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Defrauding America.


1. Trump?- Every time you think it can't get any scarier the Trump T. Conman speaks. Like all pathological liars he lies-lies-lies, and then says that everyone else is lying. He promises to stand up to companies outsourcing jobs, and then pays-off an outsourcing company in Indiana with 7-Mil in taxpayer money. What a surprise. He said he was going to stand up to outsourcers, and he paid them off instead.

"I said I would work with Trump if he was serious about the promises he made to members of the working class (he wasn't)," Sanders said. "But after running a campaign pledging to be tough on corporate America, Trump has hypocritically decided to do the exact opposite. He wants to treat corporate irresponsibility with kid gloves. The problem with our rigged economy is not that our policies have been too tough on corporations; it’s that we haven’t been tough enough."

When a pathological liar says he is going to do something than that is the one thing that you know he is not going to do. If you think that Donald T. Defrauder promised to do something for you (like I don't know, stop outsourcing jobs out of the country) than you know that is the one thing that he is incapable of doing. And of course that is the funniest lie he said to all you suckers who voted for him! Because he is one of the prime offenders of outsoaring jobs all over the world.

"We need to re-instill an ethic of corporate patriotism," Bernie Sanders said. "We need to send a very loud and clear message to corporate America: The era of outsourcing is over. Instead of off-shoring jobs, the time has come for you to start bringing good-paying jobs back to America."

Every business he has that makes stuff in factories, he has outsourced out of the county. He loves outsourcing. He outsourced his suit-making scheme. He outsourced his vodka con. Heck, he even lies so much that he had to outsource his lying to Putin.

"Trump has endangered the jobs of workers who were previously safe in the United States," Sanders said. "Why? Because he has signaled to every corporation in America that they can threaten to offshore jobs in exchange for business-friendly tax benefits and incentives. Even corporations that weren’t thinking of off-shoring jobs will most probably be reevaluating their stance this morning. And who would pay for the high cost for tax cuts that go to the richest businessmen in America? The working class of America."

He not only promised to pay them off with taxpayer money, he also said he would change the tax laws to help the giant Corporations at the expense of the rest of the working people who he suckered into voting for him.

"The other concession under discussion, according to the Journal, is indulging the company’s desire for favorable changes to the tax code. One particular offer could be a tax holiday on overseas profits, given that United Technologies held 85 percent of its total cash, coming to more than $6 billion, overseas as of the end of last year."

If you give Outsourcers the ability to bring their ill-gained booty back into the US without paying the penalties Obama set up, than you are encouraging more outsource! Certainly not less. Whatever you think President Conman promised you it is a lie. He has outline his plan to make outsourcing his production easier for himself and his Corporate Overlords, while telling you the opposite at the same time, again. Pathological liars have no shame.

"Currently, U.S. corporations can indefinitely delay paying American taxes on money made abroad by keeping it abroad, but Trump has pledged to give U.S. corporations a one-time 10 percent tax rate on overseas profits as a way of enticing them to bring the money back. Evidence from past attempts at this very strategy, however, showed that companies simply used the break to bring their money back and give it to wealthy investors, rather than investing it in American jobs or the economy. The same thing is likely to happen this time around."

President Trump T. Conman has millions stashed overseas, because he is such a connoisseur of Outsourcing. He is one of the primary offenders in outsourcing American jobs overseas: to China, to Mexico, to Russia, to Taiwan, etc. He has outsourced jobs all over the globe: to Turkey, to Bangladesh, to Indonesia, to Honduras, to the Netherlands, to Germany, to South Korea, and to Vietnam. Apparently, we went to war with Vietnam, Korea (which my uncle fought in), Germany, and a Cold War with Russia, so Donald T. Defrauder could outsource his personal factories there, and make a fortune at the expense of the working white men and women who voted for him, yay.

"The 2004 deal, one of the first of many merchandise-licensing arrangements in which Trump attached his name to products made by foreign workers and sold in the United States, is relevant today as the billionaire businessman wages a populist presidential campaign in which he accuses companies of killing U.S. jobs by moving manufacturing overseas to take advantage of cheap labor and lax workplace regulations"

Trump has no regards, nor plans to help, working white Americans. He loves-loves-loves the slave labor wages in Mexico and China, and has shown that by building his factories and warehouses in Mexico and China. The very idea that anyone could believe that he would stop that cash-cow flowing into his pocket is ridiculous. He is already planning on changing the laws to allow himself to bring the money he has trapped overseas, like in the countries that actually launder the moneys for actual terrorist, back into the good ol' US of A, yay.

