With The 1st Pick, in the 2013 NFL Draft, The Kansas City Chiefs Select? Geno! No, Star! No, Jarvis! No. Luke- Eh, maybe?

Updated: April 25th


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This draft is a different dimension from last years Draft which was loaded with impact skill positions player. This is a meat and potatoes Draft that will be dominated by the big uglies on both sides of the line. 

PICKS 1-11  

1st Round

PICKS 1-11

PICKS 12-22

PICKS 23-32

2nd Round

PICKS 33-48

PICKS 49-62

Final Mick Draft, Thank God!



My Picks: 

Key Needs:

Team Moves:



Eric Fisher-

OLT C. Michigan

 6-7 1/4, 306, 34.5" Arms

S-1.7, (U 5.01-5.07),  

OB, DE, WR,  ILB,  

FA Signed:

Chase Daniel QB

Alex Smith QB

Dwayne Bowe WR

Donnie Avery WR

Anthony Fasano TE

Brandon Albert OLT (Tagged)

Geoff Schwartz OG

Mike Devito DE

Sean Smith CB

Husain Abdullah S

Dustin Colquitt K 

Dwayne Bowe WR

Brandon Albert OLT

Ropati Pitoitua DE

Key F.A.:

Martin Rucker TE

Jake O'Connell TE

Russ Hochstein OG/OC

Shaun Smith NT

Brandon Siler ILB

Peyton Hillis RB

F.A. Lost:

Matt Cassel QB

Eric Winston ORT

Glenn Dorsey DE

The Team: I think you have to start off each pick in the top ten with Geno Smith. KC should do what San Fran did. Take the young Zone-Read QB, develop him for a year behind Alex Smith and hope to unleash him in a year. Smith is what he is. He is not going to get any better. He is a nice average QB, who can win with a great running game and a great defense. Smith is the kind of QB who can win game on his own when he is hot. I don't think Smith will ever be that. However, word out of KC is that they are going not trade Brandon Albert (even through the obvious Andy Reid Smoke screen;-) They need an ORT. If the only reason they could contemplate trading Albert is if they are serious about one of the big three. But which one? Reid likes nasty O-Linemen. Joeckel is not nasty. He smart, smooth, and efficient, but he is not nasty. Johnson is the nastiest by far, but everyone has him rated third for some reason. He plays to the echo of whistle almost every snap. Fisher is certainly nasty enough for Reid, and higher rated by almost everyone. I don't know what to do with that. 

The Player: 4/3  Fighting for Respect- Eric Fisher.

The Reason: One sentence was enough for me.

Second Choice: Lane Johnson;-) 



*Luke Joeckel

OLT Texas A&M

6-6, 307, 34.25" A, 27 R,

S-1.81, 28.5, 8'10"

 4.68 SS, 7.4 3-C, 5.30 (O)


Key F.A. Signed:

Justin Forsett RB

Jordan Shipley WR

Roy Miller DT

Sen'Derrick Marks DT

Geno Hayes LB

Antwaun Molden CB

Alan Ball CB

Key F.A.:

Jalen Parmele RB

Eben Brittton OT/OG

Brad Meester OC

Daryl Smith OLB

Rashean Mathis CB/S

William Middleton CB

Key F.A. Lost:

Rashad Jennings RB

Guy Whimper ORT

CJ Mosley DT

Terrance Knighton NT

George Selvie DE

Aaron Ross CB

Derek Cox CB

Dawan Landry S

The Team: They have settled in on two players. My draft instincts tell me it's Joeckel and Floyd. I don't think Gabbert is as bad as everyone says. He seems to be as bad as his O-Line, and the Jags had the worst O-Line in the League last year. I don't think Gabbert will ever be a star, but he could develop into an average QB like Alex Smith. So when they talk about drafting a "building block" here, I here O-Linemen. They will do the inexcusable here, and draft an ORT with the second pick in the Draft. However, If their was any O-Line you could make that excuse for it is this one. When I hear "building block" I don't think QB. This is another team that should take Geno Smith, and get an upgrade in talent at QB this year. However, they are in an interesting spot here. If Gabbert improves as the O-Line improves they might have found a decent QB. If I am wrong and he still sucks, they will be in prime position to pick one of the excellent QBs who will be available in next years Draft. They likely will be so bad they will have a shot at Bridgewater. 

