2016 Season Blog.

Pat Vs Pitt.



Greetings Pats Fans,

First off I just want to thank all the fans of this site. I have been promoting my books for sale primarily on this site. As a result, I have sold almost 500 books in the past year. Thank you for your support and patronage, both are greatly appreciated. I cannot tell you how happy it made me when I read that report. So thank you Draft fans and Patriot fans alike, and mostly thank you to all the fans of my books and website worldwide.

On To Pittsburgh.


1. Roethlisberger OUT!- I'm ah-scared. Every week any team can beat any team in the NFL. I just don't see how the Steelers' beat the Pats without Roethlisberger. It is impossible. They just can't do it. Whenever I can't see how a team can beat the Pats it is always when disaster strikes. The only way the Steelers stay in this game at all is if the Pats offense and defense is unprepared and falls apart. These games always scare me the most.

When I see no way an opponent can win, then I am missing something. When I can't see how an opponent can possible stay in a game, so do the players. Which can make them overconfident. When I can't see it, it too often turns into a sluggish nightmare, where the Pats really aren't playing afraid. 

So I suppose it all starts with Laundry Jones. "He does a good job: comebacks, in-cuts, deep balls, throws all of those well," BB said. "But the catch-and-run plays, if you drop back and take those away, those are a problem, too. They do a good job on the crossing routes and obviously I mean they get the ball to the backs. Those guys are dangerous. Tight ends really show up a lot in the red area so he doesn't discriminate. He gets the ball to everybody. That's the tough thing about defending the Steelers is that they get behind you it's all over in one play and if you take that away then they get chunks of yardage on catch-and-run plays and the running game. So they're very hard to defend, very explosive." But he is not Roethlisberger. 

So Pittsburgh has to break out Bell, and ring him all game long. "Oh my god! Oh yeah! He's a tremendous player: great hands, catches the ball, very quick, makes people miss, strong, breaks tackles, excellent balance, tough, doesn't run out of bounds, fights for extra yardage, a great player," BB said almost giddily about Bell. "DeAngelo Williams, I mean he led the league in rushing the two weeks where he played earlier in the year when he had a lot of carries. He's had a tremendous career. Really one of the all-time great careers statistically. He's been tremendous. Again, they have a lot of depth at every position. They have a lot of depth at running back and it doesn't matter who's in there, they're a problem. But Bell's as good as anybody we'll play." The Pats will struggle to stop their run game.

Plus, they are on the road. Things are always harder on the road, where the Home crowd can disrupt the offense. "Well, again I think it's just always being on the same page," Brady said about playing on the road. "Whatever we do in terms of the count and so forth, it's all about us trying to make sure. It could be: at home, it's verbal communication, on the road, it's nonverbal communication, and we work on those things pretty hard. We practice them all week and we're going to need to really utilize this week because it's going to be a tough environment." but... ah... we got Tom Brady.

So it is going to be a challenge for the offense. "Yeah because you're challenged in all these different ways, so you have one big challenge one week versus a certain style of team, against a certain style of coach in a certain time and place, and then the next week, it's totally different," Brady said. "I think that it's a 16-game season. I always say, you never know what type of team you're going to be until much beyond this [point in the season]. 

"But we're still trying to figure out the things we're good at and the things that we can do well consistently. Those things will change based on personnel and based on the teams we play, but we always try to get to the plays that we like and we always try to put our guys in the best position to succeed. Sometimes teams, obviously, the better team that we play, the less margin of error that we have because they kind of take away more of those things. It's still about finding ways to execute, ways to continue to do the things that you do well, and to also try to force the defense into things that they don't do well." But right now all the things the Steelers know about themselves, just flew out the window with Roethlisberger's meniscus. 

Which I do think hurts the Patriots early in the game. The Pats are a game plan team. If a team they are facing doesn't understand itself yet, how can the Pats? The Steelers are still trying to fit in young pieces on their defense, and their entire offense just changed in ways that they cannot predict yet. This hurts the Pats, whose players study, and want to understand their opponent to beat them. I think it is a struggle early in the game.

