With The 17th Pick, in the 2013 NFL Draft, The Pittsburgh Steelers Select Jarvis Jones.

Updated: April 25th


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This draft is going to be another tough Draft to figure out. With Andrew Luck predictably staying in school, there is no clear Number one.  

PICKS 12-22

1st Round

PICKS 1-11

PICKS 12-22

PICKS 23-32

2nd Round

PICKS 33-48

PICKS 49-62



My Picks: 

Key Needs:

Team Moves: 



DJ Hayden-

CB Houston

5-11 3/8, 189, 

(U 4.40-4.44), 4.42(O),

33" Vert, 10' Broad, 

ORT, CB, FS, CB, OL, OL, DE,  

Key F.A.:

Mike Wallace WR

Brian Hartline WR

Brandon Gibson WR

Dustin Keller TE

Lance Louis OL

Randy Starks DL

Dannell Ellerbe LB

Phillip Wheeler LB

Brent Grimes CB

Key F.A.:

Chris Clemons S

Key Players Lost:

Reggie Bush RB

Jake Long OLT

Anthony Fasano TE

Carlos Dansby LB

Sean Smith CB

The Team: Miami takes the best CB available. they can trade up or trade down. I don't know who they think is the top guy. I give them Hayden, who could be a Revis type CB. Rather the Rhodes, who could be a Sherman type CB. Though neither is likely to be as good. Both could be close if everything works out. 

Okay, so all the blither blathering I did yesterday doesn't work if one of the big three doesn't make it here. The injury to Milliner's shoulder is the ultimate example of how frustrating this draft is. He was one of the four sure things in this Draft. Now, you have to wonder if the reason he could catch a ball last season and at the Combine is because he gets one of his arms to work properly because of his shoulder. Maybe it's not the hands? Maybe it's the shoulder. Mechanically speaking, Shoulders and Hips are the worst joint injuries when it comes to healing. Modern medicine has not conquered the ball joints yet, just ask Bo (you know 'cause "Bo knows", and it was his hip that did in his athletic career. No, oh well;-). So the question is will someone trade up here for Milliner with his injury. Miami has been very aggressive this off season. They have a ton of picks. I think they would have to consider this Draft a big success if they came away with Albert and Milliner with their first three picks. That would be two more nice aggressive moves (much to my chagrin;-). The problem is that you have Milliner is that head and shoulders above the rest (or at least head;-). Then you have a group of four Corners who are rated almost identically: Rhodes, Trufant, Hayden, and Taylor. You don't want to be the guy who takes the first one in the first half of the Draft. You want to be the guy who takes the 4th in the 2nd Round. Or, you have to be the guy who snags Milliner. That is the choice here. Take a CB at 12, when you might get the equivalent at 42, or get the one guy who could be a shut down Corner in this Draft. And you know I don't say that lightly. I haven't said I thought a guy could a shut down corner since Haden. I didn't say that with Peterson or Claiborne. I think Milliner is not the athlete those two guys are, but he is more likely to develop into a shutdown Corner in the NFL (If his damn shoulder is fine, I hate this Draft;-). Giving up a 2nd Round pick (#42) for a shot at a shutdown Corner is never, ever, and I mean never a bad move (much to my chagrin;-).

The Dolphins addressed their biggest need in Free Agency. Big time. However, the team that wins the first week of Free Agency rarely shows results in the win column; as the players tend to get overpaid and create salary issues on the team. I think the Dolphins will improve organically, as Tannehill improves on the field. But they lost the two projected starting CBs from last seasons preseason projections. They have to address that position more than once in this Draft. Both Rhodes and Trufant are worthy of top fifteen considerations. The trend for the bigger Press Corners, who can turn and run with WRs, has exploded out of Seattle. Rhodes is the best example of this new trend in this Draft. 

The Player: 4/10 Fighting For His Life, Again- DJ Hayden

The Reason: The top big CB left on the board. 

