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Pats Vs. KC. Part II.


The friggin’ chiefs started the rest of the game, with an ugly and disheartening Kick return. Their speed guy took off for 90 or so yards, and the improbable Devin McCourty ran his ass down from behind. That was a gigantic play by Devin. It kept the Pats in the 4 to 3 dynamic. 

1st and Goal from the Three, KC lined up in a Bunch-R Singleback. The Pats meandered around for a while, and like most of the game never really formed into a formation. But they had an Odd front, and it slowly formed into 3-3 Nickel with four guys in front of the Bunch, even when the FB Sherman motioned out of it. 

They finally ran a Jet Sweep to Watkins, but Van Noy blitzed into the abandoned Bunch, and Hightower blitzed outside the bunch, setting the edge. Watkins had to run right into Van Noy. Who slow him as he went for a leg. Then Jonathon Jones swooped in to take him out with help from Roberts. 

2nd and Goal from the four, KC lined up in a Trips-Right Weak Shotgun. The Pats matched up a in a 3-3 Nickel. Then shifted Hightower and Van Noy outside. They handed it to Hunt. Van Noy hit him on the side at the line, and Guy hit him on the other side. Roberts hit him on the front. But the O-linemen pushed him forward for a couple. 

3rd and goal from the one and a half. KC motioned into a 4-Wide Strong Shogun. The Pats shifted three guys, leaving ten on the line, and Roberts alone in the Endzone. The Pats sent a bunch. Mahomes overthrew his RB, who was running away from Roberts. 

But the amazing Tyreek Hill sprinted in from the back of the endzone. "Fast. I've never seen anyone that fast before," Gilmore said. "Fast. Fastest guy I've ever covered." He slide in for an incredible touchdown. KC-33. Pats-10. 

The Pats can tie with a FG or go ahead with a TD. At Home, with Brady, and seven and a half minutes. It seems almost easy (God help us when Brady is gone;). While KC has to hold off the hall of fame GOAT. And if and when the Pats score a TD, they go up over a FG. It wasn’t a perfect situation, unless you have a Brady and a Gronk

The Pats ran into their first snag on the next drive on 3rd and 1. "You know, we had confidence. I think, I'm glad when he was running," Brady said. "Tyreek was running to score. I said, 'Good, score quick.' Because then we had enough time. They had one timeout left, and it gave us a little time to go down and kick the field goal." They lined up Empty at their 36, with KC spread out all down the line. 

Brady looked to his left at Gronk and then Edelman, and moved the safeties to that side. Then he turned and lofted an ever so gentle floater down the sideline towards Hogan, who was going against their forth CB. 

The corner had to grab Hogan to try and save his life, "Chris was running. There were some other things kind of going on in that play, and he stayed alive. I've hit him on that a bunch over the last two-and-a-half years," Brady said. "He's got enough speed to separate down the field. And I threw it up high enough to try to give him a chance to run under it. So he made a great play. He got the PI (Pass Interference) too.” Hogan caught the pass threw the grab anyway for about a 41-yardclutch catch. 

When Hogan is covered by the Nickel or Dime corner he has that knack for getting wide open deep down field. “I think that was a good job by Tom. We got a lot of double coverage in the game on Rob [and] James White,” BB said. “It was third-and-short. I'm pretty sure it was a three-man rush on that play. So they had a lot of coverage underneath. And Tom went to where the single coverage was, which was Chris. Chris ran a good route, got on top. [Brady] made a good throw, good catch even though he was interfered with. I wouldn't say that was the first read on the play, but it was the best option on the play. And Tom made a great throw. And Chris made a great catch.” That was big risk throw on 3rd and One. 

The Pats motioned into a 3-Wide double-Weak Shotgun (with White and Edelman lined up next to Brady on his left;). That is one kooky formation. Brady play actioned to White, who got decimated by the LB. Then Faked the screen to Edelman. Then turned to Hogan running by two defenders. 

Brady hit Hogan at the Ten. Hogan leaped up and grabbed the ball as he spun back the air for it. He landed at about the Eight. The Safety smashed into him at about the six. That was a terrific play by Brady, and a great 360-catch, with a Fakie, by Hogan.

