With The 32nd Pick, in the 2015 NFL Draft, The New England Patriots Select...

Updated: Jan 30th


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PICKS 23-32

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Picks 23-32.

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*Josh Doctson-


6-2, 190, 


2015 Picks:

1 (11) Trae Waynes CB Michigan St

2 (45) Eric Kendricks LB UCLA

3 (88) Danielle Hunter DE/OLB LSU

4-110 T.J. Clemmings OT Pittsburgh

5 (143) MyCole Pruitt TE S. Illinois

5 (146) Stefon Diggs WR Maryland.

6 (185) Tyrus Thompson, OL, OK

6 (193) B.J. Dubose, DT, Louisville

7 (228) Austin Shepherd OT Alabama.

7 Edmond Robinson, LB Newberry

Key Free Agents Signed:


Key F.A. Lost:


The Team: Gee, they filled all their top needs and had a run to the Playoff, what a coincidence. It is hard to believe that Bridgewater progressed as a QB with so little fire power. They have to get him a weapon for him to take that next step. They also could use an RB, as I think Peterson is done. He had his revenge tour, and he will have trouble making it through another season.

The Player: Doctson is the most physically talented WR in this years Draft. if he hadn't injured his wrist he'd be fighting Treadwell to be the first WR taken. "Josh Doctson has had a terrific last two years in college, especially in 2015," an NFL scout said. "He used his size and talents to great benefit, and played over the top of most defenders, and sometimes surprised people with a burst of speed. Overall, I like his talents, but I am not projecting him anywhere near the first round, as is often heard when he plays a televised game. Right now, I have him graded as an early third rounder." He has great hands, and might have the best hands in the Draft. He so adept at leaping up over smaller DBs deep down field that it is scary. Once he learns to run NFL routes, watch out.

The Reason: They have the defense. If they could just get a passing game they could be a contender. 

Second Choice: Ezekiel Elliot RB



Sheldon Rankins

DT Louisville

6-2, 303, #98


2014 Picks:

1-21 Cedric Ogbuehi OT Texas A&M

2 (53) Jake Fisher, OL, Oregon

3 (85) Tyler Kroft, TE, Rutgers

3 (99) Paul Dawson, LB, TCU

4 (120) Josh Shaw, DB USC

4 Marcus Hardison DL Arizona ST

5 (157) C.J. Uzomah, TE Auburn

6 (197) Derron Smith, S, Fresno State.

7 (238) Mario Alford WR, W.Virginia

Key Free Agents Signed:


Key F.A. Lost:


The Team: Three of their top DBs are free agents and are going to take almost 17-Mil off the Cap. "I feel good about things," Lewis said. "I think the core is here. Positionally, we're in good shape." So they are going to have to get some DBs early. They are actually in great shape here. They have a Playoff team that should have won a Playoff game for the first time in Marvin Lewis's career as an HC, if not for three random acts of stupidity (people seem to forget that it was Hill's fumble that put the two knuckleheads in position to destroy their team). They have a Playoff roster, and a ton of money under the Cap.
They also have three WRs who are free agents. "The NFL system, it works," Lewis said. "Hopefully we can get you back here and you feel good about it." So they could go either of those ways. But the biggest aspect of their off season will be how they spend their overflowing Cap cash. Do they resign Pacman after he tragic random act of stupidity that cost them their first Playoff win since... Hell, since I don't even know when.

The Player: Rankins is a freak. He can rush from all over the line. "Its something Iíve always taken pride in," Rankins said. "Being a guy that guys can count on. I know those other guys on defense are going to make plays but at the same time I feel like I have to contribute in some way. Doing my job, sometimes it leads to making plays sometimes it leads to other guys making plays, its how the game of football works. Iím always out there trying to put my stamp on the game and most times it works." He certainly put his stamp on the Senior Bowl.

He is explosive off the snap, and can use his hands to make blockers miss to hit the QB. "One thing Iíve always prided myself on since arriving here is being able to rush the passer so I'm definitely going to keep that up in my capacity," Rankins said. "Guys like Devonte Fields, Keith Brown, Trevon Young, those guys are going to give us great pass rush. Real fast guys off the edge, they have great moves. Guys that havenít necessarily gotten a lot of exposure playing at that position, but guys that weíve seen do it at practice, and we know they can do it in the game." He was outstanding in one on ones at the Senior Bowl.

