With The 1st Pick, in the 2016 NFL Draft, The St Almost L.A Rams Select ...

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Okay, I'm finally starting to feel like I have a handle n this Draft. Even if it is just a little. 

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1st Round

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2nd Round

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Defense: 4-3

*Jared Goff-

QB California

6-4, 210, #16,  


2014 Picks:

1 (10) Todd Gurley, RB, Georgia.

2 Robert Havenstein OT Wisconsin

3 (72) Jamon Brown, ORT Louisville

3 (89) Sean Mannion QB Oregon ST

4 (119) Andrew Donnal, OL, Iowa.

6 (201) Bud Sasser, WR Missouri.

6 Cody Wichmann OG Fresno ST

7 (224) Bryce Hager, LB, Baylor.

7 (227) Martin Ifedi, DL, Memphis

Key F.A. Signed:

Brian Quick WR

Tim Barnes OC

William Hayes DL

Eugene Sims DL

Trumaine Johnson CB (Tag)

Mark Barron LB/SS 

Cody Davis DB

Key Free Agents:  
Nick Toon WR 
Wes Welker WR  
Greg Zuerlein K 

Key F.A. Lost:

Jared Cook TE

Chris Long DE

Nick Fairley DL 

Daren Bates LB

James Laurinaitis LB

Janoris Jenkins CB

Rodney McLeod DB

The Team: I had this pick.

I think I'm on record as not liking this pick. But, he does have great feet and a great arm. I wasn't trying to criticize him so much, I was more criticizes the inaccuracy of how he was viewed by experts. "This is so cool," Fisher said. "We were sitting, probably 20 or 30 minutes ago, in the back room with Jared and I and  Artis [Twyman] just kind of going through his last 24 hours, 48 hours and last week. Heís sleep deprived. He slept about three hours last night and that comes along with the territory. We were sitting there going through what we are going to do here and how this is going to work, and Vince Ferragamo and Jim Everett walk into the room. I want to recognize both Vince and Jim back there, thanks for coming by. That was a really special moment for us to have them come in and really be the first people to greet Jared, and it was really cool. Thatís the start of a long relationship between you three. We appreciate you coming over. So, here we are, and the quicker we can get to questions, the better off weíre going to be. I am just very, very thrilled, and by the way I am in a good mood. I was not in a good mood yesterday apparently. Iím really happy to introduce our first pick here in LA, our franchise quarterback, Jared Goff." I hope he suddenly becomes a winning QB.

He throws as beautiful a deep ball as I have ever seen. "Itís big in my development," Goff sad about his time at Cal. "And I think it is something that I am going to carry with me forever. It is something that I am very thankful now that I went through it, and I can look back on and use those experiences to my advantage if I ever have to go through something like that again. Hopefully, I donít ever have to, but you always have to go through adversity, and I had to go through a lot of it that year." Now they just have to get him a deep threat. 

The Air Raid system didn't do him any favors. He is not ready to start in the NFL. "I was in control of a lot as far as protections, route combos, running plays and everything in between," Goff said. "At the line of scrimmage, I was changing a lot of stuff. I think it is something that will transition well and I can carry with me to the next level." So I don't know what they are going to do next season. 

He has taken a beating the past few years. At least in LA he won't get beaten up next season. He should be on the bench. If he is in the game, at least he will have a strong run game to help him. "At first, just kind of come in and put your head down and work hard, and just kind of stay low and gain their respect," Goff said. "I think you have to do that for a little while and once you do that then you can begin to lead and be the leader that you need to be, and as a quarterback you have to do that. I think Iím going to bring a hard-working mentality, and a hard-working attitude, and start with that." He only won 13 games in three seasons at Cal. 

He couldn't lead Cal to five wins a season. "It's a big deal for this franchise to be in position to where we can have our pick of a franchise quarterback and look forward to years to come with a player who is not only talented, but he is a great person. Heís a competitor. Heís a leader He does all those things," Fisher said, and then continued. "Jared has a skill-set that is special. He sees [the whole field], Heís got a quick release. He understands the quarterback position. Heís going to get rid of the football. Heís extremely competitive. Once you look at his body of work in the red zone in college. The scoring area, itís impressive." So where is he going to lead the Rams.

The drama they imposed on the NFL world was dumb. How about trying to sign the QB you want to take before the Draft starts. The funniest part of all the pregame shows was they showed a graphic all the times two QBs were taken One and Two. All the biggest busts they showed were the Air Raid QBs, and all the non-Air Raid QBs weren't busts. Then the experts preceded to talk about how Goff is the most ready QB to play in the NFL. I was confused.

The Player: 4/25 The Best QB in the Draft Part III: Jared Goff.

The Reason: They are desperate for a QB. Nick Foles threw for 7 TDs last season. 7 TDs! So they better start protecting this kid, fast. "Itís really simple," Fisher said. "We are going to have our rookie minicamp this weekend, an orientation. Then the guys come back, stick around and visit with the coaches. Weíll have OTAs and training camp practices. That is really all our focus. That is where it all starts. Itís about football. Itís about winning games and preparing Jared with the rest of his teammates to get ready for the season. The enthusiasm, the excitement and everything we are experiencing here now in LA is great. Itís going to carry over into attendance and all that. It will help us win games and sign players, but our focus is football. Thatís what we do. Thatís why we are here." They better find a QB who can win some games quicker than a rookie from an Air Raid system.

Then they threw Case Keenan into the fray. He was better. I mean, he had to be. But now he's unsigned as well. "Well in our business, like youíve mentioned, and it has been said a lot, the quarterback position is very important." Fisher said. "Long-term stability there definitely helps us achieve our goal of consistently contending. On this side I can see the history of it, youíre moving up. I think on our side, the football side, it really boils down to a lot of times you try to identify guys like Jared who can help you but the hardest thing of the equation is actually being able to go get him. So I think for us in the building in football, thatís what we remember. A lot of times we say ĎAw, weíd love to get that guy,í but you just canít. Somebody else wants them and you canít go up and get them. It just happened that in 2016 that Jared made himself eligible for the draft and Iím sure [the Cal HC] Coach Dykes wished that you didnít. He did a nice job developing and guess what? The Tennessee Titans were picking No. 1 and they drafted a quarterback last year. Like you said, we had identified Jared as a guy we wanted and once we did that, we were going to go try our best to get him and you know what? It worked out. Even if it took eight minutes into the ten, it worked out." They better hope he can play from the start, because they apparently purposely got nothing else in front of him.

They have a solid roster. I really like their O-line. "Weíve got a running game," Fisher said. "Weíve got a good offensive line, weíve got a good defense, and those are the ingredients that contribute to allowing a quarterback to be successful. So he's going to be successful. But weíve got some things to do coaching-wise. He's got to learn an offense. He's got to get to know his teammates, and everybody's got to get in sync with the receivers and all those things. So when it happens? I don't know. Thatís always been our philosophy." But he won't be afford the time that Wentz will, because they got nothing in front of him. They are going to have to throw him to the wolves like Jags did with Blaine Gabbert.

They have a set of QBs so bad that they could get the Owner fired. "As I have mentioned through the process that each and every candidate or quarterback, if you will, is different," Fisher said. "They have different skill sets and things like that. So you have to be very careful to compare, but we did go ahead and take Steve off the draft board as the first quarterback in the draft. Similarities in their production on the field, the wins, the red-zone efficiency. Steve, people donít realize this, but he did play under center his junior year in a pro-style system, and then got in the shotgun his senior year. We were very patient. We were very patient with him and he was asked numerous times, ĎWhen are you going to play?í and itís the same thing that Jared said, ĎWhen the coaches say Iím ready for it.í I think we handled it well. Weíre not going to follow that same model because heís got a different skill set than Steve does." The problem is that they are desperate. Desperate teams do desperate things. Like putting a QB whose was the 1st pick in the Draft into the lineup before he is ready. Being selected number one overall is not a qualification for starting.

He is being sold as "the most NFL ready QB", which means they are selling him as NFL ready. "Weíve always had this philosophy that weíre going to play [young guys] when we think theyíre ready," Fisher said. "Weíre not going to [put them in positions] to fail. So you're going to see him under center, but we're not going to come out and Day 1 announce him as the starter. It's going to happen pretty soon. Sooner than probably later." He is their day one starter, and they are setting him up to fail.

