With The 42nd Pick, in the 2016 NFL Draft, The Miami Dolphins Select ...

Updated: April 29th

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Welcome everybody to the worlds worst Mock Draft, yay. We all have no idea what is going on the Draft before: Senior Bowl, Combine, Pro Days, and Free Agency. So sit back and laugh, because this picks are going to suck!

PICKS 32-47

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My Picks: 

Key Needs:

Team Moves:




Defense: 3-4

*Emmanuel Ogbah-


6-4, 275, (U) 4.62, (O) 4.63! Split-1.59! 35 1/2" Vert,

35 1/2" Arms! 20 Reps,

10'1 Broad! 4.5 SS,

7.26 3-C,


*Corey Coleman

WR Baylor


2016 Picks:

1 (15) Corey Coleman WR Baylor

2 (32) Emmanuel Ogbah OLB OK ST

3 (65) Carl Nassib OLB Penn St.

3 (76) Shon Coleman OT Auburn

3 (93) Cody Kessler QB USC

4 (99) Joe Schobert LB Wisconsin

4 (114) Ricardo Louis WR Auburn

4 (129) Derrick Kindred S TCU

4 (138) Seth DeValve TE Princeton

5 (154) Jordan Payton WR UCLA

5 (168) Spencer Durango OT Baylor

5 (172) Rashard Higgins WR Colo St

5 (173) Trey Caldwell DB La. Monroe

7 (250) Scooby Wright III LB Arizona

Key F.A.:


Terrelle Pryor WR

Demario Davis LB

Tank Carder ILB

Don Jones S

Key F.A.: 

Austin Pasztor G 

Alvin Bailey OL  

Key F.A. Lost:

Johnny Manziel QB

Travis Benjamin WR 

Dwayne Bowe WR

Mitchell Schwartz OT 

Alex Mack OC

Karlos Dansby ILB

Craig Robertson LB

Johnson Bademosi DB

Tashaun Gipson S 

The Team:  I like what they did on Day Two. "Productive Day 2 for us, adding four players, all of whom we are really excited about having be Cleveland Browns here and bringing them into our locker room," Sashi Brown. "The common theme amongst all of these young men is they are really passionate about football, productive in their college careers, high energy guys who will bring some great leadership to our team and to our locker room." Ogbah is an immigrant from Africa who has worked his butt off to make it into the NFL. His work ethic and character was not appreciated this Draft season.

Ogbah is a freak athlete. "I'd say it's a function of a number of different things," VP of player personnel Andrew Berry said. "Iím not going to into specific ordering, but in Emmanuelís case, we had a number of different touches with him throughout the fall and throughout the spring. Even though he may not have had as public of exposure to the three of us up here, he saw plenty of our scouting and coaching staff throughout the fall, throughout the combine process. We met with him in Indianapolis so we feel very comfortable with the player we are bringing aboard." Matching personalities is one of the behind the scene aspects of drafting that we are no privy to.

Some think he doesn't play hard all the time. That is why he dropped to the 2nd Round. "Weíre always looking to add players to the roster who have a level of toughness and have the ability to overcome adversity,Ē Berry said . "I canít tell you that it was a conscious selection to hit a certain number of players who have overcome some pretty significant obstacles in their lives, but this is a tough sport and you need tough men to play it. We feel they embody that criteria." Ogbah is definitely a tough guy.
His work ethic is unquestioned. "Those are the type of guys we want on campus," Jackson said, "we're giving them an opportunity. They have to do it, and we see the characteristics in them thatís going to give them a chance to hopefully compete on this football team." He was a match for this team from start to finish,

The Player: Ogbah was the super workout warrior at the Combine for the DL group. He was top five in arm length, 10-yard Split, Forty, Broad Jump, and Vertical Leap, at an astonishing 273-pounds. His inconsistency worries some coaches and GMs. I always enjoyed watching him play. Great feet in bag drill. A little finesse with his hands sometime. He looked really good in zone drop drill. A little slow in coverage drills. He looked good moving around in the deep pass drill. He has to learn to use his hands better, and he will get stuck on blockers. But when his burst and first move work, which is a lot, he terrorizes QBs. He, Nassib, Dodd, and Oakman (who showed up over 280-pounds) where the heaviest group of passrushers I have ever seen at the Combine. Incredible size and length in guys who have that knack for hitting the quarterback. Ogbah tested out as the fastest and most explosive athlete of the four.

In the past two seasons he has garnered 24 Sacks and 34.5 TFL. He really looks the part, and plays it with a nice relentlessness. He has a nice dip ad rip around the corner. He is more of a one move rusher, and needs to add some counter moves. When he gets stopped off his first move, he tries to shove off and retreat a little to try and find another angle. 

Ogbah should be a 1st round pick. "I work way too hard to settle for less, thatís what I tell myself," Ogbah said. "It comes from the hard work put in during the summer and spring. Running stadiums in the cold. Cold air in your lungs. We only get 12 games. We want to win championships. We want to be the best. We've put in the work. It's a pride thing, we've worked hard to earn this reward." He has the talent, the production, and the work ethic.
He doesn't always look the part. "I've never had a player like this who has continually gotten better and better and better," DL coach Clements said. "His ability to take over a game, from a defensive end position, thatís something unique. The level heís playing right now, I've never had a player as good as him." But he plays the part as well as any D-end in this Draft.
He is a square shaped passrusher who has that knack for hitting the quarterback. "Obviously, he's had a sack in a bunch of games," TCU HC Patterson said. "He's relentless. He comes after you. You've got to be ready to play." It doesn't matter your size, shape, or how you look, if you can hit the QB you can make money in the NFL.
He might have been the most valuable defender on 3rd downs in all of college football over the past two seasons. "[He's a] Monster," his HC Gundy Said. "When he's in that mode, he's difficult to handle at this level. When it's third-and whatever, and he's bringing it, I like to watch him because he's pretty dominating. I know there's a chance he might get there and they might not get the ball off." He is a monster on 3rd and long.
He gets low off the the snap and has great heavy hands. "He doesnít believe he has arrived," his DC Spencer said. "Heís violent. He's powerful. He's got great speed for his size. He's long. He's got tremendous body control for his size. All those measurables that you want that guy to have, he's got-em. Itís why the [NFL] loves-em." His best asset is likely his size. He does not look like your prototype passrusher because he is so big and square.
But when it is time to rush the passer he is tops on the list. "He has the ability to take the game over," the DL coach Clements said. "He can shut down half of the offense for us. It's kind of getting to the point where you expect constant pressure on the quarterback. When itís not there, it's a big uproar: 'Why are we not getting pressure on the quarterback?' Because we've gotten spoiled." He is that good.