The Steelers do have much better talent at CB this season. But... their most talented Corners are rookies. "I mean they have a few rookies, a handful of them, not on offense but a few on defense," BB said. "And they're playing [Sean] Davis, and [Javon] Hargrave, and [Artie] Burns. But I mean, overall, they're a very experienced team and he fits into that category. They have a number of guys that have been with them two, three, four years and then they start playing. G guys like Dangerfield. So people like that that have been around [developing], and then eventually they get the chance to play." So they are more physically talented at CB, but not more mentally or experience-wise more talented.

I don't know. I'm just not ah-scared. They have been able to win with Laundry. He went 1 and 1 in two games last season after replacing Vick against the Cards. He can throw the ball deep. He can take a big hit and complete the next pass. I don't think he is as talented as Garoppolo but he is an unknown commodity, like Garoppolo was to other teams coming into this season. The Cards and Miami really didn't know who he was and what his tendencies were. The Pats D doesn't really know who Laundry is, and what his tendencies are.

But, who is he going to throw deep too? Martavis Bryant is gone for the season. "His quickness," McCourty said about what makes Brown so special. "He's very quick, great at the top of the route. I think when you double team a guy it's easy to stay with him through the top of the route. But no matter what at the top of the route, you could be trailing him, you could be over the top, inside, outside, he does a good job of turning it into a one-on-one when he gets to the top of the route. That's tough. It's tough to stay with him. I think one thing is you watch him, for a guy that's not that big, he catches everything. They throw the ball around and he goes out there and catches it with his hands and brings it in. I think his ability at the top of the route, with his quickness, his hands, he'll go out there and try to catch every ball thrown around him." The Pats will bracket Brown. 

They will have to let Sammie Coates beat them deep if he can. "I mean, I think there's not going to be much difference," McCourty said. "You watch even when Ben is out there they get the ball out quick. And you've got guys like Le'Veon Bell, Antonio Brown, Wheaton, all these guys, Heyward-Bey. They do reverses, they do it all. So there are plays where Ben gets the ball out quick to those guys as well. It's just the ball will come out quicker because there is no one like Ben. You know, Ben sits back there with two guys hanging on him, stiff arms one, slides to the left, slides to the right, then throws the ball. You just don't find many quarterbacks that can do that. So the ball will come out quicker just from the standpoint that it's hard to do what Ben does back there." But Ben, you know, is O-U-T out.

You cannot let Brown beat you this week! That is the primary, secondary, and huh, back-up option on defense. "You pick any Sunday, you can pick any of these guys," McCourty said. "He's definitely one of them. It's hard to say who's the best. I mean Julio Jones had 300 yards one game receiving. Week in, week out, last week A.J. Green, this week Antonio Brown. It seems like every week we're going against one of these guys that is just not normal." Ryan held Green to under 100-yards last week.

If they hold Brown to under 100-yards this game is already over. Butler has the speed to run with Coates deep. "You've got to know it's possible," McCourty said. "I think because of how many good skill players they have they do different things to get them the ball. A lot of times you play against a team where they run reverses, it'll usually be a reverse guy. But you play against them it could be [Sammie] Coates, it could be Antonio Brown, it could be [Darrius] Heyward-Bey. That's what makes it tough. You don't know who the gadget guy is going to be because they have so many good skill players that it could really be anybody. That's not even naming Le'Veon Bell in the backfield who splits out at wide receiver and a ton of those things. I just think with the amount of good skill players it makes it the toughest team we've seen gadget play-wise. Just because you just don't know. Any given play could be one of them. " If they put Butler on Markus Wheaton, Laundry will take a few shots deep with Coates.

2. We're On To Pittsburgh- I actually liked Landry Jones when he came out of Oklahoma, and I don't seem to like any QBs anymore when they come out of college. "We know that he's been there for a couple years now and there has been different times when he's had to step in for Ben," McCourty said. "The games he's played, last year he started against Kansas City, they run their offense. The skills guys around, which I think they believe they have a great group and they do. Those skill guys don't change because Big Ben [Ben Roethlisberger] is not out there. But obviously a little different. I don't think there's any quarterback that you can find like Ben. But he's a guy who we know is going to run their offense. He does a good job of reading coverage, wants to get the ball out there, get the ball in skill guys' hands. We know it's not going to be this totally different game plan. Obviously there will be little changes, little tweaks, probably just preparing for playing against us." Except Wentz of course, who I said was the top player in the Draft.

