CB, LSU

5 Ronald Blair, DT, Appalachian St

5 (145) John Theus, OT, Georgia

5 (174) Fahn Cooper, OT, Ole Miss

6 (207)  Jeff Driskel, QB, Louisiana T

6 (211) Kelvin Taylor, RB, Florida

6-213 Aaron Burbridge WR, Mich St

7 Prince Charles Iworah, CB, W. Kentucky

Key F.A. Signed:

QB Brian Hoyer 

FB Kyle Juszczyk

WR Pierre Garcon

WR DeAndre Carter

OG Jeremy Zuttah

DT Earl Mitchell

ILB Malcolm Smith

DB Waun Williams

Key F.A.:

QB Blaine Gabbert
QB Christian Ponder
QB Thaddeus Lewis
RB Shaun Draughn
RB DuJuan Harris
WR Jeremy Kerley
WR Quinton Patton
WR Rod Streater
OG Andrew Tiller (R)
DE Glenn Dorsey
DE Tony Jerod-Eddie
DT Chris Jones (R)
DT Mike Purcell (R)
OLB Ray-Ray Armstrong
ILB Gerald Hodges
ILB Nick Bellore
ILB Michael Wilhoite
CB Marcus Cromartie (R)
CB Chris Davis (R)
K Phil Dawson

Key F.A. Lost:

Colin Kaepernick QB

WR Torrey Smith

The Team: Three in a row! Is it a wonder why all the so called experts follow my Mock Draft. This trade was a swindle from a 49er perspective. Thomas is pure explosion and they can lineup him anywhere to rush the passer. They were one of the worst passrushing teams in history last season. And they just stole a 3rd and 4th in this years Draft, and got the guy they wanted as well. 

They got four picks, and got the player they wanted all along. "Ryan Pace their general manager and I had a conversation probably a week and a half ago. Iíve known Ryan for a little bit, through doing Chicago games as a broadcaster, and some mutual friends, close with their head coach John Fox. Ryan reached out and just indicated the reality that weíre going to be near each other throughout this entire draft, obviously weíve got to look for our teamsí best interest but to the extent we could help each other out, letís try to do it. And that was a week and a half ago," Lynch said. "And then another call came, asking if we had received any other interest. The answer was yes. And I think it was yesterday, another call, just talking about a specific scenario. Today Kyle and I were focused on the players we had, so we turned it over to Paraag. So Paraag and Ryan and somebody else from the Bears were working on this thing. We were fortunate that there were other teams that were interested, so it got pretty productive. Kyle and I were talking about it in thereĖyou know, kudos to the Bears, they saw a player that they wanted at a really important position. Iím sure a lot of people are going to give them heat because heís only started 13 games, but heís a guy that we frankly liked. So I give Ryan Pace and John Fox a lot of credit for making a courageous move. And weíre thrilled with what we got out of it." Lynch actually knew Solomon, as they attended a class together at Stanford when Lynch went back to school to get his diploma. 

Solomon not only studied in classes, he studied the NFL as well. "I watched Arik Armstead and DeForest Buckner in college," Solomon said. "So, I tried to see them a little bit more, and they're great young players on the rise. It's going to be an honor to learn from them." He studied the 49ers' defense. 

Their D-line is in shambles. They need and Edge who can hit the QB, and an inside rusher who can hit the QB. Thomas is a guy who can do both. As much as they need a QB, they were literally the worst defense in the history of the NFL last season. This pick will come down to Trubisky or Thomas. Right now it sounds like they are saying Thomas, which probably means they want Trubisky. 

It doesn't look like the 49ers are going to take a QB here, which makes sense. I think all the QBs in this years Draft are developmental QBs. So why take a developmental QB in the top ten when you could get Kiser or Watson in the 2nd, and some think they could develop into even better QBs than Trubisky. Plus, the 49ers are planning to sink their boat with Hoyer to get a shot at one of the top QBs next year. 

This is a read the GM pick. John Lynch was a great Strong Safety who was the leader of the secondary as well. He knows the value of having a top strong safety and leader to run the secondary. They have an incredible job ahead of them to rebuild the defense and find a QB. So they are going nowhere fast. There is no need to rush the process. They will take the defender they like the most here (like a SS who reminds Lynch of himself), and pick up a developmental QB in the 2nd or 3rd Round.

