With The 27th Pick, in the 2013 NFL Draft, The New England Patriots Select ...

Updated: April 25th


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This draft is going to be another tough Draft to figure out. With Andrew Luck predictably staying in school, there is no clear Number one.

PICKS 23-33

1st Round

PICKS 1-11

PICKS 12-22

PICKS 23-32

2nd Round

PICKS 33-48

PICKS 49-62



Sylvester Williams

DT North Carolina

6-3, 300, 

OC, LB, WR, OG, LB, TE, RB, DT,  LB, DT, DB, LB,  

Key F.A:

Greg Jennings WR

Jerome Simpson WR

David Reed WR/ST

Phil Loadholt ORT

Matt Cassel QB

Key F.A: 

Joe Berger OC

Marvin Mitchell LB

Jamarca Sanford S

Key F.A. Lost:

Percy Harvin WR

Geoff Schwartz OG

EJ Henderson LB

Jasper Brinkley LB

Husain Abdullah S

Jerome Felton FB

The Team: I seem to be the only one who thinks the Vikings need a D-Tackle. They are getting old and fat inside. With contracts ending and aging coming. Williams might not start right away, but he will be a force before next season begins. 

The Vikings have a lot of needs they need to address. They have to get some help for their O-Line. Spielman has staked his job security on Ponder. So getting him some protection and targets should be his priority in this Draft. Ponder has to develop. If he wants him to improve, he has to protect him better. Cooper will help give Ponder more time in the pocket. The reason he is valuable is he can Center as well as OLG. If there is a run on QB (LOL), Cooper could slide. Guards always slide, and there are two good ones in this Draft. With Warmack likely to slide, that moves Cooper even lower. 

The Player: 3/15 Tavon Austin- (Make-you-miss-Quickness)².

The Reason: They need a D-Tackle. So do the Colts. If they pass here they will miss out on him.

Second Choice: Justin Hunter WR



*Xavier Rhodes-


6-1.5, 210, (U 4.41),

4.56 SS! 7.29 3-C!


F.A. Signed:

Matt Hasselbeck QB

Darrius Heyward-Bey WR

Donald Thomas OG

Gosder Cherilus ORT

Stanley Havili FB

Fili Moala DE

Erik Walden OLB

Lawrence Sidbury DE/OLB

Ricky Jean-Francois DT

Greg Toler CB

Darius Butler CB

LaRon Landry S

Key F.A.:

Donnie Avery WR

Jeff Linkenbach (R)

Seth Olsen (R)

Winston Justice ORT

Dwight Freeney DE

Antonio Johnson NT

Jerraud Powers CB

Key F.A. Lost:

Clifton Geathers DE

Tom Zbikowski S

The Team: The Colts secondary was a mess last year. It was more do to injury, but I'm real impressed with the talent. Their new D-Coordinator wants to Press more. Rhodes might not be the second best CB in the Draft, but he is the second best Press Corner in the Draft.

The Colts need some help right in the middle of both lines. They got a NT in last years Draft in Chapman. Getting a 5-Technique who can put pressure on the QB would be huge. Though they have to start getting some help on the O-Line for the young star QB would not be a bad thing either.  

The Player: Rhodes is a big productive CB, who doesn't have the best hands. It seems to be a common trait among CBs this year. They all seem to have some terrific traits, but on the whole this might be the worst group of hands I have seen. I love this kids feet. He really is solid built. Extremely light on his feet. Turns hips smoothly and runs down field. Not a lot of snap in his hips, but he can turn and run smoothly. Sometimes hops backward wasting some steps in transition. A bit of a grabber, who will struggle to keep his hands off WR in the NFL. Sometimes looks too physical to play CB in the NFL. Tracks the ball carrier very well from the Slot. Not the most physical tackler in traffic. He has a real physical chuck at LOS, when he wants. He has real nice long arms that he can put right in the chest of the WR, and take him off his pattern. It is amazing how big he looks, and yet looks like a CB. He is not a big guy playing Corner. He is a Corner who just has great size and strength. When he latches onto a WR on the Jam, he can power him out of bound with one hand. He is so athletic, big, and fast it is almost unfair. He looks like the top Corner in this Draft. Three year starter. He has been injury prone. 