He is the most unique DT in this Draft, which can help and hurt his Draft stock at the same time. "He is a guy that works extremely hard at his craft. He can improve over the things he did yesterday. He takes a lot of pride in his work, so all of the intangibles are there for him," the Louisville DC Grantham said. "When you combine that with his explosive power off the ball, his lateral movement, his ability to play with his hands, his acceleration off the blocks, then you start looking at the measurements he has, you end up with an impact player and that is why he is one of the leaders on our team." He is so explosive off the snap. He can make guys miss right off the snap. But mostly he just needs a shoulder. Once he gets the shoulder of an O-linemen he is moving to the QB or RB.

The Reason: They have the money to sign all the WRs if they want to. They will need to pick up a Safety or two as well, but that can wait for the 2nd Round. I'm a big Rankins guy, but he needs to be in more of a one-gap system. I like how he fits into the Cincy system, where he will be allowed to just blast off more. 

Second Choice: Michael Thomas WR




Taylor Decker

OT Ohio State

6-7, 315, 


2014 Picks:

1 (22) Bud Dupree, OLB Kentucky

2 Senquez Golson DB Mississippi

3 (87) Sammie Coates WR Auburn.

4 (121) Doran Grant, CB Ohio State

5 (160) Jesse James TE Penn State

6 Leterrius Walton NT C Michigan

6 Anthony Chickillo OLB Miami.

7 Gerod Holliman, SS Louisville

Key F.A. Signed:


Key Free Agents Lost:


The Team: Steelers could go a lot of ways here, mainly DBs. Plus, their HC Tomin was taking a long look at all the D-linemen. 

The Player: Decker is solid in pass pro I like how he moves backwards. Solid power and balance in pass pro. Great hands, When he grabs hold of a rusher's shirt, he just doesn't let go. He does a nice job getting to the second level, off delays and Draws, and hitting the ILB. He got beat inside by a power move by Robinson against Alabama. He punch him two yards backwards. He can get to the second level with a nice elbow through the D-end, and go hit an LB.

He is a very disciplined guy. "I think if I wasn't playing college sports, I would be military," Decker said. "I have a lot of respect for them and I look up to them because they're doing things that I couldn't imagine." I just like that quote.
I like the way he moves backwards. "There's an expectation when you come to Ohio State that you're supposed to win every game you play in, but also I think that can be dangerous," Decker said. "Being the preseason No. 1 team can kind of spark some complacency, and that can be dangerous because obviously you don't want to forget what got you to where you're at. The leaders of the team are going to establish the culture, and that culture's going to drive all of the behavior." He did a great job protecting the backs of all three QBs.

The Reason: Despite all their needs on defense, their top priority is to keep Roethlisberger healthy. If Beachum goes in free agency they will need an OLT.

Second Choice: Andrew Billings NT/DT



Ezekiel Elliott-

RB Ohio State

6', 225, 


2014 Picks:

2 (63) Frank Clark, DE Michigan

3 (69) Tyler Lockett WR Kansas ST

4 Terry Poole, ORT, San Diego ST

4 (134) Mark Glowinski OG UWV

5 (170) Tye Smith, DB Towson.

6 Obum Gwacham DE Oregon ST

6 (214) Kristjan Sokoli DT Buffalo.

7 (248) Ryan Murphy DB Oregon St

Key F.A.Signed:


Key F.A. Lost:


The Team: Rumors abound that Lynch is gone. "I donít know how thatís going to go," Carroll said when asked about Lynch. "I donít know how any of these guys are going to go right now. I donít know." Well they better find an answer first.

The Player: Elliott is the top RB in the Draft. "I think we finally looked like the Ohio State rushing game that you saw the last three games of last year," Elliott said. "The holes they were opening and they were just so big. They made it easy for me. All I had to do was get to the second level and make guys miss." He will go lower than he should, and be fighting for rookie of the year at the end of the season. 

