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The ALT Vs Packers.

1st Quarter.


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Part II.


1st and 10, Green Bay lined up in a 3-Wide Winged shotgun. The Falcons matched up in a 4-3. They ran Montgomery up the gut. He ran around three D-linemen for about Four. The Packers offense was flawed as well. Jordy Nelson would not have played if it was a Regular season game, and they had a Stanford WR as their best runningback.

2nd and 6, the Packers lined up in a 2-Wide Strong shotgun. Atlanta stayed in the 3-4. Montgomery motioned to the left slot to go Empty, and the whole Atlanta front seven shifted to show that they were in Man, and that they were blitzing. They brought two LBs up the line, but neither blitzed.

Rogers hit Nelson wide open in a slot between the CB Collins and the FS Allen. "I think the fact that I played quarterback in college helped a little bit with that," Edelman said when asked about finding open slots in coverage. "I think experience also does help with that. A lot of practice. So you mix all those together and that is kind of how I got to where I am at. I got to continue to try and get better." He ran a simple inside-Out route, with broken ribs, and beat Collins by 5-yards.

1st and 10, Packers Empty. Atlanta brought 10-guys up the line in a 4-2 Nickel. The Slot Corner on Nelson backed off. Nelson broke open over the middle and caught for it another First.

He beat Brian Pool on a skinny Post, like he never saw one before. "Because Chris Hogan had nine [catches] for 180 last week," Brady said about overlooking Pats receivers. "Julian is so productive to where when he is open he usually gets the ball. He has been a rock for our offense especially since Gronk has been out because Gronk has been that caliber of player for us too.

"Between Hogs, what Malcolm Mitchell brings, what Danny does in his role. Danny has made huge play after huge play at the most critical moments for our team. What Michael has done in a short period of time just coming in and learning. He hasn't had all the opportunities but everybody knows they can count on him.

"That is the kind of team you want to build. You want to build a team that is very difficult to defend. If they are going to cover one guy, then you have to throw it to the other guy and we have to make the plays. If they are going to stop the pass then you have to hand it off and make yards in the run game. That is what makes it challenging for defenses and that is the kind of pressure we need to put on them." Edelman could be MVP of the game like Dion Branch was in Super Bowl XXXIX.

1st and 10, 4-Wide Weak shotgun. Falcons backed off in a 3-3 Nickel with two OLB on the blindside, and their DBs bailed into Off. "You could draw up any gadget play you want. In the end it comes down to the basic fundamentals of your defense," BB said. "So every defense is designed to: defend the perimeter, to defend the deep balls, whether that's man to man, or zone, or four-man line, three-man line, whatever it is. It doesn't matter. You can't defend an offensive formation without defending the perimeter of the formation, without defending the vertical element that the formation could bring, defend the outside, defend deep, everything is in front of you.

"Every defense has to have those elements to it. Who knows what you're going to be in? Who knows what play that they're going to run that you haven't seen before? You just have to count on the sound fundamentals of the defense to handle all of those things. Every time we put in a defense that's the first thing we do: is run strong, run weak, reverse, half back pass, passing game, four verticals, three verticals, double moves, deep crossing routes. Make sure that those plays are handled by the assignments in the defense.

"If you're going to be light on something you don't want to be light on those. You want to be light on something else. You don't want to be light on a seam route or on a post pattern or not have a run-force guy if they run a reverse. I mean it doesn't mean you have it done right every single time, but there's somebody that's responsible for it and it's their job to make sure that they handle that responsibility based on however the play is designed." They seem designed to let the WRs catch everything, as long as it is underneath their Zone.

They send all five guys on the line, and only the Mike dropped, straight up the middle. The DBs hold their positions and let the WRs run patterns underneath. Rogers hit Adams, who is playing on a bum ankle, four yards deep. He fell forward for a few more. And let me tell you another thing, the refs were really spotting the ball in Atlanta's favor.