The Reason: Big Press Corners have become the second hottest thing in the NFL. I think Corners are going to drift down in this Draft as look at Corners in the 2nd and 3rd Rounds. Why waste a 1st when you can get a similiar talent in Round two, or a viable starter in the 3rd. 

Second Choice: S Matt Elam



Tyler Eifert

TE Notre Dame 

6-5.5, 252, (U 4.6), S-1.66

33" Arms, 22 Reps,

35.5" V, 9'11" B, 

4.32 SS! 6.92 3-C!

OC, LB, WR, OG, LB, TE, RB, DT,  LB, DT, DB, LB,  

Key F.A:

Greg Jennings WR

Jerome Simpson WR

David Reed WR/ST

Phil Loadholt ORT

Matt Cassel QB

Key F.A: 

Joe Berger OC

Marvin Mitchell LB

Jamarca Sanford S

Key F.A. Lost:

Percy Harvin WR

Geoff Schwartz OG

EJ Henderson LB

Jasper Brinkley LB

Husain Abdullah S

Jerome Felton FB

The Team: Spielman has done a remarkable job rebuilding this team. However, his legacy is linked inarguably to Ponder. He has to get this kid some help in the passing game. They can't count on Peterson running for 2,000 yards every season. They picked up two WRs in  free agency: Jennings and Simpson. Like I keep saying over and over, it doesn't matter what we think of these two guys. When a GM and HC show them the money, it's because they see them as starters. So getting the second TE to pair with Rudolph in the starting lineup can do nothing but help Ponder and Peterson, and thus Spielman. Plus, you know Rudolph and Eifert know each other. Eifert will have a huge advantage in his transition to the NFL with an ally like Randolph. 

The Player: Eifert was Notre Dame's Captain. There are times in the first quarter against BC when he looked liked Gronk. He was just as effective catching the ball as blocking in the run game. He was knocking back D-Ends by himself. He kept looking dominating sealing the edge. If you have film of the BC game (I was going to do that Tape, but I could find it online), watch the first drive on the 2nd quarter. He was as dominating blocking in the run game as I’ve seen a Tight End in college. On the edge on the first play getting a punch in on two defenders. Taking out the Inside Linebacker on the second. Knocks the D-End off the line on the third play. Then leaps up for a 20-yard reception on the next play. Stalemates the LB, and then knocks down the D-End on the next play. Pulls out to the edge on the next play, and takes out the Safety on the second level. I know there is a huge difference between BC and the NFL, but that was a Gronk like performance on that drive. He has a little pop in his hands. Does a good job trying to keep his hands inside. He has such great hands. He catches it out of bounds, being hit, going high, and getting low. Shows nice quickness picking up the blitzer. I really like how he blocks in PP. Very nice pass protector on the edge as well. He doesn’t do it often, but he is a superior PP. He knows how to get open inside. Under rated receiving threat. He has better speed in patterns than he is given credit. Great hands. He plucks the ball out of the air with his huge hands. He fights for the ball so well when smaller defenders are clawing and scratching on his hands, arms, and ball. While Eifert isn’t as consistently dominating as as I'd like, or force on the interior as I would like for a top considered tight end, but there’s no doubt he’s going to be a match-up nightmare at the NFL level. Eifert gets vertical smoothly. He is devastating in the seam with his length and smooth transition upfield. He high points the ball as well as receiver in jump ball/red zone situations. Catches the ball 20-30 yard down field as consistently as Gronk. He flash across the middle 40-yards down field and catches it smoothly. Although, he doesn't seem to trust his hands enough to catch the ball without jumping up. Even on short crossing patterns that are on the money. He seem to have to jump, or he lets the ball into his body. He does a great job sealing the DB with his body and hands, and then jumping up and grabbing the ball. Understands how to use his size against smaller DBs, and LB can't stay with him in space. 

Eifert had flashes where he looked like Gronk-lite last season. He can go and get the high pass and block with equal aplomb. With the TE starting to take over as the players defenses just can't cover. Look for Eifert to go early. 

The Reason: Having two mammoth DTs for two or three years would help this defense a lot, and could keep Williams viable for three years instead of one or two. 

Second Choice: John Jenkins DT



Margus Hunt-


6-8, 277, 4.6 forty!

