Here is Part Two of my 

Final 2016 Boston Celtics 

1st Round Mock Draft.

SV=Standing Vert, MV=Max Vert + SR-Standing Reach = MVR Max Vert Reach.

Picks Five through Ten have become very interesting for the Celtics. Do they stick at Three and take Jackson or Ball? I think that is very unlikely, as they they traded a week before the Draft so they had time to facilitate another deal (among a myriad of other reasons;). Pick Three is on the block with GMs all over the League calling Captain Underpants' secret Bat-phone to try and snag this Bat-Pick. The Celtics are amazingly unlikely to be exercising Pick Three Thursday night. 

Trader Danny is still working diligently behind the scenes to take further advantage of the Philly pick (though it appears that Colangelo took a cheap shot at him for some reason?). "Well, it’s never easy negotiating with Boston because they’re smart guys. I’m talking about Mike Zarren (Celts' assistant GM), not Danny Ainge by the way," Colangelo said kind-ah douchie. "I think I began talking to Mike Zarren about this Laker pick for, I don’t know, a year-and-a-half it seems. We’ve been talking about various things related to the draft last year that related to the draft this year and once Boston got number one, immediately there was a discussion." Though I think he was just joking around, and might be trying to recruit Zarren.

Though he did outsmart Ainge on the protections, it doesn't go the Celtics if either pick is 1st overall in 2018 (Lakers) or 2019 (Kings). "It was important to us not to give up the opportunity to select Number One with what would be called a high-value 1st-round pick (but Number Two is cool to give away;)," Colangelo said. "And we felt that the Laker pick was a high-value 1st-round pick (unless it was Two-Five;) and the Sacramento pick (unless it was Two)  likely would be too (see, I can be douchie too;). Trust me, those protections started out differently upon first discussion. But to end up there feels satisfying, with that carved out, we ended up where we wanted to be." But it is still all about what the players develop into, and who wins it all.

The Celtics could still get two, three, or more impact winners from this Trade, while the Sixers might only get one (or none;). It looks like Trader Danny wants this pick, and some matching contracts (and three 2nd Round picks;) to turn into Jimmy Butler. "Because draft picks are always tradable, players are not," Ainge said. "Draft picks are always assets." He is a great defensive wing (though maybe not so much against LaBron;), who has also turned into a 20 PPG scorer. 

The primary benefit of the trade with the Sixers that Colangelo obvious doesn't understand (okay that was the last cheapshot;) was that it opened a window to trade Pick Three for a veteran to help win the East now, and not hurt the future young talent. Now they can trade a Top Five Lottery pick (that dah Bulls have been begging for, though I'm sure they really mean it) for Jimmy Butler. 

The belated Lottery pick they should get back from the Sixers, replaces their ability to acquire another Jaylen Brown like Lottery talent, this year, that they hope can turn into a star. "If [Danny] can turn that (pick) into more than one player," an exec said, "and still get a guy he wants (in this draft)? I think they’d love to do that." He has already done that.

So now if he can turn Colangelo's pick into an All-Star player, and maybe another Lottery pick, it would make the Sixers look even more foolish, again. Remember, Fultz is a guy who couldn't affect winning Washington, and like Embiid and Simmons, can't seem to play through a whole season without injury, and has said he didn't mind all the losing at Washington (okay, so that wasn't the last cheapshot, but he started it;).

So was that another Lottery pick I said? And however would he do that? Well, the Kings have let it be known that they want Josh Jackson. Which is interesting since most think he will be on the Board at Three (which makes sense since Jackson is one of the Three Stooges at the top of this Draft;). The Kings hold the 5th and 10th pick in this Draft. And coincidentally, the Bulls have let it be known that they want a Top Five pick for Butler. Which I do believe the 5th pick in this Draft is still a Top Five Pick (I'll check my math on that later;). 

I think that Butler would be on the Celtics right now if they could say for certain Jackson would be on the Board at Three. But right now it is a 50-50 shot for the Lakers taking Jackson (and I'm sorry, but the Celtics cannot pass on Steph Curry wannabe Ball;). If the Celtics trade pick Three to the Kings for Five and Ten it will have to be an on the clock trade (or just after;). Then they send the 5th Pick (which still is a Top Five Pick;), and some contracts, to dah Bulls for Butler. If Trader Danny and pull all those strings, and make all that magic work, it will be the most impressive trade he's made since KG.

