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Here is my Final 1st Round

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1. *Cleveland- Kyrie Irving- 6-3, 6-4 Wing, 191, PG, Duke, Fr-

The Team: Okay, word out of Cleveland is that Cleveland is taking Irving. This is the the guy they like for their PG of the future. They got a guy who has the best chance to be an All Star in this Draft, and the they guy they want to run the show. Which is pretty good considering how crappy this Draft is. 

The Reason: I have officially become a Kyrie Irving fan. He is not the best leaper, but pound for pound he is the best basketball player in this Draft. He is such a smart, mature, and skilled basketball player for his age that I am truly amazed. When I watch him play, especially mentally and quickness wise, I keep thinking amazing. You have to watch this game:

Second Choice: Derrick Williams SF/PF

2. Minnesota-  Derrick Williams- 6-8, 7-2 Wing, 248, SF/PF, Arizona, So

The Team: Minny's is in a good spot here, as long as the don't take a PG! To me the top five players in this Draft are pretty interchangeable.  However, the concern for Minny fans is that two of them are PGs;-) If you take out the PGs, Williams and Jan Vesely, as they have some players at Small forward and Love at PF, that leaves Kanter. And I know it's funny to put Irving here, but with Ridnour, Rubio, Flynn, and Telfair on the Roster it ain't gonna happen. However, word out of Minnesota is that they want to trade this pick for a veteran, and if Irving falls to them they have a great bargaining chip. Of course, we won't know until after the pick because of the stupid "you can't trade your own 1st Round Picks two years in a row" rule. And it is so amazingly stupid it's a wonder how these NBA executive keep their jobs. They have to put on that whole charade about teams drafting a guy they didn't draft and stuffing a hat on the players head of the team that didn't draft him. it is an embarrassment to the League, the teams, and the players, and an insult to commonsense. Like the whole Jeff Green embarrassment. I hate when people say the Celtics drafted him, they didn't Draft him Seattle did, they just had to wait until after the pick to announcement and force the kid to sit up there on the stage with a hat from the team that didn't draft, and then flash back to him a minutes later with his new hat on, and if the players look embarrassed at he new hat. It just so stupid. And if they want to keep the rule they can, especially when you consider (and I have no idea why they haven't done this already) all the have to do is have an exemption on Draft Day- any trades of 1st Round Picks made during the day of the Draft, at any time, do not count in the stupid "you can't trade your own 1st Round Picks two years in a row" rule. Then players can be drafted by the teams that are actually drafting them and everybody involved isn't made to look like fools. 

The Reason: Derrick Williams I think is the top player in this Draft. He has a calm and cool exterior, sometimes a little to cool on the court, but he is a fierce competitor who wants to win. His shooting efficiency is amazing, but what makes him special is his ability to go up, take the hit, reload the shot from a completely different angle, and make the shoot. The problem is that this pick would be a disaster for the Wolves. I think he will be better than Beasley. However, they are similar players who I don't think will play well together. The like to do similar things in similar spots on the floor. Of course this is probably all BS, right? Kahn has declared this pick is going to be sold to the highest veteran. I would imagine they are looking for a Shooting Guard and/or a Post defender. So t

First Choice: Trade the drafted rights of Derrick Williams

3. *Utah- Brandon Knight- 6-3, 6-7 Wing, 177, PG/SG, Kentucky, Fr-  

The Team: They have to get a PG here to help make the Williams trade look better;-) This could be a Franchise saving pick as now they won't have to get Fredette at 12.  

The PlayerHe is another great character guy. he has been extremely well coached in college, but is still too immature physically to contribute immediately in the NBA. However, he showed late in the season that he has the to potential to run a team, hit open teammates, and score. he is a nasty three point shooter who won some games with last minute heroics last year. He haws that special quickness in his step that makes him look faster than everybody else on the floor. He can dribble a little with his left, but not well enough, and cannot shot with his left at all, and PG need to be able to go strong with either hand in the NBA. He is a Water bug in the open court, and has that knack for getting anywhere on the floor he wants to go. He should have stayed in school. He has good instincts, but is still an immature passer. Nice Jump shooter. He has some inconsistency in his elbow when he shoots, and doesn't always shot it when his elbow is locked. The inconsistency of the release point comes from shooting the ball at different angle in his elbow. More of a three point shooter then a break you down guy. I'm not sure I'd like him as my PG. Doesn't really create shots for teammates. He has gotten by on his great quickness and his jumper and has not progressed as you like in most other PG skill set, and that troubles me as he transitions to the NBA. However, with his quickness, character, and work ethic he has the chance, with a ton of work and humility to develop into a nice starting PG in the NBA. he also is a terrific defender which goes a long way to helping him get on the floor early, but he is not going to step in and play the point as a rookie, and maybe not for a few years.  