38 Reps! 33 3/4" Arms,

OLT, RB, DE, DB, WR, LB, , 

Key F.A.:

Evan Dietrich-Smith OC

Cedric Benson RB

Brad Jones ILB

Sam Shield CB

Key F.A. Lost:

Greg Jennings WR

Erik Walden OLB

Charles Woodson S

Donald Driver (Retired)

The Team: A completely and stunning inability to stop the run in last years playoff destroyed any chance this team had of reaching the Super Bowl. They Drafted a ton of guys on defense last year. I can't decide between Hunt, Elam, and Reid here. They have to get some help for Raji on the D-Line. 

The Player: 3/14 The Waterboy- Margus Hunt

The Reason: They to rebuilding the D-Line. Hunt is the kind of long tall 5-Technique that the Packer's DC craves. He has been decried the need for a long tall DE with long arms for years, and now here is his prototype sitting on the board.

Second Choice: Eric Reid S 



*Keenun Allen

WR California

6-2.5, 214,



The Team: Allen is a terrific WR. I like Allen going here for all the reason I don't like Allen going to the Patriots. He is an underneath guy. The Pats don't need another underneath guy. Houston needs someone opposite Johnson, who can get open early when Schaub needs him. This allows them to take more chances with Johnson deep. I think Johnson's and Allen's games compliment each other perfectly. Allen can be the underneath guy, and Johnson the over the top guy. Of course, Johnson can get open anywhere, but what makes him a star is his deep speed. With Houston's run game, the more you can play action and go deep to Johnson the better. Allen is a monster crossing the middle, which will be a great relief value if Schaub doesn't have time to go deep. 

This team really doesn't have a lot of holes. They could use a Safety who can cover, and come up and help inside. They drafted two WRs early last year, so that gives them a little flexibility here. They can go best available athlete here. 

The Player: 4/17  Deep Concerns- Keenan Allen.

The Reason: They need to help out Johnson and Schaub.  

Second Choice: Justin Hunter WR 



Jonathon Hankins

DT Ohio ST

6-5, 318, 33" A, 5.13 (O)

26" Vert, 8'8" B, 

4.61 SS, 5.59 3-C, 

DT, RB, SS, WR, LB, OL,  DB, CB, OG, 

F.A. SIgned:

Ryan Clady OLT (Tagged)

Louis Vasques OG

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie CB

David Bruton S

Key F.A.:

Dan Koppen OC

Kevin Vickerson DT

Justin Bannan DT

Ty Warren DT

Keith Brookings ILB

Tony Carter CB

Key F.A. Lost:

Elvis Dumervil DE

DJ Williams LB

Tracy Porter CB

The Team: To me this is the spot that Buffalo might have a deal in place to move up. If they can trade up and take Nassib here, their will be dancing in the streets. This might also be an opportunity for the Jags to trade up and grab Geno Smith. You have to have a certain arrogance to trade down. Elway showed in his first year on the job he has that arrogance, and it worked. They traded down, got extra picks, and got Derek Wolfe who looks like he is going to be a good one. Otherwise it looks like another underrated DT to pair with Wolfe. 

The Broncos need another D-Tackle. Last season they traded down and took one of my favorite players in the Draft, Wolfe from Cincinnati. He is a terrific penetrator. I would love to see these two guys playing next to each other. 

The Player: 4/16 7-Tool Athlete- Johnathan Hankins.

The Reason: If there isn't a run on QBs (which their will be;-), this is a prime place for the trade up. Elway pulled the trigger again, and there is much better value in trading down this year than last year. 

Second Choice: Trade down: Ryan Nassib QB



Geno Smith-


6-2 3/8, 218, (O) 4.59,  (U-4.56), 




UFO Sightings:

Emmanuel Sanders WR

Alfonzo Dennard CB

F.A Signed:

Danny Amendola WR

Julian Edelman WR

Donald Jones WR

Malcolm Jenkins WR

Leon Washington KR/RB

Sebastian Vollmer OT

Will Svitek OL

Tommy Kelly DL/DT

Armond Armstead DL

Dane Fletcher LB

Aqib Talib CB

Kyle Arrington Nickel

Adrian Wilson S

Niko Koutouvides ST

Key F.A:

Donte Stallworth WR

Deion Branch WR

Julian Edelman IR

Michael Hoomanawanui TE

Tracy White ILB

Marquice Cole CB

Will Allen IR

Josh Barrett IR

Key Cap Casualty:

Wes Welker WR!

