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Greetings Pats Fans,

First off I just want to thank all the fans of this site. I have been promoting my books for sale primarily on this site. As a result, I have sold almost 500 books in the past year. Thank you for your support and patronage, both are greatly appreciated. I cannot tell you how happy it made me when I read that report. So thank you Draft fans and Patriot fans alike, and mostly thank you to all the fans of my books and website worldwide.

On To Jersey.


1. And One!- Well as you may have seen I published my third book this weekend, and I very oddly didn't watch a single game of college football this weekend as a result (I feel dirty). The And One Trilogy is a book with three short stories in it. Here are three short intros of the stories:

And One.

This is a true story. Though it might be hard to believe. The names and places have been semi-changed to unprotect the evil. I was just a 16-year old kid when my Grandfather died. He was a good man. A stubborn old Irishman, but a good man. He was always the most kind to me of all the adults around. His soul was a gentle one guided by wisdom and commonsense. So you can imagine how surprised I was when I learned his darkest secret.

We all hold secrets, some big and some small. His was the biggest. He spent his life trying to atone for the greatest, and most evil deed, of his life. He raised a family, and helped to raise a second. He worked his way up to foreman in his factory job. He loved his wife, daughters, and grandchildren. Though he refused to set his foot in a church ever again. He was a good man by all accounts.

This is not a religious tale though you might think it so. It is a tale of good vs. evil. I grew up reading fantasy stories, where good and evil were so clearly defined. The world was easier in those stories. There was a good guy struggling to do Good, and bad guys trying to do evil things. I think that's why I like fantasy stories so much. It is always completely clear who is Good and who is evil, and what was the right thing to do and what was not. In our realm of reality life is not so easily defined that way.

In our world it is never so easy to see the good of everything and the evil in anything. There are nuances, or thousands of shades of gray, in every decision. What if you had to commit an act of ultimate evil in order to commit an act of ultimate Good? What if you have to deal with Ultimate Evil in order to commit the greatest act of Good a human can commit? 

A man is just a man. He lives. He loves. He dies. Sometimes he seeks redemption. Sometimes his Good outweighs his evil, and sometimes it does not. What can a Good man do when it does not? When no matter what you do the rest of your life it will not? As your heart beats out it's final rhythm, and you know there is no hope of redemption. What is a man, or in this case a boy, to do when he discovers someone he loves has died with a stain so dark on his soul that he knows it can only slide him straight to Hell?


This is another almost true story. As I watched my father die of Alzheimer's, I became less afraid of death and more afraid of living without my brain. The existence of Alzheimer's patience is a terrifying state of anxiety, panic, and fear-aggression. Waking up everyday not knowing where you are? What you are doing? Or who all these strangers are around you? The constant nagging, attacking, and relentless fear of Alzheimer's patience has caused me to fear that more than death.
This is a story, really of myself with Alzheimer's. The main character is also a mixture of my father and grandfather, but the thoughts, attitude, and memories are mine. I am old, weak, and mentally inconsistent as I escaped from my prison facility, or rest home. I own nothing. I have no family that I can remember. I have no friends to help me surrender. So I go for a walk through the center of the city I grew up in.

For those who have seen the generation before us dying from this plague, it is a terrifying story and prospect. Like the Romans, who many blame the loss of their Empire on lead poisoning, it seems metal poisoning will be the demise of ours. There is one thing all Alzheimer's patients hold in common. There is an elevated level of aluminum their blood. That those in charge refuse to classify as a symptom. That is one clear cause of Alzheimer's, and the only cause we can state as fact right now.

Think about how much aluminum you put into your body now: soda cans, juice bags, pots and pans, chip bags, cooking bags, serving tins, antiperspirant, etc. They say that the Roman elite ate off lead plates as a sign of their utter wealth. That lead poisoning led to so much of the madness in them, and mental retardations of numerous sorts. It is said that was a large part of their fall. I say the out-sourcing of their army, as we are out-sourcing our jobs, was just as much of a reason. When they lost control of their army it was just a matter of time. Just like we are losing control of our manufactory base do to unprecedented corporate greed. So it is just a matter of time for us. 

If you are wondering what is happening to America you should read the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. And think of the industrial base of America as the army. America is in decline, just as Rome once was. However, we can fix it. We have an example of the do's and don't of the Roman Empire to guide us. Stop the outsourcing of our industrial base is the first and don't elect Outsourcers for any office, especially President, as the only real step. Don’t eat off of lead, or in our case aluminum. And beware of greed. Corporate greed is thundering our decline faster than anything the Roman's ever saw. The battle lines start with an all out rebellion against corporate greed, or the decline might not be able to be stopped.