Second Choice: Brandon Knight PG

4. Cleveland- Enes Kanter- 6-11 (in shoes), 9-1.5 (Standing Reach), 7-1.5 (Wing), 259, PF/C, Kentucky, Fr-

The Team: They took a shot and it paid off. This is how Cleveland wants the Draft to turn out with them getting their PG and C of the future. 

Second Choice: Enes Kanter C

5. Toronto- Bismack Biyombo- 6-9, 243, C, Congo-

The Team: Toronto's number one need is to get Bargnani out of the starting Center position and out to a Wing position. They have to do this by any means necessary. They like the Euros, and that is fortunate because it looks like the top five talent that is going to drop to them is Vesely. This pick would some redundancy as he reminds me a little of the Number One Bargnani, only Vesely is ten times the athlete and is a legit 6-10/6-11 Small Forward. 

The Player

Second Choice: Jan Vesely SF

6. Washington- Jan Vesely- 6-11, 230, SF/PF, Czech Republic

The Team: The team needs to get a guy who can run with Wall. This Washington team is seriously bereft of talent. Vesely is a bit of an unknown. He is as good an athlete as there is in this Draft, but still needs some work. He has no midrange games, and seems to dunk the ball and shot the three, and that's about it. He is a great alley-oop dunker and that will translate to the NBA. To me this is the second easiest pick in the Draft. Take the tall, thin, pogo stick who can run with anybody in the open court.

The Reason: With the ball in Wall's hands on the fast break, and this guy on the wing it is going to be fun to watch. I don't know how much they'll win, but it will be fun to watch.   

Second Choice: Alec Burks SG

7. Sacramento- Kemba Walker- 6-1, 6-4 Wing, 184, PG, UConn, Jr

The Team: The team needs a true PG and a SF. They have to half-Point guard fighting over who controls the team. They need a serious infusion of talent as PG. When your top three scorers all shot 43% or worse front he floor, you need a guy show can run the offense and set things up. They need a leader of this scattered offense desperately, and there is no better leader in this Draft then Kemba. 

The Player

Second Choice: Jonas Valanciunas PF

8. Detroit- Kawhi Leonard- 6-7, 7-3 Wing! 227, SF, San Diego St, So-

The Team: Leonard was a guy I watched a lot in the NCAA, and I loved his game. This is a BAA pick. 

The Player

Second Choice: Alec Burk PG/SG

9. Charlotte- Jonas Valanciunas- 6-11, 7-6 Wing, 240, C, Lithuania-

The Team: Seriously, you don't know why Charlotte needs a Center? Do the words Starting Center Kwame Brown hold any meaning to you;-) 

10. Milwaukee- Alec Burks- 6-6, 6-10 Wing, 193, PG/SG, Colorado, So

The Team: This has talent, but seems to lack focus. Having Maggette and Salmons lock onto you team with bad contracts has put a strangle hold on this team's future. They give this team some serious offensive fire power, but they are clearly dependent players, meaning the more you have depend on them the more they let you down. If the team doesn't need them to win they will play better. Both are 6-7 or so wing (nut) players who are probably better off the bench. Plus, they have Brandon Jennings, who despite all his talent still goes wingnut himself sometimes and it would hurt this team to take some on of the primary ball handling responsibilities off his hands.  

The Player

Second Choice: Donatas Motiejunas PF

11. Golden St.- Marcus Morris- 6-8, 230, SF/PF, Kansas, Jr-

The Team: They picked their last GM because he is the opposite of Don Nelson, doesn't like to take risks at all, (while Nelson never saw a risk he wouldn't take;-). Taking the smooth and easy college player over the Euro wunderkind is just his style.   

Second Choice: Donatas Motiejunas PF

12. *Utah- Klay Thompson- 6-7, 6-9 Wing, 206, SG, Washington St, Jr- 

The Team: They are loaded with inside guys and if they get Irving or Knight than the heat is off of the get Fredette factor. Taking Fredette here would be the worst thing in the world for this team and this player, as they will get Fredette, his fame, and his fanatical Utah following. Hometown hero picks like this rarely work out out. Let him leave town and unload the enormous expectations that he can never deliver. To me he is a great Jumpshooting no position player, whose defense will force him to the bench early and often, and in Utah that will unacceptable to the get Fredette fanatics who will blame everybody and their brother, except Fredette.  