Philly has a plan. They got two veterans who can keep Wentz on the bench for a year or two. The Rams don't have a guy close to that. That is their real problem. "Thatís an excellent question," Les Snead said. "Iíll start with there probably are not enough QBs on the planet to meet the demand. As you move up levels from pee-wee, to middle school, to high school to college you really donít know until you take that next step and play. That is the hardest thing. It is two different systems and two different games. Itís just a hard position. I call it one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet, but itís probably one of the toughest. Each step you move up the ladder it gets tougher. Iíll end it by saying there just probably arenít enough QBs on the planet to meet the demand." I don't think they solved that problem. 

When I studied him, he seemed to have a lot of the same problems that a lot of the worst busts taken early in the Draft at QB. "I think it is just getting used to the speed," Goff said wrongly. It is so much more. "I have the summer to get more comfortable in center and doing that stuff, but I think just getting used to the speed. Itís going to speed up more, the windows are going to be tighter, the receivers are going to be moving faster, and everyone is going to be moving faster. I think myself, and really everyone coming into the NFL as a rookie, you want to transition to the speed. It is something I am ready for, and excited for the challenge." And the Rams have the same plan, to play him before he is anywhere near ready, that teams who ruined their rookie QBs have had. It looks like they stole their plan from the Jags after they took Gabbert. Which became the model for how to destroy a rookie QB.






Carson Wentz

QB North Dakota 

6-5, 237, 10" Hands,  

6.86 3-C! (O) 4.77! 9'10"!

30.5" Vert, 


2015 Picks:

1 (20) Nelson Agholor, WR USC

2 (47) Eric Rowe, CB, Utah.

3 (84) Jordan Hicks, LB, Texas.

6 JaCorey Shepherd DB Kansas

6 Randall Evans DB Kansas St

7 (237) Brian Mihalik, DE, BC

Key F.A. Signed:

Chase Daniels QB

Brandon Brooks G

Nigel Bradham LB 

Leodis McKelvin CB

Key F.A.:

Seyi Ajirotutu WR  
David Molk C 

Vinny Curry DE 

DeMeco Ryans LB 

E.J. Bigger, CB 
Nolan Carroll CB 
Walter Thurmond S

Key F.A. Lost:

Byron Maxwell CB
Kiko Alonso LB

DeMarco Murray RB

Cedric Thornton DE 

The Team: I had this Pick.

Philly made a nice deal here, but it seems to have put their team in turmoil at the same time. "We didn't think it was a risk," ex-NFL QB Doug Peterson said. "Very calculated. Again, it just goes back to what he has proven on the football field, off the football field, the type of quarterback that he is, his mentality, his makeup, everything that we saw on tape and what you're going to see when you meet him, it's an infectious person, and it's what Howie alluded to earlier. This guy bleeds winning, and that was something that attracted all of us to him." For some reason Bradford has gone nuts. Maybe that's why he has not been a winning QB in the NFL, if he is really that afraid of a rookie QB who not ready to play in the NFL.

Wentz has more traits that successful rookie QBs have than Goff. "I think it was from the first time we met him at the Senior Bowl," Roseman said. "He was just an incredibly impressive guy. His presence when he walks in the room, when he talks to you not only about football but about life, and then when you watch him interact with people, he walks in the restaurant, just the impressions people have. It was an interesting moment because we walked in the restaurant and I had to step out for a second, and when I walked back in, I saw the manager and the hostess talking to each other and saying, ĎCarson is just the greatest guy. He's always so humble, and he's always so appreciative of all of us here.í They didn't know what we were doing, and it was just... that's the kind of kid he is. Just excited for all of our fans and our team to see why we brought him here." He was great at the Senior Bowl. It is such an advantage for Senior QBs to play at the Senior Bowl.

He gets too aggressive running the ball, and that mentality has to be reined in a little. "You know, a little bit of Brett Favre, honestly," Peterson said. "He's got that mentality. He's got that aggressiveness that Brett had, and those are some of the skill sets that I see in Carson, that aggression, that ability to throw the ball down the field. And listen, I love quarterbacks that are willing to take a chance, take a calculated risk down the field. Favre was that way, and I see a lot of the same characteristics in Carson." He will be afforded the opportunity to study a couple of veteran NFL QBs next season. Or should I say he is surround on four sides by coaches and veterans who played QB in the NFL.

I think it's funny how everyone acted like this was such a surprise on TV. "Well, I think when you talk about Carson, you're talking about a blue collar quarterback," Roseman said. "This guy has incredible work ethic. He's got incredible passion. He fits into this city, into the personality of this city, and you see that when he plays. He plays with that passion. He takes kind of the city and team on its back, and that's what he'll do the minute he steps in here, and it's infectious. All of us when we're around him, you want to be around him more because he has that energy and that desire to be great and to win." I was very disappointed with the coverage of this years Draft.

Wentz was the top rated player on my Board. "Doug talked about the intangibles," Roseman said. "I mean, what are the intangibles? 40 [Wonderlic Test] score; Valedictorian of his high school class; never got a B. So that's important with that work ethic. And then he's got rare physical skills: the athletic ability, the throwing arm, the body type and he's someone that can just kind of be molded into whatever you want, and when you have the coaches that we have and the support system that we have, it's exciting. One player can change your team, and for us, we know how important that is, that position, and so investing in that position was a no-brainer." They formulated a remarkable plan to go from 13 to 2, and somehow pulled it off. This was the most amazing thing a team has done in a long time in the NFL Draft.

He was a great leader and winner. "You know what, I didn't concern myself about the competition as much," Peterson said. "This kid is determined. He's eager. He studies his craft and he hones his craft. He's an exciting guy. He's a perfect fit for what we're going to do, and his demeanor fits everything about the Philadelphia Eagles." He has done more things that you have to do to play in the NFL than Goff. 

Plus most importantly, the HC of Philly is an ex-NFL QB Doug Peterson. He knows more than anyone else what it takes to succeed at QB in the NFL. His O-Coordinator is the old Buffalo QB  Frank Reich, and he personally knows what it takes to be a winning QB in the NFL. So Wentz steps into Philly three or four steps ahead of Goff. Philly is ten times more prepared to turn a rookie QB into a winning QB. They combined three remarkable and ambition plans to find and build a Franchise QB, and amazingly pulled them all off: one, get coaches who played QB in the NFL; two, get two veteran QBs for the rookie QB to study behind; and three, make multiple trades to go up and get the best QB prospect in this years Draft. What Philly did this year in the Draft was the most amazing and brilliant plan that I have ever seen on how to draft and groom a rookie QB into a winner. It was the most impressive thing I've ever seen during the Draft season.

The Player: 4/25 The Best QB in the Draft Part I: Carson Wentz.

The Reason: The Most important thing is that Philly has a plan. "Well, obviously he needs to learn the system, No. 1," ex-NFL QB turned HC Peterson said. "Secondly, he needs to learn our guys, learn our talent, learn the positions and get to know the guys. I think it's important that a quarterback and receiver, tight end, running back, get to know each other. And then just come in and the biggest thing is to just be patient. This is a long process. We're right here at the end of April right now. We get a chance to work with him a little more coming up in the next couple of weeks and try to get him caught up. But just learning Philadelphia, learning our system, learning our guys and learning the organization is the biggest thing for him." He will have a year or two to learn their system.

They ran into a snag with Bradford's hissy fit. "Not at all," Peterson said when asked if he talked to Bradford. "I'll tell you this, I was very open and honest, as was Howie, during this process. We let all of our quarterbacks know that there was an opportunity there and we were going to take advantage of it, and we did that." But they've got a plan that can surpass this odd snag.

Wentz cannot help but he a success in Philly, with two coaches who where NFL QBs mentoring him. He also has two veteran QBs in front of him to keep him on the bench. "Yeah, there's really no need," Peterson said about rushing him in. "You've got Sam Bradford and you've got Chase Daniel, so you've got two veteran guys that can help teach, especially with Chase. That's the reason why I brought [Chase] here was the fact that he understands and knows the offense that I'm implementing. So he's really going to be the go-between in helping Sam and Carson now in their roles. It's going to be a great dynamic and it's going to be fun to watch." You don't win with rookie QBs. You win with veteran QBs.

Wentz spent three seasons learning behind an older QB at NDSU, and now he has the same opportunity here. "Well, obviously his ability to win football games," Peterson said. "He's coming from a winning tradition, winning program at North Dakota State. He's a winner himself. You've got to love the intangibles about him, and just when you get a chance to meet him in the building one-on-one: his demeanor, his aggressiveness, his willingness to learn, sharp kid. Really was a very attractive pick for us and a very good fit for us." He could sit for two or three seasons again.