The 49ers have a long way to go. "I donít like being 2-14, but fortunately for me," Lynch said. "[But] I wasnít a part of that. Iím a part of it now and we got the No. 2 pick, and I think that gives us a tremendous asset." In fact, I think they have further to go than any other team (though they might be tied with Chicago). 
The first step they have to take in this whole disastrous situation is to find a QB, period. "The worst mistakes you can make is you take a guy who isnít that good of a player, or worthy of that," Shanahan said. "The expectations change. You put a guy in a position that is really unfair to him and you set your organization back. And then youíre trying to commit to a guy who shouldnít have been put in that position." This Draft is flush with talent, but this is one of the worst QB classes I have ever seen.

The Player: 4/26 Solomon Thomas: Explosion.

The Reason: Thomas is tops in versatility in this Draft for DLs. "Thereís four defensive linemen. Whatís intriguing about Solomon, he has the ability to play all four of them," Shanahan said. "I think thatís what makes him so unique. As John said, heís a little bit different from some of the guys we have, because you can move him around. He has the quickness and speed to play on the outside, he has enough size to play on the inside. You donít want to put him in one spot. The Michael Bennett role is more of a 4 high position, which is getting into too much detail, but thatís what we like about him, we donít think he has to be in one specific role. Obviously as a defensive lineman, but thereís four spots he can play in and I think itís going to depend on down and distance, whether weíre expecting run, whether weíre expecting pass and the type of personnel weíre going against." I mean, if you consider total-yards, points, and yards-rushing as a barometer. 

They set the wrong mark for all three last year. "I think an extremely productive day. I can tell you right off the bat that we had a board, as you guys heard the other day, with just under 200 players. In terms of how we rated them, we got two of our top three players," Lynch said. "And we were able to do that. Weíre thrilled, weíre ecstatic. We think these guys have traits that encompass what we want to be about as a football organization. Starting with Solomon, I think we see a special football player, a disruptive football player who has tremendous versatility. I think he fits in with the current group that we have because heís a little different than the guys we have. When I think of Solomon, I think of speed and quickness and disruption. And then I know the kid. We were classmates together a couple years ago when I was taking some summer school trying to finish up and got to know him a little bit. Heís a special kid." They need an Edge and a 5-Tech, or just anyone who can hit the QB. 



Defense: 4-3

*Leonard Fournette


6-1, 240, (U) 4.51-4.52, 

28.5" Vert, 


2016 Picks:

1 (5) Jalen Ramsey, CB/S, Florida St

2 (36) Myles Jack, ILB, UCLA

3-69 Yannick Ngakoue DE Maryland

4 (103) Sheldon Day, DT, ND

6 (181) Tyrone Holmes, DE, Montana

6 (201)  Brandon Allen, QB, Arkansas

7 (226) Jonathan Woodard, DE, Central Arkansas

Key FA.Signed:

WR Arrelious Benn 

TE Mychal Rivera
OLT Branden Albert 

OG/OT Patrick Omameh
OG Tyler Shatley 

DE Calais Campbell
DT Abry Jones

CB AJ Bouye 

SS Barry Church

Key FA.:

RB Denard Robinson
WR Bryan Walters
DT Tyson Aluala
ORT Bryce Harris
ORT Jeff Linckenbach
ORT Josh Wells (R)
ILB Arthur Brown
SS Peyton Thompson (R)

Key Free Lost

TE Julius Thomas

OC Stefen Wisniewski 

OLT Kelvin Beachum 

OG/OT Luke Joeckel

DE Jared Odrick

NT Roy Miller

CB Devon House 

CB Prince Amukamara

SS John Cyprien

The Team: I had this pick. This was one of the easiest picks in the Draft (in fact, I had him as the their 1st and 2nd choice;).

The Jags finally smartened up. "He is powerful, obviously," Tom Coughlin said. "You like him at 228-230 pounds, right in that area. He is fast. At his pro day, he did catch the ball and give the idea that he certainly could do that. I really donít have any question if he can play on all three downs." He showed he could catch the ball down field a little last season.

