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1st Quarter.


Greetings Pats Fans,

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2nd Game Back Syndrome.


The Pats came out and scored on a nice drive to start the game. As I told everyone before this game, 2nd game back syndrome is the most frustrating feeling in sports. Brady threw two passes into the turf in this drive, even though his O-line was spectacular in the first drive. He also jogged out of bound looking down field, once, like he had never seen coverage before. They had one great run by Blount, and one great throw by Brady to Gronk to get them in field goal range. And hopefully Gostkowski ended the slump with a great kick right the down the middle.

This game went just the way I said. Brady started out in disarray. He clearly had trouble making decisions. The entire 1st Half was a dogfight. Now some pundits looked at the final score and say it was an easy win, and Brady never struggled. That is ridiculous. He didn't just struggle, it was ugly. He kept dancing around the pocket like a bear on a unicycle, and couldn't throw it, because 2nd game back syndrome had separated his brain from his instincts.

The Pats lined up on the 25 in a 3-Wide Singleback to start the game. Which is also why this offense is indefensible (as in defense, not as in Trump bragging about reaching up ladies skirts to "grab her by the pussy").

Because when I say they line up in a 4-Wide Shotgun, half the time two of those Wides are 270-pound tight ends. "He's a great player to have on the team," Gronk said about Bennett. "A super unselfish guy and this is his ninth year so he's been in the league actually two years longer than me. [He] knows more. Knows a little bit more: ins-and-outs, tricks, been on a few teams, been seeing it all, and it's just great having him out there.

"We interchange. Sometimes he's out there in the sub packages. Then the next play, next series I'm out there in the sub packages, which help each other out big time. Keep our bodies fresh and it's just great working with him overall. His blocking skills, just overall he's such a complete tight end and he can do it all and it's just great going out there and learning from each other and helping each other out because both of our goals are the same. It's to get the team win and do whatever we can for the team so it's awesome having him there." They don't just have the two best tight ends in the NFL, they have the two most versatile tight ends in the NFL.

They can lined up out wide like WRs, and then on the next play they can line up and run block like two O-tackles on the next play. "We were just playing football, man," Bennett said. "It gets like that sometimes. We've got guys who don't back down from anyone and play hard throughout the whole game. That's just the way it is. We don't back down. We're not looking for trouble, but we don't walk away from trouble either." They hurt guys running deep down the field, and then knock them on their butts in the run game.

Brady barked out orders under center, as Bennett motioned all the way outside the numbers on the Blindside. They had two WRs lined up in the slot, and two 270-pounds tight ends are lined up as the Split End and Flanker outside. I mean, how the hell are you going to defend that (it's like trying to defend Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women by grabbing "her by the pussy")? 

You know! If you're a Dad with a daughter than you cannot vote for Darth Trump. Minimally, as a Dad, you must be worthy of your daughter. Voting for Darth Trump makes you unworthy of your daughter. 

Rant alert: If you are so sensitive about your feelings that you will cry if someone tells you the truth about Darth Trump (you pussy), than you might want to: close your eyes, cover your ears, pinch you nose, and not read this part:

I heard one indefensible Farther (hopefully daughterless) claiming that he had heard such sexual assaulting talk in every locker room he had ever been in, which is such a ridiculous lie that it makes him sound like a boob (being sexually assaulted by Darth Trump). If you have to lie to yourself, and others, that badly to convince yourself it is okay to vote for that scumbag, than you might be a scumbag as well. I have never heard a scumbag bragging about sexually assaulting women, by grabbing "her by the pussy", in any locker room I have ever been in, period. And it is unacceptable that you would pretend that it is commonplace or acceptable in any way shape or form.

We are not talking about voting for Romney here, a man I would spend a lifetime fighting against his trickle-down Bush-onomics. But it was not a moral issue to vote for Romney. It is a moral issue to vote for a serial sexual assaulter! A scumbag who brags about sexually assaulting women in the most shocking of ways, and then tries to call himself a victim after women agreed with him, by saying he did what he said he likes to do to woman, to them. How disingenuous do you have to be to believe those woman are fake?

