With The 1st Pick, in the 2016 NFL Draft, The St Almost L.A Rams Select ...

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Okay, I'm finally starting to feel like I have a handle n this Draft. Even if it is just a little. 

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1st Round

Picks 1-11.

Picks 12-22.

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2nd Round

Picks 32-47.

Picks 48-63.

3rd Round

Picks 32-47.

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My Picks: 

Key Needs:

Team Moves:





Defense: 4-3

*Jared Goff-

QB California

6-4, 210, #16,  


2014 Picks:

1 (10) Todd Gurley, RB, Georgia.

2 Robert Havenstein OT Wisconsin

3 (72) Jamon Brown, ORT Louisville

3 (89) Sean Mannion QB Oregon ST

4 (119) Andrew Donnal, OL, Iowa.

6 (201) Bud Sasser, WR Missouri.

6 Cody Wichmann OG Fresno ST

7 (224) Bryce Hager, LB, Baylor.

7 (227) Martin Ifedi, DL, Memphis

Key F.A. Signed:

Brian Quick WR

Tim Barnes OC

William Hayes DL

Eugene Sims DL

Trumaine Johnson CB (Tag)

Mark Barron LB/SS 

Cody Davis DB

Key Free Agents:  
Nick Toon WR 
Wes Welker WR  
Greg Zuerlein K 

Key F.A. Lost:

Jared Cook TE

Chris Long DE

Nick Fairley DL 

Daren Bates LB

James Laurinaitis LB

Janoris Jenkins CB

Rodney McLeod DB

The Team: Word on the Schefter is that the Rams want Goff. And he was positively giddy about it, like his source was the the source (you can generally manage to read that as you want). I don't agree with it, but it is what it is. "We've also done private workouts with Jared and with Carson already," Fisher said. "We did those at the end of February, early March. We were the first ones in. We're familiar with both of them, in addition to those other prospects on this roster. So, the skill sets are different, the personalities are different, the background is different, the competition is different, and that's what makes this such a challenge." The Rams will take Goff here to try to get off the Snead.

Word on the Schefter is that at first the Rams weren't certain. "Rams lean Jared Goff today," Schefter wrote. "But one reason they made trade now was to get two weeks to debate top 2 QBs because 'both are going to be good'." But someone also told Schefter yesterday that they had decided. 

Well the Rams did it. They had one giant hole that they couldn't overcome. How do you win without a Franchise QB. They have a very well balanced team on both sides of the ball, but no talent at QB. It killed them last year. Now they have the RB, the QB, and just need some WRs to make him a winner in two or three years. They just have to keep all the players they acquired the past few years, and they will be fighting for a Super Bowl in four or five years.

If you have to roll through the same old retreads at QB you better have some great weapons for him to throw to. The Rams have the makings of a great defense. If they can build any kind of decent offense they could have something special. I love what they did in last years Draft. Talk about hitting your weaknesses! I had them needing three O-linemen, and they drafted three O-linemen. Now they didn't take a WR until the 6th round, and I don't even know if he made the team, but they have to hit that again before Day Two is over.

The Player: 4/25 The Best QB in the Draft Part III: Jared Goff.

The Reason: Are kidding me? The most important position in all of professional sports is an NFL QB. Just look at the Rams last year. They had a top five roster last year, except at QB. So they couldn't win. They resigned Brian Quick. Now they have the QB that he can work some chemistry with. Now they just need another WR or two, and they can start winning, and have a shot at a Super Bowl in five years or so if Wentz is the QB and leader I think he is. They gave up four top picks in this years Draft, and two more in next years Draft, and if Wentz works out like I think he will this trade will be called a steal for the Rams. 

Second Choice: The Other Guy.






Carson Wentz

QB North Dakota 

6-5, 237, 10" Hands,  

6.86 3-C! (O) 4.77! 9'10"!

30.5" Vert, 


2015 Picks:

1 (20) Nelson Agholor, WR USC

2 (47) Eric Rowe, CB, Utah.

3 (84) Jordan Hicks, LB, Texas.

6 JaCorey Shepherd DB Kansas

6 Randall Evans DB Kansas St

7 (237) Brian Mihalik, DE, BC

Key F.A. Signed:

Chase Daniels QB

Brandon Brooks G

Nigel Bradham LB 

Leodis McKelvin CB

Key F.A.:

Seyi Ajirotutu WR  
David Molk C 

Vinny Curry DE 

DeMeco Ryans LB 

E.J. Bigger, CB 
Nolan Carroll CB 
Walter Thurmond S

Key F.A. Lost:

Byron Maxwell CB
Kiko Alonso LB

DeMarco Murray RB

Cedric Thornton DE 

The Team: Your welcome. I am the best. I told you Philly was going to trade up to Two for a QB a week ago. In fact, I outlined the Deal. They read what I wrote, started from that point, and negotiated a few late round picks to make both GMs look good to their Owners: "With the Titans trading down and showing that you don't need three 1st to drop down six spots will actually help Cleveland," I wrote last week. "The Browns can expect two 1st, because Philly doesn't have a 2nd this year. But, they do have two 3rds. So the trade starts with two 1sts and two 3rds, and they can iron it out from there." So Philly gets to keep their second 3rd (79) and get a 4th next year, by giving up their 4th this year and a 2nd in two years. They ironed out the details on the exact trade I predicted. They read it and ran with it. You welcome Pats Fans. 

But it is still a big risk. "You have to be very comfortable with both of those quarterbacks and believe they have a shot to be great, Pro Bowl-caliber," Roseman said. "It's hard to be great if you don't take some risks." Oddly it is a bigger risk than you think. Since 2012 five teams have traded up into the top five, and only one of those players started a game last season. From RGIII to Trent Richardson to Justin Blackmon in the 2012 Draft. Teams traded up for Picks 2, 3, and 5 in 2013, and none of those three players got a start last year, and two were out of the League last year (Richardson just signed with the Ravens). The Dolphins traded up for the 4th pick in the 2013 Draft, and took Dion Jordan and gave him 20-Mil. He was suspended for all of 2015 for testing positive again. The Bills trade up to pick Four and took Sammy Watkins. He was the only one of the five to start a game last season.

Plus in 2009, the Jets traded up to pick Five for Mark "Butt Fumble" Sanchez, and he didn't start a game last season. It is an even bigger risk when you don't know which QB you are getting. "These guys are pretty even," Doug Peterson said. "From all the physical tools, both of them are extremely gifted. Good arm strength, good mobility. Obviously, Carson is a little bigger, maybe a little better athlete right now. There's not much separating those two." And whiners wonder why I always say you should trade down for extra Lottery Tickets.

I don't know how it happens, but Wentz and Goff are going to be the first and second picks in this Draft. Word coming out of Philly is they have been drooling over Goff, like a gaggle of fat guys sniffing around a Philly cheesesteak shop. They weren't able to pull off the trade up with the Titans, because they don't have a 2nd Round pick. Ironically the Rams were able to pull off the trade, because then owed Philly's 2nd. But this trade is not as far off as it seems. The Eagles just have to come to grips with the fact that because they don't have a 2nd Round pick, they have to give up next year's 1st to get the job done. The Brown need to remember that they are only moving down 6 spots and not 14 so they don't get greasy gaggle of picks the Titans got, and this deal is done. Personally I think the 49ers should be more desperate to trade up. They have Kaepernick on a one year guaranteed deal, and then he is gone. Their distain for each other has been well documented. But everybody and their brother knows it is the Eagles love of Goff that warms their little Philly cheesesteak hearts. But the price starts with two 1sts. 