The Reason: When he uses his hands to slice past the ORT, he is at the QB before he can dump it off to the RB. When teams get down, he will just blast off and run around the ORT down after down. "A lot of hard work but really pleased to be able to add Emmanuel Ogbah to our roster," Brown said ."As we set out this offseason and talked about some of the goals that we had for our organization, other than landing this man [Hue Jackson] and some dynamic playmakers on offense, being able to find an edge rusher in the draft was high on our list of priorities. For our board, Emmanuel is our best player. We had a first-round grade on him so we were hopeful and really pleased leaving last night that he sat there waiting on us. We had some debate today about whether or not we would trade out. Frankly, the player was just too good to pass on any other opportunities that were there. With that, Iíll let Hue talk a little bit about E.O. and how heíll fit into our system." Which is incredible when you remember that he is 275-pounds. 
He has a great build and plays some 5-tech, and doesn't look out of place. He will zone drop sometimes, but it never looks right to me. "Heís a candidate to be a linebacker in a three-down scheme," Jackson said. "He has that kind of versatility and that kind of skillset. We drafted him because he can do both of those things well." I was wondering if they would play him at 5-Tech or OLB, because he has interesting traits for both positions. There just aren't a lot of guys his size who can run around an ORT untouched. Plus, he is great against the run. 
This guy is huge. It is hard to believe he is such a good speed rusher. He has 11 Sacks and 17 TFL in 2014. "The combination of speed, thereís not a lot of guys at 275 pounds that can do what Emmanuel can do, period," Brown said. "Heís flexible. He can win with power and with speed. That is a rare combination. It fits our scheme in the 3-4. As Hue said, we expect Emmanuel to come in and to compete to be one of our full-time three-down linebackers on the edge and to create a little bit of pressure so people have to think about whatís coming on that edge. We have some guys that are there that are pretty well established. Put Emmanuel in the mix and let them compete to see who will get the snaps on Sunday." Having a strongside OLB who is great against the run, and can run untouched around the ORT is like striking gold in the NFL.
He sometimes doesn't look like he is going all out all the time, but he was rarely taken off the field. Some dinged him for it, but he just kept harassing QBs. "For us, as we sat and watched the group of players, we were hoping Emmanuel would be the one that was there at 32," Brown said. "But there is a group that we felt like we were monitoring, and if that group gets slim and we feel like weíll end up in another tier, we would go get a player. There are some guys we need to get back and start watching now. Our anticipation is that weíre prepared to pick at 65, and if someone that we think is prepared to go off the board early, weíll go get him." I though Ogbah was an easy 1st round talent, and grabbing him in the 2nd was a great step forward for this terrible defense.
Ogbah was clearly one of the oddities of this Draft. There were about 7 or 8 guys between 270 and 290 who looked like they could play an OLB in a 3-4. "I think it's still important because you have a foundation which you start from," Jackson. "There's also an advantage that I think we all recognize even when you play 3-4 versus base offensive football teams. If your skillset of the team is as good as we can be in a 3-4 scheme, sometimes you can cause matchup problems with teams that play in three wide receivers versus your base defense. Itís kind of back and forth. I think it all takes care of itself if you draft really good players that have versatility and that can play in either scheme." He uses his quick hands so well to knock the hands of blockers off his shirt. He will also stand up and rush. Looses track of the run game sometimes to get up field.




Defense: 3-4

*Kevin Dodd- 

Edgerusher Clemson

6-5. 277, 34" Arms,

7.18 3-C, 4.44 SS, 

30 1/2" Vert, 9'2" Broad,


Jack Conklin-

OLT Michigan ST

OT, FS, CB, OLB, RB, DT(FA), WR, 5-T, OL,  TE, WR, CB, ILB, DB, TE(FA), 

2016 Picks:

1 (8) Jack Conklin OT Michigan St.

2 (33) Kevin Dodd DE Clemson

2 (43) Austin Johnson DT Penn St.

2 (45) Derrick Henry RB Alabama

3 (64) Kevin Byard S Middle Tenn.

5 (140) Tarjae Sharpe WR UMass

5 (157) LeShaun Sims CB S. Utah

6 (193) Sebastian Tretola G Arkansas

7 (222) Aaron Wallace LB UCLA

7 (253) Kalan Reed DB S. Miss

Key F.A. Signed:

Matt Cassel QB

DeMarco Murray RB

Rishard Matthews WR 

Craig Stevens TE 

Byron Bell OT  

Ben Jones OC

Sean Spence LB 

Coty Sensabaugh CB 

Antwon Blake CB 

Michael Griffin S

Rashad Johnson S 

Key F.A.:
Dorin Dickerson TE   
Jamon Meredith G 

Mike Martin DE 
Al Woods DT 

Sammie Lee Hill DT

Brandon Harris CB 

Key F.A. Lost:

Matt Cassel QB 

Logan Mankins (R)

Joe Looney G

Zach Brown LB

Steven Johnson LB

The Team: This is the second straight steal for the top two worst teams in the NFL. "With 33, we really wanted a pass rush," GM Jon Robinson said. "He played more in a four man line with his hand down (in college). There were some zone drops, blitz zones that he played a little bit in the coverage where he would drop out. In our workout and then at some drills at the combine that we thought were very advantageous to him to be able to play spatially for us. Depending upon formation, if he has to remove from the core, he would be able to do really well in the space." They both snagged an edgerusher to start Day Two.
Titans play a 3-4, so he will be an OLB. "I know they are in need for my position at outside linebacker," Dodd said. "I know that I can come in and get an opportunity to compete for a spot. I feel like I can do anything that they ask me to do. Iím sure there are some things I can clean up but Iím just ready to work. The best is yet to come." He has as much potential as an edgerusher as anyone in this Draft.
He played second fiddle to Lawson. So he sunk more than he should have. "I definitely thought I would go higher, and thatís why I was in Chicago," Dodd said. "It didn't happen as I planned, but I am still blessed to be drafted. A lot of guys donít get this opportunity. I know a lot of guys back home that would probably want to be in this position that I am. Not going where you expected to go, it will push you. You are going to have a little chip on your shoulder or what not. I am still going to work. I am still going to do what Kevin Dodd has been doing. I have been grinding since day one." So now he has more to prove as a rookie, which can only help.
He was part of a terrific duo at Clemson. "Both of them are prepared," Dabo Swinney said. "They have the tools that they need to go be successful on and off the field and represent their organizations the right way and continue to be committed to the excellence that they were here at Clemson." Lawson had more sacks, but Dobbs had more pressures.
He beats ORT's to the corner with his terrific blast off. "You just donít see big guys like him that have the explosive first step," Robinson said. "Heís so explosive in his hips and heís very confident in what heís doing." And he is just getting started.

