With The 41st Pick, in the 2013 NFL Draft, The Buffalo Bills attempt to Select? Ryan Nassib.

Updated: April 26th


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This draft is a different dimension from last years Draft which was loaded with impact skill positions player. This is a meat and potatoes Draft that will be dominated by the big uglies on both sides of the line. 

PICKS 1-11  

1st Round

PICKS 1-11

PICKS 12-22

PICKS 23-32

2nd Round

PICKS 33-48

PICKS 49-62



My Picks: 

Key Needs:

Team Moves:




Geno Smith-


6-2 3/8, 218, (O) 4.59,  (U-4.56), 


*Luke Joeckel

OLT Texas A&M


Key F.A.:

Rashad Jennings RB

Jalen Parmele RB

Eben Brittton OT/OG

Brad Meester OC

George Selvie DE

Daryl Smith OLB

Terrance Knighton NT

Rashean Mathis CB/S

Derek Cox CB

William Middleton CB

Key F.A. Lost:

Guy Whimper ORT

Aaron Ross CB

Dawan Landry S

The Team: I had this pick on my Mock (It would be funny if I got more picks in the 2nd than 1st;-). Nassib or Smith? I don't know? It looked like they were real close to taking Smith at Two in March. However, word coming out of Jacksonville is that they were going to take Nassib. They were telling people they where going to take him if he were still on the Board at 33. I thought it might have been more of a smoke screen than the plan, but it doesn't really help them to have a team trade up over them. Unless they wanted Barkley (oh crap here we we go again;-). Okay, I have to get this merry-go-round. When you are considering a player with the Second Pick in the Draft, and he falls to you at the top of the 2nd Round, you have to take him.

I want to go with no QBs in the 1st at all, but I couldn't resist Manuel to Cleveland. The Jags thought about Smith a lot at Two. When a guy you gave serious consideration too with the second pick in the Draft is on the board in the 2nd, you just take him

The Player: Smith should be a 1st Round QB. The reason I like him so much is that he doesn't turn the ball over. If your QB turns the ball over, then you can't win. Smith is also a film-room rat. He goes to up study film after games. He is an intelligent thought man (gee what a surprise Nolan thinks another black QB is dumb). He does have a bit of a dud personality, but in this world instant negative reaction going world wide in a split second, you want the media face of your organization to be a clean cut dud. I said the same thing about Luck last year. He was a bit of a dud personality in front of the cameras. I said it was a positive for Luck, and it a positive for Smith as well. If ball control is the measuring stick for accuracy, then Geno Smith by all means is a quarterback deserving of the highest accuracy marks. He seems to put the ball right where he wants in consistently. He will get some wild throws when he looses control of his feet; He tends to hop sometime. His receivers are rarely forced to break their stride on drags, digs, deep crossing patterns, posts, or go routes, As Smith has both the arm talent to drive the ball down field and the anticipation to lead his receivers with the throw. When forced to move off his spot and reset his feet in a collapsing pocket, Smith consistently kept his eye level down field while avoiding the rush. Shows patience and poise in a clean pocket. Shows elusiveness to slide and buy time adjust to a collapsing one; To afforded his receivers the time necessary to continually create separation down the field, resulting in a more explosive pass offense. Equally impressive is how polished and savvy, Geno Smith has become as a quarterback. I have a strong feeling Geno Smith will ascend rapidly up draft boards if he hasn't already, as he possesses all the physical tools such as size, arm strength, and athleticism, along with the polished footwork, high football IQ, and mental makeup to succeed in the NFL. I expect to see continued improvement with Geno Smith, as his work ethic is second to none. The reason he is a near consensus top quarterback is because he's showed great composure, controlled in the pocket. Confident in his skill set. At least for most of the early part of the year.