The Player: 4/25 The Best QB in the Draft Part I: Carson Wentz.

The Reason: At the Combine the two best QBs, as far as foot work from under center, were Wentz and Lynch. All sports start with footwork. Wentz looking the best coming out from under center in balance, using the correct footwork, and throwing in rhythm. He is the top rated QB in this Draft, and he will be the second QB taken. Plus, he is a cold weather QB who played north of Philly in North Dakota. Playing in Pennsylvania in December will be like a summer vacation for him.

Second Choice: The other guy.



Defense: 3-4

*Jalen Ramsey


6-1, 209, (O) 4.41, 14 Reps,

41.5" Vert, 11'1" Broad,

6.94 3-C, 4.18 SS, 

33.3" Arms,

DB, S(FA), 5-T, TE, WR, QB,  OLT, TE, CB, WR(FA), LB. CB, 

2014 Picks:

1 (15) Melvin Gordon RB Wisconsin

2 (48) Denzel Perryman ILB Miami.

3 (83) Craig Mager, DB Texas State.

5 (153) Kyle Emanuel DE N Dakota St

6 (192) Darius Philon, NT, Arkansas

Key FA.:

Travis Benjamin WR

Dontrelle Inman WR

Antonio Gates TE/H-B

Chris Hairston OT 

Kenny Wiggins OL

Brandon Mebane DT

Casey Hayward CB

Jahleel Addae S

Key FA. Signed:

Malcom Floyd, WR  

John Phillips TE 

David Johnson FB

Johnnie Troutman G 

Joe Barksdale OT 
Jeffrey Linkenbach OT
J.D. Walton C 
Ricardo Mathews DE 

Joe Mays LB  
Brandian Ross DB 
Cassius Vaughn DB 

Kellen Clemens QB 

Key FA. Lost:

Donald Butler RB

Ladarius Green TE

Kendall Reyes DE  

Patrick Robinson DB

Eric Weddle S

The Team: They will be picking between Ramsey and Buckner. But as the NFL spreads out more and more, you need more and more player who can cover space. "He’s a great football player," Jason Garrett said. "He's an impact player at the highest level. He’s been a guy that has played both safety and corner, and seems to me he plays them equally well. He shows up on the tape. He leaps off the tape. I got a chance to get to know him, I spent some time with him at Indianapolis. I spent some time with him here at Valley Ranch. I went and worked him out at Florida State. Highly endorsed by everybody at Florida state. He’s a great football player. No question about that." When there are four teams in a row that have the same guy as their number one choice. When your the first team you hold him up for a kings ransom, and then just smile and take him if everyone says no.

Ramsey has become the most coveted play in the Draft. "The ball matters," Garrett said when asked about Ramsey's lack of INTs. "You want guys to make plays on the ball. Sometimes when you play corner, teams have a tendency to throw the ball away form you if you’re a really good player. Deion sanders ran into that a lot throughout his career. They didn’t go at him very him. Typically, Deion made guys pay when they did go after him. So the number of times opposing offenses went at Jalen Ramsey is probably less than most corners. He’s an impact guy and covers in man to man, he covers in zone. He can rush. He’s just one of those guys who jumps off the tape at you and positively impact what they’re trying to get accomplished on defense and throughout the football team. He’s a real talented guy and an outstanding football player." The Cowboys want him. The Jags want him. The Ravens want him. But the Chargers need him. I don't think you take a Safety top ten overall in this Draft. But I wouldn't complain is the Chargers took him and played him at Safety.

Word coming out of San Diego is that will take Ramsey. I think they have to pick up two DBs in this Draft and maybe three. I don't think you can take a Safety in the top ten, especially in top ten. But Weddle was such a huge loss for them. They need a leader of the Secondary as much a they need three DBs.  

If Ramsey is on the board they cannot pass on him. Their secondary sucked last season. I think he is the best CB prospect in this Draft, but their safeties were so bad last season that he could be rookie of the year playing FS for this defense.

Their O-line fell apart last season do to injury. So I don't see there need for an O-linemen as desperate as most. However, If Tunsil in on the Board they have to take him. With a 35 year QB, who took a hell of beating last year, coming back, they need to do everything they can to protect his back. Tunsil is not as perfect a prospect as everyone is saying. He still has brain farts and misses blocks, doesn't always play to the whistle, and falls down sometimes. But he is the best OLT prospect to come along in a while. He looks like a plug an' play OLT when everything is going right. 

They need defense They have to repair their injured O-line, which they might think will take care of themselves, as it was do more to injury than talent. However, their 3-4 defense was a disaster. They have to get help for their secondary, and one way to do that is in the Rush. Ramsey and Buckner are the two best defensive players in this Draft. But Buckner was overwhelming this season. They can stick him on the line as the Blindside 5-Tech, and he can make everyone around him better. He'll make Mebane better at nose tackle. He'll make the OLB rushing outside of him better, and as the rush gets better all the players in the secondary gets better. 

The Player: 9/24 2016 NFL Draft: Jalen Ramsey CB.

The Reason: I'm not a big fan of their secondary. In fact, they stink. The need a starting Corner on the strongside, and two Safeties. Either way, Ramsey can help them at all three position. Of course, you don't take him to start at Safety. You take because he is the best big and clutch Corner in the Draft. 

It you have a QB then you need guys who can stop your opponents QB to win. It looks to me like this pick is on a yo-yo. First it's Ramsey, then it's Buckner. Then Ramsey, then Buckner. This is one of the toughest choices a team will have in this Draft. It might come down to who they think they can pick up in the 2nd and 3rd Rounds. 

Second Choice: DeForest Buckner 5-Tech



Defense: 4-3

*Ezekiel Elliott

RB Ohio State

5-11 3/4, 228, (U) 4.46

Vert 32", Broad 9'10",

QB, DL, CB, Dl, RB, S, DT, TE,  MLB, DE,  

2014 Picks:

1 (27) Byron Jones, CB, UConn.

2 (60) Randy Gregory, DE, Nebraska.

3 (91) Chaz Green, ORT, Florida.

4 Damien Wilson LB, Minnesota.

5 (163) Ryan Russell, DL, Purdue.

7 (236) Mark Nzeocha, LB, Wyoming.

7 (243) Laurence Gibson, OT, VT

7 (246) Geoff Swaim, TE, Texas.

Key F.A  Signed:  

Alfred Morris RB

Alfred Morris RB

Lance Dunbar RB

Joe Looney OG

Charles Brown OT

James Hanna TE

Rolando McClain ILB

Cedric Thornton DE 

Morris Claiborne CB

Josh Thomas CB

Key F.A :  

Ronald Leary G   
Tyler Clutts FB   
Greg Hardy DE  

Jeremy Mincey DE 

Jack Crawford DE 

Danny McCray S 
Kyle Wilber OLB/ST

Key F.A. Lost:

Matt Cassel QB 

Robert Turbin RB

Mackenzy Bernadeau OG

The Team: It comes down to three choice for the Cowboys. They will jump all over Ramsey if the Chargers pass. If not it is Elliot. "No, I don’t think we have to have a running back at all with McFadden, Morris and the possibility of Dunbar coming in and it doesn’t mean at all," Jerry said. "And of course I don’t think you’re implying that, that we have to go early on a running back. There are some other running backs who could give you another opportunity to look at the future, but I think everybody has done some good work around here this spring and we’re not in a ‘have to’ situation at all on running back." The final option is to trade back and pick up Elliot later. 

