Here is Part Four of my 

Final 2016 Boston Celtics 

1st Round Mock Draft.

SV=Standing Vert, MV=Max Vert + SR-Standing Reach = MVR Max Vert Reach.

Well the plots have been made, and the conspiracies formed. The only thing left now is to get two GMs to say yes. Right now everyone is playing chicken trying to sucker another piece out of another GM. But the only thing that matters now is a simple, "yes", lets make a deal guys. 

Right now the Celtics are trying to get George (though he is likely off the trading shelf), Butler (to high brow for the Celts taste), Kris Middleton (a tasty shooter who Celtics are drooling over, but doesn't make sense for Milwaukee), ex Butler dude Gordon Hayward (don't believe that for a second), and of course the ever likely Okafor (but can't give up more than Three and a contract). 

In the end, Danny and Colangelo are buddies so it is 90% likely Okafor gets to Boston. But I do like the Middleton development. He has shot 40% from three over his career. He has gotten better every year, and is still only 24. He was the Bucks leading scorer last season. They should be planning to build a statue not trade him. 

So you have to be a little worried about what's behind the curtain. Like, he wasn't in shape to start the season last year. "I definitely wasn't where I needed to be," Middleton said. "That's something I'll work on this summer is being ready from Day 1." So does he like to party like it's 1999 in the off season? 

It would be his third team in three or four year (has this year started yet?). "You watch his development now, and [Kidd] has him handling the ball more," his first NBA HC Stan Van Gundy said. "They’re running a lot of pick-and-rolls with him. He just continues to add things to his game. I think he’s a really solid defender with really good length." Yeah, so let's ditch him too. It is a mystery to me, but then again so is mayonnaise (Seriously! What the hell is that stuff? Really?).

If he is not a psycho, or likes mayonnaise (which is also a rather mean word for dyslexics, and should be spelled mayomeanness), he is the pure shooter the Celtics need. "We shot it great in the first half but couldn’t make one [after that]," Middleton said after the he played his first NBA team, the Piston, this season. "We only made one in the second half. Early on, I thought our guys did a very good job of seeing open men and finding them and getting the ball to them. Those threes were basically wide open rhythm threes and those are good." He doesn't sound like a psycho. 

So he must be a drag in the 4th quarter because he is out of shape from eating too much mayomeanness. "I thought again our starters, being able to come back and play through Kris there, is going to be someone different every night," Kidd said after the Pistons game. "Kris really carried those guys in the 4th quarter. Then you had some free throws and we had some stops where we just couldn’t come up with the rebound." So he is a pure shooter that plays good defense, rebounds well, is a team guy, and they want to trade him. Makes sense to me.

And in this ever changing world in which we live in, could we get both Middleton and Okafor? The Celtics can't go through another season as the worst rebounding and 3-point shooting team in the League. All's it will take is a simple "yes" or two.

Dejounte Murray

24. Philly- Dejounte Murray- Wash ST, SG/PG, 6-5, 242, 

6-9.5 WS, Fr, 1,9 APG, 17 PPG, 9.9 RPG 44.6 FG%, 28.8 3-P%, 74.9% FT, 

The PlayerMurray is a wild man with a ton of talent. He is a guy with point guard skills, a shooting guards body, but doesn't see the floor or game like a PG yet. Right now he cannot play the point no matter what. Whoever drafts with will have to coach the craziness out of his game. He can seem so smart on the floor sometimes, but just needs to calm down. He makes a couple great plays, and then goes nuts. Turns over the ball like a spatula. If a team could develop him until he shows any kind of consistency than they could have a star on their hands. 

The Reason: Philly has to draft at least one point guard that they can develop into an NBA player, and then trade off for nothing.

Juan Hernangomez

25. Clippers- Juan Hernangomez- PF, Estudiantes, 20 years old , 6-9, 220, 

34 Games, 11.3 PPG, 56.9% 2-P, 5.7 RPG, 0.6 APG, 16.8 Min, 36% 3-P, 77.4 FT%, 

The Player: Juan is not the same player as his brother. He is a little slow footed sometimes. He is a terrible passer who can't get an assist every game. He still has some growing up to do physically. He is 20 years old, so he still has a lot of growing to do mentally as well. His brother was drafted by the Knicks last year. He still has more of a kids game on defense, and can look real bad on defense.  

He has to add weight and strength, because he cannot cover NBA small forwards. Gives the ole' effort too much on defense. He has some nice offensive skill, but he still plays defense like a kid. He gets suckered by up fakes like they are shiny new pieces of candy. He cannot say no to an up fake no matter how much it hurts his teeth. He does not understand position in the post on defense at all. Doesn't understand defensive position in a lot of situations. Doesn't learn from his mistakes. The good news is that he got beat up by a lot of bigger, stronger, and older guys in Europe last year, but he never gave up. He continued to try hard on defense. 

He is an odd player who does a lot of odd things. Like he shoots a lefty layup better from the right side. He almost always two-dribbles to the basket, but looks better doing it lefty. He can two dribble to the left, but doesn't like to shoot it left. He has a good feel for when he can beat guys off the dribble. Worked hard on his lefty dribble, and tends to drive left. Shoots it with both hands sometimes.

He has a nice smooth jumper. It is not quick and he needs a little time to shoot it. But he is tall and uses his ankles well to go up. He keeps the ball over his head, and can fall back a little when he bends his knees as well, and a defender jumps at him. Not an efficient 3-point shooter, and it only gets harder in the NBA. He is not a consistent shooter. He winds up sometimes. He has also has a quicker release that he shoots from further out. So he has some potential as a stretch-4, but he is far from there. 

Nice foot work, he can curl off the screen turn and shoot. He will get out of balance when he does that sometimes and have to raise a leg for balance. He will sometimes drift to the side when he shoots it curling off a pick. Nice balance on the pick and pop. I like the way he shoots it off the pick and pop the most. Kicks his front leg out too much when he shoots the Three.

He does a nice job stepping over the lane to block a shot. Plays defense with his head up. 

Not a great leaper. He likes to go off both feet, and not spring up. Plays well on both feet. He plays with nice position on the pick and roll. Likes to go sideways so he can see each guy. 

Runs hard down the floor on the break. He can catch, one dribble lefty, and cut to the middle to put it in righty. He has great length and long arms. He is a draft and stash guy that you can leave in Europe for a couple of years, let him develop his body and jumper, and then bring him over as a stretch-4.  

The Reason: Draft and stash Euro who needs to add some weight before he can come over and play. Clippers have a veteran lineup and need to stash some talent for a year or two.. 