Both showed they could take a hit and complete a pass with their next throw. "[Laundry is:] athletic, good arm, quick release, doesn't hold the ball," BB said. "I thought he played well last year when he played in Arizona and Kansas City. Got some shots of him in the preseason. Another good player, experienced player, he knows their system. They have a lot of experienced players in their system." He is much better at Home than on the road.

He has been on the roster and developing, like Garoppolo, only for four years instead of two. This is the final year of his rookie contract. "He's done a great job in a backup's capacity, and by that I mean he's learned the playbook inside and out," Tomlin said. "He's been of great assistance to Ben [Roethlisberger] in terms of another set of eyes. He's also done a good job of growing and developing his game, so we're excited about watching him do it for us. It won't be the first time that he's done it for us but it'll be the first time this year. It's reasonable for us to expect to see the growth and maturation that comes with four years being here." So like Garoppolo, we don't really know who he is.

We do know that he should be better than last year with the experience he garnered and another off season and Preseason of preparation. "He's obviously a good quarterback," Le'Veon Bell said. "I think he has a lot of good things that he can bring to the table. We've just got to, as a whole entire offense, help him out and get him comfortable and get him confident in himself, and that's when he really will start striking." The Steelers have a much better idea.

The problem Pitt faces is that Roethlisberger might not be their best player. "They have great depth at every position," BB said. "I mean, when you watch Landry Jones play he's a good player. Roethlisberger's a good player. And again, they have great players so when they get the ball to: Bell, Brown, Coates, Heyward-Bey, James. It doesn't matter who it is: Williams. I mean. you've got to stop all of those guys, too. That's what a good quarterback does. He gets the ball to his skill players and they do the damage really. I think we've seen their quarterbacks be able to do that whether it's Ben or Landry or whoever it is and then you've got to stop all of those guys. I don't think Roethlisberger's going to run for 100 yards. I don't think Landry Jones is going to run for 100 yards. But I think they're going to get the ball to guys that can move the ball quickly, and score points in a hurry, and we're going to have to defend all of that." You can argue that Bell is their best play, or Shazier. 

I personally think that Antonio Brown is their best player. "Very difficult," BB said when asked about covering Antonio Brown one on one. "He's got a tremendous skill set, very quick. He almost always can create separation in his route. He's a very good technique route-runner so he does a great job of setting up routes. He does a really good job of getting on top of the DB's, almost stepping on the toes before he goes into his route so they they can't really anticipate it. 

"He does a great job of stacking the defenders where he gets a step on the defender then he kind of cuts him off so that the defenders like a full man behind him so he can use his body to protect the ball on the deep balls. He's hard to jam on the line because of his great quickness and then as I said, when he gets that half a step on the defender, not that he necessarily outruns everybody on the field, but once he moves in front of them and stacks them then he is on top of them. 

"The skills with the ball in his hand as a runner are exceptional. You see that on the punt returns. You see it on a lot of those under routes, catch-and-run plays. So you don't want to back off of him and let him catch it and break a tackle or if you get up on him he runs behind you. That's a problem and he's a good intermediate route runner, too; in-cuts, comebacks, curls, things like that.

"He has great quickness coming out of cuts so he's very, very hard to cover. And he's seen a lot of double-coverage, too. I don't think that really bothers him either. He knows how to beat that. When you double him I mean at some point he attacks one guy so it really becomes single coverage. He takes the other guy out of it and then he beats that guy. So he's tough. He's really tough." You cannot, under any circumstance, try to cover Brown One on One. 

They will bracket Brown with Ryan and McCourty or Harmon. BB is not foolish enough to let Brown beat him. Brown or Bell are really their two best players. But Bell has a much better back up than Brown. But, Roethlisberger is their most important player when it comes to winning. The way the NFL is now, the QB is by far the most important player on the roster. If you have a top 12 QB on your roster, you have a chance to make the Playoffs. If you don't you don't. 

Plus, Gronk is finally completely healthy, and has been taken off the injury report for the first time this season. "You just build it up over the weeks, over the days," Gronk said. "It's been now a week or two or so since I've just been going full, so I can't really recall the day. I've just been building it up over the weeks. It went good. It was a very smooth process." If he is more healthy now than the past two weeks! What in the heck is he going to look like this week?