If you have a young QB you have to get him help. "He's special," Coughlin said. "We need playmakers. We need people to put the ball in the end zone. We need to do something about balance. We need to do something about creating a better situation where the quarterback doesn't have the entire game on his shoulders. Certainly we have to improve the offensive line. Certainly we have a lot more work to do." A young QBs best friend is play action. 

If you build a run game you can build a QB like Brady. "We want to be able to run the ball, take care of the ball and be physical and tough," Caldwell said. "This guy is all of that. One of our guys said it best: We're on the road on Saturdays, watching late-night SEC games before our game and this is the guy you're watching on TV every Saturday night and you're like, 'Wow, this guy is going to be the first pick in the draft.' You knew from the time he stepped on campus at LSU that he was going to be a special player, and usually those guys tend to do very well at our level, too." Brady is the best play action QB in the NFL.

It not just because he is the GOAT, but because the OC takes time to build the run game. "A lot of people think I'm a big, bruising guy who can't make anybody miss if I don't run them over or hit them or anything," Fournette said. "I have a lot to show this season coming up. And I will." A run game has to be built. 

It doesn't happen organically. "It wasnít just Zeke. Look at Todd Gurley. Running backs still matter. Itís not just me. When you look at Christian, Dalvin and Joe. It shows that the running back position still has great value," Fournette said, and then continued. "Whatever the case, we have to be all in as a team. Itís a team sport. Without your team, youíre nothing. I canít beat 11 guys on my own." You have to build an O-line, draft and develop a power RB. 

You have to take the 1, 2 ,3 yard runs and punt till it hurts sometimes. "I can run any play," Fournette said. "I donít have any particular play. As a running back, we have to learn how to run out of different looks and run the ball in different ways." A run game is a long game.

That is when you can then break the long ones. "A lot of people think for my size Iím very slow," Fournette said. "They donít know I have the best time in track: 21.4 in the 200 and 10.5 in the 100. When I get on the field and it hits you. It kind of surprises them. A lot of people think Iím a big, bruising guy who canít make anybody miss if I donít run them over." He is going to break some long ones so the Defense has to stack the line. and that is when Bortles can go deep.

Word coming out of Jacksonville is that they will take Fournette to help their young struggling QB next season. In fact, they are trying to trade up right now to try and make sure they get him.

The Player:12/9 Leonard Fournette.

The Reason: They filled their holes on defense with free agents, which gave them the opportunity to help their young QB in every way imaginable in the Draft. "Itís changing the game for the running backs," Fournette said. "When him and Todd Gurley came out, they did a great job preparing us running backs nowadays to come out to even get a chance to get picked in the first round." When their O-line fell apart so did their QB.

Nothing helps the QB more than a tough O-line and runningback. "Thatís just the job of the running back," Fournette said. "No matter how many times you get the ball, just make the best opportunity out of it." Nothing helps an O-lines' confidence as much as powering forward in the run game.

They had to do something before it was too late for Bortles. "I think Leonard is going to be a great asset to our team," Dave Caldwell said. "We think heís a special player, but we also think heís a special person." This is one of the crappiest run franchises in the League, just look at their website. 

But I stood up and clapped and cheered at this pick to help their young beat up QB. "I love the offense," Fournette said. "I love the way they run the ball. I love the way they try to get the best guys the ball. I love this team. With them, itís team first. Iím willing to do whatever to help the team out. I know my running style will transport over to the NFL." If he saves Bortles than this pick was a steal.

They pick up the big power runner, who can they can run play action off of and take a ton of pressure off their young QB. "[I'm a] north-and-south runner," Fournette said. "Can make defenders miss. Can run over them. Can run past them." This is the smartest thing they can do to help Bortles. 

