With The 33rd Pick, in the 2014 NFL Draft, The Houston Texans Select...

Updated: May 21st


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Paul Richardson-

Speed Receiver Colorado

6'- 3/8, 175, 4.35!(U) 

(O 4.4),  38" Vert!

10'4" Broad! 7.09 3-C,


Key F.A. Signed:

Taylor Price WR

Michael Bennett DL

Tony McDaniel DL

Steven Hauschka K

Key F.A.:

Tarvaris Jackson, QB
Michael Robinson, FB
Arceto Clark, WR
Bryan Walters, WR
Kellen Davis, TE

Anthony McCoy, TE
Breno Giacomini, OL
Paul McQuistan, OL
Chris Maragos, S
O'Brien Schofield, LB

Brandon Browner, CB
Walter Thurmond, CB

Key F.A. Lost:

Sidney Rice WR

Golden Tate, WR

Red Bryant DT/DE

Chris Clemons DE

Clinton McDonald, DL

The Team: Richardson has already signed with the Seahawks. He is pure speed and explosion This guy has nice size, or should I say height for a pure speed guy.  He is a hair over 6-foot, but only 175 pounds. His stats catching deep balls are the best in a long while. Reminds me of Stanley Morgan. He goes and gets the deep ball like no one in this Draft. "If it's going to be a leaner guy like this it has to be a guy that attacks the ball and plays in competitive tight spots, and this guy does that," GM John Schneider said. "He has broad shoulders, he's a lean guy, but his length is really nice. With that basketball conversion he ends up being a 6'4" catching radius guy. I don't know if you're in to fast guys." He is not going to cross the middle a lot, but every time you look up he is flying down field. So much fun to watch. Explosive player who makes DBs look foolish. "I really think he's the guy with the best quickness in and out of his breaks and that explosive down the field strike ability," Pete said. "It's just an exciting guy to bring to camp to add to our team. I think our guys will take to him, he's a really good kid, and he's really pumped up about this opportunity. We'll see where we could fit him in." A bit one dimensional, but what a dimension. Speed kills baby. He does a great job on Comebacks. CBs have to respect his deep speed and when he digs and comebacks it is unstoppable. He was voted team Captain. Hurts his knee in 2012, and came back strong. He had 10 TD, a 16.6 YPR average, 1,343 yards, on 83 TDs. Despite have a sprained his knee during the season. He has some buyer beware in him. He had trouble holding up in college at his weight. Plus, he ran into some trouble at UCLA. "Yeah he tore his ACL too. He transferred from UCLA because of an issue he had there. They struggled there, and he was kind of their guy. He scored ten times this year coming off of the ACL and just showed a ton of grit. He was captain of their team, and had the opportunity to kind of throw a lot of people under the bus and didn't do that so we really respected that in him too." But Speed kills, and is said to have run a 4.28 at his Proday. Plus, he already has caught a 65-yard TD pass from Wilson. "Last night when we ended we had to have a name ready in New York and it was Paul Richardson's name," GM John Schneider said. "So we were really excited to be able to go back again today. I give our pro staff and all of our scouts and everybody just a ton of credit to have the patience to hang in there and try to identify where he would be taken. He was too rare for us to pass up. I think he had 184 targets and three drops. He's incredibly fast, explosive, can play inside and outside. I'm sure you guys had heard about it already. We're really excited about that. To come back at the end of the round and grab an offensive tackle because there was going to be a run on offensive tackles, and then there was going to be a fairly big drop off there. So we needed to grab one as soon as we could." He had ten TDs of over 50-Yards in three seasons.

The Player: Richardson is another guy who gets open deep. He gets behind DBs better than anyone in this Draft. "I like a lot about him," Pete said. "We're really excited that this happened, and we've been watching it the whole time hoping we could get there. He's got great qualities. His speed is extraordinary. He has the terrific hands and a great catching range, he's really got characteristics like the guys that have been successful for us. He's got quickness kind of like Doug Baldwin, he's got speed kind of like Percy Harvin, and he has that catching range kind of like Jermaine Kearse so we just felt really comfortable with his style of play. I see him as a route runner. He's an outside guy for us, a guy that can really get in and out of his breaks and he's got great stuff. We're really excited about this pick." JS "He's just really explosive. I think his averages scores are from about 40 yards, 40.05 or something like that so he's a big play guy." He has to get bigger however, because he struggles to stay healthy. He already hurt his should in rookie minicamp. He doesn't just run streaks and fades. He can run other routes as well. But he will be drafted as a vertical threat early and often. He won't be a 7-10 reception a game guy. He is a 2,3,or 4 catch a game guy who could get over 100 yards receiving in any game. Because he will get open deep and snag that 50-yard TD catch. He is so smooth going after the deep pass. "It's really a factor for everyone in the receiving core," Carroll said about 4.3 speed. "It's not just for that guy. The thought there is to make room for other guys because you have to account for him. You have to get out or he'll run right by you and score a touchdown. This is the kind of guy that you're looking for down the field all of the time so defenses have to account for that and it just creates better spaces for linebackers and better openings for things like that for the other guys. Percy Harvin and Doug Baldwin are going to reap the benefits of having another really fast guy out there, whether he's catching the ball or not. I think he'll really be a nice compliment to the way they play."  Looked smooth both times in Gantlet. Great speed and hands. Smooth hands on short Outs. He has everything you want in a speed WR except bulk, but outside speed guys are built like tracks guys. He looks like a track guy. Reminds me of Stanley Morgan. He is a nightmare for Corners going down field, but isn't going to press anyone going inside. He has stunning deep receiving statistics. He averaged 41.8 yards per catch on his college TDs. How do even quantify that number? "I think he had a ton of great plays," Pete said. "He had all kinds of things that he did. He had guys hanging all over him, big speed plays where he's leaving everybody, plays where he catches and runs with it and leaves the pursuit behind. He has really nice catching range with demonstration of guys all around down by the goal line. We saw everything that we needed to see, it was a really, really complete evaluation of the kinds of things that we were looking for on a tape." JS "One of the things that really stands out about him is when you just watch him get off the ball. You see his frame and you think you're going to see a guy getting knocked around, but he's incredibly shifty and sudden, and then he has long arms and really quick hands. He can just put his foot in the ground and get up field. Once he's running, he's running really fast." If he can translate those to the NFL he is going to be a great one.  He had nice hands for catching the ball at full speed. He can accelerate to catch the ball going deep over the middle. He was also voted team captain.