The Player: Joeckel is the smoothest looking Tackle in this Draft moving backwards. I have never seen an OLT look more comfortable sitting in his Pass Protection stance than Joeckel. He rarely looks panicked or out of position. Better at stalemating in the rush than in the run game. Uses his long arms nicely. When he gets low he can chip on the DE and hit a LB. Not afraid to stick his hands into the chest of two different players. Needs to get stronger. He is usually so patient, but can be shoved off when he lunges a little. Terrific at using his feet to get position. He does such a great job of sealing the D-End to the outside. When he grabs shirt and keeps his feet moving, he can look unbeatable in Pass Protection. He has room to gain more weight. He is in terrific shape. The pace of the A&M offense is insane. Great awareness. He can stick his inside hand on the D-End, while eyeing a suspicious looking LB. Then get out and stone the LB with effortless smoothness. He is so smooth at switching defenders to block. He and Johnson from Oklahoma put on one hell of a show in that championship game. Latches onto rushers attacking the edge with amazing smoothness. However, he does struggle when he is moving backwards to stop and redirect when the rusher slaps him off, and tries to go inside of him. Great shadow blocker. Beautiful feet shadow boxing while sitting back in his stance. Nice bubble butt. Needs to play meaner. Not nearly nasty enough. On the field, he is too much like the guy you want you daughter to marry, and not the guy you want in an alley protecting your son's back. Great cut blocker on the MLB coming up the middle. He is mainly a cut and position blocker on run plays. Started turning D-Ends better towards the end of the season. He is not the best run blocker. In fact, he is the worst run blocker of the big three OLTs in this Draft. But, he makes D-Ends give up in the rush (or did he?). Does drive block guys backward when he can latch on and keep his feet moving. He did do a much better job driving D-Ends back, after he turned them latter in the season. My problem with him is that one of the reasons he looked so comfortable in PP is because teams were afraid to test the edge against Johnny Football. I noticed the same thing when I watching Mike Adams last year protecting Price, another scrambling QB. It looked like he made rushers give up, but they kept drifting off the rush to protect the edge. They were giving up. I saw that again and again against Joeckel. Too often rushers would burst up field, and then set the edge rather than panic Manziel out of the pocket. The last things opponents want last year was to watch Manziel sprinting to his right down the field. He didn't face the speed rush with real aggression hardly at all last year. Will he be the a starting OLT who excels in PP? I would say yes. Is he the best OLT prospect in this Draft? No, he is the 3rd. Lane Johnson had the best season of the three last year, protecting the Landry Jones statue against top competition. 

Joeckel has the size and measurement. Nobody in this years Draft looks as smooth and natural moving backwards. However, he does struggle sometimes in the run game. does not look as comfortable moving forward

Fisher showed he has all the skills you want in an OLT this past seasonThen he went to the Senior Bowl and dominated. He will be a top ten pick come April. He is a solidly built athlete. Showed a little suddenness of blocks in 40. Great feet. Needs to bend his knees a little better. Super smooth athlete. A bit of a false step coming out of stance to pull. Gets his hand up nice on outside block, but not a lot of pop. Really keeps his shoulders square in kickstep. 

The Reason: It looks like they will be taking sloppy seconds here: Joeckel or Fisher here. When you have the worst O-Line in the NFL, you should should probably go O-Tackle here (even if it is ORT;-).  

First Choice: Sharrif Floyd DT 



Lane Johnson

OLT Oklahoma

6-6, 304, 

OLT, OLB, WR, OL, ILB, OL, CB, WR, S, LB, LB. CB,   

FA Signed:

Danny Woodhead 3rd

Rich Ohrnberger OG

King Dunlap OT

John Phillips TE

Key FA:

Ronnie Brown RB

Danario Alexander WR (R)

Michael Spurlock WR/KR

Tyronne Green OG

Rex Hagnot OG

Shaun Phillips OLB

Antwan Barnes OLB

Domorrio Williams ILB

Gary Guyton ILB

Chris Carr CB

Quentin Jammer CB/FS

Corey Lynch S

Key F.A. Lost:

Randy McMichael TE

Louis Vasques OG

Jared Gaither OLT

Takeo Spikes LB

Antoine Cason CB

The Team: Okay, this is a huge bold move for a young GM. Picks 11 and 46 for the 3rd pick in the Draft, and Lane Johnson. 

Word coming out of Oakland is that they are locked and load to trade this pick. With the two other OLTs gone, their are three teams desperate for Johnson, and they know it. Detroit is in trouble here. They had L. Johnson written into their roster already. However, if Oakland realizes that they this is not last year. The Rams got a king's ransom for RGIII, not the 2nd pick in the Draft. They are not going to get a king's ransom for an OLT. The Vikings were only able to extort a 4th out of Cleveland for the 3rd pick in the Draft Trent Richardson last year. Now they only moved down one spot. So maybe you can accept a 3rd from Detroit to move up two spots for Johnson. Because you have to think San Diego has already come to grip with losing the 2nd to move up to 6 for Lane. So if Oakland can take San Diego's 2nd to move down to 11, they will have a deal. The third question is can they extort a 2nd and 3rd from Miami to move down to 12? Otherwise Miami will be stuck giving up their 2nd anyway, and a rich contract, for an older injured OLT. If Oakland is really serious about trading down here, they have three scenarios that could make the top three picks in this Draft be Offensive Left Tackles, LOL. That would be hilarious unprecedented history. Plus, I'm not sure there is a team between here and 11 that would take Sharriff Floyd. They could end up with Floyd (and certainly Richardson;-) at 11, and maybe 12.   

