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3rd Quarter.


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Defense Dominates.


The 2nd Half started with three straight punts. The first was caused by a Sheard Sack. "I think that group in general has done a good job of working together and trying to be consistent out there and be on the field, and Jabaal is certainly a part of that," BB said. "He's done a good job of trying to do what we ask him to do. He certainly has had a couple of good plays that have stood out, maybe just from a production standpoint, but he certainly does a good job in the run game, too. He's strong. He's long. He has some good leverage that he plays with and he really does a good job of gauging the offensive linemen and trying to fit the run game there. That's been good, and the pass rush, obviously, he has a skill set there that is good." His sack on 1st down really stopped that series from the start.

Flowers and Long got pressure on 3rd down to force the bad throw. "We've just got to keep trying to work to get as much as we can out of the entire group," BB said. "I think all those guys [are awesome sauce]: Chris, and Rob, and Jabaal, Trey Flowers. All of them have really done a good job of being in those spots. There are a lot of times when you're going to see consistency playing defense, and you're not really sure which one of those guys is in there because they're all just trying to do a good job of maintaining the integrity of the edge." That officially forced the first punt.

The Pats finally lined up on 1st and 10 at the 17 in a Singleback. They ran Dion up the gut. He fell forward for a few. Cannon handled Miller on the Edge again. "He's one of the best players in the league at any position, I'm talking about Miller, and their entire defense is tremendous. They're really well-coached. Coach Phillips does a great job. Their entire staff does a great job. They always have a great game plan, and they make every yard hard," McDaniels said. "We tried to have some presence on him (Von), but I thought Marcus did a really consistent job of just trying to make it hard on him and keep him from having an easy path inside to the quarterback.

"[We] tried to be physical when we had our opportunities. We ran the ball a lot, so that was a change for us in the last few games we've played against them. Marcus is continuing to improve and get better and better each week. He's answered every challenge that's been put in front of him and this was certainly one of if not the top players in the league, so Marcus did a nice job of doing his assignment, playing within the scheme, and trying to just make it tough for him to make big plays and impact the game in a negative fashion." He clearly won the battle against Von.

2nd and 6, Strong formation. Dion hop cut to the right and turned to the left for a few. But the Broncos called timeout before the snap and the refs didn't stop the play. 2nd and 6 again, 4-Wide Weak shogun. Brady had a nice pocket. He finally hit Dion as the pocket shrunk around him. He hit him right over the middle. Then Dion got spun down in the Box.

3rd and 2, the Pats lined up in a 3-Wide strong shotgun. Brady had time and completed it to Edelman going over the middle. Talib tried to cut in front of him, and that broke Edelman free. Unfortunately the Safety was playing over the top, and was there before Edelman could get any giddy up.

1st and 10, the Pats lined up in a Big Ugly Singleback. They ran a great play action. Brady had to slide up into the pocket. He hit Hogan on a Post-Flag route. Which he ran so well that refs threw a flag and called holding on the DBs. 1st and 10, Empty at the 49. Brady had too much time. He finally threw it a little too casually to Edelman dragging over the middle, and the LB punched it out.

2nd and 10, the Pats lined up in a Strong formation. They ran Lewis to the left. Solder sealed the DE outside, and Thuney got to the LB and held him off at arms length. Lewis broke outside off of Thuney's block, but then tripped on Thuney's foot as he slashed for five.

3rd and 5, the Pats lined up in a 4-Wide Weak shotgun. Brady called timeout. They lined back up Empty. Brady looked like he ran out of time in the pocket. Cannon had to kickslide all the back to a step behind Brady to get his hands on Miller. Solder and Thuney both won on stunts on the edge. Brady had to slide up a little as the D-end that Solder was blocking reached out and tried to slap Brady. But just then Edelman burst deep behind the coverage, and Brady floated him the ball. He caught it on the giant 30 painted on the field, and tumbled over backwards.

1st and 10 at the 29, the Pats lined up in a Strong Formation. Bennett motioned over to the FB side. They ran Blount up the gut. He hop cut inside, and rammed into the back of Cannon. He fell sideways for a couple.

