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Best Win Ever.


Wow! I think that was BB's best Regular season victory ever. "In my opinion he's the greatest coach to ever coach this game," Blount said. "So anything he says I'm going to do and I feel like that goes for anybody else on this team. The results, the results speak for themselves." It was so dominate on so many levels.

The Houston coaching staff looked like a college football staff. And on many levels it wasn't their fault. It is the results of Roger Goodell's greedy goal of 25-Bil. He doesn't care about: the players, about the truth, about Justice, about the American way. He is the anti-Superman. And his sins never shown more brightly than in this game. It is nearly impossible to properly prepare the players to play on the road on Thursday night football.

This really was a coaches' victory. "Well, this is a really satisfying win," BB said. "I thought that this whole week our coaching staff, let's start with them, did a tremendous job: Josh, Matt Patricia, Joe Judge. [They] did a great job. Jerry Schuplinski with Jacoby, just how hard they worked to prepare the team to get them ready, and then how committed the players were. We came in here Monday after the Miami game and just turned the page and got on to the Texans... The coaching staff just did a tremendous job this week."

They got the game plan together that stunned the Texans. "I mean Josh McDaniels, for one," Logan Ryan said. "The whole offensive staff, the whole team. I was saying earlier, I don't think anyone even blinks an eye on whoever's out there. At corner, at quarterback, at running back, guys continue to step up for year after year. We talk about it every year with injuries and I think it's the system, I think it's the coaching, and guys wanting to be coached. And Jacoby, you know? Did a great job with scout team quarterback early in the year. Then him going against our defense: making us better, makes him better, and then all those extra reps he gets after practice on our offense, and they paid off. I think the coaching staff gets a lot of credit on that."

But it was still the players who put all the coaching together. "We really asked a lot out of the team this week," BB said. "They responded. They never batted an eye. We got great leadership from our captains; a lot of our veteran players. Everybody just got on bored and stepped up. So just really proud of the way that these guys competed. I thought that we tried to do what we wanted to do for 60 minutes. Houston's a good football team. You know how much respect I have for Coach [Bill] O'Brien and their staff and their players. Just so proud of the way our guys competed and just tried to do everything that we asked them to do and they really worked hard at it. I'm just happy for the success that they had tonight."

As impressive as the coaches were this week, the players matched them mentally play after play, and quarter after quarter. "You know really it's all about the players. It's all about the players. We gave them a lot of new things," BB said. "We ran some plays that we haven't run all year. We put them in and walked through them. We never got a chance to really run them, and a couple of those hit big. Defensively we tried to do some things that we just didn't even practice them. All we could do was walk through them. It's just not the same as repping them, but they understood.

"Again, they're a smart group. They're an astute group. They understood how it needed to try and fit against the Texans and then we got out there on the field and they executed it very well tonight. Just a tremendous credit to those guys: the players on the scout team, our defensive and offensive scout teams. To try and replicate the Texans' plays so we could at least walk through them. Again, we didn't really run them at any tempo but at least we walked through and they give us a great look. And some of the communication that we needed to be able to execute those plays was really as a result of the scout team giving us the opportunity to practice it. And if we made a mistake correct it in practice and get it right tonight.

"So, it was really a great, great team effort over the last four days. The guys that played, a lot of guys that didn't play, like I said, the coaching staff, not just the coordinators, the assistant coaches. We had a lot of guys really work hard this week. It's gratifying to see those kinds of results. Not that we don't work hard every week but this is a tough week."

The much-maligned O-line dominated one of the best front sevens in the NFL. "Oh yeah, you know, they're a great football team, great competitors," Andrews said. "You know, I know I worked really hard this offseason and you can tell a lot of people worked really hard, and all of those little things add up. You know you don't think they do but, all the workouts and conditioning runs, whatever it may be, they all kind of add up."

The Special Teams had one of the best games I ever saw. "Tremendous, tremendous," BB said. "Field position was phenomenal. It seemed like they had to go 90 yards every time they had the ball. Our kickoff team, once again, came up big with field positron, [and] two turnovers. That's a very aggressive unit. I think Joe [Judge] and Bubba [Ventrone] have done a great job. They have a lot of leadership on that unit, a lot of pride. We punted well, we covered well, we covered our kicks well, we had a couple of chances in the return game, we converted our scoring opportunities. The entire special teams unit, the coaching staff, they did a tremendous job tonight. We obviously needed that tonight and they really delivered it."

The defense was at a Super Bowl level. "It was huge," McCourty said. "You walk away from a game with a win. But I think as a secondary we were disappointed in the way we played, I don't even want to say last week, a couple days ago. It was big for us. We knew we had a big challenge. They convert a lot of deep balls, and have two really good receivers that can take you vertical.

"So the game plan was simple, just don't give them the big plays. Make them try to drive it down the field. Make it tough for them. We were able to make some plays with Logan, Malcolm, Cyrus, those guys at corner played great. Even Chung went down there and was playing some corner. So we just did a good job of executing the game plan exactly how we wanted to and that led us to a win."

But most importantly the defense didn't falter in the 2nd Half, like they did last week. And they didn't fall apart in the 4th quarter like they did against Arizona. They finally played a full 60-minute game. "Well, it really wasn't stressed during the week [a 60-minute effort], it was stressed at the end of the week," BB said. "We spent the three days: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, really trying to talk about what we needed to do. How to execute it and so forth, and how we needed to play against the Texans. And then really from this morning, a little bit last night, but really this morning just about how disciplined we needed to be to continue to play that way against the Texans for 60 minutes.

