Here is Part One of my 

1.0 2017 Boston Celtics 

1st Round Mock Draft.

SV=Standing Vert, MV=Max Vert + SR-Standing Reach = MVR Max Vert Reach.

This Mock will be the shortest ever. Because if your a Celtics fan, who gives a crap what happens after the 1st Pick. This pick is all about winning it all in four to seven years.
I don't think you can argue in any way, shape, or form that Fultz and Isaiah Thomas will not be great on the Court together. "I think me and him would be a great fit," Fultz said. "Just playing on and off the ball. He can go to 2, maybe I can go to 2. Being Huskies, we already got a connection. Being able to play together, we're going to motivate each other, we're going to help each other out. I think it would be something special." In fact, I don't know how anyone could say that Isaiah Thomas will be anything other than a great help to Fultz.
This would give the Celtics a great blend of three 1 and 1/2's with Smart. "My visit here was great. It was a good experience," Fultz said. "First of all, I came here, did some medical stuff at the doctors, a physical. I went out to eat later that night [for burritos with Danny]. That was a good experience just seeing the food culture here, got a good burger. Today, just being able to go up and have a blessed opportunity to play the game of basketball, first of all. Then just working out for the Celtics. Being able to work out, and show them what I have. And at the end we did a nice little conditions test, the three-minute run, and just sitting down and watching game film, and film of myself, and how the team plays defense and offense and just learning more stuff about myself from film. Now, just coming to see the arena, and the city, it's just unbelievable." Eventually Fultz will run the show at the Point.
Playfully asked if the Celtics had told him he'd be the No. 1 pick, Fultz said it never came up in conversation. "No- no-no, they didn't say that," Fultz said. "They didn't put that out there. I gotta earn everything. Just talking to them, we didn't really talk about me getting drafted or anything like that, but more about me being a better young man, no matter where I go. Just what's going to make me the best player I can possibly be." I not 100% on Fultz anymore.
I saw the interview with Blakely at the Garden (and that baby-faced kid looked so young that he made me feel like an old fart;). "It helps us get to know more," Ainge said, sounding like the baby-faced rookie bothered him as well. "Sometimes it makes it harder, sometimes it makes it easier." He is so young that it is going to take a while, like it will for Brown.
He is going to disappear next season, like Brown did until the end of the season. "People didnít really recognize me," Fultz said. "I wear hats and hoodies. So itís kind of hard to see me. I stay low-key. Thatís the way I am. It almost feels like I belong here." I love that he talks to Isaiah every other day.
He felt like he came home at the Garden. "Everything went well," Ainge said. "Heís very talented. Every time I sit down and talk to him, I just get to know him a little better. Heís a great kid." Everybody knows that the pick is in, including Fultz.

If the kid stays smart and humble, he is going to be a star. "It was a good experience," Fultz said. "Itís just a blessing. Iím honored to be here; honored to have the opportunity." He showed at different times that he is a very good team player.

He didn't do anything nutty, and said all the right things. "I think it would be good if I come here." Fultz said. "The fans here are great. I think that energy is just going to carry over to how I play on the court and just give me a little boost of energy." He watched the Playoff games at the Garden, and loved how the crowd went nuts.

He knows he needs his teammates to win. "Weíre not done," Ainge said. "Weíre still in the process. We still have other players to see, time will tell." You just can't sell me on the forwards in this Draft. They might try to trade up into the Lottery. To try and get one of the top three forwards, but even that doesn't make any sense. 
Drafting anyone who is gong to take any minutes away from Brown is stupid. Fultz is going to be on the floor with Brown on the second (or third;) team all year long. "He's talented," Ainge said. "I didn't find anything today that I didn't already know. Which is the same case with almost every draft workout. He has a personality. [He] has some charisma. He's fun." So the visit was a waste of time (even though his face looked like he should be in middle school with my son;)? The pick is in, and the picks are done.1988

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1. Celtics- Markelle Fultz- Washington, 18 years old, 6-4, 185, 6-9 WS, 8-6 SR.

The Team: I know this annoys people, but the pick is in. "You can definitely hear it on TV, too," Fultz said. "When I was watching and you can just see how excited everybody was and everything like that." Even though kids are not Superstars (and it will take more than a few years for Brown and Fultz to hopefully grow into that role). 

When you have the chance to draft a 19-year kid who has a chance to be an NBA Superstar on your team for 10 to 15 years? There is nothing short of a current top five player that you can trade that youngster (that could be a Finals ticket for a decade;) for.

