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1st Quarter.


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Winter is Coming.


You cannot judge the Pats by what they did in this game. The Rams aren't the worst team in the NFL. They are the second worst team in the NFL. But when you have a Cleveland Browns team that is playing its 4th string QB that is as insulting as it gets. I mean, when the guy BB fears the most is the punter, that is about as insulting as it gets.

They played a warm weather west coast team that wasn't able to deal with the: travel, cold, injuries, coaching, and of course the crappy rookie QB. "Anytime you have a young quarterback it's harder [for the young QB] to understand who's coming [for him]," Ninkovich said. "Where's he coming from? Where should I check to? Should I check to a run? Should I check to a pass? With an older quarterback you understand how to check to a play." It is tough to judge the defense on their elite performance, because of the rookie QB.

However, they did force Goff into the worst game of his career (which again, isn't really saying much). "I think we had a good week and we understood that with them having a young quarterback that the best thing for us to do was to get on him, and have him make quick decisions," Ninkovich said. "I think we did a good job of covering and pressuring, and a good overall execution." Goff was clearly lost.

They also weren't able to deal with the GOAT. "I think Tom does the things he's always done," BB said. "He prepares hard on and off the field physically, mentally. He studies film, knows how to game plan, knows the opponents. He's got great experience. Every game he has a couple of plays out there that are I'd say just made on experience. Just kind of sensing something or doing the right thing in the right situation and he's got a lot of poise. Guys are flying around all around him but he's able to keep his eyes downfield and focus on the target and does a great job in the pocket of sensing the rush. It's a pretty long list. I don't think you win over 200 games by just doing one or two things right. You do a lot of them. He does." He certain has seen everything on the field you can see in his 201 wins.

The Pats came out fast and strong in this game, and didn't let the Sheep breathe, before they put the game away. "We always preach that we have to start fast," McCourty said. "That's the ideal start for any NFL team. If you can do that you know you can get everything else rolling, and you can open up the playbook and call the plays that we play." They certainly did start fast.

The Pats lined up on 1st and 10, 3-Wide Winged shotgun. "That's always tough because he's a huge piece to this team and without him, everyone is just going to have to do their job that much better and we're just going to have to find ways to win games," Edelman said. "So, it starts in the classroom, taking that to practice and then really showing guys we can do this in practice and then that becomes game realities. It's going to be a lot tougher without him out there, that's for sure, but as long as we continue to improve and gain confidence, that's the ultimate goal." With Gronk out you should see Dion and White in the backfield together more often.

"I think it's like anything else we do. Whatever formations and groupings we run and plays we run, we try to gain an advantage and where we think we can gain advantage we try to take advantage of it, and where we don't we try to avoid that situation," BB said about Dion and White in the backfield together. "I'm sure it'll change from game to game depending on how defenses will play that or how we think they'll play it and what we want to try and do and so forth. But we'll just have to see how it goes. We have a lot of variations like that. Sometimes we use them, sometimes we don't. Sometimes it shows up more in one game than another. Those are game plan decisions. We'll just have to see how it goes."

So a lot of this game was the first adjustment to life without Gronk again. Back to 1st and 10, Andrews snapped the ball to Brady. White crossed in front of Brady and was tackled, but Brady handed to Dion as the second RB through. The blocking was not great, but he jitterbugged through the line as low as a ah… bug. And was swarmed over for a few.

2nd and 7, trips right Strong shotgun. "We all have to play our part," Blount said. "And we'll all have to step up and play a bigger role." Brady handed the ball off to Blount. He ran a dive right up the gut. Andrews and Thuney blocked well. Solder turned into the DE and powered him to the side. Shaq pulled to that side and thumped TJ MacDonald clean off his feet, and onto his butt. Blount slashed between Solder and Shaq. He carried EJ Gaines two yards past the magic yellow line.

That was a great start for the O-line to get two quick 1st down runs to start the game. "We knew it was going to be very important today just because watching a couple of the Rams games, when they got off to a good start and were maybe able to go score right away, then get three-and-out on defense and score again," McCourty said. "Like the New Orleans game, they put three touchdowns out there very fast, so we knew that if we could get off to a good start, we could kind of control the game. You saw that from both sides of the ball – the offense going down there and scoring, then going three-and-out. I think that kind of led the game play out how it played out just coming out there early and being ready to go." When this team runs well, they are nearly impossible to beat, which becomes more important with Gronk out and Winter coming.

1st and 10, the Pats lined up in 3-Wide Strong shotgun. They ran a Draw to White. Which was interesting how the first three plays were runs to three different RBs. Winter is coming, and you need to run the ball in January and February to win it all.

Andrews got to the 2nd level and took out the Mike. Shaq turned the DT outside. Thuney had a good grip on the DT. The DT swam over his outside shoulder. White read it perfectly and cut inside Of Thuney, and then broke outside behind blocks by Andrews and Edelman. Then dived through Ogletree for nine.

2nd and 1, Pats in a big Ugly with Fleming and Bennett lined up outside of Cannon. "Both of them played great," BB said about Mitchell. "I thought all the receivers did a great job when they got their looks. Julian made some really big catches, made some really big plays for us. He's done a great job all year. We're going to need him to keep doing it." Brady turned and fired the ball to Mitchell on a rope.