If the Cowboys don't take him here there only worry is Miami or the Giants trading up to get him. So they can't go past Six or Seven. This is a crappy Draft. In a crappy Draft teams tend to pick for needs more, when the talent factor isn't enough of a difference for them to skip over a need. So the Cowboys only real "Need" is to keep Romo alive, and find his backup/replacement.

The Cowboys one and only priority this season is to find a way to protect Romo on the field so he can last the season. That's it. Seems simple doesn't it? Yes. The one player in this Draft who can help Romo stay on the field the most is Ezekiel Elliott. They have to O-line. Drafting an O-linemen here would be devastatingly stupid. So how to do get a player here to help keep Romo on the field. You build a run game. McFadden is good, but near the end. Morris is good, but slow and more of a compliment RB. Elliot is great. Behind this O-line Elliott could be Romo's Emmitt Smith (without the Super Bowls). If they use this pick to build an elite run game, that would protect the broken shoulder of Romo more than any other player that could get in this Draft.

They cannot go into next season with the decrepit Romo at QB, and try to use a committee of McFadden, Morris and Dunbar to try and take pressure off of him. Elliott is pure grace in motion, with great speed, who could do similar things behind the Cowboys big O-line that Emmitt did. He will drop further than he should, because teams don't seem to know what to do with RBs anymore. 

The Cowboy are looking like they are putting themselves in a tough spot here. They have a unique opportunity to secure a winning future for the next 10 to 15 years by picking up a young talented QB to develop. But they want to keep pretending that they are locks to be contenders if they just pick up a player here. Which is so dumb that it has to be a smoke screen, right? They really need to bite the bullet, take the young QB, and move on to the second round where they can pick up an impact D-linemen or RB, and move on from there. Okay, here it is. If you don't have a Franchise QB you ain't got squat. No one, and I mean no one proved that more then Dallas last year. Romo in, pretty good team. Romo out, worst team in the NFL. You have to stop thinking about this team as pretty good. Teams that earn the 4th pick in the Draft are not pretty good, and certainly not a player away from the Super Bowl.

They were a Cleveland Browns level team when Romo wasn't in, and I mean worst run team in the NFL last season, tied with Cleveland. Not having a viable option at QB, behind an old QB with a bum wing, was an utter failure by management. Bringing in Greg Hardy and letting him unleash the crazy on your team, was an utter failure by management. Losing DeMarco Murray last year and cutting your starting RB at midseason, was a double utter fail by management last year. They have one priority this off season. Get the next in line at QB as Romo insurance. The good thing is that Lynch needs a year or two as a backup before you want to throw him to the wolves. Lynch has a good shot of becoming the best QB from this year's Draft. 

It would be the kind of smart move that smart teams make that enable them to keep winning. I don't think this team has the chops to keep making smart moves. Taking a LB like Jack would definitely help their defense next year. And if he could stay healthy, it would help them for ten years. But without a QB he ain't gonna help you win a Super Bowl. YOU HAVE TO HAVE A TOP QB TO WIN THE SUPER BOWL. That is something Dallas no longer possess, or will shortly run out of.

The Player: Elliot has great speed in the open field, and runs away from everyone when he gets a lane. He has the speed to get outside and get a few, even when it isn't well blocked. He is such an effortlessly elegant runner. One of the best pure athletes I have ever seen. He gets a little hole, and then is flying past everyone deep down field. Nice little hop cut in the hole. H e is such a freak athlete. He ran hurdles in high school, and he showed that against Penn ST when he hurdled a defender for a 1st down. He also runs with underrated power. Returned punts as well.

Terrific in blitz pick up. Nice sharp cuts. Fights the ball a little. "He's the best player I've ever coached without the ball in his hands," Urban Meyer said. "Think about that for a minute. As far as blocking, pass protection, as far as effort down the field [he's the best]. When Braxton Miller had that great run he had [against V-Tech], Elliot had two blocks on that play." Great blocker.

Elliott is the top RB in the Draft. "I think we finally looked like the Ohio State rushing game that you saw the last three games of last year," Elliott said. "The holes they were opening and they were just so big. They made it easy for me. All I had to do was get to the second level and make guys miss." He will go lower than he should, and be fighting for rookie of the year at the end of the season. 

Smart runner who knows the blocking scheme and when to hit the hole. "Zeke was that kid who knew everything," Gus Frerotte a former NFL QB, who coach Elliott in high school said. "You could tell him to go play offensive line. He could play that. Tell him to go play receiver. He could play that." He might be the best athlete in the Draft.
He has great underrated speed. "He was always fast, always had good moves," Frerotte said. "Nobody was ever going to catch him. He was a workhorse, just like he was last night." He is so underrated in the open field.
He has great instincts in the run game. "He just has an intangible sixth sense to find those holes and to squirt through there," Decker said. "We know if we block the down guys and get him to the second level, he’s a good enough back and a good enough player to make people miss and to get yards after the contact." Not a lot of guys can run with his quickness and power.

He is awesome. He returns punts and kickoffs. But when you put the ball in his hands he glides with underrated speed for 80-yard TD. "All the great running backs that have come through Ohio State: Archie Griffin, Eddie George, Beanie Wells," he said, going on to refer to the national championship. "Just being able to accomplish something that all of them weren’t able to accomplish, it means the world to me, and I’m happy that I was able to carry on that lineage." He is a terrific in pass pro.

ND: Great underrated speed. Once he gets to the second level he is all but impossible to catch from behind. Phenomenal receiver out of the backfield. He can turn the corner outside, reach behind him and snag the ball behind him while flying down the sideline, and stay in bounds with his elite feet. He is something to see once he is jugging down the sideline. He is so smooth and so good at following his blockers that he makes it look easy too often. This guy is one of the best RBs to ever come out of college. Great blocker in pass pro. He is also a lot bigger than he looks. He has huge thighs. He is a good power runner with deceptive quickness and speed. He is an excellent blocker out of the backfield for Miller or Jones running behind him. He can block like a FB on an outside run.

V-Tech: He glides down field like he is on ice. I hate that he returns punts, but he fair catch it nicely and he never drops it. Great size and speed. He can make multiple blocks on a single run play. He is such a smooth runner that I forget he is 225+ pounds. He runs with great power as well. He can run over guys with his legs like they are tall grass. Great hop cut outside, and burst straight up field. His lateral quickness is top self. He can move the pile

Indiana: He has great speed to the outside. He can block and the seal the edge so his teammates can get to the sideline. "Zeke is just a huge competitor," Tyvis Powell. "He's going to do everything he can to help the team win a game. That's why I say I feel like he's the best back in the draft. Even when he doesn't have the ball he still finds a way to be effective. That's what separates him from most running backs. If there's a pass play most running backs can't block, Zeke picks up every block, he goes down the field 20 yards to cut-block the safety. In practice we don't cut block each other, but he has let me know it's coming down. He comes flying down and he's telling me, `Oooo, Tyvis I got you now.' I'm like, `You're right.' When I see him on the next level, I know what it is. He knows I know. I know he know I know." He can look unstoppable sometime. He had 243 yards in the 2nd half. It was an Ohio State record. He also average 11.9 YPC. That was an Ohio State record as well. He is the best RB to come out of college for a while.