Tales From Crowmar: The Guilt Of The Moon.

The Guilt of the Moon might seem an odd addition to the trilogy. But like I said above, I like fantasy because Good and evil are always so clearly defined. Of course in this story it is more of a modern shade of gray. Shadow Stalker is the protagonist. He is a Customer, a member of the Crowmar Thieves' Guild. It is a prequel to The Wizard's Customer.

It is written in a different style than I normally write. It is a quick ride. It is meant to be more like the ancient fantasy writings. Fantasy first started with Tolkien. But there were others, like Lord Dunsany and How Nuth Would Have Practiced His Art Upon The Gnolls. He wrote at such a sparse frantic pace that I really enjoyed. I still say this is half my story and half his.

This is the story of thief Vs. thief in the fight for capital and freedom. I love the story of thieves. Thieves are the only true capitalist in this drowning society. They get their capital all cost, or they perish, or get placed in a dungeon. For them there is no redemption. Only the successful acquisition of capital, or the utter hate of our society. 

This is also a love story about how Shadow Stalker and Shadow Dancer meet and fell in love. It is a very short and frantic story. The language is meant to be clever, but that is for you to decide. It is a dark tale of bad humans doing bad things to others. The two protagonists are meant to be the "Good guys", but they do a single purposely evil act that ends as expected. It is in this act of evil that their love is sealed. 

2. We're On To Jersey- The problem I have, and I'm guessing most Pats fans have, is that we don't really know who we are right now. I think when Brady came back from his infamous vacation, we thought we knew who we were. But with Mr. Jones taking the Pats elite passrush from last season with him to Arizona (we were 2nd in the NFL in Sacks last season), Collins exile in the Cleveland gulag, and Sheard being put in the box? It all seems such a mystery now. 

It seemed they beat the crap out of the second worst offense in the NFL, after the defense came together in the 4th quarter. "Just making sure that they're confident out there, that they know what they're doing, that they can play fast because when guys are out there they have already shown that they can be out there and play on that level and play at a high level," McCourty said. "It's nothing for me to do as far as them playing but just giving them the confidence and making sure they fully understand what's going on so that they are able to play fast and do what they need to do and not have to worry about some of the little things of where guys motion and where guys move. If I can help with that understanding or over communicating out there and making sure that you say things and they're assertive and they understand. I think for me when I was a young rookie playing that always helped out a lot when I would hear James Sanders yell out an alert. It would just click faster for me and I would be able to play faster." I still think you have to call the Cleveland's offense the worse, by far, in the NFL. 

The 49ers had the worst O-line we faced this year, and we still couldn't get to the QB. "I think that's what builds a team," McCourty said.. "Bill always talks about guys having roles and playing well in your role no matter what that role is. I think especially a guy like Trey [Flowers] who is a younger guy who, as the season has gone on, he has got more and more playing time. So as you would expect he has gotten better and better and it's just fun to watch and see that. I think we have a lot of guys like that, are just excited when they get an opportunity to get on the field and they want to play well to extend their opportunities and play more." They got to the QB better in this game with their new brand of passrushers. 

I really loved Van Noy as a player and passrusher at BYU. "He's been good to work with," BB said. "[He's] a versatile player. Played on the line, off the line, defensive end, played in the kicking game. He's good in pass coverage, can rush. I think he's got a lot of versatility for us. He did a little bit of all of those things last week, played in the kicking game, rushed, covered, so we'll see how it is going forward; see how it all works out. It might change a little bit from game to game depending on game plan and situations and so forth. It looks like he has a good variety of skills, a good skill set." He got in on two sacks last week. 

They need to get him moving forward towards the QB, and hitting him from the edge, because the Jets always step up for this game. "Yeah and it's always a tough game," McCourty said. I think Bill said this morning that seven of the last eight games are like one score or overtime that we played them. It's going to be a tough challenge because I think both teams know each other well. Game planning is tough because obviously I think both sides know each other very well. It's kind of you're thinking of 'What is going to be the exact game plan? What are they going to try to do?' We know what they already do but what's going to be the exact game plan for us and I think they probably think the same thing: what are we going to have that will be a little different going in for them? It's going to be a challenge in both these games, going there and when they come here. Both teams will be ready to play and it'll probably again go down to the last possession of the game." So we will see how much they really came together in San Fran, and if that fragile balance can withstand a punch in the face. 

3. The Jets- The season has been so strange, from start to finish. From "the vacation", to the trade of Mr. Jones, to the exile of Jamie Collins, and the tragic loss of our passrushers. And even the trading for three players, and of one player, during the season. the NFL is famous for being the League that trades players the least during the season of the four major sports. Can you ever remember an NFL team trading for three players during the season?