The Reason: "He was really quiet. People weren't talking about him. Like everybody talked about, he's a leaner dude so you have to get into his game and Matt Berry did a great job at staying in touch with him and tracking his weight and tracking his development. When he ran that it was his first day at his workout facility wherever he was working out." PC "It's pretty common and you'll here so much about everybody looking for the bigger receiver, and the question already came up and that's good. I think that's pretty well accepted that that's what everyone is doing. If you look at the list of great receivers that are in this guy's profile, it's an enormous history of guys that have been really, really affective. It's one of those deals again where it's kind of standard, okay let's get the big guys, but we don't think that way. We took a really fast cool kid in this pick and we're thrilled about it. You hear that stuff so you wonder, and I think maybe the league feels like that because they gave us a chance to get him and we're really lucky to get him done."




*Stephen Tuitt

DE/DT Notre Dame

6-5, 299


Ryan Shazier-

LB Ohio ST


Key F.A.Signed:

Jason Worilds LB

Key F.A.:

Jonathan Dwyer, RB
Felix Jones, RB
La'Rod Stephens-Howling, RB
Plaxico Burress, WR
Jerricho Cotchery, WR
Emmanuel Sanders, WR
David Johnson, TE
Michael Palmer, TE
Rashad Butler, OL
Guy Whimper, OL
Fernando Velasco, OL
Cody Wallace, OL
Brett Keisel, DE
Ziggy Hood, DT
Al Woods, DT
Jamaal Westerman, LB
Stevenson Sylvester, LB
Ryan Clark, S
Mat McBriar, P
Greg Warren, LS
Will Allen, S

The Team: I had this pick! Second pick in the 2nd Round! Thanks dad.

This is one of my favorite all time players. He is a freak in all the best way. He is so big and strong. He was made to play 5-Tech in the NFL. "You got to have some big guys out there no matter how much of a speed package you put out there," Defensive Coordinator Dick LeBeau. " If an opponent is playing extra wide receivers on first down, that is spread formations, but they run the ball a lot. It's not until you get into third down or longer situations, that you can say that they are in a passing mode. So you need big people. We probably do as much as anybody, in changing personnel around and rolling people around. You always have to have power on the field. A big guy like Tuitt suits that purpose no matter what the down and distance is. He has value on all downs." There are just not a lot of guys in the history of the college football who can be run stuffing 5-Techs and still sack the QB almost 20 times in two season, and in one of those seasons with a stress fracture in his foot that obviously limited him. "It's a blessing to be part of this defense, and tremendous," Stephon Tuitt said. " I can't wait to get there tomorrow and help this team and be part of an organization that many people don't get a chance to be part of and I get a chance to be part of." He should have been a top half of the 1st Round player. But his foot injury caused him to drop. He couldn't work out and foot surgery always takes longer to heal. But if he gets healthy this is the steal of the Draft. They addressed their top need in the 1st. Then they addressed their third biggest need in the 2nd. Tuitt is a big 5-Tech who can rush the passer. They have enough 5-Techs to bring him along slowly, and just let him rush on passing downs and give his foot some extra time. 

The Player: 3/18 The "Fighting Irish"Part II- A 5-Tech For My father- Stephon Tuitt.

The Reason: They to get some big help inside. "I'm pretty happy. I think we got a really good football player," Defensive Line/Assistant Head Coach John Mitchell. " As a defensive line coach, we see defense a little different. We [play] from the inside out rather than from the outside in. There are three things when I evaluate a player that I look for. One, can this player stay on his feet? Two, is he physical? And three, will he run to the ball? A lot of other people put a lot more premium on guys who can rush the passer, but in this division and in this league, if you do not stop the run you don't have a chance to win many football games. The thing that I like about Stephon is that he can stack, he can shed, he can get off, and he can run to the ball." Tuitt played some nose tackle, but he is not a nose tackle. But will surely add some size, toughness, and rush to this D-Line.






Trent Murphy

OLB Stanford

6-6, 254, 4.86, 19 Reps, 35.5" Vert, 9'10" Broad, 6.78 3-C! 4.2 SS!


Last Years Top Picks:

David Amerson-



Jordan Reed-

H-Back FLA


Phillip Thomas-

S Fresno ST


Brandon Jenkins-



Bacarri Rambo-

S Georgia



Key F.A. Signed:

Brian Orakpo LB

Darryl Sharpton, LB

Key F.A.:

Rex Grossman, QB
Dezmon Briscoe, WR
Josh Morgan, WR
Santana Moss, WR
Fred Davis, TE
J.D. Walton, OL
Chris Baker, DT
Rob Jackson, LB
Darryl Tapp, LB
Nick Barnett, LB
London Fletcher, LB
Bryan Kehl, LB
Perry Riley, LB
E.J. Biggers, LB
DeAngelo Hall, CB
Josh Wilson, CB
Reed Doughty, S
Jose Gumbs, S
Brandon Meriweather, S

Key F.A. Lost:

Tracy Porter CB

The Team: "This is great pick. They are a little over loaded at OLB, but like they say you can never have to many passrushers. Murphy is another guy who is fun to watch he is so tough and physical. "It was pure joy, really, such a sigh of a relief just to be drafted and have this waiting game over," Murphy said of his selection. "It's definitely been building up and so it just hit my family abrupt and we just have joy and cheer inside. So we're all pretty excited." Plus, over the past two season he as as many Sacks as anyone, and garnered more than all of them. Terrific smarts and character. Terrific football character. An all out all the time kind of guy. "[The DC] Haslett has some other ideas for him where we can use him for various linebacker roles for us," Allen said. "He's a good football player. He obviously had a strong scouting report with us." He is already lining up at OLB at Rookie Camp and is already prepared. "Some of the guys who are working outside 'backer have never done it before and you can tell their head is spinning a little more," Murphy said. "Some of the calls were the same for me at Stanford and so the learning curve isn't as great for me as some of the guys." One of those freaks who does things that he shouldn't be able to on the field. Plays stronger and faster than his weight and stats would indicate. Super versatile. "[Murphy is] great off the snap and if you have quickness off the snap and you have great length, you make up for a lot of your speed deficiency," the HC Gruden said. "He's got a wide variety of moves and Coach Baker's only going to make him better and better. He's got a long way to go, but we're excited to work with a guy that's 6-foot-5-and-a-half and with room to get bigger and stronger and has the arsenal of moves that he has." He played everything from 5-tech to ILB and everywhere in between. Washington was in some trouble here. They need some talent and don't have a 1st, but they do have a Franchise QB. Then they swindled a 3rd out of Dallas. "There are a couple of guys that went in the first round that would have fit in beautifully," Allen said. "For a lot of teams in the NFL. They were not available, and we feel good about the group that we've got." Especially after the swindle that got them the guy they would have taken at 34 anyway.

The Player: Murphy looks like a prototype strongside 3-4 OLB. He also put a hand down and played 5-Tech. He can be all over a 3-4 defense. Some 3-4 coach is going to be watching him jumping all over the defense and freak out. "He's predominately lined up outside but we feel like he can line up inside," HC Gruden said. "He can move around a little bit, but for the most part his flexibility, his athleticism, I think is a little bit underrated. We feel like he can provide us with immediate pass rush on third down and we'll find a spot for him." Plays the edge so nicely when he is standing up. Uses his long arms nicely in passrush. Gets into the backfield nicely when he is not blocked. He attacks all game long. Long tall OLB, who looks a little out of place out on the edge, but he gets the job done. He has great versatile and they moved him all around Stanford's defense. "He's another element of the pass rush we drastically need," Gruden said at rookie minicamp. "The ability to move him around and do things with him defensively is exciting." Great quickness. Plays with balance with hands and feet. He can rush himself out of plays. Always keeps his hands and feet moving. I actually like him better standing up. "It definitely shows, acknowledges, I was high on their board," Murphy said. "They really, really wanted to take me and that kind of means a lot to be a team's first pick even though it was not in the first round. I couldn't be more excited to be that guy and to put that weight on my shoulders and to wake up every day and give it my best effort and pushing myself and the organization to new levels." He does such a nice job impacting the ORT, and then moving laterally past him. Ultra physical rusher. 

Violent personality on the field. Brings attitude and toughness to defense. "He's got a wide variety of moves and Coach Baker is only going to make him better and better," Gruden said at rookie minicamp. "He's got a long way to go obviously, but we're excited to work with a guy that's 6-foot-5 1/2 with room to get bigger and stronger, and has the arsenal of moves that he has. He can counter-move, he doesn't predetermine. He's got good spin move, he's got an inside move, outside move, he uses his hands, he can get down and work his leverage. So, he's got all the skill you want already. It's just a matter of keep developing him, keep getting his get-offs and develop him. We're happy with that pick, no doubt." Again he doesn't look as slippery as he is. He does a great job setting the edge with his long arms. Lines up inside as a rusher as well. Nice shoulder punch on OG. Great COD when the QB takes off. I like how he pushes off when setting the edge, when RB cuts inside. He is so good at pushing the TE backwards to force the RB inside, and then shed him and take out the RB for a loss. "Different scheme, different defense," Murphy said at rookie minicamp. "So, learning the scheme, learning some technique, new coaching points, and really trying to refine and hone in some pass rushing techniques. It's kind of the ancient Chinese secret, 'There is no secret, really.' So, I'm just going back to some fundamental things and some fundamental pass-rush angles and get-off and things. It's good to get back to basics." Then added: "Basically, to keep my outside hand up on the boot, and one arm is longer than two, so put that big mitt up there so quarterbacks can't see over and maybe bat a ball down, and of course, the old saying 'No jumpies' when you're running after a quarterback. Don't jump up there because if he tucks and runs, then you're in the air and can't do anything." Terrific speed for 10-yards, but can struggle after that. Terrific agility on the edge for such a tall and big DE/OLB. Never gives up. When he can all out blitz, he can get to the QB quickly. Nice feet moving straight backwards in petal. Nice smooth petal moving straight backwards. Drops with TE sometimes it the slot, but is not really nifty in coverage. Better in coverage when he can Jam the TE with his heavy hands. His ability to beat the OLT outside, and then runs through the RB chipping, and still turn the corner is as good a sack as I've seen this season. His sack against Michigan ST in the 4th on 3rd down was as impressive as it gets. He uses his burst and hands to get past the OLT, and powers through the RB. He is so effective out on the edge, and then they pop him into the 5-Tech.

The Reason: They will have to start with the defense. They have a 3-4 defense. "I've seen him just out here for four practices and [with] what I saw on college tape, he's effective both standing up and with his hand down," Gruden said. "You don't lead the nation in sacks unless you're versatile in what you do and how you line up and how you rush." He has top self intangibles that cannot be quantified. "He works his tail off," Gruden told reporters after the third round was complete late Friday. "He's first on the field every day and the last to leave. He studies the game." He is not an instant starter on this team. He is a back up. They have two pretty good OLBs already. "First and foremost, I want to learn from them," Murphy said about OLBs Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan at rookie minicamp. "They're two phenomenal players and hopefully I can get in the mix, and spell them here and there or maybe sometimes get on the field at the same time as them." Well he will sit and learn a lot as rookie.




