With The 4th Pick, in the 2014 NFL Draft, The Cleveland Browns Select...

Updated: May 7th


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This Draft is just impossible to predict. Nobody can agree on the top two picks, never mind the top ten. Nobody can agree on who the top two QBs, never mind where the top four are going. In fact, there isn't even a consensus on the top two players. Never mind the top five.

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1st Round

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My Picks: 

Key Needs:

Team Moves:



*Jadeveon Clowney

DE S. Carolina

6-5, 266, 

QB, WR, OT, DB, RB(FA), Karma, 

Key F.A. Signed:

Garrett Graham TE

Key F.A.:

Ray Graham, RB
Jonathan Grimes, RB
Deji Karim, RB
Chad Spann, RB
Greg Jones, FB
Andrew Gardner, OL
Ryan Harris, OL
Wade Smith, OL
Elbert Mack, CB

Key F.A. Lost:

Ben Tate RB

Antonio Smith, DE

Earl Mitchell DT

Joe Mays LB

Darryl Sharpton, LB

The Team: The Draft is finally starting to settle down as teams focus in on fewer and fewer prospects. Houston has exercised the rights to Clowney, and is now down to three option with this pick. One, take Clowney. Two, trade his rights to Atlanta for the 6th pick and their 1st next year with some change. And my favorite, three, draft Clowney and then wait to see if Mack or Broyles is still on the board at six and trade Clowney to Atlanta (because that deal would blow up everything we know about Draft day trades;-). Atlanta's problem is do they trade up to get Clowney without giving up their 2nd this year, because they have nothing in this Draft without an OLT to protect Matty Ice. Now that is a conundrum Tedy.

So the question is are they seriously interested in Clowney or are they saying the Clowney train stop here. The Rams have been trying to hold up Clowney for a King's ransom that starts with next years Number One. Houston has declared that they will take Clowney, and if you want him you have to deal with them. Atlanta has signaled they want in. They have shown they are will to give up a king's ransom to move up. Plus, Dimitroff is desperate. His job is on the line, and he knows it. If you saw his interview with his Owner at the Senior Bowl, you could see unbridled worry in his eyes and apprehensive behavior toward him. However, I do believe that they are not just baffling. That they are willing to take Clowney, who if you think he is lazy and going to be a bust, then you should stop watching film, because you have no idea what you are watching. Clowney explodes off film like the freak he is. In 2012 when I was watching S. Carolina to watch Taylor, the D-End on the other side, I couldn't take my eyes off of Clowney. He is pure explosion, bend and COD. His ability to make blockers miss with exploding COD is something I've never seen. I refuse to do a Tape of him, because if you can't see it yourself then you need to watch another sport. He is more than worthy of the top pick. The player who can knock him off the top is a Franchise QB, because a franchise QB in the NFL is that important. However, Houston, the Jags, Browns, Buccs, and Vikings Franchise cannot become Super Bowl contenders without vast improvements at QB. And in some cases worse. Houston literally has nothing at QB. Nothing! The reason they will take Clowney here is because it appears O'Brien's ego is a little over inflated and he think he can take any QB and make him a Brady. Does he think he can get Bridgewater in the 2nd or trade up into the 1st (Pats;-) and get him. Or has he just decided that McCarron or Garoppolo is fine with him at 33? They should just take Bortles here. Word coming out of Houston is that they were deciding between Clowney and Bortles. The only thing I can say is that if you think any QB in this Draft has anything close to comparable talent to Clowney, then you jump all over that QB and do cartwheels down the aisle as you turn in the card. The only thing better than that is trading down with Atlanta and grabbing him at six. But again, he might not be available at six. But if you trade down, and don't end up with Clowney or the QB you think is comparable to Clowney, it would be a disaster.

The only real question is were they working out Clowney to put on a show for other teams like Atlanta that seem to desperately need a passrusher, or are they truly interested. "You have to be prepared to play him at a number of different spots," O'Brien said at Clowney Proday. "It's good the D-Line coaches ran him through D-Line drills and then the linebacker coaches that were here ran him through some linebacker drills. I thought he performed well in all of the drills." I just find it hard to believe they think they can take Clowney here and win with their situation at QB. At least Schaub had done it. Now that Schaub is gone they have no one. I don't care if you call me Casey Keenum, this team cannot win without a real NFL QB. Keenum lost nine straight games as a pathetic starter. I am not an NFL starting QB and never was. Unfortunately neither is Keenum. They have as talented a team as there is in this League. But they have absolutely nothing without a QB. Fortunately for Houston fans O'Brien knows this. He is not going to stake his NFL career on me or Casey Keenum. This Franchise cannot move forward until they stamp a legit starting QB on the roster.

I don't think that Clowney fit a 3-4 as was as a 4-3. However, he often looks like he can do anything he wants on the field. "We are a 3-4 base defense ... but we are a very multiple defense," O'Brien said at Clowney Proday. "We play a three-down front, play an even front and also play a front which we call a floater package where we move guys around quite a bit. He's a guy, in our opinion, that can play a lot of different spots, which is why it was good to be here today to see him move around in the different drills." A 3-4 team would allow him to attack the QB from different angles. His career and legacy is gong to be judged solely on how he hits the QB. A blitzing 3-4 defense could help him move to different spots and rush.

The Player: The Son of Zeus: Jadeveon Clowney.