Starting productive QB. He looks like a top QB to me. He also did a remarkable job when you watch his offence. He has two great WR and two good WRs to throw to. Yet Smith still completes passes at a remarkable rate without throwing interceptions. They motion they run. Austin not lineup on the LOS run. No movement, Austin in the Slot, pass. He throws it out to the WR on the Bubble screen with nice velocity. Another thing in his favor is that his defense really stinks. I mean, I knew it was bad before I watched them, but they are really bad. Does a good job throwing over blitzer. When he sees the TE in the Seam, he can really rocket the ball to him. That is an NFL throw. They speed up the offense a little a lot. I like him in the fastbreak shotgun offense. He is also terrific with the QB sneak. When he has to hop around and hold onto the ball, he lose accuracy sometimes. Nice touch on crossing patterns. He has to play better against the blitz. Sometimes not aware of blitzers. Plays well from behind. When he gets how he can work down to the third option effortlessly. Rocket arm throwing to the sideline, when he is on.

The thing for me is that Smith remind me of Donovan McNabb. The last time Reid spent a first round pick on a QB was on McNabb. He fits the profile of a Number One QB, stats wise: 42 TDs Vs 6 INTs. He just leaks out inconsistency onto the field some times. If you look at his last regular season as a whole you can justify taking him in the top five. However, if you look at his last two Bowl game you have to say no. So where do you go from there? Plus, another thing I like about him is that his two WRs from UWV are legit prospects. Austin looked like a 1st Round pick at the Combine, and Stedman Bailey is an underrated guy who could be an interesting pick up on Day Three. He seems to refuse to run the ball. He scrambles to give his receivers more time to get open. He needs to use his legs to gain more yards. He can read and manipulate the safeties. He can throw with touch over the LBs. Just like McNabb he can run, but is reluctant to do so because he doesn't want to be stereotyped. Smith can easily look like best QB in the Draft by far, and then choke when the pressure is on. He is ready physically, but he is clearly not ready mentally. Mental toughness is one of the most important aspects, if not the most important aspect of playing QB in the NFL. He scares the crap out of me. I have more games to watch on him.

The Reason: They cannot pass on Smith here. 

Second Choice: Ryan Nassib 




Zach Ertz

H-Back Stanford

6-5, 249, (U 4.65), S-1.68,

31.75" Arms, 24 Reps,

SS 4.47, 3-C 7.08, 

30.5" Vert, 9'3", 


Eric Reid



Key Signed F.A.:

Anquan Bolden WR

Ian Williams NT

Key F.A.:

Ted Ginn JR WR/KR

Tavares Gooden ILB

Larry Grant ILB

Key F.A. Lost:

Randy Moss WR

Alex Smith QB?

Delanie Walker TE

Ricky Jean-Francois DT

Isaac Sopoaga NT

Dashon Goldson S

The Team: Another pick I am not changing off my Final Mock. 

When you look at their needs their aren't a lot of them. However, with Walker gone, and Davis producing less each season, if either Eifert or Ertz are on the board they have to take him. Remember they call Two TE offenses, because they have two starters at TE. 

The Player: Ertz is an H-Back, not a blocking TE. Big target who is a nice receiving threat. Lined up in the Slot a lot like a WR. He even lined up out side sometimes. He also lined on the line, and as the motion H-Back. He is obviously a smart kid, who will have no trouble understanding his assignments lining up all over the place. Okay blocker. He gives effort and can occupy defenders just long enough.  Added a lot of muscle at Stanford, so he is got better blocking this past season. Does a job keeping his hands inside. Still more of a grabber and keeping his moving blocker. However, there are times when he gets wiped out badly trying to block. Doesn't always block in balance, and gets tossed around too often. He can look like a kid trying to block an adult sometimes. He is not a traditional TE. However, he sure looks like a traditional H-Back. Nice job reaching out and catching the long throw. Great hands. He is a guy who could add a nice receiving option to an offense. Played Slot Receiver, like Hernandez, a lot last season. Statistically he was the most productive TE in college last season, garnering 898 yards and 6 TDs on 69 catches. He was an All-American. Runs excellent routes. He snags the ball effortlessly while running full speed. He is a hard working kid, who is vigilant in the weight room. 

The Reason: San Fran uses the TE in as many different ways as the Pats. And like the Pats, if they don't have two or three competent TEs their offense suffers.   