Second ChoiceDiamond Stone C/PF

DeAndre Bembry

26. Philly- DeAndre Bembry, SG/SF, Saint Joe's, 21 years old , 6-6, 206, 

38" MV, 32" SV, 6-9 WS, 8-5 SR, 11-7 MVR,

36 Games,  17.7 PPG, 7.8 RPG, 4.5 APG,  22.7 Min. 48% 2-P, 63.8% FT.

The Player: He is one of those Wings who has a chance to be a great one. He has to work on his jumper, and spend a thousand shots a day on his 3-point shot. 32.7% from the college Three last year is not good enough. But he is a natural scorer. He scores on the move as well as anyone in this Draft. He also might be the top wing at passing the ball not in the Lottery. 

I'm starting to like him more than Malachi Richardson. He played at a little lower level of competition, so he soared over guys who weren't as talented. Richardson has a better stroke from Three, but I love Bembry's game. He can pick up the dribble before the foul line, take two steps, and take off for the long distant call dunk. Shoots the jumper nicely on the move. He can dribble left and then take a step back Jumper. There is a Wing or two from this Draft, after the Lottery, who is going to be a star like George, Butler, Middleton. It happens every year. Bembry could be that guy if he can shoot the Three with more consistency.   

He has a little Dr, J in his game, with his long arm straight out and flicking it in. It is fun to see that shot again. He can use his body to change his flight pattern when in the air to avoid a Big. To be that Playoff Killer Wing shooter, you have to able to pass and rebound as well. He can do that. He average 7.8 rebounds and 4.5 assist. He can go hard to the hole with either hand, and not just dunk, but scoop it under or use that Dr. J finger roll. 

Great on the pick and roll. I love how he can bounce it between the two defenders to hit the rock an' roller. He has a nice look away pass to the cutter inside. Plays not only with his eyes up, but with his peripheral vision as well. Great floor vision. He can really see the whole court on the offensive end. He can make passes to open teammates look easy. Sees the backdoor pass as quick as Simmons. Great look away pass inside off the dribble. He has all the traits of a first option Wing who can be a star. Very smart and very aware player. 

He doesn't have great length, but he really does have everything else. His jumper is a little off. He uses his legs nicely, and snaps his wrist. But he tends to shot with a little too much twist in his body. He shoots it while still going up, and the angle of his body varies too much. One thing Malachi Richardson does a great job at getting his feet set before he leaps on his Jumper. Bembry too often looses his feet when going into his shot on the move. It is not easy for a scorer to become a shooter, or a shooter to become a scorer. He can be moving in any direction, but when he bends to shoot his feet are in great position. Squeezes his fingers tight when he shoots sometimes. 

Sometimes his feet are at pointing to the baseline. One time his foot where pointing to the sideline. Too often they are pointing to the corner. When he looses his feet before he goes up, he looses the shot. When he goes up and his foot kicks sideways even a little, he looses the shot. Used to going up out of balance and scoring, but he can't do that shooting past the 3-point line yet, like Malachi. His right hand and wrist will float to the right on the follow through sometimes. That is just not good. 

He understands position on defense. He is so good at regaining position after he makes a mistakes. He can cover college point guards, and might be able to play a little PG in the NBA. But he certainly can play some point forward. He has such nice anticipation on defense that he can jump into a passing lane and catch the ball with both hands. Sometimes decides to shoot too early and doesn't take what's given. That is when he gets into trouble and over dribbles and hops around aimlessly. Smart player, who makes himself look dumb by playing like a kid.  

He has a nice smooth jumper, which also means it is a little slow. But he gets up so high and falls back enough to make it very tough to bother. He has the great versatile game of a great scorer, but can he do it in the NBA. And can he jump straight up and down enough to shoot 40% from NBA Three. I'm not saying he is the man. I'm saying he is one of those guys who has a chance. He is Wing with length who can create his own shot, and is the second or third best wing passer. Obviously Simmons is the best. He is a great scorer, but not a true shooter yet. But one or two come out every year. From MJ (who was the third pick in the Draft), to Kawhi Leonard to Giannis Antetokounmpo to Gordon Hayward to DeRozan. Every year there is a wing or two outside the Lottery that turns into a star.

He creates shots for his teammates as well. One of his best passes is when he dribbles to the left, and you can see him peeking, and hits a cutter going down the right lane. I love how he turns or angles to the right, and then passes left or visa versa. Smart passer who not only knows when to use a bounce pass, but when and how to skip it past a defender's feet.  He does a great job advancing the ball down court off the rebound. 

Sneaky good offensively. He can hop dive to the right, when he sees the center going for the offensive, and scoop it past him. Snaps his wrist well, and has a straight arm delivery. Raises a leg sometimes for balance. He uses his legs so well in his Jumper. If he can find that consistency he could be a star. He can absorb the contact, and then extend his arm straight out past the Big and score. He has a nice little lefty hook turning to the middle from the right.

He so is natural and smooth in transition. He can handle the ball, lefty, going end to end and do different things when he gets to the paint. Great leaper on the break. He can look a little like George on the two handed dunk. Skies in the air when he springs off of one foot. Athletically he will have no trouble in the NBA. He can dribble lefty, and then sprung up on the cut back leap to dunk it righty. He can also can double pump it in with the left hand. 