If the Chargers are serious about trying to win again, then they have to Draft O-Linemen with their top two picks. I really like the OG Troutman they took last year. So an OLT is much more paramount. If one of the big three OLT drops to Cleveland they have to sell their soul to trade up and get him. AJ Smith loved to trade up, and you could've marked it down here, if he was still the GM. I don't know about their new GM. However, there could very easily be an opportunity to pick up Lane Johnson. It will cost them at least their 2nd, and it would be a steal for Rivers if they did. 

This team has some very big needs. Most will be meet in FA. However, the O-Line is wretched and could really use as many as four new starters. If one of the big three OLTs drop they will gleefully grab him up.  

The Player: 4/2 The Best I've Ever Seen- Lane Johnson.

The Reason: I chose the Chargers, because they are the most desperate. Detroit has Reiff to fall back on, and Miami has Albert to fall back on. If they don't make this move it will surely take years off of River's career. Okay the real reason is because this screw Miami, and forces them to deal with Albert's agent to get a deal done, and the Jets lose Ansah, LOL (Okay, it's official I love this Draft;-). 

Second Choice: Floundering in mediocrity as Rivers get beaten down again and again.



Dion Jordan

OLB Oregon

6-6, 250, 4.6,


F.A. Signed:

Arrelious Benn WR/KR

James Casey FB/TE

Isaac Sopoaga DT

Clifton Geathers DE

Connor Barwin OLB/PR

Jason Phillips OLB/ST

Cary Williams CB

Bradley Fletcher CB

Patrick Chung S

Kenny Phillips S

Key F.A.:

Jake Scott OG

Derek Landry DT

Akeem Jordan OLB

D. Rodgers-Cromartie CB

Colt Anderson S

Key Loses:

Dion Lewis RB

Stanley Havili FB

Nnamdi Asomugha CB

King Dunlap OT

Mike Patterson DT

Cullen Jenkins DT

Darryl Tapp OLB

The Team: I'm cannot forecast this Draft at all. It is pitiful. So I am moving into a symmetry forecast. I don't even know if that is right word (it is just the one that pops into my head;-). if there is any connection to any team I'm going to stick the player in their. Like the Cowboys. I am sticking in Vaccaro in the 1st, because he is the best player from Texas available, and Dallas Thomas in the 2nd (because his name is Dallas;-). I know, weak, but it's all I got. Although that means I would have to stick Floyd in at Two, instead of Joeckel, because he went to Florida. Anyway, Philly gets Jordan in the 1st and Long in the 2nd (and maybe Kenjon Barner in the 3rd;-). I didn't think Kelly was the type of coach to remain loyal to his players. However, he is changing a lot of things in Philly too much more player friendly treats. Plus, the pick ups of Chung and Dennis Dixon. I read as clear proof I am wrong. Philly is switching to a 3-4, and Star would be the perfect fit here. I have struggle with the addition of Connor Barwin. It doesn't matter what we think, when a team shows a player the money like Barwin, they have him written in with pen as a starter. That leaves the opposite side open for Graham and Trent Cole (I just convinced myself again that they can't pass on Star here;-). However, Oregon ran a very odd defense last year. It was a 3-4 defense with guys constantly shifting all around. The main reason they were able to do that it because of Jordan. I have a ton written on Jordan. I just haven't had time to do a Tape. I have three done (that I need desperately to edit, obviously;-): Woods, Hunter, and Jamar Taylor. I also have the Tape work done for Richardson and a Three-For: Logan, Mingo, and Montgomery. Those two have a little longer to go. So I will do the Tape work for Jordan next, because he is such a unique player. The reason I think this would work for Philly is that Jordan can be on the field with Barwin at ROLB, and Cole or Graham at LOLB. At Oregon Chip Kelly moved this cat all over the place. He would line up primarily at OLB, but then shift to Slot Corner half the time he lined up at LOLB. Then he put his hand down as a 5-technique on either side, or sometimes in an Even front, or OLB in an Even front. He lined him up at ILB. Jordan not only knows Kelly's defense, he knows it as an OLB on both side in Odd and Even fronts. He knows it a D-End on both sides in Odd and Even fronts. He also knows it as a Slot Corner and ILB. So Jordan could take snaps on 80% of the plays, and the other three could as well. By moving them all about. Jordan could be on the field for 80 % of the snaps, and half the time or more not be lined up at Rush Linebacker in a 3-4. Like he did at Oregon. That is too much tremendous tricky versatility to pass on for Chip Kelly. 

The Player: 4/2 Elite Heart and Hustle- Dion Jordan.

