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Sheep Teeth.


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Nothing Gleaned.


A lot of things happened in this game on and off the field. It was more of a circus than a football game. Upon further review, the Rams are a worse team than the Browns. The Browns have had worse luck at QB. Right now, the Rams want Goff at QB. That is just a disaster.

"Well, this was kind of an unusual weekend for us but definitely a good one," BB said. "Seeing the guys from the '01 team is really a special one, and of course tying that in with the Rams and having a good performance out there today by our team was good. Tom [Brady] breaking the record today, of course what it's all about is winning games. Thinking back to that first one in 2001 against Indianapolis, that's a lot of water under the bridge, but good, good. I thought we had a good effort today all the way around.

"Offensively, defensively we got off to a good start. We played from ahead. Certainly there were some plays we left out on the field but I thought we made enough of them and turned the ball over. [We] took good care of the ball.

"It's a battle with the Rams in the kicking game as I talked about all week. They're really good. They did a good job on some field position plays that we covered well but so did they. Again, that was a tough matchup. But overall, it's good to get to 10 wins so we know we have a big challenge this week with Baltimore, so we'll turn the page and get on to that. But it's a good, solid win today against the Rams. I'm proud of what our team did. I thought those guys worked hard. Again, this week we had a good week of preparation for a team we didn't know very well. I thought we got to know them and played pretty competitively there for four quarters." The Pats didn't even lose the kicking game battle omni potent Rams punt, and kicker.

I think they are a worse run and coached team than Cleveland, so there was nothing to brag about from this victory. "I think for us it's been spoken throughout this whole week," McCourty said about not playing down tot heir level. "It's December, time to play our best football. We've been at it for a while now dating back to the beginning of training camp. Things we've talked about working on and things we've talked about improving, it's time to start improving on those things and getting them done. Bill said it over and over that who we play each week is not going to matter if we don't come and fix the things we need to fix and play the way we need to play. I think the whole team understands that and it starts with him, but us echoing it as captains and as leaders. Today I think showed that when we do those things, we go out there and play well." The Pats came out and kicked the Rams right in the teeth, and they folded.

They dominated the Rams so badly, right from the start, that they only had 25-yards of total offense in the 1st Half, and there was a lot of sheep teeth on the field in the 1st half. "That's big obviously," Sheard said. "Our offense did a good job controlling the game. And we were well rested and I think that's big as a defense." The Pats shut them out of the 1st Half, held them to a point a quarter in the first three quarters, and left sheep teeth all over the field.

This defense needs to continue to get turnover if they want to continue to get to the Super Bowl. "It was great," Butler said. "Like I said once before, turnovers come in handfuls. Once you start making them, they'll start coming. We got a couple of sacks today, a couple of interceptions. We're just trying to build off it week in and week out. It wasn't perfect out there, but we're taking a step each week." We can live with the bend but don't break defense, as long as they are getting TOs as well.

At one point in the 4th quarter the Pats had 404-yards of total offense, and the Rams had 90. "Probably," McCourty said. "Once you get rolling, and I think the game plays out and we were able to play fast and get on top of everything, that was the key. The stats aren't as important as just us having an understanding of how we want to play, how the game was flowing, and I thought we did a good job. Then getting off the field on third down was huge." That is as dominating a stat as I have ever seen, but it really is as meaningless as shearing sheep to our chances of winning in the Playoffs.

The defense is going to need to produce some turnovers in the Playoffs. "It's huge," McCourty said. "I said that a couple of weeks ago, 'nothing would help us more defensively than turning the ball over.' Starting off with Malcolm [Butler] and then Kyle [Van Noy] making a play. Great pass rush today, they were able to get in there, force some throws to be a little off, and then we were able to capitalize in the secondary." They will not face a rookie QB the rest of the season.

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