Second Choice: Trade up for Lane Johnson or Milliner 



DJ Fluker

ORT Alabama

6-4 5/8, 339, 

21 Reps, 36.75" Arms!

4.8 SS,


Tavon Austin-



F.A. Signed:

Mike Goodson RB

Willie Colon ORT

Dawan Landry S

Key F.A.:

Braylon Edwards WR

Dustin Keller TE

Jeff Cumberland TE (R)

Brandon Moore OG

Matt Slauson OC/OG

Austin Howard ORT (R)

Jason Smith ORT

Bryan Thomas OLB

Yeremiah Bell S

Key F.A. Lost:

Dustin Keller TE

Mike Devito DE

Sione Po'uha DT

Calvin Pace OLB/DE

Bart Scott ILB

Eric Smith S

LaRon Landry S

The Team: I have been saying they are not planning on winning this year, so they can get a QB in next years Draft for a while. The reasons are obvious, and I don't really care. it's the Jets,

Panic fills the streets as the run on QBs continue. Hey, did I tell you that the hapless Jets traded their best player, and may the best defensive player in the NFL, LOL. They are now not building for next season. In fact, the GM sees next season as irrelevant as he has his scapegoat firmly in place. They need to get a young QB, and fast. If they release Sanchez at the end of the season, along with the money they save on Revis, that will be 17 Mil in Cap Space. Plus, it has been reported that they are inline for four Compensation picks. They might even get two 3rds in next years Draft as Compensation. I might be wrong about this, but I believe the conditional pick might turn into a 3rd. Which is what I heard first, but no it seems to be reported as a conditional 4th. But in my mind, they could end up with a high 1st, four 3rds, and 17+ Mil in Cap Space next season. Having Geno Smith with a year in the system, and maybe even a few starts in the second half of the season would be a bone for the new HC. Now I know Geno is not a pure Read-Option QB. he is more Culpepper than Newton. But he ran his wacky shotgun Option offence at West Virginia. He can do it.  

The Player: 3/25 The Three Stooges Part II- DJ Fluker.  

The Reason: This is the End. beautiful friend, the End. My only friend the End.  

Second Choice: Tyler Eifert TE 



*Sheldon Richardson-

DT Missouri

6-3, 295,   


F.A Signed.

Domenik Hixon WR

Ted Ginn JR WR/KR

Chase Blackburn ILB

Dwan Edwards DT

Captain Munnerlyn CB

Mike Mitchell S

Key F.A. Lost

Chris Gamble CB

Jason Phillips OLB

James Anderson LB

The Team: I have been so enthralled with putting Richardson here, I've ignored all the other needs. However, they need to get some spark for their young QB before it is too last. Steve Smith is nearing the end, and LeFell is a nice Two, but nothing more. Austin could add some spark to this crew. Plus, when you watch all the things they did with Austin in the Option at West Virginia, you have to wonder what it would look like with him lined up next to Newton in the Read-Option. Tavon often took the pitch from Geno, and ran the option himself. That would take some hits off of Newton. With Smith and LeFell outside, you could move Austin all over the place. He was most effective in college when he moved all over the place. Plus, he would have two or three years to add 10-20 pounds. So he could could step out and start at WR when Smith retires.  

Where's the beef? This team cannot progress until they find the beef. They will also have to take as serious look at Keenan Allen, who size and underneath game would be the perfect compliment to Smith's deep game.

The Player: 4/24  Elite Heart and Hustle, Part Two- Sheldon Richardson.

The Reason: They drafted a lot of beef to put in the middle of their D-Line, and none of them seems to have worked out. Now they need a serious investment at D-Tackle. One great D-Tackle could push all their DTs back one spot were they might be adequate.  