The Player: 3/24 The Clemson Three Part III: Kevin Dodd. 

The Reason: They get a 1st Round talent in the 2nd at OLB. He was a one year wonder, who had to learn what it means to be a top level FBS D-end. "He was the best at dodging the weight room when we got him," Robinson said. "But developed it over time. The talent was there, but he had to work for it, and Iím proud of the work heís put in." It's all about work ethic for Dobbs because the talent is there.

Now he just has to learn to work at an NFL level. "He knows he can be great," Robinson said. "He's worked hard to make himself great. Heís got a smile on his face and heís always laughing, heís one of the nicest kids youíll ever meet but he certainly got more serious about the things that are important." He followed the lead of Beasley and Lawson, and made himself a top NFL prospect. 
Dobbs was a one year wonder. That is why he drifted to the 2nd Round. "He was just head and shoulders above everybody else [in high school]," Eoute, who coached Dodd in high school, said. "I'll never forget, he was playing right defensive end for us, and we always have our ends play away from you, trail the play until it breaks the line of scrimmage and then you break off into a pursuit angle. And with a tailback on a toss sweep on the opposite side of him, he ran the tailback down. So the physical ability is impressive with the size, the strength but the speed that is with it, you donít see those kind of players that often." Dobbs can go and hit the QB. There is nothing more value than that in the NFL now.

Second Choice: Carl Nassib DE/OLB




Defense: 4-3

*Jaylon Smith

OLB Fighting Irish

6-2, 235,  


*Ezekiel Elliott

RB Ohio State

QB, DL, CB, DL, RB, S, WR, DT, TE,  MLB, DE,  

2016 Picks:

1 (4) Ezekiel Elliott RB Ohio St.

2 (34) Jaylon Smith LB Notre Dame

3 (67) Maliek Collins DT Nebraska

4 (101) Charles Tapper DE Oklahoma

4 (135) Dak Prescott QB Miss St.

6 (189) Anthony Brown CB Purdue

6 (212) Kavon Frazier S C. Michigan

6 (216) Darius Jackson RB E. Michigan

6 (217) Rico Gathers TE Baylor

Key F.A  Signed:  

Rolando McClain ILB

Cedric Thornton DE 

Key F.A :

Lance Dunbar RB 

Robert Turbin RB

Mackenzy Bernadeau G 

Ronald Leary, G 
Charles Brown OT  
Tyler Clutts, FB 
Jack Crawford, DE 
James Hanna, TE 
Greg Hardy, DT  
Danny McCray, S 
Jeremy Mincey, DE 

Morris Claiborne CB
Josh Thomas CB 
Kyle Wilber, OLB

Key F.A. Lost:

Matt Cassel QB 

The Team: This is one of those picks that is so obvious after it happens that you hate yourself for missing it. "The nerve could come back tomorrow," Jaylon Smith said. "It's just a timing thing. When it wants to come back itíll come back. Iím going to be fine. Iíll be able to play again. Timing is everything. For Dallas to draft me, theyíre going to get a great player. Iím looking forward to playing for a great team." The Cowboys team doctor is the one who did the surgery on Smith. So they had the inside info on his surgery.

I knew that before the Draft, and forgot about it. Even though I wrote myself a note that this was his floor. "We just think heís going to be a great football player," Jones said. "He may not play this year, which we accept, but I think what he ultimately is going to be is certainly worth investing our second-round pick." His brother plays for the Cowboys as well. He will not play next season, and the hope for Smith is that he can come back and be a Dont'a Hightower like OLB/ILB.
But he will not be what he was when he returns. "His tape just leaps off the screen," Marinelli said. "I mean, he is really good. Heís really athletic in space, great hands, great tackler, blitzer. Heís just a real ball player. I think he fits anybody. But in our system the way weíd use him, itíd be pretty special. :You look at a guy like this, and you look a year from now, weíve got one of the best players in the draft. Obviously thereís patience and all those things that go with that, but heís well worth it." He will have to adjust how he plays, and have to be tougher than everyone else, just like Hightower.
Hightower was a super freak athlete coming out of high school, and blew out his knee like Smith. "Just everything Iíve been through thus far," Smith said. "It's been the most challenging time of my life, but at the same time itís been the best time of my life where my dream just came true." But never really fully recovered from that devastating knee injury, but has worked and toughed his way to play at an All Pro level in the NFL. That is the best hope for Smith.

The Player: Smith is an awesome talent with a bum knee. "A big part of this is the medical," Mayock said, "I've texted and talked to at least five different teams since [Saturday] night to ask them about Jaylon Smith. None of them will get specific. But the one common denominator is every team's told me it's bad, on the knee." He will not be back next season, and teams will not know what he will be when he returns. 

He has nerve damage in his knee, and will miss this season. "The nerve wasn't stretched at all" Smith said. "It's just the healing game, that's all. It's a process. I'll be back 100 percent. We just don't know when." He is not likely to be back at 100%, but he could still be a hell of a player at 90-95%.
If he is lucky he will slip into the second half of the 1st, by a team whose coach and GM have enough security to Redshirt their top pick. "I'm hoping to go top 10," Smith said at the combine. "I view myself as the best player in the draft, you know? It's just a matter of waiting and enjoying the process and controlling what I can control. I'm having a blast with all the fellahs out here." There are not a lot of options for him in the 1st.