Ohio State Overview: Will unquestionably be remembered as one of the all-time best backs in Ohio State history with the second-most rushing yards in school history - 3,961 - including the most rushing yards in consecutive years: 3,699 in 2014 and 2015. Elliott's 6.7 yards per carry is best among the Buckeyes with his five 200-yard games and 22 100-yard games ranking in a tie for first and second, respectively. His 44 touchdowns rank fourth, behind Pete Johnson (58), Keith Byars (50) and Eddie George (45). The Big Ten's offensive player of the year and its running back of the year in 2015, Elliott also was the Chicago Tribune Silver Football award winner and a second-team All-American. He had 12 career rushes over 50 yards and he is the only Ohio State player with three rushes of at least 80 yards.
2015 Season (Junior): Big Ten Offensive Player and Running Back of the Year ... First Team All-Big Ten ... finished 8th in the Heisman Trophy voting ... won the Chicago Tribune's Silver Football Award as the Big Ten Most Valuable Player, becoming the 18th Buckeye to win the honor ... AP and FWAA second team All-American ... Maxwell Award semifinalist ... No. 1 in the Big Ten and No. 6 in the NCAA in rushing with 140.1 ypg in all games and with 152.1 yards in Big Ten play ... led the Big Ten in all-purpose yards at 156.9 ypg ... tied for first in the FBS with six 50-plus-yard rushes ... had an FBS-leading streak of 15 consecutive 100-yard games snapped Nov. 21 vs. Michigan State ... rushed for 149 yards and tied a career high with four TDs -- also tying his Ohio State postseason record -- in the Fiesta Bowl win over No. 8 Notre Dame, also added one catch for 30 yards ... rushed for 214 yards on 30 carries with 2 TDs in the win at Michigan, his second 200-yard game of the season and the fifth of his career; his 66-yard rush in the first quarter was the 12th of his career of at least 50 yards ... rushed for 181 yards and two TDs in the win at Illinois ... rushed for 153 yards and a TD in the win over Penn State, going over 3,000 career yards in the process ... Big Ten offensive and Maxwell Football Club, Walter Camp and the FWAA national player of the week after his memorable performance at Indiana where he rushed for a career-high 274 yards, tied for the second most all-time at Ohio State ... also became the only FBS player in the last 10 years to have three 50-plus yard TD runs in a half (source: ESPN) ... rushed 19 times for 142 yards and two scores, including a 55-yarder ... rushed 11 times for 122 yards, including an 80-yard TD run, in the win at Virginia Tech ... rushed for 101 yards and scored three TDs in the win over Hawai'i and had 108 on 23 carries in the win over NIU ... rushed for 124 yards and a TD in the win over WMU.
2014 Season (Sophomore): Honorable mention all-Big Ten ... recorded 696 yards rushing and eight touchdowns in three postseason games ... rushed for a Big Ten championship game record 220 yards and scored 2 TDs, including a championship game record 81-yard rush, in Ohio State's 59-0 win over Wisconsin ... in the Allstate Sugar Bowl, he sparked the Buckeyes to a 42-35 win over No. 1 Alabama with 230 rushing yards and 2 TDs, including a Sugar Bowl and Ohio State bowl game-record 85-yard rush to cap the scoring and earn offensive MVP honors ... in the National Championship game, he led an offensive charge with an Ohio State bowl game-record and career-high 246 rushing yards (tied for the most ever by an Urban Meyer-coached player) and 4 TDs in the 42-20 victory to again earn game offensive MVP honors ... finished the season with 1,878 yards rushing, the second-highest single-season total in school history next to Eddie George's 1,927 yards in 1995 ... topped 100 yards nine times and scored at least one touchdown in the final five games of the season (11 total) ... became only the third Buckeye to top 2,000 all-purpose yards in a season

The Reason: Their utter refusal to groom a QB behind Romo makes him the most indispensable player in the NFL. With him they can get to the Play Offs. Without him they can climb all the way up to the 4th pick in the Draft, which should be a good one next year. Plus, Elliott is the best blocking RB in this Draft. He average 6.6 YPC, and is excellent catching the ball out of the backfield. Every time you study him, he shows another way he makes Romo better. 

The Cowboys so desperately need an RB. They cut their starting tailback in the middle of last season, after losing their record setting RB to free agency a year ago. They never really replaced Demarco Murray. If they are going to play their one arm QB next season, they better get a big RB who can pound into all the pretty passrushers and help to slow them down. This is the best case scenario for the them in this Draft.

Second Choice: Trade Down



Defense: 4-3

*Laremy Tunsil-

OLT Mississippi

6-5, 310, 34 1/4" Arms, 

10" Hands, 

CB, DB, DL, OC, CB, 

2014 Picks:

1 (3) Dante Fowler Jr., DE, Florida.

2 (36) T.J. Yeldon, RB, Alabama.

3 (67) A.J. Cann, OG, South Carolina.

4 (104) James Sample, S, Louisville.

5 (139) Rashad Greene, WR, FLA ST

6 (180) Michael Bennett, DT Ohio St

7 (220) Neal Sterling WR Monmouth

7 (229) Ben Koyack, TE Notre Dame

Key F.A. Signed:

Chris Ivory  RB

Kelvin Beachum OLT

Mackenzy Bernadeau OG

Stefen Wisniewski OC

Malik Jackson DL

Tashaun Gipson S 

Key Free Agents:

Chad Henne QB 
Clay Harbor TE 
Marcedes Lewis TE 
Bernard Pierce RB 
Bryan Walters WR     

Key F.A. Lost:

Zane Beadles OG

Sam Young OT

Andre Branch DE 

Olivier Vernon OLB
Chris Clemons DE

Bryan Anger P

The Team: The Jags seemed to be linked to Jack, but no one has done a better job at hiding their intentions than the Jags. No one knows what these guys are going to do for the 3rd straight year in a row. It's impressive, but really sucks for us. They need Ramsey, but he is gone. They really need some defense here, but they are not happy with their O-line last season. Joeckel might be better off inside.  

Jags have been so cheap over the past few year that they have had to over spend like drunken sailors for average players on their defense ,so they don't get penalized for cheating the Cap. Though Olivier Vernon is above average, Jackson is not. He had a great season last year, and had five Sacks. That is not great. The defensive trend should continue in this Draft. Caldwell said at the Combine, "We'll probably devote a large portion of our eight picks on defense." Getting Ramsey or Hargreaves here probably makes more sense, but I just don't know where Bosa fits in the top five. If he is here they have to take him, and hope that Jackson III last to the in the 2nd.

The Player: BIO

The Reason: Some still think Tunsil is the best player in the Draft. If the Jags think he is than this is an easy pick. 

This pick is not an indictment of Fowler. In fact, Bradley has been saying his rehab is going well. "After the season, he’s really amped it up," the HC of the JJ said. "I know a lot of his testing, the results have come back and they’ve been really, really good numbers. We’re really pleased with how his rehab has gone." Adding Vernon is huge as well, 

Their HC was a DC. I don't think he can watch film of Bosa beating up double and triple teams all season at Ohio State, and not want to add him to their defense. He could add some coverage to the defense on the 1st and second levels. Bosa looked shocking good at dropping in coverage in workouts, which is something 3-4 OLB have to be able to do. he also dropped a little at Ohio State. I like Jack here as well, but can they risk another redshirt season for a top five pick who is injury prone.

Second Choice: Miles Jack LB



Defense: 3-4

*Joey Bosa-

DE Ohio ST

6-5.5, 269, (PD) 4.77,

33.3 " Arms, 28 Reps, 

10'1" Broad! 32" Vert,

6.89 3-Cone! 4.21 SS!


2014 Picks:

1 (26) Breshad Perriman, WR, UCF.

2 Maxx Williams TE Minnesota

3 (90) Carl Davis, DT, Iowa.

4 Za'Darius Smith, DE, Kentucky

4 (125) Javorius Allen, RB, USC

4 (136) Tray Walker, DB, Texas S.

