With The 6th Pick, in the 2015 NFL Draft, The New Jersey Jets Select ...

Updated: April 28th

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**Jameis Winston


6-3 3/4, 231, 9 3/8" Hands,

32" Arms, (O 4.97), 

28.5" Vert! 8'8 Broad!

4.36 SS!, 7.16 3-C!


2014 Picks:

1 (7) Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M.

2 Austin Seferian-Jenkins, TE, Wash

3 (69) Charles Sims, RB, W. Virginia.

5 Kadeem Edwards, OG, Tenn St.

5 (149) Kevin Pamphile, OT, Purdue

6 (185) Robert Herron, WR Wyoming

Key F.A, Signed:

Luke Stocker TE

Lawrence Sidbury DE

Larry English OLB/DE

Henry Melton DE

Jason Williams LB

Bruce Carter LB

Mike Jenkins CB

Sterling Moore CB
Major Wright S

Chris Conte S

Key Free Agents:

Gerald McCoy DT

Da'Quan Bowers DT
Oniel Cousins OT 
Dane Fletcher LB 
Mason Foster LB 

Key F.A. Lost:

Josh McCown QB

Anthony Collins OT

Adrian Clayborn DE

Michael Johnson DE

Dashon Goldson SS

The Team: Okay, I think I finally figured it out. I finally have the top ten locked down (or at least as close as I can get without crying;-). I think the key to the top 20 in mocking this Draft is going to be figuring out which team takes the Edgerushers, WR, and O-linemen. I don't care if I get the players right, but if I get the Edgerushers, OL, WR going in the right place I think that is the best we can do. There is a whispers difference between Bud Dupree and Vic Beasley, a cat's breathe difference between Cooper and Kevin White. And a wisp of weed smoke between Shane Ray and Gregory. And can you tell me the difference between La'el Scherff  and Andrus Flowers? Hell no. They all do different things a little better, and every team in the top twenty has the top five O-linemen rated differently. So any order you put up is likely different from 15 of the top 20 teams, but not mine (because I've already quite trying;-). Whichever team thinks whichever OL can play on the left side and/or out at Tackle has to take him. I think La'el can play OLT in the NFL, so I would take him first. There might not be another team that agrees with me until the 20s. Or at least Cincy. Cincy believes that La'el can play on the left side and will take him at 21. Otherwise, Arik Armstead fits the long tall D-End/DT that Marvin Lewis likes to Draft. So I think I have the teams that are taking the Edgerushers, OL, and WRs as close as I can possible get. Though it is impossible to guess the order those positions go in. So now I can continue to the 2nd, 3rd, and hopefully 4th Rounds.

Well here we go again. Winston proves himself a liar again. Everyone says his personality is magnetic, because people want to be lied to. He stole crabs from a supermarket. That is a fact. Unless of course it was the owner of the super market who "hooked him up." Because some guy gave him the crab legs that worked at the market doesn't mean he didn't steal them. It just means he had an accomplice. But everyone else is missing the point. My problem with him is that he looks every one in the eye and lies. And he couldn't make it to the Draft without doing it again here. The real story is that he just admitted that you can't believe the words coming out of his mouth, again. The real story is that he has admitted that he lied to everyone when he said it was a mistake including the Buccs. His story at the Combine was that it was a mistake and he "forgot" to pay. Lie-lie-lie, every time he said it to every team, reporter, and camera at the Combine. He forgot to pay. That was a lie-lie-lie on every level. He didn't forget to pay. It wasn't a mistake. He hasn't taken responsibility and suffered the consequences. Lie-lie-lie. It sounds nice. It makes him look pretty. But those lies are just makeup on a pig. He was "hooked up", which means he had no intention of paying. He walked out of the store without paying, on purpose. And he took ab-so-lute-ly zero "responsibility for his actions". Everyone he told that is was a mistake and he is accepting responsibility, he was looking them in the eye and lying to their face, and he did it over and over and over again. Which was my problem with this from the start. He is a conman who knows what people want to hear. I would never draft this guy. But, Tampa seems fine taking a guy who has no trouble looking them in the eye and lying to their face about it being a mistake, when he knows damn well he did it on purpose. They don't mind that he will in the front pages for his law suit for sexual assault. And if you didn't think he did it before, and still don't think he did it now after he looked everybody in the eye and lied to their face, again, about stealing the crab legs, then you deserved to be conned out of all your money because your a sucker.

Okay I give up. Fair warning has been given, but they don't want to listen. Lovie has swept Winston's shenanigans under the rug. "No, I'm not surprised that young people continue to make mistakes," Lovie Smith said at the Owner's Meetings. "I think you have to look at the things that he did. You mention the crab leg incident. Jameis would be the first to tell you he can't make some of those mistakes again. I feel comfortable with some guys who have had issues in the environment that we have, in our locker room and some of the things that we have in place that we can handle guys like that." The problem is that it wasn't just a few times. 

It was habitual stupidity that leaves people like me to not believe the words that are coming out of his mouth. He has been proven to be a conman over and over. Like when he says, "I watched more Tape in the off season [when I was playing baseball] than I did during the [football] season." That just sounds so good. In fact, it sounds too good. My ears hear a conman saying what he knows everyone wants to hear.

There is no way he was watching more film of football during the baseball season than the football season. When you hear a conman say something that is too good to be true? It is. But he will be the QB of Buccs next season. So enjoy it while you can Tampa. 

Here is an interesting quote. This was Lovie's response when asked if it would an erroneous assumption to assume Winston was their guy. "No, I wouldn't say it's an erroneous assumption," Smith said. "I would say when people make that assumption, we haven't had the pro workout [at Florida State] yet. But we've done a lot of research, have watched a lot of video and had both of them in and talked with them individually and had them on the board. But the process, the game isn't over yet. I think you can have a leader, but you have to let the game play out and we're doing that. We're excited about this final stage almost to decide exactly which direction to go." Nice quote, but he really didn't say anything, lol.

The Player: Winston is as troublingly immature as he is talented. He is a stone cold winner whose lack of understanding finally caught up to him against Oregon. But you can't forget about everything he has accomplished in college. "Everything checks out on him [on the field], too," The HC of the TBB said. "The guy can complete every throw. A lot has been said about his football intelligence. He's just a leader. Nobody is going to outwork this guy." In 2013 when he had two legit NFL prospects at WR. This year he was left with only Rashad Greene as a receiving threat, and still took that team to the Playoffs.

He really put them in a hole against NC ST. He had to come back twice in the first three quarters. He finally hit Green late in the 3rd to put them up four. He fired a perfect pass to Green. The CB jumped in front of him and it looked like it was going to be intercepted. But the throw was about an inch high and outside, and slipped past the CB into the waiting hands of Rashad Green. That is as good a throw as you are going to see. He has great eyes. He sees the field and the defense so well. And throws it with great accuracy where only his teammates can get it. When he can three step and throw in rhythm he just makes perfect pass after perfect pass. Especially when he can throw short to Green. One-two-three-boom. One-two-three-boom.