The Reason: Clowney has shut it down. That says to me he has gotten some assurances. Agents don't tell guys to do anything that doesn't make them money. This decision baffles me. This franchise is floundering in failure and will continue to do so until they get a QB. They already have a talented team. But without a real QB they are the Cleveland Browns. The decision is as tough as it gets. Manziel puts as bizarre variable into the QB stew that we've never seen. I don't envy O'Brien this decision. I would be terrified to trust him with my future, and terrified that his unusual narcissistic style translates to the NFL. Personally, my BS-Meter exploded when he was interviewed on his Proday. I did not believe the PR Company-Script he was reciting in that interview. I would not draft him here. I would not draft him there. I would not draft him anywhere. I do not draft green eggs and ham.

Second Choice: Trade Down



Chris Mathews-


6-5 1/2, 308, S 1.7,(U 4.91)

33 3/8" Arms, 24 Reps,

30.5" Vert! 7.34 3-C!

OT, LB, S, WR, OL, LB, DB, RB  

F.A Signed:

Rodger Saffold OL

Jo-Lonn Dunbar LB

Key F.A.:
Brady Quinn, QB
Adam Henry, WR
Will Witherspoon, LB
Matt Giordano, S
Darian Stewart, S

Key F.A. Loses:

Chris Williams OL

Shelley Smith OL

Kellen Clemens, QB

The Team: This is another conundrum. You know Fisher wants Mathews. The kid he has know for nearly twenty years has developed into the most NFL ready OLT in this Draft. Just like Reid took Fisher first overall rather than Joeckel, because he was a better fit for his team and what he wants. Just because you, me, and Sam-I-Am all have Robinson rated as the top Tackle in this Draft does not mean every NFL Team does. Robinson has some bust in him. You know the GM wants Robinson, the most physically gifted OLT in this Draft. But he is not ready to play OLT in the NFL. But with Long still on the roster he doesn't have to be ready. The other question is why isn't Dimitroff offering his buddy Snead their 1st next year to trade up for Robinson? I know Clowney is the holy grail, but they got nothing without an O-Line to protect their Franchise QB. I love to watch Clowney play as much as anybody, maybe more, but how is Atlanta not drooling over Robinson as much as Clowney?

This Draft sucks. It is simply impossible to predict. Everyone know the Rams want out of this pick, but who wants in if Clowney goes first. We can't even predict who the top two teams picking are going to be, never mind the top two players. We also know that the Rams need an O-Tackle, and the player they want to trade down and acquire is Mathews. Fisher coached his dad. They are looking to trade down and still pick up Mathews. If they stick here, and I'm not sure they will, I think they might just take Mathews. If Clowney is on the board they trade down easily. They are not taking Clowney, or Mack for that matter. "The No. 1 thing is if you are already loaded [at D-End], and that's one of our strongest positions, you need to have a plan if we do go this route because you don't want one of them [Clowney or Mack, and Quinn or Long] inactive on game day," GM Snead said. "How are we going to use that to help us further the cause here? I think that's step one. I always say in the draft don't reach, you know who is talented, who is not but if you have got some guys on the board of similar talent, you think what is the best use for them going forward for us." Again, I find the idea of them taking Clowney or Mack here foolish. Teams have to take the player that is going to help them the most. Getting another passrusher minimally helps them move forward from last year. "We've proven in the last [two] years we can get pressure on the quarterback specifically with a four-man rush," HC Fisher said. "And we've gotten pressure and effective rush from our backups. You can't get enough guys that can [rush]." But that does put them in a great position to trade Clowney to Atlanta if he drops. The problem is that if Clowney goes Number One, what player do teams trade up for. Or more specifically, what team does Atlanta trade up with. The could covet Robinson as much as Clowney. I look at Atlanta and say they cannot continue playing without an OLT. They have to get one, or watch Ryan disintegrate into the turf again this year. However, why trade up from five when Robinson could still be on the board. Mathews is likely to still be on the board, and Lewan is definitely going to still be on the board. If Houston takes Clowney you could see the Rams stuck here and have to take Mathews. They can only drop down so far and still have a shot at Mathews. With Atlanta at five and Tampa at six, it is hard to picture those two teams passing on Mathews and Robinson.

The Player: Mathews played ORT for three years, and then moved over to OLT. His ability to play ORT as he learns the NFL game rather than on the QB's blindside is an asset. Though it is unlikely to be seen, as he is so smooth in pass protection. Great technician. Great feet. Plays with great leverage and hands. Elite feet and anchor. Gives nice hit blocking down  Amazingly smooth hips. Great quick feet. "Started in 46 of 49 games played. Two-time first-team All-SEC (2012-13) selection. 2013: First-team AP All-American and an Outland Trophy finalist. Started all 13 games at left tackle. Won the national Bobby Bowden Award presented for high performance on the field, in the classroom, and in the community. 2012: Started all 13 games at right tackle. 2011: Honorable mention All-Big 12 pick after starting all 13 games at right tackle. 2010: Honorable mention All-Big 12 pick after playing in 10 games and making seven starts. Misc.: Son of Pro Football Hall of Famer Bruce Matthews. Older brother Kevin was a 2-year starter at A&M (2008-09) and younger brother Mike is a current Aggie offensive lineman. Cousin is Clay Matthews of the Green Bay Packers." He is a smooth mover, moving backwards. He stones guys so easy in PP that he makes it look easy, which is the ultimate compliment. Pass Protection in the NFL is never easy. I think he can make it look easy in the NFL as well. He also is a much better run blocker than Joeckel was coming out last year. "Think about it: He is a such a technique-sound individual," Dimitroff Said again. "He has such an understanding of the game, being from a historic NFL football family (son of Hall of Famer lineman Bruce Matthews). He's just so well-rounded in so many ways on and off the field that he's going to be a guy who is going to turn a lot of heads. A guy like that has the potential to go No. 1 in this draft, if he turns the right heads." That is why he is my third rated player.

