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7-Things for Sunday: Part II.


5. Offensive Explosion!- You cannot talk about the Pats defense without talking about 3rd down efficiency. The Pats are the third worst defense on 3rd Downs with a 46% failure rate stopping Darth Trump. The only two teams who go to the Dark Side worse on 3rd downs are Detroit and Washington. There is nothing good about being on the same level with Detroit and Washington. That is like being on the same level as Darth Trump when it comes to Racism and Sexism.

3rd down conversions, on both side of the ball, is one of the most important stats in football. But maybe not, Cleveland is the only team in the NFL left without a win, and they are 21st in stopping 3rd down conversions. While the bottom five teams have 10 wins, granted 3 of them are by the Pats (which means the other 4 teams are averaging less than 2 wins). But still. It just seems to go against football norms.

The Pats just have to tackle better this week to get back on track. "I think there are a lot of areas that we certainly want to do a better job and improve in," Patricia said. "Obviously, what we're trying do, and we'll look at all the film, but I think in regards to just the fundamentals in general for us are where we start and try to improve each week. There's always a big point of emphasis on that, and those are the situations that we try to make sure we perform well in down after down and have consistently good fundamentals. It's something we work on every day, we work on each week, so we're going to try to improve. I think looking ahead into Cleveland, it'll be another challenge for us with the run game, the backs and the ball out in space,  Pryor. Tackling will be a big part of that and fundamentals will be a part of that as far as this week also. " They have to play better on defense on 3rd downs.

They have to stop the Crowell first, with Cleveland playing a rookie QB again this week  "You're talking about one of the best backs in the league," Patricia said. "This guy is an explosive runner, he's got good vision. He's got really good feet and balance. If you look at his burst and his ability to get through the line of scrimmage with the power and the acceleration that he hits the hole, it's very impressive. You see him really kind of fit through some tight spaces very quickly. They do a great job in the run game with both the scheme and the gap system as well as the zone system to really be able to get the ball downhill in a very effective and quick manner." They have to run to keep pressure off their QB.

If you stop Crowell you stall their offense. "This is really a very good back," Patricia said. "This guy has done a great job to really complement this offense. He has tremendous speed, he can get to the edge and break the big runs. They obviously have a very explosive running game, one of the best run games in the league. His balance, his body control and his vision have really played into allowing him to use his power in a very effective manner, so just a very, very good running back. I think they have a great complement with Duke Johnson, another extremely good running back, very fast, very quick guy in the backfield. He has a great jump-cut ability, fast movement, elusive type of player, so it's a good complement with both backs." They have to tackle him better than they did against Shady last week.

The Browns have to dummy-down their offense to help their rookie QB. This plays right into the Pats hands. Kessler has thrown for one TD the past two and a half games or so. He was plugged into the lineup during their second game. He has not turned the ball over much yet, and has only thrown one INT. But as we saw with Brissett, a rookie QB only wins when everything goes right in all three phases of the game. Otherwise, he is not capable of leading a team to victory.

6. Defensive Explosion- The good news for Pats fans is that everything has just changed for the Pats offense. The Browns coaches and players have virtually no film of the Pats offense this season. With Brady at the helm it is a completely different offense than it was under the two young QBs. So what do they study? Tape of Garoppolo and last season? The past two game tapes are completely useless at best.

But of course, Brady has familiarity with a Ray Horton coordinated offense. "Each week is pretty similar in terms of our process that we go through," McDaniels said. "There are a lot of variables each week that go into playing a game in the National Football League. You look at your team, the health of your team, the guys that are going to be available to you. You look at the team you're playing and evaluate their players, their scheme, the strengths and weaknesses of both sides, our side, their side, and then try to put together a game plan that gives you the best chance for success on every snap that you play on Sunday." That is something the Pats can do this week but Horton can't.

Meanwhile, Brady and Josh have four full games to study, and they have played Ray Horton defenses three of the past four years. "[As for] Tom, we've done this a long time, and any input from a player is certainly welcome," McDaniel said about his Binkie. "We have a lot of guys that study hard and prepare hard and usually when they speak, and they have ideas and thoughts, they're well thought out and you certainly take those into consideration because they're the ones out there playing. The variables this week have changed a little bit, but the process will remain the same. We're just trying to find the best formula for us to play this game against this opponent against these players and coaches. I have a lot of respect for this group, and like I said a couple times already, we need to do a good job getting familiar with who we're playing this week because it's definitely a team that we're not as familiar with. I think we're going to spend a lot of time doing that and really trying to hone in on the things that we feel like we have a chance to do well on Sunday." Ray Horton is completely on his own, as the HC has made himself the OC as well, which means he has no time to help coordinate the defense.

So he has to prepare his defense off the experience of playing Brady three of the past four years, with no tape of him this year. I know it doesn't sound like much, but for these film junkies it is huge. They might run a similar offense as they had in the first game and a half, but they will do nothing similar to what they did with Brissett at QB. He has nothing to really watch, and McDaniel will make sure that they do nothing similar to what they did in the first two games.

