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Okay I get it (I'm Not a Homer!).


So the mystery of the Collins trade still remains unsolved. It is a mystery so shocking that only Sherlock Holmes could figure it out.  However, I did learn one new thing. Teams can now trade their compensatory picks. However, I was still right that they could not use compensatory picks in this trade. So maybe both Schefter and Perry were both right in their clues.

So if I Sherlock Holmes this mess, I come to the conclusion that they are both right. They traded Collins to Cleveland for the conditional Browns Compensatory pick that they expect to get for Mack in the 3rd. The League stepped in and said that they couldn't do that, because you cannot trade picks that you do not own. Compensatory picks are awarded in March. Once the picks are awarded, then you can now trade them. So panic ensued. That's why the trade took two days to finalize, and why so little information was given.

If you also Sherlock Holmes what happened with Collins and the coaches the only conclusion is that Collins had to be jettisoned immediately. So BB went back to Cleveland and said, "Fine, just give us the 4th." But the Browns finally figured out that that they had the upper hand, and they said, "No. How about next years 4th?" BB was stuck. So he said, "Fine, a 2018 4th for our malcontent ProBowling linebacker."

So what was all this nonsense about? It was about team. It was about winning the Super Bowl. It was about maintaining discipline. Please note that I am Sherlock Holmes-ing, and conclusions I draw are speculation and not necessarily facts.

Fact: you cannot win a Super Bowl without maintaining discipline. Fact: you cannot win a Super Bowl if you are having a player revolt. Fact: coaches have to coach and players have to play. It seems that somewhere along the way to signing his life changing free agent contract, Jamie Collins forgot that. Now I'm not trying to paint him as the bad guy. He was under a lot of pressure.

He had been vastly underpaid as a 2nd Round Pick Superstar. He was under a world of pressure to stay healthy, and produce at a Pro Bowl level. That is a tightrope that has broken a lot of players. Yes, the season is about winning the Super Bowl, but it still is a business for all of these players. It is still about earning that life changing contract, as well as winning. Malcolm Butler is now entering that same pressure filled limbo.

He was overaged when he entered the NFL, just like Collins. So their chances of getting that big contract are also limited. Fans want to call it a game when they want it to be a game, and want to call it a business when it suits them. However, it is always both for all players.

Collins got caught up in the balance between team and business, and lost. The pressure finally got to him this season. And don't kid yourself, it was a lot of pressure. However, he cracked in the worst and dumbest way possible. He started fighting the coaches. So he had to go. Having one player yelling at coaches can signal handedly destroy a teams chance to win the Super Bowl.

Ironically, the player he thought he was, was Von Miller. Only Miller played through his contract year, and helped his team win a Super Bowl. Collins might have gotten a 100-Mil contract if he had done that. Instead, he let the pressure get to him.

Now I'm not trying to bash him on the way out. I'm just trying to Sherlock Holmes the whispers that I've heard. I'm Collins biggest fan. But, what he really did was hurt himself. If he had just maintained focus and discipline on his craft, and helped lead his defense to the Super Bowl, he was set. But instead, he let the pressure get to him. What he did was stupid.

First, he reported yelled at Patricia in practice. That is the kind of move that can destroy a defense. You cannot scream at the D-Coordinator and not expect it to have a detrimental affect on the team. So if we Sherlock Holmes this little bit, with some additional pieces info, it is not good. I thought he was injured, like most Pats Fans I think assumed, when he was inactive for the Cincy game. Hightower had just missed a game due to injury.

However, this was the Cincy game, where Cyrus Jones was inactive for disciplinary reasons (getting in a fight, and thrown out of a game). Justin Coleman was inactive for his second straight game (for thoughts unknown). It seemed to slip past unnoticed. However, he was not inactive due to injury. When a player is, he will be listed as inactive with a body part, like (knee). Collins was just listed as inactive. There was no body part next to his name, like Jamie Collins (ear lob). I remember that striking me as odd at the time, but then I put my Patriots binders on and ignored it.

Now, it is telling. It is now obvious that Cyrus Jones was inactive for disciplinary reasons, and so was Collins. There were whispers that he got in a shouting match with Patricia during practice that week. So I'm concluding that his inactive for the Cincinati game was for disciplinary reasons, for disrespecting his coach and team discipline. You can also conclude that he may have been freelancing.

Then there were rumors last week that he was screaming at Belichick the way he screamed at Patricia, on the practice field. So you can argue that the calls started last week, and ended in Cleveland Monday. You cannot disrespect the HC in front of the entire Team, and stay on the team. He had to go. But how much can you get for a guy that will only play half the season and then is an unrestricted free agent? Apparently, not much.

Then you have the Bills game where he played just a tick over half the snaps. When he usually plays almost every snap. His playing time was essentially cut in half for that game, only two weeks after sitting out the Cincy game. I can guarantee you that calls were made the day BB walked off the practice field after being embarrassed by Collins in front of the Team. But he probably couldn't get the price he wanted, a 1st or 2nd for Collins.

Then you have the 12-men in the jury box penalty on the goal line. I heard whispers that Collins was suppose to come off the field, and didn't. Then he stayed on the field again, as two players ran onto the field and two ran off. Then BB had to call a timeout, and yelled "C-mon guys, god-damn-it." But when they came back out, Collins was still on the field. There were whispers he refused to come off. Then he got run over by Gillislee for the TD. I don't know? But he was gone two days later.

And he wasn't traded, he was dumped like a garbage bag out back. This was clearly an "I need him out of town, now!" dumping. Now BB simply said, "It's my professional judgment." But what he showed in the move was the first quote, not the second. The double 12 men on the field penalty was the final straw that forced him to except a wing and prayer for his prized linebacker.

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