Smith brings so much to a team, but most importantly he is a great leader and clutch defender. "The development of the defense and where he is," Kelly said about Smith, "it puts him in a position on those rundowns where we can get him into the center of the action. It really was about getting him in the center of action, and that will linebacker position keeps him around the action as much as we can. We can even dictate terms in the sense that, even if you want to go two by two and try to get him out of the box, we can even dictate that and keep him in there. So it was really more about keeping him in the center of our defense than anything else." He makes plays all over the field.  

He is so athletic on the field that he reminds me of Jamie Collins as a pure linebacker. "He's just scratching the surface for what he could be as a pro," an NFC director of scouting said. "A creative coordinator could really have a fun time moving him around as a chess piece." There are not a lot of guys who can move on the field like Collin. Smith is one of them. 

He makes  plays in the rush and in coverage, but his bread is buttered in the run game. "I think that they are very similar in their evaluation, in that he has great versatility for him," a scout said. "He's 250 pounds. So he can play inside. He can play outside. He provides a unique opportunity, even for those at the next level, because he can run and rush the passer. He can play both inside and outside. That's very unique for a defensive player." He got even more aggressive against the run this past season. I like how he takes on blockers at the point, and can shed and make the tackle. 

This past season he started to make some money for himself, but making plays on the edges. "I mean, a lot of people see all the athletic traits and things of that nature," Smith himself said. "But I don't think that makes you great. It's about your work ethic, your work habits, just going about learning defense, understanding the game, what offenses are trying to do. From your position, it's understanding, you know, your defensive coordinator's mind, his scheme. Not just memorizing what you're supposed to do, but understanding the full concepts." He is as smart as they come.

If his knee is sound he could go in the top 15. He tore two ligaments in his knee, and his camp is saying he will be ready for the 2015 season in eight or nine months. He won the Butkus Award as the best linebacker in the FBS. Then he tore up his ACL and LCL on a seemingly innocuous play in their Bowl Game. I don't think he was ever really a top five pick, and tearing two ligaments is going to hurt his Draft stock. 
But, the only news that matter is that the surgery was said to be successful and a full recovery before the NFL season starts in 9 months. "What we do know is there's going to be a full recovery. The repair is solid, and he's very optimistic. We're optimistic. And Jaylon is ready to get going with his rehab.,"
the source said. Then he said "[the repair of both ligaments] couldn't have gone better. The nerve was healthy and in great condition." Let's hope so.

Reports continue that he could be back for the regular season. That's a tough one to buy. I went back and watched some film to make sure I was seeing what I was seeing, and he was great. "It's something that sticks out," Smith said about his work ethic. "I want to be great in everything I do. I definitely wanted it to all be first round. If one came back second round, that would push me even more." He does everything great you need a linebacker to do. He can rush. He can play the run. He can cover. He will sometimes look a little slow, when he is chasing a WR 30 or 40 yards down field, but what LB doesn't? "Jaylon Smith is an all-time athlete, a guy you absolutely love," Bucky Brooks said. "He's a thumper in the middle, he can run from sideline to sideline. He's very violent in his play, a guy that I believe is a three-down linebacker, very versatile. He kind of reminds me of a young Patrick Willis in terms of his ability to play in the middle of a 3-4 defense. Make plays, communicate all the calls, and do all the things you look for from that position. A natural leader. He's a guy that I think is going to be a star. If not for the injury, I think we're talking about a top-five talent." It is all about the knee for him. If his knee isn't at risk for further injury than he is a top 15 pick.

The Reason: They knew more about his knee than any other team in the NFL. Smith is a top five pick in this Draft. He is a better than Jack. But he's got nerve damage from his knee injury. So only a team with a coach and/or a GM with absolute job security can take the chance on him. Jones and Jones have absolute job security. They can take a player who never plays a down for them, and are very unlikely to fire themselves. If he last this far, they could have a star on their hands in three years. They need an edgerusher for their defense. 

09/2015: Smith has been an absolute monster this season. He has been the most clutch defender in the FBS this year. He will disappear a little sometimes and then boom, on 3rd and whatever, he makes the stop to end the series. He makes the plays on 4th down as well. He always seems to play better in the 4th Quarter. The reason I have him as the first of the three off the ball linebackers is that he has been lining up on the line more and blitzing the QB. The more a LB can bother a QB the more valuable he becomes.

Georgia Tech: Smith finds his way through blockers to attack the screen as well as anyone. Great heavy hands to shove off blockers and redirect to the ball carrier. When his team needs his most he makes the big play. He will hop outside and cover the slot receiver sometimes. The more you watch this guy the more you have to like him. He just keeps coming up with the big plays at the big times. 

Stanford: He is so good at getting into the backfield and finding the ball. He does a job finding the RB in traffic. He moves through trash and traffic as well as anyone in this Draft. Terrific tackler out in space. Voted team captain. I like him so much better at OLB. Slides laterally nicely in pass coverage. He comes up big on 3rd downs. He can destroy screens all by himself, especially on 3rd down.

Ohio State: He popped his knee back the complete opposite was it is suppose to bend. 




Defense: 3-4

*Hunter Henry

TE Arkansas

6-5, 250, (PD) 4.67,

32 3/4" Arms, 21 Reps,


*Joey Bosa-

DE Ohio ST


2014 Picks:

1 (15) Melvin Gordon RB Wisconsin

2 (48) Denzel Perryman ILB Miami.

3 (83) Craig Mager, DB Texas State.

5 (153) Kyle Emanuel DE N Dakota St

6 (192) Darius Philon, NT, Arkansas

Key FA.:

Travis Benjamin WR

Dontrelle Inman WR

Antonio Gates TE/H-B

Chris Hairston, OT 

Kenny Wiggins OL

Brandon Mebane DT

Casey Hayward CB

Jahleel Addae S

Key FA. Signed:

Malcom Floyd WR  

John Phillips TE 

David Johnson FB

Johnnie Troutman G 

Joe Barksdale OT 
Jeffrey Linkenbach OT
J.D. Walton C 
Ricardo Mathews DE 

Joe Mays LB 
Patrick Robinson DB 
Brandian Ross DB 
Cassius Vaughn DB 

Kellen Clemens QB 

Key FA. Lost:

Donald Butler RB

Ladarius Green TE

Kendall Reyes DE  

Eric Weddle S

The Team: I thought they should have gone defense here. However, getting a tight end who can protect Rivers is not a bad thing. "My dad was an offensive lineman and played offensive line at Arkansas," Henry said. "I've always kind of grown up with that mentality and my dad and that toughness side of things. Just being tough, and being down in the trenches because thatís what he did day in and day out." He was drafted primarily as a pass catcher, but he can block.