Second Choice: Leonard Fournette RB





Corey Davis

WR W. Michigan

6-3, 209, 4.??,

33" Arms, 9 1/8"Hands, 

DB, 5-T, WR, TE, CB, RB, OL, DL, DB, 

2016 Picks:

1 (8)  Jack Conklin, OT, Michigan St

2 (33) Kevin Dodd, DE, Clemson

2 (43)  Austin Johnson, DT, Penn St

2 (45) Derrick Henry, RB, Alabama

3 (64) Kevin Byard, S, Middle Tennessee St

5 (140) Tajae Sharpe, WR, UMass

5 (157) LeShaun Sims, Southern Utah

6 (193) Sebastian Tretola, G, Arkansas

7 (222) Aaron Wallace, OLB, UCLA

7 (253) Kalan Reed, CB, S. Miss

Key F.A. Signed:

Ben Jones OC

DE Chris Baker

CB Logan Ryan

FS JJ Wilcox

Key F.A.:

QB Matt Cassel
RB Antonio Andrews (R)
WR Marc Mariani
TE Anthony Fasano
TE Phillip Supernaw (R)
OC Brian Schwenke
ORT Byron Bell
OG Chance Warmack
ILB Nate Palmer
ILB Sean Spence
OLB David Bass
CB Antwon Blake
FS Rashad Johnson
SS Daimion Stafford

Key F.A. Lost:

WR Kendall Wright

The Team: I said before the Draft that teams that wanted offensive players in this deep defensive Draft were going to have to reach, and boy did they ever. This pick was one of the worst reaches ever. A Division II WR, who wasn't able to work out so teams could know what his real speed and athleticism was, in the Top Five? Yikes! I wonder if he got an NBA promise, and that's why he didn't work out with teams.

Davis was not a speed receiver. He was a size/route-running WR. He was never a guy who caught it outside and just ran away from everyone in a straight line like Ross. He was a weaver. A guy who was great at running behind his teammates. They even showed a clip on ESPN and McShay foolishly said (after studying my site religiously), that he ran away from the coverage. Then in the clip he weaved behind three blockers and broke free at 15-yard line and ran in, as two guy quit behind him. Really Todd? He ran away from everyone from the 15? He didn't come close to running away from everyone from 50-yards away. It's not on Tape, and Todd's example was a projection.

All three WRs picked in the top ten were reaches. Projections of players whose this kids are not. Ross is the best blend of speed and skill at WR I have seen in a long time. But he is small, and his body can't handle his speed. Two knee surgeries should have taken him out of top ten considerations. 

Mike Williams might become the best of the three, but he does not create separation in pattern. He is one of the best WRs I have ever seen catching the ball through contact. But that was because he had to. He played in an offensive system that hasn't translated players to the NFL. He is another massive reach at Seven.

But afterwards it made more sense. If you were a top half of the Draft team, and needed an impact offensive player, you were not going to get him on Day Two. But you sure as heck could get an impact defensive player on Day Two and Day Three in this Draft. The Titans just thought they need a couple of LBs and a Corner on defense. So they reached massively for two WRs (and Adoree at the 15), one in the top ten and one in the 3rd.

The Bengals took a massive reach for Ross in the 1st, and took a disgusting Franchise changing pick (and likely the player who will get Marvin fired) in the 2nd (Joe "the girl puncher" Mixon), because they knew they could pick up a DE/passrusher in the 3rd and 4th. 

The Chargers reached for Williams, because they wanted to rebuild their O-line, and knew they could pick up a couple of DBs in the 4th and 5th. Getting Lamp in the 2nd and then Freeney in the 3rd could add a couple years to Rivers career. Those were the two guys who most thought had a shot at rookie OL of the year, as plug and play Guards who should start from day one. But then not getting an OLT might mitigate that gain. Getting King in the 5th and Rochell in 7th were two of the best picks in the entire Draft, and showed the true depth of the DBs and DLs in this years Draft.

So while the massive reaches bothered me at first, I have less of a problem now that I can see the totality of their strategy. But, massive reaches have a tendency to not work out. As pressure from every angle on the player, GM, and coach attacks them with negativities. When the reach players play to their talent level, and not a mythical Top Ten level where they were picked, but never had.

Talk about a great trade. The Rams not only took Goff number one overall, they traded this year's 1st to move up to get him. Right now the Titans are looking at the 8th pick in the 2016 Draft, and the 5th pick in the 2017 Draft for the 1st pick in the Draft from last year. That's pretty good. That was the best case scenario when you draft a QB in the top five, and he develops nicely the first two years.