The Reason: Fisher coached his father, and they need an OLT. Does any player come from better stock than Mathews. Doesn't any coach know the quality of stock that Mathews comes from better than Fisher. How much do you think Fisher would like to have another Mathews on his O-Line, only this time at OLT?

Second Choice: Greg Robinson OLT



*Sammy Watkins-


6-1, 200, (U 4.34)! (O 4.43)

10'6"Broad! 34" Vert,

6.95 3-C! 4.34 SS,


Key F.A. Signed:

Chad Henne, QB

Toby Gerhart, RB

Tandon Doss, WR

Zane Beadles OL

Jason Babin DE

Chris Clemons DE

Ziggy Hood DE/DT

Dekoda Watson LB

Will Blackmon, CB

Key F.A.:
Delone Carter, RB
Maurice Jones-Drew, RB
Taylor Price, WR
Clay Harbor, TE
Sam Young, OL
Brad Meester, OL
Brandon Deaderick, DT
Kyle Love, DT

Key Players Lost:

Blaine Gabbert QB

The Team: There are two lessons to be learn from Seattle's Russell Wilson saga. One, a super athletic freak QB who is under 6-foot tall can win the Super Bowl. Though it has only been done once, But that just happens to have been last year, with the best defense we have seen in the NFL in a long time. Maybe since the 85 Bears? Or two, the lesson Gus Bradley seems to have learned that you can take a lottery ticket QB in the 3rd and win the Super Bowl. "Everybody knows we're going to draft a quarterback - maybe two," Shahid Khan said. They just won't say when. Plus, GMs are clearly displaying what I will call the Mike Lombardi lesson. If you take a QB in the 1st, no matter how late, your maniac owner could fire you on a whim the second he doesn't like how he plays. Even after a rookie season where he shouldn't be expected to be anywhere near a top QB. Or just look at what happen to this Organization when they realized that Blaine Gabbert couldn't handle pressure in the pocket. The owner sent everyone packing. So what we are seeing this year is the pussification of NFL GMs. They will not  take a QB in the 1st unless they are 100% certain they are Franchise QBs, and even Luck wasn't a 100% certainly (though a 99% certainty is pretty good;-). It will be interesting next year when Winston, Mariota, and Hundley come out, because they are not 100% certainties either (though Winston might be if he wins it all again;-). But like I said the Draft is finally tightening up a little, which narrows their choices down to two: Mack or Watkins. With a DC coach you have to think Mack. However, they have to get a QB. If they want to keep their jobs they have to do everything to make sure their choice of QB succeeds. One way to do that is to get him some weapons. Chad Henne has a chance to succeed with Justin Blackmon as his Number One WR. Oops, only he is a raving maniac. He is one Aldon-like drink at LAX from being gone for the year (Jags should place a bodyguard on him to make sure he doesn't take a plane to LA this off season;-). You put Watkins across from Blackmon and there is a chance that I could complete a pass to one of those two in the NFL (maybe, if I got luck;-). Henne might not completely suck if he has them outside.

Okay, lets clear everything. There are two types of HCs: former Offensive Coordinators and former Defensive Coordinators. I just don't see a former Offensive Coordinator taking Manziel; he would cry in the film room watch Manziel unable to consistently see his first option and break the play down all by himself. Not OC wants Manziel running the structured system that got him his job in the first place. But when you look at a DC, he is much more likely to like what he sees. Former DC head coaches, usually like strong run games. They know what strong run games do to their defenses. It makes everything else harder to defend. So they want a strong run game. One thing Manziel's nonstop wackiness does is help the run game. The edge rushers aren't going to go all out to force him out of the pocket. They will be told to half-rush, and keep Manziel in the pocket. We all know the Manziel magic happens when he starts running around like a chicken with his head cut off. The more he has to think in the pocket the worse he looks. When everything has gone to hell around him, and he is scooting around like Fran Tarkenton on crack (Manziel really does look like Tarkenton), that is when he is the best player on the field. When he has to stand, and peek and peer around blockers in the pocket, is when he looks lost and confused. So edge defenders won't rush or slice inside to help with the run as confidently. They are stuck being more passive on the edge. Plus, there is always the threat that Manziel keeps it and bolts outside to turn the corner. Not only does he make defenders more passive by his ability to bolt outside at any second, he makes RBs better. Just like Flutie made the Pat's RBs better when he was on the field. The defense had to account for him on the naked bootleg outside on every run play. This made defenders more tentative in run defense, and when defenders are tentative they can be taken advantage of. There is nothing DCs fear more than that. Flutie and Fran Tarkenton made the running game better by their ability to threaten the edge by keeping the ball. Manziel will also. Plus, I don't trust Manziel's game, but man does he throw a great deep ball. He and Bridgewater are the two best QB in this Draft at hitting guys as they fly down the sideline. That also makes it tougher to stop the run, because you have to keep a Safety or two back whenever he is on the field. If there is one HC in the top five who values the madness Manziel brings to an offense, it is the former DC of the Seattle Seahawks.

The Player: 5/3   Get Some One To Help Brady, Please:  Part One- Sammy Watkins.

