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2nd Quarter.


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Defense Emerges.


1st and 10 at the 46, the Pats lined up in a 2-Wide Weak shotgun. Brady had to put it together fast. The blocking had been great, and he had been terrible. Brady got sacked from behind by Crick with a vicious hit. He knocked the ball out and Thuney dived on it.

Sometimes Brady just needs to be hit to start playing well. "It was tough. They're a good defense, but we made plays when we had to," Brady said about his 0-for in the 1st quarter. "We played complimentary football. The defense played a hell of a game, special teams did well, so it was a good complimentary win. You know when you come here, you're on the road, this is a hostile environment, they have a good set of fans here, so you know it's going to go down to the wire. We haven't won much here, so it was just good to come in here and get a ‘W'." In an odd way the best QBs often need that first hit to get going.

2nd and 13, the Pats in a Twins-Twins Weak shotgun. Brady finally threw a nice pass. He hit Edelman right in the gut. Edelman turned up field and ran for the First. Brady had gone 0-for-6 in the 1st Quarter. That was his first completed pass of the game.

You have to be half crazy to play QB in the NFL. You not only have to be able to take the big hit, like Brady did on 1st down, you have to like it. You have to be able to get up after the big hit, and complete the next pass, like Brady did on 2nd down. The greats often need that first hit to rattle their brain a little before they can play right. Brady certainly need that hit in this game.

1st and 10 at the 33, the Pat in an I, with Blount behind Develin. They ran power. He skipped through the line and to the second level, and the refs called an asinine holding on Andrews to try and end the drive.

1s and 20, the Pats lined up in a 4-Wide Strong shotgun. Blount chipped on Miller, and then Chipped on the DT as well. He stuck his shoulder pad right in Miller's gut and he was done. Brady lofted a pass to Edelman 15-yards down field that looked like it had no chance. But it was a perfect throw to Edelman who was being doubled. He leaped up with both hands, pulled it in, and somehow got both feet down.

2nd and 5, Empty. Brady had a ton of time. He finally spotted Edelman on a jerk route over the middle, being doubled again. He hit him in the gut for his third straight completion, and a great 1st down after the asinine drive killing holding call on Andrews.

The Pats lined up Empty at the 16. The Broncos rushed three and the O-line statues them. Brady finally had to take off, as the coverage was great. He spotted Develin in the flat and zipped him the ball. Develin turned up field and powered inside the 5-yard line.

1st and goal from the 3 and half, the Pat lined up in a big ugly I. Dion slipped to the right, and burst to the left. "I think all those guys played really well. Dion, LeGarrette, James all played well," Hogan said. "They're such a valuable part of this offense because they can do so many things with the ball in their hands. Hats off to our offensive line. They blocked really well. We had a lot of positive plays today and not a lot going backwards. That's really due to them blocking." It looked like he was going to score.

He reached out, and put the ball over the goal line, no whistle. The ball hit the ground, no whistle. The ball popped out after he was on the ground, no whistle. "He's been through a lot," Solder said about Dion. "It's a testament to how hard he works, and the kind of person that he is. He's a good teammate." Luckily, the ball bounced back into his arms and he scooped it in.

They called it a fumble not a TD, and spotted he ball on the 1 and half, and not inside the One. "Honestly I don't have the time to answer the question about what we tell our players about handling the ball and so forth," BB said. "We spend a significant amount of time talking about: ball security, how to handle the ball, particularly around the goal line, relative to the goal line, end line, pylons, so forth and so on, on both sides of the ball. [On] offense, and defense, and the kicking game for that matter. [The] impetus of the ball and all of that. I mean, all of these subjects are at some place here related, so yeah, we talk about all of those things and the decisions that the players make with them and so forth. We've covered them all." I'm giving the refs three FUs.

The Pats stayed Big Ugly I. They motioned the TE Matt Lengel into the backfield next to Develin. Blount ran right up the gut. Lengel actually had a great block. Blount got slammed at the line. Redirected and lowered his head, and scored the all time single season rushing TD record with 15.

That was a great run by Blount. "We knew it was go g to be a grind, but we know we had to run the ball," Bennett said. "I thought the offensive line, Develin did a great job at fullback. Matt [Lengel] came in and a lot of guys came in and made a lot of different plays, whether it was the receivers banging the safeties, it was just a group effort today. Everyone bought in and everyone just stuck to it. No one was worried about getting the ball, where the ball was going, not that we ever do, but we just wanted to do whatever it took to win." Pats-10. Broncos-3. Rocky Mountain Oyster Refs-6.