He caught the ball and did a great job getting the 1st down first. Then he spun out of the hit by the Corner who was covering him. He got a couple more yards, and spun out of a big hit by Ogletree. But when he spun, MacDonald was slamming over and hit Mitchell in the gut, and popped him clean off his feet. They seriously need Mitchell to be a weapon with Gronk out.

1st and 10 at midfield. They stayed Big Ugly, with Fleming and Bennett lined up outside of Solder. Bennett got powered back by the DE. Blount had to weave his way behind him. Then Thuney and Solder drove a D-linemen into the ground. Blount was able to weave his way outside of that pileup. But McDonald and Ogletree were waiting for him outside. He lowered his head into them for a few.

2nd and 7, at the 49, Pats go Empty with Quads on the right. Edelman went in motion and faked the Jet Sweep. Brady turned and hit Lewis behind the receivers left on the right. He had to leap up to catch the ball, and was taken down by Trumaine Johnson before he hit the ground.

3rd and 10, the Pats lined up in a 4-Wide Weak shotgun. Bennett flew down the Seam as they set up the screen. "You're right, there were probably a lot of those today," BB said about the screen pass. "There were a lot of plays I thought we left out there. I thought there were a lot of plays we could have done a better job of finishing drives. I would have liked to put more points on the board than we did, but it was a good win." Brady hit White.

The O-line got caught blocking inside. So White took the ball, and took off outside. He cutback to make a DB miss. However, Brockers was hustling down field and he hit White from behind. He tackled him down short of the marker.

4th and 1 at the 43, the Pats lined up in a Big Ugly I. "No, we have a lot of confidence in our team in those situations," BB said. "I thought LeGarrette [was awesome-toast]. It was an interesting play. We'll take a look at it on film. It kind of looked like on the field that he could've gone inside, and got the 1st down. And then he went outside and got the touchdown. So it was a good run on his part. Obviously we had good blocking there. There was definitely space to run. I thought Josh, Dante, Ivan [were awesome-toast]. We had a good short-yardage game plan. We hit a couple of them. That was a big play for us to get off to a good start and finish that first drive so it was good." Blount got the ball from Brady.

He followed Develin to the line. "Yeah, it was good," Brady said. "The first drive was good. LG had a great run in there on short yardage and kind of busted down the sideline. He's got a lot of speed. I mean, he never really gets caught [from behind]. He's made so many explosive runs here. So it was great to get off to a fast start like that." Develin sort of missed the outside guy, but got in the way of some defenders trying to get outside.

Bennett had sealed the outside DB in front of him. "It's an opponent we don't see very often, so I thought we did a good job during the week of studying and knowing what we were going to get and making some adjustments from what we saw from them during the game," Hogan said. "We did a good job. LeGarrette and the offensive line did a good job of running the ball and we made the plays that needed to be made." Blount was able to bounce it outside of Bennett.

Then Blount turned up field, and outraced the four or five guys that Bennett and Develin trapped inside with their blocking on Johnson outside. He tried to fake Mo Alexander outside, but it didn't seem to work. Then he stumbled a little, and that did work. He regained his balance and burst inside of Alexander. He powered past Alexander's diving tackle attempt and burst past the 15 and 10. Then Eugene Sims dived out and tackled him from the side.

He tumbled into the endzone for the games first score. "It's always the goal to start fast, but to go out there and put up six against a team you don't really know and play from ahead against a team like them, that's huge," Edelman said. "That was great to go in there and get that touchdown right away. Once again, it's penalties and the negative plays that usually kind of stop us and get us off rhythm so we're going to have to work on that and get better. It's going to continue to be those third downs and stuff like that." That was a great run by Blount.

The Rams defense sucks. They are going to need to continue to push the run game like they did this week. We saw a lot of the Big Ugly. Where they ran this week against the Rams, as opposed to last week when the threw the ball almost every time Fleming was on the field. Those are some nice formations for the Pats to have as the weather gets colder and tougher.

Baltimore is such a better team than the Rams. "They're a good team," Blount quoth about the Ravens. "We need to go look at some film on them. We saw that they snapped the win streak for the Dolphins so they're hot right now. We just need to make sure that we continue to do what we have to do to keep winning games." It is always a tough game when they play the Ravens.

They had some nice three WR sets, with Edelman, Mitchell, and Hogan. That is going to become very important on the 3rd down. "I don't think we were on the same page like we needed to be between myself and some of the skill players," Brady said about going 0-for on 3rd down. "There were some plays I thought we could execute better, so it is frustrating when you expect a higher level than what we're getting out there. I think everyone is trying to do the right thing, but we've just got to watch the film, try to correct it and see if we can do a better job." Gronk drew so much attention on 3rd down that it made it look easy sometimes.

That is not going to happen anymore. Edelman will be drawing more attention on 3rd downs now. So having Bennett, Dion, and Fleming stepping into some of Gronk's roles on 3rd down is a good start. This is a whole new offense again. I thought that first drive showed a lot about who they are and who they want to be, especially with Winter coming.

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