Smart runner who knows the blocking scheme and when to hit the hole. "Zeke was that kid who knew everything," Gus Frerotte a former NFL QB, who coach Elliott in high school said. "You could tell him to go play offensive line. He could play that. Tell him to go play receiver. He could play that." He might be the best athlete in the Draft.
He has great underrated speed. "He was always fast, always had good moves," Frerotte said. "Nobody was ever going to catch him. He was a workhorse, just like he was last night." He is so underrated in the open field.
He has great instincts in the run game. "He just has an intangible sixth sense to find those holes and to squirt through there," Decker said. "We know if we block the down guys and get him to the second level, heís a good enough back and a good enough player to make people miss and to get yards after the contact." Not a lot of guys can run with his quickness and power.

He is awesome. He returns punts and kickoffs. But when you put the ball in his hands he glides with underrated speed for 80-yard TD. "All the great running backs that have come through Ohio State: Archie Griffin, Eddie George, Beanie Wells," he said, going on to refer to the national championship. "Just being able to accomplish something that all of them werenít able to accomplish, it means the world to me, and Iím happy that I was able to carry on that lineage." He is a terrific in pass pro.

The Reason: They're a different team with Lynch. "Weíll figure it out," Carroll said when asked about Lynch. "It depends on how he comes back and how he works at it and all that kind of stuff. He had a difficult year physically. Heís never had to recover from an injury like that. Heís never had to deal with that kind of process. And he made it back, to his credit. He worked hard to get back and made it back to play. It just was a terrible opportunity for him to have a chance to have an impact on the game." By all reports he is gone.

Second Choice: Jarran Reed DL



Jarran Reed-

DL Alabama

6-3, 315, 


2015 Picks:

1 Damarious Randall, SS Arizona St

2 Quinten Rollins, CB Miami (Ohio)

3 (94) Ty Montgomery WR Stanford

4 (129) Jake Ryan LB Michigan

5 (147) Brett Hundley QB UCLA

6 (206) Aaron Ripkowski RB OK

6 Christian Ringo DE Louisiana-Laf

6 (213) Kennard Backman, TE UAB

Key F.A.:

Scott Tolzien QB

John Kuhn FB

Randall Cobb WR

Bryan Bulaga, OT

B.J. Raji, DE  NT

Letroy Guion NT

Key F.A.:

DuJuan Harris, RB

Jamari Lattimore, ILB

Jarrett Bush, CB  

Matt Flynn, QB  

The Team: They could lose some starters on the D-line, and be looking to pick up a replacement or two early.

The Player: He is such a versatile D-linemen. "Real physical run stopper, improvement of my pass rush, I'm getting better as I go," Reed said. "I'm a hard worker, love playing with intensity and my mental focus. To me, theyíre all projections and you canít go just off the he said, she said. Iím just in here really focused, trying to grind and get better each and every day." He is all about working to get better.
It worked, as he got better this past season. "Jarran Reed was a third or fourth round pick guy last year," Saban said. "I donít know what his draft status is exactly, but I think it's way-way higher, and possibly even a first-round guy." So it looks like it was the right decision returning this past season, and becoming a Champ.
Hard work and talent go a long way in the NFL. "It paid off a lot," Reed said. "Just to come back to get my degree, first and foremost, because weíre all student-athletes in college. That was a great opportunity because I improved myself as a player and as a person. And just getting more coaching by the best coaches in the country. I was real thankful for that opportunity." He certainly did get better as well.

The Reason: If BJ Raji leaves they have to get a guy who can play inside and keep blockers off of Clay Mathews.

Second Choice: Darron Lee LB



Jack Conklin-

OLT Michigan ST

6-4, 305, 


2015 Picks:

1 Marcus Peters, CB, Washington

2 (49) Mitch Morse, OC Missouri.

3 (76) Chris Conley, WR Georgia

3 (98) Steven Nelson DB Oregon St

4 (118) Ramik Wilson ILB Georgia.

