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Pats Vs. Pitt.

4th Quarter.


Greetings Pats Fans,

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Gronk, and Butler, Brown and Branch.


The Pats lined up 1st and 10 Empty to start the 4th. The O-line formed a nice pocket. Brady hit Edelman underneath again. He broke a tackle. Then turned up field to get the First.

1st and 10, the Pats lined up in a 3-Wide Singleback. Brady turned and handed it to Blount heading up field. Two defenders got penetration on the right, so Blount made a decisive cut out to the Blindside. He scooted around the corner, and cut back to make Burns miss. Then he rammed into two defenders to cross the magic yellow line.

1st and 10, the Pats lined up in a 3-Wide Strong shotgun. Brady handed the ball underneath to Blount. Shaq Pulled to the right between two excellent blocks by Solder and Bennett. Blount followed him through the hole. Timmons took him down after five.

2nd and 5, the Pats lined up in a 2-Wide Singleback just over midfield. Brady ran a little playaction, and hit Gronk on a quick Out from the slot. He turned up field and ran over two defenders for the First. He was hit late, as he was on the ground on his back, by another Steeler cheap shot.

No call. "Every game is different," Gronk said. "Every coverage is different every single game. And every game plan is different. We were running the ball. We were throwing a lot of under routes from the coverage, so it's just overall a team game. That's what makes this game so great. It's a team game and everyone has to work together to come together and win games. So just overall, I thought it was a solid performance with everyone doing their job on offense, and our defense played great too to help us win." Gronk took over in the 4th quarter.

1st and 10, the Pats lined up in a twins-twins Singleback. Brady ran a playaction and the Steelers had a couple rushers get up field. So Brady just turned towards Gronk and threw him the ball 20-yards downs field as he was being hit.

The throw was beautiful, and he hit Gronk in full stride. "Absolutely," BB said. "They tried to play some nickel defense against Rob and Martellus Bennett and we were able to get some good runs going with Blount. That kind of offset some of the defense they were playing there. I thought our receivers made some good blocks in those situations too, to be able to get the force guys." Gronk was able to turn up field, and was finally pushed out of bounds at the Five.

He killed Pittsburgh in the 2nd Half. "They were certainly aware of him and Martellus Bennett," Brady said. "Julian Edelman got a lot of opportunities today. He hasn't gotten a ton the last few weeks but he had a lot of opportunities with the ball. Running the ball was good and possessing the passes." Gronk was great on that play.

1st and Goal from the Five thanks to Gronk. The Pats lined up in a Twin-TE Singleback. Bennett, Gronk, and Solder collapsed the blindside on the D-line. Blount saw it, cut to the left, and made a DB miss as he cut back straight up field for another TD.

That run really ended the game. "We had some third downs we should have made there in the first half," Brady said. "Our execution just wasn't great on those. We have to keep putting pressure on the defense. If you do that, eventually you'll make some plays or they will over adjust something. We got Gronkowski going down the middle then Gronkowski going the opposite way. Blount punched in. It was good to score like that and good to make plays in the second half that we needed too. They certainly made it tough for us." Pats-27. Steeler-16. Ugly Referring-5.

The defense did an amazing job forcing a three and out on the next Steelers series. "I think third down stops are big, forcing a team to punt the ball gives our offense more chances to go down and score," Sheard said. "We just went out there and played football. We played four quarters and gave it our all. That's what football is." The Steelers were forced to punt.

Branch and Brown have played almost every down so far. "That was a little bit of a concern going into the game," BB said. "I think Malcom [Brown] and Alan [Branch] did a good job, really did a good job on that. They've shown that they can play a lot of plays, the conditioning level is good. They can play a number of plays. But ideally that's not necessarily where you always want to be. In this game it probably helped us that we were ahead and it was really more of a passing game. I mean they threw 50 passes or whatever it was." They both were incredible in this game.

The Pats were missing Vincent Valentine and Woodrow Hamilton, which is one of the reasons they reactivated Geneo Grissom. "That's one of those things you have to look at when you come up with the game day roster: who's available, how you think the game is going to go, what your needs are in the kicking game," BB said. "You know, Geneo was active in the kicking game and really helped us, gave us a lot of good plays on special teams.

"But he's not a defensive tackle so there's that tug of war there, that give and take on the roster. We just felt like in the end we did what we felt was best for this game. If we played the game next week maybe we'd make a different decision. I don't know. But for where we were, given all the things that we felt we had to take into consideration, we did what we thought was best and it obviously put us a little thin at that position." Grissom made some plays, including a tackle, in the kicking game.

The Pats D was simply amazing. Edelman fumbled the Punt, and put the defense in another terrible position. The Pats D three and outted the Steelers again. Malcolm Brown caught more passes in the Steeler Endzone than Antonio Brown. "He was on him a lot the way we set it up," BB said. "They've got great players. They're tough to cover. They hit us on a couple over routes. They kind of ran away from the coverage we had. Their plays were well designed. It was a good scheme.

"There were good throws and good routes by Brown. They got us on a couple, but I thought we competed hard. We battled them all the way. We battled them on third down. We battled them in the red area. They made some plays. We made some plays. They're good. They have good players." The D forced the Steelers to kick a 54-yard field goal. Their Kicker missed the field goal. The Defense did not give up a point the rest of the 4th Quarter. Game. Set. Match. Pats-27. Steeler-13. Ugly Referring-5.

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