I can't remember a time when a rookie QB was more set up to succeed than right here. "I'll tell you, it's great to have depth at that position. It's hard to get through a National Football League season with just one guy and having the ability and the opportunity to have three guys now really gives you a lot of confidence going forward. Especially into the regular season. That any of those guys, at any given time, can step in and lead your football team," Peterson said about the plan. "I have not personally. Obviously this is my first go-around with this. Even as a player, I didn't have these situations. But hey, listen, at the end of the day, his competition, Sam is our guy. We're going forward with Sam Bradford, and just welcome him back when he gets here, and we're ready to go." This should be the model moving forward for bad franchises that want to draft a young QB, and how to teach him to be a winner in the NFL. While the Rams/Jags model appears to be the exact opposite.



Defense: 3-4

*Joey Bosa-

DE Ohio ST

6-5.5, 269, (PD) 4.77,

33.3 " Arms, 28 Reps, 

10'1" Broad! 32" Vert,

6.89 3-Cone! 4.21 SS!

DB, S(FA), 5-T, TE, WR, QB,  OLT, TE, CB, WR(FA), LB. CB, 

2014 Picks:

1 (15) Melvin Gordon RB Wisconsin

2 (48) Denzel Perryman ILB Miami.

3 (83) Craig Mager, DB Texas State.

5 (153) Kyle Emanuel DE N Dakota St

6 (192) Darius Philon, NT, Arkansas

Key FA.:

Travis Benjamin WR

Dontrelle Inman WR

Antonio Gates TE/H-B

Chris Hairston OT 

Kenny Wiggins OL

Brandon Mebane DT

Casey Hayward CB

Jahleel Addae S

Key FA. Signed:

Malcom Floyd, WR  

John Phillips TE 

David Johnson FB

Johnnie Troutman G 

Joe Barksdale OT 
Jeffrey Linkenbach OT
J.D. Walton C 
Ricardo Mathews DE 

Joe Mays LB  
Brandian Ross DB 
Cassius Vaughn DB 

Kellen Clemens QB 

Key FA. Lost:

Donald Butler RB

Ladarius Green TE

Kendall Reyes DE  

Patrick Robinson DB

Eric Weddle S

The Team: Bosa is a great player, but I just didn't see this coming. "When you turn on the film and watch the way he plays: the passion, the energy, everything," the HC McCoy said. "Any game you turn on, you saw 97 out there taking games over. He may not be getting a large number of sacks week-in and week-out, but the pressure he got on the quarterback week-in and week-out. Those hits on the quarterback, the whole entire team feels. We just love his passion for the game. When he walked out of the room at the Combine he said, ĎI canít wait to put that Chargers helmet on one day.í I mentioned [it] to him tonight. The fans are going to love him." I had them picking between Buckner and Ramsey, who fit their defense better. 

Bosa can play OLB in a 3-4. It is something that he has never done, but athletically he looks like he could play OLB or bulk up and play 5-Tech in a 3-4. "We think Joey, what he can bring to our defense, he has that football temperament [and] passion," Telesco said. "Heís all football all the time. Thatís contagious on your football team. Heís still a young kid. Heís only 20 years old. Heís going to have a transition at this level; thereís no doubt. But he loves to play." He plays with such great enthusiasm. 

Bosa has that natural knack for hitting the quarterback. "Heís an outstanding pass rusher," the DC Pagano said.  "On the edge and moving him inside to rush. But in addition to that, he plays the run extremely well. So for us, he's very balanced. To find a player to help us in both areas, which we think we need. He's not just strictly a pass rusher. He plays the run game extremely well. So to have those factors that all add up, itís nice for the third pick of the draft." He also can be a force inside against the run, and naturally sets the edge outside.

He has some of the heaviest hand in the Draft. "Just watch him play in college," the GM Telesco said. "Talk about his strength, power, leverage, his hand use, his technique. The way he played the run in college is some of the best run defense we saw this yearÖ. Joey plays big. Heís 6-5, 275-280. Heís 20 years old. Heís going to put some more weight on, but the weight doesnít bother us at all. The way he plays the run. Heís stout, strong and powerful. Has great hands and a great feel for it." He has some weed concerns, but so do a lot of NFL players.

Every time they saw him, he just looked like the top pick in the Draft. "You go through all the work comparing him to different prospects. You go through them all: the playing ability, and then the all-star process, the Combine, the Pro Day and interviews. The more work we did, he kept being the top guy. In the end it wasnít that hard of a decision for us." He has the least holes of any prospect in this Draft.

The Player: 4/26 Joey Bosa: Can't Touch This: Part II.

The Reason: They are going to try and bulk him up a little and turn him into a Watt-like D-end. "We talked a lot about me being at defensive end," Bosa said about what the Chargers were telling him. "I talked to other 3-4 teams that saw me as a linebacker, but coming into this system Iíll be at defensive end. It wonít be that much of an adjustment. The 4-3 and this 3-4, they are actually very similar. It wonít make a difference when you are in base 70% of the time. So I am going to be that defensive end for them and Iíll play wherever they think Iíll be best." He is also a great inside rusher.

Like Watt, he is also a great run defender. "I donít think itís underrated," Bosa said. "A lot of the teams I met with liked that about me. I donít want to just be a pass rusher who is told to run after the quarterback every single play. I want to be very even throughout my game. I want to be a great run defender. I want to be a great pass rusher. I want to be everything in between. I work on every aspect of my game and I take pride of that." So don't be surprise if he ends up as an undersized 5-Tech, as he grows into the position.

He will have to step up his work ethic to be like JJ. "I have the highest expectations of myself more than anyone else," Bosa said. "I always strive to beat those expectations. And like I said, I am going to give all I have every single day to be the best possible player I can be. Thatís all I can possibly do. I know if I keep my same work ethic that got me to this point, I will continue to get better every year. And along with that, weíll have great team success." The more I think about it the more I like him as a 5-Tech who can hit the quarterback.

His dad thinks he can be like JJ. "Heíll fit into the scheme and the coaches will use him the way they feel will help the defense," John Bosa said. "Heíll be the first guy in and the last guy out. Heís a hard-working kid. Heís got great talent but what makes him great is that heís never satisfied. He always wants to get better every day; always working on his craft. I think those are the keys to his success." Well said dad.



Defense: 4-3

*Ezekiel Elliott

RB Ohio State

5-11 3/4, 228, (U) 4.46

Vert 32", Broad 9'10",

QB, DL, CB, Dl, RB, S, WR, DT, TE,  MLB, DE,  

2014 Picks:

1 (27) Byron Jones, CB, UConn.

2 (60) Randy Gregory, DE, Nebraska.

3 (91) Chaz Green, ORT, Florida.

4 Damien Wilson LB, Minnesota.

5 (163) Ryan Russell, DL, Purdue.

7 (236) Mark Nzeocha, LB, Wyoming.

7 (243) Laurence Gibson, OT, VT

7 (246) Geoff Swaim, TE, Texas.

Key F.A  Signed:  

Alfred Morris RB

Lance Dunbar RB

Joe Looney OG

Charles Brown OT

James Hanna TE

Rolando McClain ILB

Cedric Thornton DE 

Morris Claiborne CB

Josh Thomas CB

Key F.A :  

Ronald Leary G   
Tyler Clutts FB   
Greg Hardy DE  

Jeremy Mincey DE 

Jack Crawford DE 

Danny McCray S 
Kyle Wilber OLB/ST

Key F.A. Lost:

Matt Cassel QB 

Robert Turbin RB

Mackenzy Bernadeau OG

The Team: I had this Pick.

This was the one pick they had to make to protect the Romo. "A player like this allows you to play a certain style," Garrett said. "That can have a positive impact on the other players on the offense. A great runner, a great running game, that helps the quarterback, it helps the receivers because you get a lot of run defenses where you get favorable looks outside. And hopefully you possess the ball more. You get more plays on offense and fewer plays on defense and that allows your defense to play at a higher level. It's similar to how we played a couple years ago when we ran the ball so effectively and thought it just had a positive impact on everybody throughout our team. We believe Zeke gives us a chance to do that." Though they probably needed to go defense more. They didn't get a guy to help them in the passrush next season. That was a mistake that will keep them out of the Playoffs.

Elliot is one of the best RB prospects I have ever seen. He can catch the ball with one hand. This really is the best place for an RB to play. "The Cowboys have the best offensive line in the league, and thatís a running backís dream," Elliot said. He is going too split carries early and often as a rookie, but eventually his amazing talent is going to be too tempting to take him out. I hope they use their two veteran RBs a ton to help his career last a little longer. However, it certainly sounds to me like they are thinking about him in a five year plan. In which case they will run the life out of his knees.