5 (172) DJ Alexander LB Oregon St

5 James O'Shaughnessy TE Illinois St

6 Rakeem Nunez-Roches, DL, Southern Miss

7 Da'Ron Brown, WR, N. Illinois

Key F.A. Signed:

Jeremy Maclin WR

Jason Avant WR

Ben Grubbs OG

Paul Fanaika OG

Justin Houston OLB (tagged)

Josh Mauga ILB

Josh Martin ILB

Ron Parker FS

Tyvon Branch S

Ron Parker S

Key Free Agents:


The Team: Andy Reid once said: "I want two offensive tackles, a quarterback, two pass rushers, two corners, and I'll figure the rest out." It looks to me like he needs another O-Tackle the most. 

The Player: Conklin was a tough one for me. "After studying Michigan State, I'm surprised at how average Jack Conklin was athletically." a scout said. " I guess I just expected more based on his reputation. He's a good player, though. Better player than athlete, which isn't a bad thing." I liked how he played on the field. but I didn't always like the way he moved backwards. But then one game this season I saw that quickness moving backwards that I needed to see. "The pre-draft numbers project Jack as a probable first-round selection, and there's no doubt that he'll be an outstanding tackle at the next level," Dantonio said. "He's well prepared to transition into the next chapter of his life, and we wish him nothing but the best as he chases his dream of playing in the NFL." That was the final piece for me.

I think it was the Ohio State game, and ever since than I saw him as a 1st Round pick. "My first goal is to become a first-round draft pick," Conklin continued. "That's been my dream since I was a little kid. I feel like I'm in the situation where I have the capability of doing that going into training now. One day I want to be a Pro Bowler; I want to be an All-Pro guy, and those are the types of goals I have set for myself now, but none of that would be capable without the experience I've had here at Michigan State and the opportunity I was given." He has taken advantage of his time at Michigan St to get better.

I think he can play OLT in the NFL. "Jack Conklin is a gifted athlete, who embodies all of the qualities of the ideal left tackle," Mark Dantonio said. "He's an intelligent player, who runs extremely well for his size. Jack was an impact player in our starting lineup for the last three years, and his toughness permeated the entire offensive line." I also think he can play OLG or ORT if worse comes to worse.

The Reason: Andy Reid likes to pick O-Tackles in the Draft.

Second Choice: Derrick Henry RB



Andrew Billings


6-2, 310, 


2014 Picks:

1 (24) D.J. Humphries, OL Florida.

2 (58) Markus Golden LB Missouri

3 (86) David Johnson, RB N. Iowa

4 Rodney Gunter DL Delaware ST

5 Shaquille Riddick DL W Virginia

5 (159) J.J. Nelson, WR UAB

7-256 Gerald Christian TE Louisville

Key F.A. Signed:

Mike Iupati OG

LaMarr Woodley OLB

Cory Redding, DE

Alameda Ta'amu NT

Corey Peters NT

Sean Weatherspoon LB

Key F.A.:

Jonathan Dwyer, RB

Marcus Benard, OLB

John Abraham, OLB

Dan Williams, DT

Tommy Kelly, DT

Chris Clemons, S

Key F.A. Lost:


The Team: If all the DTs drop this far the Cards are going to be very happy. They like to have a hybrid defense. So have to get guys who can play in 3-4 and 4-3 schemes. So those are the guys they need to draft we well.

The Player: Billings is a very unique prospect. So you could see him drop. Many NFL scouts have shot Billings up over Oakman. "His one glaring problem is going to be his height, that will limit him a little," a scout said. "But he's very powerful, very strong and the thing that does help him is that being shorter, he's got a lower center of gravity, so it's harder for linemen to move him." Billings is a mini Hulk. He is the most power inside guy in this Draft. 