Second Choice: Sylvester Williams DT 


New Orleans

*Barkevious Mingo


6-3, 240, 4.53,


Key F.A.:

Courtney Roby ST/WR

Ben Watson TE

Jonathan Vilma LB

Will Smith DE

Kenyon Coleman DE/DT

Victor Butler DE/OLB

Keenan Lewis CB

Key F.A.:

Chris Ivory RB

Devery Henderson WR

Brian De La Puente OC

Junior Galette DE

Turk McBride DE

Sedrick Ellis DT

Scott Shanle LB

Jonathan Casillas LB

Key F.A. Lost

Chase Daniel QB

Jermon Bushrod OT

The Team: They have to get some 3-4 OLBs who can pressure the QB. What makes Mingo so interesting is that he is a freakish athlete who ran a 4.5 at the Combine. Passrusher, even passrushers who only had 4.5 Sacks last season, tend to go earlier than you think when they 4.5s. He can learn to play OLB just as easily as he can learn to play D-End in the NFL. 

Tabula rasa. Last season was really a clean slate for the Saints. They really addressed their defense last season. Signing Spagnuolo, Bunkley, and three LBs. Plus, they drafted Akiem Hicks in the 4th Round. With offensive guru Sean Payton back from Bounty prison I have to wonder if they start thinking about an Offensive player here. 

The Player: Mingo is all flash and dash on the edge. He is still more promise than production. He is not stout at the point, but he is so quick at flashing inside to hit the RB. He looks like one of those explosive guys who plays better in the NFL than in college.

The Reason: If you sign Spagnuolo to be your D-Coordinator, you have to give him guys who can rush. Mingo is a 3-4 OLB. He is such a freak athlete who was more disruptive than his 4.5 Sacks would indicate. 

Second Choice: Kenny Vaccaro



Kenny Vaccaro

S Texas

6-1, 215, 4.53,

DT, OT, RB, S, WR, OL, LB, DB, 

F.A Signed:

Jared Cook TE

Williams Hayes DE

Key F.A:

Brandon Gibson, WR

Rob Turner OL

Williams Hayes DE

Rocky McIntosh OLB

Key F.A. Lost:

Stephen Jackson RB

Danny Amendola WR

Bradley Fletcher CB

Quintin  Mikell S

Craig Dahl S

The Team: The Rams O-Line was a complete and utter mess last season. I have been looking at an OLT for them so much that I forgot about ORT, and the interior O-Line. In case you have forgotten, they are in the division with Seattle and San Fran. Two of the best defenses in the NFL. If they don't get a shot at an OLT, they can leave Scaffold at OLT, and if they get a shot at Cooper or Fluker at 16 they may not be able to pass on them. I'm thinking more and more that Cooper ends up in San Diego, and Fluker ends up here. 

They need to improve the WR corp more, but if Allen is gone who do you take here that is better then any WR you could grab in 2nd. An OLT, who is better than Stafford, is not available here. If they had a Vaccaro with their first pick, and a top DT here, they could have a top defense for a long time. 

They have some talent at WR. Brain Quick and Chris Givens were real nice additions last year. However, I think they need a star at WR. Then you could have Quick on the other side with Given's speed in the Slot.  

The Player: Vaccaro He has to be the best run stuffing Slot Corner I’ve ever seen. He stepped up into the Slot and play Corner with no problem last season. Looks good covering TE dragging across the field. When he gets a Runningback in his sights you better hold onto your hat.  Form tackler who keeps his head up and arms out wide. Covers Slot receivers sometimes. He has improved his coverage to the point where it might be elite. I though of his as a 1st round pick as ridiculous. He is a hitter and impact player, in the hitting sense. Not sure he has elite speed (we'll see at the Combine;-). He is an elite athlete moving on the field. Moving up-down, in out and around, weaving through traffic, bopping through trash, he is elite. But his coverage this season has been terrific. He will line up n the box like a Linebacker and pick up whoever crosses the middle in passing game. Gets mad at teammates when they miss assignments. He knows what everyone in the back seven is suppose to do and he lets them know it. Covers a lot of ground. I think he might run a surprising time. Wow, he can really move across the field. He can cover the Slot WR, and come off coverage, fly across the field, and hit the RB who caught the swing pass on the opposite side of the field. He is a great athlete. He just keeps making tackles all over the field. I love how quick he comes off coverage when he reads something. Elite COD. Nice blitzer, but can get washed to easily. When a TE catches it over the middle, he can really give a great clean hit. He can make a play on the ball in the air. He is always watching the ball. He seemed to spend the Bowl game in the Slots and Paint like he was playing Linebacker. He will get over aggressive sometimes and run himself out of the play. He will also drift back into the single high safety and cover two. However, when they played him high in the Bowl game, the run defense really fell apart.