You cannot have it both ways, though (R)'s are certainly trying. When you brag about sexually assaulting women, you then cannot complain when your horribly soul-scarred victims finally come out of the closet, and say "YES! He sexually assaulted me in the exact manner that he was bragging about!" 

It is a moral issue to vote for Darth Trump, and it is so some much more disgusting if you are a Dad. If you are a Father with a daughter than you cannot vote for Darth Trump. Minimally as a Father, you must be worthy of your daughter. Voting for Darth Trump makes you unworthy of your daughter. It makes you unworthy of all your children. Your sons need to learn that is it not okay to sexually assault someone else's daughter as well.

And now back to our regularly scheduled program

I mean, Bennett took it to a whole new level last week, and Gronk took it to a whole level this week. "I mean, he's only gotten better as he's gotten older, and understood more about the game and what he needs to do to prepare himself," TB12 said about Gronk. "He just makes so many great plays. He's a big target and he makes any quarterback look good. If he's uncovered, you know he's going to get it, and there were plenty of times where he was uncovered today, but all the other guys were making plays, too. That's what makes a good offense. I said that on Wednesday. It's finding guys that are running free in the defense and we do a lot of different things to try to create that. Gronk [Rob Gronkowski] is in a lot of different places, but when his number is called, he makes the plays." In-De-Fence-A-Bull!

Then Brady shifted backwards into a 4-Wide Weak shotgun, next to James White. "James is a very consistent and dependable player for us," BB said. "Every day he walks into the building, that's what you get. You get a player who's well-prepared, who's alert, who's on his job, who's dependable, tough, consistent, and he's like that all the time. It doesn't matter what phase of the game it's on. It could be special teams, offense, scout team, or what day of the week it is, he's very dependable, knows his job; tries to do it the best he can. If he makes a mistake, he works hard to improve on it. He definitely has skill as a runner, receiver; an ability to break tackles and make people miss in the open field, so he's been a productive player for us. His role hasn't been being there on every single down all the time, but when he has been in there, he's been highly productive and he made some big plays for us yesterday." I predicted before the game that Brady, dealing with 2nd game back syndrome, was going to need to dump the ball off to White a lot, and he did.

Then Brady still had to survey the formation as though he is still not quite certain. The snap was high, and Brady had to leap up for it like it was a rebound. Then he handed the ball off underneath to White. The Bengals were fooled with both tight ends lined up like WRs outside. Cannon and Solder were able to just push the D-ends past them, as they ran towards Brady. 

Andrews and Thuney doubled Peko at the point, and that was the key block. Blount literally had a 10-yard wide hole on the left side of the O-line to run through. He was at the second level by the time Andrews had slipped off of Peko and hit Burfict. Hogan and Bennett both got blocks on the DBs outside. Blount read it perfectly and cut straight outside, and then straight up field behind Bennett to get the 1st down.

1st and 10, the Pats lined up both TEs inside this time and both WRs outside. They ran play action to Blount. Brady whipped the ball into the dirt at Edelman, like his mind could read the play, but his instincts couldn't get him the ball. "I think I know how to get to that place where I need to be," Brady said. "You only have so much energy, and at some point you've got to cut it loose when the moment is right. It's certainly an emotional environment for football. There were a lot of people there when we ran out and they were there all game, so it was great. And it was great to win. That's what we want to do. Our job is to come out here and to be focused on what we need to do and then make a bunch of good plays and then try to beat the opponent, and we figured out a way to do that." While dealing with 2nd game back syndrome.

2nd and 10, the Pats lined up in a 4-Wide strong shotgun, with Trips on the right. They faked a screen to Edelman on the right. Then Brady turned and hit White on a screen on the left. But Cincy read it right, and Peko tackled him almost as he caught the ball.

3rd and 9, the Pats lined up in a 3-Wide Weak shotgun, with Amendola dancing from side to side, as though trying to decide which side to line up on. "Well they're pretty [good]," Brady said. "They're an exceptional group, there's no doubt about it. It's been fun to work with them. We're still building. We're only six games into the year, so there's still a lot more work to do, there's a long way to go. We'll be challenged different weeks with different things, but it was good to kind of spread the ball around a bit today. A lot of guys ended up making plays, and that's a good way to play." Gronk lined up on the blindside. Amendola finally stopped between Edelman and Hogan.