So maybe the real question is how to the Steelers stop Gronk and Bennett. "It's a daunting one," Tomlin said. "But you know, they've got a lot of eligibles you've got to be concerned about. The running backs in that red area like you mentioned, obviously the wide receiver corps. They've got some usual suspects in Edelman and Amendola but they've got a new guy in Hogan. It's typical New England ball in that you better respect all of the eligibles. and understand that they're prepared to stretch the field both horizontal and vertically." He almost seemed ah-scared to talk about Gronk and Bennett.

So Pitt really has to try and beat them with the running game, which they can do. "You can just turn on the film and see where he's at," Hightower said about Bell. "The guy plays running back. He plays receiver. They line him up everywhere. They motion him. He's not a one-trick pony. He has an extended route tree. They do a good job of being able to get him the ball whether it's screens, out of the backfield or passes. We've have to do a good job of just knowing where he's at all times." They will try to over rely on Bell this week.

But he also has a great partner in crime. "I wouldn't say as much as any," Hightower said. "I mean every offense their holes or whatever. But they do a good job of stretching the field horizontally and vertically. They've got Le'Veon, DeAngelo Williams, all those quick guys on the catch-and-runs. Then they have Sammie Coates, Antonio Brown, all those guys stretching the field. We've just got to know what's going on, look at the film and just getting the play in the playbook." DeAngelo Williams can hurt this defense as well.

3. The Draft- Okay, the past two weekends of crazy is killing me. We had the nephews over last weekend, and it was pure chaos with four kids and a crazy puppy. It is very difficult to wear out four kids so they are not up all night, and still be able to watch college football games. I was able to wear them out, but then was too old and tired to watch football. Then the stupid internet broke. So I just didn't have time to finish the 3rd Quarter by Wednesday, which is the cut off date for me.

Now! The damn wife told the kids we can go to the Museum of Science to see the Da Vinci Exhibit. Stupid Da Vinci. What in the hell is going on? How does she invite her nephews over for a sleepover on one Saturday during football season, and then waste a day in Boston to take the damn kids to the science Museum the next Saturday. It just isn't right.

I mean A&M @ Alabama! That has to be the game of the year so far. Sooo many prospects. Sooooooo many prospect (that is suppose to be read with a creepy voice in your head). I mean, Illinois @ Michigan. I just wanted to watch Smoot against Magnuson. Ohio State @ Penn State. I'm even excited about Wisconsin @ Iowa. Damn children!

I mean, I am not going to be able to play basketball on Sunday. Damn it! That is what all this pathetic whining comes down to. I cannot get all the film work done I need to get done, and go to basketball this week. I need my basketball, like BB needs his film work. I is the best time of the week. Running up and down the court with by buddies. Oh God, even I think I am sounding like a bitch now.

Alabama VS Tennessee:

#93 Jonathan Allen- 5-T, 6-3, 294 SR- He is a beast stunning inside. He can line up as the inside rusher, spin inside off the OLG, and force the double by the OC. Nice power rusher inside. He can drag the OLG four yards into the backfield, and spin back inside to make the play. It is amazing how he can make the OLT miss, with a short area burst, and tackle the RB behind him.

#56 Tim Williams- EDGE 6-4 244 SR- Nice job keeping his shoulder squared and moving down the line. He is so light on his feet. Nice inside shoulder club on inside move. He can set the edge on the bigger ORT, but can struggle holding it. He is at his best when he is moving. Whenever he has to stop he can struggle quick. When teams lined up two tight ends in front of him, he can make them look silly.

#22 Ryan Anderson- EDGE 6-2 253- He is the 3rd edge rusher for Alabama, and TMIWTMIL. When he gets his hands on the OLT arms, he knocks them down and is past him in a flash. The will line him up inside to Tim Williams, and have them stunt. He can use that extra space to make the ORT miss on the edge. Nice job reading the screen and getting out to the flat to disrupt it.

#26 **Marlon Humphrey- CB, 6-1, 198- Nice job moving back in pedal while watching the QB. Very smart and aware player in coverage. He is the one pointing out guys to cover to team mates. Runs effortlessly down the sideline with the speedy WR. His size blocks out the inside from the WR. He hits like a linebacker sometimes out in space. He can destroy the ball carrier.