The Reason: Having four passrusher is not just not a problem. It is the prototype in the new NFL. 

Second Choice: Star Lotulelei DT  



Ezekiel Ansah-


6-5, 271, 4.92, S-1.56!

21 Reps, 35" Arms, 

34.5"V, 9'10", 7.11 3-C,

CB, DE, OT, LB, S, RB, LB, OL, WR, OL, WR,

FA Signed:

CJ Mosley DT

Louis Delmas S

Amari Speivey FS/CB

Key FA:

Joique Bell RB

Kevin Smith RB

Kassim Osgood WR

William Heller TE

Lawrence Jackson DE

Corey Williams DT

Sammy Lee Hill DT

DeAndre Levy OLB

Chris Houston CB

Jacob Lacey CB

Drayton Florence CB

Key F.A. Lost:

Drew Stanton QB

Jeff Backus OLT (Retired)

Gosder Cherilus ORT

Cliff Avril DE

The Team: With the top three picks in the Draft the top three OLT, LOL, Detroit is screwed. 

They had a nice choice of three players here. However, Milliner's shoulder just went through it's six surgery. He is going to fall (probably just to Cleveland). When you are picking in the Draft and you have a sure thing at a need position, you just have to take him. Johnson not only played better than both Joeckel and Fisher last season (I don't want to sound like a D-Bag, but how in the hell do you watch tape of those three guys and not notice that Johnson played better and much nastier than the other two? It's a mystery to me? Yes I know, incorrect use of the question mark;-). He is meaner, nastier, and has more potential athletically. Schwartz watched up close and personal for week at the Senior Bowl. The Lions need a legit NFL OLT. His legacy is linked exclusively to Stafford. How much does getting an all pro OLT help Stafford. There is nothing he could do to help Stafford, his team, and his legacy by taking Lane here. Plus, he coached some interesting 3rd and 4th Round Corners at the Senior Bowl: Robert Alford, Leon McFadden, Marc Anthony, and BW Webb. 

I don't know much, but I do know that if you have a QB who has a long injury history, you better get some top O-Linemen. Schwartz was the coach of the South Team at the Senior Bowl. He saw the awesome talent of Lane Johnson and Ziggy Ansah with his own coaching eyes. This pick is a 50-50 shot at either player. You have to think his old D-Line Coach eyes are tearing up thinking about Ziggy. However, when you lose both your starting O-Tackles in one off season, that is a true football emergency. If their was anyone more impressive on the South Team than Ziggy, it was Johnson. He was stunning at the Senior Bowl. If he is on the board, for the sake of Stafford, Swartz cannot pass on him.    

The loss of Cherilus and the retirement of Backus puts a ton of pressure to take an O-Tackle here. Riley Reif looks like an ORT to me. If they think he can step in at OLT, they can go Milliner or Ansah here. They have three huge holes that will have to address early: O-Tackle, D-End and CB. Milliner could really solidify the secondary, and make last years weakest unit one of their strongest. They coached Lane Johnson and Ansah at the Senior Bowl. So the choice looks like it between them. I have had Milliner here since the Combine. But I've been doing the 2nd Round, and there are a ton of options at CB in the 2nd and 3rd Round. They coached: Blidi Wreh-Wilson, Jamar Taylor, Jordan Poyer, Dwayne Gratz, and Will Davis at the Senior Bowl. I think Gratz, Davis, and maybe Poyer will be on the board in the 3rd. 

The Player: Ansah moves so well at 270 pounds it is incredible. He should make 3-4 teams looking for a rush LB. Thinks too much sometimes. Uses his hand in combination better. He moves so smoothly. Slowed and almost stopped sometimes in the drills at the Combine, like he was thinking instead of just going. Needs to trust his instincts more. Doesn't have great hands. Does not look comfortable in a two point stance. As a conversion guy, he will take some time. If a 3-4 team takes him they should look to do what San Fran did with Aldon, just let him rush the pass as he learns his technique. He still is thinking way too much on the field. You have to drill that out of him. The less he thinks the better player he will be. He looks way better moving forward than backwards. He does look comfortable in coverage at all yet. Struggled to keep his eyes on QB in Zone drop. Nice smooth hips. 

The Reason: They have take a big hit here.

Second Choice: Dee Milliner CB




*Dee Milliner-

CB Alabama

5-11 7/8, 201, 

(U 4.31-4.37), 

QB, CB, OG, TE, WR, OL, DE, DB, QB, 

F.A. Signed:

Desmond Bryant DT

Paul Krugar OLB

Quentin Groves DE/OLB

Key F.A.:

Jaqua Parker-Thomas DE

Kaluka Maiava OLB

Scott Fujita LB

Sheldon Brown CB

Key F.A. Lost:

Colt McCoy QB

Joshua Cribbs WR/KR

Mohamed Massaquoi WR

Jordan Norwood WR

Ben Watson TE

Frostee Rucker DE

Chris Gocong DE/OLB

Usama Young S

The Team: Word coming out Alabama is that Milliner's shoulder has normal Range of motion, and strength. This opens up this trade big time. Plus, giving up a 2nd would seem to make the trade with Cleveland easier. Plus, if Cleveland can't trade out, they won't pass on Milliner. He comes in and starts right away. So It looks to me like Cleveland or Miami take Dean Milliner here (and yes that is an Animal House reference not a typo;-). Whether it's the Browns, Miami, and New England this pick looks like Milliner.