"We talked about it in the locker room before the game. We talked about it at halftime and these guys did it. They never lost focus. They played the game exactly the way we asked them to play it. I mean it wasn't perfect, I'm not saying that. They tried to do what we wanted them to do, and as a coach you just can't ask for any more than that. So they did a great job of it." They had to face a very diverse WR corps, and they destroyed them.

All that, while teaching a rookie QB to play in the NFL. "He played very well," Bennett said. "We have confidence in all of our Quarterbacks and in the way we prepare and the coaches do a great job preparing these guys. You know, every day Jacoby comes to work just like he's a starter and he just prepares and he plays. Whatever his responsibility is that week, he goes out there and does it to the best of his ability. We're never really worried about that. We all just try to do our job to make his job easier."

They won this game against one of their top competitors in the AFC to host the Champ game, with a rookie QB starting his first game in the NFL. "Our team. You know?" Jacoby said. "Just being a part of this team and coming out and getting a win. Hard, tough game. The score doesn't reflect how tough this game was, and how hard we fought throughout the whole game."

You just don't win those games, period. I mean… I mean, I'm sitting here on the Group W bench, and… Rookie QBs are dumb. Incompetent. They don't even know where the tall grass they are lost in is. They lose, and then they lose, and then they lose again. And then they get their coach fired. The GM cries. And the Owner has to seek out psychological help.

What they don't do is help win two games in a row. "We're part of a great organization, great team," Jacoby said. "A lot of the veteran players helped out and stepped up and helped me a lot. Just giving me confidence, the coaching staff gave me confidence and just everything went from there." He doesn't even know how important and unique what he just did is.

After that game Jacoby just became as valuable a piece to the Pats Franchise as Jimmy-G. "I think he handled himself great last week, this week, all week, every day," BB said about Jacoby. "He's done nothing but come in here and work as hard as he possibly can. When we had three quarterbacks, to take his opportunities and learn from the other two guys, when it was him and Jimmy,  and then this week it was pretty much all him.

"He's just a hard working kid that is really dedicated to doing what's right for the team and trying to improve on anything that you tell him. He just wants to do what the coach tells him to do. I'm glad we have him. Yeah, I was just holding the ball for him. That's his ball. That's his first touchdown ball. So that'll go up on his trophy [case]." The game plan should go up in the trophy case as well.

Everything Just Changed. Again.


The emergence of Jacoby could also allow Brady to never play a game in the NFL for another team. The problem that BB faced was that there is always a difference between a one-year plan, a five-year plan, and a ten-year plan. You had to trade Brady, because there was no other option in the ten-year plan. Now suddenly, there is another option in the ten-year plan other than Jimmy-G.

Everything just changed again in the Patriots Organization. You could see Jacoby being as good as Garoppolo in a couple of years. He was that good. So the question is does Jacoby have as clear a path to success as Jimmy-G? Not that either is anything close to Brady yet. There is a huge difference between being a winning QB in the Regular Season, and being a winning QB in the Playoffs. Winning in the Playoffs is a completely different world.

I think Jimmy-G has shown that he is a winning QB in the Regular Season. Jacoby has not, yet. "Jacoby and Jimmy this year have both shown that they can do a lot of things well," BB said. "There are certainly a lot of things they can improve on, but you know, they've had plenty of opportunities in a lot of different situations. They've made a lot of good plays; not perfect. And again, there are a lot of things that they can still work on and get better and they will because those guys work hard. Jacoby worked so hard to improve on some of the things from the Miami game, so I give them a lot of credit for that." He has to throw a couple of Regular Season TDs before you can say he is a Regular Season winner.

But, I do think Jacoby has shown that if he Redshirts for a couple of seasons he can be a winning QB in the regular season. Now you can't be completely certain, because everything with rookie QBs is an illusion. Plus, he played against a Houston team that was clearly unprepared for that game. But he also did play in a very limited game plan designed to take pressure off his throwing arm and brain.

It would have been different next week, if he would have been forced to play against a defense that had time to game plan against him. But he isn't playing next week. That win scared Jimmy-G back onto the field for Buffalo next week. He still hasn't thrown a TD pass in six quarters of Regular Season Play. He still has a ton of growing to to do.

But most importantly of all, you can now see a path to keep Brady for two or three more seasons, as Jacoby develops like Jimmy-G behind the scenes. And not hurt the Franchise for ten years. Keeping Brady over Jimmy-G would have hurt the Franchise for ten years just a couple of weeks ago. Now, and you know I have been the main proponent of trading Brady, you keep Brady and trade Jimmy-G without a single nervous blink of the eye.

In the open market, Jimmy-G is much more valuable than Brady. You can't get a 1st for a 40-year old QB. But you can not only get a 1st for Jimmy-G now (because he is playing next week against the Bills), you can get a top ten pick from a perennial loser.

He makes Cleveland a viable Franchise again. He makes San Fran a viable Franchise again. He makes Dallas a viable Franchise again. He makes the Rams a viable Franchise again. He makes the Bills a viable franchise. He makes the Bears a viable Franchise again. Even Washington, New Orleans, Detroit, and San Diego could use a fresh start at QB.

That is a lot of top ten teams in the NFL Draft that are reaching a hand out for help. The Pats look like they have three viable options at QB under contract for at least two years. That is an unprecedented treasure of QBs, in a desperately QB starved league. They have a shot at translating that depth into a player like: Fournette, Cook, Mailk McDowell, or maybe even Myles Garrett (yikes).

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