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Part I.


1. Jacoby Brissett- The number one key to this game is Jacoby Brissett. When you are starting a rookie QB, they are always the number one key. His teammates have to help him, and he just has to keep getting the ball to his playmakers and let them make plays.

Now Jacoby was remarkably poised in that game. "I think he has done a good job of that all through preseason and in some of the practice opportunities with us and with the Bears and the Saints," BB said. "Good poise, good decision-making under pressure. And when I say pressure, [I mean] having people around him. I'm not just talking about all-out blitzes, but having people: in the pocket around him, having people that are out in space closing in on him to throw, to run, what decision to make there. So, he has had a lot of opportunities to do that since he has been here and I think he has done a pretty good job of that."

I admit I was not a Brissett guy when they took him in the 3rd Round. However he played better in the Preseason than I ever saw him play at NC State, which you don't see very often. Sometimes rookies come in and get better coaching and have better players to throw to. And the system fits them better, or they understand it better for some reason. He held onto the ball too long at NC ST, and almost refused to throw the ball in the Senior Bowl. That was not the case at all on Sunday.

When he throws the ball quickly, whether it is completed or not, it is a positive for him. He showed he could throw accurately in the Pats offense. He showed he understood the terminology, and could make the checks and balances at the line. He showed mentally that he could handle it.

I always say that character counts more for a QB than any other position. "A lot of positives," McDaniels said. "Jacoby's a rookie that doesn't have any game experience and yet when he went into the game, I didn't think [he could do it, but] he had good poise and composure and managed the situation well initially. And then we had an opportunity to talk at halftime about some things that we wanted to do in the second half and I thought he took advantage of his opportunities.

"Like every quarterback who's a young player, you're going to learn things as you play and perform in regular season games that you've never had an opportunity to experience. [I'm] hoping that not only Jacoby but a lot of our young players that played for the first time or the second time have an opportunity to really grow from that experience and improve and get better and make a lot of strides, because I think that's something that you could really use, those game experiences to make the most progress.

"There's a lot that can be taught in practice and OTA's and those types of things, but when you have an opportunity to go out there and try to execute on Sunday against another good opponent with really good players and a tough scheme, I think that only accelerates the learning process if you can take those lessons and then make progress on them each week." What Parcells and Charlie Weis were saying was that he has top character from top to bottom.

He can take a licking, and keep on thinking. That is the number one skill for an NFL QB. How do you play after the hit. He can he study film into the early morning  hours, and understand what he is seeing, and translate that to the field. He is a phenomenal athlete who played basketball in high school. He amazingly did not look out of place on the field, most of the time, against Miami.

Brissett came out with Jimmy-G still heading to the locker room, and was immediately almost called for a delay of game. The bench had to call a timeout. So on his first 1st down he was not cognizant of the clock, which is just QB 101. So he took a big hit mentally on his first play on the field as Jimmy-G was heading down the stairs into the dungeons of Gillette.

"The quarterback, he's going to prepare for the game the same way, regardless of whether he's going to start the game or not," BB said. "By the second play of the game he could be in there. So it's not like there is any part of the game he can't not prepare for in: a two-minute, red area, third down, first down, regular blitzes, the running game, sub-blitzes. He's got to prepare for all of it. He could be in there for any of it. He could be in there for the last play of the game.

"So he has got to prepare for that and he has got to prepare for all the ones in between. I don't know how the preparation would be any different. The amount of reps you get, the timing and all of that, that of course would depend on how those are distributed, but in terms of the player's preparation, I don't know how you could? I mean you could take a defensive back and say, ‘OK, we're only going to play you in dime situations, here's your role this week. You're the sixth defensive back, you have this role in this defensive package and we're only going to use you in this situation. But you can't do that with a quarterback." After his first mistake, he dropped back and hit Edelman in the hands.