Plus, could anyone explain to me who is going to beat the Cavs or Warriors in the Finals over the next 3 to 5 years? We are watching a Celtics-Lakers rivalry that we had in the eighties. They are going to own the Finals for at least another three years. 

I did have three big question with Fultz. "My concern is not necessarily the wins and losses, but if he is able to raise the level of his teammates in general," an NBA exec. "With Fultz, I don't know how he lives with the losing. Does he accept it, or does it make him miserable?" As I am a PG snob, my first two question are a PG has to affect winning and make his teammates better.

You cannot talk about his inability to win at Washington, without throwing his teammate under the bus. "It gives me a slight pause and is in the back of my mind," an exec said. "But I wouldn't be too worried about it, because if he would've switched places with Ball (UCLA teammates) or Fox (Kentucky teammates)? He would have won a lot more." His Washington teammates sucked.

When his teammates shoot 28.6 from College Three, they deserved to be blamed. The Celtics shot 35.9% from NBA Three last season. So just imagine his assist stats when he draws and kicks to Isaiah, Crowder, Bradley, etc. He was 20th in "assist rate" (whatever that means;), and his teammates were "No. 225 in the nation" in shooting percentage. 

He shot over 50% off the dribble which placed him 3rd in the Nation. He also shot an impressive 56.7% off passes from teammates (so don't tell he he can't play with Isaiah;). "It always matters why," an exec said. "Why did this guy lose? Anthony Davis lost a lot more than he won in high school. Then what happened?" Yet Washington as a team was 225th in shooting percentage? That is the definition of sucks.

Not only is his vast talent so obvious, but his game fits Brad Steven's system to a T. "His game is perfect for the spread pick-and-roll NBA," an executive said. "He scores at all three levels, but isn't selfish either. With a lot of other players, you can see them failing. Fultz, I don't see how his game doesn't translate. There will be arguments over him being the best player, and team success plays a part in that. But he's as sure a thing to be very good as there is in this draft." Just watch the way he moves with the ball in his hands.
The Reason: I think it is important to note just how terrible the Washington team he played on was. The HC recruited the number One prospect in the NBA Draft last year (Fultz), and also recruited the Number One prospect in the 2018 Draft (Otto Porter), and was fired before Porter could make it to Washington. That is unprecedented. 

Importantly, their are no signs that he is a spoiled kid. "Just the way the program is; they expect the best," Fultz said. "I just learned some stuff, [like] working harder. I already work hard. But [Celts' coaches] pushing me to the next level. And making me the best player I can be." He has a lot to learn about working as an NBA player.
Of course the reason Lottery picks are a trap, is that these kids are so young. "I would want to wear number twenty," Fultz said. "Just because a lot of history behind that number through high school and college. [Though] it doesnít really matter about the number. It matters about what I do." It's like I always say, basketball is a smart man's game (or woman's;). 
Kids do not win in the NBA. "It's crazy, I think it's a great organization," Fultz said. "They really care about you, on and off the court. They really just want the best for young men and people like me. They told me stuff I need to work on, they told me stuff that was good. I think that's the biggest thing, just helping me grow on and off the court, it's always what I've been about and I think that's special." The grown men veterans, like we're seeing in the Finals now, win in the NBA. 

You cannot even talk about him being a Super star for another 5 to 7 years. That is the great gift and curse of the NBA Lottery. Great talent with a kids brain and body is what the lottery is all about. A young kid with transcendent physical talent is only as good as the basketball player he matures into mentally. Fultz is one of those kids. How Brown, Fultz, and whoever we get for the third Nets pick mature physically, spiritually, mentally over the next five to seven years will determine if the Celtics can grab another dynasty of Champions. 

That is why having Brown and Fultz (sort of;) joining a team that played in the Eastern Conference Finals was, and is, such a boon for these kids. All the other Lottery Picks over last years, and this years, Lotteries will grow up in the NBA in losing situations. Just look at the Timberwolves. They have a group of three transcendent Lottery picks (sort of;), yet they only won 31 games and were in the Lottery again this year. They have as physically talented a trio as you can find, and suck because they are too young to know how to win against grown men.

They are maturing in a losing environment. Brown and Fultz will have the incomparable advantage of maturing into the NBA in a winning situation. Which you have to hope takes a couple years off their mental growth, into being smart men in a smart man's game. If they shave a couple year off, you could see the Celtics beating the Cavs in two or three years, and maybe winning it all in four to five years.