When he gets outside no one catches him from behind. "I think I can be a bell-cow running back. I think late in the fourth quarter or on third down you know no oneís going to have anything to worry about when you run that clock out. Itís really crazy how things work," Elliott said then went onto explain. "I'm very familiar with Jerry-land, and I think I have a pretty good track record there. Iím excited to get back to Jerry-land and put on a show." He was one of my favorite players to watch ever. He is the player that helps this team win the most next season. 

Word on the Schefter is that they could have traded back to Six, and pick up a few other picks. That was another mistake. But they saw him as a guy who could not just help Romo, but help the defense as well. "We donít necessarily subscribe to the fact that this was a pure offensive pick," Jerry said. "We think that it could add 10 or 12 plays to the game each week on the offensive side of the ball. That was one of the things that impressed me about the player." They should have traded back to Six, taken Elliott there, picked up an extra 2nd or 3rd, and used the extra pick on a passrusher.

The best RBs burn the clock and keep their defense off the field. "Great runners, and a great running game helps the quarterback," the HC Garrett said. "It helps the receivers because you get a lot of run defenses where you get favorable looks outside." It draws the Safeties and Linebackers up, and makes play actions all the more nasty.
It makes defenses have to worry about stopping the run and the pass on every down, which hopefully allows you to pick up more First downs. "Hopefully you possess the ball more," Garrett said. "You get more plays on offense, fewer plays on defense, and that allows your defense to play at a higher level. It's similar to how we played a couple years ago, when we ran the ball so effectively Ė and I thought it had a really positive impact on everybody on our team. We believe Zeke gives us a chance to do that." It is hard to imagine that he won't do that.

The Player: Elliot has great speed in the open field, and runs away from everyone when he gets a lane. He has the speed to get outside and get a few, even when it isn't well blocked. He is such an effortlessly elegant runner. One of the best pure athletes I have ever seen. He gets a little hole, and then is flying past everyone deep down field. Nice little hop cut in the hole. H e is such a freak athlete. He ran hurdles in high school, and he showed that against Penn ST when he hurdled a defender for a 1st down. He also runs with underrated power. Returned punts as well.

Terrific in blitz pick up. Nice sharp cuts. Fights the ball a little. "He's the best player I've ever coached without the ball in his hands," Urban Meyer said. "Think about that for a minute. As far as blocking, pass protection, as far as effort down the field [he's the best]. When Braxton Miller had that great run he had [against V-Tech], Elliot had two blocks on that play." Great blocker.

Elliott is the top RB in the Draft. "I think we finally looked like the Ohio State rushing game that you saw the last three games of last year," Elliott said. "The holes they were opening and they were just so big. They made it easy for me. All I had to do was get to the second level and make guys miss." He will go lower than he should, and be fighting for rookie of the year at the end of the season. 

Smart runner who knows the blocking scheme and when to hit the hole. "Zeke was that kid who knew everything," Gus Frerotte a former NFL QB, who coach Elliott in high school said. "You could tell him to go play offensive line. He could play that. Tell him to go play receiver. He could play that." He might be the best athlete in the Draft.
He has great underrated speed. "He was always fast, always had good moves," Frerotte said. "Nobody was ever going to catch him. He was a workhorse, just like he was last night." He is so underrated in the open field.
He has great instincts in the run game. "He just has an intangible sixth sense to find those holes and to squirt through there," Decker said. "We know if we block the down guys and get him to the second level, heís a good enough back and a good enough player to make people miss and to get yards after the contact." Not a lot of guys can run with his quickness and power.

He is awesome. He returns punts and kickoffs. But when you put the ball in his hands he glides with underrated speed for 80-yard TD. "All the great running backs that have come through Ohio State: Archie Griffin, Eddie George, Beanie Wells," he said, going on to refer to the national championship. "Just being able to accomplish something that all of them werenít able to accomplish, it means the world to me, and Iím happy that I was able to carry on that lineage." He is a terrific in pass pro.

ND: Great underrated speed. Once he gets to the second level he is all but impossible to catch from behind. Phenomenal receiver out of the backfield. He can turn the corner outside, reach behind him and snag the ball behind him while flying down the sideline, and stay in bounds with his elite feet. He is something to see once he is jugging down the sideline. He is so smooth and so good at following his blockers that he makes it look easy too often. This guy is one of the best RBs to ever come out of college. Great blocker in pass pro. He is also a lot bigger than he looks. He has huge thighs. He is a good power runner with deceptive quickness and speed. He is an excellent blocker out of the backfield for Miller or Jones running behind him. He can block like a FB on an outside run.

V-Tech: He glides down field like he is on ice. I hate that he returns punts, but he fair catch it nicely and he never drops it. Great size and speed. He can make multiple blocks on a single run play. He is such a smooth runner that I forget he is 225+ pounds. He runs with great power as well. He can run over guys with his legs like they are tall grass. Great hop cut outside, and burst straight up field. His lateral quickness is top self. He can move the pile

Indiana: He has great speed to the outside. He can block and the seal the edge so his teammates can get to the sideline. "Zeke is just a huge competitor," Tyvis Powell. "He's going to do everything he can to help the team win a game. That's why I say I feel like he's the best back in the draft. Even when he doesn't have the ball he still finds a way to be effective. That's what separates him from most running backs. If there's a pass play most running backs can't block, Zeke picks up every block, he goes down the field 20 yards to cut-block the safety. In practice we don't cut block each other, but he has let me know it's coming down. He comes flying down and he's telling me, `Oooo, Tyvis I got you now.' I'm like, `You're right.' When I see him on the next level, I know what it is. He knows I know. I know he know I know." He can look unstoppable sometime. He had 243 yards in the 2nd half. It was an Ohio State record. He also average 11.9 YPC. That was an Ohio State record as well. He is the best RB to come out of college for a while.

Ohio State Overview: Will unquestionably be remembered as one of the all-time best backs in Ohio State history with the second-most rushing yards in school history - 3,961 - including the most rushing yards in consecutive years: 3,699 in 2014 and 2015. Elliott's 6.7 yards per carry is best among the Buckeyes with his five 200-yard games and 22 100-yard games ranking in a tie for first and second, respectively. His 44 touchdowns rank fourth, behind Pete Johnson (58), Keith Byars (50) and Eddie George (45). The Big Ten's offensive player of the year and its running back of the year in 2015, Elliott also was the Chicago Tribune Silver Football award winner and a second-team All-American. He had 12 career rushes over 50 yards and he is the only Ohio State player with three rushes of at least 80 yards.
2015 Season (Junior): Big Ten Offensive Player and Running Back of the Year ... First Team All-Big Ten ... finished 8th in the Heisman Trophy voting ... won the Chicago Tribune's Silver Football Award as the Big Ten Most Valuable Player, becoming the 18th Buckeye to win the honor ... AP and FWAA second team All-American ... Maxwell Award semifinalist ... No. 1 in the Big Ten and No. 6 in the NCAA in rushing with 140.1 ypg in all games and with 152.1 yards in Big Ten play ... led the Big Ten in all-purpose yards at 156.9 ypg ... tied for first in the FBS with six 50-plus-yard rushes ... had an FBS-leading streak of 15 consecutive 100-yard games snapped Nov. 21 vs. Michigan State ... rushed for 149 yards and tied a career high with four TDs -- also tying his Ohio State postseason record -- in the Fiesta Bowl win over No. 8 Notre Dame, also added one catch for 30 yards ... rushed for 214 yards on 30 carries with 2 TDs in the win at Michigan, his second 200-yard game of the season and the fifth of his career; his 66-yard rush in the first quarter was the 12th of his career of at least 50 yards ... rushed for 181 yards and two TDs in the win at Illinois ... rushed for 153 yards and a TD in the win over Penn State, going over 3,000 career yards in the process ... Big Ten offensive and Maxwell Football Club, Walter Camp and the FWAA national player of the week after his memorable performance at Indiana where he rushed for a career-high 274 yards, tied for the second most all-time at Ohio State ... also became the only FBS player in the last 10 years to have three 50-plus yard TD runs in a half (source: ESPN) ... rushed 19 times for 142 yards and two scores, including a 55-yarder ... rushed 11 times for 122 yards, including an 80-yard TD run, in the win at Virginia Tech ... rushed for 101 yards and scored three TDs in the win over Hawai'i and had 108 on 23 carries in the win over NIU ... rushed for 124 yards and a TD in the win over WMU.
2014 Season (Sophomore): Honorable mention all-Big Ten ... recorded 696 yards rushing and eight touchdowns in three postseason games ... rushed for a Big Ten championship game record 220 yards and scored 2 TDs, including a championship game record 81-yard rush, in Ohio State's 59-0 win over Wisconsin ... in the Allstate Sugar Bowl, he sparked the Buckeyes to a 42-35 win over No. 1 Alabama with 230 rushing yards and 2 TDs, including a Sugar Bowl and Ohio State bowl game-record 85-yard rush to cap the scoring and earn offensive MVP honors ... in the National Championship game, he led an offensive charge with an Ohio State bowl game-record and career-high 246 rushing yards (tied for the most ever by an Urban Meyer-coached player) and 4 TDs in the 42-20 victory to again earn game offensive MVP honors ... finished the season with 1,878 yards rushing, the second-highest single-season total in school history next to Eddie George's 1,927 yards in 1995 ... topped 100 yards nine times and scored at least one touchdown in the final five games of the season (11 total) ... became only the third Buckeye to top 2,000 all-purpose yards in a season