5 (171) Nick Boyle, TE, Delaware.

5 (176) Robert Myers, OG, Tenn St

6 Darren Waller, WR, Georgia Tech

Key Free Agents Signed:

Mike Wallace WR

Trent Richardson RB

Benjamin Watson TE 

Chris Ivory RB 

Albert McClellan LB

Nigel Bradham LB

Eric Weddle FS

Justin Tucker K

Key F.A.:
Jimmy Clausen QB  
Chris Givens WR  
Allen Reisner TE 

Richard Gordon TE  

Chris Carter LB 
Shareece Wright CB 

Morgan Cox LS 

Key F.A.Lost:

Matt Schaub QB

Kelechi Osemele OT

Daryl Smith LB

Courtney Upshaw LB

Chris Canty DL

Will Hill S

The Team: Word coming out of Baltimore is that they are switching over to more of a 4-3. If they want to do that they have to get some 4-3 Players. They can pick up a good OLT prospect in Round Two, and this Draft is loaded with DBs. They can pick up a CB in the 3rd, and the Safety depth goes all the way through and past the 4th Round. 

Like a lot of teams in the top ten, they are looking to trade down. "If the right deal is to move out of six, I trust my guys," Bisciotti said. "It’s a total value thing. If I’m getting more picks in the second and third round by moving out of six, it’s still a cumulative benefit." This is a crappy Draft. so their will be a lot more teams wanting to trade down than up. Teams that trade down will be the winners in this Draft.

There are the top two QBs (as most others see them), and then the three position players. Then about 10-15 players who as equal as you will see in any Draft. "We have zones where we rank players, and there might be 15 players with the same ranking, and if that happens to be from seven on, we’re probably picking sixth," Bisciotti said. "If that happens to be from 5-15, then we’re a lot more amendable to moving out because we believe we can target as good of a player later." Which is where they are situated. You have to top two QBs, and then Ramsey, Elliott, and Buckner. But, I don't think they can find a team to trade up into this spot. 

Word coming out of Baltimore is that they love Jack Conklin. "But that's not really true" (what song is that from? It's from the Stones. It's making me crazy! Oh Monkey Man). But Mel jammed him into the Top Ten over and over all week with a joyous attack on anyone who didn't think it was really true. "When you look at Conklin, he plays Left Tackle but he can be a Right Tackle, " Mel said. "You got Joe Thomas [at OLT for Cleveland]. Now you bring in Conklin to be the Right Tackle. To me, now your building blocks are there for RGIII. Whose coming off injuries. He's had them before. If your going to make him your quarterback, you better build up your offensive line. Conklin, you can make the argument, is the best player in the Draft." Wow! "Conklin is the best player in the Draft." That is a wildly out of place statement that sent bells off in my head like Quasimodo. 

That could only come with some word on the Schefter inside info. And we all know that if he is connected to one Franchise it is Baltimore. In truth, it sounded to me like he was doing Ozzie a solid by starting the propaganda to allow him to take a player rated in the teens at Six. Best player available my ass. But now Ozzie can grab the guy he likes, and call him "the best player in the Draft."

Buckner is the highest rated play left on Ozzie Board. He is an elite 5-Tech prospect who is just too good to pass up. He will make everyone on defense better with his play and ferocity. He can harass the QB, and stuff the run with the bet of them. They have a good D-line, but he is a perfect fit for their defense. 

The Player: 4/26 Joey Bosa: Can't Touch This: Part II.

The Reason: Bosa is the best 4-3 Strongside D-end in this Draft. Plus, he showed he could cover some space out in the flat and catch the ball, which means he can play some 3-4 OLB as well. "Bosa's high motor and competitive attitude are traits the Ravens often covet in draft picks," Hensley said. "Ravens officials recently expressed confidence in Bosa's ability to switch from a 4-3 college defensive end to a 3-4 NFL outside linebacker." Or play the hybrid OLB/DE as they transition from the 3-4 to more of a hybrid, and m maybe eventually a 4-3.
The Ravens believe they need an edgerusher more than most expert think they do. "We have two very dynamic, productive players that are at the age where you don’t know if you’re going to get one year or three years left in them," Bisciotti said. :We have to fill those spots with constant pressure. You need five pass rushers in the rotation." Bosa is simply a freak in the passrush.

They had to use Osemele at OLT last year, and then lost him to free agency. Conklin has All-Pro potential, if he can get a little better in pass pro. If they don't grab Conklin than Monroe is back protecting Flacco's back badly again. Which now that I think about it, I don't really have a problem with that.

Second Choice: Ronnie Stanley OLT



Defense: 3-4

DeForest Buckner-

WR Arizona ST

6-7, 291, 1.77-Split, 

(O) 5.05,

34.3" Arms, 21 Reps,  

32" Vert, 9'8" Broad,

7.51 3-Cone, 4.47 SS,


2014 Picks:

1 (17) Arik Armstead 5-T Oregon.

2 (46) Jaquiski Tartt, S, Samford.

3 (79) Eli Harold, OLB/PR, Virginia.

4 (117) Blake Bell, TE, Oklahoma.

4 (126) Mike Davis RB South Carolina

4 DeAndre Smelter WR Georgia Tech

5 (165) Bradley Pinion, P, Clemson.

6 (190) Ian Silberman, OT, BC.

7 (244) Trenton Brown, OT, Florida.

7 (254) Rory Anderson TE S Carolina

Key F.A. Signed:

Colin Kaepernick QB

Thad Lewis QB

Garrett Celek TE

Zane Beadles OG

Ian Williams DT 

Phil Dawson K

Key F.A.:

Anquan Boldin WR 
Reggie Bush RB 
Shaun Draughn RB   

Key F.A. Lost:

Alex Boone G 

The Team: The 49ers in the Draft need everything. The top 3-4 Player in this Draft is Buckner. "Our philosophy has always been: big people beat up little people, Chip said. "We've always wanted to be big." Buckner is as big as they come. He is a legit 6-7 with 34 3/8" arms.

Plus, Chip recruit him and coach him at Oregon. "We believe long levers are strong levers," Kelly said about Buckner's height and arm length. "The longer you are, if they are long and have length, the question is can they bend. Everyone says, 'He's tall and can't generate any leverage.' Both Arik and DeForest can bend." He knows their system. He is a plug and play 5-Tech for Chip Kelly.

They literally have no QB on the Roster. If they trade trade Kaepernick. They have, "aaaah-Beavis, aaaah Blaine Gabbert." 

"Yeah. Yeah-yeah, he sucks." The 49ers management have literally become Beavis and Butthead. It takes a lot of work to be hop over the Browns as the worst run team in the NFL. But after the Browns traded down, by golly I think they did it. Congratulation San Fran you did it. "Yeah-yeah, we suck."

Another mystery to me is why is that everyone keeps saying you can't take Lynch in the top ten because he is not ready. Wentz and Goff aren't going to start as rookies. Nobody has a problem with Wentz going 2nd overall, even though the Philly GM has been very clear. Goff is not and will not be the starter next season. First Bradford, and then Chase Daniels will be the starter if something happens. They think it would be a disaster to put Wentz on the field as a rookie. So why would it be a problem for the 49ers or Browns to take Lynch and sit him for a year or more? Like Philly, and I assume the Rams, are planning on doing. 

None of these guys is a Day One starter. All three need years of experience before you can put them in games, and even more years before they have a chance to become winning QBs in the NFL. Even if you say Lynch needs three year before he can start. So what. The Brown have two QBs ahead of him, and they are not going to give up a start to some young upstart. The 49ers have Kaepernick and Gabbert. Lynch isn't beating those guys out this year, and probably not next year as well. 

