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Garoppolo Gets a Lead.


The Cards won the toss and took the ball. So the Cards offense came out first. 1st and 10, they lined up in a 3-Wide Singleback, with that odd Bunch on the Blindside. The Pats matched up in their basic 3-4, with Chung up in the Box like a Sam. Collin showed blitz. He hopped right through the hole between the ORG and OC. But David Johnson cut to the right, and he couldn't touch him. He slammed into the line, but big Alan Branch was there, and wiped him out from the side.

2nd and 8, the Cards lined up in a twins-right Weak shotgun, with two TEs. The Pats didn't look happy as they matched up in a 3-3 Nickel with Chung up as the Sam again to give it a 4-3 look. The Cards O-Line was solid. Sheard and Branch got a great push on the strongside. But the Cards doubled them with the OC when they stunted. Carson had time and threw to Gresham just past the marker. McCourty had good coverage but the ball was low and away.

1st and 10, the Cards lined up in a 3-Wide I shotgun (with the RB behind Palmer). The Pats matched up in a 3-4 looking 3-3 nickel. The Pats sent five, and Long dropped out of the rush. Palmer had time, and threw a miscommunication pass to Floyd on his right, which didn't even bounce to him.

2nd and 10, The Cards come out in their 2-TE Weak shotgun again. The Pats match up in their 3-4 looking 3-3 nickel. They tried to run off tackle to the strongside. But Logan Ryan did a great job setting the edge. David (Johnson) really wanted to go outside, but he was forced inside, right into the shoulder pads of Jabaal Sheard. That was great run defense.

3rd and 12, the Cards lined up in a 3-Wide Strong shotgun. "Same thing for us," Bruce Arians said. "We were 50% on third down, just wasn't good enough. We got ourselves behind the chains a couple of times. I thought we had a couple really good spurts where we'd start in such long field positions." The Pats match up in a 2-3 Dime with all five guys on the LOS, and Chung in at the Will eyeing the TE.

Long got a great rush past the ORT. He clubbed his way past him, but just slapped himself past the QB. Carson was looking deep. Hightower faked a drop, and when the OC turned his head, he blitzed right past him. Palmer had to check down as Hightower was screaming at him like a runaway train. Palmer threw the ball, and Hightower crashed into him like a runaway train at the end of the line.

Palmer made a great throw. He hit Fitzgerald crossing the box. "The GOAT," DJ Humphries said. "That's the GOAT right there. He's going to always show up, every time. That's Mr. Consistent for sure." Ryan leaped on him and dragged him down short to force the punt. Amendola returned it to the 25.

1st and 10, the Pats lined up in a 3-Wide Weak shotgun. They ran a play action to the left, where the whole O-line flowed to the left like it was a sweep, and the QB and a couple WRs went to the right. Garoppolo got turned a little, and threw a wild pass at Hogan that was uncatchable. But in his defense he went 24 of 32 from this point on.

2nd and 10, the Pats lined up in a 4-Wide Singleback with Bennett standing up. They sent Edelman in motion to the right. Garoppolo handed it to him on a Jet-sweep. Edelman mage the OLB miss with an impossible jump cut, but Golden had blown up the play.

3rd and 10, and this was money time for Jimmy-G. "I would say, going back to the preparation," Jimmy said about his success on 3rd downs. "The coaches did a great job giving us the game plan going into it on third down. Breaking it down for us, simplifying it. It makes it a lot easier on us when you have good coaches like that." He was money on 3rd downs all game.

The Pats lined up in a Trips-right 4-Wide Strong shotgun. Garoppolo threw a beautiful pass to Edelman on a 7-yard Out. He hit him in stride so that he could turn up field and dive for the 1st. He had lined up in the Slot, and toasted Buchanan like a pop tart.

1st and 10, and the Pats lined up in a 2-TE I. This is pretty much a run only formation. They ran Blount in a smash. Golden filled the hole. Develin smashed into him, and gave Blount a lane outside. Blount bounced outside with his nifty feet, and leaped for a cloud of dust. But Karras was called for a Hold.

Which was the worst call of the game. Gunter jumped off the snap and karate chopped Thuney in the neck. Then he jammed his hand up into Thuney's facemask, for the second straight penalty on Gunter. Then he tripped over the back foot of Cannon, who had run past him to block Buchanan. So they call a Hold on the rookie?

1st and 19, the Pats lined up in a Trips-R Weak shotgun, with Bennett at the end of the line on the Strongside. Garoppolo ran play action, and looked up to see Edelman wide open right in front of him. From the RB's gut to Edelman's gut, he threw that so quickly that it made Brady jealous. That was as quick a release as I have ever seen. Edelman caught it, and broke a tackle. He spun out of the hit and stumbled forward for a first.

1st and 10 near midfield, the Pats lined up in a tight 4-Wide Weak shotgun. Bennett headed to the left and cracked back on Mr. Jones. Blount went in the opposite direction. He slashed down for a few, inside a nice Cannon seal.

2nd and 8, Empty. Bennett stayed in to block to help Fleming. He took Mr. Jones out of the rush by himself. Edelman ran the same Out pattern that got him the first 1st down. He got shoved out of bounds just short of the marker, and smashed into the poor ball boy and wiped him out.

1st and 10. the Pats lined up in a 2-TE I. Thuney pulled to the right. Develin headed to the right, and caught Buchanan trying to sneak under him. Cannon knocked Corey Peters into Andrews' hands, and went to the second level to hit Minter, but he got there a little late. Minter was able to take down Blount.

2nd and 4, the Pats lined up in an I-formation. Bennett went in motion to the right. They acted like they were going to run. The whole offense blocked for the run, except Garoppolo and Hogan.

"It was man to man coverage, press coverage on the outside," Hogan said. "I knew that the safety was in the middle of the field so there was a good chance it would come to me. I just made sure to run the route and get open."

Garoppolo 3-step dropped, and lofted a beautiful pass to Hogan. "That was the play call," Hogan said. He was streaking down the sideline like Will Ferrell, for a spectacularly easy looking TD.

I don't know how they did it, but the Pats scored first. "Just having confidence in your teammates," Garoppolo said. "When they have confidence in you, you [have] confidence in them, it’s easy to stay poised out there. You’re in the huddle, you’re all looking at each other and it’s a good feeling. The play with Chris, he had a great release and it makes it an easy throw for me." I though with the travel, loss of continuity, and the injuries on offense the Pats would get behind early.

I was shocked when they went up 7-Zip. "You want to start fast in each game, you want to start fast in each season and take it a week at a time," Amendola said. "First week we got one win and obviously we are excited." I think Arizona was shocked as well.

This really changed everything in this game. "He’s a confident guy," Chris Long said about his Jimmy-G's fast start. "He’s got quiet confidence. Everybody on this team is confident in him. We knew that if we stuck to our game plan we were going to have a chance to win it in the end, and he made some really gutsy plays to help us win." I thought the Pats would have to scratch and crawl themselves out of a big hole to get back in this game. But instead they took control of this game from the start, and forced the Cards to try and scratch and crawl themselves out of the big pit. Pats-7. Card-Zip.

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