The Reason: "It's not something we're counting on." -- Jaguars GM Dave Caldwell on WR Justin Blackmon playing in 2014. They have had little contact". Jaguars GM David Caldwell says team not counting on WR Justin Blackmon in 2014. Would be "relatively surprised." The only reason you can even contemplate this opinion is because you have locked in on Sammy Watkins or Mike Evans. 

Watkins will alleviate the stranglehold Bryant has over this Franchise as their only weapon left on offense. And they can let him go once his contract is up. Bradley has been running around telling everyone that character matters. Well, here is the chance to prove it. If they take Watkins they can then get rid of one of the worst character guys in the League in a year or two, and help whatever victim they will put in at QB next year.

Second Choice: Mike Evans WR



**Greg Robinson

OLT Auburn

6-5, 315, 

QB, WR, RB, OG, TE, OL, DE, DB, QB, 

Key F.A. Signed:

Ben Tate RB

Alex Mack OC

Andrew Hawkins WR

Karlos Dansby ILB

Donte Whitner SS

Key F.A.:

Willis McGahee, RB
Oniel Cousins, OL
Billy Cundiff, K

Key F.A.:

Brandon Weeden QB

Jason Campbell QB

Shawn Lauvao, OL
T.J. Ward, S

The Team: Word coming out of Cleveland is that their board is: Clowney, Watkins, Robinson, and then Manziel 4th. If one to the top three players drops they will take him. Robinson is a big run blocking OLT they think they can put at ORT. Or better yet, I think he could step in at OLG as a rookie and be the best OG in the NFL. Not so sure he is ready at tackle just yet. But how much do you think Tate would like to run behind Thomas, Mack, and Robinson on the left side. He could lead the League in yards. Plus, that could make Brian Hoyer look real good at QB.

Okay, why is this team cursed? Because they keep whispering that they like Carr later in the Draft. So they are setting the ground work to pass on Manziel for a position player. "The one thing about the combine is, you get there, you're around all your contacts, a lot of different NFL people," NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah told The Dan Patrick Show Wednesday (via NFL.com). "And it had been so out there that the Browns loved Manziel under the previous regime, and I talked to enough people that firmly believe that that was a total smokescreen... Their guy is Derek Carr and they're going to take a different player with the fourth pick and they want to take Derek Carr with their second one... I heard that from several different places." If they have fallen in love with a player already, it is not Clowney. Nobody expects Clowney to be available here (even me;-). However if I'm running a 3-4 or Hybrid defense, I take Mack over Clowney, no questions asked. If I'm running a  4-3, I take Clowney with no looking back. Right now Cleveland looks like a 3-4 team. They also could go Watkins here. 

This Franchise is cursed. Ever since idiot fans chased the brilliant BB out of Cleveland they have been a study in ineptitude. I will never understand how BB got blamed for Art Modell moving the Browns out of Cleveland, pure insanity. Then the injuries started to destroy this team. Poor Romeo had his HC career torn from him by the endless injuries he endured as HC of this cursed Franchise. The best thing for Cleveland to do to kill the curse is send a note of apology to BB, and draft a Franchise QB. You guys take care of the first and I'll take care of the second. 

The Player: 5/3 Best We've Got- Greg Robinson.

The Reason: They get scared to trust their Franchise to a wacky kid like Johnny football. The Brown's GM has said their are four QBs in this Draft who are NFL starters. If he really believes that then he will not take a QB here with picks 26 and 35 behind them. Robinson could make their offense the best power running team in the NFL. 

Second Choice: Johnny Manziel QB 



Khalil Mack-

OLB/PR Buffalo

6-2 5/8, 251, (PD 4.55),

33 1/4" Arms, 23 Reps,

S-1.56, (U 4.61), 

40" Vert!, 10'8" Broad,

4.18 SS! 7.08 3-C,

QB, DT, OLT, DE/OLB (FA), DT, RB (FA), S, RB (FA), OL, DT, OL, WR, DE, LB, 

Key F.A. Signed:

Darren McFadden RB

Austin Howard OL

Rodger Saffold OL

James Jones WR

Justin Tuck DE

Antonio Smith, DE

Lamarr Woodley OLB

Tarell Brown, CB

Charles Woodson FS

Key F.A.:
Jacoby Ford, WR
Jeron Mastrud, TE
Khalif Barnes, OL
Tony Pashos, OL
Andre Gurode, OL
Jason Hunter, DE
Daniel Muir, DT
Pat Sims, DT
Phillip Adams, CB
Usama Young, S

Key F.A. Lost:

Rodger Saffold OL

Rashad Jennings, RB

Jared Veldheer OLT

Lamarr Houston, DT

Vance Walker, DT

Mike Jenkins CB

Tracy Porter, CB

The Team: This team has a lot of needs. When one of those is passrushers and the top guy on the board is a rusher, than you take the top guy on the board, even if he doesn't fit you scheme. They have switched to the Tampa Two, which is not a great fit for Mack. But he is also the top player on the board. Plus, he and Mathews are also seen as the safest picks that aren't going to get a GM fired. 

