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The New Celtics.

Game Seven Is Something For History.

By Tom Mahoney

3. Game Friggin' Seven- Game Friggin' SEVEN. Are you kidding me. The Celtics average age is 24.8. They would be the youngest team in the history of the NBA Finals. Veteran teams with leaders like Kyrie and Gordon go to the Finals. Not young teams that lost their veteran All-Stars, like Irving and Hayward, with one real veteran leader left, like Horford, simply don't go to the Finals. 

But I don't want to get ahead of myself. "Gotta get ready to play, gotta get ready to play at a high level just like every other game," Stevens said. "It’s win or go home. So it will be an absolute blast to prepare for as a coach and play in as a player. It’ll be a heck of a challenge. We’re playing a really good team, obviously a tremendous individual player who put on a tremendous show tonight." Thanks Brad (Celts win). 

This is such an impossible story that it is hard to put into context. "At the end of the day you have to go out and make your own history," Jaylen Brown said. "We have to come out and do what we’ve got to do. People can say whatever they want, but two teams have to come out and play. We’ll see what happens after that." It is tough to compare different ages of basketballers, because of the age of leaving schools.

But the '83 Celtics had an average of 4.91 years in the NBA (including 1983). The two most experienced Celtics on that team were Scott Wedman (9) and M.L. Carr (8). The current Celtics had a different story. There are 18 Celtics on the current roster (not 12). I added one year to the average to include this season. So Jaylen Brown has 2-years and Tatum-1. The average years of experience for the Celts is 2.94. But you also have to remember that most rookies in 1983 went to college for at least four years. Larry was a 23 year old rookie. There were no teenager rookies, ever Never mind a Tatum who is essential tied in scoring in the Playoffs with Brown (18.3 to 18.2). 

So the two best scorers for the incredible young Celtics are a 2nd and a 1st year player. Unprecedented! And lets be clear the 1983 Celtics had two rookies on the team, and neither got a single meaningful minute in the Playoffs. Never mind being .2 PPG from being the leading scorer for the Celtics in the Playoffs. Plus, all the Celtics in '83 went to college for at least four years, and most came into the lead as college graduates.

Like the old, compared to Tatum and Brown, Terry Rozier. "We have to come out aggressive and play Celtics basketball," Rozier said. "We can’t just rely on us being at home for an excuse that it’s going to be easy. It’s not. But we’re looking forward to it; we have to come out aggressive and make things happen." He is the only Celtics to go through 4 years of college.

Meanwhile the Cavs are a very veteran group. Talk about a clash of different teams. The Cavs average years of experience is 7.3-years (including this season). They also allegedly have four rookies on the roster, who I believe are in the witness protection program (because they sure as hell aren't on the court;). Unlike the Celtics who can argue that their best player might be the rookie Tatum, and if not? Certainly top three. 

So these historically too young for Prime Time Celtics are about to take it to the old Cav veterans. "It's about just winning the game now," Smart said. "It's not going to be pretty. You got to be able to get down and get dirty. You can't go out and try to look pretty. You have to be ready for a dog fight. We got to be ready to come up with our nose bloodied. We got to be ready to come out with our mouth bloodied. We have to be coming out ready to fight." Smart sounds more like a veteran than most of the veteran Cavs, who have not come through on the Road in this series (Celts win). 

4. Young Celtics At Home- The Home team has won every game in this Series. This is not a coincidence. Good, not great, players will always play better at Home. So the complimentary players will help their stars much more at Home, while the Road teams complimentary players won't. That is one of the biggest differences between the stars, and the not so much stars. 

This is incredible, especially when you consider that so much of this happened after the Celtics lost their two best players. "From the first game here in Cleveland, when Gordon got hurt, I think everybody got tougher. [We] got into new roles because over the season we had every time somebody missed a game," Theis said, who is also injured. "Like Kyrie was sitting out sometimes because of his knee and missed a game. And every time somebody stepped up. Also, a big part was just Brad throws everybody in there. You got no conscious of… sometimes you don’t play a couple of games. But the next one he just throws you in there for like 20 to 25 minutes. And he knows what you can give him and help this team to win." Plus, the Cavs have the Love problem. 

Love seemed to be the one other player on the Cavs who didn't struggle on the road. "We’ll have to prepare our team to play well, regardless of who plays for them," Stevens said. "Obviously, they’ll run a little bit less of the Love stuff, and more of the other stuff. Probably more opportunities for LeBron. More opportunities for Korver and Smith. More opportunities off those pick and rolls. All of them were very effective for them [Friday] night." Love is out, and that may cripple Cavs' chances.

The young Celtics really don't know how incredible this is, but they are starting to. "I would have said, 'Man, that’s perfect. That’s exactly how I want it,'" Brown said when asked about a friggin' Game Seven in the Eastern Conference Finals in Boston. "I expect it to be as loud as I’ve seen it. And that’s saying a lot because the Garden [has been blowin' it up in the Playoffs]." But the somehow not too young for prime time Celtics have been great at Home.

They are unbeaten at Home in these Playoffs. "We know we haven’t lost at home," Tatum said. "But it’s one game to go to the finals. That’s all we’re worried about." The other Celtics have to step up. 

That will be the difference in this game. The Celtics secondary guys will step up at Home, and the Cavs secondary guys will not on the Road. That is why the Regular Season is so important. It can show up in Home Court, in Game Seven, of the Eastern Conference Finals. When both teams have won every single game at Home they played in the Playoffs (Celts Win).

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