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Pats Vs. Bills.

2nd and 3rd Quarter.


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Clunked and Dunked.


The contrast of the Bills offense to the Pats, as they clunked and dunked their way down the field, was never so obvious as the 1:27 stretch to end the 1st Half and the start the 2nd. "The message was pretty obvious, I think that for us to compete against a team like this, we got to improve a hell of a lot and we know that," Rex said. "Backups have to step up and know what they're doing, number one, would help, and that comes down on us too as coaches. We got to make sure everybody's ready to roll and eliminate the mistakes and the things that we can avoid. There's going to be some combative penalties but some of the other ones we got to do a much better job of. I thought that was in our past and clearly it's not." The WR position looked like the worst in the NFL.

I mean, their best offensive play may have been when the punter dribbled the ball to himself on 4th and 13. Then took off and ran for 16-yards. "I’d say there are a couple things involved, for. One that wasn’t unexpected, we actually practiced that play last week in practice," BB said. "That honestly wasn’t, I don’t think, anybody was surprised by what happened. I think just the particular call that we had on and just the way the play unfolded led to a favorable play for them and a bad play for us.

"I think it starts with coaching. We’ve got to do a better job of coaching that play. We can’t let that happen. We can’t get the fourth-and-13 and not end up with the ball on the next play. It starts with me. We’ve got to do a better job of coaching. We’ve got to take care of that and we will. With the players, there’s always an awareness.

"Sometimes, they can be put in a tough spot of trying to stop a guy from going downfield and also having vision on the punter and the play so I think that could be better. It could certainly be better coached, so it’s like a combination of the two.

"In all honesty, there was some good fortune involved on that, again, the way the way the play turned out. But again, that’s our fault. We created an opportunity and they took advantage of it. That’s just not good enough on our end. It’s really a combination. It should never happen, but it happened and we’ve got to keep that from happening again." 

BB was so angry at that play that he traded Jamie Collins for apparently a wish for nothing. You cannot trade Compensatory Picks. And you certainly cannot Trade Picks that you don't own. Compensatory picks are awarded after the season. No team currently owns a Compensatory Pick, or has any legal right to trade a wish. And now back to our regularly scheduled program...

1st and 10, and the Bills lined up for another ugly drive. "No, that doesn't process or go through my mind," Taylor said about his lack of weapons. "I'm confident in the guys we have out there. I gotta give them chances to make plays and we gotta go out there and make plays. To be on this team you understand it's for a reason so when you're out on the field the other guys are definitely depending on you to make plays and that's something we can be better at as far as going out there and making plays." The Bills O was just so clunky and ugly, in stark contrast the Pats who can score in a flash from anywhere.

Meanwhile, the Bills have to bump and grind downfield with mis-throws, flags, and misconceptions. "Yeah, we definitely gotta clean up in a lot of areas," Taylor said. "Be the team that we want to be and reach the potential that we know that we have. We definitely have to play smarter and it all comes down to us executing and us cleaning up the penalties as well." I'm guessing they are already thinking about WRs in the Draft.

They finally essentially run out the clock attempting a field goal, which he doinked off the Post. I mean, they just can't comeback with this offense being decimated on every series by injuries.

Meanwhile the Pats got the ball back with a pathetic 27-seconds left on the clock, and got into position to kick the field goal, with great precision and cool headed calm. And alls Sexy Rexy can do is call a pathetic Timeout to keep the Half going. But Gostkowski kicked a beautiful hook-shot that the vicious wind carried ever so sweetly between the uprights.

2nd Half.

The Pats got the ball back to start the 2nd Half. "We had good blocking on the return," BB said. "Danny did a good job of setting up the blocks. We had two double-team blocks on the play and both of those doubles were very good." He caught the ball at the 3 and half, and bobbled it a little.

Then he bolted forward following Slater, between blocks by Richards and Develin. "We got the three and the four both kind of moved out of there so there was quite a bit of space," BB said. "[We] did a good job on the kickoff blocks. Mingo and Chung had big blocks on the backside to get Danny through, and Danny did a nice job of running." He barely slashed past Powell and McCray, and hopped past a double team blocks by Bolden and Ebner.

He then made the move of the return. "[He] broke a couple tackles, beat the kicker," BB said. "There was a little traffic there where he couldn’t really just get through clean at the end." He cut back and broke the kickers ankle. The kicker then fell down and tripped Meeks. Which allowed Amendola to spin out of his tackle.

Then he bobbed and weaved past Robey. "I think they got him on like the 20-yard line," BB said. "But again, a well-executed play. I think we’ve had several of those set up, not several, but we’ve had a few of those set up that looked like they would be pretty good, but we didn’t get a chance to return them because they were touchbacks against teams like Pittsburgh that touchback a lot. I thought we might have a chance to get started and I think the players really worked hard and felt like this week with [Dan] Carpenter that we would have a better chance to actually get a chance to return the ball and bring it out, which we did. They did an excellent job of blocking, and as I said, Danny set those blocks up well and then did a good job of finishing the run." They spotted the ball at the 25.

That play just devastated the Bills. "Huge play," BB said. "Good blocking. Got him up to about the 30-40 yard line. He broke a couple tackles and Danny has just been clutch for us. Ever since he got here, he's made big plays in big games. Punt returns, kick returns, blocks. He does whatever you ask him to do. Really unselfish player.

"That was a huge play for us. You know we kicked a field goal at the end of the first half and then that gave us a chance to kind of stretch it out without letting them get possession of the ball. So that was a huge play for us. But, you know, good job by our kickoff return team creating the opportunity for him to get started and make a play there." Amendola completely changed the game in more ways than one.

It took exactly one-minute for Edelman to dive the ball over the goal line to go up 31-10, and the contrasts in offenses was just too powerful for the Bills to come close to overcoming.

Edelman caught the ball in the Flat, and turned up field, as Amendola cut-blocked the LB McCray at the 23 to give him a lane to the endzone. "Unbelievable block," Edelman said. "Dola made a great block after an insane third. To see your teammates go out there and put forth that kind of effort on a play, that's Dola. He's a great teammate, a great player and I'm happy to get to play with that little guy." The Bills just don't have the offense to get over that deficit.

The Bills had that shocked look on all their faces like they just got sucker punched in the face and don't know what happened. It was a game halfway through the 2nd Quarter, and now the game was over exactly one-minute into the 3rd.

The Bills were just never able to recover from the infamous BB double halftime score. "Yeah, that was a huge play in the game that kickoff return," Brady said. "That set us up for the whole second half. There was a big swing there because they missed the field goal. We go down, and get the three. We get the ball to start [the 3rd]. Danny returns it. It's a 10-point swing. Probably a 13-point swing, and that was huge." That closed the coffin.

Now the Bills slammed on the lid a little, because it was Halloween Eve. "That kickoff return meant a lot," Gronk said. "I mean, it changes the momentum right away in the second half just like that. Just getting the kickoff return and bringing it to what, the 25 he brought it to? It was just awesome. We had great blocking, saw a lot of great blocking. Amendola just had a great run." But that was Game. Set. Match. Pats-31. Bills-10. Over-Officiousness-5.

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