If the Rams put Goff in next season, it could ruin his career. Like what happened to Gabbert. The Jags put him in, fresh out of an Air Raid offense. He was completely unprepared, and they didn't give him any weapons to throw to. If Goff plays next year he will be a bust. His only change is to spend two or three years learning the basics of play QB in the NFL, which he didn't learn in college. Lynch learned more about playing QB in the NFL his first two seasons in Memphis playing in a more conventional offense. At least he has been in a huddle, and turned his back to the defense on play action. He also took snaps under center his first two seasons. That puts him about 60% ahead of Goff on the five things college QBs have to master to translate into the NFL.

So you can't take a QB at 7 or 8 in this Draft if he is not going to be ready for two or three years, but you can take him at 1 and 2. I don't understand what is going on in the Draft this year. I think I've officially turned into a cranky old man.

I just don't think this management team can make the right choice here. I don't think they can pull off the Kaepernick trade. Let's fact it, he ain't goin' to Cleveland. Even if the two worst run teams could get together, how could they accomplish anything? Plus, they are set to trade an 11 Mil player to Cleveland, and the Brown are 2 Mil and change under the Cap. The media will buy anything if it fills space. That trade ain't happenin'. 

The 49ers management in is disarray. They are already fighting over what to do with Kaepernick. "I'm not going to decide who the starting quarterback is," the wacky new owner of the 49ers York said. "That's our coach, and then the staff. Buu-ah-ut, I think the nice thing is we have the third-most salary cap room in the league, and everybody wants to make a big issue of, 'Well, you need to make a decision on Colin.' Etcetera, etcetera. We want Colin to get back healthy as soon as possible. We want to make sure that he's able to take the field whenever he's available." Chip is already said to want him gone. Let the wackiness begin.

They need a QB. But this is such an odd year. Goff could go Number One overall, because he beat the crap out of an undermanned Air Force team, and Lynch, Cook, and Hackenberg struggled a little in their Bowl games against much better competition. Goff throws the ball as well as any QB in this Draft. I have him a little underrated, because I watched that Utah game where he threw 4 INTs (oh crap he just threw another). I mean 5 INTs, and I still haven't gotten that out of my head. I think he is the third QB in this Draft, a top 10 pick, and that is not bad at all.

The Player: 9/24 2016 NFL Draft: DeForest Buckner 5-T.

The Reason: DeForest is also good friends with Armstead. Arik could help him make the adjustment to the NFL, and help him get on the field as a rookie. Buckner would become an instant starter for this team. He and Armstead would give them the best pair of 5-tech in the NFL for a long time. "You don't always get exactly what you're looking for in terms of height, weight and speed," Kelly said. "So you coach what you have. The measurables take care of themselves. You have to utilize your personnel the best way you can." When you do have a chance to get the exact player you want in terms of height, weight and speed than you just take him.

They are still recovering from the loss of the middle of their defense last year. Some think Jack is the best non-QB in this Draft. He is the best cover linebacker I have ever seen. He can enable the 49ers to stay in this Base 3-4 defense, against 3-WR sets, because he can step into the slot and cover the 3rd WR. That is a huge asset to have in stopping the run against 3-WR sets. Which and more teams, like the Broncos, are running out of. However, I do think Jack is more of a 4-3 OLB than a 3-4 ILB. And thus much more valuable to a 4-3 defense. But it is the 49ers we are talking about. 

Okay, they have a QB on a one year deal, who they hate. And he hates them, but 11-Mil is 11-Mil. Plus this is the 49ers. Their big plan is to trade their 11-MIL QB to Denver who is about 5-Mil under the Cap. Yeah, good luck with that. Of course it is the Broncos who are famous for winning two Super Bowls by cheating. They slid Elway a couple-Mil under the Cap, and didn't cheatingly didn't report it, because it was just a little loan between friends. Why are morons in Denver so happy to call Brady a cheater, when Elway is the real cheater (I can feel a rant coming on, but I'm trying to focus on the damn Draft and I'm a long way from pick 60). 

Okay, so either the Broncos find a way to cheat the Cap again, or Kaepernick is San Fran' QB. OR! Blaine Gabbert is their QB. Okay, Lynch isn't ready. I get it. But he is more ready than Goff. And most can't seem to stick Goff in the starting line up quick enough. This could be a good landing spot for Lynch. Let Kaepernick and Gabbert take a beating for a year or two. As he learns behind the scene, and they build an actual WR corps and O-line. No QB could win with their collection of WRs. They have the second worst set of WR next to Cleveland, just as the NFL is moving to 3 or more WR-sets over 6o% of the time. 

Second Choice: Paxton Lynch QB





Defense: 3-4

*Ronnie Stanley

OT Fighting Irish

6-5.5, 319, (O) 5.2, 1.79Split

35.5" Arms, 24 Reps, 

4.68 SS, 7.96 3-Cone,


2014 Picks:

1-12 Danny Shelton NT Washington

1 (19) Cameron Erving OC/OG FLA St

2 (51) Nate Orchard, OLB/DE, Utah

3 (77) Duke Johnson, RB, Miami

3 (96) Xavier Cooper DT/DE Wash St

4 Ibraheim Campbell S Northwestern

4 (123) Vince Mayle, WR, Wash St

6 (189) Charles Gaines, CB, Louisville

6 (195) Malcolm Johnson TE Miss St

6 (198) Randall Telfer, TE, USC

7 (219) Hayes Pullard, LB, USC

7 (241) Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, CB, Oregon

Key F.A.:


Terrelle Pryor WR

Demario Davis LB

Tank Carder ILB

Don Jones S

Key F.A.: 

Austin Pasztor G 

Alvin Bailey OL  

Key F.A. Lost:

Johnny Manziel QB

Travis Benjamin WR 

Dwayne Bowe WR

Mitchell Schwartz OT 

Alex Mack OC

Karlos Dansby ILB

Craig Robertson LB

Johnson Bademosi DB

Tashaun Gipson S 

The Team: Word out of Cleveland is that they are looking to trade down again. But if Stanley is on the Board they may have to stick here and take.  

The Browns made the big deal to pick up picks 8, 77, and 100 in this Draft. I gave them Shon Coleman at 77. Right now Charone Peake, the Clemson WR, is rated as my 100th Player (but I think I'm moving him into the 3rd). If you add in WR Michael Thomas (pick 32) and ILB Joshua Perry (pick 65) that is one heck of a haul. Then they look up, and the best defensive player that fits perfectly into their 3-4 Defense is sitting here. And suddenly up is down, and cats love dogs, and Johnny Football is sober (okay, I went one too far). But you have to admit that it is weird that things seem to be working out so well for Cleveland.

But they still don't have a QB. Ohio State QB Cardale Jones should be available at picks 77 or 100. Dak Prescott or Connor Cook could be available at 32. They could end up with six starters with their first six picks (or five and a QB). Not because the rookies will be so good, but because their team sucks so much. They are easily the least talented team in the NFL. But because they traded down, they could ended up with two top ten picks in next years Draft. And they should win the Deshaun Watson Lottery next year as well.

The Player: Stanley only allow one sack in the 2014 season, despite going up against some of the best passrushers in the game. "I would tell Jaylon, and I would tell Ronnie, if you're going to be the first tackle, or you're going to be the first one taken at your position, you've got to seriously consider what your future looks like," the HC of ND Kelly said. "It's not probably going to get much better." He refused his captainship this past season, because of his excessive parking tickets. 