Brady caught the shotgun snap, and 3-stepped back. He was looking over the middle, and snapped his arm back like he was going to throw, and didn't. Dunlap rushed at him, as he had dipped under Cannon and got up field. Brady had to step up. He looked to his right, and couldn't make a decision. Then he tip-toed up field a little, and got under all the rushers and looked to his left. He started to throw, but pulled it back again, as though his brain was overriding his instincts. Then he saw Gronk breaking free down the sideline. That was the first throw where Brady just threw without thinking. It was a perfect throw. He looked outside at White being followed by the LB. Then snapped his head down field, and saw Gronk running down the sideline. He instantly threw without thinking, and placed it perfectly between two defenders.

Gronk ran an Out, and saw Brady scrambling. So he took off downfield to break open, and made a great catch. "Just being able to practice and being healthy and having two wheels under me and going out there and seeing all the guys work throughout the practices when I wasn't there," Gronk said. "It makes me want to get out there, it makes me want to work hard in my rehab, which I was. I was doing everything possible to get back to where I needed to get back to. When you see the guys, when you're down and out and you're not playing and you see the guys working hard non-stop, it makes you want to work hard in rehab and get back out on the field, and then when you get back on to the field, to get back into the shape I was in at the beginning of camp. Just seeing my teammates go hard, it makes me want to go, and it makes me want to go just for myself, too. Just for the love of the game." He bumbled down over two defenders: past midfield, inside the 35, and into field goal range.

1st and 10, the Pats lined up in a 3-Wide Singleback, with three actual wide receivers lined up outside. Brady turned and handed the ball to White on an off tackle run. Solder was fighting with Michael Johnson in front of him, and knocked him down. Thuney outfight Dansby. But Andrews just couldn't keep Peko inside. He burst past him and got outside and tackled White. That was a tough block for Andrews to execute, as Peko was lined up on left and the run was to that side.

2nd and 8 from the 30, the Pats lined up Empty. This play was all on Brady's 2nd game back brain, which was just not good. Brady had time in the pocket, as both D-ends ran past him. Solder knocked Johnson down as he tried to stop and get back, while Cannon was hand fighting with Dunlap to Brady's right. But the three inside guys had shoved the two DTs way off to Brady's left. He stepped up into the pocket, as Dunlap broke back inside. His head twitched side to side twice, like the 2nd game back syndrome was slapping him in the face back and forth. He had to retreat: while looking at Amendola open on a short Out to his left, Solder now laying on top of the DE, and Cannon shoving Dunlap into Andrews and Thuney.

Brady regained his balance back at the original spot he 3-stepped into off the snap. Then he jogged casually outside to the right while looking back to the left, like he was out picking daises with his kids. Then his feet clamored to a stop, and all four rushers got over to that side of the field. Cannon was now fighting Dunlap right in front of Brady. He started to retreat, saw Johnson finally beat Solder. He panicked outside with a sudden twitch/hop to his right, like a frog on a lily pad who just heard a hawk screech, and hopped into the pond.

He ran diagonally outside as three of the D-linemen quit, because the play was now in its' second day. The only one still running was Johnson. Brady turned past the 30, and pump faked, sort of, as he turned outside. Dansby was now charging him, so he finally skipped out of bounds, like someone's daughter jumping rope in their front yard. That play took 12 seconds off the clock, and was his clearest example of 2nd game back syndrome I have ever seen. Brady just couldn't coordinate his instincts and brain into a throw.

3rd and 6, the Pats lined up in a 4-Wide Strong Shotgun, with Gronk on the right and trip-WRs on the left. Cincy called timeout. The Pats came back out Empty. Brady got spooked out of the pocket again, by Johnson flying behind him on a speed rush. He tried to step up, but the DTs had held inside. He dumped his second pass horribly into the dirt well short of anything or anyone. Gostkowski came out and actually hit a field goal. The Pats went up 3-Zip, and that little field goal was really the difference for most of the 1st Half. The Pats D was spectacularly bending but not breaking in the 1st Half, and really kept them in the game. As Brady's 2nd game back syndrome killed the Pats offense in the 1st half.

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