But they really are in trouble at tight end, which is where Rivers likes to throw. "Itís an honor," Henry said about Gates. "It's awesome to watch a guy I grew up watching and to be able to be on the same team and the same field with him is going to be an honor. I look forward to it. Growing up, I watched the Chargers quite a lot so just being able to see him throughout his career and the progression heís made and all the success thatís come his way, and heís so deserving of it, itís going to be really cool to be able to work with him." So he will have a great role model to study as a rookie.

They lost Ladarius Green, and Gates is almost as old as I am. "Well, the tight end one worked out very well," Telesco said. " For us, he was the best tight end in the draft, so that was key for us in a position that we know we needed to add somebody, thereís no doubt. To have somebody on the other side of Antonio is important. We need some offensive line help and Max is a player that, if he didnít hurt his knee this year, he would have been long gone before we picked. Weíre lucky to have those two players." Henry can compliment Gates nicely. He can block when Gates goes deep, or go deep so Gates can cut underneath him.

Hunter is a terrific receiving athlete, who didn't get thrown to as much as he should have. "Weíre going to, as youíve seen in the past couple of years, weíre going to rotate a number of guys through," McCoy said. "Antonio is very competitive, as you saw when he came back last year after an injury. He wants to be out there. This is a great guy to complement him." So they can work him in slowly and give him some time to learn and develop for a year or two behind Gates. 

The Player:  Henry refused to run at the Combine. I think his not running at the Combine takes him out of 1st Round contention. Nice catching the ball with his arms extended. He can track the ball deep. Great adjusting to deep ball thrown on the wrong side of his body. Makes great adjustments to the ball in the air.  Doesnít extend his arms enough blocking. Didn't have a drop in 2nd gauntlet. He has some quickness in his shoulders. Nice job locating ball over his head. Smooth catching the deep flag that is the staple of the TE position. He ran a 4.67 at his Proday, which would have been the second fastest forty at the Combine for tight ends. 

Mississippi: Henry had a great play in overtime against Miss. He caught the ball in overtime on 4th down. And as he was being tackled, he knew they'd lose if he was tackled, so he whipped it wildly behind him. The RB Alex Collins picked up what became a fumble, and ran it for the 1st down. That was a great alert play by both players. That play led to a TD, and then they won the game on a two-point conversion. Which had to be the wackiest play of the college season.

Alabama: Terrific blocker in pass pro. He stoned everyone he blocked. He gets low and extends his arms into the DE, and moves backwards and slides sideways nicely on the edge. He has some speed dragging over the middle. He has some suddenness in his shoulder in breaks over the middle. He will miss the block sometimes and grab from behind a little too much. He can get open in pattern on the Goal line, though they don't always throw it too him. He lines up inline and in the slot a lot. He has that knack for getting open. He is more on a long armed grabber than power blocker. 

A&M: Gets down the seam and crosses inside as well as anyone I've seen. Natural hands catcher. I love the way this kid catches the ball. He has that knack for getting open, and catches everything that is thrown to him. Gets to the second level and hits the LB nicely, but he can have trouble holding on sometimes. Nice job catching the ball in traffic and squeezing it tight. He can shove off the DE to get to the second level to block the ILB. He just always seems to get open when I watch him. Tries to block guys from behind too much.

Miss ST: He has a cute little lateral burst off the snap to get free to run down the seam. He will line up in the Slot almost on the Seam, and get wide open on a corner route in the Redzone. He always raises up his hands to catch the ball away from his body. He runs a great pattern where he cuts In all the way across the line, and then turns up field and runs away from the Safety. He scored a TD in that route against Miss ST. Catches the ball nicely through contact. Terrific in pass pro. He will stand up and chip on the DE, and then can snap back outside and stone the blitzing OLB. TMIWTMIL. He caught another TD on a subtle Skinny Post, and caught it through contact on the double team.
Career (2013-15): Hauled in 116 passes for 1,661 yards and nine touchdowns Ö Became one of just eight tight ends in SEC history to reach the triple-digit mark in receptions while playing in the conference Ö Of the eight, he is one of four to tally more than 1,500 receiving yards Ö His 1,661 career receiving yards rank second in program history among tight ends, only trailing D.J. Williams (1,855; 2007-10) Ö Totaled four 100-yard receiving games, equaling D.J. Williamsí program record by a tight end Ö 93 of his 116 career receptions resulted in a first down or touchdown, for a conversion rate of 80 percent Ö Of his 1,661 career receiving yards, 635 (39 catches) came on third down Ė more than any other down Ö His receptions on third down passing plays resulted in a first down or touchdown 97.4 percent of the time (36 first downs, two touchdowns) Ö Reeled in 62 percent of his targets (116 of 188) for an average of 8.8 yards per look.

Junior (2015): Consensus All-American Ö Became the second Razorback to win the John Mackey Award Ė awarded annually to the most outstanding tight end in college football Ė joining D.J. Williams (2010) and making Arkansas the only school to produce multiple winners Ö Played and started all 13 games Ö Led all Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) tight ends with 739 yards receiving on 51 receptions, both career highs Ö Finished season with three touchdown receptions Ö Arkansasí second leading receiver Ö His 51 receptions were the most by an SEC tight end in a single season since D.J. Williamsí 54 in 2010 Ö Did not drop a single pass during the season Ö Caught at least one pass in 23-straight games, which is the longest active streak among SEC tight ends and fourth longest among FBS tight ends Ö Led all FBS tight ends with 36 first down catches and 21 plays of 15-plus yards Ö His receptions resulted in a first down or a touchdown 73 percent of the time Ö Topped SEC tight ends in first down catches for the third-straight season Ö Hauled in 69 percent of his targets (51 of 74), averaging 9.98 yards per look Ö Tallied two 100-yard receiving games, which led SEC tight ends and were tied for second most nationally among tight ends Ö Led all FBS tight ends in the following third down categories: Yards receiving (306), first downs (16) and 15-plus yard catches (9) Ö Tied for second among SEC receivers in third down receptions (18), which ranked second among FBS tight ends Ö Combined for an SEC leading 1,128 yards receiving and eight touchdowns with tight end mate Jeremy Sprinkle Ö The duoís 1,128 yards receiving were the most by an Arkansas tight end corps in program history, while their eight touchdown receptions were the most since D.J. Williams (3), Andrew Davie (3), Mitchell Bailey (1) and Ben Cleveland (1) totaled eight in 2008 Ö As a blocker, didnít allow a sack or a quarterback hurry this season and helped the Razorbacks rush for more than 200 yards in an SEC-best six league games.