Tim Jernigan-


*C.J. Mosley

LB Alabama

WR, OLT, ORT, OL, DE(FA), TE, S, LB, QB,  GM as well, 

Key F.A Signed:

Dennis Pitta TE

Key F.A:

Michael Oher, OT
Corey Graham, CB
Tandon Doss, WR
Jacoby Jones, WR
Dallas Clark, TE
Ed Dickson, TE
Eugene Monroe, OT
Arthur Jones DE
Terrence Cody, DT
Daryl Smith, LB
Corey Graham, CB
James Ihedigbo, S
Jeromy Miles, S

Key F.A Released:

Vonta Leach FB

Jameel McClain LB

The Team: Another great pick. He is a freak inside. He played primarily NT last season. He will fit right in at Baltimore. He was the highest rated player left on my board after Day One. "He was the highest-rated player, and he was up there pretty high," Ozzie said. "When we stacked our list this afternoon, he had to be the second guy that we put on the list as we re-stacked it. As we started to watch the draft unfold, we started to feel good that we might have a chance to get him." He is a phenomenal talent that I don't think teams knew what to do with. "It's a good question," Harbaugh said. "Those guys are interchangeable in there, but he is probably more of a three-technique body type. He's really active, he moves around, but he is stout. He does not get moved out at all. He is in the low 300s probably, a really quick-footed guy, really athletic guy in there. [He is] probably a three-technique who plays nose guard. [That] is how we'd probably describe him." He was a great NT at FLA ST who was as explosive as any D-Linemen in this Draft against the run, but too often looked tentative against the pass. "He's got the size, and he does have some speed," Harbaugh said. "But the thing that we like about him is his ability to be able to play at the point of attack, but also be viable in the passing game." He could not only hold up the double, but shed it or bull it backwards, but didn't have long arms or weighted over 300 pounds.

The Player: 5/7   Pure Power And Explosion- Tim Jernigan.

The Reason: They had a great Day Two. They had to strengthen the middle of their defense. They lost their heart and soul last season, and were not able to replace their two HOF. "We just finished our second day," Ozzie said. "We feel really good about what we were able to accomplish today. First, with Jernigan, anytime you can add a defensive lineman to your football team, you get yourself better. And you get a guy that can both be involved in the run and the pass and [who is] coming off a National Championship team. And then also, you guys knew that we were going into this draft looking for a safety, and being able to get [Terrence] Brooks to come in, another guy who was part of the Seminoles as a National Champion. And then finishing up with a tight end in Crockett. Gary  is going to be in a lot of two-tight end offense this year, and to be able to bring in a guy like Crockett. My first exposure with him was at the East-West [Shrine Game], and then he played well at the East-West and got invited to the Senior Bowl. So we feel really good, and we're sitting on four picks tomorrow, and we feel like we're going to continue to be able to help our football team." They really strengthen the middle of their Defense. With Jernigan more of a nose tackle or 3-Tech than 5-tech. Plus they grabbed a Safety and ILB. "That's a good observation," Ozzie said. "It's important to be strong up the middle. You'd like to say it's important to be strong on the edges, too, but we took a middle linebacker, a defensive tackle and a safety with the first three picks of this draft – all just really quality players, all highly-rated guys. When you watch the tape, you like these guys. You like the way they play. They fly around. They're very physical guys. These guys should begin to establish their personality on our defense for a long time to come. You are going to like the way these guys play." We will see if they finally replaced those two guys.




*Jace Amaro-

H-B/Slot-R Texas Tech

6-5 3/8, 265, (PD 4.68), 

34"Arms, 28 Reps!

35.5"Vert! 9'10!

(O 4.74), 4.3 SS! 

7.42 3-C


*Calvin Pryor

S Louisville


WR, CB, CB, TE, OG, RB, S, CB, ILB, OG, DB, WR, RB, 

Key F.A. Signed:

Jeff Cumberland TE

Key F.A:

David Garrard, QB
Willie Colon, OL
Darius Reynaud, RB
Lex Hilliard, FB
Josh Cribbs, WR
Kellen Winslow, TE
Austin Howard, OL
Ed Reed, S
Vladimir Ducasse, OL
Ellis Lankster, CB
Nick Folk, K
Calvin Pace, LB
Leger Douzable, DL
Isiah Trufant, CB
Aaron Berry, CB
Brady Quinn, QB

The Team: I had the right position just the wrong player. "I don't know how many balls he caught," the HC of the NJJ Sexy Rexy said at minicamp. "But it was a bunch. And I was like, 'Hmm, looks like [the OC] Marty [Mornhinweg] thinks we've got a new toy, and we're trying to feature him." Amaro is not the fastest TE but he is huge. He is over 6-5 and 265 pounds with as soft a pair of hands as anyone in this Draft. "And those guys are hard to cover," Sexy said. "You're almost in between. If you cover with a small guy, they put small guys out there, you're able to run the football. If they put bigger guys [covering him], then you're able to throw it on people." This is the worst 2nd Round Round I've ever done. Obviously I wanted Amaro to go to the Pats. The Jets have already signed him. "On the visit I felt like I fit really well there," Amaro said after he was picked by New Jersey. "I honestly thought I was going to get picked in the first round by them. It didn't happen and that was something that was disappointing because you go into the second round and you don't really know who's going to pick you. The place where I wanted to play at was in New York and to be a Jet, and I'm just glad it happened in the second round and it's something that I'm very fortunate for." So I hate this pick more than sour grapes. So screw you Jets fans, lol.

The Player:  3/3  Too Good To Be True:  Part Two- Jace Amaro.

The Reason: They have to get Geno Smith some help. "Jace, we feel like he's a size tight end that was flanked out and used down the field, ran all kinds of routes, good hands," Idzik said. "A very productive player." There will be better CBs that TE in the 3rd. "If you watch him on the perimeter block, he's really a good blocker," the GM Bradway said. "He knocks guys on their butt and off the field, too, as a blocker on the perimeter. It's a little different than in-line, I know that, but he's got the want-to to do it and the size." Plus, Idzik wants Ryan gone or they would have taken a Corner in the 1st. So why pretend here, lol. But at least he can block. "If you watch him on the perimeter block, he's really a good blocker," Bradway said. "He knocks guys on their butt and off the field, too, as a blocker on the perimeter. It's a little different than in-line, I know that, but he's got the want-to to do it and the size." One thing About Amaro however is that that he can play. "He'll move people and he put people on their backs, especially in the secondary," Director of college scouting Jeff Bauer said. "But those plays when he's inside, he gets movement and he competes. As a pass receiver, he took a lot of hits. He caught the ball a lot, and he's hit a lot in crossing routes and he held up well. So as far as tight ends go, he's a big guy that's strong." So they just made their job security a little better by making Geno a little better.






