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Pats Vs Jets.

4th Quarter.


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The Jets came out to start the 4th in an odd 3-Wide Singleback. The Pats matched up in a 3-3 Nickel, with five guys on the line and a Chung in the box. The Pocket crushed into Fitz, but he was able to hop up a little and hooked it to Anderson outside.

2nd and 1, the Jets went Singleback, and the Pats matched up in a 3-3 Nickel, with five guys on the line. They opened a hole the middle. Forte missed it, and Brown closed it quick. Forte turned back to the left, and then cut up for the First. 1st and 10, the Jets came out in a Trips-right Pistol. The Pats matched up in 3-3 Nickel. The Coverage was good, and Fitz had to dump it off to Forte. He had a nice run after the catch for another First.

1st and 10, the Jets went Pistol again. The Pats went into a 2-4 Nickel with five guys on the line. Fitz had too much time. He sat in the pocket and looked around until he saw Marshall going over the middle. Butler was on him in an instant, but he held on. Butler really has done a nice job keeping Marshall quiet in this game.

"I think Malcolm [Butler] competed hard, as he always does," BB said. "Look, we're going to play against good receivers and good quarterbacks every week. That's what the National Football League is. The quarterbacks in this league make good throws. The receivers make good catches. We don't play any teams that can't throw the ball and can't catch it and can't execute at a high level. They're just not on our schedule but we've got to be ready to defend.

"Technique-wise there are always things that you can do a little bit better. Certainly the Jets made some good plays offensively but that's what it'll be this week, too [against the Rams]. Britt will make them. Austin will make them. The Rams have a lot of guys that will make them too, and so does everybody else. There's things we're just going to have to work on but I thought Malcolm competed hard, which he always does, and tackled and was competitive on a lot of those plays and close. They made some and he made some."

The Jets motioned around on 1st and 10, and ended up in a Strong formation. The Pats matched up in a 3-3 Nickel, with five guys on the line.  Fitz had too much time again. Then he saw Branch punching his way up the gut, and dumped it off to Brandon Bostick at the line. He caught the ball, turned up field, and almost powered for a First.

2nd and 2, Jets came out in a 4-Wide Pistol. The Pats matchup in a 4-2 Nickel. Forte danced past the line, but he met a wall. Hightower grabbed him, as Van Noy, Ryan, and McCourty hit him in the front. They drove him back short. But the refs somehow gave him the First. That was really the first bad call of the game. It really hurts my nuts to say this, but the past three games the refs have done a really great job.

The Jets lined up in a 3-Wide Winged shotgun. The Pats match up in a 4-2 Nickel. Both Van Noy and Hightower headed to the line as they keyed run. However, the Jets ran play action, which took the front six out of the play. Fitz threw deep to Marshall down the sideline. But Rowe held him up enough in the first five yard (or so), and Marshall couldn't catch up with the pass.

2nd and 10 at the 22, Jets in a Strong-formation. The Pats matched up in a 3-3 Nickel with a Chung in the box. Fitz went deep outside to Enunwa. He caught the ball, and got his butt down in bounds. It was an ugly butt-TD for the Jets. Pats-13. Jets-17. Surprisingly Bad Calls by the Refs-1.

The Pats lined up at the 25 in a 3-Wide Singleback. Brady stopped before he reached the play action, turned, and hit Mitchell slanting inside in rhythm. Mitchell caught it over his head again, and crashed through two DBs for the First. I wonder why Brady seems to throw it high to Mitchell every time. Does he have trouble catching the low ones?

1st and 10, the Pats lined up an odd Bunched up 4-Wide Weak shotgun. Brady had time, but then the D-ends got some pressure. He had to dodge two rushers. He rushed forward to his right. He fired a wobbly rocket deep down field to Hogan on an in cut.

1st and 10 at the 39, Pats lined up Empty. Brady zipped it Edelman in the Box. He snagged and dived under two LBs for a few more. 2nd and 2, the Pats lined up Empty again. Brady had a clean pocket, and fired a missile at Dion. Dion dived down and dug it out of the dirt for a First.

1st and 10 at the 26, the Pats lined up in a 4-wide Singleback. They ran it to Dion. He immediately broke it outside, and in a kinetic flash was spun down past the LOS. He is just so quick.