The Player: The third problem I had with Fultz last season was his defense. Offensively we know he has it. He has all the skills on the offensive end. From the Post up to the Three. He is a great passer, from how to get his Bigs an easy basket, to the second swing pass to a teammate for the open three. He knows how to not just draw and kick, but draw in defenders, then pick them as he passes to an open teammate behind him for an uncontested three. He has elite smarts, for a kid, on offense.

I heard one guy say that he struggled on defense, because he was forced to carry the entire load on offensive, and that tuckered him out defensively. I bought it. He was the primary scorer, the assist guy, the primary ball handler, he set up the offense, and was the primary shooter. He had to shot the Threes. He had to set up his teammates. He was great at driving and kicking. He had to score, and even posted up in the paint when they needed baskets inside. He had to not only score and hit Threes, he had to score inside as well. He was virtually the entire offense, and everyone knew it.

He will not be a one man band on the Celtics. In fact, he will barely play next season. As it is far more important for him to get his body and mind to mature. He has to get stronger and learn from the veterans, more than anything he can do with the ball in his hands on the court. Brown will be the impact Lottery pick next season. It will be interesting to see how Stevens gets him and Crowder on the floor together.

When you look at Fultz's defense before he went to Washington, when he was not a one man band on offense, he was pretty good on D. He played in the U18 FIBA Championship. What was interesting about his game on a team with a ton of talent is that he dominated, and dominated on defense. He the MVP of the tournament, and the best defensive player on the Court. Now, while he was playing against the best kids in the World, they were still just kids. They were not smart men in a smart man's game. However, this was the best competition he could play against in the World at his age:

He started the game off with a Steal, and tripped and lost it. Then immediately stole it again. I like how he drew in a defender and passed for the assist. That was a beautiful pass (:01). Then he immediately stole the ball again, and scored. I would have like to seen him lay that down to the kid on the other side of the basket, but I am a PG snob (:14). Then he saw something in transition defense that I didn't see. He stopped and stepped in front of the second trailer, and stole it again for a dunk this time (:24). He cut off the smaller PG (:40). Then he stole the ball again, for another break away dunk.

Nice pick and roll pass to his Big (:49). He knows what to do with the ball in his hands. Nice entry pass to his big. A PG has to keep his Bigs happy (1:09). He cut off the much smaller quicker PG. That was excellent defense against the smaller quicker kid, and it forced him into the bad pass. But what made this even more special was that he followed the break, and got himself into position to grab the rebound and score (1:09). He showed he could score inside and outside at Washington against older and bigger guys.

He drew in the double from the Zone, and kicked it to Isaiah for an open three (sort of 1:28;). Wait. Was that another steal in transition (1:34). I'm a sucker for great passes, like a no look whip pass (1:53). Another way he fits the Celts' system is that he is an excellent 3-point shooter. That is the Euro 3-pointer, not college (2:23). He was a great 3-point shooter at Washington (2:28). Wait (2:09). Did he just block a shot, and grab the ball? He is around 6-4, 185, with a 6-9 Wingspan, and a 8-6 Standing reach.

Another blocked shot on a corner jumper. When he didn't have to be the entire offense, he had the energy and the instincts to be a great defender, against kids (2:47). He knows how to make the pass that gives his Big the easy basket (2:54). Nice draw and kick for the easy Three (3:18). You have to love how he didn't just draw in the defenders, but turned and picked them as he passed. That showed an intelligence level already above his age.

Watch the great quick feet, as he hopped to the fake, recovered, and then blocked the shot (3:54). He just has great instincts getting into passing lanes (4:02). He made the effortless entry pass to get his Big in perfect position to turn and score with the lefty hook (4:20). It is amazing how often he steals it, looses his balance, and then steals it again (4:33). Then the pretty no look behind pass for the freebie.

Great dish, through the triple team, for another freebie to his Big (4:53). Another big block. Then the highlight alley-oop pass that was almost too cute (5:01). He even has some Bob Cousy in him (6:07). You gotta love that.

He consistently got into passing lanes (6:42). Alley-Oop (7:01). This is just great anticipation on defense. When he isn't a one man band on offense, he really has great anticipation on defense. To not only block the pass, but then charge forward and steal the break away (7:48). I love the way he attacks the rim lefty (8:37). I love the way he fights on the boards, and then leads the break (8:47). You can see that he played much better on defense, but against much younger competition last year. He got beat up on defense last season against older guys. You can see that he has the instinct, athleticism, and aggressiveness to be a very good defender if he isn't exhausted on offense.

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