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2nd Quarter.


Greetings Pats Fans,

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Godzilla: Part II.


Though every thing was about to change, the Dolphinese' nation was in pure panic mode. Like a giant radioactive Tyrannosaurus Rex, who can spit atomic fire, was running free on the country side crushing little does, trains, and football stadiums. The Pats kicked off, and the returner tripped over their own giant tail at the Five, and bounced in there giant rubber suit to the Ten. It just doesn't get any better than this.

The entirety of all Pats Fans dreams just came true. As impossible as it seemed Jimmy-G was monumentally better then he had been all Preseason and in Arizona. As I wrote in Brady Is Coming, he took a big dinosaur like step up in this game by throwing touchdowns. Despite starting three Preseason games and one Regular season game, Jimmy-G had only thrown for two touchdowns. It was still in question whether he was a dink and dunker, or a top ten NFL QB who could throw multiple TDs in a game. He threw for three TDs in barely over a Quarter of play.

Quick! Name five QBs not named Brady that you would have taken over Jimmy-G at this point (during the 2nd quarter) in time. Somewhere during the 2nd quarter of the Miami @ Pats game, before Jimmy bumped his little shoulder. I got none (and I don't know if it is sad or funny that I'm not joking).

I wouldn't take Aaron Roger. He chokes in the 4th quarter now. I wouldn't take a 38-year old Carson Palmer. He chokes in the Playoffs now. I could never take the Rapistburger. Oh, I have one: Russell Wilson. I'd probably have to take Cam Newton or Luck, because they are the most physically talented young veteran QBs in the NFL right now. But they haven't won a Super Bowl. Technically, Jimmy-G has won a Super Bowl (or at least been on a Super Bowl winning team). Which places Jimmy-G solidly at number Five in my completely unbiased brain (Yes, Brady is still #1). Right at this moment, in the 2nd quarter of the Miami @ New England game, Jimmy-G is a top Five QB. The Patriots are the best team by far in the NFL, and still playing without their two best players, and with two top five QBs on the roster.

The D not only had a three and out after the Kickoff, the ball was almost intercepted on 3rd down my Harmon. The only thing better in this game than the Patriots offense was the Patriots defense. They were methodically killing the Dolphinese' offense. But like all disaster monster movies, it couldn't last.

Amendola returned the punt over midfield. Then the offense came out with 11:33 left in the 1st Half. Jimmy-G went under center. He ran a play action and hit Hogan in the flat for a few.

2nd and 7, the Pats motioned into a 3-Wide Weak shotgun. They ran a pass-action, and handed the ball underneath to Blount on a draw for a cloud of black atomic dust. They went Empty on 3rd and 4, Jimmy-G was hit as he threw by Suh, and misfired on 3rd down to actually force a punt. The Pats special teams were just as good as the offense and defense. They recovered the ball inside the 20.

It's like each unit was fighting to be better than the other two. The offense faltered for a second. So the special teams came out and played better. The Special teams made a play. So the defense came out and forced another three and out. Or rather the Dolphinese were in full panic mode in the face of Godzilla destroying everything they had work for this season.

On 3rd and 6, the OC snapped the ball early, and it bounced off Tannehill's hand like a boulder off of Godzilla's shoulder. Then Long just chased him down for a 30-yard sack to force the panicked punt. The Dolphins were falling apart in every way possible.

The Pats faltered a little, and Amendola fumbled the ball. But the defense was still trying to one up the offense. On 2nd and 10, Tannehill hit Laundry on the Blindside sideline. He made Coleman miss. He got hit by Ryan, who held him up. It was impossible to say who did it. But when Collins and Coleman smashed into Laundry and Ryan dancing by the marker, the ball shot out of the pack like an exploding pressure cooker. It shot down field spinning. Long jumped right on it to give the Pats the ball back.

Then Jimmy-G mythically came out to try and put the game away. On 1st and 10, Foster dropped a Jimmy-G pass. On 2nd and 10, Edelman got speared in the facemask by Abdul-Quddus, for a Personal foul. You can see things are starting to go wrong for the Pats. Jimmy-G got his foot stepped on by Cannon. Bennett dropped a ball. Then Blount ran for a yard.

3rd and 9 from the 36, with the Pats lined up in a 3-Wide Strong shotgun. Bennett stayed in to block. Jimmy-G got pressured by the DT as he beat Thuney on an outside move. Jimmy-G then had to duck under Wake, and got out to the flat. Kiko saw that Bennett had stayed in and Jimmy had fled the pocket. He started at about the 33 and sprinted in a straight line at full speed towards Jimmy-G. He smashed into Jimmy at the 43. Jimmy barely got the ball off, but couldn't turn to throw it. He hit Mitchell with a truly great pass at the 21. The rookie got hit by the DB, and taken off his feet as he fell down at the 29-yard line.

But Jimmy didn't get up. Like all giant-monster disaster movies, the giant beast had to fall. Jimmy-G got jammed into the dirt by Kiko as he threw. He crashed into the black atomic turf with his elbow out like a chicken wing. He floated down slowly like the short-armed Godzilla crashing to the ground in slow motion with a cloud of black atomic dust. He bounced off the ground like some sweaty Japanese actor in a giant rubber monster suit flopping to the ground. He screamed in a high pitch roar with that iconic Godzilla screech, and suddenly Gillette Stadium was more Hiroshima than Foxboro.

He couldn't make it back to the sideline and had to take a knee on the field. And for the second week in a row everything in New England changed. The great young backup had sprained his right shoulder. The one thing a QB cannot sprain. It was a true disaster film unfolding before us. Godzilla had just destroyed Foxboro, and took out Jimmy-G's shoulder in the process.

The dream of having two top five QBs to auction off after the season seemed to explode in a fiery mushroom cloud of burning atomic despair. And the joy that we all shared as our team destroyed the Dolphinese was instant anguish. We all were so distraught and befuddled that a quiet almost irreverent silence fell over New England. As though a iconic screaming atomic-dinosaur roar had punctured everyone's ears, and we could no longer hear in unison.

We watched the rookie end the first half as though there was some hope. But those of us who studied history knew the truth. It was all an illusion of what could not be. Rookie QBs do not win, they survive. We thought. We plotted. We bemoaned. But we couldn't find a path to victory through all the despair. In one twitch of a shoulder, all the incredible things we saw the young Jimmy-G accomplished in just six short quarters of football had been destroyed by the atomic fire of Godzilla. But don't despair Pats fans, because "Brady is coming" Pats-24. Dolphins-3.

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