#4 Eddie Jackson S 6' 194 SR- Great speed to run the smaller WR down from behind. He moves from dropping deep in coverage, to slashing up to hit the RB on the second level as fast as any Safety in this Draft. 

Dalvin Tomlinson- DT, 6-2 307- He is a kind of a one trick pony inside. He gets up field and past the OG quick, or he gets stuck.

Da'Shawn Hand- DL 6-4 278- Very nice technique. He can slide down the line with his shoulders squared, and tackle the RB right off his feet with his shoulder pads.

#10 Reuben Foster- ILB 6-1, 240 SR- He has turned into a great rusher as well. He had two sacks in the 1st quarter against Tenn. He ran around the OLT on the second and got to Dobbs as he took off in the other direction. Such a great rusher. He also blitzed up the gut and hit Dobbs as he threw a couple of times. He is so good at finding the RB on inside runs. He does a nice job covering the RB out of the backfield. He can charge him and knock him off his feet right after he catches the ball.


#74 *Cameron Robinson- OL 6-6, 327 JR- Terrific job turning and sealing the DE inside. He can plant his back foot, get low, and stone the power rush. Seals the DE outside nicely. He will over extend and can get pulled off balance when he does. When he keeps his feet moving he plays with great power. He can push rushers to the ground from the side while shuffling into position with his hands in the shirt.

#88 O.J. Howard- TE 6-6, 242 SR- Terrific blocker. They ask him to do every kind of block. He does a nice job getting out and sealing the OLB. He can hit the OLB on the 2nd level and seal him inside.

#1 Robert Foster -WR 6-2, 191 rJR- He has some very nice speed. He doesn't have all the skills yet, and should stay in school.

#11 Joshua Dobbs- QB 6-3 210 SR- Throws accurately short. Played behind a terrible O-line in 2016. He had to throw on the run a ton. He can throw a beautiful touch past scrambling outside to his right, and hit the WR over the top. Makes very quick decisions on quick throws outside. Not a fan of running QBs, but he is a terrific runner off shotgun draws. 

#1 Jalen Hurd- RB 6-4, 240- Great slasher right up the middle. He was doing some lead blocking for Kamara. Great blocker in pass pro. He can hit the ILB blitzing up gut a little sideways with his shoulder pad, stone him, and grab him and hold on.

#6 Alvin Kamara- RB 5-10, 215- It looks like he has taken over for Hurd as the top RB. He has such great speed through the line, and great balance to stay on his feet when he gets hit low. He has a nose for the Endzone.  

#3 Josh Malone- WR 6-3, 200 JR- He has caught a TD in each of the first three games. He has the physical traits to be an NFL WR, but doesn't always know what he is doing. Nice hands and can adjust to the ball to the ball in the air. But His hands are still inconsistent.




#8 Derek Barnett- EDGE 6-3 265- He has been on a tear the past few games. He will stand up and rush sometimes, and still get low enough to Rip under the OLT. He can burst inside the TE and force the RB to bounce it outside. Nice job getting outside, and get the RB on the pitch. He just knows how to use his hands to get the OLT's hands off his shirt, and get his outside shoulder to the QB. He ran around Cam Robinson with pure speed, and hit the QB in the back and knocked out the ball.

Ohio State Vs. Wisconsin:

#6 **Sam Hubbard EDGE 6-5, 265- He can chip on the tight end, and still move laterally to stay in front of the QB rolling out to his side. Terrific hands and feet. Misses the snap sometimes. Great initial burst. I love his blast off. He can use it to turn speed to power, and get the ORT on skates. Then shove him off and sack the QB. Doesn't always seem to do a lot, and then he slips by the O-Tackle and hits the QB. Nice dip around the Corner on the OLT. I love the way he uses his hands. Nice club into the Dip and Rip.

#59 *Tyquan Lewis EDGE 6-4 260- He is a very interesting prospect. Needs to stay in school, but might be forced out by the young D-linemen coming up behind him. Very nice blast off. He can put speed to power. Needs to use his hands better. He can chip on the TE, and still turn the corner on the ORT. Great athlete. Not a full time player yet. His first three yards off the snap are more sudden than Hubbard's. Not as explosive moving inside. Teams will use the TE to chips him. Very strong. He could come out this year.