Second Choice: Sam Montgomery DE




Jonathon Hankins

DT Ohio ST

6-5, 318, 33" A, 5.13 (O)

26" Vert, 8'8" B, 

4.61 SS, 5.59 3-C, 


Lane Johnson

OLT Oklahoma

OT, WR, RB, DB, DL, 

F.A. Signed:

Arrelious Benn WR/KR

James Casey FB/TE

Isaac Sopoaga NT

Connor Barwin OLB/PR

Jason Phillips OLB/ST

Cary Williams CB

Bradley Fletcher CB

Patrick Chung S

Kenny Phillips S

Key F.A.:

Jake Scott OG

Derek Landry DT

Akeem Jordan OLB

Darryl Tapp OLB

D. Rodgers-Cromartie CB

Colt Anderson S

Key Loses:

Nnamdi Asomugha CB

King Dunlap OT

The Team: They have Fletcher Cox and Isaac Sopoaga are two nice starter, but I don't think they have to have another 3-4 D-End on the team. Cox looks like he is developing into a force. He will move to the rightside D-End. Hankins is a perfect fit as the LDE in a 3-4. Plus, Hankins can play any D-Line position in a 3-4, especially NT.  

The Player: 4/16  7-Tool Athlete- Johnathan Hankins. 

The Reason: It looks to me like their top need is at 5-Tech. 

Second Choice: Jonathan Cyprien S 




Menelik Watson


6-5, 310, 34" Arms, 

19-Reps, S-1.8,

5.29 (O), 27.5" Vert,

8'7", 5.07 SS, 8.23 3-C,


Ziggy Ansah-

Super-Athlete BYU


FA Signed:

Louis Delmas S

Amari Speivey FS/CB

Key FA:

Joique Bell RB

Kevin Smith RB2w

Kassim Osgood WR

William Heller TE

Lawrence Jackson DE

Corey WIlliams DT

Sammy Lee Hill DT

Justin Durant OLB

DeAndre Levy OLB

Chris Houston CB

Jacob Lacey CB

Drayton Florence CB

Key F.A. Lost:

Drew Stanton QB

Jeff Backus OLT (Retired)

Gosder Cherilus ORT

Cliff Avril DE

The Team: I don't think this is a tough choice. Loosing out on Lane Johnson is a disaster for the healthy of Stafford, and thus a huge crack in Schwartz's job security. He has to be on thin ice after last season. If Stafford goes down he is done. They can start Reiff at OLT on Day One next year, but the longer he plays at OLT the closer Schwartz gets to the unemployment line. Luckily there is a solution. Watson is an ORT, with OLT feet, hips, and spider arms. He is vastly under experienced. Despite what you may have read he is not ready to play OLT in the NFL. However, halfway through the season, he might be. By next season he could be a legit starting OLT in the NFL. 

The Player: Watson is a terrific physical, mean, and heavy handed Right Tackle. His size, long arms, and body are almost the NFL prototype. If I didn't get so sick this past week I would have done a Tape of him. His blend of powerful hands and great feet was sending chills through the scouting community. However, he is also scarily underdeveloped. Thinking he can step in at OLT next season in the NFL is folly. He can get jacked when he gets to high. He can still get too high too often. Even though he can get as low as you want on the very next play. He has to play low, consistently. Sometimes his first move off the snap is up. When he extends his arms and grabs shirt, he looks like an NFL ORT. He has some nice suddenness off the snap blasting off to his right. When his technique is good, he looks real good. He can get real low in the run game. Huge man. Played ORT at FLA ST. Only played in 16 Games in college. Big tall long armed blocker. Has some mean in his game. Has some real nice toughness. This kid can look just plain mean. He is from England. Came to America as a basketball player. He moves to the second level faster than any ORT I have ever seen (or at least on that play;-). He will sometimes lunge and get himself off balance when he arrives. He has to play lower. Nice kickstep. Gets his feet a little wide. Uses his arms well to shove rusher. It is tough to get inside his arms, when he plays in balance. It is amazing how little experience he has, to play that well. He does a nice job of locking onto his assignment, shadowing him, and never taking his eyes off of him. Nice hand fighter in run game. He will keep jabbing and punching and dancing with defender until the whistle. He will still get confused by outside blitzers in who and how he should pick them up. He will get caught up in a Stunt sometimes. A little slow at the start pulling sometimes. Turns the corner smoothly. He has some mean in him, and his heavy hands. Nice pop turning the corner. Real quick kickstep on the left. He has the feet and kickstep to play OLT, once he gets more experience. I thought he was an ORT only, but his feet kick stepping from the left side was impressive at the Combine. I guess I just changed my mind about him playing OLT in the NFL, which means I have to screw up my whole Mock, again, to shove him in the 1st. I hate this Draft. 