The Player:  

Milliner has a chance to be a shut down Corner in the NFL like Revis. Plays both Press and Off with seeming equal efficiency. He is so terrific against the run. He does a nice job tracking the ball down the sideline. He might knock down more than he catches, but he can really track the deep throw nicely. He gets his hands on the ball on either sideline deep down the field. He has such great quickness that it belies his size. Great hips and feet, and can turn and run with anyone. He is so adept at running stride for stride on the WR’s hip down the sideline. Plus, he is so long, tall, and can leap so high, that it is near impossible to throw over him on the deep sideline. They so often leave him all alone on the right sideline with no Safety help. He comes through game after game. Which allows them to blitz the safeties more and help with the passrush. He has such great hips. He pedals low, and can shuffle outside and then inside and then turn and run, all with such excellent hips and knee bend. Such a smooth athlete in the boundary shuffling with the tricky WRs. If he could just catch the ball a little better he will be the next superstar Corner in the NFL. Stunningly great agility moving side to side in pedal, as the WR makes multiple moves. Damn, can we trade up and get this guy. He is so good at leaping up and getting a hand between the WR’s two arms and pulling the ball out. Terrific against the run, setting the edge. He really does a nice job protecting the sideline from the RBs. He is such a great job on Eifert in the Championship Game. He is such an amazing athlete. Teams that have a lot of big WRs in their division need to trade up to get this guy. He has nice smooth hips. He uses his hands and feet in combination right on the LOS in Press, that it should be a training tape. He can turn and run quickly when he misses the Jam. He plays his position so well on the field. He knows where that sideline is and how to use it. Very smart cover corner. He makes some nice plays on the high ball when he is covering bigger receivers.

Milliner's Forty time just made him a top five pick. He has everything you want in a CB, except his speed was a mystery. Not anymore! Best feet at Combine in pedal. Didn't turn in transition as well as I thought. Got off balance  a little, and didn't transition as well as he can. I really like his hips when he turns and runs. 

Rhodes made a lot of money at the Combine. He looked like at Linebacker and moved like Corner. With the success of Seattle's oversized Corners, you are going to see a lot of teams start copying them. Rhodes is clearly the best big Seahawk's type CB in the Draft. 

Emanuel is a big 6-5 QB that is a great scrambler. Though he doesn't seem to like to run as much as he should. He needs to define himself as a thrower to play in the NFL. Very quick feet. He has nice footwork in his 3 and 5 step drops, but doesn’t always throw in rhythm. Likes to drop then bounce on his toes a few time and then throw. big arm. Big tall guy, but his release point is a little low. Sells play action nicely. He turns his back to the defense and can turn and find the open guy in play action. That is very important in the NFL. He shows nice touch when his feet are clean. Ej is a great athlete, who is also a great QB. Rare size and athleticism. Needs better ball control. Whips the ball around wantonly when he is running, like a kid with a bucket of Halloween candy. Makes ever throw. Sinning the ball is not his problem. He has nice accuracy and can put the ball where he wants it. Turns the ball over more than he should. He has to protect the ball better to be a complete QB in the NFL. After studying Nassib, yesterday I love Manuel's footwork so much more. After studying Barkley yesterday, I like Manuel's arm so much more. He should be the second or third QB taken. I like the way this kid throws the ball. I thought he showed excellent control of the fastbreak offence this year. When his footwork is good he throws a strong accurate ball. Very accurate in 2-steps quick outside throw. Throws the Deep Out as strong and accurate as anyone in this Draft. Losses accuracy when he is running to his left. He is an excellent scrambler, but he makes his worst throws when he is moving to his left. When his feet panic he over throws the ball. He is much better now, but when he looses control of his feet he looses control of the ball. He is not a run first QB, but he sure can run when he wants to. With the new Read Option over taking every conversation about QBs in the NFL, Manuel is gong to move up a lot of boards. Someone is going to put him in the Read Option and smile all the way to the bank.

The Reason: Three teams, three needs for Corners. 