Brandon Lloyd WR

Danny Woodhead 3rd

Donald Thomas OG

Patrick Chung S


The Team:

With a ton of talent that fills what few holes they have left in the roster still available. Even if it's a 4th and a 5th to move down into the 2nd Round, the Pats don't pick here. With three of the top four Safeties on the board. Two of the top five CBs on the board. Two of the top six Pass Rushers  on the board. Two of the top three WRs I think can play the best with Brady still on the board. Plus, Eddie Lacy. I still think Lacy could be Brady's best friend in the running game. he could be the guy who takes over the dominate role for Brady. Defenses will have to pay special attention to him. They can't just rush at Brady all the time. I Do believe if the Pats stay here they will take Eddie Lacy, but i don;t believe it will some down to that. Pats trade out and take Lacy in the 2nd Round. 

The Player: Smith should be a 1st Round QB. The reason I like him so much is that he doesn't turn the ball over. If your QB turns the ball over, then you can't win. Smith is also a film-room rat. He goes to up study film after games. He is an intelligent thought man (gee what a surprise Nolan thinks another black QB is dumb). He does have a bit of a dud personality, but in this world instant negative reaction going world wide in a split second, you want the media face of your organization to be a clean cut dud. I said the same thing about Luck last year. He was a bit of a dud personality in front of the cameras. I said it was a positive for Luck, and it a positive for Smith as well. If ball control is the measuring stick for accuracy, then Geno Smith by all means is a quarterback deserving of the highest accuracy marks. He seems to put the ball right where he wants in consistently. He will get some wild throws when he looses control of his feet; He tends to hop sometime. His receivers are rarely forced to break their stride on drags, digs, deep crossing patterns, posts, or go routes, As Smith has both the arm talent to drive the ball down field and the anticipation to lead his receivers with the throw. When forced to move off his spot and reset his feet in a collapsing pocket, Smith consistently kept his eye level down field while avoiding the rush. Shows patience and poise in a clean pocket. Shows elusiveness to slide and buy time adjust to a collapsing one; To afforded his receivers the time necessary to continually create separation down the field, resulting in a more explosive pass offense. Equally impressive is how polished and savvy, Geno Smith has become as a quarterback. I have a strong feeling Geno Smith will ascend rapidly up draft boards if he hasn't already, as he possesses all the physical tools such as size, arm strength, and athleticism, along with the polished footwork, high football IQ, and mental makeup to succeed in the NFL. I expect to see continued improvement with Geno Smith, as his work ethic is second to none. The reason he is a near consensus top quarterback is because he's showed great composure, controlled in the pocket. Confident in his skill set. At least for most of the early part of the year. 

Starting productive QB. He looks like a top QB to me. He also did a remarkable job when you watch his offence. He has two great WR and two good WRs to throw to. Yet Smith still completes passes at a remarkable rate without throwing interceptions. They motion they run. Austin not lineup on the LOS run. No movement, Austin in the Slot, pass. He throws it out to the WR on the Bubble screen with nice velocity. Another thing in his favor is that his defense really stinks. I mean, I knew it was bad before I watched them, but they are really bad. Does a good job throwing over blitzer. When he sees the TE in the Seam, he can really rocket the ball to him. That is an NFL throw. They speed up the offense a little a lot. I like him in the fastbreak shotgun offense. He is also terrific with the QB sneak. When he has to hop around and hold onto the ball, he lose accuracy sometimes. Nice touch on crossing patterns. He has to play better against the blitz. Sometimes not aware of blitzers. Plays well from behind. When he gets how he can work down to the third option effortlessly. Rocket arm throwing to the sideline, when he is on.

The thing for me is that Smith remind me of Donovan McNabb. The last time Reid spent a first round pick on a QB was on McNabb. He fits the profile of a Number One QB, stats wise: 42 TDs Vs 6 INTs. He just leaks out inconsistency onto the field some times. If you look at his last regular season as a whole you can justify taking him in the top five. However, if you look at his last two Bowl game you have to say no. So where do you go from there? Plus, another thing I like about him is that his two WRs from UWV are legit prospects. Austin looked like a 1st Round pick at the Combine, and Stedman Bailey is an underrated guy who could be an interesting pick up on Day Three. He seems to refuse to run the ball. He scrambles to give his receivers more time to get open. He needs to use his legs to gain more yards. He can read and manipulate the safeties. He can throw with touch over the LBs.  Just like McNabb he can run, but is reluctant to do so because he doesn't want to be stereotyped. Smith can easily look like best QB in the Draft by far, and then choke when the pressure is on. He is ready physically, but he is clearly not ready mentally. Mental toughness is one of the most important aspects, if not the most important aspect of playing QB in the NFL. He scares the crap out of me. I have more games to watch on him. 

