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The New Celtics.

On First Blush.

By Tom Mahoney

If you are a true Celtics fan than there is no way you liked this deal on first blush (Yes, I'm saying if you liked this deal right off the bat your not a true Celtics fan;). Isaiah was not just the best player we have seen on the Celtics since the second Big Three, but he was also the most clutch and entertaining player we had seen in a long time as well.

Ainge has long been criticized for refusing to make a deal unless it is a steal, and hording assets like a squirrel with glue on his nuts. "Well, it presented itself. It wasn’t available earlier in the summer, this same opportunity. These are very difficult decisions, as you can imagine. We face these difficult decisions at all times during the year. You never know when something may present itself," Ainge said. "But an opportunity for us presented itself, even though it is a high price tag. It is a great value that we’re giving up. We love Isaiah and love Jae Crowder, and we’re just getting to know Ante Zizic, who we’ve watched and nurtured over the last year, and given up a quality 1st-round pick. But acquiring a 25-year-old perennial All-Star, a player that fits a timeline for us and is a fantastic offensive player. One of the best offensive players in the league. You have to pay a heavy price."

Isaiah was a better player than Kyrie last season. But something kept nagging me about this trade. Isaiah was a superstar last season and Kyrie wasn't. He was the clear and present number two on the Cavs to LaBron. Isaiah was the clear and present force that forced the Celtics into the best record in the East, and the Eastern Conference finals. Once Isaiah's injury made him just a normal guy, the entire team fell apart in a 50-point loss.

"Trading both guys was tough, but Isaiah had just an amazing season this year and entertained us all, the whole city of Boston," Ainge said. "And everybody fell in love with him. He’s such an underdog because of his size and his heart and his spirit in which he plays. And it was very challenging to make this decision."

My worry was Kyrie's ability to spread the ball around. Isaiah was not just a top scorer in the League last season (3rd overall), he was also a true point guard who set up his teammates and had more assists than Kyrie. LaBron was the true PG on the Cavs last season. Isaiah averaged 6.3 APG in the Playoffs, while Kyrie only had 4.7. But both players had their career highs in assists in 2014. Kyrie averaged a tick more (6.3 APG) than Isaiah (6.1). Last season they were virtually identical in assist (5.8 to 5.9). So I was wrong about Kyrie's ability to play the point.

But Isaiah wasn't the only player in this deal. "This has obviously been a roller coaster of a day for us, trading away Isaiah and Jae and Ante," Ainge said. "Especially Isaiah and Jae, who have been such a big part of our team and our success and our Celtic culture as leaders of our team. Very, very difficult day. At the same time, a very exciting time, [We have acquired] one of the best offensive players in the league."

So what gives? The Celtics switched very comparable players, but the Celtics also threw in Crowder, who doesn't get enough credit for what he brought to the Celtics. Zizic, who seemed to get better with every Summer League game (though he looked terrible in the first one;). And a possible Franchise changing Nets pick. Which could turn into a big who can rebound, and run the floor and defend smaller guys like Anthony Davis. 

"First of all, we’ve offered 1st-round picks of this caliber for a handful of players," Ainge said. "A few players, at least, in the past. The trades just didn’t go through. But Kyrie is unique. And I think that this was just a trade that we wanted to do that we felt was best for us at this time."

This trade makes Cleveland a better team next season. Plus, the Nets pick gives them a head start on the reboot, when LaBron takes off to LA-LA Land after next season to make his wife happy. Plus, the Celtics had to give up the most clutch and exciting player I have watched on the Celtics since Larry Bird. Granted, it was only for one season. But what a Season! On first blush it was impossible to like this deal.

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