The Player: 4/15 Corey Davis Bio.

The Reason: I don't trust Davis's speed. In fact, he reminds me of Brian Quick. A 6-3 small school WR who dominated against a lower level of competition, but couldn't put NFL Corners on their heels. I didn't trust his speed either. I never saw Davis run away from anyone on the field. I didn't see 4.4 speed. I saw 4.5 speed. Getting Davis would give them a big WR, who can catch some short passes, and help on the Goal line.

I went four for four so far in this Draft, but I can't be held responsible for the insane. Corey Davis is a big WR who runs in the 4.5's on Tape. He is not a top 5 pick. The Titans are nuts. This is going to be trouble for them.

They are hoping that Davis can make Mariota a better player. In that regard you have to applaud them. He has great hands. He runs patterns well. He got of lot of production on the small school level. I like watching him play. If he can run a 4.3 this is a great pick. If he is a 4.4 guy it can still be justified to help their young QB. But if he is a 4.5 guy like I think, he is not going to be a star. 

Hooker has an injury that could cause him to slide. But if the Titans think his medicals check out? Hooker is just what they need. He would be a huge start to rebuilding their secondary. 

Second Choice: Marshon Lattimore CB



Defense: 3-4

*Jamal Adams

Safety LSU

6', 212, (PD) 4.38! 


2016 Picks:

1 (20) Darron Lee, ILB, Ohio State

2 Christian Hackenberg QB Penn St

3 (83) Jordan Jenkins, OLB, Georgia

4 (118) Juston Burris, CB, NC State

5 (158) Brandon Shell, OT S. Carolina

7 (235)  Lachlan Edwards, P, Sam Houston St

7 (241) Charone Peake, WR, Clemson

Key F.A. Signed:

QB Josh McCown 

OLT Kelvin Beachum

Ben Ijalana OT

OG Brian Williams

Key F.A.:
TE Brandon Bostick (R)
TE Kellen Davis
DE Mike Catapano (R)
OT Ryan Clady
OC Wesley Johnson (R
ILB Bruce Carter
OLB Josh Martin
OLB Julia Stanford (R)
CB Antonio Allen
CB Marcus Williams (R)

Key F.A Lost:

QB Ryan Fitzpatrick

QB Geno Smith

WR Brandon Marshall

OT Breno Giacomini 

OC Nick Mangold  

ILB Erin Henderson 

CB Derrelle Revis

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The Team: Did Hell just freeze over? Did the Jets just make a great Pick? Is the sun suddenly shining in New Jersey? Jamal Adams can play! "They kept their word," Adams said. "They delivered. I was definitely surprised I slipped. But at the same time, everything happens for a reason." I would not have complained if he went One or Two.
I think he is that good. "In a lot of our projections, we really never had him getting to us," general manager Mike Maccagnan said Thursday night, "We're very happy to get Jamal when we got him," Maccagnan said. "I think our focus has always been, and I've said it very publicly, to get the best player available." His Tape was one of the funest I did this year

He is much better in coverage than given credit. "I remember it like it was yesterday," Adams said. "I ran a 4.56 and, I canít recall who said it, but they said it was an Ďaverage safety time.í That Ďaverageí word kind of bothered me. I donít feel like Iím average. I donít ever try to be average. I always try to be above and beyond in whatever I do. When that word was said about my time, it made me put my head down and grind for the next three weeks for the pro day and get the time down." He is a fierce tackler. but most of all he was not given credit for being the guy who stepped up in the clutch. 

