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Pats Vs Ravens.

1st Quarter: Part II.


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Shea Good.


The odd tale of this game had to start again with a wacky special teams play. When you tackle a player in their own endzone. It is a very punishing play for the offensive team. Because not only does the defensive team get 2-points, the offensive team then has to punt the ball like it is a kickoff. I never understood why they line up like it is a kickoff and punt it. But there was Sam Koch just holding the ball inside his own 20. No hike or tee, or rational for me. Just standing there, la-dee-dah, like he is in a field of daises. Then he just kind of awkwardly punts it.

He got a good one off. Edelman caught it at the 15, which made it a 65-yard punt-kick-off. He returned it to the 34. The Pats offense got the ball over midfield, but two miscues by Brady and Edelman forced another punt, and another special teams miscue by McClellin kicked the ball into the Endzone.

Then the Pats defense came out and dominated the Ravens vaunted offense. I think most people thought the Ravens defense would be the most physical defense on the field, but it was the Patriots defense that was the most physical.

After a long wacky run by the TE Kyle Juszczyk the Ravens had the ball at the Pats 21. They lined up in a trips-right Weak shotgun. Flacco dropped, and Branch and Brown twisted inside, and powered the OC and ORG straight back into Flacco. He had three-stepped dropped, and then had to continue moving his feet backwards, as he turned and dumped the ball off to Dixon in the flat. Dixon wobbled forward for a few, until Cyrus Jones and McClellin took him down.

2nd and 5, the Ravens lined up in a Singleback. The Pats matched up in a 4-3. Long and Branch went wide, and opened a giant hole between the OLG and the OC. Hightower shot through that hole with come bad intentions. Flacco read those intentions fast and threw the ball away.

3rd and 5, Ravens came out Empty. The Pats matched up in an aggressive 2-3 Dime. They brought all five guys up to the line, and all five rushed. Flacco had to throw quickly. He tried to hit Wallace on a skinny post. But Butler leaped in front of him and knocked the ball down. It might have been a TD if he didn't. This set up the short field goal for maybe the best kicker in the game.

Only something wacky happened on the way to Coliseum. "It looked like they timed our snap and the guy made a hell of a play," Superkicker Justin Tucker said. "I don't know what happens in their meetings but the guy made a good play on the ball." McClellin was playing safely back off the line.

But suddenly he was running towards the line before the snap. "It just comes from practicing the last couple of weeks and watching film with the special teams coordinator Joe Judge and Bubba," McClellin said. "So it just comes from that: preparation and film study." Then he was leaping over the snapper like he was, huh… Jamie Collins?

He landed safely missing the snapper. "Shea's pretty athletic," BB said. "He timed it up perfectly and made a good, clean jump and a good, clean block. Joe Judge did a great job of designing the play. We worked on it all week and just felt like we could take advantage of that and Shea really executed it perfectly, as did the guys up front. Malcom [Brown] and Alan [Branch] were charging in a way to kind of keep the pad level down for the field goal team so we could get through there." He hopped up again and slapped the field goal attempt down.

The ball bumbled around and was finally downed. "Just time it up right," McClellin said. "That's all you've got to do, time it up right. Fortunately I did, but it's not all me though. The big guys up front Branch and Malcom [Brown] did a great job of keeping those guys [on the Ravens] down." That was another big game changing play on special teams.

That was a great play for a guy who never did it before. "No, never," McClellin said. "I never have, but like I said, it wasn't all me. It was the guys up front as well." Special teams made and almost broke the Pats victory in this game.

The Pats come back out after a wacky special teams play went in their favor again. They lined up in a Weak formation, and ran Blount on a Smash. He followed Develin between Shaq and Cannon. But Mosley and Judon were able to sneak through the cracks to hit him.

2nd and 7, and they stayed in the Weak formation. They ran a similar play, but it looked like it was more of an off tackle run. Bennett slid outside to block the OLB setting the edge, and Blount cut inside that block. He rumbled into a crowd on the second level and got swarmed over by what looked like a bunch of bees.

3rd and 3, the Pats lined up in a 4-Wide weak shotgun. Dion motioned back into the backfield with Brady and White. Brady had time. He looked around a little, and then hit Edelman on a slant and In. Edelman actually caught it this time. He ran after the catch past midfield.

1st and 10 at the 39, the Pats lined up in a 4-Wide Weak shotgun. They set up a little play action screen to Edelman, but the CB was all over Edelman. Brady turned and saw Blount had continued his play action through the line, and turned back. He was standing all alone a yard past the line. Brady zinged the ball to him and he turned up field. He spun out of two tackles, and crashed into the safety.

2nd and 3, the Pats lined up in a Singleback. They ran a dive to Blount, but the Ravens got penetration. Blount used his great feet to sidestep behind his blockers and squeezed through a crack. Then he cut behind Andrews and Shaq on the second level for the First down, and a few more.

1st and 10 at the 26, the Pats lined up quick into a 3-Wide Singleback. Brady dropped looking left, and quickly turned and fired the ball to Edelman on the right. He was smacked down by Tavon Young as the ball arrived.

2nd and 6 at the 22, the Pats lined up in a 4-Wide Strong shotgun. They set up a screen. Brady flicked it over the rush to White on the right. He cut behind a Shaq block, and put on some speed. He hurdled over the 10, and landed in a churning pile up on the 7.

1st and Goal from the 8, the Pats lined up in a 3-Wide Singleback. He gave the ball to White on a Smash. White skipped up to the line, and then skipped through the line. But was soon met by a crowd.

2nd and goal from the 3, the Pats lined up n a 3-Wide Singleback. They ran a little bubble screen. Brady hit Mitchell quickly, as he worked down the line behind Edelman. He tried to dive into the Endzone, but was crushed into the turf just short.

3rd and Goal from the two-foot line, the Pats lined up in a Big Ugly I. Blount got stopped short. "He's been really consistent for us all year," BB said. "He's been there every day. A lot of his yards are tough yards but he's also had some explosive plays through the course of the year, gained some yards for us in the passing game as well, which those aren't runs but they're kind of the same as runs if you will. He's been very durable, very dependable. Ball security has been great so we have a lot of confidence giving him the ball. He's done a good job for us." But he kept his great feet moving. He ducked his head and powered into the Endzone for a big TD. Pats-9. 

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