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Part I.


1. I Have No Idea What's Going On- I have no idea what is going on in this game. It seems like months ago since the Pats wiped out Houston. Then boom! The claps went down on the media. We don't know who is going to be quarterbacking the Pats on Sunday. Now, those of us who follow the team closely know who is likely to QB the team, but I'm afraid to say. I have a grassy knoll behind my house, and I swear to god I thought I saw BB back there with a riffle.

But most importantly the Ryans have no idea who is going to QB this team. "Jacoby did a good job," Jimmy-G said. "It was really an all-around team win. I mean, everybody participated: special teams, defense, offense. That's what we needed to do." Help the rookie win.

I mean, for all we know Roger Trump is going to give Brady a one-day vacation from his suspension because of the injuries at QB. I mean, Why not? Roger Trump and Duh-Duh-Duh-Dumb never let realty get in the way of their opinions. They make up the most ridiculous crap, and then thoroughly believe it. So why not? Hey Rexy, you better be ready for Brady.

But the point is that the Ryans are game plan Defensive Coordinators, who have a particular knack for stopping what the Pats like to do on offense. Only now, they have no idea what is going on. They cannot say with 100% certainty that Jimmy-G is going to be the QB. So they have to prepare for the rookie as well.

That hurts them. "They are going to have game plan specific things for who the quarterback is and we understand that and we'll be prepared," Sexy said. "It may take a little more time than it normally would, but I'd rather do that than face Tom Brady. So I'm OK with that." Because the offense they ran with Jimmy-G at QB has almost nothing to do with the offense that Jacoby led, except the names on the backs of shirts.

The Pats had the best run game in the NFL in the month of September. "Just a big, mean, physical back," Sexy said about Blount. "That's how he runs, that's how he's always run." But will they continue to use that this week against the Bills big D-line?

The Bills have the players and defensive coaches, but they don't know who or what they are preparing for. "He's a really disruptive player," BB said about the NT Kyle Williams. "He's very instinctive. He has a great feel for anticipation of plays, whether that's tendencies or reading linemen's stances. I'm not sure how he does all of it but he does it very effectively. He has got very good quickness. 

"He has a tremendous motor. He never gives up on a play. He makes a lot of plays on second effort where he comes off of a block and hits the quarterback or makes the tackles or that type of thing. He also makes a lot of plays on his quickness. He has got good playing strength. He's explosive in a short area. He can knock blockers back. If they come off too hard on him then he's quick enough to jump around them and make them miss and end up in the backfield. But again, he's a very instinctive guy. He always seems to do the right thing at the right time and it's not always the same thing but it always seems to be the right thing. 

"[Jerry] Hughes outside, Williams inside; those two guys are really disruptive on their defense. They make a lot of plays or they force plays to be bad plays and somebody else makes them. Obviously, they have a lot of speed at linebacker with Zach Brown. Preston Brown makes a lot of tackles so those guys are very productive players, too. But those two guys up front are particularly a problem." But if they don't run, it comes down to Hughes in the rush.

If Jacoby is at QB they will try to run for 200-yards. "I've played against them a number of years, you see the same things that you saw a decade ago," Kyle Williams said. "Physical offensive line that plays hard and doesn't make mistakes. A running back that hits things downhill, a tough runner. So it's going to be a great test for us. There's no doubt about it. Coach Scarnecchia always does a great job with his O-line and they don't beat themselves. So just be on top of our jobs and be ready a physical football game on Sunday." But they also lost two of their starting D-linemen from last year: Darius and Mario Williams.

However, if Jimmy-G is at QB they could run four times in the 1st Half. "Yeah, it's definitely an evaluation, absolutely, no question," BB said about the Jimmy-G/Jacoby quandary. "It's different than preseason. It's different than another game situation where the game is declared one way or the other. It's totally different. That's what all players play for. They play for the opportunity. When they get it they control how they perform with it." The Bills defense cannot be prepared for what they are going to face on Sunday, and I think that is awesome.

The Ryans defenses seems to always play well against the Pats. "I don't think they're more multiple than they were last year but they're more multiple than other teams we play," BB said about the Bills defense. "But I think relative to Buffalo, they're Buffalo. They give you a lot of looks. That's what they do. They mix coverages, they mix fronts, they mix pressures, they mix coverages. So, you've got to be ready for a lot of different things that they do and different personnel groups that they do it out of. They had kind of a new personnel group last week on third-down. We've seen them use wide receivers on defense and so forth. So, they use their personnel and they use them effectively." But not this week.

BB put the clamps down, and no info has leaked-out all week. We got nothing. And we all know he did that purposely to shut down the Ryans defensive game planning. They had to prepare for two completely separate offenses: a slick and sophisticated passing offense, and the other a college almost-option offense.