The Reason: You can see he has everything he needs to be a successful QB in the NFL physically and on the field. "What do you want your quarterback to do?" the HC of the TBB said at the Owner's Meeting. "Well, starting off, you want him to be able to win and get people to believe you can help be the reason why we win every game. I think he's done that. He's got a track record. He's got a Heisman. He's got a national championship. You start talking to his teammates and they all say the same thing. You talk to coaches who have had him in the room and you put him on the board talking about his football intelligence. You let him sell himself. He can sell you [like a conman;-]." Unfortunately that is not the real question when it comes to him. But, the deal is done. Winston will be the first pick it eh Draft.

Second Choice: Buy a bridge in Brooklyn



*Marcus Mariota-

QB Oregon

6-3 3/4, 222, 9 7/8" Hands,

32" Arms, (O 4.52)! 

36" Vert! 10'1 Broad!

4.11 SS!, 6.87 3-C!

OC, RB, NT, OL WR, OL, CB, WR, S, LB, LB. CB, 

2014 Picks:

1 (25) Jason Verrett CB TCU.

2 Jeremiah Attaochu LB Georgia T.

3 (89) Chris Watt G/C Notre Dame.

5 Ryan Carrethers DB Arkansas St

6 (201) Marlon Grice RB Arizona St

7 (240) Tevin Reese WR Baylor.

Key FA. Signed:

Orlando Franklin LG

King Dunlap OLT

Stevie Johnson WR

Jacoby Jones KR/WR

Mitch Unrein DL

Brandon Flowers CB

Jimmy Wilson CB/FS

Patrick Robinson CB

Key FA:

Rich Ohrnberger, C

Doug Legursky, C

Seyi Ajirotutu, WR

Eddie Royal, WR

Ronnie Brown, RB

Dwight Freeney, LB

Key FA Lost:

Ryan Mathews RB

Nick Hardwick OC retires

Jeromey Clary OG retires

Jeff Baca OG

Jarret Johnson OLB

Andrew Gachkar, LB

Shareece Wright, CB

Marcus Gilchrist, S

The Team: This is why this Draft is impossible to predict. Two days before the Draft and no one can say with 100% certainly who the top pick is, never mind the rest. Then you have pick Two. Everybody agrees it will be Mariota, but nobody knows to what team. I think the Titans or San Diego take Mariota here. I don't see another team with the connections to work out a deal with Tennessee on the clock. Plus just to make it more ridiculous, Tennessee could or could not trade Mariota later to another team. San Diego doesn't pick until 17, which could be two hours later. We could see the Titans trade Mariota to San Diego on the clock, at pick 17, lol. This is the most ridiculous draft to figure out I have ever seen, because the top two picks are far from set two days before the Draft, with Tampa now talking a trade, and Titans now talking about exercising this pick. And it only gets worse from here. However, I have finally reached a comfort level with the Top Five picks. I'm sticking the QBs in the top two as they are the only players who have a chance to turn a Franchise into a winner for 15-years, and make an HC and GM legends (Or fail completely and get everyone fired;-0. Then moving on to place the edgerushers, O-linemen, and wide receivers in where I think one of them might go, and I don't care if the name is right only the position.

This has become the most interesting aspect of the Draft. Do they consummate the trade that both teams desperately need to happen to secure their future. Normally in a trade like this it is too perfect to happen. But both teams have an unquenchable need. The Titans can't call themselves a real NFL Franchise until they have a franchise QB again, and the Chargers foolish owners need for greed is forcing them to the promise land that the La La Land illusion presents. LA is not a great NFL football city, period. It is a trip for fool's gold.

Wing nut Rivers said he won't play in LA, because of the devil, and his contract is up after next season. Otherwise they would ignore him. "You never want to trade your franchise quarterback" Rivers ex-teammate Tomlinson said. "You know that's never the case. However, in this situation, they might have no choice but to do so. Because I don't know if Philip wants to be there anymore. I think he has lost confidence in the organization. He's seen a lot of changes going on and the L.A. thing is valid. Him not wanting to go to L.A. is very valid." But he can decide where he wants to play after this season. So you can get nothing, or get a year ahead with a young QB for your move to La La Land.

Rivers has all the power right now. If he steadfastly refuses to sign a contract, as long as they are committed to moving to LA then he can leave after next season and sign with the highest bidder who isn't the devil. The process of moving looks like it is too far along to stop now. He is as serious as the San Diego's owners greed. I still think it is unconscionable for some guy to come in and buy a team and move it. The Chargers belong as much to San Diego as to the guy who holds the deed.

So the Chargers are gone, and their biggest asset, or rather their second biggest asset behind their loyal paying fans, is their franchise QB. When guys starts talking about protecting his family from the devil, he is not kidding. He is gone from San Diego after next season. So the Chargers have a choice, keep him for one year or trade him off. The Owner is set on moving the team, and the Franchise QB is set on not going with him. Since they can't trade the Owner, the QB has to go. Plus old man Rivers has a back, and only three or four years left as a top QB. So they have to work out a deal or plummet into obscurity. Then they move to LA without a viable option at QB or a face of the franchise. This deal is about more than just the QB playing on the field. It is also about having a face of the franchise to sell to all the fans in L.A. who don't care. They don't just want to make this deal, they have to make this deal.

The good news for the Titans is that they are a joke of a Franchise with no hope of getting better. Unless they can get a franchise QB. Suddenly a miracle presents itself. A wacky Franchise QB has one year left on his contract and thinks the devil is chasing him off his team. They hold the right to the 2nd pick in the Draft in a two QB Draft. So they have a fine young QB to offer up for the old veteran QB fleeing the devil. They hold the second shot at a young QB who could be a winning QB in the NFL someday, but not today. They have an HC whose is at the end of his rope. His team has moved straight up in the Draft under his leadership. They were 7-9 in 2013, and completely fell apart last season and plummeted to 2-14. So he has to get a QB that can win.

Whisenhunt coached Rivers in 2013. He came to the Chargers, who were 31st in total offense in 2012. With Whisenhunt and Rivers working together they were 5th in total offense in 2013. The two of them together are proven winners. He needs to start winning now or he is gone, and the GM is not far behind. They have to start winning now or they are both gone. 

They hold this massive asset. But that valuable an asset comes with pressure as well. If they can successfully turn this asset into winning they can go down in the record books as winners. If they fail to convert this asset into winning they could be out of the NFL for a long time, and certainly are unlikely to be hired as a GM or HC again. However the heavens have opened up the pearly gates, and an opportune to save their own asses has presented itself. A Franchise QB is on the block that they have proven they can win with him. Just as they have a more valuable asset for sale. They don't just want to make this deal, they have to make this deal.