Vaccaro has always been a hitter. Last season he really stepped forward as a leader, pass defender, and big play guy. He could easily go earlier than 26. Especially if he shows he is a freak athlete at the Combine. He can really hit. 

The Reason: If Fluker and Austin are off the board, Vaccaro is nice third prize.  

Second Choice: Sylvester Williams DT



*Jarvis Jones-

OLB/PR Georgia

6-3, 240, 4.92, 



F.A. Signed:

Plaxico Burress WR

William Gay CB

Ramon Foster OG (R)

Larry Foote ILB

Key F.A.:

Charlie Batch QB

Byron Leftwich QB

Jonathan Dwyer RB (R)

Isaac Redman RB

Max Stark OLT

Emmanuel Sanders WR (R)

Leonard Pope TE

Doug Legursky OG (R)

Ramon Foster OG (R)

Trai Exxex OG

Doug Legursky OG

Max Starks OT

Casey Hampton NT

Steve McLendon NT (R)

Key F.A. Releases:

Rashard Mendenhall RB

Mike Wallace WR

James Harrison OLB

Keenan Lewis CB

Will Allen S

Ryan Mundy S

The Team: I just have a terrible feeling he is going to drop down tot he Steelers. I have finished my Tape of Jarvis Jones, and he is more nad more impressive the more you study his great talent. I no longer think he will drop out of the top ten. 

Both outside rushers the Steelers have relied on that past seven years struggled. If one of the top 3-4 OLB/PRs drops to them they will pounce. Plus, they can get a young kid who can learn behind Woodley and Harrison, and contribute immediately. 

The Steelers are in Cap hell. With Hines Ward retired, Wallace gone, and Sanders taking offers, WR looks more and more like serious option here. One of the reasons Wallace's production was down last season is that the HC told the OC that they need to get the ball out of Roethlisberger's hands quicker. Which means running shorter and quicker routes. Allen is a beast running underneath patterns. He is a big quick target with excellent hands. If Sanders signs elsewhere they cannot pass on Allen. Even if they resign Sanders, Allen still wouldn't hurt. 

The Player: Quickest Hands in the West- Jarvis Jones.

The Reason: This would not make me happy. He would heal their passrush in a flash.  

Second Choice: Cordarrelle Patterson WR



*Chance Warmack-

OG Alabama

6-2, 317, 34 3/4" Arms,

5.49, 9'2", S-1.83,


OG, S, OC, DB, OL, LB, WR, DE, WR, 

F.A Signed:

Anthony Spencer DE (Tag)

Phil Costa  C (R)

Justin Durant OLB

Will Allen S

Last Season F.A:

Felix Jones RB

Kevin Ogletree WR

Derrick Dockery G

Ernie Sims ILB

Mike Jenkins CB

F.A. Lost:

John Phillips TE

Kenyon Coleman DE/DT

Victor Butler DE/OLB

Dan Conner LB

Gerald Sensabaugh S

The Team: Warmack drops to them/ If he slips by the Bills and Jets he could drop further than you think. The Rams could take him. They have to give Romo more time to throw. Warmack is excellent at keeping the depth of the pocket. When he sits in his PP stance he is more effective then in the run. Most have him go earlier, but I just don't see where. 

The Player: 4/3  The Sometimes Superman- Sylvester Williams.

The Reason: Cowboy have to be looking at OG or Vaccaro, but if they are gone. Their is not a straight fit for their roster. So they go top big man on the board. 