Jeremiah Attaochu

DE/OLB G, Tech

6-3, 252, 33" Arms,


*Bradley Roby

CB Ohio ST


Key FA :

Charlie Whitehurst, QB
Ronnie Brown, RB
Chris Gronkowski, FB

Danario Alexander, WR

Lavelle Hawkins, WR
Seji Ajirotutu, WR

Rich Ohnrnberger, OL

Chad Rinehart, OL
Cam Thomas, DL
Reggie Walker, LB
Darrell Stuckey, S
Richard Marshall, CB
Donald Butler, LB

The Team: They didn't really need to get help for their passrush. Attaochu is a great athlete who played OLB at Georgia Tech. He is not a conversion guy, he played OLB in Georgia Techs 3-4 defense at an elite level. He finally put it all together last season. He moves all over the defense. He dropped, he stuffed the run, and he attacked the QB. They took Te'o last year and got themselves another very productive linebacker. He will have some time to learn behind Ingram and Jarrett. "One of the first things he told me was I'm going to learn from some of the best in the game," Attaochu said. "He said it was a great opportunity to learn from guys like Dwight Freeney and the rest. He said to make the most of it." They have already signed Attaochu. He is going to get one heck of an education, but he is not going to be on the field anytime soon, barring injury. "We met and have had a lot of meetings, so it was definitely good to go out there and finally run through it," Attaochu said at rookie minicamp. "I thought it went pretty well.  For our first time out there I thought everybody did a great job." In a few years he could be a top contributor. It took him three years to really put it together in college, so that might not be a bad thing. He was the last top prospect left on the Board at OLB.

The Player: 5/3   Rushing the Edge. Part V - Jeremiah Attaochu.

The Reason: They were stacked at OLB last season. But they fell in love with Attouchu. "We were happy with our plan," GM Tom Telesco said on Path to the Draft. "We really never know until we get the guys on the field and see how they do, but we were happy with what we did going in. To add Jason [Verrett] and to add Jerry [Attaochu], a cornerback and a pass rusher. The overall goal going into this draft was to add some team speed and to add some athleticism. We added some players with some youth to positions that are starting to grow a little bit older and they give us some depth. That was the plan going in. You don't really know what you have until you see them on the field in August and in training camp." Not the best pick in the Draft. When your 2nd round pick is locked in at 4th player at his position it is a tough pick to justify. Made worse by the pact that they traded up for him. "We didn't trade up for just an outside linebacker; we traded up for Jerry," Telesco said. "He was the guy we were going to get... He plays hard, he loves to play the game, he's played some outside linebacker before and he's played some defensive end. So he's done a lot of different things. He's smart and loves to play the game." A 4th was not a bad price to play to move up 7 spots, but for a player who is 4th in the rotation. Freeney will be gone soon, but Ingram and Jarrett aren't going anywhere for a while.

"He's actually further along with his background," Telesco said. "He's a very sharp individual as you would expect from kids from Georgia Tech, and he has some work in different schemes.  This will be a transition for him but we feel good about his progress and development." he is from Nigeria, and football is still relatively new to him. "I told him you're very fortunate to be able to work with someone like Dwight Freeney," McCoy said.  "Dwight was a pro the whole season.  Before he got hurt he was always out there trying to help the younger guys.  I think Dwight will do the same thing and Jerry's really excited for the opportunity." He has a great motor. He is a freak athlete.




*Ego Ferguson



Kyle Fuller-

CB V-Tech

 5-11 3/4, 190, (U 4.4), 

DT, RB, S, CB, WR, CB, OT, OL, OL, DB, WR, LB, 

Key F.A.:

Lamarr Houston DT

D.J. Williams, LB

M.D. Jennings S

Key F.A.:
Jordan Palmer, QB
Dante Rosario, TE
Jonathan Scott, OL
Eben Britton, OL
Roberto Garza, OL
Corey Wootton, DE
Landon Cohen, DT
Nate Collins, DT
Jay Ratliff, DT
James Anderson, LB
Blake Costanzo, LB
Zackary Bowman, CB
Kelvin Hayden, CB
Sherrick McManis, CB
Charles Tillman, CB
Craig Steltz, S
Major Wright, S

Derrick Martin, DB

Patrick Mannelly, LS

Key F.A. Lost:

Josh McCown QB

Henry Melton DT

The Team: He is a big NT looking dude. He can really stuff the run, and reminds me of Brockers. "Obviously we're very aware of where we were at defensively a year ago,' GM Wayne Embry said. "And everything that we've been doing since that point from the time that the season stopped, as far as reviewing our defense, and where we needed to go, and the changes we needed to make to become a Chicago Bears defense. A tough physical team that stops the run and gets after the passer. Has led up to this point and that's why we took these two players in succession." He can really move when he gets his feet moving. The Bears really had to help their defense. They took two very different D-Tackles on Day Two. "It's a short-supply high-demand position," Emery said. "You have to take them when they're available and you take the ones you feel good about. We wanted those players. We felt good about where we took them. Their grades represented that. The players represented that. Both of them have upside. Both of them were targeted players as we had painted this plan over the last couple weeks. They were the two players that we had slotted for those two spots. I was extremely happy to get them." The have a top QB, and they couldn't stop anyone. If Fuller and Ego can help put that defense back together again, they have the offense to do some damage in the Playoffs. But they will go as far as that defense can help them win. 