There are a thousand different things that can go wrong and make this thing fall apart. But when both sides have to make a deal to save their jobs it usually gets done. The Titans' GM and HC need Rivers, as much as San Diego's GM and HC needs a shiny new toy to present to his owner to sell to their new fool's gold city. If this deal doesn't get done it is a disaster for both teams and all four guys get fired, and they seem to know it. So they will get it done. 

There also are enough connections to help pull it together. The franchise QB is from the neighboring State of Alabama, where he thinks the devil doesn't live. So you have to think he would welcome the trade and sign an extension because most of his relatives can come see him play again. Whisenhunt was hired by Chargers GM Ruston Smith. So they know each other and have successfully worked out deals before. The final factor to convince me this deal will be done is the connection Whisenhunt has with the Charger organization. They know each other and can talk and deal a little more honestly as a result. Plus the HC and the QB have worked together and succeeded together, and most importantly won together. Plus, Whisenhunt, Rivers, and Ruston Smith all have the same agent. So you know there has been a ton of back channel communications going on.

Whisenhunt knows more than anybody else in this mess what Rivers can do for his career. He will win with Rivers next season. He has no idea if Mariota or Mettenberger can run his offense at a winning level. But he knows with absolute certainty that Rivers can. Though they will never win a Super Bowl together, because River's mental instability has never been more apparent. But they can do some damage in their Division and get to the Playoffs. Plus Mariota is from Hawaii. I do believe the two closest airports in the continental United States to Hawaii are in San Diego and LA. He would be ecstatic to play in either city. He could fly his family over to watch him play home games.

Meanwhile it has become completely clear to the Chargers that they are about to plummet into a losing Franchise without a QB, just as their foolish owner is about to move to L.A. chasing fool's gold. L.A. has proven over and over that they won't support a football franchise. So he has to have a shiny winning QB to sell to help the financial peril the owner is placing them in. River is gone. The Franchise is about to be rebooted whether they like or of not. So they can get nothing for Rivers next year, or get a shiny new young franchise QB in the making right here. It is scary, but that is really their only choice. One of River's ex-coaches is drowning in Tennessee, like they will be as well next year if they don't make this deal. Because the Titans own the key to the best QB in this Draft.

They will not get a better deal than this. Now is Mariota a franchise QB? It doesn't matter. They wouldn't be trying to work out this deal if they were not as high on Mariota as I am. I think he is clearly the best QB in this Draft. If you're the Chargers you don't even contemplate this deal if you don't think Mariota is the man, never mind be in deep negotiations with the Titans. So the Chargers GM thinks Mariota is the man, and Whisenhunt knows that Rivers is the man. They both know that those two QBs are the guys that can save their jobs. Usually when a deal is too perfect to be true it doesn't happen, but when both sides desperately need it to happen it usually does.

The problem of course is that both want to fleece each other. That is why most deals don't work out. Too much pressure to be wrong. But if you fleece another team in a deal, at least you can tell your owner we got all these extra things. The Chargers don't want to give up much more than Rivers, for the young unproven QB. The Titans want to get more back than the aging QB with one year left on his contact, and maybe three good years after that (while Mariota could have 15 to 20 good years left). Both are right, and both are wrong. So they are in the middle of a pissing contest right now. Which I think ends with San Diego giving up 17. 

The Chargers cannot give up next years number one, as their team was in a transition before they trade Rivers, and is about to collapse. If they make this trade they will have a top five pick next year guaranteed. They can set up their franchise for fifteen years, but they would be lucky to get three wins next year without Rivers. So it looks like 17 and maybe a 2nd, or the Titans start talking to Cleveland and St. Louis.

The real roadblock in this mess are the Buccs. Personally, I don't know how you do research on these two kids and come away with the idea that you have any idea what Winston will be or do. The Buccs can hold this deal up. So the Chargers have to decide if they are comfortable with Winton, or they have to wait until they are on the clock. Meanwhile, the Titans need to get some negotiating parameters for a new contract with Rivers, and need the deal done now. Their is just too much potential for winning for all four guys for this not to happen. It makes complete sense for both sides to say yes. Time is running out and this will be the biggest storyline on Draft Day whether the deal is done or not. And best of all this looks like it could be an on clock deal, where they have to wait to make sure Mariota is on the Board.

The ironic and awesome part is that the last time a team held a QB hostage in a Draft was San Diego taking Eli Manning hostage with the 1st pick in the Draft, when they really wanted Rivers. Wouldn't it be awesome if the Titans take Mariota at Two, and hold him hostage for another tense hour of crazy Draft drama because they really want Rivers. Also they could have the Rams, Jets, Bears, and Cleveland, as well as San Diego all making bids, and no deal has to be done for at least three or four picks. They could even hold Mariota hostage until pick 12 or even 19 is made. It could make for the best Draft moment in history if the Titans take Mariota hostage with the Second pick. And it also would be wonderfully ironic if San Diego caved and gave them a Manning type deal like they got from the Giants, that included Rivers, after the Titans picked Mariota. I can't wait until next Thursday!

The Player: Mariota has finally put is all together. His performance against Stanford has finally placed him above Winston for me. I have been his biggest critic, so I don’t want to jinx him, but he has it all now. He has an elite arm. Elite speed, for a QB. But he has finally put it all together mentally, and with accuracy. One of his problems is that he sometimes throws the ball too hard. He has learned to throw with some touch as well. If Oregon beats Utah, the Stanford game will be his Heisman moment. 

He still has a touch of inconsistency. He is bigger and stronger this season. He added 10-pounds of muscle this off season. He is a terror on his feet. He always looked a little straight-line-ish to me, but when he is healthy can has a little shiftiness. He can makes guys miss now in the open field. Loves to run for touchdowns. He is quick to get out of bounds on runs, except when he is going for the TD. He is a nightmare in Option runs in the Redzone. He seems to make the right choice every time. He destroys teams in the 2nd half. I can't count how many games were close at halftime, and he blew teams out in the second half. He is a 2nd Half QB, like Winston, but doesn't get the credit he deserves. 

Mariota looked to me like he finally became that cold blooded winner that we have been waiting for. I am saying this before the Ohio State game. He is the best QB in the Draft since Luck. He will take more time to develop than Winston, but his upside, especially mentally, surpasses Winston by more than just a little. Mariota is a genuine guy, while Winston is a conman who may never realize his vast potential. 

He came up with the huge clutch TD on 4th and goal to give Oregon the lead against Utah. I think it is dumb to go for it on 4th down so much. However, it does put a lot of extra pressure on the QB, and I think Mariota handles that pressure on 4th down very well. I think that pressure has helped his development. 

He is so good at keeping plays alive when the coverage is great. He is so good at keeping his calmness when everything is breaking down around him. He is showing the killer instinct I didn’t think he had in the Rose Bowl. He has such a nice quick twitch brain. He has such a great arm on intermediate throws. I love how quick he can turn and throw the ball off the shotgun snap. He seems to have a nice quick release. After being perfect in the first half of the season, he has given up an INT against Cal and Stanford. You can see him progress across the field from first to forth receiver. Reads the combo patterns well.