#8 *Gareon Conley CB 6' 195- Very interesting prospect. He switched to safety. But he also still lined up at CB. He will come out this year, and I think he can play Corner in the NFL. He certainly can play Safety, and all teams need Safeties who can step up into the slot and cover WRs in their base defense. 

#5 *Raekwon McMillan LB 6-2, 240-He is the man. I think he is better than Darren Lee. But he is a much different player. He takes on blockers like Mr. Hyde, while Lee too often took on blockers like Dr. Jekyll. McMillan is a Mike, and Lee was a Will. But McMillan is in total control of the defense. He stops the run from sideline to sideline. He is also very good in coverage against TEs and RBs, and will cover WRs sometimes. He is a much better blitzer than Lee, who was great blitzing off the edge when no one blocked him. McMillan is a great A-Gap blitzer who can put speed to power and knock an OG out of the way and hit the quarterback.

#24 **Malik Hooker-  CB 6' 195- Another Corner turned Safety. He will stay in school.

#16 *J.T. Barrett QB 6-2, 225- He should stay in school. He threw a terrible INT against Wisconsin in the endzone in the 3rd. I will be watching him closely to see how he responses. He hit Samuel with a nice swing pass outside after his big INT. He took a huge hit from Cichy on a keeper. Then on the next play he threw the ball, as Cichy charged him and he knew he was going to wiped out after he threw. The pass was high, but he put in it in the hands of his WR in the Endzone, and the ball just went through the sophomore WR's hands. I like to judge a QB on throws they make after a big hit or mistake. The ball was a little high, but it was a great throw, moving to his left to avoid one rusher, and then throwing with a LB charging in and hitting him.

#54 *Billy Price- OL 6-3, 315- Terrific in pass pro when he short sets. He plays with nice balance in pass pro, and always plays with great strength. Wisconsin stopped rushing his lane in the 3rd quarter. Not as well balance against the run. He will get high sometimes when he starts moving the DT backwards.

#4 Curtis Samuel- RB/WR 5-11, 200- He always makes the 1st defender miss. Remarkable short area explosion. He is simply as shifty as them come. Smooth natural hands catcher. He flows so naturally outside as he catches the ball. Great natural hands and receiver out of the backfield. Then he can weave behind his blockers nicely, with some speed. He snaps up field with some purpose. There are so many great RBs in this Draft that it is scary. I mean, were do you pick Samuel and Clement? They both have to be Day Two RBs. They are both that good. Great quick feet. He likes to follow his blockers, but has a nice knack for knowing when to abandon his blockers and cut back and lower his head. 

#65 Pat Elflein OL 6-3, 300He is a always so balanced and smart. Looked a lot stronger against Wisconsin. He looked a little slight last season, and sometimes didn't look strong enough. He looked strong enough against Wisconsin. Nice job getting into the NT, and turning him right on impact. He legs seem more explosive this year.

#6 Corey Clement- RB 5-11, 219- I love the way this guy moves with the ball in his hands. When he gets a lane he can run for a long time. Great power back with size and some surprising speed. He will lose ball security when a defender grabs him from behind sometimes. He returns punts as well. Terrific hop cut. He has a power spin move. Day Two pick who will run for a lot of yards in the NFL.

Dan Voltz- OC, 6-3, 301- Nice zone blocking OC. He is one of those guys who I would be shocked if he wasn't a NFL starter, but I would also be shocked if he was taken before Day Three. He has some power on outside runs. He can use his feet to shove the DT back. Keeps his feet moving. He can turn the DT, and move him back to the backside.

Ryan Ramcyzk OL 6'6" 314 rJR*- I think he is an NFL OLT. I would take him in the 3rd and try to develop him. He can also play ORT. So he has versatility. He should minimally be a very nice swing tackle that all teams need.

Robert Wheelright, WR, 6-3, 203- Long tall WR. He had a huge catch in overtime against Ohio State. Doesn't get consistently open. Great size.