He has a great motor and is the workout warrior in this Draft. But he is short, and might have short arms. He played offense in High School. He dominated everyone they put in front of him, and garnered an astounding 266 pancake blocks. 
He was a two way player in high school, and was used as a 3rd down rusher in the middle of the line. "Most kids, they might split a double team once a game," his high school coach Marty Herbst said. "He did it down after down. If he was going against the center, that center was gonna go backwards, whether he wanted to or not." He did that all season at Baylor as well. I never saw a guy who could consistently pushed the double team back like this guy.
His combination a leverage and power was legendary at Baylor. "Billings is a big, athletic defensive tackle with exceptional size and physical skills," Bucky Brooks said. "Measuring 6-foot-1, 310 pounds, he exhibits extraordinary strength, power and agility for a big man. Billings routinely knocks back blockers with powerful punches at the point of attack. He routinely uses a 'butt-and-jerk' or bull rush maneuver to knock blockers on their heels before quickly disengaging to pursue the ball carrier in the backfield." To me his arm length could determine how high he goes.
He is already being compared to Aaron Donald. "For me, it's Billings," an NFL exec said. "Worst case is he's a solid, disruptive starter. Best case, he's an Aaron Donald-type game-plan wrecker." He was so powerful pushing back the pocket that Baylor started rushing two guys when teams were behind at the end of game, just Billings and Oakman.

The Reason: I just like the fit here. He could be a nice versatile weapon in the versatile defense.

Second Choice: Derrick Henry RB



*Derrick Henry

RB Alabama

6-1, 242, 


2014 Picks:

1 (23) Shane Ray, DE  Missouri

2 (59) Ty Sambrailo OT Colorado St

3 (92) Jeff Heuerman, TE Ohio State

4 (133) Max Garcia, OC, Florida

5 (164) Lorenzo Doss, CB Tulane

6 (203) Darius Kilgo, NT Maryland

7 Trevor Siemian QB Northwestern

7 (251) Taurean Nixon, DB, Tulane.

7 (252) Josh Furman DB Oklahoma St

Key F.A. Signed:

Demaryius Thomas WR-Tag

Gino Gradkowski OC

Shelley Smith OG

Virgil Green TE  

Owen Daniels TE

Rob Housler TE

Antonio Smith DL

Vance Walker DL

Darian Stewart S  

The Team: It looks like this is Manning's last season. So the Broncos will be transitioning their offense into Osweiler's hands.

The Player: Henry is a true freak at RB. "You canít be happier for a young man who has done so much for so long who worked real hard to reach his dreams," Saban said. "I donít know how anyone could represent the university in a more first-class way." He garnered an incredible 70% of his rushing yards after contact.
He is so big and strong that his freakish athleticism is too often overlooked. "I think heís a guy that is hard to compare to anyone because heís so big and fast," his high school coach Bobby Ramsay said. "He needs to be in an offense that allows him to run downhill. Heís become a more patient runner and I think heís got Pro Bowl ability; beyond that, like Hall of Fame or something like that depends on where he ends up and how healthy he remains. Either way, I certainly feel like he has what it takes to be one of the top backs in the NFL." He has Lacy's size, but it is all muscle. Plus, he is so much faster than Lacy that it is scary.
When you look at what he did in the Playoffs it is remarkable. "Not at all. Derrick definitely deserves it," Ramsay said when asked if he deserved all the accolades. "You look at what heís meant to that team and the production heís had against the top competition. You start talking about breaking Herschel Walkerís records and Bo Jacksonís records; these guys are true legends and heís passing them. Look at what he did against Wisconsin, Georgia, LSU, Mississippi State. Then you carry your team in the SEC championship game. Nothing against those other two guys, theyíre outstanding, but I think Derrick should win that." When you start talking about a guy who broke Hershel Walker and Bo Jackson's college records than no one can say he didn't deserve the Heisman. 
What will make him special in the NFL is that he is much faster than given credit. "He's fast," Saban said. "He's faster than people think. He's faster than he looks." He never gets caught from behind. I can't tell you how many times he busted through the line for long runs, and no one could catch him as he rumbled down field.

JUNIOR (2015): In his first season as the teamís full-time starter at Alabama, Derrick Henry claimed the Crimson Tideís second Heisman Trophy ... named Doak Walker and Maxwell Award winner ... selected as the Walter Camp Player of the Year ... unanimous first team All-American ... first team All-SEC by the leagueís coaches and the Associated Press ... selected as the SEC Offensive Player of the Year by both outlets as well ... rushed for a school- and Southeastern Conference record 2,061 yards to lead the nation and is averaging 147.2 yards per game, which is second in the country ... his 25 rushing touchdowns are also a nationís best and a SEC record, snapping Tim Tebow and Tre Masonís old mark of 23 Ö led the SEC in rushing in conference games with a 179.2 yards per game average, including 13 touchdowns Ö averaging 167.0 yards per game against ranked teams (eight games) and 136.7 yards per game (17 TDs) against the nine rushing defenses he has faced ranked in the top 50 nationally ... averaging 102.8 yards per game after contact, which represents 70 percent of his rushing yards.