The Reason: A deal that is too perfect not to happen.

Second Choice: Leonard Williams 5-T/3-T



*Dante Fowler Jr


6-2.5, 261, 33 3/4" arms, 

32 1.2" Vert, S-1.59-1.63 (U 4.61-4.65),

OL, RB, Leo, DT, DB, DL, 

2014 Picks:

1 (3) Blake Bortles, QB UCF

2 (39) Marqise Lee, WR USC

2 (61) Allen Robinson WR Penn St

3 (93) Brandon Linder OG Miami

4 (114) Aaron Colvin CB Oklahoma

5 (144) Telvin Smith, ILB Florida ST

5 (159) Chris Smith DE Arkansas

6 (205) Luke Bowanko OC Virginia

7 (222) Storm Johnson RB UCF.

Key F.A. Signed:

Bernard Pierce RB

Julius Thomas TE

Jermey Parnell, OT

Jared Odrick 5-T/ DT

Tyson Alualu DE 

Dan Skuta OLB

Davon House, CB

Sergio Brown, S

Key Free Agents:

Alan Ball CB
A.J. Edds LB
Geno Hayes LB 
Sherrod Martin S 
Cecil Shorts WR

Key Free Agents:

J.T. Thomas LB

Red Bryant DE/DT

CB Will Blackmon

The Team: Word coming out of Jacksonville is that this is who they like. They have five legit NFL D-tackles, and the best player in the Draft is a DT in their system. I would be terrified to pass on Williams here. I'm not saying he is JJ Watts, but he has a chance. And JJ can lined up any damn place he pleases and hit the QB. Williams might have that ability as well. Also, while he may not turn himself into the best play in the League like JJ did, I just don't see anyway he busts without some serious bad luck with injuries (and if he stops skateboarding;-). Fowler was my favorite rusher to start the season, but he does have some bust potential and can look like he doesn't have great instincts sometimes. But nobody hits the QB harder and with more speed than Fowler.

The choice here appears to be Fowler Vs Williams. Having Fowler go here would be funner, Because I don't think the Raider can pass on Williams. That would send Kevin White and/or Amari Cooper plummeting into the pack of teams that need passrushers. I think we need to embrace the chaos of this Draft. However, the deciding factor to me has to be that Gus Bradley coached the South team at the Senior Bowl. He coached Preston Smith and Owamagbe Odighizuwa for a week in Mobile. So they have played in their system and have been coached by their coaches. They know more about theses two passrushers than anybody else, because they coached them into their system and saw how quickly they can pick it up and where they fit. So why pass on the best non-QB in the draft for a passrusher they know less about, when they can get Smith or Owamagbe to be their Leo in the 2nd.

However they also need an offensive tackle for their young QB. That is the only reason might feel they have to take a Leo here. They will have a shot at Clemmings in the 2nd, who they coached at the Senior Bowl. But they also will have a shot at Donovan Smith, who they coached at the Senior Bowl, in the 3rd. So the problem here is that it is only logical that they are locked onto Clemmings in the 2nd, and I think they have targeted David Johnson to start the 3rd, who was one of the best players on the field that they coached at the Senior Bowl. So if they have targeted ORT, RB, and Leo as their top three needs, they will have to sacrifice one for Williams the best player in the Draft. Which mean they will have to wait until the 4th to grab the RB or ORT. 

They also coached against the North team and got great views of Nate Orchard and Kikaha who look more like a Pete Carroll Leo to me. Now there is no doubt that Fowler could be the perfect Leo in their defense. But Williams isn't a game changer! He is a Franchise changer, like Richard Seymour and JJ Watts. I was comparing him to Seymour because of his elite functional strength on the field. After doing Williams Tape the only player I can compare him to is Watts. He has that elite make you miss burst off the snap that made Watts unblockable about 10% of the time.

You also have to remember that JJ wasn't Watts when he first came out. I had him ranked 7th at the time, and that was the highest I ever saw him rated. I called his Tape: Can't Touch This. Because he would burst off the snap every now and again and literally no one could touch him. He worked his way into the player he is today. But he had that elite inside burst when he came into the NFL. To me, Leonard has that potential. He has to learn how to work as hard as Watts, just like JJ had to do when he entered the League. You cannot pass on a guy who has Watts like potential for a Leo who looks like he fits into your system better. Hell, I have no doubt that Williams could be the Leo liek Watts. He looks like he can do anything he wants on the field. 

I've had Fowler here for a long time, but I'm not sure he fits their system. Fowler is the top 3-4 OLB in this Draft. He is great against the run, in the rush, and in coverage. That is less important in this defense. They have a ton of big guys who can stuff the run: Odrick, Miller, Marks, Clemons, and Alualu. Clemons has some flash, but the others are bulls in the rush. Beasley is all flash and dash on the edge. He sucks against the run. But if you line him up outside of three or four of those big guys, he will use his elite speed and burst to go hit the quarterback. They really need to help their young QB. Getting a stronger O-line and a strong run game would help him develop faster. However, when you have a defensive minded HC, and the highest rated edgerusher is on the Board? It just seems like a simple pick.

The Player: 4/28  Bring On Your Wrecking Ball- Dante Fowler Jr.

The Reason: The HC was the Seahawk's DC when they won the Super Bowl. He needs a Pete Carroll "Leo" to get his defense to work as it should. He has five choices here, and word coming out of Jacksonville is that he thinks Fowler is his lion.

Word coming out of Jacksonville is that they love-love-love Fowler. However, Williams is at a different level than everyone else in the Draft. There are some interesting freaks in this Draft, but only two real super freaks. Two guys who seemed to be able to naturally do anything they are asked to athletically on the field. Those two guys are Leonard and Gurley. You can line those two guys up anywhere, tell them to do something, and they will do it at an elite fashion. Gurley is the biggest and bestest power Back in this draft. Well, Georgia needed a Kick returner. So they told him to line up at KR, and he was instantly one of the best in the country. Williams is the same. He is the strongest and bestest 6-5, 300-pound 5-tech in this Draft. However he also has JJ's elite burst inside that made me say, "Can't Touch This." His only question is can he garner the work ethic that turned the non-top-ten-pick JJ, into Watts, the best player in the NFL. 

