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3rd Quarter.


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The Changing Point In The Game.


The Pats receive to start the 3rd quarter. It was a touchback to start to the 2nd Half. 1st and 10, the Pats lined up in a 3-Wide Singleback. Garoppolo ran a play action. Then he tried to throw over the middle, and Campbell slam dunked it back in Jimmy-G's face. Jimmy-G caught with a gleam in his eye, and bounced outside. He ran for a cloud of dust.

2nd and 7, 2-TE I. They run Blount on a smash. He followed Develin through the hole between Thuney and Fleming. He looked like he got two, but they gave him one.

3rd and 5, the Pats lined up Empty. Garoppolo had time, but the coverage was good. Fleming shoved Mr. Jones all the way around Garoppolo. Jones almost completed the circle and got Garoppolo, but Fleming kept moving his feet and got past Garoppolo as well. Meanwhile on the same side, Golden looked like he had finally fought off Cannon. So Jimmy-G took off. He flied up field and got the first down. Three defenders gave chase. So he turned to the left and ran sideways for about 15-yards. Then he finally realized that he was just setting himself up for a big hit and slid home safe.

1st and 10, the Pats lined up in a 3-Wide Strong formation. Garoppolo dropped again. The Cards brought six. Develin charged to the line and picked up the blitzer. This allowed Garoppolo to 3-step, and throw in rhythm to Edelman in single coverage outside on the right. Edelman caught it. Peterson flew in and knocked him straight back on his backside, and then helped him up.

2nd and 1, and they had put the petal to the metal with Jimmy-G in the driver seat. They lined up in 3-Wide Weak shotgun. Only they gave it to Blount on a draw. The Card blitzed up the middle. He read it before he got the ball in his hand, and immediately headed outside to the right where there were no defenders at all. He got the 1st down easily, and turned up field. If he had speed he would have been gone.

1st and 10, they lined up in an I, with Bennett as the H-back in motion to the right. They gave it to Blount one time too many. The Cards were looking for it. They swarmed over him like flies on poo.

2nd and 11, the Pats lined up in a 4-Wide Weak shotgun. Garoppolo three stepped turned, and threw in rhythm to Bennett, who lined up outside. The pass was low and behind Bennett. He had to dive back to catch it.

3rd and 7, this was another big 1st down. The Pats lined up in a 3-Wide Weak Shotgun, with Bennett as the H-Back next to Cannon. Arizona blitzed again, and brought six. They didn't get there, and when you don't get there when you're bringing six, you're screwed. He threw to Mitchell on a comeback. The pass was a little high and inside. Which was good, because Williams foolishly went for the INT. But Mitchell is a 6-2 leaper. He skied up and took the ball in front of the CB. He turned, spun off of Williams, and took off. I thought he was going to score. But Jefferson was back deep, and forced him to turn inside around the Ten, where the rest of the secondary was running to help.

1st and goal from the 8, the Pats lined up in a 3-Wide Weak shotgun. The O-line blocked it great. Bennett cracked back on Mr. Jones as the rest of the line zone blocked to the right. Blount went straight up field against the grain, and slammed past the Five before half the defense knew what was happening. Then he just kept going as six Cardinals slammed into him from every direction. That run was friggin' unbelievable (and I ironically wondered how the heck he held onto that ball). Pats-17. Cards-7

1st and 10, the Cards come out and motioned Empty. The Pats matched up in a 2-3 Dime with a Chung in the box (hey, that sound like a nice Christmas present for a kid). Palmer 5-stepped, and hit Grisham, with a couple of DBs in his face. Chung, Ryan, and Sheard made the tackle on Grisham, who seemed to take offense at being tackled for some reason.

2nd and 8, the Cards went into a 3-TE Singleback, which they have run out of every time. The Pats crowded the line with eight guys. Chung and Ryan backed off, leaving two down and four up on the line and McCourty at ILB. They run David, and he was through the line fast. He turned up field, and got his legs grabbed by Sheard, and was thunder cracked down by Collins.

3rd and 1, the Cards go Singleback. The Pats match up in a 3-4. They sneak it, and Hightower and Collins hit the line fast. Palmer got punched backwards, but was able to bounce it to the side a little. McCourty popped him in the jaw with his shoulder pad, as Ryan grabbed his leg. He stumbled down concussed for the First.

1st and 10, they hiked the ball to the concussed Carson. The ball hit his confused hands. He dropped it out of his confused hands and fell on it. Sheard grabbed his butt for the tackle.

2nd and 12, the Cards lined up Empty. The Pats matched up in a big 3-3 Nickel. Sensing that Carson is concussed the Pats bring seven. Then Hightower and Collins drop late. Carson threw a beautiful pass to John Brown. But Butler, who has the speed to run with him, was in perfect position to knock the ball down.

3rd and 12, the Cards lined up in a 4-wide Strong shotgun. The Pats matched up in their 2-3 Dime, with Hightower and Collins goofing around. Those two guys have to drive QBs nuts. Sheard burst past the ORT. But the RB stayed in to blocked him. Other than that, it was a clean pocket. The concussed Carson threw the ball right to Logan Ryan. Fitzgerald knocked the ball out of his hands to force the punt.

1st and 10, the Pats lined up in a 4-Wide Strong shotgun. Golden got a nice blast off, and got Fleming off balance a little. But Blount chipped him with a thundercrack as he came out of the backfield. Cannon was solid in pass pro again, with help from Bennett. Garoppolo threw as quick as you could want a QB to throw again. Mitchell ran a little Dig and was wide open four whole yards down field. He got destroyed by Williams as he tried to turn up field.

1st and 10, the Pats lined up in a 2-TE I. They slammed Blount up the middle on a dive. Frostee Rucker smashed his helmet right into Blount's arms and the football, as he form tackled him straight back. The ball bounced out instantly, and the Cards recovered.

This was the changing point in the game for the Cards. The momentum was all New England right up to that point. Then it all seemed to slowly turn, inch by inch, step by step, towards Arizona from this point on. It was clearly a different game after that fumble.

I saw it like Garoppolo's fumble. It wasn't really his fault. When a 325 pound guys dives at the RB to tackle him, and his helmet just happens to smash into the ball with all that weight behind it, it takes a miracle to not fumble it. Blount didn't have bad ball security, it was just a confluence of circumstance. It also appeared that BB saw it the same way, as he didn't bench Blount and congratulated him after the game.

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