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We Won! Right?


The 1st quarter was maybe the ugliest quarter of the season. It seemed everything that could go wrong went wrong. The Jets were soaring, and Fritz looked like he looked last season. Brady looked like the knee injury had taken away his elite accuracy, and he was throwing like me (which is the world's biggest insult). 

You never take a divisional road win for granted. "It's always great to win a division game on the road, so this is certainly a good win for our football team," BB said. "As Tom mentioned it was a long week with the west coast trip, Thanksgiving and all that. I thought our players did a really good job of working through it, fighting through it, preparing hard. I thought the last seven minutes of the game, we did a lot of good things and played our best football. That's always important. It's good situational football. It's solid football in the fourth quarter. It's good to win a division game on the road. I liked the way our team competed. We didn't start well, but we hung in there and battled all the way and made the plays we needed to make at the end. That's what it's all about." The AFC East is a tough grind it out Division.

I heard some dip… huh… poop pundits saying it was a bad win, essentially because it wasn't astatically pleasing. "It's tough, man," Butler said about going into New Jersey. "We know each other. We probably don't get along to well, long before I got here. They're a good team when it comes to playing us. They're a good team anyways. Coach said it was 'going to be a dogfight' and that's exactly what it was." But those are the best wins not the worst.

When you have to fight through even yourself. "I'm going to have to watch the film, but you're right," Brady said. "I wasn't hitting the ones that were there early and we just couldn't make enough plays to stay on the field to put pressure on those guys and we need to do a better job of that. But I can certainly do a better job." Bowles defense always seems to frustrate QBs.

Plus in the AFC East, the wins are always ugly. "Yeah, it felt like the usual Jets-Patriots game," McCourty said. "It's tough. They play hard. We both know each other very well. It was just a hard fought game of will. Who was going to come out and make the last play to win the game? We saw that with our offense driving down and then the big stop at the end." Everyone said before the game that in the last 27 games or so the final score was within 7-points or less when we played the Jets, and then act surprised and said the Pats looked 'bad' because they won by less than 7-points (is that the new definition of disingenuous?).

The key to the victory was the Defense getting two turnovers, and the offense converting those into points. "They most definitely paid off," Butler said about the TOs. "They took away some of the errors that we made. The offense converted those to points. So it turned out pretty well." It just wasn't pretty enough for some always negative pundits.

That is just so ridiculous. "We've been the same team all year," Bennett said. "Wherever we go, we bring the fight with us. I always say, 'B.Y.O.E,' which is 'Bring Your Own Energy.' When you come to a place like this, that's something we have to do. We were able to make plays when it counted. We knew it was going to be a tough, hard-fought game. It has been the last seven out of eight games. That's what we expect in the division. No matter what anybody's record is, it's going to be a good fight." It was a great win.

You can't always win pretty. When a team wins by 30-points, and everything is going their way, it is just not impressive to me. The great wins are in the struggles, not the aesthetics. You win in the Playoffs with tough grind it out grit. You don’t win in the Playoffs the way you beat up on the Browns and win by 30. Every Playoff game is more AFC East Divisional Game, then traveling out to San Fran, goofing around for three quarters, and then dropping 17-point in the 4th quarter on their hapless defense. That is not how you win a championship.

You win a Championship with ugly, dirty, and cutthroat play. "I think everybody is battling through different things," Brady said. "You just do the best you can do. It's a long season. Every week starts fresh again. I'm glad it's over, and I'm glad we won." Everybody in the NFL is now playing injured.

I think you judge a team when things are ugly, and everything seems to be going against them. "I think it says a lot about our team, their resiliency, mental toughness, ability to focus and execute under pressure," BB said. "A lot of games in this league come down to the last series, a couple plays. You battle it out for 54, 55, 59 minutes and it comes down to one or two plays that are critical if they're executed well and if they're designed well, they have a chance to do it. We've had a lot of those come up and we've handled those pretty well. We had a lot of things we can improve on from this game." This was a great AFC East/Playoff victory.

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