They have a lot of talent on this team. If they can find a decent starting QB, they could turn this around real quick. Even if they pick up Miami's 2nd (pick 42), Manuel is not going to make it that far down. Plus, who do they take here, Rhodes? What if they like Hayden or Taylor who could drop to 45 rated equally with Rhodes. What if they have Wren-Wilson, Slay, or Banks rated as close enough. Because one or two of those guys will be on the board at 42. However, a second trade opens up as the Vikings have become desperate for Austin and offer up the 2nd 54. So the Lombardi not only replaces his missing 2nd, he gets two, and the Qb his HC wants. Taking Manuel here is not as nuts as taking him at 6 or 12. More from Mary Kay Cabot: "In addition to the Newton comparisons from Chudzinski, Manuel got some great feedback from Turner, who will double as the quarterbacks coach. 'He had a lot of good things to say about my game and what I can do moving forward,' said Manuel. 'They know I can throw the football, but they wanted to see how I'd react to coach Turner's coaching, my footwork, how the ball comes out of my hand, everything.'" Whether he really was comparing Emanuel to Newton, I'll leave it to you, but wouldn't it be great if he was. Are there any semi-sane football fanatic out there who are not looking forward to watching this wacky draft. 

Second Choice: Trade-Trade-Tread! 



Star Lotulelei-

DT Utah

6-4, 325, 


F.A. Signed:

Carson Palmer QB

Drew Stanton QB

Rashard Mendenhall RB

Chilo Rackal OG

Matt Shaughnessy DE

Frostee Rucker DE

Jasper Brinkley LB

Antoine Cason CB

Rashad Johnson S

Key F.A.:

Brain Hoyer QB

La'Rod Stephens-Howling RB 

Nick Eason DE

Vonnie Holiday DE

Paris Lennon ILB

Michael Adams CB

James Sanders S

F.A. Lost:

Kevin Kolb QB

Quentin Groves DE/OLB

Stewart Bradley LB

William Gay CB

Greg Toler CB

Adrian Wilson S

The Team: They have sold their future to Carson Palmer. Taking an O-Tackle here is a lock if one of the big three fall. If Johnson seems a lock to be the 3rd, this is his floor. If not, when a 3-4 team has a shot at a power D-Linemen prospect like Lotulelei they have to take him. 

The Player: 3/24 The Heart of a Warrior- Star Lotulelei 

The Reason: Star is just what the Cards need. He can line up at any inside position in their hybrid 3-4 and get to the QB.     

Second Choice: Lane Johnson OLT   



Ryan Nassib

QB Syracuse

6-2 1/8, 228, (U 4.9), 

28.5" Vert, 7'11" Broad,

4.53 SS, 7.34 3-C, 


QB, DE, WR, OG, LB, WR, CB, LB, DB. 

F.A. Signed:

Alan Branch DT

Jairus Byrd S (Tagged)

Key F.A.:

Chad Rinehart OG

Davis Nelson WR (R)

Tashard Choice RB

Kyle Moore DE

Bryan Scott LB

Leodis McKelvin CB

Key F.A. Lost:

Ryan Fitzpatrick QB

Donald Jones WR

Andy Levitre OG

Nick Barnett LB

Shawne Merriman OLB

Terrence McGee CB

George Wilson S

The Team: The question is, do I go with all the wackiness, or pretend this is a normal Daft. Okay, I'll go with the wackiness. San Diego trades up to three, for their 2nd. And that's right folks, the Bills take Nassib right here, and use the depth in the this years Draft to grab two starters in Round Two and Three. I can't wait for tonight. 

Is there any doubt in anyone's mind that Buddy Nix will take the best available SEC athlete at a need position (okay, so there is doubt in my mind as well;-). That looks like Warmack to me. I have heard more people raving over Warmack. I don't see it. Plus, there O-Line was really reliant on Levitre. Nix is also nothing if not old school. What do you think he envisions when he sees Spiller running to the left behind Glenn and Warmack, yikes! I can hear my Patriots complaining right now. Maybe Nassib can be a success as a rookie, in his college offense, with Spiller and Jackson running behind Glenn and Warmack. Although, passing on Nassib here could cause them to whiff on him. They will have to trade up into the 1st (Denver or Pats?), to snag Nassib. However, the risk is substantially less then I thought yesterday. Four teams that are in competition with them for Nassib don't have 2nd Round picks: KC, Oakland, Arizona, and Cleveland. So it looks like they will only have to hop over the Jags, who are said to like him as well. So this pick comes with the caveat that they have to be willing to give up their 3rd to get back into the 1st for Nassib. Although I would love for them to take Nassib here, because that would make this wacky Draft the funniest. Although, what is funnier than taking an O-Guard with a top ten pick (a 2nd Round QB in the top ten;-). 