The Reason: The best gift you can give a young QB is a great RB to take some pressure off his shoulders.

Second Choice: Cameron Sutton CB



Emmanuel Ogbah-


6-4, 275, #38

OT. CB, WR, CB, TE, OL, S, ORT, LB, DB, 

2014 Picks:

1 (25) Shaq Thompson, LB Wash

2-41 Devin Funchess WR Michigan

4 (102) Daryl Williams OT Oklahoma

5 (169) David Mayo, LB Texas St

5 Cameron Artis-Payne, RB Auburn

Key F.A. Signed:

Joe Webb WR/QB

Ted Ginn KR/WR

Jarrett Boykin WR

Fozzy Whittaker RB

Jordan Todman RB

Michel Oher ORT

Brian Folkerts OC

Ed Dickson TE

Greg Olsen TE

Dwan Edwards DL

Colin Cole, DT  

Ben Jacobs LB

Jason Trusnik KB

Ted Williams CB

Kurt Coleman S

The Team: The talent at D-end seems suddenly sparse. Jared Allen is not likely coming back next season. I'm not a huge Ealy fan. Charles Johnson looks like he is slowing down a little, and will be 30 to start next season. Some think they never really recovered after cutting the maniac Hardy.

The Player: Ogbah should be a 1st round pick. "I work way too hard to settle for less, thatís what I tell myself," Ogbah said. "It comes from the hard work put in during the summer and spring. Running stadiums in the cold. Cold air in your lungs. We only get 12 games. We want to win championships. We want to be the best. We've put in the work. It's a pride thing, we've worked hard to earn this reward." He has the talent, the production, and the work ethic.
He doesn't always look the part. "I've never had a player like this who has continually gotten better and better and better," DL coach Clements said. "His ability to take over a game, from a defensive end position, thatís something unique. The level heís playing right now, I've never had a player as good as him." But he plays the part as well as any D-end in this Draft.
He is a square shaped passrusher who has that knack for hitting the quarterback. "Obviously, he's had a sack in a bunch of games," TCU HC Patterson said. "He's relentless. He comes after you. You've got to be ready to play." It doesn't matter your size, shape, or how you look, if you can hit the QB you can make money in the NFL.
He might have been the most valuable defender on 3rd downs in all of college football over the past two seasons. "[He's a] Monster," his HC Gundy Said. "When he's in that mode, he's difficult to handle at this level. When it's third-and whatever, and he's bringing it, I like to watch him because he's pretty dominating. I know there's a chance he might get there and they might not get the ball off." He is a monster on 3rd and long.
He gets low off the the snap and has great heavy hands. "He doesnít believe he has arrived," his DC Spencer said. "Heís violent. He's powerful. He's got great speed for his size. He's long. He's got tremendous body control for his size. All those measurables that you want that guy to have, he's got-em. Itís why the [NFL] loves-em." His best asset is likely his size. He does not look like your prototype passrusher because he is so big and square.
But when it is time to rush the passer he is tops on the list. "He has the ability to take the game over," the DL coach Clements said. "He can shut down half of the offense for us. It's kind of getting to the point where you expect constant pressure on the quarterback. When itís not there, it's a big uproar: 'Why are we not getting pressure on the quarterback?' Because we've gotten spoiled." He is that good.

The Reason: You can always count on Carolina to Draft a D-end. 

Second Choice: Michael Thomas WR



A Steaming Pile of Poo-

CB* League Office

6.1", PI**, #2,



*Crap Basket













CB, DT/NT, OG, CB, WR, Inside-Rusher, S, OLB/PR, RB, TE,

2014 Picks:

1 (32) Malcom Brown, DT/NT Texas.