The Reason: If they get a point early, they need to get a Wing guy. If Thompson hadn't had gotten into trouble he would have been in the same breath as Burk. This guy can play basketball and is a legit NBA Shooting Guard who could easily end up being the best SG in this Draft.  

Second Choice: Tobias Harris SF

13. *Phoenix- Jimmer Fredette- 6-2, 6-5 Wing, 196, PG, BYU, Sr

The Team: The more I look at the Suns and their history the more I think Jimmer. I think people sometimes forget that Nash was a shooting Guard when he was Drafted and transformed himself into the consummate PG. That is exactly what Jimmer needs to do. 

The Reason: Word out of Phoenix is that they are interested, and if they see him as the next Nash, who is 37, they have to pounce. This will also give Jimmer time to learn how to at least pretend to play defense, and learn how to run the offense from the Maestro himself.   

Second Choice: Tobias Harris SG

14. Houston- Nikola Vucevic C 6-11.75! 260 USC,-

The Team: I just can't McHale passing on Vucevic here. If it were anyone else but McHale this would be a reach here. However, can you imagine what this guy will be like in 2 or 3 years working with Kevin in the post everyday?

The Reason: Vucevic is flying up the charts. He is taller, longer, and more athletic than people thought, and he has really impressed me watching Tape. They replayed the USC vs Kansas game, and he outplayed Markeiff in that game. 

Second Choice: Markieff Morris PF

15. Indiana- Donatas Motiejunas- 7-0, 224, SF/PF, Benetton Treviso

The Team: I know Larry, and I know he probably won't take a Euro, but to me this could could be the PF/glue guy this team needs. They have to get a big guy to go with all their Wing scorers. The last thing they need is another SF or SG. Collison looks like he was the PG position sowed down nicely. Motijunas has a similar game to Larry, and has obviously studied his Tape. He is a terrific passer, especially out of the Post to open Shooters (just like Larry). Think of what that option would do to this team. 

The Reason: To me they need a guys who can set up some Wing scorers and a Power Forward. Motiejunas is not the best rebounder, but they have some rebounders in the their SFs to help. He is a pretty good Post defender, and with his three point shooting, size, and passing that is just what this team needs. 

Second Choice: Markieff Morris PF

16.  Philadelphia- Markieff Morris- 6-9, 6-11 Wing, 241, PF, Kansas, Jr.-

The Team: They have to get some help inside and getting a tough banging PF would do a lot to help this team. However, a Center is their real need, and I just keep seeing Vucevis going here.  

The Reason: Markeiff should not still be on the board, and I think he is the only PF they would take over Vucevic.  

Second Choice: Nikola Vucevic C   

17. New York- Malcom Lee- 6-6, 6-10 Wing, 198, SG UCLA, Jr-

The Team: This is one of those picks that makes too much sense to happen. The Knicks need a way pass first first Point Guard to go with their two Huns. It looks to me like a choice between Morris and Singleton, who also doesn't need to shot the ball to effect the game. Of course, knowing NY they'll Take Josh Selby, the SG disguised in a PG's body.  

The Reason: Malcolm Lee will be a 1st Round pick, and he is just the kind of versatile Guard this team needs. I think with his combination of Point and Shooting Guard skills he could play with Kid or Terry. Plus, he also played some Small Forward at Washington St and might be able to go 3 in a small lineup. 

Second Choice: Chris Singleton SF/PF

18. Washington- Tristan Thompson-6-9, 7-1 Wing, 227, PF, Texas Fr

The Team: He should really be gone by now. He is such a smart player, and has improved his shooting with both hands, which is not normal for a Lefty. However, he is a Center trapped in a Power Forwards body and has to learn to play better facing the basket. 

The Reason: He can run the floor like a gazelle in steroids, and when you have the Flash at PG you need to have big fast guys on the wing. If they get Vesely and Thompson in this Draft, in two or three years they could have the best fastbreak in the League. However, they may have to go big here and Vucevic is shooting up the charts because of his great length, and even though he looks to me like he has no game, he looks like he can run in the open court. 