Jayson Tatum

4. Phoenix- Jayson Tatum- PF, Duke, , 6-8, 210; 6-11 WS, 8-10.5" SR,

16.8 PPG, 50.4% 3-P, 34.2% 3-P, 7.3 RPG, 2.1 APG and 1.1 blocks.

The TeamThe Suns cannot take another PG. It is not surprising that they like Fox, but they already have a dozen point guards on their roster. "This isn’t a two or three player draft," Suns GM McDonough said. "There’s not a huge drop-off in my opinion after one, two, three. I think it’s pretty even in the top five or six, maybe even top six to eight, so I think we’ll have a number of good players to choose from at four, and I think we’ll get somebody really talented to add to our young core." Seriously: Eric Bledsoe, Brandon Knight, Tyler Ulis, and Leandro Barbosa (Okay, so maybe that's not a baker's dozen;). 

But it is roster suicide to take another PG. "We’ll receive more calls than we make on it," McDonough said. "I think there will be a good amount of interest. But I feel very comfortable with where we are, and I think we’re going to get a really good player at No. 4." They already are one of the best offensives in the NBA. They need to balance their roster, and play some defense. They ranked 30th in team defense last season. 

They have to balance their roster with some wing players. "The draft to me is important for one day. On that day it will be important and then the next day it won’t matter," McDonough said. "About a week after the day we’ll start to practice here in Phoenix and then head up to Las Vegas for Summer League. Your draft position at that point goes out the window and it depends just who the best players are. That’s how we view it," They have two young star guards in Bledsoe and Booker, and need to find a wing or a Stretch-4 to run and gun with them. 

They cannot take a guard in this Draft. They have a great blend of veteran and young Bigs to fill the 4 and the 5. "I feel very confident we’ll get a good player at four," McDonough said. "I’m excited to go through the process over the next month or and go through the workouts and kind of see who is available there." Now they need a Wing who can run (most think that is Tatum), or a Four who can run with there great speedy young guards (which is what I think Tatum will be in the NBA). It is a win-win with Tatum.

The Player: Jayson Tatum: Not A Celtic.

Second Choice: De-Aaron Fox for some reason


Jonathan Isaac

5. Celtics- Jonathan Isaac- Fr, Florida State, PF, 6-11, 210, 

6-11" WS, 34.8% 3-P, 6-10.5 SR, 12 PPG, 59.3% 2-P, 7.8 RPG, 1.2 SPG, 1.5 BPG, 1.2 APG,

The Team: The Celtics have suddenly become very interesting in the Five through Ten range in this Draft. "There’s always the possibility," Ainge said about trading down again. "The phone has been ringing since news of this deal came out. But we’re happy with this pick." There is much more than a possibility with Divac professing his love for Jackson.
But he said he doesn't want to give up Five and Ten, but seriously, what else does he think he has to give to get Jackson? A 2025 1st? "Even before the lottery, we have been evaluating these kids for the last few years, and we felt that they were all close," Ainge said of the top four players or so. "The player we would take at No. 3 was close to the player at No. 1. We’ll still be able to get the player we want in the draft." If the Kings want Jackson they have to come through the
Celtics, period. 

Trader Danny has set the price, and as they get closer and closer to be n the clock the pressure mounts. Of course, because of the stupid "can't trade picks two year is row rule" the deal might already have been agreed to and we won't know it. The Celtics could very well own this pick, or the deal is off, and we'll never know. 

The Celts can only trade down this low and still have a pick the Bulls allegedly want. Divac has to go top three to get the one guy he thinks can lead his team out of the Lottery. And we know both, if we are calling Ainge Trader Danny than you have to call Divac Trader Vlad. He is the only guy who can keep up with Captain Underpants in the Trade department. 