Official Bio: Career/Records: Finished career with 1,590 points to rank 15th on the Hawks’ all-time list... Ranks 25th in career rebounds with 672... Had 88 double-figure games, 26 games of 20-plus points and 15 double-doubles in 101 career contests... Scored 627 points in 2015-16 for the seventh-best single-season total in SJU history... Had 161 assists, which is tied as the 11th best single-season total in program history... Tied as record-holder for most double-figure games in a season with 35 in 2015-16... Member of two Atlantic 10 champion teams (2014, 2016)... Helped Hawks go 65-36 in his three years, with two Atlantic 10 titles and two NCAA Tournament appearances
2015-16: The Player of the Year in both the Atlantic 10 and the Big 5... All-Atlantic 10 First Team and All-Big 5 First Team honoree for second straight year... Team’s second leading scorer (17.4) and rebounder (7.8)... Led team in assists (4.4) and steals (1.4)... Averaged 20 points per game, six rebounds and five assists in the A-10 Tournament as SJU won its second A-10 championship in three years... Named to the A-10 All-Championship Team... All-District selection by both the USBWA and the NABC... Saint Joseph’s Co-MVP with Isaiah Miles... Helped SJU to a 28-8 record for second-most wins in school history... Recorded double-figures in 35 games, which is tied as the school record... Ranked third in the nation in total minutes (1,341)... Had 16 points and 12 rebounds in NCAA Second Round vs. 5th-ranked Oregon... Team-high 23 points in NCAA First Round win over Cincinnati... Poured in season-high 30 points by hitting a personal best 13-of-16 from the field in A-10 Finals vs. VCU... Turned in nine points, season-high eight assists, and seven rebounds in A-10 Semifinals vs. Dayton... Scored game-high 21 points in A-10 Quarterfinals vs. GW... Scored 27 points to go along with eight rebounds and six assists vs. Saint Louis... Notched 18 points by converting 8-for-12 from the field, to go with nine rebounds at UMass... Recorded 16 points and season-high 13 rebounds vs. #15/13 Dayton... Had 16 points and 10 rebounds at Fordham... Netted 22 points by shooting 7-of-11 vs. St. Bonaventure... Posted 15 points and 10 rebounds at Rhode Island... Had 16 points, six assists, and season-high four steals at La Salle... Tallied 17 points, eight rebounds, four assists, and four steals at Penn... Recorded 26 points and 12 rebounds vs. Fordham... Posted 16 points, 11 rebounds and eight assists at George Mason... Recorded 20 points, seven rebounds, five assists, and three steals vs. Rhode Island... Had 17 points and eight assists vs. VCU... Recorded 22 points vs. Virginia Tech... Shot 6-for-9 from the field, with 4-of-6 three-pointers, to record 16 points, nine rebounds, and seven assists vs. Illinois State... Had 17 points and 13 rebounds at Temple... Posted 27 points, 10 rebounds and four steals vs. Princeton... Recorded 12 points, nine rebounds, and eight assists at Columbia... Scored 17 points against #8 Villanova... Posted 15 points and 10 rebounds vs. Old Dominion at the Hall of Fame Tip-Off... Scored 1,000th career point vs. Buffalo... Netted game-high 23 points and four steals vs. Drexel... Two-time A-10 Player of the Week and six-time Philadelphia Big 5 Player of the Week... Team captain for second year... Named to Wooden Award Preseason Top 50 List and the Naismith Trophy Early-Season Watch List... One of five finalists for the Julius Erving Small Forward Award

1st ChoiceDemetrius Jackson PG

Taurean Prince

27. Toronto- Taurean Prince- SF, Baylor, Senior, 21 years old, 6-8, 220, 

6-11.5 WS, 8-6, SR, 36" MV, 33.5 SV, 11-6 MVR, 

33 Games, 15.7 PPG, 6 RPG, 2.3 APG, 21.1 Min,

The Player: Prince is an athletic wing who is best in the open court for a fast break team. He is a hot and cold player, who spent most of his career at Baylor coming off the bench. "He's gotten much, much better," an anonymous opposing coach said. "Each year he's gotten better and better. He's been able to add things to his game. I would say he's got to be a three, that big wing. He's got long arms, good wingspan. He's a streak shooter, not a good shooter. I'd say he's more of a scorer than a shooter. He's not going to blow by you, but he can get by you because he's so long. He's not going to straight line drive you." The NBA needs scorers as much as shooters, and I though his 3-point shooting improved a little this season.

He should be able to contribute instantly to a winning team because of his experience coming off the bench. "He's a very talented player and a NBA prospect," UNLA HC Menzies said after he played them. "There's no question that he will continue to improve and get better." He is an elite athlete with great speed, quick twitch quickness, and leap. 

He has experience coming off the bench, and was the best player coming off the bench in the NCAA 2014-15: Played 33 games with six starts during breakout season, averaging team-high 13.9 points in 26.3 minutes per game ... Named national Sixth Man of the Year, earned Big 12's Sixth Man Award and was chosen second-team All-Big 12 ... Averaged 16.6 points during a 16-game streak of scoring in double-figures, despite coming off bench in the 15 games against Big 12 opponents during the streak ... Scored in double-figures in 27 of 33 games played, made at least one 3-pointer in 30 games

Prince is a guy who had a better season least year coming off the bench in 2014-15 than this past year as a starter: Finished season ranked sixth in Big 12 in points per game (13.9), fourth in field goal percentage (.472), third in 3-point percentage (.395), sixth in 3-pointers made per game (1.8), seventh in steals per game (1.5) and 15th in rebounds per game (5.6) ... Improved to 15.6 points per game in conference play, good for third-best in league ... Ranked second nationally in points per game (13.9) by players with fewer than 10 starts ... Led team with 27 double-digit scoring games after posting only 12 double-figure games in first two seasons at Baylor combined.

He has nice Jumper: He arches his back and falls back naturally on the shot. He has NBA range on his jumper. Really uses his legs well when he shoots. He has a little step back jumper. He is probably going to be a star in the NBA, because I am not his biggest fan. I think he will be a nice scorer off the bench that all good teams need.

Good defensive rebounder. Gets lazy sometimes on the Boards, but when he is locked in he can rebound. Watches defensive rebounding too much. He can gets physical on the O-boards, and has a nice little turn around from the blocks.   

Tough to tell what he will be defensively, because he played mostly in a 2-3 zone. But he showed he was a quick twitch athlete on the court, and that showed up when he played defense. He played both the top and bottom wing positions on the zone. When he was in man he showed he could play some nice post defense. He also showed has has the feet and quickness to play nice perimeter defense. He has the potential to cover more than one position on defense. He has nice timing on blocks sometimes. 

He can dribble to the hole lefty and finger roll it in. Slick passer inside sometimes. He is also a good wing rebounder. "You go up and grab the ball off the rim when it comes off, and then you grab it with two hands, and you come down with it, and that's considered a rebound," Prince said after Yale out rebounded them. "So they got more of those than we did." He also can play the roll of Captain Obvious. 

He can really move in the open court. Great speed. Gets up high and slams it down in transition. "I think he was aggressive and he kept things simple," coach Scott Drew said. "When they gave him the drive, he took the drive, if they gave him the shot, he took the shot. He was decisive and he did not over-dribble. If he keeps doing that, he will be very effective. As long as he is on balance and it is a good shot, I don't care if it is from the parking lot because it has a chance to go in." When he takes what they give him he looks like a great instant offense guy off the bench.