Second Choice: Leonard Williams 3-T/5-T



*Leonard Williams-


6-4.5, 302, 34 5/8" Arms, S-1.74-1.72, (U 5.01-5.0), 8'10", 29 1/2" 


2014 Picks:

1 (5) Khalil Mack, OLB Buffalo.
2 (36) Derek Carr, QB Fresno State.
3 (81) Gabe Jackson, OG Miss St
4(107) Justin Ellis, DT Louisiana Tech
4 (116) Keith McGill, CB, Utah.
7 (219) Travis Carrie, CB, Ohio
7 (235) Shelby Harris DE Illinois.
7 Jonathan Dowling, S, W. Kentucky

Key F.A. Signed:

Christian Ponder QB

Roy Helu, RB

Trent Richardson RB

Michael Crabtree WR

Curtis Lofton LB

Malcolm Smith LB

James Dockery CB

Nate Allen, S

Key Free Agents:

Stefen Wisniewski OC

Larry Asante S
David Ausberry TE
Tarell Brown CB
Vincent Brown WR
Carlos Rogers CB
Pat Sims DT
C.J. Wilson DT
Charles Woodson FS

Key F.A. Lost:

Matt Schaub QB

Denarius Moore WR

Darren McFadden RB

LaMarr Woodley OLB

Antonio Smith DL
Tyvon Branch S

The Team: This is another reason this Draft is making me nuts. The second White stepped off the track in Indy I couldn't conceive of another player going here. Of course, word coming out of Oakland is that Williams is the tops on their board. They need to help their young QB, but they need help along the D-line as well. When the top player on your board is still on the board at a top need position than you just take him.

The Raiders GM took a lot of heat last year, but when you draft a rookie QB and stick him in the lineup your Franchise will suffer certain degradations. Okay, that might be a little dramatic. But so many things can go wrong, like the firing of the HC. But they come out the other side with best possible outcome. You hope that the rookie QB comes out of his first season showing he belongs in the NFL. Carr did that. You also hope he wins enough so that you can keep your job, but loses enough to get a top five pick. Check and check. They got their QB last year, and the GM came away with the best possible outcome. Now he has to prove he can build a team around his shiny new QB. Giving him a top weapon is a good start.

The Player: 4/23  Watts the Question. Three-For USC Part I: Leonard Williams.

The Reason: They have to get help inside their D-line and Williams is there top rated player. Plus, they can get a WR in  the 2nd, but there is no one close to Williams at DT in this Draft. At NT and 5-Tech yes, but not at DT.

Second Choice: Amari Cooper WR



*Vic Beasley-

DE/PR Clemson

6-3, 246, S-1.59 (U 4.53)

35 Reps! 32.5" Arms,

41" Vert! 


2014 Picks:

2 (47) Trent Murphy, OLB Stanford
3 (66) Morgan Moses, OT Virginia
3 (78) Spencer Long, OG Nebraska
4(102) Bashaud Breeland CB Clemson
5 (142) Ryan Grant, WR Tulane

Key F.A. Lost:

Terrance Knighton NT

Stephen Paea NT

Ricky Jean-Francois 5-T

Chris Culliver CB

Jeron Johnson S

Colt McCoy QB

Key Free Agents:  
Santana Moss, WR 
Niles Paul, TE 
Tyler Polumbus, OL 
Jarvis Jenkins, DE 
Chris Neild, NT 
E.J. Biggers, CB 
Ryan Clark, FS 
Brandon Meriweather, SS 

Key F.A. Lost:

Roy Helu, RB

Leonard Hankerson WR

Ricky Jean Francois. DE Stephen Bowen DE

Barry Cofield DE

Brian Orakpo OLB/DE

The Team: Washington runs an attacking 3-4. Having Beasley on the edge would be huge for them. He really fits into the their attacking system well. He is a guy who makes plays in the backfield almost exclusively. You want him moving up field and attacking. The more he attacks, the better he looks. And the more his aggressive nature comes out. The DC Joe Barry will get this kid moving up field.

This draft is an odd one. It seems there are four or five top ten passrushers in this Draft. Just like it seemed there were four or five top O-linemen in the past two drafts. The question is who fits where. Which one is going to make which DC or HC drool. That is the tough question. Fowler to me is the top rated guy. I think his best position is a 3-4 OLB. He should fit into the Washington system nicely.

The Player: 4/7 Outside Rusher, Part I- Vic Beasley.

The Reason: With Brain Orakpo gone, if Fowler is on the board it is an easy choice. But if he isn't, Beasley is the next best bet for their system. He can't play against the run for squat, but he can play on the other side of the LOS.

Second Choice: Brandon Scherff OG/OT



*Todd Gurley

RB Georgia

6-1, 226,  

QB, Help for QB,

2014 Picks:

1 (18) Calvin Pryor, FS Louisville
2 (49) Jace Amaro, TE Texas Tech
3 Dexter McDougle, DB Maryland
4 (115) Shaquelle Evans,WR UCLA
4 (137) Dakota Dozier, OG Furman
6 (209) Quincy Enunwa WR Nebraska
6 (210) IK Enemkpali LB Louisiana T
7 (233) Trevor Reilly, LB Utah.

Key F.A. Signed:

Ryan Fitzpatrick LOL

Bilal Powell RB

Stevan Ridley RB

Brandon Marshall WR

Kellen Davis TE

James Carpenter OG

Willie Colon OG

James Brewer OG

Ben Ijalana OG/OT 

Kenrick Ellis DT

Kevin Vickerson DL

David Harris LB

Damon Harrison LB

Erin Henderson LB

Buster Skrine CB

Derrelle Revis CB

Antonio Cromartie CB

Marcus Gilchrist, S

Jaiquwn Jarrett S

Key F.A.: 
Nick Bellore, LB 
John Conner, FB 
Jermaine Cunningham, LB 
Leger Douzable, DE  
Dawan Landry, S 
Greg Salas, WR 
Michael Vick, QB 

Key F.A Lost:

Percy Harvin WR

Phillip Adams S

The Team: The Jets have the potential to screw everything up in this Draft. So you have to predict they will. That's what they do. They screw everything up. If Cooper or White don't go here then they plummet down the Draft and ruin every prediction everyone has made (and worst of all it screws up my whole Draft;-). I have not even considered a scenario where they pass on Cooper. I don't even know what to do it they do. Cooper was the best WR in the FBS last season, and the best statistically the past two seasons, despite last years record breaking WR Draft. If they line up Marshall on one side and Cooper on the other, Geno Smith might have a chance to develop into an average starting QB in the NFL. Which is what a DC-HC thinks he needs.

But what we think doesn't matter. What matters is what the team thinks. They traded for a big time WR, and it looks like they think that is enough. I don't. Another way to help a young QB develop is the run game. That is usually the preferred method for a DC-HC, who often doesn't truly understand how important their QB is to their career. Oddly, it looks like the Raiders might. They have placed the future of their Franchise on Carr's right shoulder, and are the most likely to go and get him a Number One WR to make him the best he can be. And I'm not being snooty. I think both White and Cooper are Number One WRs in the NFL that can make a QB better. Both Carr and Geno desperately need that.