The Player: Ferguson is a huge man. He does not appear to play hard on ever down, but when he does he is tough as nails. He has a nose tackle's hands: big, strong, and heavy as a sledgehammer. Terrific holding the point of attack. When he is on you can't run to either side of him. And that is saying something in the SEC. "The thing that kept coming up when you watched him against SEC [O-Lines] was that he controlled the front," GM Emery said. "People could not run the ball up inside when he was on the field, and that was a big attraction for us. He is very tough at the point of attack. This is a very strong, very powerful young man. I wanted to see where he was at rush-wise and each one of those games he had four or five power rushes where he disrupted the quarterback. Does he need to get better at that? Yes, he does. Every player in the draft needs to get better at something." He moves into the hole and takes down the RB, while the OG is draped over his shoulder. Plays with great power and strength. Looks like a NT too me. He is not going to give much in the passrusher. Looks like an old school two-down D-lineman. He has a nice burst up the middle. When he can chop, punch, or slap a O-Lineman hands off he looks better than Anthony Johnson. "He's got excellent size, he's athletic, he's light on his feet, he's got a strong punch and a good anchor, really good balance and body control," DC Mel Tucker said at rookie minicamp. "He's got some juice; he can explode and close in a short area and he's got some pass rush ability as well. There's tremendous upside. I think with good coaching, determination and grit and persistence on his part, I think he can reach his full potential here." Great hand placement. he can snap an OC off his block with a great two handed shoulder shove. Plays low with natural leverage, but will get high when he gets tired. Terrific stack and shed player who two-gap DC will be drooling over. Gets caught looking at the line too much. Not really a move forward guy. When he hits RB he buries them butt first. Crushing hitter. 

The Reason: This is a needs pick. They lost their two starters they planned on at the beginning of last season. "With Ego Ferguson, we were very much looking for players that can be physical at the point of attack and help us stop the run," GM Wayne Emery said. "Will Sutton can do that also. He does that in a little bit different way. But both of them are more than capable of setting the edge, of being physical up front and penetrating the line of scrimmage with their power, leverage and football skills." This is a bit of a reach, because Ferguson will not help on passing downs. He is not a 3-Tech in a Tampa Two defense. He will makes a nice nose tackle in their TT defense, but he is not up field guy. "You have to have players that are capable of controlling the run on the inside," Embry said. "The front determines the game in terms of controlling the run and putting pressure on the passer and that's why we went defensive tackle back-to-back in the second and third round." He is a fight and stuff the run guy at the LOS. I thought he was a little overrated. Anthony Johnson always out played him on the field when I watched them. However, putting him next to Will Sutton, a pure 3-Tech, will help this defense in a few years. "I'm very happy to add two quality young defensive linemen," said general manager Phil Emery. "Both present different styles as players. Both fit for the Bears for different reasons." Both will have to play as rookies. 




Troy Niklas-

TE Notre Dmae


*Calvin Pryor

S Louisville


Key F.A.:

John Carlson TE

Key F.A.:

Rashard Mendenhall, RB
Andre Roberts, WR
Jim Dray, TE
Kory Sperry, TE
Jeff King, TE
Eric Winston, OT
Mike Gibson, G
Frostee Rucker, DT

Karlos Dansby, LB
Matt Shaughnessy, LB
Antoine Cason, CB
Bryan McCann, CB
Yeremiah Bell, S
Jay Feely, K

The Team: He might have been the most Gronk like on film. He is a terrific blocker. "A lot of people see me talk and they're like, 'This guy doesn't really look like a banger or doesn't really sound like a banger,'" Niklas said. "My one year that I played defense, and all through high school when I played defense, I definitely developed a mentality of getting after people, and not just doing it once. All game long, just wearing on you and really letting you know that I'm on the field and I'm going to be here all night." But he is also a better athlete than given credit for being. He was a D-End and plays with that defensive attacking mentality. The Cards were looking for a starting TE and this is a great example of an Arians tight end. "The upside is really scary," GM Steve Kiem said. This guy is huge and can really block. Just like Arians likes. He will help this offense all over the place. This is just what the doctor ordered.

The Player: 3/18 The "Fighting Irish"Part I- Troy Niklas.

The Reason: Arians runs a two tight end offense. So you need two tight ends to start. "Totally upgraded for what we wanted to do," the HC Bruce Arians said. "Obviously, we like tight ends. We use a lot of them. This is a great fit for us." They have a decent H-Back, but Arians likes old school tight ends. Niklas is certainly an old school TE. He can block as well as any tight end in this Draft. "I like physical contact," he said. "I really don't mind getting my head stuck in there. It's always funny when you get a good block on a [D-] End, and he's just sitting there like, 'Man, this tight end just owned me.' There are not a lot of better feelings than that." Plus, he is still young to the offense side of the ball. He played OLB and DE at Notre Dame. "I have a lot to learn and that's something I didn't hide from teams," Niklas said at his Draft Day presser. "But in a sense it's an asset, because I haven't been able to learn bad technique or develop bad qualities. Coach can mold me into the kind of tight end he wants me to be instead of him having to change me." He has that knack for getting open 20-yards downfield. He will help their running game blocking a ton. Plus, he will have a ton of room running down the Seam inside of Fitzgerald. "This is a big, strong guy who can go out for passes and also block the line of scrimmage," HC Bruce Arians said. "So, we are very versatile now." He could be more productive as a rookie than you would expect, because he is going to get a ton of room underneath Fitzgerald. He is another big blocking tight end who can catch the ball. 