2 (64) Jordan Richards, S Stanford

3 (97) Genio Grissom, I-R Oklahoma

4 (101) Trey Flowers, OLB Arkansas

4 (111) Treí Jackson, OG Florida ST

4 Shaquille Mason OG Georgia T.

5 (166) Joe Cardona, LS, Navy

6 Matthew Wells LB Mississippi St

6 (202) AJ Derby, TE Arkansas

7 (247) Darryl Roberts, CB Marshall.

7 Xzavier Dickson OLB Alabama

Key F.A.:

Travaris Cadet RB

James Develin FB

Brian Tyms WR

Brandon Gibson WR

Kevin Dorsey WR

Scott Chandler TE

Jabaal Sheard, DE

Alan Branch DT

Sealver Siliga NT

Devin McCourty S

Bradley Fletcher CB\

Chimdi Chekwa CB

Robert McClain CB

Stephen Gostkowski, K

Jonathan Freeny LB/ST

The Team: The loss to Denver was brutal. The only reason I could find for them to lose was that wacky things happen to the Pats in Denver, like losing because of a missed extra point. Wacky things like an epic fail for the best coaching staff in the League. When you motto is, "Just do your job", and then the coaches just don't do their job it is tough to win. When you do things a certain way all year, and then chose to change it, that is not doing your job.

When you do things a certain way all season long, like deferring to the 2nd Half which really defined you as a team nationally for some reason, and then you change doing what you do. That was the wrong message to send the players to start the game. It told the players that this game was different. That maybe they were a little ah-scared. That maybe just doing your job wasn't enough to beat this team. "First of all, I want to congratulate Denver on an AFC Championship," BB said. "They have a good football team. They're well-coached. They have a lot of good players. They played a bit better than we did today. I'm proud of our guys. They fought right to the very end, like they always do. We just couldn't quite make enough plays, obviously. It's disappointing. It was a disappointing result. There were a lot of big plays in the game. Any one of them probably could have made a bit of a difference. I just think we all feel, as coaches, players, it's such a fine line today between winning and losing that we all could have just done a little bit more and it might have had a different result, but it wasn't. It's a crash landing to the end of the season like there usually is in the National Football League." To me that "little bit more" started with changing the way you have started the game, every game over the past two or three seasons, for no apparent reason at all. That clearly said to the players, "just doing your job" was not good enough (I might still be overreacting to the loss).

But in the end it just wasn't enough. Even though they had another dramatic, heart-wrenching, and impossible comeback as time was expiring. That just wasn't good enough in Denver, again. "I would say it was a combination of things," BB said. "Again, I thought Denver did a good job defensively. It's all interconnected between the receivers, the quarterback, the offensive line, the timing, the execution, the balance in the running game, longer yardage situations. I mean, it's all part of it, and in the end it just wasn't as good as what it needed to be yesterday, period, in any area. I wouldn't put in on any one guy or any one situation or one position or anything like that. It was just, in the end, we came up short." They played with the heart of a Champion all season long, and were done in by two two wacky and improbable loses in Denver. Where they have been cursed since the 70s.

This years team was so tough and resilient, and deserved better. "Yeah, we evaluate that every year, and that's always part of it," BB said. "We go back and look at the previous year, look at historically the information that we have: what the nature of the injuries were, where they happened, what the circumstances were, practice, game. Whatever it is, and try to find trends or try to find ways based on the testing of the athletes prior to their injuries. Whether there was any type of indication that there might be a vulnerability in some particular body part or imbalance or whatever it happens to be. So we're always working on that. Continue to do that as much as we can. Try to stay ahead of it." In the end they couldn't overcome the loses of Nate Solder and Dion Lewis.

They led the NFL in games missed by starters, and still should have won the AFC Champ Game and gotten to the Super Bowl. Remember, they essentially had to throw away the last two games of the Regular Season due to injuries. They made the strategic decision that it was better to get their superstars healthy than beat the Jets and Dolphins on the road. It was a decision that I agreed with, and still think could have worked. You have to remember that Denver was falling apart at the seams. They had lost 4 of their last 7 games, and had just lost two straight as the Pats were heading to New Jersey in week 16. It was a calculated risk that they won at first. They were finally healthy in the First round of the Playoffs against KC. But, Denver somehow won their last two games. And of course the League finally succeeded in screwing the Pats in the end. Setting up the Schedule so Denver's last two games are at Home. While the Pats last two games were on the Road against their two fiercest Division rivals. 

