With The 8th Pick, in the 2016 NFL Draft, The Miami Dolphins Select ...

Updated: Jan 30th

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Welcome everybody to the worlds worst Mock Draft, yay. We all have no idea what is going on the Draft before: Senior Bowl, Combine, Pro Days, and Free Agency. So sit back and laugh, because this picks are going to suck!

PICKS 1-11

1st Round

Picks 12-22.

Picks 23-32.

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My Picks: 

Key Needs:

Team Moves:



*Joey Bosa-

DE Missouri

6-5, 270, 


2014 Picks:

1 (2) Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon.

2 Dorial Green-Beckham WR Missouri

3 (66) Jeremiah Poutasi, OT, Utah.

4 (100) Angelo Blackson, DT Auburn

4 (108) Jalston Fowler, FB, Alabama.

5 (138) David Cobb, RB, Minnesota.

6 (177) Deiontrez Moun  LB Louisville

6 (208) Andy Gallikm OC, BC.

7 Tre McBride, WR, William & Mary.

Key F.A. Signed:


Key F.A. Lost:


The Team: The Titans are in the best position you can be in to rebuild. There is a reason Josh is lobbing for the HC here. There is no better place to be (except in the Super Bowl) than to find that young rookie QB who proves he belongs in the NFL, but hasn't learned how to win yet. Mariota proved that he is a legit NFL QB, like the Jags two years ago with Bortles. Last year Bortles developed into a legit stats QB. Now he has to develop into a winning QB. Just like the Titans will be looking for Mariota to develop into more of a stats QB this season, and start winning next season. Meanwhile, they get the top one or two picks in every round to help him. 

The Player: Bosa is the best defender the Draft. He can stop the run, and fierce going after the QB. "There are going to be comparisons to J.J. Watt because they are both athletic white guys from the Big Ten, but Bosa isn't in that same league no matter how hard people will try to push that come draft time," an NFL Scout said. "They both have good motors but Watt was much bigger and much stronger. Bosa doesn't overwhelm guys with pure strength like Watt does." He happily absorbs the double teams to help his teammate. I live how he uses his hands to control the ORT. He had a much better year statistically in 2014, when he had Michael Bennett next to him. Which made it much tougher to double him. 

The Reason: I just have trouble seeing Tunsil as the top pick in the Draft. Not that it matters, as a team like Dallas will fall in love with Wentz and will have to trade up over the Browns to secure him. The Titans have less than a 10% chance of picking here. They can trade down to 2 or 4 and still get the OLT they need.

Second Choice: Laremy Tunsil OLT



*Paxton Lynch-

QB Memphis

6-6, 230,  


2014 Picks:

1-12 Danny Shelton NT Washington

1 (19) Cameron Erving OC/OG FLA St

2 (51) Nate Orchard, OLB/DE, Utah

3 (77) Duke Johnson, RB, Miami

3 (96) Xavier Cooper DT/DE Wash St

4 Ibraheim Campbell S Northwestern

4 (123) Vince Mayle, WR, Wash St

6 (189) Charles Gaines, CB, Louisville

6 (195) Malcolm Johnson TE Miss St

6 (198) Randall Telfer, TE, USC

7 (219) Hayes Pullard, LB, USC

7 (241) Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, CB, Oregon

Key F.A. Signed:

Josh McCown QB

Key F.A.:

The Team: The Browns franchise is a joke because they cannot properly draft a quarterback. "If there's a quarterback there at pick No. 2 or pick No. 32 that we feel is the best option, the best fit for our organization and our football team, then we need to go get him. I do believe that this team does need a quarterback," the HC Jackson said. "I think what we need to do is look to the future and find what we think's going to be the best fit for us, and go from there." This pick is their chance to rejoin the NFL. There are three top ten QBs to choose from in this Draft. They better get it right for a change.. 

The Player: Lynch has a unique poise in the pocket. He is long and tall and can use his long ostrich legs to escapes faster than he looks. "He kind of looks goofy, like an ostrich that just got hatched running around," his teammate Cross said. "He's an athlete, I have to give it to him. Even though he looks goofy doing it." I like who he moves out of the pocket with his head down field looking for a QB.

He is such a surprising athlete. "Those long legs will get to running, and he'll pull away," the Memphis LB McManis said. "There was a point where I was chasing after him, and he got away a little bit. And I was like, man, did that really happen?" But what I like the most about him is that he is so calm in the pocket, and looks like the most natural thrower in the Draft.