2nd and 8, the Pats lined up in an I. Blount found a little crack. Solder pushed the DE all the way inside, and Blount slashed behind him. He still has to redirect twice for Four.

3rd and 4, 4-Wide Strong shotgun. Brady fumbled the snap, picked it up, and then dumped the ball in the dirt, as two rushers broke free into him. However, Gostkowski knocked it right down the middle to extend the lead. Pats-13. Broncos-3.

1st and 10, the Broncos lined up in a 3-Wide Singleback. The Pats matched up in a 3-3 Nickel. They ran play action, and Siemian threw it deep. Butler tracked he ball the whole way. Sanders had to shove him off, and then fell back and caught it out of bounds.

2nd and 10, the Broncos in the shotgun. The Pats matched up in a 3-3 Nickel. They slammed Booker into the line for a cloud of dust. 3rd and 7, the Broncos line up in a 3-Wide Weak shotgun. The Pats matched up with six guys on the line. They brought four. Siemian went deep to Thomas, and Rowe caught up and punched the ball out as it arrived to force the punt. Then the refs unfurled the flags. They called holding on the punt, and then a false start on 1st down to pin the Pats deep down inside the Five.

1st and 15 from the five, the Pats lined up in a 3-wide weak shot. They gave the ball to Dion. He got the False start back. It looked like he was suppose to go left. But he broke back to the right, when he saw Shaq and Cannon winning. He slashed behind Shaq, and broke up field behind Cannon. It looked like he was going to go, but Todd Davis jumped in front of him and grabbed his legs.

2nd and 10, the Pats lined up in a 4-Wide Strong shotgun. They ran a Draw to White. He took off with some shiftiness and power. He cut back behind a pulling Shaq, and cut behind Solder on the 2nd level. He knocked three guys backwards for Nine.

He really was the man in this game. "Every week I prepare as though I'm going to be the guy no matter what the situation is," Dion said. "I'm always going to be ready. It just happened to be my day." That was a great run.

3rd and 1, the Pats lined up Empty. The Broncos brought a bunch. That was an all out blitz. They sent six guys. "We don't make any excuses because if we would have come in here and not won," Solder said. "Everyone would have given us a million reasons why should have won. We did because of the way we prepare and the way we go about our business." Solder had to pick up the DE, which let the Safety go unblocked outside to Brady.

Cannon chopped Miller. Marshall stunted inside right into Brady's face. This was Brady's best throw of the game by far. Brady hit White over the middle, with no one between White and the Endzone. White caught it. He turned up field with vision of sugar plums dancing in his head, as he saw 70-yards of open green in front of him. However, the DB just dived out and grabbed his shoestring to trip him up at 34.

1st and 10 Singleback, they give the ball to Dion again. He got five running behind Shaq and Cannon. Then the Broncos drove him back on his butt. 2nd and 5, the Pats lined up in an odd Shotgun. Brady handed it to Dion. He powered through three defenders for a First. That was a spectacular run by Dion.

They lined up quick in a Strong formation and give it Dion again. 2nd and 6, Singleback. Brady handed it to White. He lowered his head and strangled the ball with both hands for a couple. 3rd and 4, the Pats lined up in a Winged Shotgun.

They lined up three guys right in front of Cannon. "Denver put Miller on our right side most all the entire game. Previously he had been mainly playing the 'Sam' in their base defense and going to the tight end," BB said. "Yesterday he was almost always on our right, so those two really were matched up a lot. But I think Marcus did a real solid job for us, as he always does. Sometimes he was on Miller, sometimes he wasn't. He was on defensive ends or combination blocking the linebackers and so forth. They certainly saw plenty of each other. I thought Marcus competed well. Our offensive line competed well against that front seven which is a very good group. But Marcus, he did a good job for us in the running game and the passing game. He's done that for us all year." Cannon did a great job Kicksliding back as the three rushers twisted and stunted around, and then punched Miller as Brady threw. Brady fired a rocket to Hogan, but it was low and inside. He dropped it to force the punt. Slater scooped up the ball on Six to end the 3rd.

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