Second Choice: Jordan Hamilton SF/SG

19. Charlotte-Marshon Brooks- 6-5, 7-1 Wing! 195, SG, Providence, Sr-  

The Team: Am I crazy or does this team need a Shooting Guard? They have some nice wing guys, but Jackson and Diaw look like Small Forwards to me.  

The PlayerIs moving up in this off season. he can slow it down and hit the open Jumper off the break. He can turn, one-dribble and pull up without his shoulders squared, hop high, balance his body and square his shoulders in the air, and snap the ball into the hoop with his wrist. That is a big time move, as you have to be able to create a little space and hit a Jumper with guys on you in the NBA. Has that knack for hitting the shot while falling away and balancing himself in the air. This guy played on crappy team and the scoring load fell squarely on his shoulders, and every opponent knew it and couldn’t stop him. 6-5, 190, with a 7-foot wing span. He his rail thin with long arms, but at 6-5, with a 7-foot wingspan, and with his great body control in the air, it is not a bad thing. He led the big East in scoring as a virtual solo act with 24.6 PPG . Despite all the attention he still shot over 49%, and that is impressive. usually when a guy plays on a bad team and has to score a boatload every night his efficiency drops (like Jimmer). Scouts have been whispering about Koby when they watch him. And physically he does resemble Koby when he runs, but no one is saying he is close to being Koby yet. Great penetrator, and what separates him from a lot of the others is that he has a great middle game. He can pull up and fall away from 5-12 feet and look unstoppable. He also averaged over 7 Rebounds a game. I’d take this guy over anybody 2 put Burk, and I’d have to watch more tape of Burk to that him.  

The Reason: This guy is an NBA scorer. I think he is the most underrated player in this Draft. 

Second Choice: Chris Singleton PF/SF

20. *Minnesota- Jordan Hamilton, 6-8, 6-10 Wing, 228, SG/SF, Texas, So-

The Team: Minny has come out and declared they will take Derrick Williams at 2. So that signals to me that they have to go big here. However, the one thing you could argue Minny needs is Jump Shooting 2-Guard. Hamilton has all the skills you want in a Wing, but doesn't have the smarts. His NBA success will be based solely on his mental ability to learn the game and play smart.

The Reason: If they can't get a big or a veteran they have to get a guy who can spread the floor. 

Second Choice: JaJaun Johnson C/PF

21. Portland- Chris Singleton- 6-9, 230, 7-1 Wing, SF/PF, Florida St, Jr-

The Team: This is another guy I really like. He will never be a great offensive player in the NBA, but man he play defense. He will be able to step in and play as a rookie, just because he can play D. He will be lost on offense, but he won't hurt the team at the other end of the floor like most rookies.

They heed a wing guy and eventual replacement for Gerald Wallace. 

The Player: This is a guy who will make any team on his defense prowess alone. He was the ACC defensive player of the year. He can defend just about any position but PG. he gives a coach a lot of versatility. He can play D and rebound, and play some inside. I think his best position might be SF, where he can defend the smaller guys easily, and play a power inside game against the smaller guy, and can steal you some points. But he will be drafted for his versatility and defense. He is also a good passer for a big guy. He is not a Point or anything, but he can find the open guy and snap off a nice pass. Reminds me of Fred Roberts. A guy who will be an important backup and will have some flashes as a starter, but can sustain the limelight for long.  he shots a little early and doesn’t shot at the top of his hop. He reminds me of James Posey. 

The Reason: Defense is always a need. Because of his great defense he can probably defend four positions on the court. Having a guy who can chip in all over will be very important as they find a new identity. 

Second Choice: Kenneth Faried PF

22. Denver- Josh Selby 6-3, 6-5 Wing, 195, PG/SG, Kansas, Fr

The Team: This is a team that has to take a chance on greatness, with the trading of Chauncey and Melo, they have traded away their two great players and now really have none. Selby may be the best athlete in this Draft and has some basketball skills. He has put it all together yet, and I don't think he will ever be a legit NBA PG.

The Reason: I think he will fall in the Draft because he is the worst kind of tweener, a SG trapped in a PG's body. But there is greatness in him. He looks like a cross between Raymond Felton and JR (Whack-A-Do) Smith. Unfortunately I don't think he can play with either at the same time on the floor. If he can learn to play the Point like and NBA PG, him will be a star. He continues to play like a SG, he will be the capital F in Frustrating.  