However DC-HCs don't think that way. They think the best way to help a young QB and offense is to run the ball and shorten the game for their defense. Which brings up the most troubling trump card in the Draft: Todd Gurley. He is one of the two Super Freaks in this Draft. He is the elite power runner in the Draft, and he is one of the best receiving RBs in the Draft. He has some of the strongest legs that defenders bounce off of like super balls. Yet, he was a sprinter in high school and has elite speed in the open field. He is the best RB in the Draft, who stepped into the endzone at 230-pounds and tra-la-laaaa, returned a kick off a 100-yards with the pure speed of a sub-200-pound elite WR. He is also one of the best blitz pickup RBs in this Draft. He almost average 9-yards a carry last year, but of course didn't gain a thousand yards because he tore up his knee, again.

You can't even explain the things he does on the field. He and Leonard Williams are the two guys in this Draft who look like they can do any damn thing they want on the football field, any damn time they want. But there is the knee. He has been checked and it is healing at an Adrian Peterson like rate. Teams now think he will not only be ready for opening day, but the opening of Training camp. He is the second most talented player in the Draft, with an obvious and open fatal flaw. He could be Adrian Peterson, or he could be Ki-Jana Carter.

I wouldn't take him in the top 3rd of the Draft. But it doesn't matter what I think. It matters what the 32 different NFL teams consensus is for their particular team. Right now he is showing that the knee surgery was 100% successful and he is running and working out at near 100% levels. So he will be a top ten pick. The only question is where? 

The Jets have a big problem. The hired a DC to be their HC. Hey, that's great. It has worked many times in the past. Heck BB was a DC. Bowles did a remarkable job in Arizona. He is know for being a great teacher, and gets guys to help the defense and the team win. He has shown that he can scheme a pass rush without an elite edgerusher or two. That is one of the most important assets for an HC to have. He built likely the best defense in the NFL last season. Yay. Now his job is to prove he can build an offense he can win with.

But that is all irrelevant now, and I don't think he knows it. We will learn more about him as an HC in this Draft than anything we learned about him as a DC in Arizona last year. All his defensive acumen has become irrelevant. That might be overstating it a bit. But we all know he can build a defense, but now he has to prove he can build an offense.

His job is not as a teacher of defense. His job is now to build an offense and quarterback his defense can compliment into the Playoffs. The only question Jets fans should have? Is can he build an offense And, can he build a QB. Okay that is two question, but it really is one. An HC no matter how brilliant he is on offense and defense is solely judged on how, when, or if he can create a symbiotic relationship with a winning QB. Like for example... I don't know... maybe BB and TB12. 

Bowles in not a better teacher of defense or a better defensive mind than Belichick, period. However, BB will be forever defined by his relationship with Brady. Brady is as much a stone cold winner as BB is, and as their symbiotic relationship will allow them to be. Neither is a four time Super winner without the other, period. It might be ironic. Or maybe better put oxymoronic. DCs who become HCs will have their legacy defined by the offense they build around their Franchise QB, and not by the defense everyone knows they can build, or they will quickly be a DC again. 

Just take a look at his predecessor for proof. Sexy Rexy took his team to the AFC Champ game twice. Both years he had a good QB and the two best offenses he was able to build as an HC. He didn't go up and down in the win column because of his defense. He can do more with less talent on defense than most. His win totals went up and down like a yo-yo in direct relation to how his QB played. And once Sanchez revealed his utter lack of character with his infamous booger-wipe, Sexy Rexy's career as HC of the NJJ was over.

Bowles might be a nice guy, an excellent teacher, and a great defense mind. But that's how he got the job, not how he keeps the job. That is only half the story as an HC. Defensive head coaches create a winning legacy on offense. Just like OCs who become HCs create their legacy on how good a defense they can build. Only they often don't understand that reality. They want to continue to do what got them there, teach and coach offense (or in this case defense;-). The first thing Bowles has to understand is that he is not a Defensive Coordinator anymore. He is a Head Coach. He is now responsible for the entire team, and not just a third of the team. His most important player is not his all pro Corner, edgerusher, or DT/NT. His most important player is his QB. Can he be an elite teacher of the QB, like he was considered to be with defensive players? Can he help draw the best out of a QB, like he did with defensive players in the passrush last season? That talent seems to be the opposite to me.

The Jets did a good job getting Chan Gailey. He likes to teach the spread offense. Geno Smith was a spread offense QB who didn't exactly fit into Rexy's ground and pound defensive HC offense. DC's tend to see the offense as a compliment to their defense, and not the other way around. They want a run game, safe passing game, and no turnovers. 

That is not Chan Gailey's offense. Gailey wants to spread them out and throw the ball around. Which is actually good news for Jets fans. It is starting to get a little troubling how much good news Jets fans have gotten this offseason. The best news this off season is that Mariota will be on the board when they pick. They will face the same dilemma as the Titans. Do they stick with Geno Smith and, gulp, Fitzpatrick. Does the first time HC of the NJJ understand that he is now an HC and not a DC. With his situation at quarterback he is more OC than HC now. Does he take Mariota and understand that his legacy is linked solely to his QB, and his ability to be an OC. Or does he take a WR to help the QB he has. Or does he commit the ultimate sin for a first time HC and draft a passrusher to help his defense. Here's hoping he does get a shiny new toy for his new defense and leave his QBs high and dry.

The Player: Todd Gurley is a super freak. He is Marshon Lynch at his best, but he can't stay healthy. "That guy is good," said one scout. "He's a man among boys. If you're a deep team why wouldn't you take a bona fide Pro Bowl back and just shelve him?" He gives such an incredible beating to defenders, and then finds a lane and runs for fifty yards. Guys his size shouldn't have that burst and speed. The problem is that he can't seem to hold up to those beatings. "You're talking about a running back that you will never see run [a Forty yard dash]," another scout said. "You know he's fast. You see it on film. The second combine recheck [by the doctors on his knee] will be very important for him. He's a top-10 talent, but he could easily go outside the first round because there's a lot of backs in this draft." His knee is progressing fine according to his doctor. He could be ready by next season to contribute.

The Reason: Word coming out of New Jersey is that they love-love-love Gurley. I don't know how they pass on Cooper, but they are slowly convincing themselves that is a viable option.

Second Choice: Amari Cooper WR



*Amari Cooper- 

WR Alabama

6' 7/8. 211, (4.43-4.42),


2014 Picks:

1 (14) Kyle Fuller, CB Virginia Tech
2 (51) Ego Ferguson, DT LSU
3 (82) Will Sutton, 3-T, Arizona St
4 (117) Ka’Deem Carey, RB Arizona
4 (131) Brock Vereen, S, Minnesota
6 (183) David Fales, QB San Jose St
6 (191) Patrick O’Donnell, p, Miami
7 (246) Charles Leno, OT Boise St

Key Free Agents Signed:

Jacquizz Rodgers RB

Eddie Royal WR

Zach Miller TE

Dante Rosario TE

Bear Pascoe TE

Vlad Ducasse OG/OT

Will Montgomery OC

Ray MacDonald DE

Pernell McPhee OLB

Sam Acho OLB

Alan Ball CB

Sherrick McManis CB

Antrel Rolle FS

Key F.A.:
Lance Briggs, OLB 
Eben Britton, OG/OT 
Jeremy Cain, LS 
Jimmy Clausen, QB  
Brain de la Puente, C/OG 
Jay Feely, K 
Austen Lane, DE 
Danny McCray, S 
Sherrick McManis, CB 
Josh Morgan, WR 
Montell Owens, FB 
Stephen Paea, DT  
Trevor Scott, DE 
Darryl Sharpton, LB 
Charles Tillman, CB 
Anthony Walters, S 
D.J. Williams, MLB 

Key F.A. Lost:

Brandon Marshall WR

Chris Conte S

The Team: The Bears have to help Cutler if they want any success this season.