The silly parking ticket saga seemed to sap some of his confidence this past season. "Ronnie has developed into a premier offensive lineman," Brian Kelly said before 2015 season. "With another year at the position, and gaining more knowledge under the outstanding coaching of Harry Hiestand, Ronnie could be the best tackle in all of college football." But he regressed a little instead. 

However, I still think he is the second best OLT in this Draft, and might have the most potential. "He can run, he's athletic, he's long and I can tell he's getting better every week. It's definitely going to be a challenge going against him, along with the rest of the line," Joey Bosa said. "He's definitely more of a long athlete than a power, strong guy. You watch him run down the field, it's pretty crazy watching a guy that big run like that. He's rated as high as he is for a reason." If he regains his confidence he has the size and ability to move back towards being an All Pro.

He had an excellent Proday that solidified his spot as the second O-tackle in this Draft. "He also had 24 reps of 225 pounds on the bench press," Gil Brandt said. "Stanley had a lights-out workout, showing that he can definitely play left tackle. The offensive line coaches in attendance worked Stanley and Martin very hard, and the two hung in there until the very end of the drills." He could go as high as Three to the Chargers. He is so powerful in pass pro.

Georgia Tech: He move so smoothly sideways and back on deep outside rushes. He looks like he is moving smoother in the Bowl game. He can really move his feet quickly. He gets outside the D-end with some nice quickness on toss plays outside. Sometimes a little too fast. When they choose to line up and run behind him, he can punch the DE to the sideline with some heavy heavy hits. They like to power run behind him on short yardage. When he extends his arms and get his hands in a rushers shirt, he is so good at mirroring him with his feet. Great power on the zone block: ripping, pulling, and then turning and sealing the DE inside.

Stanford: Great heavy hands punching down on the DT on the playaction. He is so big. Nice quick feet to g along with his wide stance. He has no trouble moving laterally behind the QB to stuff a rusher. Powerful zone blocker/He can not only shuffle sideways on the zone run, but power the D-end back three or four yards as well. They follow him on short yardage. He gets to high in run game. When he gets high he looses his power. 
Clemson: He got his ass handed to him by Shaq Lawson. He got high, and Lawson just kept going under him. He has to stay and play in NFL. He does a nice job holding the D-end outside on inside runs; He has to chicken wing a little too much against speed. Switches off effortlessly on stunts. I like how he keeps his hands up and feet moving. 

Combine Notes: Some think he need to be more aggressive. Great 4th quarter against Clemson. Nice smooth kickslide. He stays in control and keeps his body in position to use his hands. He uses his long arms so well. Nice smooth hips. Nice core strength. Nice wide base. Nice wide base in mirror drill. He was great in mirror drill. He shadowed the rabbit as well as anyone. I did a nice job using the word "nice" seven times in this snippet.

JUNIOR SEASON (2014): Started all 13 games at left tackle ... previous 13 career starts came at right tackle ... first Notre Dame player other than Zack Martin to start at left tackle since Matt Romine started against Western Michigan Oct. 16, 2010 ... recorded 16 knockdown blocks and yielded just one sack - the fewest of any Irish offensive lineman ... faced some of the top defensive linemen in the country, including Michigan's Frank Clark, Arizona State's Marcus Hardison, Louisville's Sheldon Rankins and Lorenzo Mauldin, Stanford's Henry Anderson, USC's Leonard Williams and LSU's Daniel Hunter ... that group of seven players combined for 92.5 tackles for loss and 46 sacks during the 2014 season but managed just six tackles for loss and two sacks in their outings against the Irish ... Clark, Hardison, Mauldin, Anderson, Williams and Hunter all participated in the 2015 NFL Combine.

The ReasonI just don't see how they pass on Stanley to play ORT for few years, and then switch over to OLT. If they could pick up three or four WRs they could field a viable offense in a year or two.

They defense is as undermanned as their offense. It really doesn't matter who they take here, they have so many needs on both side of the ball. But they have to get an impact player at one of the 20 positions that they need new starters at on their offense and defense (okay maybe 20 is pushing it a little. Well, maybe not). 

Second Choice: Trade Down



Defense: 4-3

*Vernon Hargreaves III-


5-10, 204, (O) 4.5,

39" Vert! 10'10" Broad!

3.98 SS, 15 Reps, 30.5" arm

DE, DE, CB, WR, S, DE, OG, OT, DT, CB, 

2014 Picks:

1 (1) Jameis Winston, QB, FLA ST

2 (34) Donovan Smith, OT, Penn ST

2 (61) Ali Marpet, OG, Hobart.

4 (124) Kwon Alexander, ILB, LSU.

5 (162) Kenny Bell, WR, Nebraska.

6 (184) Kaelin Clay, WR, Utah

7 (231) Joey Iosefa, RB, Hawaii.

Key FA Signed:

Doug Martin RB 

J.R. Sweezy OG

Daryl Smith LB

Brent Grimes CB

Chris Conte S 

Bryan Anger P

Key Free Agents:

Bobby Rainey RB 
Larry English DE 

Da'Quan Bowers DE 
Tony McDaniel DT 
Henry Melton DT 

Mike Jenkins CB 
Sterling Moore CB 
Keith Tandy S 

The Team: Word on the streets of Tampa is that they love Hargreaves. "I like good football players," Licht said. "I like strong football players. I like playmakers." They are another team looking to trade down, and still get the CB they want. They might gets a deal done. If a team wants to hop up over the Giants for Conklin, or more likely over da Bears for Floyd.

This team hasn't had a double digit sacker since 2005. That is just a terrifying stat.

The Player:

The Reason: They will be choosing between Hargreaves and Noah Spence. "As far as corners are concerned, there’s going to be a lot of conversation about whether Jalen Ramsey is a corner or safety," Mayock said. "I think the most natural corner in the draft is Vernon Hargreaves from the University of Florida. He can create and change a direction, can play press, can play off. If he went eighth to Miami, I think it would be a heck of a pick. He’s that good." He has the talent, but has some character concerns as well.

They were one of the worst passrushing teams in the NFL last year. Getting a guy who can get 10 or more sacks every year has to be a priority for this team.

Second Choice: Noah Spence DE



Defense: 4-3

Jack Conklin-

OLT Michigan ST

6-5 3/4, 308, Split-1.75, 

35" Arms, 25 Reps,

(U) 4.98, 8'7" Broad,

4.57 SS, 7.63 SS,


2014 Picks:

1 (9) Ereck Flowers, OL, Miami.

2 (33) Landon Collins, SS, Alabama.

3 Owamagbe Odighizuwa, DE, UCLA

5-144 Mykkele Thompson DB Texas

6 (186) Geremy Davis, WR, UConn.

7 (226) Bobby Hart, OT, FLA ST.

Key F.A. Signed:

Victor Cruz WR

Jason Pierre-Paul DE

Damon Harrison, DT 

Jasper Brinkley LB

Keenan Robinson LB

Kelvin Sheppard LB

Janoris Jenkins CB

Rodney McLeod DB

Zak DeOssie LS

Key F.A.:

Markus Kuhn T

Brandon Mosley G
Dallas Reynolds C 
Daniel Fells TE 
Hakeem Nicks WR 
George Selvie DE 

Barry Cofield DT 

Cullen Jenkins DT  

Jayron Hosley CB 
Trumaine McBride CB 
Brandon Meriweather S 

Craig Dahl, S 

Danny Aiken LS  

Josh Brown, K 

Key F.A. Lost:

Rueben Randle WR 

Geoff Schwartz OL

Robert Ayers DE

Prince Amukamara CB

The Team: The Giants are probably the only team two through ten that isn't looking to trade Down. They don't trade down. They will be choosing between Rankins and a hope that one of the top three OLTs. Their pick up of Flowers last season clearly didn't work out as well as expected. However, I think he could be a great ORT. Than they could finally keep Pugh inside at OLG. It would be three 1st on three O-linemen in about three years, but they have to do something to keep Eli on his feet. Getting Conklin could pay divides down the road as well, if it could add a year or two to Eli's career. 