1st and 10, the Broncos lined up in a 3-Wide Weak Shotgun. The Pats matched up with a 3-3 Nickel with a Chung in the box, and five guys on the line. They ran play action. Long flushed Siemian with a bull rush. He took off and threw it to Forsett in the flat. Forsett killed the Pats in the 1st Half.

2nd and 2, Singleback the Pats match up in a 3-4. They ran Forsett, and the big Branch took him out with prejudice. He got both hands into the OC as they shifted to the blindside. Then he tossed the OC off and grabbed Forsett for a loss.

3rd and 3, the Broncos lined up in a 3-Wide Weak shotgun. The Pats lined up in a 3-3 Nickel, with fives guy on the line. The Broncos flinched on the hard count, and Long leaped. The Monkeys called it on Long (though they probably were right on this one, it still pissed me off).

1st and 10, the Broncos lined up in a 3-Wide Strong shotgun. The Pats got pressure up the middle. Flowers jammed the OLG back into Siemian as he threw. Siemian threw it high and outside and Sanders couldn't bring it in.

2nd and 10, 3-Wide Singleback. The Pats matched up in a 3-4 with three guys out on the left side, like they keyed something. Sure-nuff the Broncos ran left. The Pats swarm over it. Long found Booker in the hole, and knocked him sideways off his feet.

The defense really played their best games of the season the first two weeks of December. "It's a good time to play your best football, for sure," Long said. "You can kind of feel it building up and we'll just continue to improve and keep trying to get turnovers and keep trying to disrupt the quarterback. Guys are playing really unselfish and doing whatever they're asked to do, and that's what this defense is about." Two victories to go in December, and they are likely to need both with the Raiders coming back to win every week. You want the LA Raiders coming into the frozen tundra of Foxboro in January, and not sipping margarita's as the Pats travel to LA. That could be the key to getting to the Super Bowl.

3rd and 8, the Broncos lined up in a 4-wide Weak shotgun. The Pats matched up in a 3-2 Dime with a Chung in the box. This was a big down. Sheard and Long got some pressure. Siemian made a great throw. Rowe was all over it, but Thomas snagged it. Rowe even punched the ball after Thomas caught it, and Thomas elbowed him off.

1st and 10, 3-Wide Weak shotgun. They ran Booker on a Dive. He sliced his way past four tacklers for Five. That was an impressive run by Booker.

2nd and five, the Broncos in a 3-Wide Strong shotgun. The Pats rushed three, and Flowers sacked Siemian on a truly great rush. "Trey has been outstanding. He has been one of our best players," Long said. "I think he has about seven sacks and he's done it all pretty much rushing inside, which is even more impressive. There are very few inside rushers in our game that have put up numbers like him, so as far as that's concerned, that's something that a lot of people don't think about and that would make him a pretty elite rusher from in there." He lined up inside on this one.

He used his hands and feet moving laterally outside fighting off the ORG. "Each week is different: different offensive lineman, different sets, different schemes as far as defense, you just got to get to them when you can," rising star Trey Flowers said. "Obviously I'm not the one looking at sack numbers it's more about pressuring the quarterback. It's having him looking at the rush instead of looking down field. Anytime we can flush the quarterback and get his line rattled a bit, is big."  Then he incredibly continued using his hands and feet to fight off the ORT moving laterally.

He swam over the ORT. He broke free to the QB. "Yeah, I always have confidence," Flowers said about getting the sack. "And just being able to go out there and accomplish it. And execute calls, execute rushes, and things like that." Siemian tried to burst past him, but he grabbed him with one big mitt and pulled him down.

3rd and 12, Broncos Empty. Pats in 2-3 Dime. The Pats rush four, and got some pressure. Van Noy crashed inside on a stunt, and hit the OLG. This gave Flowers a lane to the QB again. Long ripped his way inside the OLT to Siemian as he threw. The Pats had Zone it up, and the throw was easier than it should have been with Flowers and Long closing in on Siemian.

1st and 10, the Broncos lined up in a Singleback, and quick snapped it. Siemian ran a great play action that stunned the D-line. He looked left and couldn't find anyone. So he turned back to the right dumped the ball off to Booker in the flat. Chung took him down quick.

2nd and 7, the Broncos lined up in a 3-Wide Weak shotgun. The Pats matched up in a 3-3 Nickel. Branch bulled the OC back, and force Siemian to flee the pocket. He popped the OC back about three times with pure brute strength. Siemian took off to the right, and had to dump the ball out of bounds, as the coverage was great.

3rd and 8, the Broncos lined up in a 4-Wide Strong shotgun. The Pats matched up in 2-3 Dime. Long broke free and tried to grab Siemian as he threw. Van Noy tackled Booker behind the LOS, and instantly forced the punt, which essentially ended the 1st half.

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