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2nd Game Back.


1. Preseasons over- Well last week could not have worked out any better. In a game we new that was going to be Brady's real preseason, quickly turned into a real preseason game.

Cleveland just couldn't get out of their own way and had to keep subbing in QBs. You could even say that they played five QBs in that game like it was Preseason. They started Kessler and when he got injured they put in Pryor. Then they put in Whitehurst, and when he got inured they put in a 4th QB who had played prior, Pryor, back in. Then they stuck their fifth QB in, an injured Whitehurst. 

So it had the feel, in a lot of way, like a Preseason game. Even Garoppolo got into the game. Usually Brady cries when he is forced to come out of a regular season game. So the Pats don't bother. But Garoppolo went in and finished the game like it was Preseason.

The Pats even started subbing in players we never heard of. "He's worked really hard and gets better every work," BB said about Elandon Roberts. "He and Woody Hamilton both played a decent amount defensively. We'll see how it looks on film. They're a couple of young guys who came in and played and showed up. Everybody just keeps working to get better, and when they get an opportunity, they show up and make the most of it." Woody who?

They subbed-in some guy named Woody Harrelson. Oops, I mean Woodrow Hamilton. "Just starting with Elandon, I think obviously a guy that we've had in through training camp and saw some things in his skill set that we liked as a player, as a linebacker," BB said. "He works extremely hard, he loves football, he's really trying to improve and get himself better and takes to the coaching. Really been very pleased with his approach to everything. There's obviously a lot he can do to improve on and get better. I was happy to see him go out and make some plays there on Sunday. There are some plays that we went back and looked at that we've got to get better on and that's true of the defense as a whole. But certainly has a very explosive mannerism about his play, his playing style. He's really instinctive. He does a good job of reading the offense and being able to decipher what they're doing pretty quick. So just a young player that we're trying to improve and trying to get better. Trying to see, hopefully, we'll just keep seeing that improvement here as we go forward.

"He had an opportunity like a lot of young guys out there. Woodrow Hamilton was another one and all of our guys that played on Sunday that, again, just coming out of the previous week we're just trying to get better than we were the previous week, so that's our main goal for everybody out there on the defense." They were subbing in second tier guys in like it was preseason.

They were even changing their scheme up to see something new. "We played some of our calls with our three big defensive linemen in there [Branch, Brown, and some guy named Woody]", BB said. "Usually, most of the time we have two and that also led to Rob Ninkovich playing more as an outside linebacker in certain situations, certain calls, so we really had both ends in there as well as three big guys instead of two ends and two big tackles. I thought that those guys did a good job. We played the run with good consistency all day. We defeated blocks. This is a very good double-team, downhill running game with a great back and those guys did a good job on the double-team blocks. We did a good job of staying on blocks and not creating space in gaps for the backs to attack. We tackled well but the linebackers played well, too. Again, run defense is team defense. No one guy can stop the running game. Everybody's got to have control of their area of the line of scrimmage or a good back like [Isaiah] Crowell is going to find it. It was good team effort from the running game." I was such an odd game.

2. We're On To Cincy- All this talk that Lewis is a bad coach and Dalton is a bad QB is ludicrous. They both are very successful regular season guys. They might not have a Playoff win, but they have won a ton of regular season game. And this is not the Playoffs, this a Regular season game.

We just spent the past few months witnessing the difference between winning QBs. We saw Jacoby develop into a Preseason winner. Even his win against Houston was more Preseason game than regular season game, because of Darth Goodell's Thursday Night Football idiocy. Away teams just don't have time to game plan, so he won. When a team had the time to game plan, the Bills, he lost.

We saw Garoppolo develop into a regular season winner. "I think when you come in as a young player in the league and you're preparing to play and you don't have the opportunity to get in there and get as much experience in games," McDaniels said. "You work hard at it, you try to make sure you're as prepared as best you can, and then I think when you get in there you realize all of those little things that your coaches talk about, and that you've studied during the week, and the film that you watch, the meetings, and the tip sheets and the things that happen in practice that you learn from, how very valuable every single one of those is by itself.

"I think that when you have an opportunity to know that you're going to play in a regular season game, prepare that way and then learn from it and do it again the next week, I think that's extremely important because now hopefully you really understand what it takes, how much work it requires to be totally prepared to see anything that you could see on a Sunday, and then you stick with that preparation. You don't change your routine. Now you know what it's like to do it as a starter and you want to work as hard as you can to make sure that you feel totally prepared and ready to go each Sunday that you go to the stadium, whatever your role might be.

"And those guys, both he and Jacoby [Brissett], they'll know that they could only be one play away from being in the game, and so your preparation shouldn't be any different than it was when you were starting games and you knew that you were going to play on Sunday afternoon." But we have no idea if he is Playoff winner yet.