2015-16 Senior Season: Started all 34 games, averaging team-best 15.9 points in 30.6 minutes per game ... Named All-Big 12 First Team, becoming fifth player in program history to be named to first team by league's coaches ... Selected to media's All-Big 12 Second Team for second consecutive season ... Only player to rank among Big 12's top 15 in points, rebounds, steals and blocks ... Finished fourth in league in scoring (15.9), ninth in rebounding (6.1), 13th in blocks (0.7) and 15th in steals (1.3) ... Also ranked 11th in Big 12 in free throw percentage (.774), 10th in 3-point percentage (.361) and eighth in offensive rebounding (2.4) ... Posted in double-digit points in 28 of 34 games, including 16 of 18 games in Big 12 play ... Scored 20-plus points in seven games, including two 30-point games ... Played at least 22 minutes in all 34 games ... Had 20 points, nine assists and seven rebounds in just 25 minutes against Savannah State (11/23) ... Posted 25 points, seven rebounds and five assists in 27 minutes vs. Arkansas State (11/27) ... Earned career-first Big 12 Player of the Week honor after scoring then-career-high 30 points, adding five rebounds and three steals in 37 minutes of win over No. 13 Vanderbilt (12/6) ... Posted back-to-back double-doubles with 11 points and 13 boards against Northwestern State (12/8) and 11 points and 10 rebounds against Hardin-Simmons (12/16) ... Scored career-high 34 points on 13-of-19 shooting, tying Ferrell Center record for field goals made in a game, added six rebounds and three steals in 31 minutes vs. New Mexico State (12/23) ... Made 12-of-12 free throws at Kansas (1/2), setting program record for most made free throws without a miss in a Big 12 game ... Led Baylor to win at No. 13 Iowa State (1/9) by posting third double-double of season with 18 points and 10 rebounds in 36 minutes ... Played career-high 46 minutes and recorded fourth double-double of season with 19 points and 13 boards in double-overtime win vs. Kansas State (1/20) ... That game started streak of 15 consecutive games scoring in double-figures, averaging 16.8 points per game during the streak ... Had 22 points and eight boards in 31 minutes of win at TCU (2/27) ... Recorded fifth double-double of season with 19 points and 10 boards in 33 minutes vs. West Virginia (3/5) ... Led Baylor to win over No. 22 Texas (3/10) in Big 12 Championship quarterfinals with sixth double-double of season, recording 24 points and 13 rebounds in 37 minutes ...Set Baylor record for points in an NCAA Tournament game with 28 points on 12-of-24 shooting against Yale (3/17).

2014-15 Junior Season: ... Posted 15-plus points 16 times and had seven 20-point games ... Made first start of season vs. Memphis (11/27), scoring 20 points in 30 minutes ... Had career-first double-double in Big 12 play with 17 points and 10 rebounds in 32 minutes off bench in overtime win at TCU (1/10) ... Scored 20 points, added five rebounds and four steals in 29 minutes off bench at Kansas State (1/17), starting streak of 16 consecutive games scoring in double figures ... Posted 20 points in 28 minutes off bench vs. Oklahoma State (2/9) ... Recorded 22 points in 32 minutes off bench in win at Texas Tech (2/17) ... Posted 14 points with then-career-highs of five assists and five steals in win vs. Kansas State (2/21) ... Scored 20 points in consecutive games, leading Bears to wins at Iowa State (2/25) and vs. West Virginia (2/28) ... Put team on his back, scoring 20 of his 24 points over final 13 minutes in three-point win vs. Texas Tech (3/6) ... Played then-career-high 38 minutes off bench, never leaving game after entering off the bench two minutes in vs. Tech ... Posted third career double-double with team-highs of 18 points and 15 rebounds in NCAA Tournament game vs. Georgia State (3/19).

The Reason: With DeRozan as a free agent they have to get some insurance.

Second ChoiceIvica Zubac C

Malcolm Brogdon

28. Phoenix- Malcolm Brogdon- 6-5.5, 225, 6-10 WS, , 

WS 6-9.25, 3.1 APG, 4.1 RPG, 18.2 PPG, 26 Min,

The Player: Brogdon is a defensive guy who improved his offense to the point where he is now a prospect. He not only has good size and strength, he also has nice length and knows how to use his long arms. He can spin to the left and scoop it past the defender and in with his long left arm. He has top basketball character. He is a vocal leader on the floor. He works harder than anyone off the floor, as well as possessing a frenetic attitude on the court. Because of his elite defense he is one of the safest picks in the Draft. He is terrific in the pick and roll, and that is important in the NBA. He is great scoring off the pick and roll, that is his best asset on offense. He has a lot of different little floaters in the lane which he has a knack for putting down. 
He will not bust. "He's been playing great this year," his teammate Anthony Gill said. "It makes it a lot easier on everyone else when he's hitting the shots that he's hitting. So for him to get that chant after the game was just awesome." But ironically it is his offense that will decide how high he can climb. The wrist snap in his jumper continues to get better. 

He raised his FG% to 49.8 this year, and that is a much bigger deal for him than anyone else. "He gets my vote," his PG London Perrantes said. "I feel like he's been able to do this since I got here, but now that he's been the one guy on our team who's 'The Man,' I think he's just raising it to another level." He is an NBA starter right now defensively, but his minutes will be determined by how much can he help on offense. 
He can cover much bigger PFs in the post, and doesn't let them score. "He's been terrific most all of conference play," coach Bennett said. "Really, all of his career, I should say. He was efficient as ever. Made the tough plays. He even did his traditional yawn before tipoff just to let us know that he was steady." Comes up big when his team needs him. 

He has the mean that you need on the court to shut guys down and be a true star. "He’s a MFer, man," an anonymous ACC coach said. "In every way." There cannot be a better compliment for a scrapper than that. 
He really worked on his jumper, and took more jumpers off screens than any other player in the NCAA. That is a good sign for him. He doesn't have to score 20 PPG. He just has to be a viable option on offense to get minutes as a rookie. Falls away naturally on his jumper off screen. He really uses his legs well. He uses his wrist a little less. He is good at shooting on the move, and then stopping and balancing himself right before he goes up. That is a very nice trait. It is to see why he shoots off picks so much. 
Elite defender. You can't be a great defender without being tough as nails. He was the ACC defensive player of the year, and that is saying something. "I enjoy not having my opponent score," Brogdon said. "And making it a terrible night for them, more than I [like] scoring points," He can guard every position on the floor except center. He was usually put on the other teams best scorer. Elite defensive player in this Draft.
His feet and hands are always moving on defense. When he gets low and wide excellent Wings cannot get past him. He can stay in front of point guards, and make them shoot bad shots when they can't break him down. He gave Ingram fits. Plays with his head up and can anticipate the pass, and leave his man to get in the passing lane for a steal. 
He can dribble into the left with his left, and turn and hit the nice hook shot in the paint. 

The Player: They need all the help they can get right now. Brogdon can get on the floor now, defensively, at the SG and SF position. He might be able to play some small ball 4 as well.

Second Choice: Demetrius Jackson PG

Paul Zipser

29. Spurs- Paul Zipser- Germany, SF, 6-8, 220, 6-11.5 WS, 22 years old, 40.5% 3-P, 

6.9 PPG, 3.6 RPG, 1.4 APG, 16.6 min in 59 Games, 63.5 2-P%, 83.8 FT%

The Player: The Zipser is a mature Euro whose body is almost fully formed. He can come over and play immediately. He has a great athletic body. He is a terrific leaper. Nice smooth Euro jumper. Hyper quick twitch player. Great first step. He can dribble, shoot inside, and dunk lefty. Explosive thunder dunker. He can shot the jumper off the dribbling going to the left or right. He will be a steal in the 2nd Round. This guy can come over and play in the NBA today. 