It is almost December, and we haven't played the J-E-T-S Suck-Suck-Suck yet? "Well, it seems a little unusual to be this late in the season and having not played the Jets yet, so certainly we'll get a good look at them. As it's been in so many of our games with them in the last few years, been very competitive, so everything we do this week is going to be very important towards the outcome based on how tight all of those other games have been: the overtime game, one, two, three point games, last possession and so forth," BB said. "The Jets are, as we know from our games against them last year, very good defensively, great front four, great group of defensive lineman, very experienced in the secondary and at linebacker with [David] Harris. Coach  Bowles runs a varied scheme where you can get anywhere from a three-man rush to everybody blitzing pretty much on any play from 1st down, 2nd down, 3rd down, red-area, two-minute, all of those situations, so there's a lot to defend, a lot of good players. 

"Offensively Coach Gailey does a great job with the balance in his offensive system, running game, passing game. The backs have been very productive for them, both Powell and Forte. The receivers have been very productive. Fitzpatrick is averaging 26 points-per-game the past three weeks, so I think we all know what he's capable of. We've seen him many times. [They're] good in the kicking game. [Josh] Martin's done a real good job for them covering kicks so we'll see how their return situation goes here with their signing yesterday. We have to be ready for that as well. We know it'll be tough down there, a hostile environment. [We had] a very competitive game down there last year in overtime. They had a great drive there to start the overtime period, went 80 yards. We're ready to battle 60 minutes or longer if we need to. That needs to be our mindset this week."

I mean, I though we would win it all if the Pats could go 3 and 1 or better during the infamous vacation. But it seems every week since Brady came back that I fell less confident, even as we continue to win. Last week's win was nice, but the 49ers seriously suck, and they battled us to a dead standstill for half the game, in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. Then we completely destroyed them. My hope is that the defense and offense finally came together in that 4th quarter last week.

4. Team Captains- Brady has finally rejoined the role of team captain, which means he gets to sit and talk to BB every week. "I think for us it's the ability to give Coach [BB] the insight of the player's perspective and the player's point of view and how things are going that really the coaching staff doesn't see," McCourty said. "Then for us it's kind of getting the mentality of the coaches of going forward in that week and how exactly they feel game plan-wise and how the game is playing out. A lot of times the chance to talk and discuss what we like in the game plan and what we don't like and it's really guys from all sides of the ball - offense, defense, and special teams - guys that are usually the signal callers and the guys that have a good beat on what's going on, what the players are mentally [thinking], if there's too much in or if we need to add something. So it's always kind of a good chance to recap and review right before we go into a game." So it's a chance for the coach and players to liaison between each other.  

Hightower is a Captain as well. "I think Dont'a's done a good job for us," BB siad. "I meet with those guys [captains] every week. I think he has a good pulse on the team, on his teammates, what the defense needs to do and so forth. I rely on him and the other players that are in there. Devin is the other defensive player, so I rely on them a lot. I think they do a great job with the overall communication and preparation of their respective units and the entire defense. I mean, that's a little bit the nature of that position, too. Safety, linebacker, quarterback, center. Those guys that are in the middle of the communication are more involved in communication, adjustments, overall coordination of that part of the play or that part of their unit. Inherently that comes a little bit with the position but he's done a good job of it." So it helps in-game to have the guys who have to communicate from the green dot helmets to the rest of the players.

I think it also helped this team deal with the troubles that have happened to the team the past few weeks. "I've been doing it since I've been a head coach. I mean, for us it's a good opportunity to, I can't meet with every single player. That's really not practical," BB said. "I rely on those meetings to get feedback from the players. Or sometimes I explain things to the players that I feel like the team needs to know and let them convey the message in their way or at least understand what the thought process is from my standpoint or the staff's standpoint. 

"But I talk to them and they give me a lot of feedback every week. They do a great job of I'd say not telling you what you think the coach wants to hear but telling you what they think is important, what we need to do, where there's an issue, what we need to address, and then that helps me address it. Most important thing for us is on Sunday is everybody being ready to go, being on the same page, going in there collectively ready to perform our best. Between Friday morning and Sunday afternoon there's still plenty of time to sometimes make some changes, or adjustments, or go back over something, or whatever the situation happens to be and address it. That's very valuable. This is a good group. Rob [Gronkowski], and Slate [Matthew Slater], and Devin [McCourty] and High [Dont'a Hightower] have done a good job." You can bet your ass that there was a whole lotta love, I mean, feedback the past few weeks (but it sure was good to here whole lotta love again). 

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