2nd and 4, Packers in a Trips right Weak shotgun. Falcons matched up in a 4-2 Nickel with two ILB. The CBs matched up in Press. They do a good job getting their hands on the WR on the right. But Rogers went deep to the TE in the Endzone.

Courtney Upshaw pushed the ORT up, and pulled him to the ground and hit Rogers. "That's my ace," Hightower said. "That was my roommate. One of the few guys we actually got real close to coming in together. Coming from Alabama there was only like three guys from Tennessee that actually went [there], like out of state or whatever. So me and Upshaw got gelled pretty close. We talked the other day or whatever, so we're still pretty close." Cook dropped the ball in the Endzone.

It was Upshaw's hit that helped cause the incompletion. "Absolutely, because there's going to be some [smack] talking after the game whether it's win or lose," Hightower said. "But definitely it feels good to see a guy, I mean we literally grew up together as far as the football aspect of it goes. It'll be fun. It'll be good. Hopefully I'm on the right side of it. It's always good to have a guy on the opposite end just to talk a little smack during the week." Atlanta has some nice edgerushers.

3rd and 4, Empty. The Falcons' cheating crowd noise in the stadium forced Packers to call a timeout.

3rd and 4, Packers lined up in a 4-Wide Weak shotgun. Falcons matched up in a 3-2 Dime with four guys on the line. Beasley is standing up on the Strongside. The ILB blitzed right up the A-Gap and grabbed Rogers untouched. Rogers had to dump it out of bounds.

Dion Jones the rookie speed 'Backer from LSU got to Rogers as fast as Collins used to. "That has been the biggest thing: understanding how they play their scheme, and then the strengths of their guys," Brady said. "They've got a lot of good players, a lot of youth, a lot of speed, very well-coached, very disciplined. I mean they're ahead by 20 points in so many of these games it's tough to really see 'got to have it-type defenses'. But they play with enthusiasm. They play aggressive. [They are a] very tough hard-nosed team. We're going to need to play really well in all phases of the game. You don't get to this point, and [are] able to go out there and play an average game and expect to win. So it'll be great to be at our best." Packers missed the FG.

1st and 10, the Falcons lined up in a 3-Wide Pistol, with Freeman behind Ryan. They ran a Dive that was stopped by a whistle, false start on the OLG Levitre. 1st and 15, Falcons lined up in a 3-wide Singleback, and motioned the TE outside to the left. They ran out of this formation when they motioned to the right. They ran a Dive to Freeman. Just like Pitt, they will run the ball a lot.

2nd and 15, Empty. Again the WR is open by five yards by the injured Packers secondary. Sanu ran a Flag route from the slot, and the CB just stopped covering him. The Safety flew in fast to tackle him.

1st and 10, Empty. Falcons seem to like to go Empty as much as the Pats. "It's a huge task," Logan Ryan said about their WRs. "I mean, they're one of the most productive in the league, obviously offensively. We see what they do. We see what they did to other secondaries so we have our work cut out for us but at the same time, Pittsburgh was the same way and a lot of guys that we've played have [been fast]. I mean, receivers are the best athletes in the world, honestly. A lot of those guys are extremely athletic. Our job is tough, we know that, but we've got to do it together." The TE Toilolo slanted over the middle and Ryan dumped it into the dirt, but the big tight end dragged it in.

2nd and 5, Falcons lined up in a 3-Wide Singleback, Twins-left. They ran Freeman. Packers blitzed Ha-Ha up the gut. Freeman tried to bounce it outside, but Ha-Ha got him.

3rd and 7, Falcons motioned into a 4-Wide Weak Shotgun, Trips-right. Ryan dropped. He had a little time, but then a blitzer broke free. Nobody was covering Hooper all alone in the flat. He caught it ran downfield for 16-yards.