2nd and 7 at the 23, Pats lined up Empty. The Blocking was great. But Brady had very little. He finally tried to hit White outside, but the DB knocked it down. 3rd and 7, the Pats lined up in a 3-Wide Weak shotgun. Brady had a nice pocket. Brady turned and fired a deep pass to Mitchell motoring down the sideline. The ball was a little long, but he got both hands on it.

He dropped it. "We have a team full of great guys who kept me encouraged," Mitchell said. "I felt miserable after missing the earlier pass.  All the guys kept me encouraged and told me we have more time." The Pats were forced to kick the field goal.

But Brady didn't loose faith in the rookie. "I think Malcolm has done a lot to gain everyone's trust because he shows up every day, works his butt off, and is so committed to the team," Brady said. "Football means a lot to him. He's come through in the clutch, so we keep giving him opportunities." Which turned into a very big deal. Pats-16. Jets 17. Surprisingly Bad Calls by the Refs-1.

The Jets came out 1st and 10 at their 8-yard line in a Trips-R Pistol. The Pats matched up in a 3-4. They were looking for the run all the way. Fitz ran a play action, turned, and spotted Enunwa deep down field on a Post. Enunwa grabbed the ball that was low and outside.

1st and 10, the Jets came out in a 3-Wide Winged shotgun. The Pats matched up in a 3-3 Nickel, with five guys on the line. They ran Powell up the gut. He lowered his head and just kept going for six.

The Pats needed a stop here with 5:32 to go in the game and still down a point. The Jets came out in a Singleback on 2nd and 6. The Pats matched up in a 3-3 Nickel with four guys on the line. Fitz ran a little playaction, but the Pats didn't bite this time. Brown burst up the middle, and essentially sacked Fitz. He was able to dump the ball in the dirt, but that was intentional grounding. And that was, oddly, another good call by the refs.

3rd and 16, the Jets came out in a 3-Wide Weak shotgun. The Pats matched up in 2-3 Dime. Sheard got pressure on Fitz. He had to step up and to move left. He flinged it outside to Powell. But he took his eyes off the ball to peek upfield, and he dropped it to force the punt. Edelman had a nice return, but a flag was unfurled. Anytime there is a penalty on a return, 90% of the time it is on the return team.

1st and 10 at the Pats 12, they lined up in a Trips-left Weak shotgun. Brady hit the walking wounded Bennett, and he dropped it. 2nd and 10, the Pats lined up in 2-Wide weak shotgun. He ran a little play action, and then zinged it to Edelman cruising over the middle. He caught it at full speed, and almost turned it up field for a lot more.

1st and 10, empty. Brady pumped faked, and headed up field looking to throw. He finally found Dion all alone on the sideline. He threw it high, and Dion had to leap up and pulled it in falling backwards. If that throw had been on target Dion could have been running for a while.

1st and 10 at the 43, Pats Empty. Brady went deep to Lewis, but the pass sailed out of bounds. 2nd and 10, Empty. Brady fired over the middle, and Edelman dropped it. 3rd and 10, Pats lined up in a 4-Wide Weak shotgun. Brady hit Edelman in the slot. He held on this time, but he was short.

4th and 4, and the Pats decide to go for it. Which made some sense, because the Pats still had three time outs. So if they don't make it, they still had a chance to get one more chance.

They lined up in a 4-Wide Strong Shotgun at the 37. Brady barely looked downfield. He turned as quick as he could, and flung it to White sneaking outside from the backfield. White caught it short of the magic yellow line. Lee hit him three yards short of the marker. But he was able to just hold his feet long enough for the First.

That was a huge play by James White. "He made a great play because the ball was thrown short of the sticks, and if we don't make that play it's hard to win the game," Brady said. "We still had three timeouts and they would've gotten the ball and maybe we could've stopped them but that was a game-winning play, championship-type play that James made. So he did enough to shake off the tackle and get the first down. it was just a great play. There were a lot of great plays that we did there in the last seven minutes of the game there. It wasn't our best effort, but that's just what happens in these games sometimes." The refs gave him a bad spot, but it was still enough.

1st and 10 at the 33, the Pats motioned into a 4-wide Weak shotgun. Hogan lined up inside of Mitchell on the left. Brady looked right, at Edelman. Then turned and fired a rocket at Hogan running down the seam. Hogan had to turn back to catch the ball high and outside, at the two minute warning.