Second Choice: Kenneth Faried PF

23. Houston-  Tobias Harris- 6-8, 6-11, 223, SF/PF, Tennessee, Fr-

The Team: The need some wing scoring is obvious, and Harris looks like he can be effective on the wing in the NBA. I think he is an underrated wing guy, who can handle, pass, and fly down down the floor, and of course we all know he can score. 

The Reason: Harris is a tough kid to define, but I like his heart and hustle, and he is so young. He will have to change his game a little and become more of a perimeter guy, but I think he can do it. 

Second Choice: Tyler Honeycutt SG/SF

24. Oklahoma City- Kenneth Faried- 6-7, 7' Wing, 9-foot (standing reach), 225, PF, Morehead St, Sr-

The Team:  Hustle, heart, and grit define Faried who measured way shorter than I thought he would. He measured 6-7 in shoes. However, he did also measure a 9-foot standing reach which is a big number.   

The Reason: Oklahoma's time is now. Faried can come in as a rookie and make an impact without touching the ball. He can play D, hustle, and rebound off the bench, and that is just what Oklahoma needs.  

Second Choice: Tyler Honeycutt SG/SF

25. Boston- Jeremy Tyler- 6-10, 7-5 (Wing), 262, C/PF-  

The Team: This team needs some help inside. they won't get any instant help from this Daft unless they take Faried. Which brings up Danny's dilemma of this Draft, take a guy who could be a star in a few years, or a role player who can help the Big Four on their final fleeting attempt at a trophy. I just don't see them doing that next year. This team is one year away from a near complete reconstruction. Unless Faried is on the board, they will have to look to the future in  two or three years and not next season. Tyler is a true mystery in this Draft. He as a terrific smooth jumper and I have no doubt he will be able to score in the NBA. He measured a remarkable 7-5 Wingspan with a an incredible 33.5" Vert. However, I don't know if he can play defense, is a hustler, or can rebound, so I don't know if he can play in the League. He did average over 12 Rebounds last season in Japan for whatever that is worth, and showed some amazing agility for a guy his size around the hoop. He is a huge risky pick that could turn into an all star player or a defenseless bust. But if he hits, he has Amare Stoudemire-type potential. 

The Reason: They are going to need a big man who can run with Rondo in the open court in two years when KG's, Sweet Ray's, and Jermaine's contracts all expire. They will be 30 million under the current Cap (but we won't know how much under the new Cap they will be). They will have a chance to get a Super Star Free Agent, or a couple of very good FA. Here's hoping for the star. because the two good players (like Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva yuck;-) doesn't usually work. Stars win in the NBA, and good players hitch a ride on great players backs. Tyler has greatness in him, but whoever is ordering him around has to be stopped. He needs to get as far away from them as possible. I have never seen two so mismanaged minors as Tyler and Kanter in all my life. If they want to be great they have to separate from whoever is advising them as soon as possible. This is a similar pick to Avery Bradley. Danny drafted Bradley more off of what he did in high school, when he was seen as a top five recruit, than what he did at Texas, when he look like an awfully small SG. Tyler was seen as a top five recruit in high school before his adventure to the holy land. I know I'm just a Patriots Blogger, but he showed me at the Combine that he still had that talent that made many scouts think he was going to be a top five pick in the Draft two years ago. He has the ability to get up as high as Dwight Howard (Don't go crazy now, I'm not saying he has a game anywhere near Howard's great game, and Howard is a truly great NBA player, I'm just saying he can jump as high). Plus, he has terrific mechanics on his jumper, which he already looks like he will develop into a consistent shooter form 12-15 feet, and if he continues to work on it, it can be a Stoudemire-type weapon.  

Second Choice: Kenneth Faried PF

26. Dallas- Iman Shumbert- Georgia Tech, 6-6, 222, 6-10 Wing, Jr-

The Team: Dallas is getting old at a lot of positions. Getting an athletic young who can play multiple positions will be important for this team in a year or two.  

The Reason: Shumbert reminds me of Nate McMillion. He is a guy who can go a whole game without taking a single shot and not complain. He is a truly great NBA-ready defender. 

27. New Jersey- Trey Thompkins- 6-10, 7-1 Wing, 227, PF, Georgia, 

The Team: Another team in transition that is still trying to figure out what it is going to be with their new wacky owner and Point Guard. They could go Center or Shooting Guard here easily enough. However, I think BAA might be the best choice, and that is Tompkins.  