The Reason: If Schwartz likes being HC of the DC, he better start protect Stafford's back.   

Second Choice: Jamar Taylor CB




Jonathan Cyprien-

FS Florida IU

6-1, 208, (U 4.64),

4.44 SS, 7.01 3-C, 9'11",

18 Reps,


Tyler Eifert



F.A. Signed:

F.A. Signed:

Brandon Tate WR

Dennis Roland OT

Michael Johnson DE

Robert Geathers DE

Wallace Gilberry DE

Rey Maualuga ILB

Terence Newman CB

Pacman Jones CB

Key F.A.:

Cedric Peerman RB

Andre Smith ORT

Nate Clements S

Dan Skuta OLB/ST

Chris Crocker S

Key F.A. Lost:

Manny Lawson OLB

Thomas Howard OLB

The Team: Another pick I am not changing off my Final Mock. 

Both their starting Strong Safeties are free agents, and not priorities. Getting a young guy who can play SS, and still make plays on the ball in the air is a priority

The Player: Cyprien has nice size. He is a good blitzer. He has real nice feet moving forward and sideways. Big hitting Safety. He can stick to the WR’s hip in coverage. He really looked good in coverage at Senior Bowl. He such a great hitter. The more I watch him the more I like him. He was so physical in coverage at SB. I was so impressed with him in coverage, and he is a Safety. I thought he was clearly the best Safety in coverage at the SB. He comes up fast and hits the RBs. Makes tackles side to sideline with nasty force. Looked terrific on kick coverage at SB. He was all over the field in the SB Game. I was so impressed with his play. He will not make it out of the 2nd Round. Almost done with his Tape.

The Reason: They will not make it out of Day Two without a SS who can help in coverage. 

Second Choice: None 




Manti Te'o

ILB Notre Dame

6-2, 240, 4.8, 


Jonathon Cooper-



F.A. Signed:

Carson Palmer QB

Drew Stanton QB

Rashard Mendenhall RB

Matt Shaughnessy DE

Jasper Brinkley LB

Antoine Cason CB

Rashad Johnson S

F.A. Signed:

Drew Stanton QB

Rashard Mendenhall RB

Matt Shaughnessy DE

Frostee Rucker DE

Jasper Brinkley LB

Antoine Cason CB

Rashad Johnson S

Key F.A.:

La'Rod Stephens-Howling RB

Nick Eason DE

Vonnie Holiday DE

Paris Lennon ILB

Michael Adams CB

James Sanders S

F.A. Lost:

Kevin Kolb QB

Quentin Groves DE/OLB

Stewart Bradley LB

William Gay CB

Greg Toler CB

Adrian Wilson S

The Team: This is a tough one. They filled their QB hole with Palmer and Stanton. Ug. So it looks to me like if they want to keep their attacking 3-4 defense they need to stock up on some 3-4 players. Te'o dropped because he wasn't a 1st Round talent. This would be a nice spot for him.  

The Player: Te'o became an overrated prospects as his national tragedy unfolded. Now he seems to be a little underrated. He is not as good a prospect as Luke Kuechly was in a better Draft last year. If a team has a desperate\ need at Linebacker, or falls in love with his tape, he could go in the 20's. He looks just as good moving backwards as forwards. Not as happy with his side to side shuffle. Nice movement skills. He can really flash some nice feet. He really looks good moving around in coverage. The most overrated player at the Combine. He really got annoying. 

The Reason: They have to get some help for their Linebackers.   