It looks like this team is going to trade way down in the 1st to San Fran's spot at 30. It makes a ton of sense for both teams. Oakland needs a pot of gold to fill one of the worst rosters in the NFL. Plus, they can have their pick of QBs to groom behind Schaub at 30. It will take both of San Fran's 2nds, and maybe a 1st next year to get it done. That would give Oakland 30, 36, 56, and 61 in the 1st and 2nd Rounds. That is the pot of gold this pathetic Franchise needs to maybe be at least average again. It is looking like either Carr or Bridgewater is going to be on the Board at 30. If that happens they will be more than just average in two or three years, if they can actually manage to find talent in one of the most talented Drafts ever? San Fran needs an impact WR or OLB (to replace Aldon Smith who is going to stupid himself out of the League). In this scenario, Khalil Mack is on the Board. If the Jags take Mack, then Watkins or Evans is still going to be on the board. If San Fran can get either of those three players they could beat Seattle next year, and you might say they have to get one of those three players to win their division. Plus, San Fran still would have their three 3rds and a 4th to move up into the 2nd if they want to, or just take a CB, LB, and WR or DE/OLB depending on who they get here.

The Player: 5/1 Rushing the Edge. Part 11 - Khalil Mack.

The Reason: If Rams go Robinson or Cleveland goes Manziel it could be Robinson here. They also could go Evans, to help Schaub try and become a good QB again. Otherwise it will be the passrusher to kelp their defense, though he doesn't really fit in their scheme. 

Okay, that is one of those trades that just makes too much sense to happen. It would be a huge boon for Oakland, but they are to mismanaged to make it happen. They stick here and take Robinson or Mathews, depending on who the Rams or Atlanta does not take at Two.

Second Choice: Aaron Donald 3-Tech



*Taylor Lewan-

OLT Michigan

 6-7.1, 312, S-1.7! (O 4.87)! 

33.7" Arms, 29 Reps, 

4.49 SS, 7.39 3-C! 

9'9" Broad! 30.5 Vert!


Key F.A Signed.:

Jon Asamoah OG

Devin Hester KR

Paul Soliai NT

Corey Peters NT

Tyson Jackson 5-T

Jonathan Babineaux 5-T

Javier Arenas CB/KR

Key F.A.:

Chase Coffman, TE
Joe Hawley, C

Sean Locklear, OL

Jeremy Trueblood, OT
Mike Johnson, OT
Peria Jerry, DT

Omar Gaither, LB
Stephen Nicholas, LB
Asante Samuel, CB

Dominique Franks, CB

Key F.A. Lost:

Tony Gonzalez TE

Thomas DeCoud S

The Team: If the Draft goes this way, and Mack is off the board, it could be the best thing that happens to this Franchise. They have to get an OLT that can protect Ryan, period. Getting a passrushing 3-4 OLB with the talent of Mack would be to tempting if he is on the board. However, Lewan also fits what they like to do. Lewan is also a big strong run blocker, and the HC an OC love the power blocking scheme. Robinson would be their dream, but Lewan is a nice close second. Not that they would complain if the safest pick at OLT, Mathews, drops to them.

This is the awesomeness of the Draft here. If Mack is still on the board, this could be a post pick trade. Mack and next years 1st for Clowney. This would shake everything up in this Draft. It would be awesome. Plus, if Mack is here Atlanta will just smile and take him. They are switching to a 3-4 defense that desperately needs a OLB/PR. "Defensively right now, the way the league is, there's so much creativity," Dimitroff said. "A guy like Mike Nolan at the helm as a defensive coordinator, he's very creative with how he works things. Unfortunately, maybe we didn't have all the personnel we needed to truly fit into the 3-4 schemes at times and use that as a really strong base defense." Nolan is a 3-4 DC. You don't hire him and force him to coach a 4-3. They are completely rebuilding there D-line into a 3-4 Image. You don't give big money Soliai unless you need a pure Nose Tackle, and Tyson Jackson and Corey Peters are 5-Techs. So the switch is on. Now they just need a passrushing OLB to complete the deal., if they don't make the deal. With Houston, or the Rams for that matter. Seriously, why would you trade out of this spot? If worst comes to worse they'll absolutely have Lewan sitting here. Beat case, they have Mack or Robinson.

The Player: 4/22 Freeze Technique- Taylor Lewan

The Reason: Ryan was the most battered QB in the League last year. I was shocked he survived without injury. He won't survive another season without an NFL OLT.

They are switching to the 3-4 and the top 3-4 OLB just dropped into their lap. They should probably go Lewan here, but they can go O-Tackle in the 2nd and maybe Matty Ice can survive another season of plunder by every D-Line he plays against. This would be a dangerous best player available pick.

Second Choice: Khalil Mack OLB



*Mike Evans-


6-4 3/4, 231, (U 4.47)! 

 12 Reps,

(O 4.53), 37" Vert, 

4.26 SS, 7.08 3-C,


Key F.A. Signed:

Josh McCown QB

Brandon Myers TE

Anthony Collins, OL

Evan Dietrich-Smith OC

Michael Johnson DE

Clinton McDonald DT

Alterraun Verner CB

Key F.A.:

Dan Orlovsky, QB
Jordan Rodgers, QB

Michael Hill, RB
Spencer Larsen, RB
Brian Leonard, RB
Erik Lorig, FB
Tiquan Underwood, WR
Kyle Adams, TE
Nate Byham, TE
Jamon Meredith, OL
Ted Larsen, OL
Daniel Te'o-Nesheim, DE

Derek Landri, DL
Gary Gibson, DT
Jonathan Casillas, LB
Adam Hayward, LB
Dekoda Watson, LB
Jacob Cutrera, LB
Michael Adams, CB
Danny Gorrer, CB
Rian Lindell, K
Andrew Economos, LS

Key F.A. Lost:

Donald Penn OT

Mike Jenkins CB

Davin Joseph OG

Dekoda Watson LB

Adam Hayward LB

Derrelle Revis CB

The Team: Everybody sees this as Evans floor. When you have two crappy QBs like they have holding your career in their hands, you better get them some weapons. They have to get some nice weapons for their QBs. Putting Evans across from Vincent Jackson could make any QB look good. They needed to get a WR before the loss of Mike Williams. Whether you agree with them or not they look committed to playing Josh McCown (who did not suck last season;-) as they develop Glennon. And the trade of Williams signals to me they will be happy with Watkins or Evans here. Plus don't forget, it was Lovie who brought in Alshon Jeffries and Marshall (was traded to Bears in March of 2012 and Lovie left in December) to Chicago. He knows what having two big WRs can do for a QB.

Buccs hire Lovie Smith to take them back to the Tampa Two days. Who will they take? Well, in this fiasco of a Draft Chris Mathews is still on the board. And of course four QBs have been taken in the top five, when I don't think there should be four QBs taken in the 1st Round. Glennon is as inconsistent as a butterfly in a hurricane. "It depends on what Jason [the new Tampa GM ] and Lovie [the new HC] think of Mike Glennon," NFL Scout Chris Landry said. "I can tell you what he'll  do with Mike Glennon. It's very similar to what they did with the previous coaching staff. But Lovie is even better at it. In that, they are going to run the football behind a really good offensive line, and they are going to make sure they are good up front again. They are going to run the football with Glennon or any young quarterback. They are going to run safe pass and make it quarterback friendly."  Okay, that about sums it up for me. I have no idea what Tampa is going to do either. With a new unknown GM, ad a new HC there is no track record. I would think that one of the top four QB's will not be pass on here. 

The Player: 3/16 Get Some One To Help Brady, Please:  Part Two- Mike Evans. 

The Reason: Pairing Evan with Vincent Jackson could give McCown a pair WR like he had in Chicago. The only time he was more than just a JAG QB was last year when he could throw high to Marshall and Alshon. Tampa might be a winner next year if they can recreate that with Evans and Jackson. 

When you start taking about Tiquan Underwood in any legit fashion as your Number Two WR, you better start drafting WRs. The loss of Mike Williams was a big one. They really only have one NFL WR currently on their roster. In fact, if they take Watson here, they will still need to draft another option later on in the Draft. 

Second Choice: Aaron Donald DT



*Aaron Donald-

DT Pitt

6' 3/4, 285, S-1.59! 

(U 4.65)! 32" V! 9'8" B,

4.39 SS! 7.11 3-C!



Key F.A Signed:

Matt Cassel QB

Jerome Simpson WR

Charlie Johnson G

Linval Joseph, DT

Everson Griffen, DE

Captain Munnerlyn CB

Key F.A:
Josh Freeman, QB
Joe Webb, WR
J'Marcus Webb, OL
Kevin Williams, DT
Fred Evans, DT
Desmond Bishop, LB

Erin Henderson, LB
Marvin Mitchell, LB

Key F.A. Lost:

Greg Childs WR

Toby Gerhart RB

Jared Allen DE/PR

Letroy Guion DT

Chris Cook, CB

The Team: Word coming out of Minnesota is that they like Aaron Donald. Spielman also said the other day that he thinks he can get a QB down into the 4th Round, and that Cassel is his starter next season. If any of that is true they don't go QB here. "You can look at spots on offense, besides quarterback," Spielman said. "There's no way that's not a need. While that may be a need, that guy can't come in and help this year, but he sure as heck is going to be an impact player for us down the road as well, whether that's receiver or whatever."  If you look at what they did last year in the 1st, they went after the size speed athletes who have high upside. They weren't really ready for primetime, but they were big and fast. That describes two players here. Justin Gilbert and Anthony Barr. Gilbert is the best size speed/athlete at Corner, and Barr is the best size/speed athlete at OLB/DE who will be left on the board when they pick. Justin Gilbert fits their needs the best, and what they did last year.

It is rare for a GM to take the wrong QB in the 1st and still get a second shot at a Franchise QB. Spielman  has to admit his mistake, be a man, and take another shot at a QB here. It has been a while since a GM has gotten such a second chance. They have a couple of below average options at QB, and might think that is good enough. It is not. Take Broyles or Bridgewater here, whichever falls, and you might still have a year or two to sit him and develop him properly.

Their is not a viable option at QB here. I don't think there is a QB here better than Ponder, Cassel, and even Josh Freeman. "He worked as hard as he could every week to prepare and be ready to go," HC Frazier said about Freeman. "He was a pro in every sense of the word. But we made a decision to try to figure out where Christian Ponder was and also take a look at Matt Cassel because we were trying to determine and get some answers regarding our quarterback position. Josh got caught up in the shuffle. It probably wasn't a fair situation for him. It made it difficult for him. It made it difficult for all of us when you're trying to evaluate quarterbacks in an NFL season. That's not a wise thing. Nothing to do with Josh. He prepared and worked as hard as he could to get on the field. It just didn't work out." Getting A developmental guy in the 2nd, just makes much more sense. Although, this is a team that will have trouble passing on Carr if he is still on the board. This looks like the floor for Carr. 

The Player: 5/7  Pure Power And Explosion- Aaron Donald.