The Reason: I still think he is the best QB in the Draft, even though Auburn overwhelmed his offense in the Bowl game

Second Choice: Carson Wentz QB



*Laremy Tunsil-

OLT Mississippi

6-5, 300

OC, NT, OL, WR, OL, CB, WR, DB, LB, LB. CB, 

2014 Picks:

1 (15) Melvin Gordon, RB Wisconsin

2 (48) Denzel Perryman, ILB Miami.

3 (83) Craig Mager, DB, Texas State.

5 (153) Kyle Emanuel DE N Dakota St

6 (192) Darius Philon, NT, Arkansas

Key FA. Signed:


Key FA:

The Team: The Chargers are a team that only addressed one of their top seven needs in last years Draft. And what a surprise, they not so surprisingly sucked last year. The Draft is still about team building, when when you have huge holes in the roster it shows up on Sundays. It is hard to argue that if they had grabbed a Tackle, WR, and a CB or two, they would have had a much better season. But, they are sitting pretty here. They will have a shot at one of the top two non-QBs in the Draft, or take one of the top ten QBs to groom behind Rivers. The player who might fit their needs the most is Jalen Ramsey.

The Player: Tunsil has OLT feet, hips, and hands. He can get outside nicely and fight the OLB on the edge. "Tunsil is a good athlete with strong hands," a scout said. "Little bit of a finesse guy. They are almost like the Oregon teams now. They're really not physical players." Nice quick feet. When he is locked onto a rusher he is tough to beat. He can give a nice pop to the D-End, and still slip inside of him and get to the OLB with his hands. "A big athlete and one of the more impressive players you'll watch," a scout said. "May be the most NFL-ready player to come out as a junior in a long time." I really like how he moves forward. He stones guys in pass pro, but will miss a twist to the OLB outside sometimes. I really like him as a move blocker. A West coast offense Coach is going to love this guy. "A top-10 pick, legit left tackle," a different scout said. "And I think he's top-five. He's an elite athlete, can move in any direction, any way he wants. He's premier. Easy moving, quick, sudden, explosive, fast. All the athletic traits, he has them all." Terrific blocking down on the DT. He will struggle with speed to the corner sometime.

The Reason: They address their third biggest need from last years Draft and take a guy who some think is the best non-QB prospect in the Draft. 

Second Choice: Carson Wentz QB



Carson Wentz

QB North Dakota 

6-5, 235, 

CB, RB,  WR, DE/PR, DB, DL, WR, TE, 

2014 Picks:

1 (27) Byron Jones, CB, UConn.

2 (60) Randy Gregory, DE, Nebraska.

3 (91) Chaz Green, ORT, Florida.

4 Damien Wilson LB, Minnesota.

5 (163) Ryan Russell, DL, Purdue.

7 (236) Mark Nzeocha, LB, Wyoming.

7 (243) Laurence Gibson, OT, VT

7 (246) Geoff Swaim, TE, Texas.

Key F.A Signed:


Key F.A :


The Team: The Cowboys had one of the best O-lines in 2014, and in the end took three O-linemen in this Draft. Granted, Collins was a bizarre event that they took advantage of. But how much better would their season of been if they had taken an RB in the 3rd, instead of an ORT who will likely never start for them.

The Player: Wentz is buyer beware payer whose talent flashes off the screen. "Just be myself," Wentz said about what Garrett and the Cowboys coaching staff told him at the Senior Bowl. "That's what they said, and that's what I tried to do coming in. I tried not to let all of this distract me from the mission." But his body has trouble standing up to the beatings high school and Division II QBs takes. But man can he sling the ball. "I thought it went alright. Obviously, we didn't score any points, so that's always a bummer," Wentz said at the Senior Bowl. "Overall, I thought it went well. I came down here on a mission to really show that I could play with this speed and guys at this level, and I thought I did that. I think I really answered that this stage and this speed isn't too big for me. Whatever level you come from, even if you come from the SEC or Division III, you got to adjust to the speed. I think this was a good feel for that, but obviously going forward it's just going to get faster and faster. I think the biggest thing I learned is that I can play at this level, play at this speed. It was fun. Very busy, but it was a good time." He has one of the quickest releases, from catch to throw I have seen. He made some throws at the Senior Bowl that not a lot of guys in the NFL can make. "From my perspective, I saw what I needed to see," Mayock said at the Senior Bowl. "Big arm Good location. Got rid of the football [quick]." Physically he is the real deal, if he can hold up physically.