That was terrible coverage again. "I mean, you said we're playing well," McCourty said. "Usually people say we're not playing well. So I mean, we don't really care. We go out there and the way we look at it, we must be doing OK. We've won some games, we're playing in the Super Bowl. So whether we get credit, whether we don't get credit [we really don't care]. I think the biggest thing for us is we enjoy playing with each other. We've enjoyed each game that we've gotten to play together. That's all we talked about in the playoffs, is earning another opportunity to play another game. Now we're here at the end of the road and we're just focused on trying to go out there and play well one last time this year." The Pats will cover better than that on 3rd downs.

1st and 10 at the 37, the Falcons went 3-Wide Singleback Twins-left, run 1 for 1. Ryan ran a great play action to the left that fooled me at first. It left Sanu uncovered going down the Seam on the right. He cut outside and caught the pass falling out of bound with a DB within 5-yards of him. Terrible coverage again.

1st and 10, they lined up in a 3-Wide Singleback Twins-left, WR-motion. They motioned the outside WR on the left inside a little, and that usually signals a pass for them. The WR who motioned broke outside, and had a DB close to him. He dropped the pass. That was the first sign of actual coverage by the Packers.

1st and 10, and they motioned into a 3-Wide Strong-shotgun, Trips-left. Packers D showed Man. The RB burst forward off the snap, and then sprinted to the left, as the three WRs had cleared out that flat. Coleman caught the pass, and turned up field for a First.

1st and 10 at the 12, Falcons motioned into a 3-Wide Weak Wildcat with Sanu at QB, Twins-left. Option run. "We know he can do it," BB said about Sanu throwing the ball. "Look, this is the kind of game where a team could be working on a play like that all year and you're running out of games. I mean it could be a lot of other plays, too; a reverse, a pass, a double pass, some kind of gadget play, so absolutely. The longer the season goes I think the more you have to be prepared for those kinds of plays because, again, if the team has been working on it then at some point they're probably going to use it and the fewer games there are to call it. If you've been working on a play all year, a lot of coordinators, you might as well call it." Sanu can throw the ball and was 5 for 5 throwing it this season.

2nd and 3 from the Five, Singleback. Ryan stepped back and threw a Fade to Sanu on the left. Ryan threw it to the wrong shoulder, and Sanu dropped it. 3rd and 3, from the Five, 3-Wide Weak shotgun, Twins-R. False start. 3rd and 8 from the 10, Falcons Empty. Ryan had a WR open dragging over the middle, but had to take off because of pressure. He threw the ball high over a leaping Julio, and a Hold was called. Falcons kicked the FG to essentially end the 1st quarter.

Rest of 1st Quarter:

3-W Pistol: Run 1 for 1 (sort of)

3-W Singleback Motion Twins-L: Run 1 for 1

3-W Singleback Twins-L: Run 1 for 2

4-W W-shotgun, Motion Trips-R: Pass 1 for 1

3-W Singleback Twins-L, motion: Run 1 for 2

3-W S-shotgun, motion Trips-L: Pass 1 for 1

3-W W-Wildcat, Motion twins-L: Option run 1 for 1

Singleback: 1 for 1 Pass


Entire 1st Quarter:

Singleback Twins-TE-R: Run 1 for 1

3-W Singleback Motion Twins-R: Run 1 for 1

3-W Singleback Motion Twins-L: Run 1 for 2

3-W Singleback Twins-L: Run 1 for 2

Singleback: 1 for 1 Pass

Singleback H-B motion: Pass 1 for 1

Singleback Bunch-R: Pass 1 for 1

4-W S-shotgun, Double-Stacked: Pass 1 for 1

4-W W-shotgun, Bunch-R: Pass 1 for 1

4-W W-shotgun, Motion Trips-R: Pass 1 for 1

3-W S-shotgun, motion Trips-L: Pass 1 for 1

3-W S-shotgun, Stack-L: Pass 1 for 1

3-W S-shotgun, Stack-R: Pass 1 for 1

I-Formation: Run 2 for 2

Stack-R I-Formation: Run 1 for 1

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