Davante Adams-

WR Fresno

6' 1/2, 212, (U 


*Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix-

FS Alabama

FS, SS, OC, TE, LB, LB, RB (FA), -defense-defense, 

Key F.A.:

Andrew Quarless, TE

Julius Peppers DE

Mike Neal DE

B.J. Raji DT

Sam Shields CB

Key F.A.:

Matt Flynn, QB
Seneca Wallace, QB
Kahlil Bell, RB
James Starks, RB
John Kuhn, FB
James Jones, WR
Jermichael Finley, TE
Marshall Newhouse, OL

Greg Van Roten, G
C.J. Wilson, DE
Johnny Jolly, DT
Ryan Pickett, DT
Rob Francois, LB

Key F.A. Lost:

Evan Dietrich-Smith OC

James Jones, WR

The Team: Adams can play. "We saw receiver as a very deep class," GM Ted Thompson said. "We tried to go toward quality. It's definitely the way the board worked out." He plays faster than he times. He has such strong hands. He can rip the ball out of the CB's hands. He is a big well built WR. He is going to fit in nicely between Nelson, Cobb, and Jones. But then they go Abbrederis in the 5th."We were surprised Abbrederis was available in fifth round," Thompson said.. "His first couple years he did everything but sell hot dogs in Madison. You watch him play as junior and senior, every game they play, opponents are on him and he still gets open, catches ball and runs with it. I think he has some return ability." Then Janis in the 7th? "In Jeff Janis I see remarkably gifted athlete," Thompson said. "Of all receivers in that group he was second-ranked athlete." I suppose it's silly to criticize a 5th and 7th round pick. If you think they can make you roster, at the point, you have to take them. But I don't know where they are going to fit on the roster? They didn't have a big need but they will put four or five WRs on the field for Rodgers a lot. And this guy can fly. Plus, he is tough and strong. "I like [Adams] a lot," Thompson said. "He can catch the ball. That's something we look very closely at when we look at receivers and tight ends. He's remarkable at that. He'll fit in with our group very well." He goes up and gets that ball. They have Nelson and Jones, plus the little guy Cobb. That gives them a nice 4-Wide set.

The Player: 4/29 Second Tier WRs Part II- Davante Adams.

The Reason: It was a bit of an odd pick. They need D, and have three starting WRs already. "Definitely gives us a lot of competition at receiver,' The HC Mike McCarthy said. "I don't get caught up worrying about how each position shakes out. It's how the draft fell. Receiver obviously has a lot more competition... I don't think there's a team in the league that doesn't feel better about [their]  football team. Our offseason program off to excellent start. Can see maturity of first-year players. Still in process of adding new members to our team. We definitely got better last few days." This has to be seen as a bad pick. "My conversations during draft is a lot about fit," McCarthy said. "I look at draft board a lot like game plan. This is time to trust board. Variance in boards across league might have been tighter."

They took two WRs late in Abbrederis and Janis, two prospects who are likely to make a run at the roster. "It's nice to say it's about time we drafted a Badger," McCarthy said. "It's great. I just want Abbrederis to be treated like anybody else... Abbrederis definitely will be in competition for return man." Taking three WRs with their needs on defense was pushing it with Nelson, Cobb and Jones on the roster. "I didn't watch James Jones growing up," Davante Adams said. "Since I've been in college, we've talked multiple times, somebody I look up to. We have little different parts of our game. He has great qualities." I like Bradford as a 3-4 OLB prospect to put opposite Clay Mathews, but not a Corner until the 6th? This was an odd Draft for Green Bay. Especially when you consider that there is not room for three rookie WRs on the Roster. However, he is a terrific talent. They got Ha-Ha in the first so they went offence in the second. 






*Bishop Sankey

RB Washington

5-9, 209, 4.49, 26 Reps, 35.5" Vert, 10'6" Broad! 6.75 3-C! 4.0 SS!


*Taylor Lewan-

OLT Michigan

DB, RB, WR, CB, WR. OT, S, OLB, DL, OL, DT, 

Key F.A. Signed:

Ropati Pitoitua DT

Bernard Pollard S

Key F.A.:

Rusty Smith, QB
Jackie Battle, RB
Leon Washington, RB
Greg Jones, FB
Kenny Britt, WR
Marc Mariani, WR
Kevin Walter, WR
Damian Williams, WR
Mike Otto, OL
Kevin Matthews, OL
Chris Spencer, OL
Rob Turner, OL
Antonio Johnson, DT
Zac Diles, LB
Alterraun Verner, CB

The Team: They had to get a replacement for Chris Johnson. "Well he is a different type of player than CJ," GM Ruston Webster said. "We were looking for a guy like this. A guy with some versatility and not exactly just trying to replace CJ. We will have multiple backs that play and coach can address some of that. Definitely we needed a running back. I think I told you guys that that is what we were going to target when you asked about our needs and that's what we did." Sankey should slide right in nicely here. He has some young legs and can run up the middle all day. "I like our group and we have a lot of versatility with that group," HC Ken Whisenhunt said. "Some of it is going to depend game plan wise on which attack we are using for an opponent. Some of it is going to depend on how we go as an offense. That's something that we have to see in OTAs and how far we can go with it. The one thing that we really liked about Bishop is whether we are in a sub offense or in a base offense, we felt he could contribute in either one of those and that was important to us. We felt like we have guys who do a little bit of each, of either I should say, but we needed a guy who could do like Ruston (Webster) said, all three downs. That's attractive." He is going to help Locker in the play action. Plus, with Lewan at ORT he should get a little more room to run. If he is as good as I think Locker could stay healthy next season. "He was pretty consistent throughout his whole season this past year," GM Ruston Webster said. "His consistency was the amazing thing. He gained yards in every game. He was good in every game and there were games that were probably a little better than others. You know the Stanford game, he had a great game against Stanford which was a very good football team. He was good against Oregon, so most of the games we put on. He is a productive back, so he is a big part of their offense. He moves the chains for them. He's a go-to guy. So, you can put on almost any game and you find him being productive." I kept forgetting that Chris Johnson is gone. With Johnson gone you can argue that RB is their second biggest need. They had to get an RB to slow down the rush against Locker. Locker is in his make or break year. They want him to stay healthy and prove he should get that second contract, because when he is on the field they win. When he gets knocked off the field they lose. 

The Player: 

4/17 You Must Have Balance Part III- Bishop Sankey.