The Reason: However, they have some issues on the D-Line. They have last years developmental guy Floyd, but their two veterans are getting old and expensive. Guion had a bad season, and they are starting to talk about letting Williams go. If you don't mind his size, Donald was the best D-linemen in college football last season, by far. He is the second best D-Linemen prospect in this Draft behind Clowney, by far. He tested out as the most athletic D-Tackle at the Combine, by far. He was best defender in practice at the Senior Bowl when all the GMs and HCs are there watching, by far. They are looking at Gilbert, Barr and, Donald here, and word coming out of Minny is Donald.

Second Choice: Justin Gilbert CB



Eric Ebron-


6-4 3/8, 250, 10" Hands, 33 1/4" Arms, 24 Reps!

(U 4.5)! (O 4.6), 

10' Broad! 32" Vert, 

DE/Edge-rusher, WR (big), FS (FA), TE (FA), OT, LB, OG, WR, CB, OG, LB, CB. 

Key F.A. Signed:

Chris Williams OG

Keith Rivers LB

Brandon Spikes LB

Dan Carpenter LB

Corey Graham CB

Dan Carpenter K

Key F.A.:

Scott Chandler, TE
Thomas Welch, OT
Alex Carrington, DE
Arthur Moats, LB
Jim Leonhard, S

Key F.A. Lost:

Kevin Kolb QB

Jairus Byrd S

The Team: The Bills are in good shape here. They can take Taylor Lewan to the bank here and help there fine young QB. Oh wait, they think Glenn is one of the top OLTs in the NFL. They can easily get an ORT in the 3rd or 4th. They could easily go Barr here as well. He is the top talent left on the board. However, the Bills organization has a history of locking onto a player who is a bit of a reach because they know he will be on the Board when they pick, and they think he can help the Team. That player this year looks like Ebron. Now he is not as much of a reach as: CJ Spiller, Eric Wood, Aaron Maybin, John McCargo, and Whitner, but this is a little early for him with Lewan and Barr on the board. You could argue that both could help this team more. However, I'm not sure either can help Manuel more. Plus, now that he is locked into the Bills I don't have to redo my Ebron Tape.

Let's face it the new coaching staff and GM's careers are linked to EJ Manuel. If he fails they will be fired. "We are all in on EJ," Bills GM Doug Whaley said stating the obvious. "From day one when we drafted him coach Marrone, Russ Brandon, this whole organization. We're gonna try to put every avenue [and] every resource around EJ to be successful. And one of things we're gonna do, like coach said, is bring in a quarterbacks coach to help him. And why wouldn't we? We think he is just going to get better and better: the more he's around the game, the more he's in the building. the more he's around and in the playbook, and gets involved with that." So they have to get him help. Taking an O-Tackle here would be nice. However, getting a dynamic weapon who can run routes under Johnson would be huge for the development of Manuel. "Your talking three rounds of people that are injected into the Draft process," GM Doug Whaley said about the exodus of underclassmen. "So there are a lot of guys who would have jobs or would get drafted that aren't gonna get drafted. At least another hundred guys. So what it does for us, as scouts, it condense the time for some of the best players, of trying to get all the information you can on those guys. 'Cause your not allowed to scout those guys, or ask about those guys during the year. You can't do it until they get officially declared from the League. So it puts a time crunch on us." This doesn't really give us any info on what they might do, but it is very interesting. 

The Player: 3/3 Finally ready to finish this- Eric Ebron.

Ebron had 55 catches this season to set an ACC record for tight ends. He also set another ACC record wit 895 yards receiving this year. Of the elite tight ends he runs the fastest routes, and is the most dynamic with the ball in his hands. He is also an underrated blocker in the run game. He tries hard, and has great hands for holding onto defenders and sustaining blocks. "John Mackey Award semifinalist. Second Team All-American. Set ACC single season record for receiving yards by TE with 973 (passing Vernon Davis, who had 871). 2012: Started all 11 games he played in. 2011: Played in 10 games, started one. High School: No. 20 tight end nationally (Scout). Also played defensive end." He is an elite playmaker in this Draft, which unique because he is a tight end. I'd say more, but I accidentally deleted everything I wrote about him in the past six month, yeah.

The Reason: The Draft is tightening up and it looks like the Bills have it narrowed down to Barr, Ebron, or Lewan. So everybody has a 33/33/33 shot at picking it right here (and of course 1/100 shot I'm wrong;-). Good luck. 

They have to get Manuel some help. Getting a big weapon for him to throw to underneath and down the Seam is always a good formula for a QB. "You have some receivers with size," Whaley answered when asked about positions groups he was interested in. "That's always intriguing, because in this business big wins. Also there's some edge rushers that have shown up." Getting a big fast WR who has that knack for getting open deep to compliment Johnson would be a bone for Manuel..

Second Choice: Anthony Barr OLB



*Anthony Barr


6-4, 250, S-1.56! (U 4.63),

33 1/2" Arms, 15 Reps!

6.82 3-C! 4.10 SS!