The Reason: Traditionally RBs transition into the NFL quicker than any other position. "You get a back of this level, frankly as a running back, right in the prime of his career, you can literally hit the ground running," Jones said. "You donít have a year or two of acclimation that you might have at other positions." They have two veterans in front of him. So he won't be a bell cow right away. But he can help the team in more ways than one.
He can return punts, and is the most underrated weapon out of the backfield in the passing game in this Draft.  "I think Ezekiel is about as well-rounded of a back that's come out in many, many, many years," Stephen said. "Weíve had some great runners come out, but as far as a guy that can run it, catch it block it Ė heís the full package. That was very intriguing to us." He also is the best blocking RB in this Draft.

But no one doubts he could be an elite NFL RB running behind this O-line. "They allow us to be physical," Garrett said about his O-line. "I thought we were a physical running team last year, I thought we did a good job running the football last year. If you add a back like this, that can only enhance that style of play." He will make his money running behind this O-line.
Of course it is hard to imagine that McFadden or Morris can put him on the bench for long. "We actually have done some work and believe that some of their best years, the great ones, are in their first five years," Stephen said. "So you may be getting the best part of the running back in his first five years versus the second contract." But they will have to use the two veterans to ease the load early. So maybe his production during his second contract doesn't fall off a cliff.

Their utter refusal to groom a QB behind Romo makes him the most indispensable player in the NFL. With him they can get to the Play Offs.  Without him they can climb all the way up to the 4th pick in the Draft, which should be a good one next year. Plus, Elliott is the best blocking RB in this Draft. He average 6.6 YPC, and is excellent catching the ball out of the backfield. Every time you study him, he shows another way he makes Romo better. 

The Cowboys so desperately need an RB. They cut their starting tailback in the middle of last season, after losing their record setting RB to free agency a year ago. They never really replaced Demarco Murray. If they are going to play their one arm QB next season, they better get a big RB who can pound into all the pretty passrushers and help to slow them down. This is the best case scenario for the them in this Draft.



Defense: 4-3

*Jalen Ramsey


6-1, 209, (O) 4.41, 14 Reps,

41.5" Vert, 11'1" Broad,

6.94 3-C, 4.18 SS, 

33.3" Arms,


CB, DB, DL, OC, CB, 

2014 Picks:

1 (3) Dante Fowler Jr., DE, Florida.

2 (36) T.J. Yeldon, RB, Alabama.

3 (67) A.J. Cann, OG, South Carolina.

4 (104) James Sample, S, Louisville.

5 (139) Rashad Greene, WR, FLA ST

6 (180) Michael Bennett, DT Ohio St

7 (220) Neal Sterling WR Monmouth

7 (229) Ben Koyack, TE Notre Dame

Key F.A. Signed:

Chris Ivory  RB

Kelvin Beachum OLT

Mackenzy Bernadeau OG

Stefen Wisniewski OC

Malik Jackson DL

Tashaun Gipson S 

Key Free Agents:

Chad Henne QB 
Clay Harbor TE 
Marcedes Lewis TE 
Bernard Pierce RB 
Bryan Walters WR     

Key F.A. Lost:

Zane Beadles OG

Sam Young OT

Andre Branch DE 

Olivier Vernon OLB
Chris Clemons DE

Bryan Anger P

The Team: This was the guy they wanted the most, and he fell to him. "We didnít think he would get to us," Caldwell said. "We had three defensive players we liked there. He was obviously at the top of the list. We had three players, and we thought maybe two would be gone. He was one we thought would be gone." Caldwell also said that Ramsey was one of the best DBs he had ever scouted.

I had a feeling that both the Chargers and Dallas were more interested trying to pry a pick out of Jacksonville than they were interested in Ramsey. "Jalen was just a really good fit for us at this point in time," Caldwell said. "When you look at different risk factors, which we do with every player, he probably had the least amount." So the Jags sat here, and got the guy they needed who can help their team win the most next season. 

Their defense was terrible last season. "Overall, just a fantastic player that we feel very fortunate that he fell to us," Coach Bradley said. "We were hoping something like this would work out and it did," Their secondary was terrible last year. There Offense will continue to get better as their QB gets better. So this had to be a defensive Draft for them. I still think Ramsey is the best CB in this Draft, and he might be the best FS in this Draft as well. They have two okay starters, and really need at FS to step in for Sergio Brown.

Plus, his buddy form FLA State Telvin Smith is here already. "Thatís somebody that I trust," Telvin said of Jalen. "His mindset. We talk about toughness. We talk about grit. We talk about that relentless effort. Thatís what he has. Thatís not me talking about it. I've seen it, and that's the biggest thing. That's why Iím so excited. When I say, 'I know him,' that's what I mean. It's not saying, ĎI know he's going to make plays.' I know he's not going to give up." That is a nice endorsement.

Ramsey also remembered when Smith helped him on the field. "We were at practice at fall camp and I tried to tap myself out. I was gassed," Ramsey said. "'Are you going to tap out in a game?í I ran back in and right away I was like, 'You're right.' That fire, that mindset that he has/ Rashad [Greene] has it. I'm excited to reunite with those guys. Weíre going to try to get more rings. That's what it's about. Weíre going to push each other every day." This is the kinds of Draft that could lead to some rings.

The Player: 9/24 2016 NFL Draft: Jalen Ramsey CB.

The Reason: They had to get help for their secondary. "It was the biggest positive impression you could ever feel," Ramsey said. "Of all visits I felt the most comfortable here. I got to meet Mr. Shad Khan, Mr. Caldwell and Gus." Things could not have gone better for Ramsey here. 
Ramsey and Bradley hit if off right away "Heís such a real man, a Godly man," Ramsey said. "He's someone I want to play for a long time, a really long time. Hopefully my whole career. Just canít really explain how excited I am to be a part of this organization." He might have to start by starting at free safety and not Corner.
They see hi as a long tall press Corner "I want to prove everybody in this organization who believed in me right," Ramsey said. "I'm going to go out and do the best I can for this team, make sure I make my family proud and go out and show all of my God-given ability. Iím super-excited. Thatís all I can say right now. Jacksonville is an organization on the rise. I think everybody knows that." I think it will be fun to watch.



Defense: 3-4

*Ronnie Stanley

OT Fighting Irish

6-5.5, 319, (O) 5.2, 1.79Split

35.5" Arms, 24 Reps, 

4.68 SS, 7.96 3-Cone,


2014 Picks:

1 (26) Breshad Perriman, WR, UCF.

2 Maxx Williams TE Minnesota

3 (90) Carl Davis, DT, Iowa.

4 Za'Darius Smith, DE, Kentucky

4 (125) Javorius Allen, RB, USC

4 (136) Tray Walker, DB, Texas S.

5 (171) Nick Boyle, TE, Delaware.

5 (176) Robert Myers, OG, Tenn St

6 Darren Waller, WR, Georgia Tech

Key Free Agents Signed:

Mike Wallace WR

Trent Richardson RB

Benjamin Watson TE 

Chris Ivory RB 

Albert McClellan LB

Nigel Bradham LB

Eric Weddle FS

Justin Tucker K

Key F.A.:
Jimmy Clausen QB  
Chris Givens WR  
Allen Reisner TE 

Richard Gordon TE  

Chris Carter LB 
Shareece Wright CB 

Morgan Cox LS 

Key F.A.Lost:

Matt Schaub QB

Kelechi Osemele OT

Daryl Smith LB

Courtney Upshaw LB

Chris Canty DL

Will Hill S

The Team: I had him as my second choice. 