The awesomeness of this pick is where all the humor of this draft could happen. The Bills have a reputation of reaching for players they like. They have done it over and over again for years. This is the first Draft I have seen in years where I can honestly say there is no way a QB should be taken in the top ten. However, just for the sake of the true power of this wacky Draft. What if? I mean they have the history, they have the coaches, and they obvious have the owner who likes to show he is smarter than everyone else by take guys in the top ten (or so) who everybody else has rated in the 20s (of course maybe that's why they keep drafting in the top ten or so;-): Whitner, Spiller, Leodis McKelvin (small school), Marshawn Lynch (CC), and of course Willis McGahee (Knee). Some worked out and some didn't. Like Spiller, it shows how much the Draft has changed. Can you imagine anybody taking an RB like Spiller in the top ten now? No way. But it is working out so far. Taking a guy too early is not always a bad thing. Value is in the eye of the beholder (Oh, was that a shot at BB. It wasn't meant to be;-). So why not do it again. Ryan Nassib is not going to last until 41. The Bills have to know that. So why not just take him here. I don't think he is a legit option to start in the NFL as a rookie, but if any coaching staff could make him into an instant starter it this one. Wouldn't it be wonderful. There could literally be no QBs taken in the 1st Round of the wacky Draft, or more likely a couple of trade-ups at the end of the Round for QBs. Or (yes my wise-assery is coming out again;-), they take Nassib here. Which causes Cleveland to panic and take Manuel at 11. Which could cause the Jets to panic and take Geno at 13. In the worlds most ridiculous scenario, in the world most ridiculous Draft, this pick could very cause a run on QBs. It could happen, LOL. 

The Player: 4/10 Loose Shoulders Sink Ships- Ryan Nassib

The Reason: This Draft will be geared around getting Nassib, and helping him transition to the NFL.

It is just too hilariously funny for this not to happen in the NFL's wackiest draft. A run on QBs starts here. Remember, their have been Drafts like this before. Where there hasn't been a clear hierarchy of talent. I think the top seven players in this Draft are above everyone else, but after that the next 30 or 40 players are all about the same in terms of potential. In Drafts like this there is a huge discrepancy in everybody's boards. Look at CB. Is Rhodes really a significantly better player than Trufant, Hayden, or even Jamar Taylor. You might say yes, but I say no. Half the GMs could side with you, but half the GMs could side with me. If you think Ryan Nassib is a legit starting QB in the NFL, then you take him here. Especially if your new HC and OC coached him college. Let the games begin, LOL.

Second Choice: Ryan Nassib QB (if they think he is their franchise QB, then they have to take him here)




Tavon Austin-


5-8.5, 174, (U4.25-4.31)!

4.34(O), 32" Vert, 10',

4.09 SS, 6.91 3-C,



F.A. Signed:

Mike Goodson RB

Willie Colon ORT

Dawan Landry S

Key F.A.:

Braylon Edwards WR

Dustin Keller TE

Jeff Cumberland TE (R)

Brandon Moore OG

Matt Slauson OC/OG

Austin Howard ORT (R)

Jason Smith ORT

Bryan Thomas OLB

Yeremiah Bell S

Key F.A. Lost:

Mike Devito DE

Sione Po'uha DT

Calvin Pace OLB/DE

Bart Scott ILB

Eric Smith S

LaRon Landry S

The Team: I can't decide which is funnier the NJ Jets taking an OG or a 174 pound WR in the top ten. This pick will tell the entire Rex Ryan story for next season (I actually like Rex, he make he laugh and that's all I care about;-). If they take two defensive players. Then Rex has a smidge of power in the organization and has a chance to salvage some dignity this season. However, if they double up on offensive players, his power is gone and the players will be like sharks smelling blood in the water. They could split the difference and give him some help keeping the team together a little. This is the first of an utter and compete collapse in New Jersey. The GM stabs Rex in the back, and wins the Bridgewater sweepstakes but starting the path to the Number One pick in the Draft, in 2014, LOL.

The need for a passrusher is so obvious. If Jordan or Ansah drops to this pick the deal is sealed. Not much else to say. 

The Player: I like it. I love it. I want more of it. 

The Reason: Best available passrusher seems the only course to true north.  

Second Choice: Tim Tebow (can they draft him again;-)?



Jonathan Cooper


6-3, 315, 35 Reps, 

4.84 SS, 7.78 3-C,  

27" V, 9' B, 

DB, CB, S, OLB, DL, OL, DT, 

Key F.A. Signed:

Ryan Fitzpatrick QB

Shonn Greene RB

Andy Levitre OG

Chris Spencer OC

Kevin Walter WR

Delanie Walker TE

Ropati Pitoitua DE

Bernard Pollard S

George Wilson S

Key F.A.:

Javon Ringer RB

Fernando Velasco OC

Deuce Lutui OG

Leroy Harris OG

SenDerrick Marks DT

Will Witherspoon :B

Gerald McRath LB

Ryan Mouton CB

Darius Reynaud ST/KR

Key F.A. Lost:

Matt Hasselbeck QB

Jared Cook TE

The Team: This looks like a Best Athlete Available scenario. They have three DTs they like, but none are as good as Richardson. After doing to the film work for Richardson I decided he was a top ten pick. His heart and hustle is outstanding. In this wacky Draft who really knows. But Richardson will be a legit starting 3-Tech in the NFL. 