The Reason: "For us, heís a first-round talent," Telsco said. "He comes from a pro-style offense at Arkansas so he played on the line of scrimmage. Heís asked to block, and he does it pretty well. Heís very athletic with his feet and he's competitive and tough. Heíll continue to grow and get stronger. His game is the passing game and getting down field. He runs well. Just excellent body control and eye-hand coordination. Great hands, knock on wood, he didnít drop a ball his senior year and they used him a lot. There were a lot of targets sent his way. He was their go-to guy on third down. Teams in the SEC knew he was a go-to guy and he still separated and got open. He plays a really well-rounded game, very polished tight end. Again, that is hard to find at the college level since there arenít that many tight ends. Heís very polished, especially for a younger player. Heís a true junior. He has a chance to come in here and learn from one of the best. Weíll see how far it can take him."





Defense: 4-3

Myles Jack-


6-1, 245, 33.5" arms,

40" Vert! 10'4" Broad!


*Jalen Ramsey


CB, DB, DL, OC, OL, CB, 

2014 Picks:

1 (3) Dante Fowler Jr., DE, Florida.

2 (36) T.J. Yeldon, RB, Alabama.

3 (67) A.J. Cann, OG, South Carolina.

4 (104) James Sample, S, Louisville.

5 (139) Rashad Greene, WR, FLA ST

6 (180) Michael Bennett, DT Ohio St

7 (220) Neal Sterling WR Monmouth

7 (229) Ben Koyack, TE Notre Dame

Key F.A. Signed:

Chris Ivory  RB

Kelvin Beachum OLT

Mackenzy Bernadeau OG

Stefen Wisniewski OC

Malik Jackson DL

Tashaun Gipson S 

Key Free Agents:

Chad Henne QB 
Clay Harbor TE 
Marcedes Lewis TE 
Bernard Pierce RB 
Bryan Walters WR     

Key F.A. Lost:

Zane Beadles OG

Sam Young OT

Andre Branch DE 

Olivier Vernon OLB
Chris Clemons DE

Bryan Anger P

The Team: He is risky pick. He could play for ten games or for 10 years. "We want to be great, and we have to take chances," Caldwell said. "Weíve been pretty conservative in our time here with our philosophy in the draft and some of our free-agent acquisitions. There comes a point in time where we have to close the talent gap. Youíre not going to do that without taking risks. This is a calculated risk. Hopefully heís here for 10-to-12 years." He tore is meniscus in September. Then he said he was leaving the team to prepare for the Draft. Which caused some shockwaves on campus.

So he will likely need surgery sooner than later. "We were just really intrigued by his skill set and how he plays the game," Bradley said. "The way I looked at it was heís a pretty good player, a player I saw on tape and a player I worked out. When they say, 'Hey, there's a strong possibly we could draft him, I was ecstatic.' Thatís all I needed to hear." But right now he is as exciting a defensive prospect as there is in this Draft.
But now they have to start turning all those picks and players into wins. "But everybodyís very level-headed and weíre all pulling in the same direction to make this a great organization and great franchise," Caldwell said. "We make calculated decisions and this is one where we felt like the risk was worth the reward. Time will tell." The pressure is now on for the Jacksonville decision makers.
The Jags coaching staff really took it to him physically at their interview. "It was a pretty rigorous workout," Bradley said. "It was maybe a different type of workout than we did with traditional linebackers Ė a lot of quick change in direction, not a lot of rest time. We really tried to strain him to see how he would recover from it. We felt like he did a nice job with that. Weíve had multiple reports with people who are dealing with him directly and weíve had pretty good reports coming back." Jack was also shocking explosive at his Proday. Unleashing a 40" vertical leap and a 10'4" broad was staggering to me. 
He adds something that a lot of team don't have. He brings a LB who can cover like a CB. "I'm just really excited about having Myles be there for us. [He] gives us great versatility," Bradley said. "We'll play it out. Letís see how the roles come out. Let's see whoís ready to play. But through it all, the 11 guys we put on the field, we should feel good about."
He was a phenomenal athlete before a hunk of cartilage started peeling off his bones. It is called an osteochondral defect.  We are so used to guys just coming back from knee injury that we forget how sad it realty is. 

The Player:  5/05 The Best Cover LB I Ever Saw: Myles Jack.

The Reason: Jack had a long painful path to Jacksonville. "It's been long," Jack said. "It's been a little bit embarrassing, but itís definitely exciting." You have to root for him, because he was a fantastic athlete before this disaster struck.

Most had him penciled in at Five for the Jags in the First. Then the osteochondral defect was spotted at the Combine. So he plummeted out of the 1st Round.  "Words can't put describe how I exactly felt," Jack said. "I definitely wanted to go to Jacksonville. Itís just the ideal place I really wanted to go." Luckily he still landed with Jacksonville. Which does seem like the defense that fits him best.
They added some big name defenders to help their pitiful defense. "I'm just excited to be part of a defense like that," Jack said. "Being a part of that I think is going to be a good situation," Drafting Jack and getting Fowler back, can only help enhance the impact of Malik Jackson, Tashaun Gipson and Amukamara. 

The Jags needed a cover linebacker. "[Coach Bradley] earned my trust," Jack said. "One of the things he preaches is trust. It's just an ideal situation. Itís a perfect pick, perfect fit." He was the best Cover linebacker in the Draft. Watch the UNLV Tape. He was lined up in the Slot as the Nickel or Dime Corner all game long. It really was remarkable. 
So it just became about how healthy could he be coming into the season. "That was the workout I was very excited for," Jack said. "I woke up that morning and I was ready to rock. I put on my best foot and I did some things I didnít think I could do. It was one of my best workouts. I knew I left Jacksonville with a great feeling. I knew if I was there in the second round there was no way they could pass on me. I put on a show." He showed he could play this season, and hopefully for three or four year before he needs another surgery.