The Reason: They are in the market for a guy to groom behind Romo. "To get a chance to be a part of it all week long," Garrett said at the Senior Bowl. "[To] coach these guys. A lot of these players are going to have bright futures in the NFL. To say that we first saw them at the Senior Bowl. [We] had a chance to coach them day in and day out, and be around them. It's a privilege for us to be able to do that." Wentz is a great QB prospect who needs a little time.

Second Choice: Laquon Treadwell WR



*Jalen Ramsey


6-2, 202,


2014 Picks:

1 (3) Dante Fowler Jr., DE, Florida.

2 (36) T.J. Yeldon, RB, Alabama.

3 (67) A.J. Cann, OG, South Carolina.

4 (104) James Sample, S, Louisville.

5 (139) Rashad Greene, WR, FLA ST

6 (180) Michael Bennett, DT Ohio St

7 (220) Neal Sterling WR Monmouth

7 (229) Ben Koyack, TE Notre Dame

Key F.A. Signed:


Key Free Agents:


The Team: They did a great job addressing their needs in last years Draft. Now they just need some help in the secondary, and for Bortles to turn his great QB stats into wins. 

The Player: Ramsey might be the best CB prospect, and the best safety prospect. "He's being evaluated at both spots," a scout said. "But the strong feeling is that his playmaking ability is best served as a safety. Where his speed and size will allow him to best match tight ends, and slot receivers. He's a good tackler, too." He is such a unique talent. He is a great in coverage. He is a great leader. He is great in the clutch. How many game winning plays did he make the last three years. "We had a great talk," Fisher said. "I get upset and get emotional, and Jalen does, too. He's a great kid. He's intelligent. He's smart. He's got upset. I got upset. That's ball. We move on. The kid is a great kid, and he's a leader on our team." Plus, he is tough as nails. Great open field tackler. How many clutch tackles did make when things broke down everywhere else on the defense. He is just as good in Off and he is in Press. He also played some Zone at FLA ST. Plus, he always looks like the one of the smartest guys on the field when he plays.

The Reason: This is the Jags best case scenario. They need a FS and a CB, and generally better play from the whole secondary. Ramsey was a great player and leader at FLA ST. In a few years he will be running their secondary. 

Second Choice: DeForest Buckner DT




**Mackensie Alexander

CB Clemson

5-10, 195, #2, 

CB, FS, WR, OL, RB, CB, DE, CB, TE, LB, QB, 

2014 Picks:

1 (26) Breshad Perriman, WR, UCF.

2 Maxx Williams TE Minnesota

3 (90) Carl Davis, DT, Iowa.

4 Za'Darius Smith, DE, Kentucky

4 (125) Javorius Allen, RB, USC

4 (136) Tray Walker, DB, Texas S.

5 (171) Nick Boyle, TE, Delaware.

5 (176) Robert Myers, OG, Tenn St

6 Darren Waller, WR, Georgia Tech

Key Free Agents Signed:

Key F.A Lost:


The Team: I had DBs as three of their top six needs last year, and they addressed the secondary with one 4th Round pick. Then shockingly had just about the worst pass defense in the NFL. "It was awful,” Harbaugh said of the secondary. "We had a timing issue, technique issue. We didn't match up correctly on the bunch route. We had two guys playing one way, one guy playing another way. It was bad. It has to be better than that. It's no individual guy's fault. It's just not as good as it needs to be. I'll take responsibility for that." I don't think that will happen again this year. With four Corners all worthy of being picked in the top ten, if they run as expected at the Combine or Pro Days. 

The Player: Alexander is one of the smartest DBs in the Draft. He just gets it on the field. He was a college shutdown CB for the number one team for most of the season. He is a Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde type player, who is quiet off the field and a maniac on the field. "Mackensie is definitely a different breed," his teammate Jordan Leggett said. "He's just a different guy. I'm not going to say he’s weird or anything. But he's so quiet [in the locker room]. He doesn’t talk to anybody. But then you see him out there [on the field] just picking fights, starting fights, just playing football." 

