Boston Celtics 

Summer League.

Summer League: Part I.

By Tom Mahoney

The best and most interesting news from Summer League is that Brown and Tatum have struck up an interesting mentor/friendship. "That's two days in a row, baby," Brown said about heavy workouts with Tatum. "We've been working out together pretty much every day, I think, since we've both been back. So it's only been two days, but I think we're doing it. We're in the weight room together. We're doing the same workouts. I guess everything is together. So we're going to get better together, grow together, and continue to get better. And keep moving toward the season." It cannot be under estimated how important it is for those to guys to not just get along, but also develop a great on court chemistry.

The Celtics can withstand a lot of things (like loosing out on George;) but they cannot withstand a rift between the young players Ainge is betting on to be stars. And I for one already believe that both could be stars. Brown showed me everything I wanted to see from a young smart super athlete. Now he has to take that next step. Showing up at Summer League and leading the young kids is a great start. 

Getting Hayward will hasten the process, but they need Tatum to show some star qualities as well. "Jayson is going to be a great player for a long time," the Celts' Summer league HC Jerome Allen said. "His overall demeanor is positive and he has a high IQ. He has skill, he's coachable, he has all the characteristics that anyone would want to be around in any setting. Whether he's a basketball player or a businessman, whether he's a lawyer or a coach, I think he possesses the characteristics, the traits to be someone successful." He was spectacular in his début in Utah.

He showed everything you wanted to see in that first game. "You'd be surprised how strong he is," Allen said. "He has long, wiry strength. But at 19-years-old I think about my own strength. He's on his own path to just become complete physically and mentally. So all those things will come. But I just think from a skills standpoint and an IQ standpoint that he exceeds expectations in terms of the mass population of 19-year-olds." Plus, he seemed to be very excited about playing and learning from Brown.

Brown was clearly excited about helping and leading the Celtics Summer League team. "I feel like I still have a lot to prove," Brown said. "I still have a lot to get better at. So I'll use summer league as a pivotal point to just continue to get better and just to prove a lot of the things that I think I can do that a lot people don't think I can do." I know it seems strange that a 20-years old ex-rookie would be the leader of the Celtics.

But down in Utah, Brown was the only guy on the Celts that has played in the NBA. "Jaylen can help him with a lot of things," Stevens said. "They've been in the gym a lot together. They've been working out together. I know Jaylen's picked him up, and taken him to the practice facility a few times." Brown has made a concerted effort to take Tatum under his wing, and teach him some of the things that he learned when he was in Tatum's situation last year.

It seems they have developed a working friendship already. "He kind of has this old soul," Celtics coach Jerome Allen said. "This pro-like approach, doesn't get rattled, doesn't show a lot of emotions. Just kind of plays at his pace like he's been here before. We can say it's only Summer League, but he just made plays." Brown is the clear leader of the Celts' Summer League team.

And you know the other youngsters where all watching him battle LaBron in the Eastern Conference finals. "Just be an open book," Brown said. "Just look at it as a chance to get better. Come to work every day and just try to continue to better your game. Don't get frustrated. And the majority, I think the best advice somebody told me my rookie year was to keep your confidence, you're going to need it. So I told him the same thing. So I think he'll be fine. He's in a really good position with this team. And we'll see what the roster ends up by the time training camp comes around." Many teams have fallen apart because of chemistry, or their too young players struggling to share the ball. 

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Do you remember the Big Three down in Dallas back in '96: Kidd, Mashburn, and Jimmy Jackson? They were going to own the NBA for years to come. But instead they tore the Mavs apart with their selfishness, immaturity, and jealously. It took the Mavs over a decade, a change in ownership, and a German jump shooter to recover. 

They still blame the girl and not themselves for their pathetic love huh... square? "She definitely cost me relationships with Jimmy Jackson and Jason Kidd," Mashburn said about Toni Braxton. "I necessarily wouldn’t even put it on her. I think at that time Jimmy and Jason were going through their own particular issues. From my understanding, being in the locker room, there was no truth to the Toni Braxton part (yeah right). She played a part in it from the standpoint that she had an album out at the time, or was about to release it, called 'Secrets.' She went on the Dallas airwaves and said she doesn’t kiss and tell." Kidd and Jackson turned a shot at a dynastic team into a playground fight of fools.

Those three guys never really fulfilled their vast potential after their pathetic egos, and blaming everyone else but themselves, tore Dallas apart. "She’s a beautiful woman, but I think it did cost us because of egos, being so young, not having a lot of direction and leadership on the Dallas Mavericks at that particular time," Mashburn said. "There were some leadership changes with the ownership and coaching changes. It cost us being a pretty darn good basketball team for years to come." The Mavs' Three were as talented as Brown and Tatum, and hopefully whoever the Celtics snag in next years' Draft.

They were so young and talented, and selfish and stupid. "That is one of my regrets in pro sports," Mashburn said. "That we didn’t have enough I would say camaraderie amongst ourselves, (or) core values. And our egos were a little bit too big that we couldn’t coexist together for whatever reason it was." So the chemistry and respect that Brown and Tatum are showing each other now is paramount.

Now they will also have the advantage of having some excellent leaders and role models to learn from in Isaiah, Horford, Bradley, and Crowder. Not executing the trade for George was an epic fail for Ainge, but it hopefully only delays the inevitable. The Celtics got further in the Playoffs than the Pacers did with George. And because of their four leaders they will get further in the Playoff, in the East, than OKC gets in the West. And if they get Hayward, they have a shot to be in the Finals.

Brown and Tatum also have a great understanding that they have a long way to go before they can call themselves veterans. "I think my playmaking ability, ball-handling, screen-and-roll, being a distributor on the offense," Brown said. "I think I've gotten better at that, scoring out of pick-and-roll situations and overall just expanding my game. I think I'm shooting the ball off the dribble better, post-up game is better. I think I've evolved a little bit as a player." Brown stepping it up leadership wise bodes extremely well for the Celtics future.

He seems to get it on more levels that a fresh ex-rookie should. "By the look in his eyes, it's like everything is new to him coming out of high school, coming out of college, 19 years old," Brown said. "I was 19 years old last year, so there's going to be a lot of questions that have to be asked. At least he has someone here this year that's seen everything the same thing that he's seen. So I can give him a lot more advice and help him out a little bit because I was in the exact same position last year." Tatum seems to be reaping the benefits as well. 

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