"By 'legal corporate tax shelters' I mean the practice by which U.S. corporations are choosing not to repatriate profits earned in overseas markets because they would pay an exceptionally high tax rate on that income if they did. The U.S. corporate income tax rate of 35% trails only the United Arab Emirates and Chad. Because U.S. corporate income tax rates are so high relative to other developed countries, U.S. corporations now have nearly $2.5 trillion in profits stashed in overseas markets, based on a new report from Capital Economics. Comparatively, this figure has doubled since 2008, and it's up more than six-fold since 2002 when income stashed overseas accounted for less than $400 billion."

Please note: repatriated funds, are the ill-gotten gains from outsourcing that the Board of Directs will give back to themselves in the forms of untaxable dividends. Buy-backs are buying back shares to consolidate the wealthy of the Board. M & A means Mergers and Acquisitions, so a company can consolidate even more power. So Trumps Repatriating scheme means that he himself, and his outsourcing partners in crime, will consolidate even more wealth and power for themselves, at the expense of the working white men and women who voted for Trump.

"Asked what he would do with repatriated cash should the Trump administration slash taxes on foreign profits, Cisco Systems Inc. Chief Executive Officer Chuck Robbins said in a phone interview last week: "We do have various scenarios in terms of what we’d do but you can assume we’ll focus on the obvious ones: buy-backs, dividends, and M&A activities." Gary Dickerson, CEO of chip equipment maker Applied Materials Inc., said much the same."

Just like United Technologies, who he gave the massive tax break too, he has millions and maybe billions in moneys he cannot bring back into the US, because he doesn't think he should pay the very surcharge he lied about wanting to set up for companies that outsource their jobs like he does. It is now 35%. He wants to remove the penalty we have already set up to punish companies for outsourcing jobs to slave labor wage countries, so he can bring the cash-cow he made outsourcing jobs overseas into the US. He wants to reward all the Corporations that were the most successful outsourcers with amnesty for their ill-gotten profits, yay.

"Let’s be clear. United Technologies is not going broke. Last year, it made a profit of $7.6 billion and received more than $6 billion in defense contracts. It has also received more than $50 million from the Export-Import Bank and very generous tax breaks. In 2014, United Technologies gave its former chief executive Louis Chenevert a golden parachute worth more than $172 million. Last year, the company’s five highest-paid executives made more than $50 million. The firm also spent $12 billion to inflate its stock price instead of using that money to invest in new plants and workers."

Trump the Outsourcer is working solely in his own best interests. That is why he hired all those Wall Street guys from the outsourcing Goldman Sachs. The President of the United States has the ultimate Wall Street insider information. That is why it is so clearly written in our Constitution that the President has to put his Business in a blind trust. He is going to steal, defraud, and pilfer Wall Street for every penny he can get his grubby little hands on. When a company gets a contract from the Government, Donald T. Defrauder & fam, will know well in advance, and his team from Gold Sacks will use that inside information to illegally invest in those companies. Now, Goldman Sacks has "total control" over President Conman Trump.

"Even for a guy who enjoys a good head fake, or what used to be called a flip-flop, before reversals were rebranded as strategic misdirection, Donald Trump’s latest and greatest volte-face is enough to give you whiplash. Yes, the same candidate who spent much of his presidential campaign railing against Wall Street, claiming Goldman Sachs had "total control" over his opponents, and running an ad days before the election depicting Goldman C.E.O. Lloyd Blankfein as part of a "global power structure" responsible for having "robbed our working class," is now hiring ex-Goldman guys like they’re triple-A CDOs in a fire sale."

There are few things the Conman loves more then "robbing the working class" of their homes and cold hard cash.

Okay so that was a lot I know. But the problem America now is that a convicted Defrauder, pathological liar, and Conman, is now President of these United States. He has hired Wall Street criminals and his sociopathic children to pilfer this country for all it's worth. And as for working men and women, he has detailed a plan for the same Bushonomics that spiraled this country into a Depression just ten years or so ago (and when millions and millions of working men and women lose their homes and jobs, it is a DEPRESSION not a great recession). And all we can do is rely on the cowardly Congress to do their job and stop him from using Bushonomics and Greed (the easiest form of evil) to destroy America again.

