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Pats Win.


This was an epic win. They went into the Home of the beast and punched him in the face. "The men played to win in all three phases of the game," BB said. "We took advantage of our scoring opportunities, turned the ball over on special teams and turned it over on defense. The run ball control gained a little bit of field position on the offense. 16 points was enough. It was a good solid team win. This team did a good job this week." They faced every kind of adversity that you can last week.

Two games, short week, weather, altitude, travel, and of course the Rocky Mountain Curse. "That was a real strong effort by our team today. I'm really proud of these guys," BB said. "It was a short week, tough game with the Monday night game and coming out here and playing a great organization in the Broncos. It was a great challenge for us. Our players did a great job. They prepared well. They came off, playing a physical game and a tough game against a tough team. I thought we deserved to win." That is two straight wins over maybe the two most physical defenses in the NFL.

That is no joke. They took on the best run defense in the Ravens, and beat them to a pulp. They went into the town where the Franchise has traditionally lost at all cost over and over again. And they were playing against the best pass defense in the NFL. I won't call it a beating, like they did to the Ravens.

But the Pats offense stood up the Broncos Playoff caliber defense and beat them. "We played great," TJ Ward said. "I looked up in the first half and he [Tom] had like 0-passing yards. I had never seen that before. I couldn't believe it, honestly. But we've got to finish. I think he ended it with [like a million] something total." The last two games are how you win in the Playoffs.

You have to stand up to their physicality, and out physical them. The Pats O-line out physicalled both defenses they played last week. You have to stop a real QB, and not just some scrub on the Browns, 49ers, or NJ. You have to stop a Flacco caliber QB, and even Siemian was better than I thought he would be. You have to have a defense that can hit the quarterback, and make him shy.

You have to stand up their defense when they hit you so hard that it almost makes you shy. "That's ultimately the most important thing," Brady said. "You're going to always find different ways to try to move the ball down the field and I thought we did a decent job with it. At times there were some self-inflicted errors that caused some problems with an offense, but I think it was good with turnovers and field position. It makes it tough on the other team. We've been on the other side of that, too. That's the way it goes." And as we have seen, Brady has gotten shy in Denver before.

Denver is the only team that Brady has a scrub record against. "We don't fear Brady," Aqib Talib said. "We aren't scared of Brady at all, so we're going to line up and play just like he's any other quarterback. We're going to prepare and play just like he's any other quarterback. That's what we feel like we did today." They are the only team that has consistently beat him.

He was 2 and 7 going into Denver, and 0 and 3 in the Playoffs coming into this game. "We were sticking to guys, making him inaccurate with his throws and showing different looks," Ward said. "I don't even think we hit him much in the first half. But we rattled him a lit bit just by our looks and disguises. He was just off a little bit today. I don't know. It worked, though." Brady started slow, but came through when it counted.

Brady came through in the last three Quarters, and really helped this team to a Playoff victory type win. He was 0 for 6 in the 1st quarter. Which made him 16 for 26 for 188-yards in the final three quarters. When you play in the Playoffs you are playing against the best defenses. You have to win when the QB is not at his best sometimes, and the QB has to come through late in the game. This is typical example of when stats lie.

This was a team win with the offense, special team, and the defense really coming through. "These guys have a really explosive team. They can score from anywhere and gain a lot of yards and get first downs," BB said. "It comes down to the team defense, good rush and good preparation. Hitting the receivers, making them hold the ball a little bit. Giving them less chance to get there. I thought our team defense was pretty good. We played well on third down, which was important. We got them in a third down which was awesome. The thing is with good defense, it's the rush, it's the coverage, jamming the receivers, it's stopping the run. It's getting off the field on the third downs, stopping in the red area. The defense did a good job." The Pats defense was better than Denver's vaunted defense, and the Broncos defense. 

They looked like they were the best defense on the field last week, measuring them against the best run defense and the best pass defense statistically. "We're having fun," Logan Ryan said. "We're getting after the quarterback. We're playing great defense. Guys are feeding off of each other. We're joking a lot, and guys are just having fun playing ball right now. So it's working. Plus, we were doubted all year. You all said we sucked and we heard about their secondary, and their defense so we wanted to come out here and prove something." That is how they have to play in the Playoffs to win it all.

They have to play better than the Broncos and Ravens defenses in January. "It means we played well on defense," McCourty said about holding the Ravens to 3-points. "We go out there during the week, on Wednesday, Thursday and execute in practice but this week was different, a short week, so we had to execute in the locker room. You could just tell guys were talking and communicating. We're trying to get to offenses the best we can, so when we go out here on Sundays we can just fly around. That's what you saw today. They made a couple of plays and then we make a big play. We have to continue to work hard during the week so we can play fast on Sunday." The past two games the Pats have played the closest thing to Playoff games that you can play in the Regular Season.

And they dominated on defense, like a Super Bowl winning team has to do in the Playoffs. "It's definitely a good feeling. Me being here seven years, we've been here in Denver a lot," McCourty said. "There have been a lot of big games and we fell short in some of them. We came out with a win tonight. This team is different. It's a good team and we found a way to win. That's the best part of it, we were successful on all sides of the ball. If the offense got stopped, the punt team would punt the ball deep and then we would get the offense back on the field. That's a good executing game. We have to try to make that happen no matter how it plays out and how we have to play. We need to compliment on each side of the ball." The Pats D just dominated the defending Champs in their house, and dominated the two teams that have won the Super Bowl two of the past four years.

It ain't gonna be easy in the Playoffs. Playoff games are not pretty. Playoff games are the down and dirt, do or die, literally win or go home games. Every drive is a battle of wills and toughness. QBs crack, Special Teamers can look a little too special, and defenses falter under the heat. There will be no broken blades in the Playoffs. The Pats schedule worried me a little, because they didn't have a lot of Playoff testers. But now they have been forged in the fires of the Ravens and Broncos Defenses.

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