His only real question is why did he average less than 7 PPG with his skillset, Vert, and shooting and dunking ability. "I think this summer really showed me a lot when we played," Zipser said. "For example, against Nicolas Batum or guys like that who are on a really high level on my position. I always wanted to compete with those guys and it showed me that I can compete with them. It really helped my confidence." It is a scary mystery to me.

He can play some defense. He is not a small guy and can get up and block his man's shot in the Post. Veteran Euro Wing. He will sometimes play the center in the 2-3 zone. Great shot blocker in the Paint. He is so good going left and scoring through contact against bigger guys that he looks left handed. But he shoots righty. He is so smooth scrapping off the pick going left, and then shooting his jumper at the elbow. He shoots it so well off contact.

He uses his wrist very subtly. Not a great snap. He winds up a little, but has a little snap at the end. He uses his legs so well that he can aim it a little with his hand. He gets the ball up over his hand and has a consistent release. Nice corner jumper. He can shoot the Three moving a little as well. He does a good job setting his feet and going straight up when he is moving laterally into his jumper. Arcs his head back nicely so he is falling away a little when he shoots. He is used to shooting against bigger guys. 

Nice job passing the ball. He can dribble into a crowd, and draw them in, and then leap up and hit a teammate for the wide open Three. He can dribble towards a defender, and when they jab step at him, zip it to his teammate for the open shot. He has a great knack for drawing in defenders, and hitting the teammate they left for an open shot. He has a nice lay down bounce pass to the center for the dunk. Nice instincts for when to swing the ball. He is NBA ready offensively.

Plays above the rim. He can grab the O-rebound and slam it home as smooth and easy as anyone in this Draft. He is a great aggressive dribbler with his left hand. He can attack the hoop lefty and soar up over everyone and slam it down. 

He has an NBA body right now. "Look for him to get picked somewhere between Nos. 20-40, depending on how he finishes the season and the number of other top-tier internationals (and NCAA underclassmen) who enter the draft," Jonathon Givony said. " The fact that an NBA team can either bring him over right away, or elect to stash him for another year or two in what is clearly a great situation in Bayern Munich has to be deemed attractive." He is not likely to be stashed next season.

So his question is why the hell did he only average 6.9 PPG with his offensive skillset. He is clearly too passive on offense. But on defense he can use his great size to fight inside. He has the Vert and instincts to block shots. He does a nice job getting low and wide and staying between his man and the basket, which is the starting point of all defense.

He can take the big hit from the big screener, who turns to roll and hip checks him, and still get back to his man as he shots. It is a big thing in Europe recently to play defense moving your feet and keeps your left hand up in the dribblers face. He does that very well. Excellent quicks laterally and chasing smaller guys all over the court. He will get out of position sometimes going down to rebound, but gets back to his man quickly, and can close out very well. Doesn't jump up on closeouts and burst himself out of the play.

He is a big strong Wing, who cover PFs in Europe. "Very experienced player who has NBA ready body and frame, plus good wingspan," Euro coach Luke Bassin said. " He is kind of a role player and I can easily see him as a NBA role player also. In Europe he is combo forward and using his strengths on both position, as small forward he can post up smaller opponents, while as power forward he can stretch the court because he is very good spot up 3-point shooter. Uses his athletic ability to play very effective fastbreak as a wing. He is also very good defensive player on both positions. He doesn't create a lot from pick and roll or isolations but is a perfect fit for any team looking for combo forward and a team player. Reminds me of Sasha Pavlović." He can play the stretch-4, and plays nice defense in the post. He can take the hit in the chest by a PF and hold his ground on the block. 

Great defensive stance. He bends his knee and gets his legs wide. He can move laterally and cut off the smaller guys in perfect balance. He does a great job slashing over picks. He is so quick he can slash past the pick, and then reach in and slap the ball out on the other side. He can get low in his stance and hop back and forth and uses his quick feet to cut off the guard, with his hands up. I love his stance and balance on defense. Uses his hands well attacking the ball. 

Nice transition defender. Loves to fly up at full sprint and blocks shots. He has some nice Vert in the open court. He can go end to end and dribble faster than most guys can run. He can step across the paint and block the shot. 

The Reason: He reminds me a little of a big Manu Ginóbili.

Second Choice: Chinanu Onuaku C

Damian Jones

30. Warriors- Damian Jones, Vanderbilt, Jr, C, 20 years old , 

7', 244, 7-2 WS, SV 36", MV 37", 8-10 SR, MVR 11-11,

33 Game, 14.2 PPG, 55.% 2-P, 6.9 RPG, 1.9 BPG, 1.2 APG, 23.6 Min, 60% FT, 

The Player: Jones is big veteran college Big. He is not going to be a star in the NBA, because he is what he is. He is a solid inside guy on both ends. He does a great job getting low and wide, and can stay with small guys who try to drive past him. Now I'm not talking about guards, but he can stay with PFs and SFs moving backwards and sideways in defense. Which in the small ball world, it helps to have a Big who can cover smaller guys so you can have someone who hurt the small guys inside on the other end.

He understands position on defense, and got better and better playing position on the boards as well. "He’s coming along at his own pace," ex-Vanderbilt HC Kevin Stallings said. "I continue to say this has all been a new role for Damian. He was never really the go-to guy in high school, or on his AAU team. All of a sudden he comes to the SEC, and his body matures and his game matures and we want him to be the go-to guy. Most of the players that come to this level have been the go-to guy at some point before they get here. He’s unique in that he was not. I think that’s taken him a little while to get accustomed to." He has great feet when he gets low and wide on defense. 

He can cover much smaller guys on the perimeter. When little guys get his shoulder, he can still leap up and block most shots. Doesn't have the best hands on the boards. Needs to rebound better. All his great instincts slamming the ball home seem to be gone on the boards. When he boxes out the other Big on the boards he is a great rebounder. He does a great job switching in pick and roll defense, and then switch back when his guard gets back in position. 

He has a little offensive versatility. He can spin to the middle and scoop it in with his left. He can grab a rebound and has a little hook with his left. He looks terrible shooting a layup with both his hands like a jumper. No outside game at all. His jumper is a crime against basketball.

