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You Did What?


First off the only thing that starts to make sense is that they traded Collins for a conditional 3rd round pick from Cleveland. And that condition is that if Cleveland is awarded a 3rd Round Compensatory Pick in March for the 2017 Draft. Then the Pats get their 3rd (which will be pick 65), or else they get their 4th Round pick. Which will be about 100, depending on how many Compensatory are actually given out next March.

According to past Compensatory Picks Mack got a big enough contract for them to be awarded a 3rd Round Compensatory Pick, which they then cannot trade under any circumstance, because it is against NFL rules to trade Compensatory Picks. But getting a 3rd Round pick for a 27 year old Probowler at linebacker is still embarrassing. You can say you like or don't like Jaime Collins, but you cannot say that he cannot play. Pro-Bowl-er.

So why did they trade him. "I don't think freelancing was an issue," Collin's LB coach Brian Flores said. "Again Jamie was a very good player for us. He made a lot of plays. He helped us win a lot of ball games. I keep saying that, time and time again. Did he make mistakes? Absolutely. But like I said before, everyone makes mistakes. There's not a player in the League who doesn't makes mistakes. But again, he made more plays than he made mistakes." So it wasn't his play.

Despite what some say. "I think Elandon Roberts is the best run defender," Lombardi said. "I mean, Dontía Hightower is not playing very well either. I mean, look, thatís the thing that always cracks me up about sports people evaluating other teams. They talk about the great talent of the Patriots front seven and then nobody makes a play." Roberts has been one of the biggest surprises in the NFL.

But he is still just a rookie. "If the team needs me to do more, Iím going to do more. Whatever we need to do to take our team to the next level, Iím willing to do," Roberts said. "Iíve got a long way to go. Right now, Iím just focused on getting ready for Seattle." He looks like a starter now, and the Playoffs are right around the corner.

So he was just a douche. "Jamieís a great guy, on and off the field," the rookie Roberts said. "Thatís all really I can say. He was a great teammate." Oh... so he was a bad locker room guy. "Off the field, heís a good dude," Sheard said. "Trades are obviously upstairs, and thatís business. Itís football. You never know." Oh... so he was a good chemistry guy.

Which makes this trick or treat trade all the more shocking. "Just was shocked, thatís all. Just shocked," Malcolm Butler said. "Heís not here anymore. Next man up. Got to keep moving forward." I can't keep moving forward until I understand this Halloween tradeÖ just a little.

Even the veterans aren't sure what to say. "Iíve played 11 years in the NFL, I know how this business is," Ninkovich said. "I know that it is a business and itís a performance business and you have to perform. Maybe for the younger guys, itís more of a shock. but for me, Iíve seen a lot of things happen in my career. Theyíve happened to me. You have to focus on what you can control." So you're telling me it's a business.

So it's all about the money Mike. "When you lose a teammate itís definitely different, and itís a change that could catch you off-guard," Ninkovich said. "But we still have a lot of games here to go. You canít let what you canít control affect how you play. For me, itís to continue to focus on myself and get better. Thereís a lot of room for improvement. Iím focused on getting through this bye week here and preparing to play better in the next eight games. We have to make more plays. I have to make more plays. Thatís the way it needs to be." No? It's about winning the next game.

WellÖ no. It's about winning the Super Bowl. When your building a Program, the guy in charge has to be just as aware of the future as this season. However, when you are on track to host a Champ Game, and get to the Super Bowl, you do not under any circumstance trade away your best defensive player, period.

You needed Jamie Collins on the field to have the best shot at winning the Unprecedented Fifth. "It's a lot more fluent having Jamie out there," Hightower said. "A lot of the times we coordinate things a lot together. I usually take care of the front, he takes care of the secondary. We have our own way of doing things. Sometimes Jamie is just like, ĎNo, you go ahead and you just make the calls and I'll play off of you'. It helps having him out there. I mean, he does everything so he makes it a lot easier for me. Anytime I can have him out there with me I'm 100 percent having him out there." His presence made the defense better.

A playoff game is as different from a regular season game, as a regular season game is from a preseason game. You won't be facing the riffraff of the NFL, like you can during the season, and certainly always do in the Preseason.

You won't be matching wits with the likes of Cody Kessler, Landry Jones, or even Tannehill or Tyrod (Taylor is actually 2nd in the AFC to Brady in QB-ratings, yikes). "And so I think at some point they have to send a message to the rest of the team," Lombardi said. "Their defense is a liability right now. I mean, theyíve made quarterbacks, whether itís Tyrod Taylor, whether itís Ryan Tannehill, whether itís Landry Jones, theyíve made them look pretty good and I think Bill needed to send a message to the team that this is not going to be tolerated and I think this trade does that." You might have to face Osweiler or Dalton, but more likely Roethlisberger, Luck, and/or Russell WilsonÖ

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