Meanwhile the Pats have the prior knowledge, and the film of Horton's defense this season. "Ray [Horton] is an excellent coach," McDaniel said. "Their whole group does a great job. You're right; we've had a lot of opportunities against Coach Horton's defense. Started in Arizona in 2012 and played him again in Cleveland in 2013 and Tennessee last year, so this is a system that we're familiar with. It definitely has some elements of the Pittsburgh deal in it.

"They're disciplined. They're very rarely, if ever, out of position. They play their technique and their leverage properly. They're going to make you handle some pressure, some of which you've probably practiced, and a few of which you probably have not. There's always a game plan element to it. The safeties and the secondary have always been, at some point in the game, pressure guys. So we're going to have to stay on our toes and look for those kinds of things.

"They've got size and big guys up front. They play a lot of guys on the edge. They've got speed, they've got strength, they've got length, they've got maybe guys that are not as long but are fast on the edge that they rush. They play a lot of different rush guys out there so we're going to have to do a good job with being familiar with their guys because they're definitely not all the same. The two inside linebackers, Davis and Kirksy, are as fast as we're going to see two guys in the inside. They make a lot of tackles so you're never going to outrun them. They're good in coverage, they're good blitzers, very athletic. Then their secondary has gotten their hands on a lot of balls. This is a group that's playing in a good system that gives you some problems. They take advantage of mistakes. They've turned the ball over in the secondary multiple times this season. They've gotten their hands on some balls up front with their pass rush guys, and they're going to challenge you with some different schematic things that you're going to have to have an answer for as the game goes along.

"So Coach Horton does a great job. They've got a good staff, they've got good players, they've got a lot of guys that play extremely hard. That's one thing that we're going to make sure that we understand. I'm not sure that we're going to play a team that plays harder than this one. They do a great job of running to the football. They've created some turnovers doing that and we're going to need to match their effort and intensity on Sunday and be alert for everything and get to know these guys. Like I said, we don't know very many of these players very well. We're going to have to make sure we're doing a good job of getting familiar with the people that we're lining up against on Sunday afternoon." Their defense is giving up almost a 120-yards rushing, and 260-yards passing a game.

You can cry havoc all you want, but if Brady gets in a zone this defense cannot stop him. "I think experience helps any player," McDaniel said. "If they're injured or what have you, they come back, or if they miss some time for whatever reason. But I also think there's an acclimation period in the game of football that's hard to simulate unless you're playing football. Like I said, we're going to do the best we can to prepare and take every opportunity in practice and take advantage of all the reps that we have in the periods that we can be out there working together to just make sure that Tom is as capable on Sunday to do his job." The only thing that can stop this offense this week is rust. I don't think that hurts them this week.

7. Pats Win- The best bit of news in this game is that the Browns cannot seem to defend a tight end this season. "Those guys are both good blockers, so we're comfortable running behind them in really any situation," BB said about Gronk and Bennett. "They're good at the point of attack, they're good on double-team blocks, good at blocking the force. That's always a tough position. I mean, it's a tough position on a lot of levels but it's a tough position in terms of blocking because there are times that they're blocking safeties, guys that are good run players but quick and athletic and then there are times when they're blocking linebackers and then there are times when they're blocking defensive linemen, anywhere from the 260-270 pound defensive ends to occasionally some of the bigger five-techniques that push closer to 300. So there are a lot of different levels of power, athleticism, technique.

"Some of those blocks are in-line blocks, some of them are space blocks. Occasionally they have to pull and things like that. At times they're even involved in perimeter plays like flip-screens and those type of things where they're blocking in space against corners. So the variety and the matchups that they have as blockers is pretty extensive. It's pretty difficult really to be able to matchup against all of those and execute them. But those two guys do a real good job of it. They're both long, have good strength, good feet, and they're both smart players that know how to use their leverage and understand where the play is going and how to use the proper technique to block it." Ah, did anyone tell Cleveland that the Pats have two of the best tight ends in the NFL on the roster?

Even if Gronk is still suffering from the Madden curse, their defense cannot cover Bennett, any better than the Bills (5-catches for 109-yard). "He's really done a nice job of doing what we ask him to do," McDaniel said. "Marty is an unselfish guy. He's been out there every single day, practices hard. He's been a factor in the running game; he's been a factor in pass protection. He's done good things when he's gotten his opportunities in the pass game as a receiver. He's versatile. He plays an awful lot of snaps. He's been durable. He's tough, and he's unselfish. We're really happy with what he's done and look forward to kind of growing with him as we go through the season, but really appreciate his attitude and the contributions that he's made so far and look forward to trying to improve and get better as we go through the season." Look for Bennett to drop a Benjamin on the Browns defense again this week.

With a rookie QB at the helm, they cannot win on offense. With the GOAT back at QB they cannot win on defense. So as long as the Pats don't hand them the game, and just play on average game on all three units, this is easy money against the worst team in the NFL.

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