I was waiting to see if a team would take an OLT over Tunsil. I like this pick. "We go through every scenario," DeCosta said. "I have been, for the last couple of weeks, scribbling notes probably driving John and Ozzie crazy running down to their offices with different things. It's like a Rubik's Cube, there's about 10 quintillion different combinations that you're looking at. You just go through them all, and we knew that there was certainly a chance that it would play out that way. I think the biggest thing for all of us is we went to bed last night very confident and comfortable that we were going to get an outstanding football player, because we basically knew the two quarterbacks were going to go, and we had four outstanding players behind them that we knew would be great players Ė not just good players, [but] great choices for us. So, that's a good feeling." He was a QB's dream at Notre Dame.

Stanley is clearly a more consistent player than Tunsil. "Sure," Harbaugh said when asked if Stanley could start out as at OG. "There's a good chance we could do it that way or another way. It's kind of too early to say. We're always going to want to try to put the best five linemen on the field. He has a chance, there's no question about it. Where he's picked, he has a chance to be in that starting lineup. We're going to coach him; Juan [Castillo] is going to coach him. He's smart; he's been in a program where he's been coached at an NFL level. The offense and those kinds of things that Joe [Hortiz] was talking about, those are really good points. We're going to have high expectations for him, [but] it's going to be up to him to get the job done. He has to win the job just like anybody else would have to, and those guys that are here right now, they're not going to give those jobs up too easily. So, to me, that's what makes everybody better. They'll work together as a unit, they'll help each other out, they'll accept him in, [and] they'll coach him up. That's what football players do, but it'll be highly competitive, it'll be fun, and we have high expectations for him." Plus, Tunsil never made it through a season, and Stanley never missed a game due to injury.

They see him as a plug and play OLT, because he played for an ex-NFL OL coach at Notre Dame. "They play a lot of pro-style techniques there, and John mentioned his coach [Hiestand], who has coached a lot of pro offensive linemen that have succeeded and done very well," Hortiz said. "When you watch his maturation throughout his career and his ability to adapt to the different things they do, you just feel confident in his ability to be able to pick things up. They run a multiple offense, they do a lot of different things, and they change it up in the middle of the games and series of what they're doing. [Stanley] really adjusts well. I think from intelligence, maturity and the way he's grown, he gives you confidence going forward." So don't expect him to be playing guard next season.

Stanley is a guy I really liked to watch. "I just think he's a really good player,' DeCosta said. "He's got great feet, and he's got great balance. He's got great balance, he's a big guy, he's a strong guy, [and] he's got great length. I think with Juan [Castillo] coaching him, he's going to become good at everything Ė very good at everything. He's a great kid, he's coachable, and we think he's got a great future." This is such an Ozzie pick.

But he got away with getting high in the run sometimes, and that will not go over well in the NFL. "I think it's important to have a good offensive line," Ozzie said. "Most people put the premium on the left tackle, but there are a lot of really good pass rushers on the other side now. You have to have five guys. Juan [Castillo] does a great job, and I think John [Harbaugh] has a mentality of what he wants the football team to be and to look like. It starts up front with the offensive line." If he can play and stay low he should start as a a rookie at OLT.

The Player: Stanley only allow one sack in the 2014 season, despite going up against some of the best passrushers in the game. "I would tell Jaylon, and I would tell Ronnie, if you're going to be the first tackle, or you're going to be the first one taken at your position, you've got to seriously consider what your future looks like," the HC of ND Kelly said. "It's not probably going to get much better." He refused his captainship this past season, because of his excessive parking tickets. 

The silly parking ticket saga seemed to sap some of his confidence this past season. "Ronnie has developed into a premier offensive lineman," Brian Kelly said before 2015 season. "With another year at the position, and gaining more knowledge under the outstanding coaching of Harry Hiestand, Ronnie could be the best tackle in all of college football." But he regressed a little instead. 

However, I still think he is the second best OLT in this Draft, and might have the most potential. "He can run, he's athletic, he's long and I can tell he's getting better every week. It's definitely going to be a challenge going against him, along with the rest of the line," Joey Bosa said. "He's definitely more of a long athlete than a power, strong guy. You watch him run down the field, it's pretty crazy watching a guy that big run like that. He's rated as high as he is for a reason." If he regains his confidence he has the size and ability to move back towards being an All Pro.

He had an excellent Proday that solidified his spot as the second O-tackle in this Draft. "He also had 24 reps of 225 pounds on the bench press," Gil Brandt said. "Stanley had a lights-out workout, showing that he can definitely play left tackle. The offensive line coaches in attendance worked Stanley and Martin very hard, and the two hung in there until the very end of the drills." He could go as high as Three to the Chargers. He is so powerful in pass pro.

Georgia Tech: He move so smoothly sideways and back on deep outside rushes. He looks like he is moving smoother in the Bowl game. He can really move his feet quickly. He gets outside the D-end with some nice quickness on toss plays outside. Sometimes a little too fast. When they choose to line up and run behind him, he can punch the DE to the sideline with some heavy heavy hits. They like to power run behind him on short yardage. When he extends his arms and get his hands in a rushers shirt, he is so good at mirroring him with his feet. Great power on the zone block: ripping, pulling, and then turning and sealing the DE inside.

Stanford: Great heavy hands punching down on the DT on the playaction. He is so big. Nice quick feet to g along with his wide stance. He has no trouble moving laterally behind the QB to stuff a rusher. Powerful zone blocker/He can not only shuffle sideways on the zone run, but power the D-end back three or four yards as well. They follow him on short yardage. He gets to high in run game. When he gets high he looses his power. 
Clemson: He got his ass handed to him by Shaq Lawson. He got high, and Lawson just kept going under him. He has to stay and play in NFL. He does a nice job holding the D-end outside on inside runs; He has to chicken wing a little too much against speed. Switches off effortlessly on stunts. I like how he keeps his hands up and feet moving. 

Combine Notes: Some think he need to be more aggressive. Great 4th quarter against Clemson. Nice smooth kickslide. He stays in control and keeps his body in position to use his hands. He uses his long arms so well. Nice smooth hips. Nice core strength. Nice wide base. Nice wide base in mirror drill. He was great in mirror drill. He shadowed the rabbit as well as anyone. I did a nice job using the word "nice" seven times in this snippet.

JUNIOR SEASON (2014): Started all 13 games at left tackle ... previous 13 career starts came at right tackle ... first Notre Dame player other than Zack Martin to start at left tackle since Matt Romine started against Western Michigan Oct. 16, 2010 ... recorded 16 knockdown blocks and yielded just one sack - the fewest of any Irish offensive lineman ... faced some of the top defensive linemen in the country, including Michigan's Frank Clark, Arizona State's Marcus Hardison, Louisville's Sheldon Rankins and Lorenzo Mauldin, Stanford's Henry Anderson, USC's Leonard Williams and LSU's Daniel Hunter ... that group of seven players combined for 92.5 tackles for loss and 46 sacks during the 2014 season but managed just six tackles for loss and two sacks in their outings against the Irish ... Clark, Hardison, Mauldin, Anderson, Williams and Hunter all participated in the 2015 NFL Combine.

The Reason: They had to get a guy who could step in right away. "Ozzie talked about the start of the process," Harbaugh said. "Maybe it's fitting to mention something about the end of the process. After we watched all the tape, we started making some phone calls, and one of my very best friends in coaching is Harry Hiestand, the offensive line coach at Notre Dame. I talked to Harry a long time one night, all about Ronnie Stanley, and he couldn't speak highly enough to his character, to his intelligence, to his toughness, to how much he loves and what kind of football player he's going to be. So, you have people you trust in the profession, and that goes a long way. This is a really, really fine young man and a really good player." They don't have a viable option at OLT.

It seemed everyone just liked what they saw on Tape. "We put a lot of work in on Ronnie," DeCosta said. "We spent a lot of time with him, worked him out [and] interviewed him at length several different times. [We] saw him play in the fall live; we saw him in practice. He's a guy that's always been very, very, very high on our list. I go back to an interview I heard a couple years ago: Tony LaRussa was on the radio, and he said, 'When your best players are also your best guys, you really have something.' I think in my time with Ronnie [I saw]: he's very smart, he's a great kid, and he's an excellent athlete who is going to be a great player for us. We know left tackles. We've been around some Hall of Fame left tackles [like Jonathan Ogden], and we think Ronnie has a chance to come in here and compete early on, and he'll make us a better offensive line and a better team." He was a top OLT for the Fighting Irish over the past two seasons. 