The big question for the Cs (if they keep the pick, which looks doubtful;) is it Jackson or Tatum they love, if Ball is off the Board. I fear them taking Tatum. "We think there's a really good chance the player that we'll take at Three was the same player we would have taken at One," Trader Danny said. "This was a great opportunity to acquire [another] impactful asset (if they get a top five pick in 2018 or 2019)." Though I'm much calmed after doing his Tape.
But Jackson is so obviously a better player (with much more CCs), and Isaac clearly has a ton more upside. "These trades are always based on what players those players turn out to be," Ainge said. "We'll all be judged on days like this, and I'm not afraid of that." But it is not just the picks it is the timing of the trades that opens up the near certainty that they will trade again. 
Trader Danny has been as obsessed with acquiring Jimmy Butler as Captain Underpants is obsessed with the Three Stooges. "Obviously there are bigger risks when you make a trade like this under a microscope," Captain Underpants said. "But we’re not afraid of that. If there was a 50-50 split in our group over who we liked there would be more concern. But we are very excited about this deal. We get the player we want, [they] got the player they want." But if the Butler deal falls though, which is more likely. And we know Vlad Divac is obsessed with Josh Johnson, and thinks he's the best player in the Draft 

The Player: Jonathon Isaac: He Could Be A Celtic.

The Reason: Sacramento is in a world of hurt. They have looked laughing like they don't know what they are doing. But they went real big in the last Draft, getting two Bigs who can also move on the court. It has been leaked that they think that guys is Jackson. 

He is the one they love-love-love. "We really were impressed with a lot of the guys, not only with how they worked, but how they represented themselves as young men," Perry said. "There was a lot of quality young men that came in here and, comparing it to other years, I really liked how things settled in here and ran. They learned a lot about us and what we’re trying to accomplish here in Sacramento." There is a ridiculously huge difference between being impressed with someone, and love-love-loving a prospect. 

If those rumors are true than this deal should be locked in already. "We try to get every detail, talking to all the players’ coaches, even to some of their neighbors," Divac said. "We want to know everything, things we can’t find on the computer or just by watching games. It’s exciting. It’s exciting to see the young kids working hard every day. We want to have fun, and do it right. No short cuts Divac doesn’t need to change the world, but he definitely wants to stick the landing with those draft picks. That’s the plan." They do seemed to be linked more and more to Fox, but what if Phoenix takes him at four like most think. 

They need a wing to go with their two young Bigs. "There really isn’t one model for a development program," Divac said. "But these kids are coming into NBA so young, either with no college or very little college, and fundamentally they are not ready. So we have to develop them. Dave has been great, and his coaches are here. Malachi, Skal, Buddy, Papa all could be on vacation. Papa has lost 20 pounds since the season ended. But you have to have players who want to improve." Fox is not a dynamic scoring PG, but he is a PG who can run an offense.  

De’Aaron Fox

6. Magic- De’Aaron Fox- Kentucky, PG, 6-3, 170, 6-6.5 WS, 8-4 SR, 

4.6 APG, 16.7 PPG, 28.5 MPG, 52.1% 2-P, 24.8% 3-P, 1.5 SPG, 4 RPG

The TeamThe Magic needs some leadership and direction. "We’re tying to, I would say, kind of do multiple jobs right now," Weltman said. "But I think we’re getting to a place where we’re able to be caught up and be able to have the appropriate discussions. Now is the time to talk to teams, figure [out] what’s truly out there and assess what our options are." They are starting at the bottom of the barrel. 

When he was in Milwaukee he over drafted  for length and athleticism. "Jeff’s philosophy, and my philosophy in the past, has been that," Hammond said. "We love length. We love athleticism. But a critical part of the game today is: Can a player stretch the floor and shoot the 3-point shot? So if you can get a combination of something like that. A player who can play multiple positions. A player who has length. A player who has some athleticism. A player that can eventually step on the floor and stretch the floor. In this day and age in this league, those are potential All-Star players." Fox has elite length and speed for a point guard.

They really honestly need to take the best player available. "I think it’s probably an accurate statement to say that we have a very young team, and to bring in four rookies on one day is probably not Option A," Weltman said. "Sometimes you have to make Option B work. But those picks have some value. The way that we’re engaging with other teams right now, I think that the value will continue to increase as guys study the draft." They also need the best leader available.

Fox stands out on both needs. "I’ve always thought of Jeff as a great evaluator of talent," Hammond said. "He’s great on draft night in those decision-making moments. So we’ll find a way to make it work." He will likely find Fox sitting in perfect position for him to steal. 

The PlayerDe'Aaron: As Fast As Wall.

Second Choice: Lauri Markkanen PF