2. Who?- The Pats have not played the Rams in four years. "So this is obviously a Ram team that we don't know very well, so we've spent a lot of time here the last couple of days here trying to get familiar with their players, their schemes and so forth," BB said. "I'd start with saying a very talented team. They have a lot of very good players, a lot of explosive players in all three phases of the game. Let's start with the kicking game.

"I mean, Hekker is a tremendous weapon. This guy looks like as good a player as I've ever seen at that position. He's a tremendous weapon in his ability to punt the ball, punt it inside the 20, directional kick it, involved in fakes, can throw, can run, very athletic. They have great coverage players on both punts and kickoffs. They have speed guys. They have size guys, linebackers, running backs, receivers, [DBs], so they really cover it across the board.

"Obviously, two very explosive returners in Cunningham and Austin. So the kicking game is going to be a tough matchup for any team against them and they do a lot. They have a lot of scheme. They have a lot of plays that you have to work on so they put a lot of pressure on you there. They have very good players. They're very explosive in that phase of the game. Offensively up front [their DLs are] long, big, long offensive linemen. They use a lot of misdirection scheme. Great skill players, great backs, Gurley, Cunningham.  Kendricks [is] a very good tight end, very productive, a good guy for them in the red-area, 3rd-down, clutch situations. He's made a lot of big plays. He's had a great career there. It looks like he's going to break a lot of Ram records before it's over.

"Then of course very good players at the skill positions. Britt and Quick are tough. They make a lot of big plays. Britt's had a great year, strong, good hands, run after the catch. Austin of course is a dynamic player, so they really have a lot of threats offensively with a big, long offensive line. Goff I thought did a lot of good things last week, really the last couple of weeks. In the New Orleans game, first drive, two-minute drive, he handled that with a lot of poise. [He] played well in the red-area, so he's obviously a very talented player as well.

"Defensively it starts up front. A very good defensive line: Donald, Quinn, a very disruptive group. They have a lot of negative plays. They make more negative plays than anybody so that'll be a big challenge for us. They're fast at linebacker with Barron. They're real big at safety. Those guys are big players, big hitters. McDonald is a very aggressive guy, long. Outside with Trumaine Johnson and so just overall I'd say a very talented group at every position.

"A lot of potentially explosive plays or explosive players that if you don't handle them they could do a lot of damage in a hurry. A young team that's fast, that's aggressive, that's played hard. They obviously didn't have a great day in New Orleans like they did in the opener against San Francisco, but I'd say other than that they've been in a lot of tough games. They've won some of those, have won some of them, but they've been right there pretty much every week. Impressive wins over: the Jets, Arizona, Tampa, Seattle. So they're a good football team.

"They're well-coached. They have a lot of experience on the defensive side of the ball with Gregg and Dave McGinnis, Chuck Cecil, Jeff of course. So they have a lot of experience over there and again, a very tough matchup for anybody. A tough matchup for us this week in the kicking game. That will be big." A large part of this game will be figuring out their new players.

This is the third terrible team we will face this season. "I didn't meet with him personally, no. I watched him at Cal," BB said. "I saw a lot of him actually two years ago. That's kind of when I started on him, watching Chris [Harper], and the other receivers that came out. Cal's had a bunch of receivers and backs in the last two years in the draft. They've probably had five or six guys, whatever it is. So I remember when Chris came here, talking to Chris about Goff, kind of like ‘What's the story on this guy,' and he's pretty good.

"But everybody was talking about him not coming out early and whatever, but just watching him play. This would have been in 2014 right? Yeah, the '14 season and then I watched him more in '15 because I had seen him in '14 and talked to Chris about him. I kind of got a feel there. Plus, I knew a couple of coaches out there at Cal. So I kind of followed up on that. It was pretty apparent to me then that this guy was an NFL quarterback. I mean, I didn't know what round it was going to be or anything else. So that was going back to his freshman, sophomore year. So I've seen quite a bit of him from the last three years, but I haven't had a lot of personal interaction with him, no. In fact, none." The Rams are in a state of complete disarray.