He is so strong rolling to the hole for the slam. "Damian has gotten significantly better since last year," coach Stallings said. "I anticipate that Damian is going to get a lot more rebounds this year. He's going to score more points and yet he's going to be on a team that's capable of scoring more points. He's really learned to pass well out of the post which I think is really going to help our offense because now if people come and double-team him there's a risk. His entire game has grown. His work ethic towards getting individually better has grown. He's always practiced hard, but the time he's spent in the gym by himself has gone up immensely. He's kind of sensing what's out there for him and when that light goes on for guys it signals a change. That's what's happening for him." He can also kiss it in off the glass while being hit. 

This kid is a great athlete for a 7-footer. He has an elite Vert and great length. "He moves extremely well for a seven-footer," Wichita State coach Gregg Marshall said. "When you look at him, you think you're looking at a 6-6 kid out there because of the way he moves. He's so naturally gifted athletically. You can also attack him and eat some leather. He's going to send it back at you. So I'm not sure. I think you can try that, and if you're successful that's great. But if it doesn't work, you know, your shooting percentage is going to be way down, because he's definitely a rim protector. And he's going to meet you at the rim and challenge everything." He can really get low and move on the court. He is one of those guys that is so big and explosive that if he is moving to the hole he is thunder dunking. 

The Reason: When Bogut went down the Warriors inside defense fell apart, and so did their small ball lineup.

Second Choice: Ben Bentil C

Thon Maker

31. Boston- Thon Maker- C/PF, High School SR- Orangewood Academy, 19 years old,

7-1, 216, 9'2.5" SR, 36.5" MV, MVR 12-3! 7-3 WS, SV 32",

The PlayerThon Maker: High School Phenom.

The Reason: They have to get a rim protector. Maker has so many warning signs that he will likely drop into the 2nd Round, like despite being an elite basketball player who could get a full boat at Duke, he decided to stay in high school and beat the crap out of kids for another year. 

When his management team goes to that extreme to keep him isolated and in a bubble, you really have to worry. But the kid can play. He recorded the highest Standing Vert, 32", of anybody over 6-11 in the NBA Combine history (just in case you didn't know, jumping really helps on the basketball court). When you have a 7-1 kid who can leap over 3-feet with coordination and balance, he has a chance to be great. When you add in his aggression and hyper all out all the time play, you have a better chance at something special. 

It is really all about the brain for him. He had a mega traumatic childhood, and is now being secreted around the world by some guy who doesn't always see to have his best interest at heart. Luckily, Danny has his Brain doctor. He can read his brain like a gypsy can read sucker in a tent. If he passes the brain test with flying colors, he could go as high as 23.

Maker has a Lottery body physically, but an undraftable situation in reality. Taking high school kids got so bad for the NBA that they actually negotiated a deal with the NCAA to not rob the cradle. As exciting as he looks jumping around the gym against Canadian kids, he is standing on a terrify precipitous where he could fall a long way. He might just be too used to beating the crap out of kids that he can't adjust to NBA veterans beating the crap out of him. 

He is a draft and stash Euro Big, who I'm not sure can be stashed anywhere. He is not on a post high school Canadian team where you can leave him there for a year or two. He will have to be moved to another team. Maybe a team like Maccabi Tel Aviv. So he could play with the Dragan next year if the Celtics draft and stash him as well (or replace Dragan on the roster). Israel could hold the Celtics' twin towers next year, oy-vey! 

Second Choice: Georgios Papagiannis C

Chinanu Onuaku

32. Lakers- Chinanu Onuaku, Louisville, Soph, C, 19 years old, 6-10, 245.

7-3 WS, 9-1 SR! 33.5" MV, 11-10.5 MVR, 27.5 SV,  

2 BPG, 9.9 PPG, 8.5 RPG. 1.6 APG, 26 Min,  

The Player: It really starts and ends with defense for Onuaku. His comparison is obviously Bismack Biyombo. He is a pure rebounder. Hustles and works on the board as well as anyone in this Draft. He is not going to shoot a lot. So veterans will like him. He can block shots when teammates make mistakes on defense. So veterans will like him. And he might be the best passing Big in this Draft. So veterans will like. 

Not much offense at all. He has a weird two handed shot inside on the left that is as ugly as a clogged toilet. He can shot a regular layup on the right side. He can spin to the left, but then wants to dunk it every time. He has developed a little jumper that he can hit. But really, any offense he takes is just taking shots away from his more skilled teammates, and if he wants to get on the floor as a rookie he shouldn't do that. Just slam home the passes and O-rebounds, and keep quiet. 

He is a good passer. He is one of the top passing centers in this Draft. He can throw the high lob to a teammate, as he pulls the other center out to the top of the key. He loves to catch the pass in the air, and zip it to a cutter before he comes down. He will get the ball on the block and immediately look for open teammates. He actually zipped an around the back pass to a teammate against Syracuse. Really a great team player.

Terrific post defender. He looks skinny but is strong and feisty on the blocks. He weighs 245 pounds and plays stronger than that. "I think he's got tremendous potential, as did Arinze [Chinanu’s brother who plays for Syracuse]," Boeheim said. "And obviously Arinze became a tremendous player for us. He has that same kind of potential." He will get beat up as a rookie, but he will get naturally stronger as he ages. He moves his feet well when his man makes a move inside, and can keep his hands up as he moves his nice feet laterally.

Great defensive player who influences the game on the boards and defense. "He seems to understand what his role is," a scout said. "Really competes defensively. His body is strong. It's not necessarily all that trim but that will help him get in better shape. He goes after rebounds, he goes after shots, he tries to help defensively. He's always going to be kind of a garbage man offensively, but he seems to relish the role of an enforcer, which is good. If he goes back, he can work on his offensive game and be more polished next year." Great team player. 

He is so good at stepping across the paint and blocking shots. I love guys who can box out on the offensive boards. He gets inside position on both ends, boxes out, and goes and gets it. Great footwork moving to the rebound. He is strong going for the rebound. He takes the board and will not be denied. He doesn't just get great rebounding position, he out fights guys for the ball. So much of rebounding and defense is want-to, and he has that big time. 

Terrific weakside rebounder on the defensive board. He takes the position and gets the ball. Plays with his head up and loves to get to the side of smaller drivers and send it back. Really works hard to block shots all over the paint and has nice instincts and timing. 

His offense is really just running and dunking on the break. "He’s still working on his stamina," Pitino said. "He’s only scratching the surface. Once he gets to the point where he doesn’t get physically tired, look out. Because he can influence every play with his passing, his defense and his shot blocking." He can really move down court. Loves to go high with one hand and power dunk it down.
He is having a great off season, and impressed a lot of NBA guys at the Combine. "Louisville's sophomore Chinanu Onuaku helped himself in Chicago," Aldridge said. "Though he's not yet certain whether he'll stay in the Draft or return to the Cardinals for his junior season. He more than held his own in a couple of scrimmages last week, solidifying himself as a potential second-rounder." He has a change to slip into the 1st.