The Player: He is not going to be a great catch and shooter in the NBA. He does get a great hop, he shots it to quick and does get to the top of his hop, he leaves his left hand out of it which is nice, but there is no snap in his wrist. It is an aimers release and not shooters release. He is an inside guy who stills needs to mature physically. He has long arms, gets nice position, and can rebound. That is always valuable in the NBA.  He plays with his back to the basket, and know how to use his butt, hips, and feet in combination to get the position he wants. However, he will need to get stronger to get that position in the NBA. He has nice hands and catch just about anything. He has a nice little lefty shot in close. He can turn around, and show his back to the basket and still hit the tough shot with defenders fouling him in the lane. Which if you want to be an inside guy in the NBA you have to able to hit the shot after getting hit, he can do that. When he keeps his elbows at shoulder lever he can gets real nice position inside. Understands leverage, not just with his hips, but also with his shoulders and elbows. He has the physical understanding of how the get position in the NBA, he just needs some weight work. Plus, he has a nice turnaround jump hook for the right, which is my favorite shot. He is very deceptive in the post and outsmarts his opponents inside, and has that knack for getting position inside, knowing where the hoop is at all time when his back is to the basket, and finding a way to turn and get his shot in contact and traffic inside. That is a nice trait to have inside. He has some nice fakes inside. He has nice patience inside, and can let the defender over react his way out of the play. He can shift from side to side of the hoop in reaction to the defenders reacting to him, which is real nice inside instincts. The more I see him play inside the more I like him, because his jumper is terrible. If this kid is really 6-10, 245 and can rebound and defend in the NBA he is a legit starter on a good team. He is still real young, a 20 year old junior, and will need some time to mature, and will always have an inconsistent jumper, but he has that knack for playing with his back to the basket and all NBA teams are always looking for that as fewer and fewer kids practice that game anymore. Nice low post defender on the college level.

The Reason: Thompkins is a big guy who can hit the jumper. When you have a great at point guard, getting guys on the outside he can kick the ball out to is always a good idea. When it is also a big guy who can drag a big defender out of the paint, it makes the choice a lot easier.  

28. *Chicago- Travis Leslie- 6-4, 6-11 Wing, 205, Georgia, Jr-

The Team: Boozer disappointed in the Playoffs again. Harper could come in and start pushing him immediately. 

The Reason: There are 3 or 4 Power Forwards who I think are about the same, and if any drop to the Bulls I think they have to take him. It was easy to fall in love with Harpers game in the NCAAs. He will give this team some heart and hustle inside.   

29. San Antonio- Nikola Mirotic- PF/C, 6-10, Real Madrid

The Team: Spurs are happy to take guys who they can wait on. Mirotic would be a top ten pick if not for the Contract or the fact that he doesn't seem to care about the NBA. He is an NBA ready shooter, which a nice mix of inside toughness and clutch shooting.  

The Reason:  Vucevic is moving up the charts because of his great length. he has some skills but hasn't put it all together. If they want to continue to ride on Duncan's back they have to get him a big who can play next to him and help inside. 

30. Chicago Shelvin Mack 6-2 205 6-8 Wing, PG/SG Butler Jr

The Team: Chicago will have nice choice of SG to pick from here.  

The Player: To me the best player on Butler two years ago  I never understood the whole Gordon Heyward thing when he wasn't even the 2nd best player on the team, never mind the 1st. This guy was the heart and soul of that team in 2009, and the leader in 2010. He averaged over 20 PPG in the NCAA Tournament. He shot over 40% from three point land. In my mind I thought he was the key ingredient that somehow got tiny Butler to two straight Final Games in the NCAA Tournament, and I Gar-run-tee Butler won't be back next year without him. He was the leader of that team. He set the offense, and he made the shots when needed. He is a great penetrater. His jumper is a little slow, and at his size in the NBA he will need to speed it up a little. He is a pure wrist shooter in his Jumper, which is nice and means he can get his shot off in awkward positions. Plus, he leans back nicely in his release.   

The Reason: They have to get a backup Point Guard to take some of the heat off of Rose, and I think Mack and Rose can play together a little as well. Plus, I am a Mack guy. I thought he was great at Butler and more responsible for their NCAA runs of the past two years than any other player on their team. He is a smart player how takes smart shots. He knows when and how to pass the ball, and makes positive passes that put his teammates in good position. He can be instant off offense when he gets hot. He is a strong composed leader. He plays in balance and doesn't leave his feet unless he has a plan. He plays with real nice deception. I just like his game, clutch shooting, and leadership.   

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