They wasted the top pick in the Draft, Jared Goth, and I told everyone he couldn't play. "I think you watch the team play, you can't just watch one or two games, you end up seeing more than that. You're not specifically looking at the quarterback as you're watching the team play in their previous nine games before these last two with Miami and New Orleans," BB said. "You're seeing one quarterback in there and these last two weeks. It's a different quarterback. But you just have to respect the talent and the skill that Goff has. You can certainly see that, particularly in this game against New Orleans, but he's a very, very talented player with a great arm and an ability to make a lot of throws. For him, we'll have to really focus on this last game against New Orleans to really get a good look at that.

"If you go back to watching him at Cal, we saw quite a bit of him at Cal. Even last year when we got Chris Harper. I talked to Chris about him quite a bit relative to this year, or this year's Draft after the 2015 season. I think there's a lot of talent there and a lot of skill at the quarterback position. So we certainly don't want to underestimate what this player is capable of doing. That's reflected by where he was taken in the Draft, too. So I don't think there's any question about his talent level and his ability to throw the ball." He had all the traits of Spread QB busts that came before him.

They are going to dominate another bad/rookie QB. "That's the funny thing about when you play a rookie quarterback. Everyone thinks it's so easy to dominate but there is an element of you're not exactly sure how the quarterback will handle this or handle that. That has yet to be seen," McCourty said. "I think you have to watch the film and see the talent level and see what he's capable of and be ready for that. You can't go in there and just think that the guy is going to play bad just because he is young. He obviously has a ton of talent and I think we have to be ready for him to come out here and try to play his best game of the season.

"It's only going to be his third start and I think like any player when you first start playing you usually get better week by week. The experience, going out there and seeing different defenses, doing things to help you as a player. We'll be prepared. I think we have a coaching staff that puts a ton of time in to have us prepared [for] all the different looks that other teams have done, and what we can try to think we'll get but you have to be ready for anything." I heard this discussion on the radio that the Pats are facing some bad QBs this season, and that might hurt them in the playoffs.

I had to agree with them. We have faced some wretched QBs from Landry to the Cleveland catastrophe, from San Fran to Goth. Those are not Playoff caliber QBs, and will show nothing about the Pats D in the Playoffs this year. The Pats have to secure home field advantage throughout the Playoffs. They have two road games left against actual NFL QBs. They have to win the other three Home games without question. Then if they can at least split the two road games in Denver and Miami they should secure Home Field advantage for the AFC Champ game.

3. The Draft- Okay they got some big ones this weeks end. The Alabama-Florida game for the SEC Championship is so choked full of prospects that I think BB should fly down to Alabama to watch it live with his buddy Saban. Not only is this game loaded with impact players, it is loaded with impact defenders that the Pats now so desperately need.

#93 Jonathan Allen DL 6'3" 294 SR-

#56 *Tim Williams EDGE 6'4" 237 SR

#22 Ryan Anderson EDGE 6'2" 253 3rd rSR-

#9 *Da'Shawn Hand-DE, Jr 6-4 278 4th-

#26 **Marlon Humphrey CB 6'1" 198 rSO*-

#4 Eddie Jackson S 6' 194 SR-

#54 Dalvin Tomlinson- DT, rSr, 6-2 307 6-7th-

#10 Reuben Foster ILB 6'1" 240 SR-


#74 Cameron Robinson OL 6'6" 327 JR*- 

#88 O.J. Howard TE 6'6" 242 SR- 

#1 Robert Foster WR 6'2" 191 rJR*-

#11 Gehrig Dieter WR 6’3” 207 rSR-

#12 Austin Appleby-

#54 Cameron Dillard- OL 6'4" 308 rJR*-

#78 David Sharpe- OL 6'6" 347 rJR*- 

#30 DeAndre Goolsby- TE 6'4" 244 JR*-

#31 Jalen Tabor CB 6' 191 JR*-

#6 Quincy Wilson- CB 6-1, 199 JR*-

#40 Jared Davis-LB 6-1, 236, 3rd- 

#20 Marcus Maye- FS 6', 209 3rd-

#57 Celib Brantley- DT 6-2, 200, 2nd-

#94 Bryan Cox- EDGE 6’3” 268 rSR, 2nd-

#34 Ales Anzalone- DT 6-3, 241-

#91 Joey Ivie- DT 6-3, 295- 

#93 Taven Bryan- SO, DT, 6-5, 293-

4. New Singings.- The Pats are gearing up for the loss of Branch. Maybe Alan's decision to appeal his positive test is because he was just giving the Pats a week or two to adjust. They signed Darius Kilgo to play DT this week in preparation for taking over for Valentine.