The Pats lined up slowly at the six. Edelman motioned into a 4-Wide weak shotgun. Brady hit Edelman for the TD, as Gronk cut inside and shaded the Corner. Edelman was wide open for a second. But Brady over threw him to put the kybosh on the TD. 2nd and goal from the 6, Pats bunched up the right side in a 4-wide Strong shotgun. Brady handed it to White, but he was cut down at the line. 

3rd and goal from the 3, Gronk motioned into a 4-Wide Strong shotgun. Brady dropped and went from left to right. He pumped to throw, as the D-end Speaks dived out to grab him. But he didn’t throw it, and the funniest play of the game happen. 

It looked like Speaks thought he threw the ball, and he let go of Brady, just as he was about to swing him to the ground. “I didn't know what happened. They doubled three guys on the play, and I'm just glad,” Brady said. “You know, I've got to watch it tomorrow. But I got close to the goal line, and figured I'd just try to get it in. We needed it.” So Brady took off. 

He turned to throw, to stop the secondary. Then he pumped faked to freeze them a little more, and ran for the four-yard TD. “Obviously, Tom's touchdown run was a big run. Not the guy you think you're going to get that from, but he did a great job of getting the ball in the end zone there,” BB said. “So we didn't have to kick a field goal there, on third-and-5. There were a lot of good runs in the game, but sometimes your game comes down to a yard. Being able to get it, or defend it.” And he got cross-checked by Chris Jones and Ron Parker. 

That great TD also kept the numbers going in the Pats favor. They were now up by four again. So even if the Pats screwed up, they would still only be down a FG. And if KC screwed up and the Pats kicked field goal they would be up 7 again. It was just clutch on clutch. And the math continued in the Pats favor, because KC didn’t go for Two in the 3rd.

KC lined up at the 25 in a Bunched up Singleback. The Pats matched up in a 3-3 Nickel with four guys in front of the Bunch. The Pats sent four. Mahomes play actioned, and then faked the End Around. When Mahomes turned around he had Shelton charging. Flowers and Hightower were mixed in with the screen that was falling apart on the left. Hightower and Flowers smashed into the RB behind the line. 

2nd and 10, KC lined up in a 3-Wide Strong shotgun. The Pats match up with a 3-2 Dime. They sent four. Hightower ran out to the Flat that Mahomes was looking at. Mahomes threw it too low for Watkins, and he fell down as he caught it. 

3rd and 7, KC went Empty. The Pats took a chance and crowded the line. They sent six, and two dropped out late. Flowers and Clayborn got to Mahomes as he threw. The pass went short and Jason McCourty leaped up to catch it, but he dropped it. The pressure by the two edge guys caused the short throw to force the punt. 

Then the gunner knocked the Jammer Cresson back off his feet, and Ron Parker crashed into Edelman before the ball arrived. The refs somehow decided that this didn’t matter. I believe BB said it best on the sideline to the idiot ref, “What the fuck was that!” I believe Bill that that was a chicken-shit non-call.

But the punt kept that four-point lead in the Pats back pocket. If they drive they can kick the field goal to go up 7, or if they score the TD this one is done. 

Be A Citizen! Not a Subject! 

Fascist is as Fascist does. Beware American. President Fredo is pulling the cowardly republican Senate closer and closer to the cliff.

Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances:


The 1st Amendment to the Constitution is the greatest paragraph ever written by mankind. It is the truest diagram of how to ensure a free Country of citizens survives. But is is also a list of what to attack when you want to be a fascist dictator. President Jerkballs is attacking every article in the 1st Amendment. Beware subjects, or you will be subjugated:


TRUMP hates Americans! 


He is more interested in representing Tyrants.


He thinks the murderous villain who calls himself 


the Crowned Prince of Saudi Arabia

(whatever the hell that means?),


has a special place in his fat heart. 


And of course the MASS MURDEROUS 


Dictators of South Korea and the USSR


really makes his peanut butter and jelly swirl. 


Hey Trump, go pee in a hole!












Yay, The Constitution is bleeding.








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