Second Choice: Tank Carradine DE/OLB 




Eddie Lacy-

RB Alabama

5-11, 230, 4.57, 


Dee Milliner-

CB Alabama


Sheldon Richardson-

DT/ILB Missouri


F.A. Signed:

Mike Goodson RB

Willie Colon ORT

Key F.A.:

Braylon Edwards WR

Dustin Keller TE

Jeff Cumberland TE (R)

Brandon Moore OG

Matt Slauson OC/OG

Austin Howard ORT (R)

Jason Smith ORT

Bryan Thomas OLB

Yeremiah Bell S

Key F.A. Lost:

Darrelle Revis CB!

Dustin Keller TE

Mike Devito DE

Sione Po'uha DT

Calvin Pace OLB/DE

Bart Scott ILB

Eric Smith S

LaRon Landry S

The Team: Another pick I am not changing off my Final Mock. Word coming out of New Jersey is that they want an instant impact player on offense. There are a lot of option. Their cupboard is bare at: TE, WR, and RB. They can only get one of them here, unless they trade down. They at least have some options at TE and WR. There is no viable option at RB on their current roster. Right here, right now, there is no player who have a bigger impact than Lacy. 

The Player: Lacy is the top RB in this Draft. He has such a nice blend of power and agility. Excellent quickness and one-cut explosion. Famous for his spin move. Showed up at his Proday at 230 pounds. Running anything in the 4.5s, should and could make him a 1st Round Pick. He had an ankle injury early in the season that really slowed him down. He has such nice nifty feet. His lateral cuts are very underrated. He doesn’t beat defenders with speed, which everyone always looks for, he beat them with power and quickness. He has some very nice Shimmy in his shoulders. He can give that tough stutter-step move with the best of them. Great one-cut runner. Good receiver on short patterns. Turns smoothly after catching the Screen pass and follows his blockers. Natural hands. Runs so low, and with such great power and leverage. He is so tough to bring down. He can really run through defenders. Really plays so low. He naturally gets under defenders' pads. Nice puncher. He has more make you miss quickness than given credit. Terrific hop cut, Cuts back against the grain nicely. Not a bad blocker. Not great technique, but he can give a nice pop. He is so good at using his blockers. I would have a hard time taking another RB over Lacy in this Draft. Such great power. He keeps surprising me with his strength. 

The Reason: It looks like they will have a shot at the top RB, or the top deep threat in the Draft. Impact says Lacy. Speed says Hunter. You have to think if Sexy Rexy gets his way it will be Lacy. Sanchez might actually be a viable QB if he has 1,200 yard+ rusher behind him?

Second Choice: Justin Hunter WR





*Keenun Allen

WR California

6-2.5, 214, 4.7,


Chance Warmack-

OG Alabama

DB, DE, OG, WR, S, TE, OLB, DL, OL, DT, 

Key F.A. Signed:

Andy Levitre OG

Delanie Walker TE

George Wilson S

Key F.A.:

Javon Ringer RB

Fernando Velasco OC

Deuce Lutui OG

Leroy Harris OG

SenDerrick Marks DT

Will Witherspoon :B

Gerald McRath LB

Ryan Mouton CB

Darius Reynaud ST/KR

Key F.A. Lost:

Jared Cook TE

The Team: They have a maniac at WR they have to get rid of. The GM and HC have their job security linked directly to Locker. Getting him some help on the outside could allow them to ditch the Britt.  

Titans look like they might be in pretty good position. They need some help in the secondary and on the O-Line. They should have their choice of DBs here and OGs in the 3rd. They need to get a Corner and a Safety. There are not a lot of guys in this world with his triangle numbers, who can actually play in coverage. 

The Player: 4/17  Deep Concerns- Keenan Allen.

The Reason: When you picked a QB that is young and struggling, you get him some help.  

Second Choice: *Damontre Moore DE




*Justin Hunter-

WR Tennessee

6-4, 200, (U 4.41),


*EJ Manuel-


QB, DE, WR, OG, LB, WR, CB, OG, LB, CB. 

F.A. Signed:

Alan Branch DT

Jairus Byrd S (Tagged)

Key F.A. Lost:

Ryan Fitzpatrick QB

Donald Jones WR

Andy Levitre OG

Nick Barnett LB

Shawne Merriman OLB

Terrence McGee CB

George Wilson S

The Team: Buddy Nix takes the top SEC Player at a need position.  