1st and goal from the 8, teams will sometimes fuss around with the clock here and try and run. The Pats don’t. The motioned into a 4-Wide Weak shotgun.

Edelman motioned into stack behind Mitchell. "We stacked the receivers and Darrelle Revis played over a little bit," Brady said. "We did a good job of breaking flat on that quick out. Malcolm made a nice catch and got in the end zone. It was a really good play. It was a great call by Josh McDaniels. It wasn't something we had shown, and we needed it at that time." They both curled outside inside the five.

They looked a little too close together as they ran identical patterns, like one ran wrong pattern. The ball zinged right over Edelman's head. "I just ran an out," Mitchell said. "At first I thought the ball was going to Julian, but I realized he wasn't reaching for it, so I thought I should." He reached up and grabbed the ball like a rising star.

Revis played over the top of the rookie a little too much. "I thought the defensive guy made a good play on that thing," Bennett said. "Malcolm Mitchell is an excellent player. He's been working hard every single day. If he gets the opportunity, he's going to make plays, so I'm very proud of him. He's been coming into his own the last couple of weeks. He just comes to work every week." He took advantage of that opportunity.

He pulled in the game winning TD. "I was just thankful our team got another opportunity after I felt like I messed up an opportunity for us to win the game," Mitchell said. " Regardless if it was me or someone else, I'm glad the defense gave us an opportunity to win the game." Pats went up five after the catch.

So they had to go for two. Pats lined up Empty. They handed the ball to White. He jetted outside like a bat out of Hell. He was flying so fast that he ran through a shove, and angled his lower body upfield as got his quick little feet in the Endzone. Now, technically the ball didn't get inside the pylon. But you have to call that good. He got his feet down it the endzone with the ball in his hands. 

That is a clear case of over-officiousness. I also don't think you can say for certainty that the ball did not cross over the pylon. As soon as I brag about how good a job the refs are doing they call that nonsense. That call could only be made in New Jersey. Pats-22. Jets-17. Surprisingly Bad Calls by the Refs-3.

The Jets lined up on their 25 Empty. The Pats matched up in a Prevent. They only sent three. Fitz threw underneath and the receiver quickly caught it and turned out of bounds.

2nd and 5, Empty again. The Pats lined up a little more aggressive in a 2-3 Dime. They still rushed three. Long Swam over the OLT, and was pushed behind Fitz. But he was able to redirect, and saw the ball go back as Fitz went to throw. He leaped out and smacked the ball out of Fitz's hand.

"We were in a three-man rush. He kind of went right into Ijalana and made him sit down on, I guess, I would say a power rush type of move. He was able to knock his hands off of him and make a tight edge past the tackle and the quarterback so he didn't get pushed wide or up the field," BB said. "He went right into him and then cleared him pretty quickly as opposed to just running up the field and running around and taking a longer route. His route was pretty direct. He never really hit Fitzpatrick. He just kind of reached for the ball and as Fitzpatrick was throwing it he knocked it out.

"It wasn't one of those plays where the quarterback gets tackled and hit at the same time. I don't even think Fitzpatrick went down on the play. But as he was going to throw the ball Chris just extended with his right arm and got him. It was a good, tight path to the quarterback. As I said, we were in a three-man rush. They doubled the other two rushers so they had two on Flowers and they had two on Sheard, and Chris got the corner on them, got position on them." The ball bounced between Flowers and Sheard. Flowers was able to scoop the ball up like a short stop. Then he slid himself down to end the game.

Long curved around behind Fitz, and the swatted at the ball with all he had. "We knew it was probably going to be a good game," McCourty said. "Come down to the last [play]. When you take the field, it's all on you. Offense did the job, going down scoring. Now it's all on us to get a stop. Chris came through with a big play. A sack fumble. Something we've been needing, and he went out there and made the play." But Flowers still had to recover it to end the game.

This was a pure team win. "Those guys fight every play," Dion said. "They came up big for us today with the big strip-sack at the end. Malcolm punched the ball out. We need those plays to win." Welcome to another Victory. Pats-22. Jets-17. Surprisingly Bad Calls by the Refs-3.

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