The Reason: He is not a guy they have to take out on 3rd down. He can run the Draw. He has nice hands catching the ball. And most importantly, he can block. "That was one of the things that was attractive about him," Whisenhunt said. "We felt like we had seen on tape that he was able to do that and do it well. When we looked at these backs, one of the things that were important in evaluating them was their ability to do that because that's a tough deal. It's an important part of it. Obviously, we will look forward to getting a chance to see him do that here, but that was one of the things that we felt he was good at." He is also a smart high character guy. He never left the field. He was in on everything, and he understood his role in every aspect of the game. "He will be able to pick up whatever you give him," Sutherland said. "He is a smart guy and talking to their academic people, he is a top student. When he first came in there, they have all of the student athletes come in, and in a matter of weeks I was told they didn't even have to bother with him. They have never had a problem with him academically and he carries a good grade point average. I don't see that being a problem. He can run whatever you want to run. He will be able to pick everything up. The guy that he most reminds me of is a guy from when I was with the Giants, we had Tiki Barber. He runs a lot like Tiki. Tiki put the ball on the ground, this kid doesn't." He was on the field for a ton of carries. He had to work his tail off to stay in shape to do that for two seasons He garnered 3,309 yard and 36 TD on over a 5 yards per carry average. You have to have top football character to do that. "He has a great reputation," Area Scout Marv Sutherland said. "He has great character and comes from a super family. He has never been in any kind of trouble or anything like that. He is one of the leaders on the football team. He is a good student, a top student on top of everything else. He never misses practice. The intriguing thing about him is he has a ton of carries and he very seldom puts the ball on the ground. He has a great style. He is more than just kind of a speed guy. He can run inside and can run outside. He can get outside, he can run through guys, and he can break the long runs. He has great hands out of the backfield, and he is a good blocker. The three things a back has to do is run it, carry it, catch it, and then block. He is a well-rounded back. He is very good." They had to get a guy to take over for Chris Johnson. He was slowing, and they needed some young legs. "Obviously, it's good to add another player," GM Ruston Webster said. " We wanted to add a running back in this draft and targeted a few of them but the first one being Bishop Sankey. Really what he brings to us is a great deal of versatility, vision, feet, ability to catch the football. The important thing for us in picking one of these backs was to get the right fit for the coaches offense. Versatility and the ability to play on three downs was really one of the main criteria." He will be starting for this team early. 




*Jeremy Hill-


6', 230, (PD 4.52),


*Darqueze Dennard-

CB Michigan ST


Key F.A. Signed:

Mike Pollak OC/OG

Key F.A.:

Bernard Scott, RB
Brandon Tate, WR
Alex Smith, TE
Anthony Collins, OL
Dennis Roland, OL
Michael Johnson DE

Tank Johnson, DT
Michael Boley, LB
Brandon Ghee, CB
Chris Crocker, S
Taylor Mays, S

Zoltan Mesko, P

The Team: Hill is faster and more dynamic than Hyde. "Jeremy Hill is a very, very talented young runner," HC Marvin Lewis said. "He had an outstanding career at LSU. As the coaches here, and myself, the scouts and everybody did their due diligence, he came out as one of the most versatile runners, both big and strong with the ability to make people miss and the ability to catch the football. He was used in an offense at LSU that will mirror a lot of things that are done in the NFL. We really feel like he comes here with a skill set and the knowledge of the offensive game that will enable him to be productive early in his career here. We're really excited about him. He's a guy that's almost 230 pounds. A big man that can run and catch. He is a strong runner that we wanted to add to our offensive team."

Hyde is more like Ridley. He'll get you 3, 4, or 10 yards every time he touches the ball, but he is not going to break it for 50.  Hill can break it for fifty. "You know, it was very close," Hue Jackson said. "But through our evaluation of the things that he did, he was a three-down back. He can play on first down, second down, and third down. I think you have to have a skill to not just be able to run, you've got be able to pass protect for the quarterback. And then you also have to be able to, at the end of the day, make huge plays. And he's done it; the guy rushed for 1,400 yards this past year. So you're talking about the SEC, which is one of the best conferences in college football, and a guy who rushed for 1,400 yards sharing time. He averaged over six yards per carry at 233 pounds, so I think the sky's the limit for this young man."

He will step in and take the job from Bernard. Bernard will be the 3rd down back, and Hill is going to be the bell cow. Hill is also a great receiver out of the backfield. He can catch it all over the field. "He can catch the ball," Hue Jackson said. "He really demonstrated that at his pro day. They split him out and let him run routes on the outside, and he looked as comfortable as some receivers. He's not Giovani Bernard, we're not going to asking him to be that. But at the end of the day, he has the ability to catch the ball, and that's what I meant being a three-down player. He does have that ability to catch the ball if the ball's being thrown to him." He has some work to do on his blocking, but on the field he can do everything else.

The Player: 4/17 You Must Have Balance Part I- Jeremy Hill.

The Reason: They wanted to add some power running to the offense to take some pressure off of Dalton. "He knows how to run the power play," GM Hue Jackson. "He knows how to run downhill. He's a physical runner. We're adding another really quality football player to that running back room which I think is really good right now. I don't think you can ever have too many of them. At the end of the day, the way our board was stacked, he was in line. You can't turn away from good football players, so we're adding another player who I think has a fine future in the National Football League to an already very talented room." Hill was the best power runner in the best conference in college. Plus, he didn't have a ton of carries on his knees. "The way he played in his offense at LSU, and the pro-style offense they had and what they asked him to do," Kyle Caskey said. "He stepped up and was going against a tough SEC, downhill, the stuff that we like to do. And when it came to pass protection, he actually stepped in there. He was coached to do that and he looked really tough, not that the others guys didn't. He really just stepped above that when it came to being a complete player and the type of runner we're looking for as well, and playing against the competition he played against." He ran in a similar offense that uses the Zone and stretch runs that the Bengals like. Plus, he is a hair more dynamic than Hyde. "They run a lot of things, it's not just the inside zone. They're a multiple running football team and they do a lot of different things. I think Kyle said it best, 'At the end, our grades were better.' At the end, this guy (was) a better fit for what we're looking to do as we continue to move forward as a football team. So don't get me wrong; Carlos Hyde's a heck of a football player. Somebody's going to get a very good football player here very shortly in my opinion. But this was the best fit for the Bengals today, and that's where we are." So they went with the Back they like the best, and I agree with them.