He is as fierce a competitor as you want. "You get to feel my heart, my passion," Mackensie  said. "Who wants it more? That's what it's all about. You've got to go out there with passion. I love the game. The game is me. So when I go out there you can feel me. You can feel my heart out there. I enjoy everything about the game." It shows on the field

Like a lot of great athletes, he doesn't get credit for all the hard work he puts in. "I love the cornerback position," Alexander said. "There’s nobody that's dedicated to the position like I am. I’m like a robot because I apply myself that way. A lot of people see my ability but they don’t see the part when I’m in the film room, breaking stuff down, the ins and outs of the game." You have to be smarter to play CB in the NFL now a days. He works on the mental aspects of the game as well as the physical.
You have to be a competitor out on the edge on the NFL, or you will get killed. "I'm a competitor,” Alexander said. “I want to win. I’m out here striving for greatness. That's what it's about. And having God-blessed ability. God blessed me with a lot of ability also. I'm just thankful, that's all." So will whoever Drafts this guy.

The Reason: The secondary was their top need last year, and they didn't address it. "As far as the situation," Harbaugh said about his secondary, "as far as the way guys play and all, yes, that's disappointing. We're better than that. We're way better than that. We have been better than that. We expected to be better than that." It is their top need again this year, and it will be fun to see if they address it.

Second Choice: Eli Apple CB



*Jared Goff-

QB California

6-4, 210, #16,  


2014 Picks:

1 (17) Arik Armstead 5-T Oregon.

2 (46) Jaquiski Tartt, S, Samford.

3 (79) Eli Harold, OLB/PR, Virginia.

4 (117) Blake Bell, TE, Oklahoma.

4 (126) Mike Davis RB South Carolina

4 DeAndre Smelter WR Georgia Tech

5 (165) Bradley Pinion, P, Clemson.

6 (190) Ian Silberman, OT, BC.

7 (244) Trenton Brown, OT, Florida.

7 (254) Rory Anderson, TE, South Carolina.

Key F.A.:


The Team: The 49ers management in is disarray. They are already fighting over what to do with Kaepernick. "I'm not going to decide who the starting quarterback is," the wacky new owner of the 49ers York said. "That's our coach, and then the staff. Buu-ah-ut, I think the nice thing is we have the third-most salary cap room in the league, and everybody wants to make a big issue of, 'Well, you need to make a decision on Colin.' Etcetera, etcetera. We want Colin to get back healthy as soon as possible. We want to make sure that he's able to take the field whenever he's available." Chip is already said to want him gone. Let the wackiness begin.

They need a QB. But this is such an odd year. Goff could go Number One overall, because he beat the crap out of an undermanned Air Force team, and Lynch, Cook, and Hackenberg struggled a little in their Bowl games against much better competition. Goff throws the ball as well as any QB in this Draft. I have him a little underrated, because I watched that Utah game where he threw 4 INTs (oh crap he just threw another). I mean 5 INTs, and I still haven't gotten that out of my head. I think he is the third QB in this Draft, a top 10 pick, and that is not bad at all.

The Player: Goff is a scary prospect to me. But he has matured a lot since he was thrown in as a freshman. "And Jared over here, you know, he's grown as we've grown," coach Dykes said. "We've grown as he's grown. He came in as a true freshman. Had to play and took his lumps. We took our lumps. And he's really matured, and we've grown up together." He played in an air raid offense that is not know for producing NFL QBs. in fact, quite the opposite.
However, he had a great season, and really came up big in the Bowl game. "No, I think sometimes, you know, they do some stuff that stops you," Goff said. "And you kind of have to fix it quickly. And I was able to kind of adjust to what they were doing. I think on that one drive I just missed three passes by about a yard. And, I mean, that happens sometimes. You try not to let it happen, but it does. And then I just got consistent. The guys got open and made it a lot easier for me. The O-line started to protect really well. And I'm just sitting back there, like you said, playing pitch and catch. And, when they're that open, I don't want to say it's easy. But it's not as hard as it would be if you had to fit one in there." But Air Forces was clearly not prepared to cover his WRs.
He is my third choice as a top ten QB. "Yeah. This moment two years ago I was probably getting x-rays on my shoulder," Goff said. "And I had shoulder surgery and came a long way since then. And, like Coach Dykes said, I've kind of grown up with the program and everyone has kind of grown up with me as well. It's been fun, though. It's been a fun ride." But he will be a top ten QB.

NFL guys love this guy. "He's been the hot ticket and talk in college football this year," a scout said, "and there is no denying his talent, but I see him as best served by going back to school. He needs more heft to give him a bit more padding and body armor, and the more starts and situations that he sees in college, the better. Plus, his team keeps improving, and success can never be underestimated for a QB." Don't be surprised if he is the first or second QB taken this year.

The Reason: The complete mental collapse of Kaepernick after Harbaugh left. 