The process starts very early for these guys. "Every year, about October, once the tapes start to come in, Eric will give me players to watch," Ozzie said. "If I'm correct, I think the first tape that I had a chance to look at was the Notre Dame offense, and I kept noticing the left tackle. I walked down to Eric's office, and I go, 'Is that left tackle a senior?' And he goes, 'Yeah, he's a pretty good player, isn't he?' I go, 'Yeah, at least we see it the same way.' That started my process, but the process with the scouts and their evaluation that came out with conference calls, with the meetings we had in December [and] then the meetings that we had in February, this was a guy that has been right at the top of our board. The opportunity to improve the offensive line, someone that Ö With Joe [Flacco], we just invested a lot into Joe for the next six years. We feel like Ronnie comes in with an opportunity to compete, but at some point will be a starter and a starter for a long time with the Baltimore Ravens." So he looks like the starter at OLT.

They were on him from the start. "[Stanley's] just a guy that we followed and our scouts have followed throughout his career as a freshman and have watched him grow and get better every year, every game throughout the year," Hortiz said. "And if you watch him this year, you just see him progress even more throughout the season. [He] was in some battles with some great players this year and certainly held his own, if not coming away the victor in every game. [We're] really excited to get him here." We will see.

They had to use Osemele at OLT last year, and then lost him to free agency. Conklin has All-Pro potential, if he can get a little better in pass pro. If they don't grab Conklin than Monroe is back protecting Flacco's back badly again. Which now that I think about it, I don't really have a problem with that.

Second Choice: Ronnie Stanley OLT



Defense: 2-5

Laremy Tunsil's 

Hacked Phone


Jonathan Cooper-

OG Arizona Cardinals


Shea McClellin-

LB Chicago Bears


Martellus Bennett-

TE Chicago Bears

CB, WR, RB, DT,  TE,

2014 Picks:

1 (32) Malcom Brown, DT/NT Texas.

2 (64) Jordan Richards, S Stanford

3 (97) Genio Grissom, I-R Oklahoma

4 (101) Trey Flowers, OLB Arkansas

4 (111) Treí Jackson, OG Florida ST

4 Shaquille Mason OG Georgia T.

5 (166) Joe Cardona, LS, Navy

6 Matthew Wells LB Mississippi St

6 (202) AJ Derby, TE Arkansas

7 (247) Darryl Roberts, CB Marshall.

7 Xzavier Dickson OLB Alabama

Key F.A. Signed:

Chris Hogan WR

Nate Washington WR

LeGarrette Blount RB

Johnathan Cooper OG

LaAdrian Waddle OLT

Martellus Bennett TE/H-B

Clay Harbor TE/FB

James Develin FB

Chris Long DE

Rufus Johnson DE

Terrance Knighton NT/DT

Frank Kearse DT 

Marcus Kuhn DL

Shea McClellin ILB/OLB/ST

Justin Coleman CB

Brandon King DB

Key F.A.: 

Steven Jackson RB 
Brandon Gibson WR

Ryan Wendell G  
Dekoda Watson LB 
Dane Fletcher LB

Tarell Brown, CB 
Nate Ebner DB 

Key F.A. Lost:

Chandler Jones OLB/DE

Tyler Gaffney RB

Brandon LaFell WR

Scott Chandler TE

Akiem Hicks DT/DE

Sealver Siliga NT

Tavon Wilson S

The Team: I'm back. Sorry about the disappearance, but I had a rotting tick head borrowing through my thigh. But I have never been so happy to have an infection eating a hole through my flesh, because it was not lyme disease. So after they cut out the tick head yesterday, I just keep feeling better and better. In fact, I was so sick, I still haven't watched the 3rd Round yet.

I also decided to protest the 1st Round like most New Englanders did. They actually cut the rating down to about 1.5%. That was awesome. I watched both the NFL channel and the other one as well. I should have just watched the NFL channel's broadcast. So my little protest of the Ass Monkey ripping a 1st away from the Pats after that idiot Wells proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that no crime had actually been committed is to ignore the rest if the 1st Round. Also here is my little sarcastic protest of the Idiot and the Ass Monkey and the lunacy of Brady's phone:

As a stanch proponent of TB12, I must admit that I didn't understand why Brady would "dispose" of his old phone after he bought his sparkling new phone. I mean, it's not like the NFL could compel him to give them his phone. Oh wait, there was a chance they could! "Someone tried to ruin Laremy Tunsilís life on Thursday night, and Roger Goodell loved the drama." The Ass Money has no soul. "I think itís all part of what makes the draft so exciting, yay" the NFL commissioner said Friday morning on ESPN, in reference to Tunsilís multimillion-dollar slide. "Clubs make decisions. Sometimes they take risks. Sometimes they do the right things. Sometimes they donít, and weíll see. Hopefully he is going to turn out to be a great young player." The release of a video hacked off Tunsil's personal phone is "Exciting:" Yay

Would you give that man your phone? With pictures of your children on it? Or naked photos of you, your wife, or husband in it? With all the constant and convenient leaks by the NFL Offices, like the Mort the Unforgiven leak. Who still thinks that 15 pounds of PSI were sucked out of dozen balls during a 90-second bathroom break.

But of course, Roger Goodell, the man of infinite integrity, would never leak something on Brady's phone. And then play the stupid Ass Monkey role. "It should not have happened and we are very disappointed about it," NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said of the leaked tape. "But it does not impact what we are doing." It's not like Idiot and the Ass Monkey are liars. 

It's not like the Ass Monkey went before Congress and perjured himself under oath when he said all the Tapes of coaches signals, that every other team in the NFL made as well, were destroyed (though none of the Tapes from all the other teams were destroyed as well). And he was glad he did it. "There were a great many questions answered by Commissioner Goodell," Specter, the senior Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, told reporters after the meeting. "I found a lot of questions unanswerable because of the tapes and notes had been destroyed." There is not a stitch of honestly in Ass Monkey's fiber.

He lies and lies, and then talks about honesty. "We have a right to have honest football games," the Ass Monkey said. "I have nothing to hide. I think it was the right thing to do." Then one of the Tapes the Ass Monkey was so proud he destroyed was leaked by someone in the League office. To the TV station a very prominent perjurer's wife worked for, who may or may not have changed his name to Ass Monkey. 

So I have no idea why Brady would destroy his old phone. It makes no sense? It's not like a court could compel him to give up the phone to the Idiot, at the Ass Monkey's behest, and against all things that having meaning in commonsense. I mean, after the Idiot and the Ass Monkey asked for a fifth (THAT'S a FIFTH) interview with the Jugheads, if was obvious to everyone that they were on some kind of insane vendetta. It become clear the depths they would go to in order to make up the "facts" they were tasked with "finding". 

Kraft E. Kraft finally had to step in and say no. With the truth long surpassed, it was clear that their mission was seeking for something other than the facts. They found the facts, and the facts contradicted the story the Idiot was tasked with finding by the Ass Monkey. They needed a story that conflicted with reality, and the gravity that the truth holds. This is the corruptive force of power.

Who knows what Brady had on that phone. Pictures of his kids playing in the backyard? Pictures of him hugging a lamb? His favorite 70s porno links? I mean, it's not like he has naked photos of his celebrity super model wife or anything! And if they found pictures of his wife on his phone, no one in the League office would ever leak them to anyone. No multi billion dollar corporation would ever release naked photos of their customers or employees. We all know the League offices has shutdown security when it comes to leaking videos, secret information, or pictures. I can say (as honest as an Ass monkey) that never happens. For Colt's, Broncos', and Raven's fans, that's called sarcasm.  

Now I'm not talking about Brady' wife, guy code forbids me from doing so. But... When you have a celebrity, actress, and/or super model spouse (not necessarily a wife), and they get exited being in front of a camera, what in the hell do think is going to be on their phones? And now a days it's not just photos. There are also movies on phones (if you know what I'm saying). And maybe even a movie about a "golden aura" that Brady may or may not have participated in.

So if you are still wondering why the phone was destroyed and still think that it had something to do with guilt than you are a sucker who wants to be lied too. The League offices can no longer be trusted, and they continue to keep proving that. They went from "fact finding" to prosecution quicker than a Jughead could allegedly suck 15 pounds of PSI out of a dozen balls. Then from prosecution to persecution  even quicker. Then had the temerity to question why Brady didn't trust anything the Idiot and the Ass Monkey said, did, or leaked to their three stooges. And as the Idiot and the Ass Monkey kept getting more and more litigious, it became more and more obvious that they would have tried to compel a court to steal Brady's rights as a free citizen away from him, and get their greasy little hands on his old phone. Then they could start leaking naked pictures and videos all around the world to every scumbag, sleaze bucket, and weasel who was not quite as slimy as the Idiot and the Ass Monkey. 