The Reason: They need a Wing and a Center. It looks like their best option is a center here. He looks like he can come in add some rebounding and defense, and not take any shots from their so called stars.

Second ChoicePaul Zipser SF

Stephen Zimmerman

33. Clippers- Stephen Zimmerman- UNLV, C/PF, 6-11.75, 234, SR 8-8.5, WS 7-3.25,

6.2 APG, 10.5 PPG, 8.7 RPG, 1.9 BPG, 26.2 MPG, 47.7 FG%, 29,4 3PT%, 62.4 FT%,

The PlayerZimmerman has a good lefty handle for a 7-footer, which means he can two-dribble with his left. Thinks too much on the floor, and looks confused too much. "He’s skilled," his ex-HC Dave Rice said. "And the way teams have tried to guard him is to be physical and try to push him off the block. He’s just got to fight back and be strong because great things happen when Stephen has the ball. He’s a great teammate, he makes extra passes, he scores." Great basketball body. So far as length, athleticism, and agility. He is a 3-point shooting Big. He could develop into a strech-4, or  a strentch-5 if he can add a ton of muscle.

He is smart kid, who seems to understand basketball and that he has to get much better. "It’s not the ideal situation for any player," Zimmerman said. "It's what we had to deal with in the middle of the season. We didn’t really have time to react to it much. [We] all had the same plan and they were all together from the beginning so it’s not like our game plan changed much so that was the good part." He has the height and speed that you look for in a young kid. He also has a nice jumper that he should be able to extend to the NBA arc in a few years. 
He does not lack confidence. "[Teams] ask what I think my strengths and weaknesses are," Zimmerman said. "What I feel I need to work on, what I feel I can bring to a program and what I can bring to the NBA? The main thing [I have to improve] is my body, getting bigger and being able to bump around with the big men in the league, the grown men of the league. I say [what I bring to a program is] versatility and being able to shoot at my size and energy and maturity as a young guy." He can shoot. He averaged. 10.5 PPG and 8.7 RPG last season
He hurt his knee last season. "This is another tough injury for our team right now," UNLV HC Todd Simons said. "We feel terrible for Stephen and know he will work extremely hard to get back on the floor."
He will sit on the bench for a while in the NBA. Who knows what he will be in three years.

Second ChoiceDiamond Stone C/PF

Rade Zagorac

33. Phoenix- Rade Zagorac- SF, Mega Lek, 20 years old, 6-9, 205, Serbia, 

7' WS, 13.9 PPG, 6 RPG, 2.7 APG, 22 min in 26 games, 

The Player: Zagorac looks more like a Euro 3 than Zipser. He is another young prospect playing on Mega Leks and getting more minutes than he would on a veteran team. He has nice speed in the open court. He is rail thin and will need some time overseas to bulk up. Likes to leap up into the air and pass. He can take the hit in the air, and still hit the cutter with a great pass. He also has a typical Euro shot from Three.

All out all the time guy, who hustles and goes for loose balls, and will dive on the floor for loose balls. But he still has a lot of growing to do mentally and physically. He can look weak both mentally and physically sometimes. He has the most underdeveloped body in this Draft. He is built like a marathon runner. He might need three years just to get strong enough physically to come over. But he is 6-9 and can cover everyone for power forwards to point guards.

He has some nice versatile on defense. He can use his long arms to 3/4 the bigger guy in the post, and tip the entry pass with his fingernail. He can use his long arms to reach down and tip the bounce pass at his feet. Plays in the passing lanes well. He can get real low sometimes and take the ball. He can cover smaller PGs on the switch. He tends to get too high sometimes.

He rebounds well for a Wing. He can cut down the lane and leap over everyone and tip the rebound to himself, or a teammate. He is good weakside rebounder. He can go up with both hands and catch the ball in a crowd over his head and hold on. He doesn't have the build to hold his position, but he does a nice job getting finding room on the boards. He is nice and sneaky carving out some room under the hoop to grab the board. He covers bigger guys a lot down low. He goes from defense to offense as quick as anyone. They will have him cover the PG full court sometimes, which is amazing for a 6-9 guy. He is way too light and slight, but he has elite quick feet moving around on defense. He can bring the ball up on the break, and pass it to a wing. Nice job getting to the middle of the Paint and passing to a teammate. 

Second Choice: Petr Cornelie PF

Guerschon Yabusele

35. Guerschon Yabusele- PF Rouen, France, 20-years old. 6'8". 270, 7' WS, (34 GP) 

11.5 PPG, 6.8 RPG, 1.1 APG, 18.6 Min,

The PlayerGuerschon Yabusele: Big Scrapper.

The Reason: The Celtics were the worst combination of rebounding and 3-point shooting last year. Yabusele can rebound and shoot the Three. 45.Isaia Cordinier-  51.Petr Cornelie- 51.Georgios Papagiannis

Georgios Papagiannis

45. Georgios Papagiannis- C Greece, 19 years old, 7-2, 265,

5.5 PPG, 2.5 RPG, 0.7 BPG, 15.6 Min, 

The Player: Papagiannis is a 7-2 rebounder and rim protector who is still 19 years old. He is a little stiff, but is smoother than you'd think for a guy as big and strong as a Cyclops. He is not just tall, he is strong as an ox. He is built like Mark Eaton. He got position on an opposing Center, and elbowed him up and almost off the floor. He makes other Bigs look like kids he is beating up. 

Great post defender against other 7-footer. No one has better length and strength than he does, and he makes good centers look small and weak in post defense. Smart kid who understand positioning. Great leap over the little guard stepping down from the foul line to pin the ball on the backboards. 

Terrific rolling to the hoop, and has great agility going up and slamming down the alley oop. This guys moves like a 6-10 power forward. He can grab the rim with both hands on the dunk, pull himself up, and swing his legs over the Big underneath him so he doesn't get hurt. That is impossible strength and agility for a 7-2 265 pound kid. Impossibly long as well, and dunks without really trying. 

He is a righty who has a little lefty hook scoop leaning past the defender. Great coordination for a true 7-2 Big. Gets good position on the Boards, and no one gets up higher off both feet for the board than him. I'm not big on made up stats, but his 21.3 points per 40 minutes is impressive for a 19 year old in Greece. Great rebounder. Show flashes of brilliant quickness taking the ball all around the rim. 

He has great surprising speed in the open court. That cat can really run. He doesn't struggle with his legs like a lot of Bigs. He is a pure freak. I think I like this kid more than Thon Maker. Like Maker he also spent a year in the States learning English and will have an easier transition than most Euros. 