The Reason: Pure talent going down the deep sideline is a black hole in the Patriots roster. The Pats have no one who can stretch the field and open things up for Gronk and Hernandez underneath. 

Second Choice: Eddie Lacy RB

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4/17  Deep Concerns- Keenan Allen.

4/16  7-Tool Athlete- Johnathan Hankins.

4/16  Any Way You Want It- Desmond Trufant.

4/12 Two-Fer: Skip-To-My-Lou- Tank Carradine.

4/12 Two-Fer: Bjoern- Bjoern Werner.

4/12 Looks Like A Patriot to me- Alex Okafor.

4/10 Fighting For His Life, Again- DJ Hayden OOPS!

4/10 The Feet of Mercury?- Matt Barkley

4/10 Loose Shoulders Sink Ships- Ryan Nassib 

4/3   Fighting for Respect- Eric Fisher.

4/3   The Sometimes Superman- Sylvester Williams.

4/3   Making 'em Quit- Jonathan Cooper.

4/2   The Best I've Ever Seen- Lane Johnson.

4/2   Quickest Hands in the West- Jarvis Jones.

3/25 The Three Stooges Part I- Barrett Jones.

3/25 The Three Stooges Part II- DJ Fluker.

3/25 The Three Stooges Part III- Chance Warmack.

3/24 The Heart of a Warrior- Star Lotulelei

3/20 The Tasmanian Devil- Jamie Collins

3/15 Cordarrelle Patterson

3/15 Tavon Austin- (Make-you-miss-Quickness)².

3/14 The Waterboy- Margus Hunt. OOPS!



Marcus Trufant-

CB Washington

5-11 5/8, 190, (U 4.31),

4.42 SS, 7.21 3-C, 



F.A. Signed:

Stephen Jackson RB

Tony Gonzalez TE

Sam Baker OLT

Osi Umenyiora DE

Key F.A.:

Mike Cox FB

Robert McClain CB (R)

William Moore S

Key F.A. Lost:

Michael Turner RB

Todd McClure OC

Tyson Clabo ORT

John Abraham DE/PR

Lawrence Sidbury DE/OLB

Dunta Robinson CB

Brent Grimes CB

The Team: The loss of Robinson and Grimes a FA coming off a season ending injury, leaves a big hole at CB. Even if they resign Grimes, who they really like, they will need another WR to start in the Nickel set. If Okafor falls this far they cannot pass on him. 

The release of three aging veterans has freed up 16 Million in Cap room. “Guys, this time of the year, there are tough decisions that have to be made,” Falcon's HC Smith said. “We are recalibrating our roster as we speak, going through that process.... We’ll continue to go through that process in terms of how we are going to recalibrate it.” The move gives them the space to sign Gonzalez and Baker. Gonzalez is a freak, and Baker has finally turned into he play Dimitroff thought he was. Don't worry Falcon's fans Dimitroff isn't letting Baker go anywhere. 

Thomas Demitroff has said he wants to improve both Lines. However, getting a three down Linebacker might just be their top priority this off season. A few years back they took they took an undersized playmaking linebacker in the 1st named Witherspoon, and he worked out pretty well. 

The Player: 4/12 Looks Like A Patriot to me- Alex Okafor.

The Reason: To me the biggest hole they opened in their roster is at QB. They have to get a starting quality CB to compete next season. 

Second Choice: Eddie Lacy RB 



*Matt Elam-


5-9 7/8, 208, 4.54 (O),

(U 4.46-4.53), 17 Reps,

35.5" Vert, 9'10" B,


Key Signed F.A.:

Colt McCoy QB

Anquan Bolden WR

Glenn Dorsey DT

Ian Williams NT

Dan Skuta LB

Nnamdi Asomugha CB

Craig Dahl S

Key F.A.:

Tavares Gooden ILB

Larry Grant ILB

Key F.A. Lost:

Alex Smith QB

Randy Moss WR

Ted Ginn JR WR/KR

Delanie Walker TE

Ricky Jean-Francois DT

Isaac Sopoaga NT

Dashon Goldson S

The Team: They don't have a lot of needs. However, depth along both lines has been the stated concern all season long. If a top interior linemen on either side of the ball falls to them, they will gleefully pounce. 