QBs have to recover from mental hits as well as physical hits. He showed that. They handed the ball to Blount on his second 1st down. Then they ran him again on his first 2nd down, to make it 3rd and 4. So his first throw was a couple plays after his first mental mistake, and he put it right in the hands of Edelman on the opposite side of his body as the CB, and he dropped it. 0 for 1- Drop

That was such a great throw on so many levels for the rookie QB, that you have to catch that pass for the Kid (hey, if Brady is the GOAT, then Brissett is the Kid). He made some checks at the line. He told the O-line to "watch 91". Then he 3-stepped dropped looking at Bennett all the way. Planted his backfield, and fired an anti-Godzilla rocket at Edelman that took him right off his feet. He showed he could throw at a faster pace than anything he showed at NC ST.

The defense got the ball back with an interception by Collins, as Long hit his arm as he threw. So Brissett got the ball back before the Half. They stuck to the rookie script, and ran-ran-threw. So on 3rd and 5, Brissett stepped into the shotgun. He caught the snap, 4-step dropped, and fired outside instantly to Edelman again. This was another great quick throw for a rookie QB. He hit Edelman in the hands again, and he dropped it. It was a little low and outside, but it was another catch a veteran WR has to make for a rookie QB. 0 for 2- 2- Drops.

2. YJ FRIGGIN' YATES! Are You An Idiot or What?- TJ Friggin' Yates! TJ Friggin' Yates? TJ Friggin' Yates?!? You'd be better off with TJ Hooker than TJ Yates. And you know who much I love hookers. They are my favorite shots in basketball (and my favorite basketball joke). But that is the dumbest opinion I've ever heard. Simply not possible.

It is ridiculous that any so-called experts thinks that T.J. Friggin' Yates could sign on Tuesday and play on Thursday Night. That is just so stupid. It is like thinking that voting for a proud sexist and racist doesn't make you a sexist racist. He couldn't even learn the lingo of the offense in four days.

He wouldn’t even be ready to call a play tonight. That is why he is huddled up in a hotel in Sharon desperately reading the lyrics of his playbook, and listening to bootlegs of Brady calling signals. He couldn't spit out the terminology in the huddle to get his teammates on the same song, never mind actually understand it. Edelman can at least can make the calls. You have no other choice. And you know that Julian is probably the guy who made the bootlegs of his beloved Brady calling signals.

Yates doesn't even know the dances yet either. I like to compare going under center and handing off the ball, to a choreographed dance. He has to know the steps, the turns, the twists, and of course when and which arm to extend to hand the ball off. He couldn't take a snap from center and hand the ball off, never mind the five patterns being run by his band. To not understand that makes you sound foolish.

I am disgusted by the critical reporting of BB here. When I am the voice of reason than you guys are not doing your jobs. I'm the wacky guy who writes about a football game like Godzilla attacking Tokyo. Or worse, it's not just plain ignorance, it's trolling for idiocy. It that what reporting is now? Just trolling for idiocy, and seeing what twit you can piss off on twitter.

Plus, you are talking about the 4th string QB. Brissett is the rookie 3rd string QB. When a team reaches its' 3rd string rookie QB they are screwed. The fact that the Pats can still win this game, and I say that mostly because of the idiot induced trouble in scheduling a Thursday Night game for away teams (and I'm a homer). Houston has to copy what they did in the first two games almost exclusively. So the fact that the Pats have a shot in this game with a third string rookie QB at the helm is a testament to the decision making of BB, not a flaw in his logic. Cutting someone to sign a useless Yates is stupid. Stupid is as stupid does.

Edelman under center clearly gives the Pats a better chance to win than Yates tonight, period. If you can't see that than you don't understand football. Brissett has been preparing for over four months for this start.

"Jacoby has done a good job for us," BB said. "He has improved every day. He's a hard working kid. He's in here early. He stays late. He studies the game mentally. He has got good physical talent. He has improved steadily since he has been here since back in the draft, in May, all the way through."

I don't care who, what, where, or when you played football, if you don't understand how screwed a team is once they reach their 4th string QB than you are an idiot. "Well it doesn't really matter what happened," BB said. "What we're worried about is this week against Houston. That's really all that matters. Some other year or some other game, I mean what difference does it make? We're getting ready for this game."