The Player: 4/18  Looks Like Thomas To Me- Justin Hunter.

The Reason: Well, Buddy Nix really showed who was in charge to  the new HC. Now he goes and gets his 2nd SEC player. 

Second Choice: Sean Porter LB






Ryan Nassib

QB Syracuse

6-2 1/8, 228, (U 4.9), 

28.5" Vert, 7'11" Broad,

4.53 SS, 7.34 3-C, 


DJ Hayden-

CB Houston

QB, DE/OLB, S, RB, OL, DT, CB,  WR, DE, LB,  

F.A. Signed:

Matt Flynn QB

Khalif Barnes OT

Vance Walker DT

Pat Simms DT

Jason Hunter DT

Nick Roach LB

Kevin Burnett LB

Kaluka Maiava LB

Tracy Porter CB

Key F.A.:

Derek Hagan WR

Cooper Carlisle OG

Brandon Myers TE

Richard Seymour DE/DT

Andre Carter DE

Phillp Adams CB (R)

Joeslio Hanson CB

Shawrae Spencer CB

Key F.A. Lost:

Carson Palmer QB

Mike Goodson RB

Matt Shaughnessy DE

Desmond Bryant DT

Tommy Kelly DT

Phillip Wheeler LB

Michael Huff S

Mike Mitchell S

The Team: The Raider receive: 12, and 42. The Raider make a great move getting a 2nd Round pick that put them in position to get an option at QB on the cheap. The only question is can they make two great move in a row. Something they haven't done for a long time. 

The Player: 4/10 Loose Shoulders Sink Ships- Ryan Nassib 

The Reason: Nassib is too nice a fit for this to happen.  

Second Choice: Damontre Moore DE/OLB





KK Short

DT/NT Purdue

6-3, 299, 34.5" Arms,


Darrelle Revis-

CB Jets

TE, DT, OT, WR, SS, RB, S, CB, OT, 

F.A Signed:

LeGarrette Blount RB

Brian Leonard RB/FB

Steve Smith WR

George Selvie DE 

Derek Landri DL

Eric Wright CB?

Darrelle Revis CB

Key F.A:

Sammie Stroughter WR

Roscoe Parrish WR/KR

Dallas Clark TE

Jeremy Trueblood OT

Ronde Barber CB/FS

Brandon McDonald CB

Key F.A. Lost:

Arrelious Benn WR

Michael Bennett DE

Roy Miller DT

E.J. Biggers CB

The Team: Another pick I am not changing off my Final Mock. 

YES! Darrelle Revis has left the AFC East. How the hell do the Jets trade their best defensive player, nice move dumbasses. Tampa gets a star, and a young kid who can learn from Revis. Win-Win-J-E-T-S-Lose! LOL. 

The picked up of Revis allow they to pick up a slider at D-Tackle.  

The Player: Short was a force inside on a defense that had little else. So they could never take him off the field. He wore down a little at the end of halves. That won't happen in the NFL. Heavy hands. Excellent hand fighter. When he plays low and with his arm extended he looks like an NFL NT. He has a nice power swim. Gets stuck sometimes at the LOS on pass plays. I like how he can throw the OC around when he is on the nose. He will also Zone-Drop. He will play the LOS spy sometimes as well. Lost most of my notes on him, but he is a guy a really liked. He is one of those rare guys that can line up on the Nose and push the OC back. And line up at 3-Tech, and burst through the gap. Huge lower base. Bubble butt. He can hold his ground and even split the double. Dominated at Senior Bowl when he got low. Had a tendency to get a little high sometimes. He is so strong that he still drove guys backwards, but the play would have been over by the time he got to the QB. When he did that he lost power that makes him special. Showed impressive quickness in one on one drills that I didn’t see on tape (which doesn’t mean he didn’t show it;-). When he gets the O-Linemen’s shoulder he cannot be stopped. When he is on, he can crush the QB right up the gut. Really stepped up in passrush at SB.

Short is a guy I really like. He wears down sometimes, and didn't have a lot of help around him or behind him. However, when he was rested he dominated the middle of the line as well as any prospect in this Draft.   