Defense: 3-4

Chris Jones

DT Missippi State

6-6, 310, (O) 5.03, Split-1.7

34" Arm, 26 Reps,


*Tyler Boyd

WR Pittsburgh

6-1 1/2, 197, (PD) 4.5,

34" Vert, 9'11" Broad,

6.9 3-Cone, 4.35 SS,

32" Arm, 11 Reps,



2015 Picks:

1 Marcus Peters, CB, Washington

2 (49) Mitch Morse, OC Missouri.

3 (76) Chris Conley, WR Georgia

3 (98) Steven Nelson DB Oregon St

4 (118) Ramik Wilson ILB Georgia.

5 (172) DJ Alexander LB Oregon St

5 James O'Shaughnessy TE Illinois St

6 Rakeem Nunez-Roches, DL, Southern Miss

7 Da'Ron Brown, WR, N. Illinois

Key Free Agents Signed:

Mitchell Schwartz OT 

Rod Streater WR

Eric Berry S (Tagged) 

Derrick Johnson ILB 

Tamba Hali OLB/PR

Jamell Fleming CB

Key Free Agents:
Jason Avant WR   
Jaye Howard DE  
Marcus Cooper DB 

Husain Abdullah DB 

Key Players Missing:

Justin Houston OLB/PR

Key Free Agents:

Chase Daniel QB 

Donald Stephenson OT 

Jeff Allen OG/OT

Mike DeVito DE (R)

Frank Zombo LB 

Sean Smith CB 

Tyvon Branch S

The Team: My problem is that he is not a good player. "Yeah, listen, heís 6-6, 308 pounds," Reid said. "I know their head coach there very well, he was Alex Smithís [QB] coach there in college at the University of Utah. So Iíve gotten to know him over the years and Iíve taken a couple of players from [Miss] State there. We were light on him and our scouts did the work there. Ryne Nutt went in there and did a nice job of making sure he had all the information on the kid. Youíre talking about six-foot-six here, 308 pounds. Heís a big kid. Heís got a great first couple of steps. You know how important that is with your D-line. Heís explosive, heís able to keep his big body down low, which is important. Heís got plenty of room to improve. Like I said before, when heís on, he is tough, tough to stop. Youíve got to work on a couple things, heís got to work on consistency. Heís a young kid with a huge personality and youíre going to love that part of it. I think with our room and veteran leadership we have in that room, I think it will be real good for him. He can take his game up another notch here." He struggle to find the ball a lot, and doesn't play low all the time.

He doesn't play hard all the time, and he has a lot of guys on the KC line who are not going to give it up to him. "Yeah, put a little pressure on him," Reid said. "He understands that. Itíll be a great thing for that room. Like I said, that room right there is something special. All the guys in there: Poe, [Jaye] Howard, all those guys, [Allen] Bailey. Those are hard working, tough, class acts. And listen, Brittís got a new challenge here being the D-line coach. Heís got another player here that he has an opportunity to coach. Iím happy for all of them there. Thatís a good place for this kid to be." He has some excellent examples he can follow in front of him on the D-line. He has to step in and study the effort those guys give.

It was good to see him so excited to get drafted. "Yeah, he was excited," Reid said. "It means a lot to him. Those guys that have been through so much, I think they appreciate it and the opportunity. When youíre kind of looking down the part of, am I going to be able to play or not play and then how are people going to take it, and then you give them another opportunity, thatís special for them and their family. He was pretty good with us, you could tell he was pretty excited." But he has to start working as hard and with the same enthusiasm that he showed when he was drafted. He was much better in high school where his lack of effort didn't hurt him as much.

KC traded back to pick up an extra pick to take this kid. "I think every draft is a little different that way," Reid said. "I know Dorse felt really strongly, and I know he talked to you about this, he felt strong about the second, third and fourth rounds in that area there, and even into the fifth. He was working to gain those picks. He wanted to get a couple picks out of this thing, and I thought he maneuvered it around pretty well. Kind of parked it here in the third round and knocked that out in the second round, so we got that taken care of. I look forward to them all. Weíve got a whole load of them tomorrow, I believe seven picks tomorrow, so thatís exciting." So he is less of risk, when you add in the extra pick. 

I hope it works out for him. "He moves around pretty good so I think heís going to be okay," Reid said. "He was working pretty hard at State there, so I donít think thatís necessarily going to be an issue. I had taken Fletcher Cox from there when I was with the Eagles and he turned out pretty good. With this kid and his talent, he just needs to be pushed a little bit, keep playing at a high level. When he is playing at a high level, boy I tell you, he is a hard one to stop. I look forward to getting him out here and letting our guys be around him. I think heíll feed off that room that we have there." I don't think he loves football.

The Player:  Chris Jones is another enigma at DL. Even at the Combine he looks great and then not. He runs a 1.7 10-yard split, and then falls down, and his pants fall off. If he had any kind of consistency he'd be a 1st. But now I have no idea where he goes in the Draft. He is one of those guys who was great in high school so will go earlier than expected off tape. I wouldn't take him until the Third. Not real twitchy. Nice feet moving sideways in bags drill.

He is a guy that you draft because of his physical traits. "He moves around pretty good so I think heís going to be okay," Reid said. " He was working pretty hard at State there, so I donít think thatís necessarily going to be an issue. I had taken Fletcher Cox from there when I was with the Eagles and he turned out pretty good. With this kid and his talent, he just needs to be pushed a little bit, keep playing at a high level. When he is playing at a high level, boy I tell you, he is a hard one to stop. I look forward to getting him out here and letting our guys be around him. I think heíll feed off that room that we have there." He can explode off the snap and get into the backfield as quick as any one in this Draft, and it is something to see, One out of every ten plays he pure explosion into the backfield. 

He played some 5-Tech at Miss ST, and that is where they will play him in KC. He can also be an explosive inside rusher when lined up at 3-Tech, which is were he will be in sub packages. "So what weíve done here in the second round, we took Chris Jones, defensive lineman, Mississippi State," Reid said. "And then Dorse has been moving faster than a greyhound, picking up all these picks here. We were able to pick up a third-round pick, and pick KeiVarae Russell, cornerback from Notre Dame. Thatís where weíll play him, at corner, and again we feel very good about both of these players. Jones, I think a lot of people had him as a first-round pick. He probably could have gone in either round. He's that caliber a player. He's a big kid with great energy. You guys got a chance to talk to him earlier in the day so you understand that. Heís a pistol. Heíll be a nice mix into our defensive line. We felt he was the best on the board at that time and we are very comfortable with him." He is so light on his feet. When he plays and stays low he is pure explosion off the snap. He is tough against the run.