Most teams are toast if they reach the 3rd string rookie QB. If Brissett goes down then we lose every single game mercilessly until Jimmy-G, or BRADY (yay) is back. I don't care if Yates, or Edelman, or Nick Caserio is at QB. It is irrelevant. They might be able to steal this game tonight, but if Garoppolo isn't back next week, which it sounds like he will be, they won't stand a chance against the imploding Bills. There is just so much stuff for these guys to soak in, which no longer includes learning the terminology:

"We're kind of scrambling a bit here this week," BB said. But [we've] certainly been impressed with looking at the Texans. I think Bill's done a really good job with this football team. Much improved from last year…

"Defensively, they're really strong up front. Clowney looks good. Mercilus played really well for them. Obviously Watt. McKinney's done a great job for them inside. He really looks like in his second year he's becoming one of the better linebackers in the league at a lot of things: the run, the pass, blitzing. They get good, solid corner play from the guys they had last year: Jonathan Joseph and Jackson. Bouye obviously had a big game last week against Kelce as a fourth corner…

"Romeo does a great job defensively with the fundamentals and techniques across the board at every position, particularly in the front seven, but their secondary is very well drilled too. We're going to have to play a good solid football game in all three phases of the game, a good complimentary game. They're 2-0 because they've played well two weeks in a row. They've got a good football team." That's a lot for me to soak in, and I couldn't play under center if you replaced my brain with Brady's.

They still don't have their full offense in, and the QBs have been here working on it since May. "I think the entire team is kind of in the same boat," BB said. "We're 2-0 which is good. Certainly [there are] a lot of things that we can do better. We can coach better, we can play better, we can overall in different units execute better collectively, not just individually. We can improve fundamentals, so I think we're all in the same boat. We've all got a lot of work to do. We're into the season. We've got a long way to go. I'd say that's pretty much the same story for everybody no matter who the player is or what position they are. I don't think anybody's where they need to be. Everybody's working hard, we're improving, we're getting better. We've got a long way to go." Brissett isn't really close to understanding the entire offense in four months of work. But Yates could come in and play with four days of work? You can't tell me that you truly believe that.

Edelman is the only option, as the Godzilla-is-attacking-Tokyo-again-disaster-quarterback for tonight, right Bill? "I don't know," BB said. I mean, help a brother out. "Well, he hasn't played it in this league," BB said very unhelpfully. "He played it in college." Yeah-yeah that's the ticket. He threw a pass in a game last season as well. "Yeah!" BB said almost excitedly. "He has thrown more than that in practice." More than that. In practice (once baby once). I rest my case Your Honor. "I don't know." BB said. Which I think means I'm an idiot.

When the Pats put in the 4th string OLT last year, not the QB, but the OLT! The season was over. How bad do you think it would get with TJ Yates, who doesn't even understand the language of the offense. You do understand that the terminology of an NFL offense is the language of the offense. He can't speak Patriot. And while the Houston verbiage may be similar, Yates is still speaking Spanglish in an English speaking offense. It is impossible to put Yates in the game tonight, whether he is on the roster or not it is the same, he does not have the knowledge to play QB for the NEP tonight.

3. The Second Most Important Aspect Of This game?- When you have a rookie QB playing in the NFL, he is not just the most important aspect in the game, but also the second most important aspect of the game. He will do some good things; Maybe even some great things, but he will match all those things with bad things. The inconsistency of a rookie QB affects everything else in the offense, and also on the defense, like we saw Sunday.

Even the defense fell apart when Garoppolo went out. The defense was forced to fall back into a Prevent, to keep the clock running and not give up a long TD. And as happens so often against a smart offense, they just kept throwing underneath the umbrella, and Tannehill almost failed at that with inaccurate passes that forced some great catches. Then they just had to make plays in the Redzone, which they did.