The Reason: They need a DT to help McCoy out inside.  

Second Choice: *Gavin Escobar TE    





*Terrence Williams

WR Baylor

6-2.5, 214, 4.53, 

7.01 3-C!

4.32 SS, 32.5", 9'11"


Star Lotulelei

DT Utah


Last Seasons Key F.A.

Luois Murphy WR

Ben Hartsock TE

Gary Barnidge TE

Antwn Applewhite OLB

Dwan Edwards DT

Andre Neblett DT (R)

Captain Morgan CB

Sherrod Martin S

Key F.A. Lost

Rod Edwards DT

Chris Gamble CB

Jason Phillips OLB

James Anderson LB

The Team: The Panthers have to get a weapon they can train behind Steve Smith.

The Player: Williams is a terrific down field threat, with record breaking results. He is big, with long arms, and strong hands. He has that knack for getting open deep. His freakish stats are starling. He had almost 2,000 receiving. He had almost 350 yards receiving in one game. Surprising quickness in his shoulders getting off the LOS. I like his burst of LOS as well. I saw him more as a big long-stridder, but he looked quicker and showed quick feet at Senior Bowl. He just has that knack for getting open deep. In fact, sometimes it seems he catches the ball better the further down the field he goes. Nice size and hops. Plays nicely with his feet and hands in balance along the sidelines. He has nice hands when the ball is over his head. Runs deep patterns the best. Good blocker on the edge, when he wants to be. Runs a nice comeback. He has that knack for getting open deep. Amazing blend of size and speed. He catches the ball n full stride with no problem. He can be a bit of a body catcher. He can really get down field fast. His ability to reach out and grab the ball a little too long while he is flying at full speed is going to make a lot of big plays in the NFL. He can really stretch out and make the hands catch.

The Reason: This would be such a boon for Newton and Smith. 

Second Choice: Kevin Minter ILB




Tank Carradine-


6-4, 276, 34 3/4" Arms,

32 Reps, 4.75 Forty (O),

Looked Healthy,


DJ Fluker

ORT Alabama


FA Signed:

Danny Woodhead 3rd

King Dunlap OT

John Phillips TE

Key FA:

Ronnie Brown RB

Danario Alexander WR (R)

Michael Spurlock WR/KR

Tyronne Green OG

Rex Hagnot OG

Shaun Phillips OLB

Antwan Barnes OLB

Domorrio Williams ILB

Gary Guyton ILB

Chris Carr CB

Quentin Jammer CB/FS

Corey Lynch S

Key F.A. Lost:

Randy McMichael TE

Louis Vasques OG

Takeo Spikes LB

Antoine Cason CB

The Team: Chargers need a passrusher at the top of the Draft. 

The Player: 4/12 Two-Fer: Skip-To-My-Lou- Tank Carradine

The Reason: When top player on the board meets top need, there shall be dancing in the streets.  

Second Choice: Manti Te'o ILB




*Damontre Moore

DE/OLB Texas A&M

6-4.5, 250, 4.89, 19 Reps, 34 3/4" Arms,  


*EJ Manuel-



*Justin Hunter-

WR Tennessee

QB, DE, WR, OG, LB, WR, CB, OG, LB, CB. 

F.A. Signed:

Alan Branch DT

Jairus Byrd S (Tagged)

Key F.A. Lost:

Ryan Fitzpatrick QB

Donald Jones WR

Andy Levitre OG

Nick Barnett LB

Shawne Merriman OLB

Terrence McGee CB

George Wilson S

The Team: The Bills receive: No. 16, 46 2nd, and 78 3rd. Buddy Nix takes the top SEC Player at a need position.  