Then we had the best playoff winner take over. "He’s so efficient," Andy Dalton said. "He gets the ball out of his hands quick. He gets his guys the ball. Guys make plays for him. You can tell he’s got full control over everything they’re doing on offense. He’s so good because he gets all the guys to play for him, regardless of who’s in there. He’s won with a lot of different guys out there. That’s why he’s one of the best." We saw all three levels of QBs this season.

So don't pretend that the stunning post-season failures of Lewis and Dalton have any effect on this game. "Alright, you know with the Bengals, I think this is obviously a very successful franchise, particularly over the last five years," BB said. "They're at the very top of the league in terms of wins, playoffs, divisions, so forth. They've had tremendous success and I have a great amount of respect for the way this franchise started with Paul Brown and Mike [Brown] and Pete [Brown] and the job that they do.

"Marvin obviously does a great job, his staff. There's a lot of continuity with the Bengals even though they've had some changes to the coaching staff through the years, particularly this year with Hue [Jackson], that they still have a lot of continuity in what they do. They keep doing the same things with Coach Lewis' plan regardless of who the different coordinators have been and who the personnel have been. They've been able to replace those people, players and coaches, and continue to achieve a lot of success on the football field.

"Marvin does a great job with the team, their fundamentals, their execution, again, their overall consistency. They're very explosive offensively. They have great skill players and a solid offensive line and a good quarterback. Defensively, a very disruptive front. They have a lot of heavy hitters at linebacker and safety, talented corners. [They] added I'd say a strong dimension in the kicking game with [Alex] Erickson, good specialists, well coached there. Darrin Simmons does a great job; one of the best special teams coaches in the league. This will be a big and tough test for us this week, a very good football team, well coached, a lot of talent. I have a lot of respect for the Bengals from top to bottom." Last years Playoff loss was clearly not their fault. As they put them into position to win, and lost it do to the pure stupidity of two idiots.

I keep flashing back to the game a couple of years ago when we only scored 6-points, and the Bengals' defense kicked the crap out of Brady and the offense. "I think they give you a lot of looks with it. They get up there and come. They get up there and just bring one guy, they get up there and don't bring anybody. They get up there and bring guys from the edge. It forces you to commit your protection inside to them and then the guys come from the outside in. Yeah, they do a good job of that," BB said. "They have a good package of it. We do a decent amount of it, too. We've practiced against it against our defense going back to the spring so we've seen probably as much of it as they've seen it from themselves. You still have to block it, they still have a good package off it, and they do a good job disguising it. But we've worked on it. It's a good package, but we just have to do a good job with it depending on what play or protection we have called.

"We just have to do a good job of executing. But it could be a number of different things. I think that's the hard part of it, is they're up there, they may be coming, they may not be coming. They may be up there to draw your attention to them so somebody else can come or they may be up there and their good blitzers: Burfict, Maualuga, Vincent Rey, Dansby. They're all [good]. They can get pressure and good matchups, and run gains and stuff like that. They do a good job of it." It amazes me that so many people seem to be underestimating the Bengals in a regular season game.

3. The Draft- Two huge must watch games coming up today. Ohio State @ Wisconsin, and Alabama @ Tennessee. The Pats will be looking for some big time players in the Draft next year. They have no long term contracts on their edge players. They might lose a Corner or two, and they might need an ILB to replace Collins or Hightower. Also, don't be shocked if they are looking for a big RB to replace Blount. And would anyone be upset if a top tackle, like Cameron Robinson, dropped to them at 32. What if they trade Garoppolo for a top ten pick. Suddenly everyone on the field is in play in these games:

Alabama VS Tennessee:

#93 Jonathan Allen- 5-T, 6-3, 294 SR-  

#56 Tim Williams- EDGE 6-4 244 SR    

#22 Ryan Anderson- EDGE 6-2 253-

#9 *Da'Shawn Hand-DE, Jr 6-4 278- 

#26 **Marlon Humphrey- CB, 6-1, 198-

#4 Eddie Jackson S 6' 194 SR-  

Dalvin Tomlinson- DT, 6-2 307-

Da'Shawn Hand- DL 6-4 278-

#10 Reuben Foster- ILB 6-1, 240 SR-   


#74 Cameron Robinson OL 6-6, 327 JR*- 

#88 O.J. Howard TE 6-6, 242 SR-  

#1 Robert Foster WR 6-2, 191 rJR-  

#11 Gehrig Dieter WR 6-3 207 rSR-  

#11 Joshua Dobbs QB 6-3 210 SR-  

#1 Jalen Hurd RB 6-4, 240-

#6 Alvin Kamara RB 5-10, 215-   

#3 Josh Malone WR 6-3, 200 JR- 






#8 Derek Barnett EDGE 6-3 265-

#29 Evan Berry- S 5-11 207 JR*-

#23 Cameron Sutton CB 5-11 186-

Ohio State Vs. Wisconsin:

#6 **Sam Hubbard EDGE 6-5, 265-

#59 *Tyquan Lewis EDGE 6-4 260-  

#8 *Gareon Conley CB 6' 195- 

#5 *Raekwon McMillan LB 6-2, 240-

#24 **Malik Hooker-  CB 6' 195-

#16 *J.T. Barrett QB 6-2, 225-

#54 *Billy Price- OL 6-3, 315-  

#4 Curtis Samuel- RB/WR 5-11, 200-

#5 Corey Smith WR 6-1. 195-

#65 Pat Elflein OL 6-3, 300

#6 Corey Clement- RB 5-11, 219-

Dan Voltz- OL 6-3 301- 

Ryan Ramcyzk OL 6'6" 314 rJR*-

Robert Wheelright, WR, 6-3, 203-



#47 Vince Biegel, OLB, 6-4, 245-

#8 Sojourn Shelton, CB, 5-9, 173-

*Jack Cichy LB 6-2, 233

4. 2nd Game Back QB- Okay, we saw Brady come out last week and make every right decision, like he was paying in slowmo instant replay. "There were a lot of contributions from a lot of places, and I think that's what makes a good offense," Brady said. "Not just always throwing it to one or two guys, but spreading the ball around and throwing the ball where they're not. Wherever they want to cover, you've got to figure out other places to go with it and have guys in those positions to be able to make the plays. We certainly did a good job of that last week, but it always changes. Over the course of the year, teams will evaluate you different ways and try to take away different things, and you have to be able to adjust, too. That's why things play out over a long season." But that was last week, against the worst defense in the NFL.

This is his 2nd game back after a month off, and things will not go well for him this week. "You can't, after four games or five games, you don't really know where you're at yet," Brady said. "It takes a while to figure out what you're really good at, how other teams are going to try to defend those things, and how you're able to adapt to the changes that they're making, too. I think that's the part of the fun part of the strategy of the game. You can't come in here every week with the same plan and say, ‘Alright, well let's just Xerox copy what we did last week and see if that will work again.' I think you always have to find ways to reinvent yourself over the course of a season, and the teams that can do that are usually the ones that win the most games." They are also playing against a defense that has hurt him in the past.

In the 2nd game back, you actually see things better than the 1st. He will see things better than last week, but every decision he makes will be wrong. It will be the exact opposite of last week. Like in basketball, I can see the passing lane open with a defender in front of me and guys shading to me on both sides, and decide to dribble into a crowd. Or I see the lane to the basket, and decide to pass when they are falling off me. Or just shoot the jumper over the top for no apparent reason. I see the right thing to do, and make the wrong decision over and over, and swear repeatedly at myself heading back on defense.

Brady will struggle terribly this week, making the wrong decision after wrong decision, and he will know it. He will see it, and get even more frustrated. I have seen in myself for years. The 2nd game back zone is one of the worst feelings in sports.

He just has to get the ball to his elite playmakers, and let them make plays. "I was saying the other day, 'Martellus has been so productive, being here for such a short time, [and] Gronk, what he did last week and him kind of getting back to where he wants to be is such a big part of our offense because those guys are so dynamic," Brady said. "They're tough matchups. They're both 6-foot-6-plus, 270-pounds-plus. They're hard matchups for anybody because they're just very unique players." Gronk and Bennett give him such an advantage in the passing game.

But when you're in the 2nd game back zone, you see the right play to make, and then go and do the other thing. "It's great because like on the touchdown to Martellus, one of them, they focused all their coverage on Gronk, and then Martellus gets the one-on-one and he gets the ball," Brady said. "Again, that's what makes a good offense. If they're going to double cover someone, it means other guys have single coverage. If you're playing with a guy like Gronk, it's great for you because you're not the one getting double covered. So you'll have opportunities and you have to take advantage of the opportunities when you get them." He will miss most of those opportunities in this game.

Even though he has more weapons this year than last year. "They've all been playing really well over the course of the first five weeks," Brady said. "The skill players have done a great job when they've gotten the opportunities. Again, it's just distributing the ball. Whether we're running it or throwing it. Which part of the field we're throwing it: outside, inside, deep, short, everybody has to play a role. You play that role. Like that long one to Hogan in the game, I would say that he was the last guy that I would ever except to get the ball on that play on the deep one on the right sideline. But he's in the position and he gets open, and now he gets the opportunity. You never know when your number is going to get called. So when it does you've got to take advantage of it." He will struggle to make the instant decisions that he made look so easy last week. It is what it is.

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