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Playoff Preview: Part I.


For god sakes use White (and Dion) to chip on Von Miller. He is the best defensive player in the NFL. Sometimes you have to change your scheme a little when you are going against an elite defender. They need White, or a tight end, or Fleming, or Dion or Blount, to double or give a chip on Von Miller on every pass attempt. Just have White stick a shoulder in his outside gut, and then slide out to the flat. He was great at doing that at Wisconsin. Just don't let Miller win the game for the Broncos.

We have the best player on the field in Brady. "You're playing a Hall of Fame quarterback and a Hall of Fame coach," Talib said. "It's your see-where-you're-at week. You play the best. You've got to love to play the best, right?" The Broncos are not going to win on offense with their young QB. They are going to win on defense.

If we take Miller, their best player, out of the game that gives Brady even a bigger advantage. "I just love playing against the Patriots," Broncos 5-Tech Derek Wolfe said. "Tom Brady is the ultimate competitor. I love playing against guys like that. When I say that I 'hate' them, I hate to love them. That's what it is. It's a love, hate thing. I love playing against them, but I hate them at the same time." So make this game 10 on 10, and take Miller out with chippers in the passing game.

It will hurt a little with White and Dion taking a second or two to get into their patterns. But you can't let Miller turn the corner and wreck havoc on Brady. They need to slow him at all cost.

Part of that is also running Blount into Miller and hitting him rather than running for every yard he can get. "He’s physical and we know that he is going to try to run us over and run through us," Broncos' ILB Zaire Anderson said. "That’s the best attribute that he has: running physical, and trying to break through tackles." If Blount could run "over" or "through" Miller a few times we win this game.

This is a game were they need to use their RB as weapons against the Broncos two speed rushers, and not just to gain yards. "LeGarrette Blount is always a difficult player to play against," Broncos OLB Ray said. "He’s a big, physical running back. When he gets moving downhill, it’s hard to bring him down. He’s very physical. Stopping their run game, handling an improved offensive line and dealing with [QB] Tom Brady, that’s a huge challenge. They’re one of the best teams in football right now. We have to do everything we can to try and get this win." You gotta hurt those edgerushers, and don't let them breathe.

We don't need to score 30-points to out score the Broncos offense. We just need to score in the twenties, by keeping Brady on his feet. They need to use all the tricks and traps they can to give Miller fits. He is that good. They have to adjust their scheme a little to stop the best defensive player in the NFL, even though it will hurt them in other areas. 

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