Meanwhile in the Pats Cave, the players just don't give a crap. "Just get open," Bennett said about the great QB mystery. "They'll get it to you. They're here for a reason." The rookie isn't overwhelmed. "You know we're not talking about injuries," Jacoby said, and then enlightened us. "That's Coach's decision. I can't make that decision." Like he doesn't care if he plays or even dresses for the game.

And of course Jimmy-G is pissed off about all the controversy. "Yeah! I mean, it's coming along," he said. "You know, I'm just taking it day by day right now. Trying to get to my best of ability on Sunday." It’s like trying to pick a lock, and then finding out it has been replaced by a key card. There are just no similarities.

So Josh could run Blount 25 times again in this game. "LeGarrette has a lot of skill as we know," BB said. "I mean, he's a big back that has very good quickness, and feet, and balance and speed for that size. So, we just kind of always feel like if we can just get a hole, get him started, get him going that he has a lot of ability to make yards on his own. If we can just get him going, get him downhill, and get him some space to run. He has done a good job with it. He has broken tackles. He has run through some arm tackles and things like that. He has gotten some good, tough yards for us. Hopefully we continue to do that. Hopefully we can continue to get him the ball with some momentum, some space, and give him an opportunity to do some things on his own and not have to deal with four or five guys there at the line of scrimmage but try to get him going. He has worked hard, he's in good condition, he has done a good job of gaining yards in the fourth quarter and at the end of the game. He hasn't gotten worn down in those situations so that's all been very positive and we needed it." Or he gets 4 touches in the 1st Half.

How do the Bills prepare for that? Because it looks like the Pats defense can shoot a shutout on their discombobulated offense. Though Tyrod Taylor has been a Patriots killer. They can't give up over 20-points and expect to win the game. Their defense has to stop a bipolar Pats offense that they are not sure anything about. This could get ugly real fast.

2. Jacoby Brissett- BOOM! The Pats suddenly have three viable options at QB, where almost half the teams in the NFL don't have one. "I think he handled himself great last week, this week, all week, every day," BB said. "He's done nothing but come in here and work as hard as he possibly can. When we had three quarterbacks, to take his opportunities and learn from the other two guys, when it was him and Jimmy, and then this week it was pretty much all him. He's just a hard working kid that is really dedicated to doing what's right for the team and trying to improve on anything that you tell him. He just wants to do what the coach tells him to do. I'm glad we have him. Yeah, I was just holding the ball for him. That's his ball. That's his first touchdown ball, so that'll go up on his trophy [case]." It was really one of the best performances I've seen a QB rookie have.

Jacoby and Jimmy-G are two chips that are going to pay dividends for the Patriots for years to come. "I think Jacoby and Jimmy this year have both shown that they can do a lot of things well," BB said. "There are certainly a lot of things they can improve on, but you know, they've had plenty of opportunities in a lot of different situations. They've made a lot of good plays; not perfect. And again, there are a lot of things that they can still work on and get better and they will because those guys work hard. Jacoby worked so hard to improve on some of the things from the Miami game, so I give them a lot of credit for that." It is incredible.

Jacoby is a rookie QB, so what he is now is nothing like what he will be in two or three years. "It's just a part of the job," Jacoby said. "I mean, you just got to go put your head down, go to work. You know you're fortunate enough to be a part of a team where you get help on special teams and defense where you go in with three days and you feel like you've practiced all year for this game. And that's what we did. We came out with our plan and executed our plan." He could be as good a thrower as Garoppolo in two or three years.

He could be bad as well. "No, you know we're part of a great organization, great team," Jacoby said. "A lot of the veteran players helped out and stepped up and helped me a lot. Just giving me confidence, the coaching staff gave me confidence and just everything went from there." However, one of the reasons they picked him up is that he got the enthusiastic check mark in football character from Parcells and Charlie Weis.

He was as good as Jimmy-G was in the first two games, over the past two games (which is odd math because they played three games). "He played very well," Bennett said. "We have confidence in all of our Quarterbacks and in the way we prepare and the coaches do a great job preparing these guys. You know, every day Jacoby comes to work just like he's a starter and he just prepares and he plays. Whatever his responsibility is that week, he goes out there and does it to the best of his ability. We're never really worried about that. We all just try to do our job to make his job easier." However, there is a different scale for a rookie than there is for a three-year veteran.

Jacoby was as calm as  the eye of a hurricane when so many veterans, not just rookie QBs, have faltered in the wind of the NFL hurricane. "Look, we coach the way that we coach. We have coaching points on everything and players usually try to follow the instruction that we give them. These guys are really good at that," BB said. "They have the parameters. They know what they've been instructed to do and in the end they do what's best for the team. They have to make those decisions; when to throw it, when to run it, when to go out of bounds, when to stay inbounds, when to cut block, when to stay up. They have parameters, they have guidelines, and then they have to make decisions to help the team win and that's what we count on them to do. That's why we win, because players make good decisions, players play well." But to make all those decision at the speed of the NFL has caused many a great college QB to disappear.

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