The good news is that Brissett got some experience to end the 1st Half, and then came out to start the 2nd half. Brissett went under center in a Strong formation with 11:35 left in the 3rd. He actually ran a play action, and ran it well. He turned his back to the defense, extended his arm as he ran at an angle outside, and then stopped, turned, and spotted Bennett wide open going against the grain. And Bennett was great on this play. He straight armed #41 to the ground, and flew over midfield. Then he cut back and fell on the 30. Any time the rookie throws quickly and accurately I think the Pats can win tonight. 

1 for 3- Bennett.

2nd and 9, they came out in a 4-Wide Weak shotgun. Jacoby was great on this play. He caught the ball and turned to the right. He stared down Edelman in the right flat for as long as he could. Then just as a rusher broke free, he instantly turned to the left and hit White on a screen. Get the ball into the play makers hands, and watch them run for a 1st down. This play may not have counted, as Holding was called, but it counted in the Kid's assessment. 

2 for 4- White, Hold.

2nd and 19 and they friggin' went Empty. This was the great spin-o-rama screen pass. They set up two screens. One on the left, which he faked to. Then he did the old spin-o-rama and spun back to the other side and threw the ball to Bennett with Andrews and Shaq blocking out in front. Bennett had a nice run and got 15. Beautiful play by the rookie.

3 for 5- Bennett.

They come out on 3rd and 4 in a 3-Wide weak shotgun. The Kid 2-stepped, hopped, and fired in rhythm to Edelman crossing. He caught it this time, yay, and turned up field for the 1st. The refs add 15-yards for a random act of stupidity cheapshot. Blount ran it in for the TD. With all due respect to reality, the Kid has been perfect so far. 

4 for 6- Edelman. Pats-31.

One thing he can do is run. On 2nd down of the next series. Brissett had pressure, and was almost sacked. He took off to the right like he was still thinking about throwing, but then quickly pulled the ball in and ran for the 1st. If a rookie QB gets flushed, he should just take off and run. Another good decision by Brissett.

4 for 7 run.

Then after Blount ran for a 1st down, after his miraculous one hand catch of the high snap. They ran a play action and he was sacked by Jason Jones. But it wasn't because he held onto the ball for too long. So on 3rd and 22, it was his first throw after a big hit. They came out in a 4-Wide Weak shotgun, and he hit White in the flat to force the punt.

5 for 9- Sack, White.

The next time he dropped it was 2nd and 7, after Blount ran twice. Remember, we are looking at the Cassel playbook. They sent Hogan in motion behind Brissett. They snapped the ball once he was past the Kid. He 3-stepped, and turned a little early to the outside. He only kept his eye on the safety for one full step. Then he hit Hogan heading down the line, on the wrong side of his body. But he spun back and caught it. Mitchell turned inside, and held up the two CBs just enough for Hogan to run for the First.

6 for 10- Hogan,

2nd and 5, and they lined up in the shotgun. The Kid got pressure. And was grabbed by 31, but he shook him off and took off to his left. He faked the throw as two defenders were running over to get him, and that slowed them down enough for the Kid to slide down for the 1st. But they called Holding on Thuney.

6 for 11- run and Hold.

He dropped back for his 11th time to pass. He got Sacked by #31, and didn't secure the ball. He tried to drag the ball in, and as rookies will do, he bounced the ball off his own shoulder pad, fumbled, and caused a 3rd and 29

6 for 12- Fumble.

After the Dolphins scored again to get to 24-points. The Pats ran it successful twice for a 1st down, and then decided to throw it on 1st down for some reason. They waggled the Kid outside, and then he got pressure he threw it away as he was tackled by Mario Williams, for another nice smart play.

6 for 13- Threw Ball Away.

Blount ran for 9, and Jacoby snuck for the 1st. He dropped on 2nd down after a third straight run. He 3-stepped and threw right off his back foot again beautifully. He hit Bennett five yards downfield, and Bennett was able to turn up field and run for the 1st.

7 for 14- 1st.

So that is how I score it. He dropped back to pass 14 times and went: 7 for 14, with: 2 Drops, 1 sack, 1 competition on a penalty, 1 run, 1 fumble, 1 thrown away, and a run and a Hold on the same play. All in all a very impressive performance, for a rookie.

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