The problem with the whole SuckMyBallsGate is that it was never about integrity. It was always purely about power. It was about Goodell's ego and craven craving for power. It is about his utter lack of integrity. In fact, this wasn't even really about the Ass Monkey's power. This was about his absolute power. The courts ruling was simple. Brady didn't do it, but so what. The Ass Monkey has the absolute power, as written into the CBA, to shame, discredit, set up, and destroy the reputation of any one he wants, and players just have to take it.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. There has never been a more obvious example of it than this. The idiot Wells was paid million of dollars to prosecute the Patriots. He is not a fact finder, he is a prosecutor. In his investigation he found nothing. He couldn't prove his case. But, he was paid millions and millions of dollars, and wanted to be paid millions and millions of dollars again. So he made stuff up. He tried desperately to give the Ass Monkey what he wanted. So even though he proved conclusively that no one sucked the air out of ball. He told the guy who just handed him a check for Millions and millions of dollars that he successfully proved Brady did it.

Or did he? He told everybody that he thought (not proved, but "thought") "it was more likely he did it than didn't." The quote that will live in Patriots infamy. Now in a prosecutor's mind, that means the case closed. That means, "that even though I think he might have done it, there's not enough evidence to prove he did it." The Ass Monkey isn't a prosecutor and didn't understand what he meant. He meant, the case is done. The Ass Money heard "more likely he did it than not" and translated it into "I proved he did it, yeah me." 

Wells wanted more NFL cash and didn't correct him. Then the Ass Monkey just added "scheme" the prosecutor code for "he didn't do it", and another innocent man is convicted and corrupted by absolute power. But again, truth to power, Wells proved conclusively that there was no opportunity to suck the air out of ball by Jughead (sorry, I can never remember his name and I'm a wiseass). The only time, after Brady's ball were improperly checked by the refs, the ball sack was out of sight of the cameras and/or the refs was a 90 second bathroom break. Which of course none of the haters will talk about.

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded. Everybody knows that the game is fixed. And everybody knows that you can't go into a bathroom, gets a dozen oblong footballs out of a slick nylon bag, line them up (on a bathroom, aaah, sink? I guess?), take exactly 8 ounces of oxygen out of them, get the balls back into the slippery bag, and then exit the bathroom. It is simply not possible, and everybody knows. Wells knows. the absolutely corrupted Ass Monkey knows. I would gleefully concede Brady's guilt if one of you ass monkeys (like Felger and Mazz doing a radio stunt. It would get huge ratings) would do a radio stunt where they deflated a dozen ball in less than 90-seconds and got them all back the ball back in the bag before the buzzer goes off (but they won't even try because the know it is not possible. It is a shtick for ratings). 

Just set up a table with a shiny sack full of balls. Dump them out on the table, and somehow bear hug them together as they bounce, slip and slide around. Stick a needle in each one and take out about 8-ounces of oxygen. And then get the dozen, oblong-slippery-bouncing-and hard to control footballs back in the slippery nylon football sack in 90-seconds. I dare you bitches. 90-seconds! None of you frauds can do it in 90-seconds, and all you liars know it. The absolutely corrupted Ass Monkey knows it. The Owners who are telling the absolutely corrupted Ass Monkey to reduce the suspension know it. Wells knows it better than I do. And of course the Fraud and Mazz know it as well.

Plus, another major point of logic that no one wants to talk about is that this whole 12.5 to 13.5 PSI rule was created be Brady. Brady and Manning got together, and pitched the idea that the QB's should be able to grab their ball sack, and manipulate their balls any way they want before the game, as long as the air pressure is between 12.5 and 13.5. Why in the hell would Brady co-sponsor the Brady-Manning Ball Manipulation Rule, and make it 12.5 instead of 12 PSI that no one could prove he wanted his balls at to begin with. F-ing obviously, he wanted his football pumped to 12.5 PSI from long before the rule was ever approved by the Competition Committee. He wrote the f-ing rule you ass monkeys. It's called the Brady-Manning Rule you idiots

To believe this absolutely corrupting nonsense you have to start with the inconceivably illogical assumption that Brady wanted his footballs inflated under the legal limit, that he created. I cannot be more clear about how stupid you have to be to believe such nonsense. You have to be as corrupt, stupid, and illogical as the absolutely corrupted Ass Monkey himself.

Which is the second indisputable fact that no one wants to talk about. Brady did not want his football inflated to 12 PSI. That is his number. He has always said he like his footballs on the low side. Meaning on the 12.5 PSI number that he got enacted into the rule book. He wants his footballs inflated to 12.5 PSI exactly. He so obsessively wanted his balls inflated to 12.5 PSI that he spent months working in the off seasons with his biggest nemesis Payton Manning to create a new rule that would allow him to inflate his footballs to 12.5 PSI before the game. He wanted his football inflated to exact 12.5 PSI so desperately that he and Payton Manning went before the rules committee and got the bill passed. The rule that allows QBs to manipulate their footballs to whatever condition they see fit, as CREATED BY BRADY, as long as the PSI is between 13.5 and 12.5, contradicts any ass monkeys' who assumes without evidence that Brady wanted his footballs under 12.5 PSI, period. It is amazing what ass monkeys' will believe.

And of course the absolutely corrupted Ass Monkey doesn't care about the reputation of the most important employee of his massive and dangerous ego. He only cared about shifting the heat of the Ray Rice wife punching incident onto someone else. Then he went way too far, and he knows it. This whole thing was made up by the Ravens and Colts, because they are not smart enough to beat the Pats. Then the absolutely corrupted Ass Monkey was being beaten down by the press for his incompetence, and had to turn the heat up onto someone else. So despite the indisputable facts of reality, Brady had no motive and Jastremski and McNally had no opportunity, he made up the entire mess in a desperate attempt to keep his absolute power, and he succeeded. Now he has his absolute power again, and he reeks of corruption everywhere he goes. 

The courts ruled that because the Collective Bargaining Agreement gave absolute power to the absolutely corrupted Ass Monkey that he has the right to stamp out injustice as he see fit. That was their ruling. They even had to purposely say that they couldn't judge on the facts of the case, which is a way of Judges; saying they know he was innocent, but only on the facts written into the Collective Bargained contract matter. But the Collective Bargained Contract doesn't give him the right to  conspire with his stooges, and make up a crime that never happened and prosecute it absolutely. That is the true crime in this nest of lies, and the purest example of absolute power corrupting absolutely that I have personally seen.

And with all that being said. We forget that stars being railroaded are people too:

From TB12 himself: I am very disappointed by the NFLís decision to uphold the 4 game suspension against me. I did nothing wrong, and no one in the Patriots organization did either.
Despite submitting to hours of testimony over the past 6 months, it is disappointing that the Commissioner upheld my suspension based upon a standard that it was ďprobableĒ that I was ďgenerally awareĒ of misconduct. The fact is that neither I, nor any equipment person, did anything of which we have been accused. He dismissed my hours of testimony and it is disappointing that he found it unreliable.
I also disagree with yesterdays narrative surrounding my cellphone. I replaced my broken Samsung phone with a new iPhone 6 AFTER my attorneys made it clear to the NFL that my actual phone device would not be subjected to investigation under ANY circumstances. As a member of a union, I was under no obligation to set a new precedent going forward, nor was I made aware at any time during Mr. Wells investigation, that failing to subject my cell phone to investigation would result in ANY discipline.
Most importantly, I have never written, texted, emailed to anybody at anytime, anything related to football air pressure before this issue was raised at the AFC Championship game in January. To suggest that I destroyed a phone to avoid giving the NFL information it requested is completely wrong.
To try and reconcile the record and fully cooperate with the investigation after I was disciplined in May, we turned over detailed pages of cell phone records and all of the emails that Mr. Wells requested. We even contacted the phone company to see if there was any possible way we could retrieve any/all of the actual text messages from my old phone. In short, we exhausted every possibility to give the NFL everything we could and offered to go thru the identity for every text and phone call during the relevant time. Regardless, the NFL knows that Mr. Wells already had ALL relevant communications with Patriots personnel that either Mr. Wells saw or that I was questioned about in my appeal hearing. There is no ďsmoking gunĒ and this controversy is manufactured to distract from the fact they have zero evidence of wrongdoing.
I authorized the NFLPA to make a settlement offer to the NFL so that we could avoid going to court and put this inconsequential issue behind us as we move forward into this season. The discipline was upheld without any counter offer. I respect the Commissioners authority, but he also has to respect the CBA and my rights as a private citizen. I will not allow my unfair discipline to become a precedent for other NFL players without a fight.
Lastly, I am overwhelmed and humbled by the support of family, friends and our fans who have supported me since the false accusations were made after the AFC Championship game. I look forward to the opportunity to resume playing with my teammates and winning more games for the New England Patriots.

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