Valentine is the most likely to step into the Branch role next to Brown. "Malcom Brown for us defensively, I think like we talk about [him] trying to get better and improve," Patricia said. "I think one of the things we've been able to see is him trying to work his technique, and I think that's something that has been more consistent I would say over the set of games here. That's really helped him from the standpoint [of size]. He's a big guy.

"Malcom is a big guy, he's a strong guy but when you go against some of the offensive linemen that we see week in, week out, these guys that are 6-foot-6, 6-foot-7 and the length that they possess and the ability that they have to, we'll call it blocking legally while holding the shoulder pads.

"The ability for our guys to get their hands in position and get some separation and play with good leverage and technique, that's where we're really focused on with him. I think that's kind of where, if you're watching the tape, you'll see some improvement with him." He will have to step up his play this week.

Darius is an NFL Nose tackle who can get to the QB a little. "Darius is a big kid that's pretty athletic, a hard-working kid, has a good work ethic, good intangibles," BB said. "We did some work on him coming out of the Draft, and we look forward to working with him. He was available and again, I wouldn't say we're - it gives us another person at that position that I felt like we needed from a depth standpoint." He had a three sack game at Maryland.

Here are some of my notes from his time at Maryland:

Likes to dig down, and almost lay down on goal line plays. He has trouble when he shoots a gap and has to change direction. When he gets too high he does not look as good. He is a big hand fighting NT. He is pure brute force on the field. You are not going to get much finesse from this guy, but he will fight you tooth and nail all game long.

He moves well laterally down the line with one shoulder in the OG. I like how he moves with a big O-linemen holding him. He does a nice job rushing with his arms extended. He doesn't get a ton of push, but because he is the Nose he does get doubled a lot. Showed he could get some pressure with a Sack against a good Iowa O-line.

He keeps impressing me. He is so good at getting the correct shoulder of the Center, and riding him outside to hit the RB. When he plays well, the Maryland defense plays well. Very slick swim over move on OC off the snap to pressure the QB. This guy does have some finesse this season. He is one of the few guys I've seen get inside of Scherff and bend him back awkwardly with power, and actually threw him backwards into the QB.

He keeps finding the ball carrier. He can split the OG and OC and shoot into the RB with amazing consistency. He might be working his way into Day 2. He uses his hands to get power blockers off his shirt, and then runs by them. He absolutely killed the Iowa QB with a Swim over the OC and crashed right into his ribs.

They also signed Matt Lengal to be the third TE behind Develin, or the second TE when Develin is at FB. "Matt has got a little bit of experience," BB said. "He was on the Bengals practice squad last year, so he's picked things up. I'd say he's ahead of a rookie type of player, so he has some experience there. He's got some skills and he's done a good job with what we've asked him to do. He works hard and he's been a dependable guy." The Gronk tragedy has forced them to seek help.

Gronk is gone for the Regular season. "I know everybody has the information about Rob. Obviously, we're all disappointed. Nobody's worked harder than Rob and has been a better teammate and all that, so hopefully things will work out as positively as possible with him," BB said. "All the information we gave you is really all we have for now. I'm sure there will be more coming in as we go through the next few days, so we'll just take it as it comes. It's an unfortunate situation for him. That being said, we're turning our attention to the Rams. It's a big day for us today in terms of pulling a lot of things together on the Rams, a team we don't know very well.

"Hopefully we can take today and nail down a lot of the situations, tie up some things, loose ends that we've had to deal with here during the week, and be ready to go on Sunday. It'll be a good test for us. Those guys have a lot of good players, a lot of talent, and they're a very explosive team, so we'll have to do a good job." They are in the midst of replacing maybe their best offensive player and their best defensive player, Branch.

Gronk has clearly suffered from the Madden Curse that just took him out for an estimated eight weeks. "Rob sustained a hit to the chest that resulted in a pulmonary contusion to his lung. Rob was examined by several specialists at Massachusetts General Hospital as directed by the team, as well as an independent physician. He received medical clearance to return to play two weeks later for the New York Jets game on November 27. After a hit early in the Jets game, Rob began to experience significant back and leg pain. This injury forced him to leave the game, and he did not return." He could be back if the Pats play in the Super Bowl in nine weeks after the Rams game.

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