34.5" Vert, 9'11" Broad,

CB, S, DE/PR, LB, S, OG, OT, RB, LB, OL, WR, OL, WR,

Key F.A. Signed:

Golden Tate WR

Kevin Ogletree WR

Joique Bell RB

Brandon Pettigrew TE

Darryl Tapp DE

Key F.A.:

Leroy Harris, C 
Don Muhlbach, LS
Shaun Hill, QB
Nate Burleson, WR
Micheal Spurlock, WR
Jason Fox, OL
Dylan Gandy, OL
Andre Fluellen, DT
Rocky McIntosh, LB
Rashean Mathis, CB
John Wendling, S
David Akers, K

Key F.A. Lost:

Willie Young, DE

Israel Idonije, DE

Louis Delmas S

The Team: Sometimes commonsense just makes sense and sometimes it doesn't. This pick looks like it is coming down to Gilbert or Barr. Two elite athletes in this Draft of elite athletes. Commonsense tells you that they take Gilbert. They had one Corner who had an interception last year (Houston had 2 INTs), and they are trying to get rid of him. They think Mathis (ZERO INTs) is a better player. So Gilbert is the commonsense solution here. Of course we are talking about Detroit where commonsense solutions are not really their forte. "Obviously we have a need," HC Jim Caldwell said about the need for a passrusher. "Ziggy does a great job, now. That's one thing we'll keep working with him. He's big, he's strong, he's physical, he can get on the edge and he can work you inside and outside. He's one of those guys who can get on the outside and go. Now we also need trying to find maybe a little bit different flavor in that regard, trying to find maybe another guy that can do it. He may be in our program right now, in our organization. We have to see how he fits within our scheme, but obviously, anybody can use a flamethrower, and sometimes you find one here or there." Barr is a flamethrower. After watching the Oregon Tape I am convinced he can play D-End and stop the run in the NFL. Plus, he is a flamethrower rushing the QB.

The Player: 5/1 Rushing the Edge. Part 1I1 - Anthony Barr.

The Reason: Riley Reiff really came into his own. I told Lion fans that they were willing to play Reif at OLT tackle in 2013, and take a passrusher. Some cried, some complain, some said I was wrong. But I was right, and now everyone in Detroit wants him to stay at OLT. That opens up an opportunity to take an impact player in the secondary this team so desperately needs. Ha-Ha could impact this secondary more than any player in this Draft, as they lost their only viable safety, Louis Delmas in free agency and they have the young Slay from last years Draft in the fold. However, when you entire crop of CBs had two interceptions combined. You could go out and Draft four Corner and I don't think any rational Lions fan could complain. So there will be complaints.

Second Choice: Darqueze Dennard CB




*Brian Broyles


6-5, 230,



Key F.A. Signed:

Charlie Whitehurst QB

Dexter McCluster RB

Leon Washington, RB

Jackie Battle RB

Michael Oher ORT

Ropati Pitoitua DT

Antonio Johnson DT

Shaun Phillips LB

Wesley Woodyard LB

Al Woods LB

Bernard Pollard S

Key F.A.:

Rusty Smith, QB
Greg Jones, FB
Kenny Britt, WR
Marc Mariani, WR
Kevin Walter, WR
Damian Williams, WR
Mike Otto, OL
Kevin Matthews, OL
Chris Spencer, OL
Rob Turner, OL
Zac Diles, LB

Key F.A. Lost:

Ryan Fitzpatrick QB

Jackie Battle, RB

David Stewart OT

Alterraun Verner CB

The Team: They look like they are going to ditch Locker because he can't stay healthy. I would love Bridgewater here. If Vikings don't go Bortles, then he will stop here. The Titans are in a bind. When Locker is on the field they win. When he isn't they don't. If they don't trust him enough to give him that 5th year, than they have to take Bortles here if he is on the Board. This could be the best situation for Bortles. He gets under a good offensive HC, and good veteran QB. He will have time to learn behind them. Though Locker is likely to be injured by midseason, and then the Franchise will have an even better idea if they want to pursue Locker or stick with Bortles.

I had Justin Gilbert as a lock here, but then Barr kept slipping as I don't like him to a 4-3 teams, and doing 15 Reps at the Combine is a big bad number. That is bad for an outside rusher, even a finesse rusher. So that worried me. However, he is so quick to that Corner and can Dip around it as low as anyone in this Draft. He should the quickness and COD with 1.56 Split, and his 3-Cone (6.82) and Short Shuttle numbers (4.1) were exceptional. Teams can only pass on guys who have that knack for hitting the quarterback for so long. However, Lewan I am stuck with a tie I like to go back tot he root. Whisenhunt was not just an OC, he was an O-Line coach. What do you think he is thinking when he sees Tape of Lewan. They have Roos at OLT, and he is pretty good. however, there are rumors, for whatever that is worth that when he is contact is up they plan to move on. With Dave Stewart released, they have no ORT. Wow, this is another 50/50 decision. With new DC Ray Horton being a hybrid 3-4 coach, who coached for seven year in Pittsburgh, they have to get an OLB/PR. "Really excited to have Ray Horton joining our staff," The new HC Ken Whisenhunt said. "His body of work speaks for itself over the last few years as a coordinator and a position coach. Not only was he a good player in the league for a number of years, but he has transferred that into becoming a very good NFL coach. Scheme-wise, one of the most impressive things about Ray is his flexibility. He has the ability to go between a 4-3 and 3-4 and put our players in the best position to succeed. It has been evident by what he has done and where his defenses have ranked in the league over the last few years." If he like shifting in and out of a 3-4 defense, there is no better player on the board right here that Barr. They can get an ORT later in the Draft.

The Player:  5/7   A Franchise QB? Maybe:  Part Two-- Blake Bortles.

The Reason: They have declared Locker as not their guy. Which is great. Only what happens after this season when he is unrestricted and they have no QB. They have to have a plan to put pressure on Locker, and/or find his replacement. Broyles needs a little time to get stronger and used to throwing against better coverage.

Second Choice: Justin Gilbert CB