Second Choice: Cordarrelle Patterson WR



*Bjoern Werner-


 6-3.25, 266, S-1.66,  

OT, LB, TE, DE, CB, DB, RB, OL, WR, 

Key F.A.:

Victor Cruz WR (R)

Cullen Jenkins DT

Aaron Ross CB

Ryan Mundy S

Key F.A.:

Ramses Barden WR

Travis Beckum TE

Bear Pascoe TE

Sean Locklear OT

Will Beatty OT

Kevin Boothe G

Rocky Bernard DT

Shaun Rogers DT

Keith Rivers OLB

Stevie Brown S (R)

 F.A. Lost:

Domenik Hixon WR

Martellus Bennett TE

Chris Canty DE

Osi Umenyiora DE

Chase Blackburn ILB

Kenny Phillips S

The Team: Giants love their D-Ends. With the recent defections getting a DE they could stick in opposite JPP to too tempting to pass on.  

Remember symmetry. Coughlin likes those good Catholic prospects (I was going to go boys, but it just sounded wrong;-). ND and BC are two of his favorite schools. Plus, we all know how much he and Manning like to throw to the TE. With Cruz a mystery, they could use a little insurance in the passing game. They have lost Ballard and Bennett in the past calendar year. They have the talent at TE to make this projection look stupid, but I think Eifert is just too good to fall out of the top 20. This is the only place I could find for him in the top 20.   I like Bear, but he is more of a pure blocker. I like Beckum, but has not over come his terrible knee injury and gets the dropsies. Robinson is a favorite of the GM, but has disappointing. Eifert could come in and be a star in a Two-TE offense. 

The Giants need to get some help for their O-Line. They had a heavy offensive Draft last year, so you should see more defense this year. This could also be the furthest Te'o could fall. Coughlin likes to step in and take those nice catholic school kids sometimes. 

The Player: 4/12 Two-Fer: Bjoern- Bjoern Werner.

Werner is such an impressive rushers from the Strong side. I always think teams are looking for that player opposite their top rusher to really cause havoc for the opponent's O-Line. His main problem is that he is often unreliable in the run game, and indifferent in pursuit. However, when he is rushing the QB his talent is obvious. 

The Reason: He would make a perfect compliment to JPP on the Strongside.  

Second Choice: Tyler Eifert TE 



*Cordarrelle Patterson-

WR Tennessee

6-2 5/8 217, 4.42,

(U 4.37-4.40), 

37" V, 10'8" B!


F.A. Signed:

Jermon Bushrod OT

Jonathon Scott OL

Martellus Bennett TE

Henry Melton DT (Tagged)

DJ Williams MLB

Calvin Hayden CB

Key F.A.:

Zachery Bowman CB

Corey Graham CB

Matt Forte RB

Kalil Bell RB ((R)

Idonue Isreal DE

Amobi Okoye DT

Roy Williams WR

Kellen Davis TE

Key F.A. Lost:

Frank Omiyale OG

Chris Spencer OC

Lance Louis OL

Nick Roach LB

The Team: This is a dream come true for da' Bears. When you have one grumpy WR who caught more passes than every other WR on your team combined, you Draft a WR. I'm a big Jeffery guy, but he has gone straight down hill since his spectacular Sophomore season. He was clearly the 3rd past WR that year, behind AJ Green and Julio Jones (and it is never bad to have your name mentioned with those two;-). So taking a WR here could be nice insurance to see if Jeffery stops the unfathomable slide he has been experiencing over the past two years. If Patterson is on the board they have to take him. Plus, Patterson has similar size to Marshal and Jeffery, but has a much different skill set. He can run with the ball on trickeration, and then mostly just go deep as rookie to try and clear things out underneath for the other two guys, as he learns to play in the NFL. Remember, he was still learning to play in college. Plus, he is a terrific special teams player. Which is not a priority for Chicago, but it never hurts. 

The Player: 3/15 Cordarrelle Patterson 

The Reason: When top prospect meets top need there shall be dancing in the streets.    