He is a fierce tackling SS with the speed and quickness to play Free Safety. "We felt very fortunate that Adams fell to us at that spot," Maccagnan said. "We feel he's a very good player and he'll be a great addition to the Jets not only as a player on the field but what he brings from an intangible standpoint off the field." Like Rodney Harrison, he can cover on Tape better than you think.
The Jets get lucky here. "They seemed interested when I went on a visit. It was exciting to get up there and visit Jersey," Adams said. "They were definitely saying if I slip to six, no questions asked, they were coming to get me. And they kept their word and they delivered." They really need a safety and leader of the secondary. 
They are ecstatic that he dropped here. "He did everything for me," Adams said. "He kept me humble, he kept me wise, as well as my mother, as well as my brothers and sisters. They just kept me humble." Adams reminds me of Rodney Harrison. 
Because he is not just a big safety who cover better than most people think, he is an elite leader like Rodney. "For me, itís not even close, the No. 1 player I had in this draft was Jamal Adams out of LSU,Ē ESPN analyst Jon Gruden said. ďI love the fact that heís going to the Big Apple. He reminds me of some of my favorite safeties: the Ronnie Lotts, the Rodney Harrisons. The kid is a wrecking machine. Heís versatile. He can play in the post. Heís a great one-on-one-tackler. Heís an inspiring leader and real quality person. This is a huge pick for the Jets." If he is as good as Rodney they will be very happy. 

The Player: 4/06 Jamal Adams: Leader of the Back.

The Reason: Why Adams? Because they not only need a safety, they need leadership, and the Jets gotta play the Pats twice a year. "As soon as I got drafted, that was one of the first people I thought about, as well as the GOAT, Tom Brady," Adams said. "I have tremendous respect for those guys and that organization. All I can do is come in and work as hard as I can and listen to the coaching staff and hopefully, theyíll have me ready." Hooker is the much better ball hawk with better range. 

But Adams is better in every other area. "We feel he's a really good athlete for the position," Maccagnan said. "We think he has good speed and range. He's an exceptionally instinctive player. We really like his physical aggressiveness. He's a very, very good tackler. We thought he was a very good, well-rounded player. We felt very comfortable with his ability to play closer to the line of scrimmage or backed off in space." He is stronger against the run. He can play LB. He can cover in the Slot a little, cover TEs ad RBs, and will run the secondary like Rodney Harris for years to come. 

I cannot argue with him being the best player available. "He checked all the boxes for us," coach Todd Bowles said. "We feel we can play him anywhere. We knew he was an Alpha dog coming in. The culture we're trying to create, I think he's perfect for our building." They need leadership on every level. 

Adams is widely considered to be the best leader of all the DBs in this years Draft. "We thought he was a very good, well-rounded player," Maccagnan said. "We felt very comfortable with his ability to play closer to the line of scrimmage or backed off in space. We felt he was equally as good of a player from an intangible standpoint, to bring into the locker room." You cannot talk about his potential without talking about how he helps a team on the leadership level. 



Defense: 3-4

*Mike Williams

WR Clemson

6-2, 216, (PD 4.51-4.53), 


S (FA), CB, TE, WR, DE,  RB, QB,  OLT, TE, OL. DB, 

2016 Picks:

1 (3) Joey Bosa, DE, Ohio State
2 (35) Hunter Henry, TE, Arkansas
3 (66) Max Tuerk, C, USC
4 (102) Joshua Perry, ILB, Ohio State
5 (175) Jatavis Brown, ILB, Akron
6 (179) Drew Kaser, P, Texas A&M
6 (198) Derek Watt, FB, Wisconsin
7-224 Donavon Clark OG Michigan St

Key FA. Signed:

OLT Russell Okung 

OLB Melvin Ingram  (Tag)

SS Jahleel Addae

Key FA.:

QB Kellen Clemmens

RB Danny Woodhead
RB Branden Oliver (R)
RB Dexter McCluster
RB Ronnie Hillman
WR Dontrelle Inman (R)
WR Isaiah Burse (R)
WR Griff Whalen
TE Asante Cleveland (R)
TE Jeff Cumberland
OG Kenny Wiggins (R) 
DT Sean LissemoreDT Tenny Palepoi (R)
DE Damion Square
OLB Korey Toomer (R)
OLB Tourek Williams
FS Adrian Phillips
CB Steve Williams (R)
LS Mike Windt

Key FA. Lost:

OT King Dunlap

OT DJ Fluker

ILB Manti Teío

The Team: I didn't see this one coming. "The last couple weeks, weíve had a lot of discussion," Chargers GM Telesco said. "For whatever reason, it seemed like for this year, there were a lot of different ways we could go. A lot of different scenarios that could happen. Who could be there when we pick, who could trade up in front of us, options of us trading back. We went through a lot of discussions, and we thought Mike was the best pick for us." I loved watching him play in college. 