The game is over, and we're one of two teams to come up just a hair short of the Super Bowl. "I'd say after going through the game this morning, I feel pretty much the same as I did last night," BB said. "I have a lot of respect for the way our team competed. I'm proud of it. [We] had guys battling right to the very last play with a chance to tie or win, however you want to look at it. I think each of us that competed in the game, players, coaches, all feel the same way: probably a couple plays, couple calls, couple whatever, that we'd all like to have back. In a close game like that, I think you always feel that way. This is no different. Denver is a good football team. We had some opportunities, but in the end just came up a little bit short and that's obviously a disappointing feeling at this time of the year. [Weíll] turn the page here and move on, and start the process all over again. That's where we're at." If that game was anywhere else than in Denver they win. In Foxboro it is a blow out, and on a neutral field it isn't close. 

But now the season is over, and we have to get past the wreckage. "No. No, it's the same basic feeling 31 teams," BB said. "30 other teams have [that sick puky feeling their guts], and another team is going to have it next week. We've been in those situations. We've been on all sides of it. We've been on the good side of it. We've been where we are today, so that's life, we move on." Time to move on.

So the gears have shifted into the off season. "Well, we'll take care of that game first," BB said. "I've already done that. Although there is more to do, but I'll do that first and then move ahead. But we have a lot of things to do today with the players coming in. [Itís] the last time we'll see some of them for a period of time here, so there are definitely some things to take care of with the team." Like deciding if the rookie CB who never was, the dread pirate Darryl Roberts, will be healthy enough to take over the third CB job this season.

So they have to study everything they did from top to bottom all season long. "We look at everything," BB said. "We look at everything. We look at various points in the year and look back on training camp, the draft, OTAs, each and every game, end of the season. We do all that. And we critique ourselves. We critique all the things. We do it all. We try to find areas we can improve in, and we try to address those." According to my Team Needs from last years Draft, the areas they still need to improve on are at: CB, WR, and RB.

Now it's time to start preparing for the Draft and the 2016 season. "We'll do the same thing we do every year," BB said. "We'll look at everything that we did, try to analyze that. We'll look at whatever the opportunities are going forward and whatever areas those fall in, make the decisions that we feel are best for the team to improve. Same thing we do every year. There's no change." Senior Bowl, Combine, Free agency, Pro Days, bringing players in, and the Draft.

Like all Playoff teams they are behind in Draft preparations. "Well there are a lot of steps," BB said. "There are a lot of different areas here to talk about. We're entered into the whole draft process, which we haven't, I personally haven't touched. We have other people in our organization. There's the team building. There's the schematics. There are other things that come up, some of which I don't even know what we're talking about yet, that will happen over the next whatever time frame." They have a lot of work to do.

The Player: Drafting A Steaming Pile of Poo over a CB or WR seems like a risk to me. But sometimes you have to go with the hand, or in this case the TP, that you're dealt. Sometimes you just have to flush your worries down the toilet. Even when it has a healthy height of 6.1-inches, which should help it in coverage, and the Pats have a lot of space to cover. The best thing is that it's weight is PI. Which means it is never ending, and the more the study it the bigger it gets, because it never stops growing. The stain it will leave on the Pats franchise will smear them for years by small minded incompetents who don't bother to look at the facts, like "the Bankrupter" Trump and "the Warmonger" Bush supporters. I mean, if you want to talk about stains on humanity the Trumps and Bushes are great places to start rubbing your butts. Of course, the giant skid mark still ends at the Ass Monkey, who took the giant pile of streaming Poo. And all the crap that has followed has still been filtered out of his outhouse. So let me say just one final time (maybe), next time you decide to take a crap on a Franchise, please take your lies somewhere else.

The Reason: Because of the utter small minded image-only thinking of the NFL offices. They gathered the facts, proved conclusively that the allegations were false, and then continued with the prosecution anyway. So the Ass-Money could show how tough and in-control he was, yay.

First Choice: Braxton Miller WR/3rd

Second Choice: Derrick Henry RB

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