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Summer League.


Summer League: Part IV.

By Tom Mahoney

OMG! I had to soak this in for a few days, and make sure I wasn't hallucinating. The Celtics just signed a Western Conference All-Star wing, who is a shooter and a scorer, and who grew up in Brad Stevens system. Far out! And he was added to a team that should have beaten the Cavs in the Eastern Conference Finals. But Isaiah injured his hips in Game Six against the Wiz, and his bravery and toughness really sabotaged the Celtics in that series. Now they added another answer to LaBron and the Cavs.

They weren't able to adjust until Game Four. Isaiah playing on one hip completely discombobulated the offense in the first three games, and he was the offense for the Celtics last year. Then he was injured, and in retrospect obviously not helping the team win. He was suddenly half the man he used to be in the first two Series (what song is that from? Oh, Yesterday). And then was gone in Game Three. When the Celtics finally figured it out, they almost won two straight games without their best player. And Isaiah meant as much to the Celtics as LaBron meant to t he Cavs last year.

Without a far too injured Isaiah on the floor they were wretched. "Let's get to it," Isaiah twitted in multiple ways. "The type of player we needed to get to the Finals. I'm excited and can't wait to get to work." Now they have another Playoff star to play against the Cavs.

I thought Bradley became a star in last years Playoffs, and Brown stepped up and showed his great young talent. "Itís great for the Celtics," Brown said. "It just means weíre gonna be a really good team this year. We're supposed to be on paper at least, and we just gotta come out and execute." Hayward adds so much to the attack that they should win home court advantage again this year with Hayward. Thanks in large part to his college coach.

Stevens helped and advised Gordon when it wasn't in his best interest. "Coach Stevens was so great about it, all of it," Hayward said about when he was making his decision to leave Butler early. "He (Stevens) helped me lay out my options, and talked it through from both sides. But in the end, when I needed it, he also gave me my space. And he also let me know that it was my choice to make. And that he would be there for me, on the other side of it, either way. And of course I ended up deciding to leave. I declared for the draft, and got drafted, and started my new NBA life in Utah. But it always meant a lot to me, to know how, in that moment, even with our lives at this strange crossroads together, Coach Stevens was someone I could count on." It is not easy to find a friend who will advise what is best for you, even when it hurts him the most. 

That is a large part of the reason why Hayward made his decision. "And I guess itís pretty crazy," Gordon wrote. "Because seven years later, I had to make an even tougher decision. And again, Coach Stevens and I found ourselves at a crossroads together. And again, he was the person I knew I could count on the most. And now Iíve decided to sign with the Boston Celtics." Yippee Ki-yah mother f... I mean, that is such a nice story.

But I still believe that the biggest piece was that he wanted to win. "There were so many great things pulling me in that direction," Hayward said. "There was the winning culture of Boston. As a city: from the Sox, to the Pats (even though he hates Brady;), to the Bruins. There was the special history of the Celtics, as a franchise. from Russell to Bird, to Pierce, and it goes on. There was the amazing potential of this current Celtics team! From ownership, to the front office, to a talented roster with Isaiah, and Al, and everyone else." They got to the NCAA Tournament finals two years in a row, and lost both.

That not only had to hurt, it also helped turn Hayward into more of a clutch player. "And of course, there was Coach Stevens," Hayward said. "Not just for the relationship that weíve built off the court, but also for the one that we started building on the court, all of those years ago, in Indiana. And that unfinished business we had together, back in 2010, when I left Butler for the NBA. As far as Iím concerned, all of these years later, we still have it! And thatís to win a championship." It will take some luck and a few bounces, but I think the Celtics can beat the Cavs in the East.

I'm not saying they will be favorites if we meet in the Eastern Conference Finals, but I might be willing to put a few dollars on it. The biggest story from the Eastern Conference Finals last year was that Isaiah was injured. He was clearly hobbled from Game One, and somehow played in the first two games when it looked like he was going to need hip surgery. That caused the first three losses in the series. Not that would have won it without him, but I think they couldn't adjust quicker and given a little more of a fight if he had sat them all out. 

They should be in the Finals next season with Hayward and Brown getting significant roles. "Itís a city with a team with a lot of history," Brown said. "A big legacy and big shoes to fill so itís a team that wants to win and doesnít settle for less. And I think that [he] wanted to be a part of that." Hayward will start at SF, and you could see Brown (maybe;) starting at PF to spread everything out with three Wings, and Isaiah and Horford, like the Warriors do.

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Matt Tait wrote in the WSJ


"It is no overstatement to say that my conversations with Smith shocked me. Given the amount of media attention given at the time to the likely involvement of the Russian government in the DNC hack, it seemed mind-boggling for the Trump campaignóor for this offshoot of itóto be actively seeking those emails. To me this felt really wrong."


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