I still think they need an inside defender or two. his is not really a surprise. Rankins is the most explosive player in this Draft up the gut. He is clearly the best DT in pass defense in this Draft. Plus, he might be the best stack and shed player in this Draft as well. He is also the most versatile DL in this Draft. I have seen him line up at NT and OLB, and everywhere in between.

The Player: 4/23 Jack Conklin: Best Player In The Draft. Link Fixed

4/15 Sheldon Rankins: EXPLOSION.

The Reason: They get lucky and an OLT drops to them. 

All their free agent signings have been on the defensive side of the ball. Their offense wasn't much better than their defense last year. Stanley is the top player on the board who can help Eli next season, and maybe the only player on the Board who can instantly help him next season.

Second Choice: Sheldon Rankins DT



Defense: 3-4

Leonard Floyd

ILB/OLB Georgia

6-5 3/4, 248, (O) 4.6!

4.32 SS, 7.18 3-Cone,

39.5" Vert! 10'7" Broad!

33" Arms,


2015 Picks:

1 (7) Kevin White, WR, West Virginia.

2 (39) Eddie Goldman, NT, FLA ST

3 (71) Hroniss Grasu, OL, Oregon.

4 Jeremy Langford, RB Michigan St

5 (142) Adrian Amos, S, Penn ST

6 (183) Tayo Fabuluje, OT, TCU.

Key F.A.:

Alshon Jeffery WR (Tagged)

Jacquizz Rodgers RB

Zach Miller TE 

Rob Housler TE

Josh Bellamy WR

Marc Mariani WR

Manny Ramirez O G

Bobby Massie OT 

Akiem Hicks DE

Mitch Unrein DE

Sam Acho OLB  

Danny Trevathan ILB 

Jerrell Freeman LB 

Tracy Porter CB

Sherrick McManis CB

Chris Prosinski S

Key F.A.: 
Deonte Thompson WR 
Will Montgomery C 
Vladimir Ducasse G  
Jarvis Jenkins DE 

Alan Ball CB   
Ryan Mundy S  
Sherrod Martin S 

Key F.A. Lost:

Matt Forte RB

Jermon Bushrod OL

Jarvis Jenkins DL

Shea McClellin ILB

The Team: This is Floyd floor. He has become a little overrated. He is not a great edgerusher. However, what he could be in their 3-4 is a Jamie Collins type ILB. Great against the run on the second level, and great at blitzing up the gut to scare the QB. If he can do that than he is worthy of a top ten pick.

If Stanley drops to them they have to take him. He is a top three pass protector in this Draft. Some are questioning his desire. So he could drop out of the top ten. I just don't see how the Bears could pass on him here.

They also desperately need a QB. "There's obviously interest, or we probably wouldn't have met with him," Fox said about meeting with Josh McCown. but he's, again, a guy that's had opportunities as a starter in this league. He's served as a backup. He's the right kind-ah guy. I know from my perspective that you want on your football team. So we'll see where it goes. He's got relationships with a lot of people in this league. They have high opinions of him. We'll see where that goes." They have to start looking past Cutler.

The will be looking for a rookie QB as well this year. "We're gonna look at all avenues, whether it's free agency, whether it's evaluating and aligning our roster correctly," Fox said about options at QB. "Obviously the draft, because that's where you get young players that you can build in your system that can be core guys. All those avenues are going to be things that you look at to get better. We're in that process now." This is Lynch's floor in the Draft.

The Player: Floyd is a tough one for me. I see him as  little straight linish. and that always worries me. Now he did a great job in the 3-Cone Drill and the Short shuttle, which helps measure change of direction. So I put him in the 1st. Floyd killed the Combine. He worked out like a 1st round pick at the Combine. He did not run his second forty at combine. He really put up some interesting explosion numbers at Combine. "Look, he's a very good football player and very athletic," Dimitroff said. He's got the size and the arm length, and has a lot of what people are looking for. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see a full workout here." He has put on a ton of much needed muscle. He was listed 231-pounds coming into the 2015 season, and showed up at his Proday at 248-pounds, where he turned one of his biggest weaknesses into a Strength. He is very smart and was the leader of the Georgia defense, especially when he lined up at ILB. 

S. Carolina: He curls inside nicely on Dives and hits the RB when he is unblocked. When he goes unblocked he has that knack for finding the ball. However, on short yardage he can get aggressive and take on the blocker, jump off, and make the tackle. But he still doesn't use his hands at an NFL level. He has the quickness to be fooled by the Counter, dash inside, turn and chase the RB, and take him down for a short loss. Gets fooled by misdirection too much. He has a flashing burst to the QB when he has a lane. He has some nice slipperiness on the edge. He can use his speed to get the ORT moving backwards, and then gear down and break inside untouched. He sometimes shows that knack for hitting the quarterback. You wish it was more consistent, but he has an elite blast off from the edge as an OLB sometimes.

Auburn: He looks to me like he might be better off being played in an off the line linebacker role like Jamie Collins is used for the NEP. I just don’t like the way he uses his hands on the line.  He plays so much better at the Mike than at D-end. He is a great blitzer up the middle like Collins. When he can uses his speed and athleticism he is as good as advertised. When he has to battle straight up pound for pound he is not good.

Vanderbilt: Nice initial burst off the snap. He has some quick twitch. He doesn't play with his arms extended enough. He needs to add size and strength. When He can just run around the OLT and dip under him, he hits the QB. But has to learn to use his hands. He never seems to use his hands. They will line him up at MLB sometimes, where he can use his feet to get through traffic. He does find his way to the RB when lined up as an off the line linebacker. He can cover a little in the middle zone. Playing Middle Linebacker really seems to suit him. He will grab shirt at the shoulder pads, and extend his arms up, but doesn't always have the power to pull it off. But he will keep his feet moving and keep the OT moving backwards.

Penn ST: He led Georgia in Sacks and TFL. He can look so good beating the ORT on the corner. He does a good job setting the edge with one hand and forcing the RB to the sideline. He played outside early at Penn ST. He and Jenkins do a good job of meeting at the quarterback. He is really playing more aggressive against Penn State than I saw all season. He will drop in coverage, and he is not bad picking up the Slot guy in the Box. His question really is how much weight and strength can he add and still be an elite athlete. He will be a different player when he gets over 250 in the NFL. Nice blast off and will sometimes run himself past the QB, but he does it very fast. He is more long armed and quick setting the edge. He will get shoved back, but he also will get in on the tackle.  Very quick little Swim move to the outside.

The Reason: I just can't believe that Floyd is the hottest passrusher in this Draft. It looks like he might be a top ten pick, despite the Tape. He is not a top ten pick on Tape. This is a projection pick of his elite Combine numbers, like Dion Jordan was a few years ago. He has great speed and explosion numbers, but he doesn't use it enough on the field. Word coming out of Chicago is that the Bears are his floor. In his defense he does remind me a little of Justin Houston outside, and Jamie Collins inside. Maybe I do understand why he is so coveted. 

Second Choice: Shaq Lawson DE