#8 Sojourn Shelton, CB, 5-9, 173-Small CB whose height is more of a concern than his weight. Tough little guy, who plays a lot stronger than his listed weight of 173-pounds. He plays tough and strong. Doesn't struggle at all with the rough stuff. Terrific run defender. But at his height I'm sure he can play outside in the NFL. But I love him as a slot corner, which gets more and more valuable every year. Like the Pats, their base defense this year has been the 2-4 Nickel. Getting a tough little slot corner who can play the run is huge for a scheme like that.

*Jack Cichy LB 6-2, 233Nice A-gap blitzer. He can get through the line quick, spot the QB, and get to him for the sack. Nice job finding the QB right in the middle of the field. Terrific job tracking the Option QB, and finding him and hitting him. Great job using his hands and feet to make the big tackle miss on the second level with a crack back block. I love how he finds the ball on the first level.

#18 Leo Musso- FS, 5-10. 194, SR- Nice straight line speed to the RB in the flat. He can arrive first when the QB throws to the RB. Great high school athlete. Shows some speed and spark on the field. He could make a team on Special Teams as a rookie.

4. Steelers Defense- Yeah, not ah-scared. I think they are a little more talented this year, but they were not a good defense last year. "They have a lot of pressure schemes and if they get you on a negative play and get you in long yardage then they're very good on third-and-long," BB said. "One of the best defenses in the league on the longer yardage situations and offensively they have very few negative plays in the running game. They're one of the top teams in the league on that. They don't take a lot of sacks, they don't have a lot of negative runs so the ball's moving forward. It's first-down, either they get a first-down on first-down, which they do that a lot, or its second and they're not in a real bad situation. And then third-down they're not in a real bad situation there either. You get the first-and-10, second-and-13, now what do you do? Now its third-and-long and third-and-long in this league is a 20-percent conversion, maybe less. You start getting in third-and-10-plus, nobody's picking up many of those. That's just not where you want to be. Penalties, negative plays, sacks, negative runs, I mean those are drive stoppers." Not sure I really understand that question, but if your only in trouble on 3rd and longs against this defense then the Pats have already won.

Do you think our passing offense is good? Pretty good? Great! Because their passing defense is giving up almost 30 more yards per game than Pats offense is averaging (267 to 294). "I mean, I could scout for the Steelers," BB said. "I mean, I've seen them, they do the same thing, they stay with it. So you know what kind of players they're looking for at each position. They build up, they have a very extensive scheme through their continuity so they do quite a bit in terms of the volume of their plays that you have to defend but they can do them because they've been doing them over and over again and they have a lot of the same guys doing them." So BB and Brady literally understand everything they are going to do already? 

I mean, that just doesn't scare me. "I mean, offensively it's really all of the same guys here for the last couple of years," BB said. "They've lost a couple of guys, you know, like Heath Miller's not there but the guys that are there have pretty much been there. Or guys like James who have come up through the system over a couple of years. Maybe he's gotten more playing time now but it isn't like he's new to their system." So we should fear Jesse James?

If Brady has already seen everything this defense will do than we have already won. "Same thing on defense, so a lot of continuity," BB said.  "And again they've built their team on explosive playmakers and guys on defense that can turn the ball over with speed. So that's Timmons, that's Shazier, you know. That's [Vince] Williams. They've drafted guys like Burns and Davis who are fast. They can turn the ball over. So they've got some great size and athleticism up front: Tuitt, Heyward, guys like that that are very big and athletic. They've got good players, they're well coached and they have a good program. It's all good." Agreed. I loved Burns, Davis, Heyward, Tuitt, and Shazier in the Draft. 

But Shazier and Heyward are out for this game, and Davis and Burns are still rookies. "I think there are a lot of the same elements," Brady said. "They've got still some of the same players even: Timmons and Gay. Cam Hayward is a great player. Mike Mitchell's a great player; they've got some veteran players, but it feels like it's always kind of the same Steeler defense. It's a lot of pressure, I mean, they blitz a lot. They have every blitz in the book. They've got every combination that you could think of, so much of it for us is about making sure that everyone's aware of who we have in pick-up and who we have in the run game, and making sure we kind of have a hat and account for everybody. A lot of times they overload you, and you've got to get the ball out if you need to, based on the protection or based on the calls, so it's a challenging defense to play. They test you in every area and that's why we've always had so many tough games against them. They're just tough to play, especially at home." I just still not ah-scared. Which makes me very-very scared.

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