The Player: 4/19  Smoothest Runner In The Draft- Amari Cooper.

The Reason: Cooper is awesome.

Second Choice: Danny Shelton NT



Bud Dupree

OLB/DE Kentucky

6-4, 269, 32 5/8" Arms,

42" Vert! 11'6" Broad!

(O 4.56)! S-1.6! (U 4.57)!


2014 Picks:

1 (6) Jake Matthews OLT A&M
2 Ra’Shede Hageman, 5T Minnesota
3 Dezmen Southward, S Wisconsin
4 (103) Devonta Freeman, rb FLA St
4 (139) Prince Shembo, LB ND
5 (168) Marquis Sprull, LB Syracuse
7 (255) Tyler Starr, LB South Dakota

Key F.A. Signed:

T.J. Yates QB

Antone Smith RB

Leonard Hankerson WR

Eric Weems WR 

Jacob Tamme TE  

Tony Moeaki TE

Mike Person  OG

Kroy Biermann OLB/DE

Adrian Clayborn OLB

Brooks Reed, OLB

Justin Durant, ILB

O'Brien Schofield OLB

Phillip Adams S

Key F.A.:
Jacquizz Rodgers RB
Osi Umenyiora DE  
Cliff Matthews DL
Corey Peters DT
Mike Johnson, OL
Gabe Carimi OT
Jonathan Scott OL
Josh Wilson CB 
Charles Godfrey S
Javier Arenas CB
Dwight Lowery S
Matt Bryant

Key F.A. Lost:

Steven Jackson RB

Antone Smith RB 

Bear Pascoe TE

Justin Blalock OG

Harry Douglas WR

Jonathan Massaquoi DE

Sean Weatherspoon LB
Robert McClain CB

The Team: Dupree is the most underrated player in this Draft. The more you watch him the more you have to like him. I don't think he is for everyone. But Atlanta is switching to an attacking 3-4. You cannot have an attacking 3-4 without OLB who can attack into the backfield. Dupree can do that. Plus, you can see on Tape everything you want him to do in a 3-4, from setting the edge to dropping into coverage that they need him to do here.

The owner of Falcons has said he doesn't care about character anymore if they can get an impact player. Big surprise. Gregory is the best OLB prospect in the Draft. If they don't care that he got high than he is a steal here at 8. This could be an Owner's pick, which is always a disaster. However, if Gregory can stay clean he is the top edge player in this Draft, even over Fowler who will be the first edgerusher taken. Gregory could be the top 3-4 OLB in this Draft. 

This team is a mess, but they have a QB  They hired a defensive coach who was a D-line coach for three teams: San Fran, Miami, and the NJ Jets, before he became the DC of the Seahawks. He will be looking for fast athletic passrushers to fit into his Seattle system. 

The Player: 4/15  Outside Rusher, Part II- Bud Dupree.

The Reason: They need someone who can get up field and hit the quarterback. Nobody gets up field faster than Beasley.

Second Choice: Bud Dupree OLB



 *Kevin White


6-2.5, 215, 32.5" A, 23 R,

(O 4.35), (U 4.35-4.36), 

36.5" Vert, 10'3 Broad!

6.92 3-C! 4.14 SS, 

DE, LB, FS, SS, OL, DT, TE, DE, DB, DB, RB, OL, WR, 

2014 Picks:

1 (12) Odell Beckham, WR, LSU
2 Weston Richburg OC Colorado St
3 (74) Jay Bromley, DT Syracuse
4 (113) Andre Williams, RB, BC
5 (152) Nat Berhe, DB San Diego St
5 (174) Devon Kennard, LB USC
6 (187) Bennett Jackson, DB ND

Key F.A.:

Shane Vereen RB

Chris Ogbonnaya RB

Daniel Fells TE

Marshall Newhouse OT

John Jerry OG

Dallas Reynolds OG

Dwayne Harris KR/WR

Kevin Ogletree WR

Henry Hynoski FB

Jason Pierre-Paul (Tagged)

George Selvie DE

Kenrick Ellis DT

Mark Herzlich LB

Jonathan Casillas LB

J.T. Thomas LB

Chykie Brown CB

Key F.A.:
Jerrel Jernigan WR

Adam Snyder OG
Mike Patterson, DT
Spencer Paysinger LB

Jacquian Williams LB

Zach Bowman CB
Stevie Brown, S
Quintin Demps S

Key F.A. Lost:

Payton Hillis RB

Mathias Kiwanuka DE/OLB

Rogers Gaines OT

J.D. Walton OC

Walter Thurmond CB

Travis Howard CB

.Antrel Rolle FS

The Team: If Kevin White is on the board they cannot pass on him. He has the potential to impact the Giants offense as much as Odell did last year. Remember Odell wasn't Beckham at this time past year. He was rated at the third WRs in the Draft by almost everyone. And no one had him rated as the third best WR in the Draft until all the so called experts read my Tape of Odell in March. And despite maybe the best one-handed grab in NFL history, he is not the best WR from last year's Draft. But he did play with the best QB of any of the WRs taken in the first two rounds, and that is why he had the best stats. Plus, one of the reasons he was so successful is that he had an OC-HC, and Coughlin was a WR coach before he was an OC-HC. White has Odell level potential to impact an offense.

They started rebuilding the Offense last year with their new OC. The offense was visibly better in the second half of the season than in the first. They have to rebuild their defense. They hired Spagnuolo to come back and rebuild their defense, and he may take over for Coughlin when he retires. The Giants love to go D-linemen in the 1st. If you hire Spagnuolo than you have to give him some D-linemen. The good news is that if Mariota goes 2nd, a rusher will fall to them. 

The Giants have made another mistake, maybe. Their new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo coached Newhouse, and they think he can play OLT and move Pugh inside. Scherff just seemed like the perfect fit here. You'd think it was a match made in heaven. But in the end Eli didn't have as bad a season as advertised. He started off slow, as they injected a new system with more West coast schemes. But once he got used to is, and Beckham Jr. got in the game, he was pretty good. So they add a guy they think can move Pugh inside, and then take a D-End in the 1st round like they are wont to do. 