But he is a guy who didn't create a lot of separation. "I love the pick," LAC HC Anthony Lynn said. "We put in a lot of work, we like him, he was No. 1 on our board." He does not get himself open in patterns.

Very few receivers in college have caught the ball through contact and high pointed the ball as well as Williams. "Iím definitely excited for him," Keenan Allen said. "Iím glad we chose him. Hopefully we can get better. Itís just another threat that weíll have, and itís definitely gonna take some pressure off of me." He was always catching the body with DBs draped all over him. 
No one goes up and gets the ball above the CBs better than Williams. "I think weíre in pretty good shape," Telesco said. "If we canít move out or we donít move up, I think weíre in a good spot." No your not, your the worst run franchise in the Top Ten because your owners suck.

The Player: He is the second 4.5 WR to go in the top ten.  "You canít have enough playmakers, and he made plays all throughout college," Lynn said. "I love the way he competes, I love all his intangibles. You just canít have enough good players. Weíll definitely find a role for him." He can make plays with the ball in his hands. He can be a touch strong runner on WR screens. "I caught all the balls, ran a few shuttles because I didnít do them in my pro day," Williams said. "My times were great, so I was confident they were going to pick me." He looked better running drills than patterns. He played in the biggest games the past two years.

Pitt: He can catch the ball over the middle, and rip it out of the CB hands trying to pry it loose. He is a bit of a body catcher. He will leap up sometimes to catch it with his body rather than lift his hands up to snag it. He runs great, but is a glider going out and up. He is smooth route runner, not a twitchy route runner. Nice job running slants from either side. He consistently gets the inside shoulder of the CB, and makes it an easy pass. 

On Watson's INT on the goal line against Pitt, he hustled 70-yards down field, and tackled the guy who intercepted the ball, like Ben Watson against the Broncos (5:47). He looked like a Number One WR against Pitt. He showed me he could get a large volume of catches and not just yards (if that makes sense;).

Auburn: He really showed a great knack for catching the TD pass. His hands are so much better this season. He can leap up over the smaller CB, and take the ball and hold on. A number One WR has to be able to catch a lot of passes. He doesn't. I thought he did it more latter in the season. Great body control in the air.

V-Tech: He is playing so much better this season. He is finding the ball in the air better, and going and getting it. He is elite at going high, but he can also dig it out of the dirt. He is a 1st Round pick. He just disappears for so long sometimes. Sometimes he is just not a factor at all. When he cuts over the middle and Watson throws high, he looks like a 1st round pick leaping up high to snag the ball over the CB. He is s beast to cover on Slants. He uses his size and body very well getting the inside shoulder of the press Corner and catches the ball with the CBs hands right in his chest. 


If you give him a slight chance to snag it he will take advantage of it. Great hands. He really has developed his hands to catch the ball through contact better than any WR in this Draft. Showed he could catch the ball with a CB, Humphrey, right in his face while in pattern. Catches the ball well through contact. He only seemed to be able to catch comebacks on Humphrey early.

He can really go up high, and snag the ball over the big CB. He was a basketball player in high school, and he has great hands going up high and grabbing the ball out of the sky like a rebound. There is so much to like about this kid. 

He finally almost caught a big one deep, but Humphrey straggled him to the ground for a PI. Amazing job getting his hands on the ball while he was being tackled by the neck (2:27). He beat Humphrey in the endzone to start the 4th quarter. However, Leggett clearly blocked him with an illegal pick  (3:05). But you have to give Williams credit. He got beat up all game, and came through like a number one WR in the 4th. And again, he had to spin back and catch the off target throw, thrown to the wrong shoulder. Which he made look easy. That was a great catch.

He really showed himself to be an elite clutch receiver in the Champ game. One of the best clutch catches I've seen. Watch how he runs inside out in the Pattern (4:07). This is a great clutch example of what he does best. He leaped up over the CB and snagged the ball with his big hands, though all kinds of contact, and held on. The problem is that there will be tighter coverage, and a lot more contact in the NFL.