Second Choice: Laquon Treadwell WR



*Vernon Hargreaves III-


6', 200, #1,

DT(FA), OC,  RB, WR, CB,  RB, WR, DB, OL, FB/TE, LB, CB, 

2015 Picks:

1 (14) DeVante Parker, WR, Louisville.

2 (52) Jordan Phillips, DT, Oklahoma.

4 (114) Jamil Douglas, OL, Arizona St

5 (145) Bobby McCain, CB, Memphis

5 (149) Jay Ajayi, RB, Boise State.

5 Cedric Thompson DB Minnesota.

5 (156) Tony Lippett WR Michigan St

Key F.A.:


Key F.A. Lost:

The Team: This is an odd Draft. The top players in this Draft are almost all QBs or defenders. Offensive players will be propped up to fit teams needs. However, the talent of the top four Corners in undeniable. I have Alexander, Hargreaves, and Apple separated by nothing. So I put them in order of how I feel about them: Alexander, rainbows, Hargreaves, sunshine, and then Apple. They are likely to be separated by their speed and Combine numbers. 

The Player: I love the way Hargreaves moves on the field. He can play and move backwards and sideward in any technique. "This is one of the best players in the country in the way he prepares and practices," coach McElwain said. "And the fact that anytime the ball's in the air, he's got a shot at picking it off. He challenges guys, and he's incredibly fun to watch. With that, obviously, it helps the confidence of that whole side of the ball." He has elite feet and focus on the field. 

He even played a little offense this season. "I honestly didn't know that was going to happen,'' teammate Bryan Cox Jr. said. “I just looked up and they said, 'Vernon Hargreaves on the catch.' He's a freak. I would use him on offense if I was the coordinator." He caught a 6-yard pass, returned a punt, and had an INT against New Mexico. 

He can play anywhere he wants. "You talk about great instincts, great feel for the game," McElwain said. "He's got unbelievable ball skills. He’s a guy that could play on offense. He’s that kind of player. He’s fun to watch." Speed kills, and he just plays at a faster speed than everyone else on the field.

He is such a great playmaker that they had to put some plays in for him on offense. "We've got some packages for him," coach'' McElwain said. "It's all part of what we're doing. Dynamic playmakers, you need to get the ball in their hands. We need to find guys and continue to do that. He's a weapon. I'm glad he's on our team." He is a rare athlete that does not come along every year.

The Reason: Miami needs a CB, and there are four top ten Corners in this years Draft. . 

Second Choice: Ronnie Stanley OLT



**Eli Apple

CB Ohio ST

6-1, 200, 


2014 Picks:

1 (1) Jameis Winston, QB, FLA ST

2 (34) Donovan Smith, OT, Penn ST

2 (61) Ali Marpet, OG, Hobart.

4 (124) Kwon Alexander, ILB, LSU.

5 (162) Kenny Bell, WR, Nebraska.

6 (184) Kaelin Clay, WR, Utah

7 (231) Joey Iosefa, RB, Hawaii.

Key F.A, Signed: 


Key Free Agents:

The Team: Another top ten team that needs a CB. They are probably the least likely to take a CB in the top ten, because of their system. But because this is the worst Mock Draft in NFL history I can take a few liberties. Apple is an instant starter on this team.

The Player: He is still a young player. He is only 20-years old. "I feel like I just have to make sure I fine tune some things with my technique, especially my press, make sure I don't get too high, too low, stay more even-keeled out there," Apple said. "Just work with the guys around me. Just become a better team player." So he has a lot of growing left to do, and he knows it. He has only started for two seasons. He will get to handsy downfield some times. He is the tallest of the top four CBs. He is a physical CB who can look great in the run game as well. He will likely struggle a little more with the transition to the NFL as he relies on is hands a little too much in coverage. 

He did a great job covering Fuller deep. "Just being aware of it [Fuller's deep speed], and playing fundamentally sound," Apple said. "Just doing well with our technique, especially in the backfield as well." Fuller only had 35-yards against Apple in the Fiesta Bowl, where Apple was named defensive MVP.

The Reason: Have you seen their Corners?

Second Choice: Ronnie Stanley OLT



DeForest Buckner-

WR Arizona ST

6-7, 290, #44,  

DE, LB, FS, SS, OL, DT, TE, DE, DB, DB, RB, OL, WR, 

2014 Picks:

1 (9) Ereck Flowers, OL, Miami.

2 (33) Landon Collins, SS, Alabama.