Second Choice: Eddie Lacy RB 



Alec Ogletree

LB Georgia

6-3, 233, (U 4.62),

20 Reps,  


F.A. Signed:

Brandon Tate WR

Dennis Roland OT

Michael Johnson DE

Robert Geathers DE

Wallace Gilberry DE

Rey Maualuga ILB

Terence Newman CB

Pacman Jones CB

Key F.A.:

Cedric Peerman RB

Andre Smith ORT

Pat Sims DT

Nate Clements S

Dan Skuta OLB/ST

Chris Crocker S

Key F.A. Lost:

Manny Lawson OLB

Thomas Howard OLB

The Team: There defense really took a step forward last year. Keeping that momentum going they are going to have to replace some of their FA. Their Linebackers are a mess. I just keep coming back to LB here. I just don't see how they can pass on Ogletree or Te'o here. When you look at the Roster, the only unit that isn't solid is the Linebackers. Ogletree is currently a CC, but he could start for this team at ILB next season. 

I was going to go WR here, as they have to get someone to play consistently opposite AJ Green. However, they took Sanu last year and Marvin Jones the year before. I really liked both those guys in college. However, with a lot of talent unsigned on the D-Line and OLB they will have to address those positions. 

The Player: Ogletree is an athletic freak who ran track and played basketball in high school. He is the best coverage Linebacker in this Draft. he can play both inside or outside. He is really good at chasing down the ball, but he doesn't take on blocker as well as I'd like. He is converted Safety. He might be the prototype of the new modern LB, as coverage becomes more important than stuffing the run. He can cover the TE down the Seam. He can really read the QBs eyes and fill the passing lanes. He drop straight down the middle of the field, and cover centerfield, as well as the best Tampa Two MLB. You have to think all the Tampa Two teams will be looking very closely at his Character Concerns. He flows nicely to both sidelines in run game. When he can get through traffic untouched he will find the ball carrier. He runs like a DB in coverage. This guy can really turn and run. He really looks good change of direction moving forward and backwards. Needs to use his hands better. Often doesn't look like he knows how to take on blocker. He likes to hit the blocker with his shouderpads to create separation; he tries to use the nice pop he creates to bounce off and grab the RB.  

The Reason: Top player with CC at the top need position. 

Second Choice: Manti Te'o ILB 



*Justin Hunter-

WR Tennessee

6-4, 200, (U 4.41),

DT, OT, RB, S, WR, OL, LB, DB, 

F.A Signed:

Jared Cook TE

Williams Hayes DE

Key F.A:

Brandon Gibson, WR

Rob Turner OL

Williams Hayes DE

Rocky McIntosh OLB

Key F.A. Lost:

Stephen Jackson RB

Danny Amendola WR

Bradley Fletcher CB

Quintin  Mikell S

Craig Dahl S

The Team: The top two WRs get stolen right before both picks. No sense taking a WR here, as a similarly talented WR will be available in the 2nd. Plus, they picked up two good ones last year. I still think they need a D-Tackle to complete their D-Line. Grabbing a big power blocking O-Tackle at 16, and a big power D-Tackle here would help out both units tremendously. Then they could work on getting some pretty guys later. Like picking up one of the Thomas(es) in the 3rd at Safety. With a shot at Woods or Hopkins in the 2nd, or maybe Swoops in the 4th to replace Amendola (I think the concussion issues drops him out of Day Two). 

I'm not a big believer in the Rams needing a WR. However, word coming out of St Louis is that they want a WR in this Draft. They have been investigating about every WR option in this Draft. Austin is now the hottest commodity in this Draft. He could go as early as 8 to Buffalo (if he were an SEC WR I'd have him there now;-). With both Austin and Patterson on the board they could pass by him and grab the leftovers at 22.

The Player: 4/18  Looks Like Thomas To Me- Justin Hunter.

The Reason: They have been beating every bush to find a WR who will fly out. They miss out of Austin and Patterson, but get a gift in Hunter. I think Hunter has a chance to be a legit star in the NFL.   

Second Choice: Eric Reid S 

PICKS 12-22

1st Round

PICKS 1-11

PICKS 12-22

PICKS 23-32

2nd Round

PICKS 33-48

PICKS 49-62

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