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You Did What?


I'm confounded by this trade. It baffles me to the point where I don't think there is an intelligent thing I can say about it. It literally makes no sense on any level. Since we won the Super Bowl, we have lost the three best defensive players on the team: Revis, Mr. Jones, and now Collins. They just made their defense weaker, as they head into the 2nd Half of the Season trying to hold onto hosting the AFC Champ Game in Foxboro, for a 3rd Round pick that is so very clearly not a Compensatory Pick.

First off the reporting of this disaster has been terrible. When I first heard about the trade I was sure it was a Halloween joke, because Schefter's report was so clearly impossible: Blockbuster deal: Patriots traded LB Jamie Collins to Cleveland for a compensatory third-round pick, sources tell ESPN.  Well… no

You cannot trade a Compensatory Pick, period. Plus, they don't award Compensatory Picks until after the season. You also cannot trade a pick that you don't own. The Browns don't have any Compensatory picks, because Compensatory picks are not awarded until March.

He's not playing well this season? "Well, I think Collins has played poorly all season," Mike Lombardi said. "You know he’s going to be a free agent at the end of the year, they had no interest in really signing him for next year, and the way he’s played through the first eight games, he was getting demoted within each game." Well… no.

He might have been their best player on the defense in the first month, and clearly was the best player on defense in the Houston game. Then he got injured. But he still has been solid in coverage, and is the best off the ball linebacker at getting into the backfield.

He has not been playing as well since he got back. "Yesterday, the second play of the game, he goes, he just kind of does whatever he was gonna do," Lombardi said. "He kind of played with no enthusiasm, and he seemed like he didn’t really want to play. It seemed like he was playing on the 0-11 Southern Mississippi team that he played in college." Well… no.

He may have made a mistake and maybe he didn't, we don't know. I saw Sheard not really set the edge, as Collins blitzed up into the hole. Gillislee bounced it outside, and Sheard did nothing to stop it because he got turned by the pulling guard, and lost the edge. Both OGs pulled outside. Chung went the wrong way. Hightower got stuck in traffic. McClellin was mirroring Sheard on opposite side, and set the edge successfully. Collins was lined up at ILB and filled the hole.

No one can say for certain that Collins was supposed to blitz outside of Sheard. He lined up inside with Hightower. He got his hands on Gillislee inside, and just fell down. It was more of a physical mistake than mental, and there were a lot of mental mistakes on that play. Collins lined up at inside linebacker, filled the whole, hit the RB in the backfield, but doesn't make the tackle. So he was freelancing his way out of Town.

That sounds like nonsense to me. "And so I think this defense has really been a liability, and I think what Bill’s statement today to the team is that we’re not going to tolerate it," Lombardi said. "We’re not going to allow this to happen. And he needs to get control of it. And I think they lack a leadership element on their defense. McCourty on the backend certainly can help, but their defensive leadership has been void all season." There was a lot of blame going on, on that play.

But he was not a complete disaster by any stretch. "Well, you know you can rush Jamie Collins, and yet he hasn’t gotten near the quarterback," Lombardi said. "I mean, at some point you just have to evaluate what you see, and what I’ve seen out of the Patriots defense is: subpar players, players playing below [their talents], including Jabaal Sheard's not having the season he needs to have. I mean, their best defensive player in the front seven has been Alan Branch. And Elandon Roberts, the sixth round draft pick out of the University of Houston, is one of their best run defenders. He has to play more." Well… No.

The Pats are 4th in points allowed, behind Minnesota, Seattle, and two points behind Dallas, and no one is saying that the Dallas D sucks (they are saying the exact opposite, everywhere). Even in the ugliest of disastrous games against the Bills Week Four, when we had a rookie at QB with a bum thumb at the helm, the defense looked stunningly terrible. But in the end they only gave up 16-points. They destroyed the Cards on Week One when Collins was completely healthy. Devastated Houston when Collins was the best player on the field that day. And even embarrassed the Cincy offense a little. I just don't know what people are talking about anymore…

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