3 Owamagbe Odighizuwa, DE, UCLA

5-144 Mykkele Thompson DB Texas

6 (186) Geremy Davis, WR, UConn.

7 (226) Bobby Hart, OT, FLA ST.

Key F.A.:

Key F.A. Lost:


The Team: I still think they need an inside defender or two. Though, I would like see Odell teamed up with Laquon.  

The Player: Buckner is a rare guy who can consistently hit the quarterback, and is as solid against the run. His size, strength, and explosion are top notch. He came back for his senior season when he really didn't have to, and had a great season: Oregon's second-leading tackler (83) and team's defensive Most Outstanding Player became only the school's second defender since 1983 to be named the Pac-12's Defensive Player-of-the-Year . . . Became the sixth Duck - fourth on defense - to win the prestigious Morris Trophy, voted on by opposing Pac-12 linemen who lined up across from him . . . One of six finalists for the Ted Hendricks Award as the nation's top defensive end was credited with seven or more tackles in each of his last six appearances . . . Earning first-team All-America accolades by USA Today and second-team honors from the Associated Press ... he either led or shared the team lead in stops on four occasions and tallied more total tackles than any any of the school's previous down linemen in 27 years.

He reminds me a lot of Armstead, but he is tougher and stronger inside. "His comp is going to be Calais Campbell or Arik Armstead," a Scout said. "But I think he's more talented coming out than either one of those guys. He's twice the player Armstead was coming out." He can play the 5-tech and DT, and press the pocket on passing downs inside.

He is so explosive inside on passing downs. "The first thing that DeForest really improved on was his pass rushing," the DC Don Pellum said. "His hands got better, his hips got better, and I think that's one of the reasons he started to become a dominant force. Secondly, he took charge. A year ago when DeForest said he was coming back, I said, 'OK, we're going to put this defense in your hands. So if it's going great, we're going to pat you on the back. If it's not, we're going to come to you.' We may miss that more because he was so good at getting guys going. If a guy was not doing what he was supposed to be doing DeForest said, 'I got it coach.' He was so good at being that guy." Teams always need leaders.

The Reason: He is just too good to pass up at 10.

Second Choice: Laquon Treadwell WR



*Kevin Dodd- 

Edgerusher Clemson

6-4. 275, #98,


2015 Picks:

1 (7) Kevin White, WR, West Virginia.

2 (39) Eddie Goldman, NT, FLA ST

3 (71) Hroniss Grasu, OL, Oregon.

4 Jeremy Langford, R  Michigan St

5 (142) Adrian Amos, S, Penn ST

6 (183) Tayo Fabuluje, OT, TCU.

Key Free Agents Signed:


Key F.A. Lost:


The Team: The Bears have to get some help on the Edge, and this is a good year for it. There are some freakish rushers in this Draft. What makes them so different is they they are great rushers off the edge with burst and speed, but there are five guys who are listed over 270-pounds: Dodd, Nassib, Oakman, Lawson, and Ogbah. That is a list of some great college edgerusher, but they are all also huge for rushers.

The Player: Dodd is the rusher who I think is the best athlete. "I'm going to go out there with the same approach, executing plays, tackling the man with the ball. Just go out there and play football," Dodd said before the Champ game, where he had three sacks. "Best players have got to play well in order for us to win. That's what I intend to do. I'm just ready to play." The top guys are all quick and strong, but Dodd is the guy with the best bend and athleticism. 

He had 12 Sacks despite an injury in the middle of the season. "He's a guy that had the focus and the maturity to watch and pay attention, to listen, where so many young guys, the norm is certainly not that," Clemson DC Brent Venables said. "The norm is to wait until 'my time' to do all of the learning and growing then. A lot of times that window passes guys, but he's unique in that he chose to pay attention when he's sitting on the sideline. " He didn't have a Sack in five games as he recovered from the Injury, and then went on to have 7.5 Sacks in the final five games. 

I think that run, and a great showing at the Combine, makes him the first passrusher off the Board. "Talking about defensive linemen, you're talking about that great first step, and he has it," coach Marion Hobby said. "You talk about being physical at the point of attack. He can do that. Can he rush the passer? Yes. Does he play with great motor? Yes. Does he have a high football IQ? Yes. I think his future is really bright. If somebody takes a chance and drafts Kevin Dodd, whether it's this year or next year, they'll have themselves a gem, a real gem." I agree.

The Reason: They need an edgerusher.

Second Choice: Christian Hackenberg QB