The Player: 

The Reason: They picked up three O-linemen in free agency. Like I have been saying it doesn't matter what we think. If they think those three guys are starters or close to it they don't go O-line here. And when the new OC hand picks a couple of O-linemen, they are going to play. They have Beckham and Cruz, but Cooper is good enough that it doesn't matter. You start him on the right, Beckham on the left (I though Beckham was best on Tape on the left side at LSU), and Cruz in the slot where he was one of the best for a couple of years. Then you can keep an extra blocker or two in for Eli, because who is going to consistently cover those three guys?

Second Choice: Brandon Scherff OLT/OLG



Brandon Scherff-


6-5, 320,

QB, OC, OG, OT, WR, TE, CB, 

2014 Picks:

1 (2) Greg Robinson, OL Auburn
1 (13) Aaron Donald, DT Pittsburgh
2 (41) Lamarcus Joyner, S Florida St
3 (75) Tre Mason, RB, Auburn
4(110) Maurice Alexander DB Utah St
6 (188) E.J. Gaines, DB, Missouri
7(241) Christian Bryant, DB Ohio St
7 Demetrius Rhaney C Tenn St

Key F.A. Signed:

Nick Foles QB

Kenny Britt WR

Lance Kendricks TE 

Garrett Reynolds OG/OT

Tim Barnes OC

Nick Fairley, DT

Akeem Ayers OLB

Key Free Agents:

Joe Barksdale OT
Alex Carrington DT
Davin Joseph OG
Shaun Hill QB
Will Herring

Key F.A. Loses:

Sam Bradford QB

Kenny Britt WR

Jake Long OT

Scott Wells OC

Mike Person OL

Kendall Langford DT

The Team: This pick has to be all about the QB. They have to go all out this off season to find a way to at least get average play out of their QB. I like their WRs, but I don't think they have a real Number One. White will be that Number One. Maybe not as a rookie, but in a year or two he could one of the top WRs in the game. But last year they snagged a big SEC OLT and started him at OG. I think you can see them follow that tendency again. You could make an argument there offensive line is worse this year than last. Last offseason they had some veterans who looked like they still had some juice left, like Long and Joseph. Now they don't even have that. You can make an argument that they could use three O-linemen in this Draft. An ORT, OC, and an OG. Collins can step in at two of those position and be a legit starter as a rookie. 

I don't think Scherff is a top ten pick, and never really did. He is a great player, but if he is an OG he is not a top ten pick. The Rams are sitting here begging for Mariota to drop. Like the Titans and Jets they have the perfect scenario for Mariota. They have a young QB who can play in front of Mariota for a year or two as he learn to play in the NFL. The Rams are a good QB away from being a Playoff team. Getting Mariota here will not make them instant winners. But it is the only building block left that can make this Franchise a winner. They have enough good players at enough other position to make them winner. If they have top half or third of the NFL starter.

Most think that Scherff is a top ten O-linemen. I'm not sure I agree, as it looks like the consensus is that he is an OG as well. So you have to find a team that will take an OG in the top ten. That is not easy to do. The last team to take an OG in the top ten was? The Rams last season. They took Robinson the OLT from Auburn and moved him inside to OG, but it wasn't long before he was playing Tackle. Now, they cut Long and obvious plan to move Robinson to OLT this season. So getting a guy they can stick in at OLG to replace him, and be a back up plan seems prudent. However, last year the Cowboys drafted and OLT from Notre Dame and watched him turned into an Probowler at OG. Scherff is being compare to Martin, not so much for his style of play, but because most agree that he can move inside to OG and be a Pro Bowl type player. The Rams now have a lesser talent at QB, but at least Nick Foles can stay on the field. So now they have to get him protection. So he has a little more time in the pocket. Because he will hold onto the ball. Robinson and Scherff could be a great starting point for a great O-line that can protect Foles for a long while.

The Player: 4/21  Moving Inside- Brandon Scherff.

The Reason: If the two WRs are gone it will be Scherff.

Second Choice: Trae Waynes CB



Randy Gregory-

DE/OLB Nebraska

6-4 5/8, 235, S-1.6, (O 4.64)

34" arms, 24 Reps,

10'5' Broad! 36.5" Vert, 

 3-C 6.79! 


2014 Picks:

1 (9) Anthony Barr, OLB, UCLA

1 Teddy Bridgewater, QB Louisville

3 (72) Scott Crichton, DE Oregon St

3(96) Jerick McKinnon RB Georgia S

5 (145) David Yankey OG Stanford

6 (182) Antone Exum DB, Virginia T

7 (220) Shamar Stephen, DT UConn

7 (223) Brandon Watts, LB Georgia T

7 (225) Jabari Price, DB UNC

Key Free Agents Signed:

Shaun Hill QB

Matt Asiata RB

DuJuan Harris RB

Mike Wallace WR

Joe Berger OG/OC

Mike Harris OG/OT

Babatunde Aiyebusi OT

Taylor Mays S

Tom Johnson DT

Terence Newman CB

Cullen Loeffler LS

Key Free Agents:
Christian Ponder, QB 
Jerome Felton FB
Vladimir Ducasse, OG  
Corey Wootton, DE  
Mistral Raymond, SS

Key F.A. Lost:

Matt Cassel QB

Greg Jennings WR

Charlie Johnson OG

Jasper Brinkley, LB 

Erin Henderson LB

The Team: The Vikings have become the new Cincinati Bengals. They take the guys who fall because of character and make it work. Look at them now. They don't care that Peterson is a serial child abuser. So what's a little weed after that.

Gregory is the best rusher in this Draft. He plays with speed and power that belies his size. The Vikings have never really overcome the loss of Jared Allen (another guy with massive CC that they made work). This looks like the new floor for Gregory. I like him more as an OLB, but you can lined up with his hands up or down, on either side, and he hits quarterbacks like Adrian Peterson hits kids with a stick.

I just can't picture the Vikings passing on Parker. They traded for the declining Mike Wallace and his foolish contract. Charles Johnson emerged as one of Bridgewater's favorite players. They were forced cut the contract of the declining Greg Jennings, and Patterson is just dumb. But they do need a Corner, and Waynes is right here. If Parker is on the board he is instantly their Number One WR. The have to face the fact that the more they have to rely on Wallace and Patterson the worse their character concerns become. But will they? I just think that they think that Wallace solved the Jennings issue and Patterson could still be a factor in the passing game. But I still wouldn't pass on Parker here if I believed such nonsense. They just can't pass on Parker. Right?

This is a match made in heaven. They need to get a WR that Bridgewater can develop with. So why not get the big time WR he played with in college. They already have the chemistry together. Not only is Parker a top talent in this Draft, but he will develop faster, and help Bridgewater develop faster, because they have a comfort level with each other on the field. They can work together as two young players to deal with life in the NFL.

The Player: 3/29  And Then I Got High- Randy Gregory.

The Reason: This is one of those picks that is too perfect to happen.

Second Choice: Trae Waynes CB