When you look at their needs, D-End is not an emergency. However, there pass defense is on full emergency status. If they don't have the worst pass defense in the NFL they are fighting to be the worst. Any sort of DB is an option here. However, the DB depth is terrific in the 3rd. They have to get an OG, but I don't care what all the other pundits say, there is vertically no drop off in talent between Warmack and Cooper Vs Barrett Jones and Dallas Thomas at O-Guard. There is a reason O-Guard don't go in the top ten. Then you've got Warford, Winters, and Frederick maybe reaching their 3rd Round pick. The drop off after Ansah is much worse. I don't think he makes it this far down, but if he does they have to take him.    

The Player: 4/3   Making 'em Quit- Jonathan Cooper.

The Reason: This Draft is packed with DE, DBs, and interior O-Linemen into the 4th Round. The signing of Levitre and Spencer gives them some flexibility to take the BAA here. 

Second Choice: Bjoern Warner DE


Pick 11





*Sharrif Floyd


6-3, 303, (U 4.87),

QB, DE/OLB, S, RB, OL, DT, CB,  WR, DE, LB,  

F.A. Signed:

Matt Flynn QB

Khalif Barnes OT

Vance Walker DT

Pat Simms DT

Jason Hunter DT

Nick Roach LB

Kevin Burnett LB

Kaluka Maiava LB

Tracy Porter CB

Key F.A.:

Derek Hagan WR

Cooper Carlisle OG

Brandon Myers TE

Richard Seymour DE/DT

Andre Carter DE

Phillp Adams CB (R)

Joeslio Hanson CB

Shawrae Spencer CB

Key F.A. Lost:

Carson Palmer QB

Mike Goodson RB

Matt Shaughnessy DE

Desmond Bryant DT

Tommy Kelly DT

Phillip Wheeler LB

Michael Huff S

Mike Mitchell S

The Team: The Raiders get lucky. They trade down for an extra pick, and still snag the guy they like. 

I have been stubbornly trying to stick Geno Smith into the top ten, and it is not working. Word coming out of Oakland is that they want Floyd. If the Jags take Floyd I think you can see Milliner here. I think this is the year you have to be happy is you can narrow it down to two player rather than one. It looks like Floyd or Milliner here. With the depth in this Draft at CB, they will go Floyd here. They are far more likely to get a starting CB in the 3rd, then a starting D-Tackle. Plus, Floyd looks like he was meant to play the 3-Tech in the NFL. 

The Player: Floyd has such a great burst off the snap. He uses his hands so well. He plays with so well with his hands and feet together. He grabs shirt and jumps from side to side on the OG that it is ridiculous. Does a nice job gaining the OG’s shoulder with his burst off the snap. He took a big step up in the off season in strength and balance. He just kept getting better as last season went along. Great quick Swim move that he uses when he reads they are running right at him. He keeps going low and driving guys back. Then boom. When they try to go low an drive him back, he flashes over the top with a remarkably quick Swim. Every time I watch FLA he impresses me more. He changes direction so fast when the QB swings it outside. He pursues with a vengeance. His power is so impressive. He can use a Push shove that is so impressive. He pushes the OG up; Then pulls him as he changes direction. What makes it so special is that he will swing his inside hand and shove the OG a yard to the outside with that shoulder shove. Then there is no one between him and the RB. When he plays with his hands, feet, and hips in combination, he has such great power and quickness. It is something special. Then just shoots the Gap like a D-End and not a 300+ pound DT. He really is a great 3-Tech Under-tackle. His blast off the line can make the O-Guard and O-Center look like stumps stuck in the ground.

Floyd is a guy who impressed me every time I watched him. His ability to burst into the backfield is second to none. He could go Number One. He won't last past the Raiders. Shows some nice power right up the gut. Does a nice job playing with his arms extended. Impressive interior quickness. He can rush on the outside shoulder of he OG, and then push off and get to the inside shoulder and grab the RB with impressive power and quickness. Looks bigger and stronger this season. Really tough to run at this year. Impressive lateral quickness on twists. This guy is very underrated if you ask me. He can stuff the run, and really get up field in a flash on obvious passing downs. When he can just shoot the gap, he can disrupt the QB with nice consistency.

The Reason: The Raiders extorting the Lions, Chargers, or Dolphins for Lane Johnson, just makes too much sense to happen. With Detroit and Miami having fallback players, and the San Diego's new GM's job on the line. He makes the bold move. If he doesn't get a legit NFL OLT in this Draft. He will lose Rivers, and then he will lose his job. 

Second Choice: Sheldon Richardson DT

1st Round

PICKS 1-11

PICKS 12-22

PICKS 23-32

2nd Round

PICKS 33-48

PICKS 49-62


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