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The New Celtics.

On First Blush. Part II.

By Tom Mahoney

Upon further review, I keep coming back to Thomas's hip. If he needs surgery on that hip he will never be the same again. The Hip is the center of the bodies muscle structure. That is why professional athletes never comeback from hip surgery. So I'm no convinced that IT can be IT next season. It would be a true tragedy, but it is still the most deadly injury to a career in professional sports.

The overpaying for Irving was just too suspicious to expect a full recovery by Thomas. They have already hinted that he will not be ready to start the Regular Season. "Those are private conversations," Ainge said. "I will say this, I’m not going to share my conversation with Isaiah. As you can imagine, I’ll leave it to your own imaginations to realize how difficult that conversation might have been for me and Isaiah. And I will say that Kyrie was very excited about coming to the Celtics." Last season will go down as the best season of Thomas's career. While Irving still has some room to grow into the Celtics' system.

Then you have Crowder. Who went through the worst kind of tragedy the night he was traded. I would like to wish him my condolences for the loss of his Mother. The Celtics would not have been in the Eastern Conference Finals last season if not for Jae, period. He was a great example of Celtics Pride.

However, any minutes he got next season at SF would have slowed down the development of Brown and Tatum. So trading him was a positive for the long term development of a Championship team. Because there is no way that Stevens could not give Jae significant minutes. He just too good of a steady NBA veteran. Even though I don't think that Brown or Tatum will be Small Forwards next season. The Celtics prime objective the next two years (beside developing Brown and Tatum, obviously;)? They have to find a way to get their three wings on the floor: Brown, Gordon, and Tatum.

I think Gordon will start at SF. Brown will be more of a shooting guard, and Tatum will be a power forward. Brown is a better defender at SG than Gordon. While Tatum played PF at Duke, and has the size and rebounding ability to play PF for the Celtics. I'm not saying he will be a pure stretch-4, as that would make him a disappointment. But he can stretch the floor from the Four, cover NBA Fours, but also do so much more. 

The Celtics hope to have a starting five of Irving-Brown-Gordon-Tatum-Horford as soon as possible. But Smart, Marcus Morris, Aron Baynes, and maybe Yabusele might have something to say about that. Irving, Smart, and Brown will get most of the minutes at guard. But the PF position is the most troubling for Stevens. Tatum is not ready. Morris played more SF last season. Baynes was more of a Center last season. Yabusele might be more ready than Tatum, but not by much. 

That's why Crowder's contract was too valuable for him to not be included, as an NBA Supermax Contract were bumped up to 35% on the teams NBA Cap. "We live in not just a financial world but a competitive advantage world in acquiring players," Ainge said. "But I think that contracts do play a part in trades. No question." Isaiah and his bum hip had become a massive problem for the Celtics, with one year left on his contract.

The CBA has a new clause where you can give a higher percentage of the Cap to one player than ever before. There is a reckoning coming. Teams will have trouble putting three Supermax players on their Cap, as shown by the Warriors having trouble with two. Three Supermax players could take up 105% of a teams Cap. This was done to protect small market teams, who cannot afford to match the big money of the big city Franchises. Having two or three players on a 35% contract would be devastating to the rest of the roster.

Irving will not be eligible for the "Super Max" 35% devastating hit on the Cap in two years. "His age (25) is a great fit," Ainge said. "His age and experience is a great fit for us. With where we are with some of our younger players, his ability to score in a variety of ways, shooting from the three and getting to the basket, is elite. He’s shown that the past three years in the NBA Finals." 

By leaving the team that drafted him? Irving is no longer able to collect the 35% Super Max deal when he is a 10-year veteran, after his current contract expires. This clause was used to stop great players from small market teams leaving the team that drafted them. They have to be on the team that drafted them for 10-seasons to reach the 35% level.

That was an exceptional enticement for Ainge and the Celtics. "We feel like we have done a lot of homework," Ainge said. "We feel comfortable with who Kyrie is and who he can be. We feel like his best basketball is still ahead of him. And he can be assured that we did talk to many people and did a lot of homework." Irving will be limited to 30% of the Celtics cap, as a 10-year veteran, on his next contract.

He meets all the criteria for a Supermax player, except he is no longer on the team that drafted him. "Yes, we have a player that has proven to be a sure thing," Ainge said. "We know how unpredictable the draft can be. We have a 25-year-old All-Star, Olympian, World Champion, top-notch scorer at age 25. And that is very rare. You do pay a heavy price for a player of that age and that caliber." Which does bring up the question, if this is another player that is a lure for Kevin Durant?


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