He gets pushed back too easily when doubled. But he can shed with his hands and burst forward back into the play late. Makes a lot of tackles five yards down field after shedding the blocker. "Dorse met with him quite a little bit and felt good about him, then I had an opportunity to sit down with him before we ended up signing him and felt pretty good about where heís at right now," Reid said. "He understands, you donít get a lot of chances in the National Football League. Heís been in six years, he understands it, heís grown up a little bit from where he was. He understands how sensitive this league can be at times and that you better keep your nose clean or youíre not going to be in it very long. I think thatís where heís at right now in his career and he looks forward to the challenge. This is no secret, you guys have been around this a while. Heís a pretty good player now and at Tampa Bay when things were going good for him those first few years, he was a tough one to stop. We look forward to bringing him in the mix and seeing what he can do." He now has the role models whose work habits he must study to become a legit NFL player. No one is going to try and make him a leader here, like they failed at doing at Miss ST. If he can incorporate the work habits, toughness, and hustle of the other KC DLs, he could play 5-tech for a long time in KC.

Alabama: He plays in an Odd front as a 5-Tech a lot. So he doesn't get the stats he should. "We need him to really play like a big-time player," his HC Dan Mullen said. "Play with a sense of urgency to try and dominate games." He still has the burst to blast past the ORG, and use his hands to go untouched, right off he snap. Alabama was doubling him on run downs all game. 

Plays special team, and can get up in air and almost block a punt. He can be a force against the run when he wants to be. "I've gotta lead the defensive line," Jones said. "I've gotta be unblockable. That's every play not just on one and two plays, but I have to be consistent with it." He can push the OG up and back into the backfield, and then grab the RB as he tries to swing by. He has some speed outside in the rush. They will line him up as the blindside 5-Tech, and he will head up field and try to turn the corner on the OLT.

Mississippi: He has powerful arms to keep blockers off his body. Needs to add a few moves. "I criticize myself a lot," Jones said. "I'm never satisfied with myself because when you get satisfied with yourself you get complacent. Then you end up where youíve always been." Undeveloped because of his great physical talent. "He gets a lot of the preseason hype and all of this stuff," his HC Mullen said. "But youíve got to play that way. I think the worst people are preseason All-Americans. If you are a preseason All-American you better finish a postseason All-American." He can be too inconsistent for me. "That donít mean nothing, because last year I was named all that and I didnít get it," Jones said about being named a preseason All-American again in 2015. "This year, I just want to leave a mark and play with a chip on my shoulder because of last year. I wanted to achieve so many things, and I feel like I let myself down." He does a nice job keeping his eyes up, and watching the QB, and then getting a hand up when he throws.

The Reason: He is the purest example of a buyer beware player. Athletically he is top shelf. If he can put it all together mentally they could have a top shelf 5-Tech on their hands. "Well athletically, for a man his size," Dorsey said. "He is uniquely gifted. Very good athlete, former high school basketball player. I think everybody knows his track record as he progressed through college. Before college, he was probably one or two in the nation for defensive linemen. He goes to Under Armour, I think itís Under Armour All-Star Camp. Probably has 56, 57 college scholarships, chooses Mississippi State which is probably an hour and a half from his hometown. As he goes, he begins to develop and learns that trade of a defensive lineman. He has such a wonderful ceiling moving forward. Then when you combine that with those defensive linemen in our room now, you know, they have high standards to live up to and this guy will fit right in that room and moving forward, I think itís a good pick." He has the physical traits, but he just looks like a bust to me.





Defense: 4-3

*Xavien Howard

CB/FS Baylor

6', 205, (PD) 4.41, 

(O) 4.55, Split-1.5,

38.5" Vert,  10" 5' Broad, 

6.94 3-Cone, 4.15 SS,

31.2" Arm, 11 Reps,


*Laremy Tunsil-

OLT Mississippi


2015 Picks:

1 (14) DeVante Parker, WR, Louisville.

2 (52) Jordan Phillips, DT, Oklahoma.

4 (114) Jamil Douglas, OL, Arizona St

5 (145) Bobby McCain, CB, Memphis

5 (149) Jay Ajayi, RB, Boise State.

5 Cedric Thompson DB Minnesota.

5 (156) Tony Lippett WR Michigan St

Key F.A. Signed:

Mario Williams DE
Kiko Alonso LB

Byron Maxwell CB

Key F.A.:

Shelley Smith OG 

Jacques McClendon OG
Matt Moore,QB 
Derrick Shelby  DE  

Kelvin Sheppard LB 

James- Michael Johnson LB

Spencer Paysinger LB 

Louis Delmas S 

Key F.A. Lost:

Lamar Miller RB

CJ Anderson LOL

Rishard Matthews WR 

Olivier Vernon DE 

Brent Grimes CB

The Team: He is a hit or miss kid. "This is a prototype player,Ē General Manager Chris Grier said. ďWe spent a lot of time with him. Itís a core position, premium need for us. This guy checks all the boxes in terms of height, weight, speed, competitiveness, toughness. This was a player that was a target player for us and when the opportunity arrived for us to make a play to get him, we jumped at it. Weíre ecstatic to have him on our roster." He really looks the part.

He is a true physical specimen, but he does not have good ball skills. He hasn't been able to consistently play the part. "This guy is ultra-competitive," Grier said. "He's an alpha. For him, itís the size, the length, the speed. Obviously, he's a scheme fit for us. We spent a lot of time with this player. We hold this guy in high regard." He might be better in a Zone where he can keep the play in front of him. 

He has trouble locating the ball. "Just being around Byron at practice the last three days of minicamp [has helped him]," Grier said. "He's super competitive. He and Coach Gase are talking crap to each other on the field. This guy is that way. As we spent more time with him, we really thought this was the type of player that we want to add to our program. "I think he might have to move to safety. 

The Player: 5/07 The Baylor Three Part III: Xavien Howard.