The Player: Moore is a Junior. Shows nice power rushing from the Strong side. Nice initial burst off the snap. Long arms. Nice blend of size and speed. Plays the run inside. OLB who converted to 3-4 D-end. That is not easy. Great burst off the snap. He can power through the double team with amazing strength. Sometimes moves up rather than forward. Extends arms nicely off snap. Reads the play quickly. A lot of 3-4 teams have to be drooling over this kid. Plays with nice discipline, but will burst himself out of the play sometimes. Terrific at turning inside and grabbing the RB from off the edge. He will zone drop sometimes. He has experience in coverage as OLB. He has a great inside move. Not just a flash and dash guy on the edge. His one weakness so far has been a susceptibility to the Chop block. Twice O-Line have put him on the ground easy, and once the FB in the first half alone. However, if that is your only weakness that is pretty impressive. He is amazing at working down the line to hit the RB. He is so good against the run. It is amazing to me how great he is at splitting the double team. Not just the OT and TE, but splitting the OG and OT with a blast off the snap that puts them on their heels. He is so good at finding the ball at the LOS. He doesn’t have to charge up field to be effective. He gets a little high in his stance. Nice hand placement. He has a nice shove, grab, and Rip around the edge move. He can look like a LB on run plays sometimes. When he drops a little he really shows his experience at LB and lining up at ILB as A&M’s Joker. Every time I watch this kid play he impresses me in a new way. He is now my top 3-4 OLB in this Draft. None of the passrusher can match him rushing and playing the run.

Moore is such a great passrusher, who ran a real bad time at the Combine. Something he could have overcome, but then he benched only 12 Reps. That is not acceptable for a DE/OLB, who has rumors that he doesn't works as hard he should. However, he was able to get the Reps up to 19 at his Proday. This kept him the 2nd, and might allow him to squeak into the 1st. Teams, especially 3-4 teams, are always looking for those long-armed passrusher who have that knack for hitting the quarterback. 

The Reason: The signing of Anderson was a disaster. If Nix sees an SEC rusher who can step in here, he will take him.

Second Choice: John Jenkins DT/NT




David Amerson-


6-1, 205, 4.31 (O), 

10'7"! 35.5, 15 Reps,


Travis Frederick

OG Wisconsin

OG, QB, S, DB, DB, OL, LB, WR, DE, WR,  DL 

F.A Signed:

Anthony Spencer DE (Tag)

Phil Costa  C (R)

Last Season F.A:

Felix Jones RB

Kevin Ogletree WR

Derrick Dockery G

Victor Butler DE/OLB

Kenyon Coleman DE/DT

Ernie Sims ILB

Mike Jenkins CB

F.A. Lost:

John Phillips TE

Dan Conner LB

Gerald Sensabaugh S

The Team: Word of Dallas is they are looking for a Safety. Jones likes to make those picks that he thinks makes him look smarter than every one else. Amerson is a super boom or bust. He could be the best CB or FS in this Draft, or bust out. 

The Player: Amerson doesn't seem to have it mentally. Amazing size speed athlete with one season of true greatness. Then he was a disaster in his first game in 2012. He didn't have a bad seaosn last year, he just had a disastrous start (that left Draftnics like me bitter;-). Showed he was a complete disaster on double moves. He can look pathetic against the run. Plays the ball in the air better than any DB in this Draft. He doesn't play the run with enough heart to be a Safety. Although, in the new NFL he could be a perfect Centerfielder, as long as you don't expect him to make any tackles. So I see him as a straight up Zone corner, or a straight up deep Safety who you don't want to be the only player between a RB and the Endzone. However, if he can put it together mentally he has displayed true greatness in college. Plays too high. Needs to get lower, and more aggressive. Great feet in pedal. Not a lot of snap in hips. Buyer beware CB, who plays the ball in the air like a WR. Stares at QB, and is terrific when he guesses right, and breaks in front of the WR. Does his own thing too often, looking for the INT. He is a terrific special team player. He has real nice feet when he gets low. When he gets too high to peek at the QB he can get beat. Nice change of direction, and can break on the ball with excellent quickness. Does not have top end speed. He was a complete disaster against Tennessee. Plays the run aggressively, but doesn’t get in on a lot of tackles. Plays primarily off, and lets WR run by him too easily.

The Reason: Jones get his ball hawking FS, who can also play CB.    

Second Choice: Matt Barkley QB

 PICKS 1-11  

1st Round

PICKS 1-11

PICKS 12-22

PICKS 23-32

2nd Round

PICKS 33-48

PICKS 49-62


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