The Player: Elam can cover. Safeties have to cover more and more in the NFL every year. FS have to be able to step into the Slot and cover the big TEs and the little Slot guys; What makes Elam a 1st Round pick is that he can do both. He has great competitive speed. Plays faster than 4.5 speed. He does a nice job Covering the Slot WR on the deep out. That is a tough pattern for a Safety on a WR. Very smart Safety, who will come off the Slot WR before the snap when he reads run. Sheds WR blocks like they are a joke (and I suppose sometimes they are;-). He is pure quickness on the field, and tough to block when he spots the runner. Stepped up into the slot and played Slot Corner in 3 and 4-Wide sets. He can be very impressive in coverage. Plays Slot WRs on both sides. I like how he moves in coverage. He does such a nice job picking up the guy coming down the deep Seam and staying on his hip. Plus, he is a hitter. He can your block off. Terrific coming up against the run. He can fill the hole and meet the RB. Played in the Slot a lot, and was effective against the run. He has experience in the Zone. Played all over the place, and played well in every role. 

I just like this kid. I like him in coverage and his aggression in the run game. I like when he is the single high safety. Plays center field well for Florida. He also played Slot Corner a lot. He was very effective in the Box against the run, and covering the slot receivers and TE. 

The Reason: San Fran worried about depth along the lines all season. Short can step in and play the Nose for 10-15 snaps a game next season, as he works on his conditioning. 

Second Choice: Sam Montgomery DE



Eric Reid-


 6-1.25, 213, 4.53 (O),

40.5" Vert! 11'2"!

4.22 SS, 6.99 3-C,

33 5/8" Arms, 17 Reps,


Key F.A Semi-Signed:

Joe Flacco QB

Chris Canty DE

Marcus Spear DE

Elvis Dumervil OLB

Patrick Huff S

Key F.A:

Dennis Pitta TE (R)

Ed Dickson TE (R)

Bryant McKinnie OLT

Arthur Jones DE/DT(R)

Sean Considine S 

James Ihedigbo S

Key F.A Lost:

Dennis Dixon QB

Anquan Bolden WR

Ray Lewis LB

Dannell Ellerbe LB

Brendon Ayanbadejo LB

Cary Williams CB


Bernard Pollard S

The Team: They have to find a replacement for the great Ed Reed. Their defense has been decimated by Free Agency. This looks like it is going to be a very defensive orientated Draft for the Ravens. Not only did they lose important defensive players, they lost their three best leaders on defense as well: Lewis, Reed, and Ellerbe. That is a lot to make up for. 

The Player: Reid first and foremost is a freak athlete. He is such a rare blend of physical Safety and can cover. Reid really has it all. He can dominate against top competition. He can play the ball in the air. He can crush guys in the run game. Sign me up as his biggest fan. I just think he is the real deal. He can attack that ball in the air. He understands scheme and were he needs to be. He played deep a lot and showed up in coverage. Reid really has it all. He can dominate against top competition. He can play the ball in the air. He can crush guys in the run game. Sign me up as his biggest fan. I just think he is the real deal. He can attack that ball in the air. He understands scheme and were he needs to be. He played deep a lot and showed up in coverage. He seems to get everywhere there is trouble on the field. Miss tackles sometimes in the open field, because he attacks so fast. He can be in the deep middle, and get either sideline moving forward. Tremendous range in zone. Big play big game player. He was the best player on the field in the first LSU Alabama titanic match up in 2011. I have been his biggest fan since that game. Dominated in coverage and in the run. Excellent leader. Leader of LSU's great secondary the past couple of years. Made the checks. 

The Reason: Cheapest trick in the book is to just put in a designated replacement for Ray Lewis or Ed Reed. Getting a terrific in and out Strong Safety like Reid could pull this secondary together. He can come up into the box, he is a leader, and play center field. Reid would pair up with Huff to give them strong Safety play for a long time. 

Second Choice: Manti Te'o ILB 

1st Round

PICKS 1-11

PICKS 12-22

PICKS 23-32

2nd Round

PICKS 33-48

PICKS 49-62

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