Yup, yup. I definitively like him more than Maker. When you can get a 7-2 guy with long arms and has a nice jumper hook, it is unstoppable. Nice hands. He doesn't struggle to catch the ball one handed at all. Also his 13.5 rebound for 40 minuets and 4 offensive rebounds per 40 minutes is something you can see on the court. He has to keep his conditioning up, and then he is a guaranteed starting center in the NBA.

Petr Cornelie

51. Petr Cornelie- PF France, 20-years old. 7'. 220, 7' WS, 

11.5 PPG, 6.8 RPG, 2 APG, 1.2 SPG, 46.3% FG, 48% 2-P, 77.9% FT, 23.4 Min,

The Player: Cornelie is a guy who can rebound and shoot the Three. He is a little thin and still has some developing to do. But he is a surprising athlete and Shooter. He reminds me of Brook Lopez as a rookie. Only he has much better speed, Vert, and 3-point shooting than Lopez. He still has a ways to go, and has to get stronger. He could tighten up like Lopez as he adds muscle weight lifting, but right now he is such a better and more fluid athlete than him. 

Nice quick hop on defense. Nice feet and change of direction running around on the defensive end. Great natural rim protector. His length and instincts are so good in the paint it is scary. I know the NBA is a different world, but I would be surprised if he wasn't a nasty rim protector in the NBA. Plays defense hard, and can cut off the little guard on switches and picks when they try to dribble around him. Great feet on perimeter D. He gets so low and wide that little guys struggle to get past him. Great instinct for when to leap at shot, and when it is a fake. 

He is an NBA stretch 4 or 5. He consistently shot over 40% from the Euro Three last season. Terrific form on his Jumper. He rises up with some nice explosion, but drifts forward a little as he leans back. When gets the ball to his hands he snaps his wrist perfectly. Gets up quick and poses the wrist nicely. He can shoot it from all around the arc. Straight up standstill shooter from three.

Nice pick and roll player. When he is almost always open over the top. Plays above the rim. Nice hands and doesn't have to slam the alley-oop. Really attacks the ball in the air on the glass as well. Nice hands on tips and put backs. He has added a nice pick and pop option to his pick and roll game. He can drift to the left a little as he pops to that side. So smooth and balanced shooting inside the arc off the pop. 

He is a smooth looking Big. Great speed in the open floor. He is one of those rare Big who can make little guys look slow. Runs hard down court, and knows how to attack the basket when they pass him the ball. He has a little handle to the hoop, but has to keep his head down as he two dribbles to the right. He can dribble around the perimeter with more than a two-dribble righty. Mostly he just gets himself in trouble when he dribbles around the floor. 

Isaia Cordinier

58. Isaia Cordinier- SG Denain, Creteil France, 19-years old. 6-5. 177, 

40.4% 3-P, 10.8 PPG, 3.6 RPG, 2 APG, 1.2 SPG, 46.3% FG, 77.9% FT, 23.4 Min,

The Player: He is was bit of wild man who went one against the world too much. Over dribbles too much like he is making a stupid and one video. Played a more mature game last season. Got bigger and became a better leaper. Really improved by leaps and bounds last year. Played much smarter and learned to give and go back door on defenders who looked away from him. He looks like an NBA player when he is going strong to the hole. But he is still very young.

He really grew into his brain last season. He was not a prospect in 2014-15, but he looked like an NBA prospect last season. His jumper can still be a little tight and he has to wind up, but he worked so hard on it that you can see it will get nothing but better if he continues that work. Still has two shots. One slower when he has time with the wind up, and one when he jumps a little quicker and snaps his wrist a little more. Still catches it standing up too much, and then has to bend his knees and then leap up to shoot. 

Nice entry pass from the 3-point line. He can be a good passer when he wants to be. Very good stand still passer. Struggles to pass off the dribble sometimes. Too much dribbling around aimlessly. Played with much better concentration and purpose this past season. Attacked the hole more than hopped around aimlessly. Still didn't shot layups lefty, but used his great Vert to get into position to shoot it righty. 

Plays with a lot of energy on defense. I really liked his man defense last season. Euros love to slash over the screen, and he is no different. Sticks to his man and gets his arms in the passing lane and makes his man retreat to the passer more than he wants to.  He also showed more focus on defense last season as well.  He can relentless attack a guy with the ball way outside and drive him nuts. 

Nice dunker. He can do some tricks in the air when he dunks. He has a nice quick jumper. Great wrist snap. It is a little mechanical, but you can see why he raised his 3-point percentage from 25% to 40% last season. A little slow on the catch and shoot. It would be better if he used his legs more. Shoots it on the way up, but the release is very nice. Stand still shooter from three. He bends his knees down, and then springs up and shoots. He needs to catch it with his knees bent and go right up, it would cut the time in half. He not only shot it with a better percentage, he used his legs more and showed NBA range last season. 

He can jump up high when shooting on the move. He has two different jumpers. When he goes up high he can kick out his legs and hit the defender. He showed a whole new shot last season. Shooting on the move. He can one dribble to the right, and spring up high and snap his wrist. That is an NBA shot. He really uses his legs fully on his one dribble right shot. 

Very bouncy and springing on his legs. Grew into his body last year, and looked like an elite leaper. Also got smarter and sneakier and used fakes smartly to get open shots and lanes to the basket. He always has nice vision, and improved his passing last season, especially off the dribble. Knows when to lay it down to his Bigs to get him a free layup. 

He can two dribble to the left, but has to shot it right. Knows how to use the up fake and attack past the defender. Great speed on the two dribble to the hole. He can look like a PG sometimes, but he doesn't have the handle to be a PG. Worked on his off the ball game a lot, and became a nice cutter to the basket, and much more effective without the ball in his hands. 

The Reason: The Celtics have four primary issues: shooting, rebounding, rim protection, and star power. I covered all the bases. Bender gives them the star power. Plus, he can shoot, rebound, pass, and block shots. Then I went with two Wing shooters who shot over 40% from Three last season. Then Maker, who is a rebounder and Rim protector. And my man Yabusele, who can shoot the Three and rebound with the best of them.

Which brought to the Euro shooter, who raised his 3-point percentage to 40% from the Euro Three last season. Got another Big, and the Greek Cyclops. Who is just bigger, nastier, and stronger than everyone else. He is a natural rebounder, post defender, and shot blocker. 

The Celtics also have a problem with too many assets and not enough roster spots. So I went with six Euros and only two NCAA guys. But both NCAA Wings are over 20-years old, clutch 3-point shooters, and have great wing versatility. They instantly improve the team's shooting. Both have interesting chances to be stars. The other six guys can all be stashed in Europe or some other port of destination if they want. Then if you can't trade for some star power, all eight guys still have a chance to eventually make the roster some day.