He was the best clutch WR in the biggest game of the year. Watch the great quick feet that he used to get the outside shoulder of the CB on the release. You can just see him win the hand fight as he runs off screen (4:57). No one high pointed the ball over the CB better than Williams. Watch how he had to turn back in the air, and reach out over Humphrey and snag that ball. And don't forget Humphrey is the most physical CB in this Draft. 

He got grabbed in the middle of the bracket. That was pass interference. It gave Clemson 1st and goal down Three in the Champ game (5:28). That was the play that set up Championship winning play. 

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Williams never looked like a Number One WR to me. But he was terrific in the second half of the season. "Just the competition we face every week at Clemson," Williams said. "We play a lot of great DBs, a lot of great teams. The coaches we have at Clemson, I feel like we learn from some of the best." He can catch the ball over his head. 

He has nice hands. "I don't think so at all," Williams said about his Forty. "Jerry Rice didn't run a fast time. Antonio Brown didn't run a fast time. He's the highest-paid receiver in the league right now. It's all about just playing football if you look at it at the end of the day." I thought he finally showed some Number One WR traits at the end of the season.

We finally got a glimpse of his speed at his Proday. "Mike Williams today at 216 pounds ran a 4.55," Mike Mayock said. "Plenty good enough for the type of receiver he is. What is he? He's an outside the numbers fade, fade stop, back shoulder, red-zone guy. He's got an attitude. He gets after the football. He's a first-round wide receiver all day long." I think a 4.55 could take him out of the top ten.

The ReasonIt doesn't matter. This Franchise is the worst so far. Their website sucks, which is always a sign of bad management. It takes a lot of bad management to out do the Jags at sucking at managing their website. Not a single transcript of a Presser anywhere for these bums. That is why they are top ten in the Draft with a Pro Bowl QB. How much does Ownership have to suck to have a Pro Bowl QB, and have the 7th Pick in the Draft. Just take the money and run.

Williams is a champion from Clemson. "You start with the character of the individual weíre talking about here," McDermott said. "I had a chance to get to know Tyrod a little bit and Iíve done my research. So, the character and then secondly, the work ethic. Iíve had a chance to observe him and his rehab a little bit, and the process heís gone through to get himself healthy, and thatís been very admirable on all ends." He has a lot of traits teams like at WR.
He can help Rivers as the season moves forward. "I want to see him execute the system just like every other player, whether youíre talking about offensive football, the quarterback position, or defensive football and playing middle linebacker," McDermott said. "I want to see the players execute the system and then use their natural abilities to make plays and if weíre doing our jobs as coaches, that means putting them in position and shaping the system around their skill set." The Chargers have helped their aging QB big time in this Draft.

Rivers isn't going anywhere any time soon, but what about in two years. "I think weíre going to (draft a QB) at some point," Rivers said. "Iím not going to be here forever, and you know thatís part of this business. Shoot, you look around the league in different places; (like) in New England, theyíve drafted a handful of guys in the last few years and theyíve got one of the best to ever play and it looks like heís still got a lot in the tank. I think thatís just one example, and thereís been many." He already has said that he doesn't mind if they take a QB in this Draft. 

In two years he is going to be really feeling those old bones. "Iíll be shocked if Trubiskyís not the first one off the board," an Exec said. He showed some clutch in the Bowl game against Stanford. "Youíre gonna see the ascension of the Carolina quarterback," a scout said. "Heís the guy. A top two or three pick. He's the guy. A lot of teams like him up there." But the 13 starts still scare me.

This Franchise is going to need a QB to compete in the weak LA market when Rivers retires. "I certainly donít fear that day when it comes whatsoever," Rivers said. "I donít take it as my role, though we drafted a young guy whoís your eventual replacement so get him ready. But at the same time, I enjoy sharing both things Iíve learned and letting the young guy see how Iíve done things. At the same time, Iím always going to compete. I think Kellen [his back up QB now] would tell you the same thing. He and I compete like crazy in everything. Weíre competing with formations and shifts in the QB meeting in day one install like weíve been doing for a lot of years. So, thatís something all of us have to (have). Compete and never feel comfortable. Should this be the year thereís a young guy in here, who will come in here and be in what I would believe would be a pretty good situation." In the long run, this could be the best that happens to both the team and the player. 


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